Overcome Your Fear: Present Virtual Speeches, Webinars & Events Confidently | Tammy Olson | Skillshare

Overcome Your Fear: Present Virtual Speeches, Webinars & Events Confidently

Tammy Olson, Get Savvy - Inspire, Engage & Transform

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9 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Instructor Introduction

    • 2. Course Project Overview

    • 3. Name your fears, so we can minimize them

    • 4. Learn what to ask before you say yes

    • 5. Make it count!

    • 6. Embrace your nervous energy

    • 7. Move from nervous to excited

    • 8. Match your energy to your desired presentation delivery

    • 9. Connect with and engage your audience virtually


About This Class

People often share that delivering a speech is one of their greatest fears and the thought of doing it virtually makes it feel even more daunting. The ability to deliver an amazing presentation or engaging speech is one of the most valued business skills today. This becomes even more intimidating when the speech you need to deliver is virtual and you cannot see the audience, gauge their response, see their body language, and feel the energy in the room. Often times this is occurring while you know your presentation is being recorded for online posting after the event. The ability to engage, connect, and inspire others virtually is quickly becoming a necessity for anyone looking to grow their business and engage with their following.

Work with Tammy Olson, owner of Savvy Social Learning and long time virtual speaker coach, to practice and refine your virtual presenation skills. In this 1 hour and 20 minute course we will work to conquer your fear presenting live webinars and virtual events.  Participants will work through a project where they have the opportunity to upload a sample recording for coaching and create a strategy to improve self identified presentation and delivery issues.





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Tammy Olson

Get Savvy - Inspire, Engage & Transform

My name is Tammy Olson and for the past 15 years, I have helped individuals, small businesses, and non-profits launch highly successful, transformation based online/mobile courses, communities, coaching and webinars based on the latest research.

I am most fascinated where learning, technology and psychology intersect and my education is focused in these areas. My wild side loves how fast things change in these industries
and my inner geek seeks what the data and trends show. ...

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