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Nine Effective Action Plans To Reduce and Manage Your Stress

Andy Machin

Nine Effective Action Plans To Reduce and Manage Your Stress

Andy Machin

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13 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Stress

    • