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Organizing Your Life: Google Chrome

teacher avatar Taylor Bruno, Organization Aficionado

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basics (tabs, windows, incognito)

    • 3. Tab Pinning & Reordering

    • 4. Extensions

    • 5. Closing

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About This Class

Accessing the internet is something most of us spend much of our time doing. Google Chrome is a web browser, similar to Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. There are plenty of browsers you can use, but Google Chrome is my favorite. In this class, I’ll go over some useful keyboard shortcuts, plugins, and other tricks. Here are a few quick tips on how you can use Chrome more efficiently.

I am a software designer and product manager and organization is my life. I use Google Chrome many hours a day for both business and personal projects and have found some ways to use it more efficiently. I genuinely think the world would be a better place if everyone had better organization and I’m here to show you how!

There are a few tools that can help round out your organizational suite, but efficiently learning how to use Google Chrome is a great place to start. This class is part one of a series. Check out my other classes for other helpful tools (Asana, Workflowy, etc).

Running Time: 17 minutes

To learn more about me, visit:

Please note - I am a mac user so all of the shortcuts I mention will refer to "command". If you are not on a mac, you can use "control" instead.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Taylor Bruno

Organization Aficionado


I am a software designer at Netflix and organization is my life. I use the productivity tools to keep track of business projects and my personal life. I genuinely think the world would be a better place if everyone had better organization!

I live in Los Angeles with my husband and using the tools and methods I teach about, we managed our own 4-month home renovation with a team of contractors and we host elaborate dinner parties, themed TV premier parties, and game nights.

I'm always up for an organizational challenge or a good cup of tea, so feel free to reach out with any questions!


Check out my website to learn more about me and to subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when I publish new classes and share other organization ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Taylor. Chronically, this class is about some tips and tricks you can use on Google Chrome to be more efficient in your everyday life. Google Chrome is a Web browser similar to Firefox Safari and Internet Explorer. There plenty of browsers you can use. Google Chrome is my favorite. This class all go over some keyboard shortcuts, chrome extensions and some other tips n tricks that are useful to you. Let me introduce myself. I'm a software designer and product manager. An organization is truly my life. I use Google Chrome many hours a day for both business and personal projects, and I found a number of ways to use it more efficiently. Genuinely think the world would be a better place. Everyone had better organization. So I'm here to show you how you can with chrome. This class is part of a series on organizing your life. Check out my other classes on asana, a project management tool and some future classes on work, flowy and other tools. Hopefully, you enjoy the class. Please only know in back section. Let's get started 2. Basics (tabs, windows, incognito): So let's start with the basics in Google Chrome. You'll notice that in the top right hand corner there is an option. Teoh Log in to the browser You might be thinking or wondering why you need to log into a browser. In short, it allows you to be more efficient than ever. You again once, and all of your saved favorites will be loaded on whatever computer you happen to be on. You can change the settings in the upper right hand corner Le Guin as a guest and manage the people who are on your chrome browser. Now. The next thing we have is tabs. Most of you are probably familiar with this already. You can open new tabs by pressing this button on the right hand corner or by using my favorite shortcut, which is command T to close tabs. You can click on the X on the upper right hand corner just like that. Or you can use another keyboard shortcut, which is command W command W and command T or great ways to quickly and efficiently open and close tabs. Now you want to be careful that you don't hit command Q. Which will quit Google Chrome. However, in the Settings menu you'll find the ability, Teoh warned before quitting. So if you go to chrome on the upper left hand corner, then you will see that setting. Just select that and you won't be able to quickly press command. Que chrome will essentially ask you and warn you before quitting. In addition to tabs, Google Chrome also has windows. In order to open a new window, you can go to file new window. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut, which is command, and you can continue pressing comment and to open more windows. And like we learned before oppressing command, W will close the tab or the window, whichever is left. Another chrome basic is using incognito. Incognito is essentially a private tab that does not save your browsing history. To open an incognito window, you can use the browser menu at the top left of your screen, or you can use another keyboard shortcut. Now remember, Command N opened a new window. If you do command shift N that opens a new incognito window, but you can see here again we can use command W to close the tab now, some additional things we can do here are set bookmarks and favorites. You'll notice that my browser probably looks a little bit different from yours. I have some saved bookmarks here for easy access, and it's really easy to get to them. So if we wanted to bookmark Google flights, for example, we would navigate to the website and use the star in the upper right hand corner notice, it says. Book Marcus Paige. Click on that, and you can select the location. You want to save it. It can be in your bookmarks bar or in a folder in the bookmarks menu. You can rename it to whatever you'd like. So Google flights well, quick done, and you'll notice Google flights is here now, so we can easily access that in the future. If you want to remove a bookmark, you can unsnarl the page by clicking the star again. Or you can right click on the actual tab name in the book mark and click Delete, and now it's gone. You'll notice that in the upper right hand corner my browser there's a yellow up icon. This indicates that there is an update required for Google chrome. You want to try to keep chrome and other things in general as up to date as possible. They often include security fixes, bug fixes and other things that generally just make your life better. You'll also notice from this menu that you can manage things like history, downloads, bookmarks and more. We'll get into that a bit later. 3. Tab Pinning & Reordering: Let's talk about pinning and using tops more efficiently. So my browser here we have four tabs open Google, Google flights, Google Translate and Google News. In order to reorder tabs all you have to dio, it's click and drag the tab. This is especially great if you're trying to organize articles or news articles or social networking sites. Anything you want. For example, on my computer, I tend to have my light reading and non work information on the left hand side, and I'll have all of my work related tabs on the right hand side. This makes it really easy. Teoh reorder things just by clicking and dragging. Now, if we want to step up to the next level efficiency, there's something called pinning Tabs. This essentially makes the tub just a little bit harder to close. So in case you're navigating quickly between tabs, you will not be able to quickly close the tab accidentally. Now you can pin a tab by right clicking and selecting pin tab. You'll notice this made the tab much smaller and moved into the far left side of the screen . Now you cannot reorder pinned tabs to be in the middle of or to the right of non pinned tabs. However, if we had another tab pinned, you could reorder the pinch taps within the pin tabs in order to underpin a tab, you'll just right click and UNP in the tub. Pinch tabs are great just because they take up a lot less space in your browser. I myself and sometimes a tab border where I'll have dozens of tabs open in the same window because I use it as my to do list. So I'll keep my pinch tabs for me in which are things like Gmail calendars. Ah, and other efficiency applications like asana. I'll keep them all pinched the left side of my screen because I almost never closed them all. The tabs on the right hand side are essentially things that I need to remember to go back to and read or look at or taken action on in some way. Something we touched on earlier in the class was downloads. So oftentimes, as you're browsing the Internet, you may want to download an image, an article or anything else that you see. However, many people don't know how to change the settings of where that download actually goes personally, I like to use my computer desktop as my to do list. If my desktop at any point has more than a handful of items on it, I go through a cleansing period and go through all of the items on there, whether they're images, folders of article screenshots, things that I need to look at later, I'll just go through them and clean them up. So for me, it makes a lot of sense to use my desktop as my download location. To configure your downloads, go to chrome in the upper left hand corner and click preferences. This will open a new tab with various settings that you can change, and we'll get to those a little bit later. Scroll down to the bottom and click on show advanced settings, then scroll down again and find the download section. At the moment, you can see that my downloads go to my user, which is myself. Taylor Khanna. Fee and they saved to my just stop. If I wanted to change this location, all I have to do is click this change button and select a new location. Alternatively, you can check this box, which says. Ask where to say each file before downloading. This is obviously a little bit less efficient. But if you often want to save things to different locations, this is probably your best bet. So now we have a few tabs open. Let's talk about another hot key or keyboard shortcut that you can use to navigate between the tabs without having to use your mouse. If you're on a Mac, you can use option command and the left and right arrow keys to navigate Between tabs. We go left, for example. You'll see we're navigating to the left. We continue to go left. We will rotate around and started the taps on the far. Right again. You can go left, go right. And this is a really easy way to navigate between tabs without having to use your mouse. Previously, we also discussed how to use a keyboard shortcut of command end in command T to open new windows and new tabs, respectively. Now, what happens if we close this tab using commands? Tell you and we don't necessarily want open a brand new tab. But we want to reopen that tab that we just closed. Maybe we closed it by accident, or we just realize we wanted to go back and look at something. Rather than using the browser menu in the upper left hand corner, you can use a keyboard shortcut of command shift T, which will reopen the previously closed tab or window. If you want to access that again, just click command shift tea, and it will reopen everything that was previously closed. If, for example, chrome crashes and you lose 15 tabs, pressing at once will reopen all of those tabs, so it's quite a lifesaver. An additional thing that we can use to browse the Web a little bit more efficiently is the zoom levels in the browser using command. Plus, I will zoom in to the page using command minus. We'll zoom out from the page and using command zero will reset the page to it's default settings. So let's try that again. On another page here, Command plus zooms in command minus zooms out. You'll notice this little zoom setting on the upper right hand corner. You want to do it manually and again. Command zero resets the zoom to the default level 4. Extensions: next, we'll talk about chrome extensions. Extensions can be found by clicking on chrome and preferences, a new TABAL open and no likely load to settings. He'll just click on extensions on the top part and see the list of extensions that you have installed. Extensions are tools that build on top of Google chrome. They can help you use it more efficiently or more Enjoyably, and there are a whole bunch of different chrome extensions that you can look for. The one I'm gonna talk about right now is called Click Me Quick. Me allows you Teoh. Send news articles or other text to your Kindle so you might find similar to me that you come across articles all the time that you do not have time to read. Let's say, for example, we're browsing The Wall Street Journal. We see this article. It looks interesting to us, but we don't have time to read it. Once you've installed clipped me, you'll see it appear on the right side of your browser next to the U R L Bar. You'll click the button unusually. You'll see a pop up that transforms the text into something that will be sent to your Kindle. Now, sometimes you'll notice that I just tried clicking the button and nothing happened. It's a little bit finicky, but what you can do is highlight the text that you want to send, then click the button and it helps it know what format. This is often tricky, with websites that have a lot of ads or content on the left and right sides of the page. Click Me doesn't know what to grab to send, so highlighting it just helps it focus a little bit more. You'll notice it strips out a lot of the formatting and makes it really easy to read. All you have to do is press send, and you'll see that it was sent to your Kindle. Now, another extension I want to show you is one tab you'll see right now that I have many tabs open on my screen. Perhaps my computer is starting to go a little bit slow, or I just want to close all these tabs to make my life a little bit simpler. What I'm gonna use is called one tab. It looks like this filter icon here, and what this will do is essentially close all of the Todds and save the list of all of the tubs that can be easily reopened with one click. So I click one tub. You'll see that they all clothes, and I have my nine tabs here that we're just looking at. You can easily restore them all by clicking, restore all, and that will open them all up. You can delete them. You can share them as a Web page, and you can save this link up at the top for later. Use someone a click, restore all and you'll see that they kind of pop back up here and start loading again. So that's one tub. The next extension I want to show you is called Ad Block. This is super useful for obviously being able to view websites and videos and other things without having to look at a bunch of ads. Sometimes adblock causes some loading problems, and many websites actually block ad blockers because that's their main form of revenue. So you can see up here on the right hand side for Wall Street Journal. Adblock stopped 13 ads from appearing. If you click on this, you can see the 13 ads that have been stopped can see the total number of ads and you can take a couple of actions here. We can pause at block on a specific page. You can not run it on a specific page or domain, and you can take some other actions here. Just try to remember that if something isn't loading properly, it may be because Adblock has turned on. Now, the last extension I want to show you is called momentum. It looks like this little icon over here, But in all honesty, once it's loaded, you don't ever need to look at this icon again. What momentum does It gives you a very nice background image on your new tab? Well, the pages loading, uh, there are a number of things you could do. You consent focuses. You can read an inspirational quote. You obviously have attribution to where the photo was taken and by who, and it gives you a nice big clock right in the center. This is just a nice way to use chrome were often switching between tabs opening new ones, and this is just a little reminder of where the beauty is in the world around us. So those air four of my favorite chrome extensions. There plenty more feel for you to browse the store and add any that you like. 5. Closing: So that was a quick overview of some basics of Google chrome. Do you have any more questions for me? I'd be happy to answer them. Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you. But I hope these tips and tricks will help you be more efficient in your everyday use of Google chrome until next time. Thanks, everyone.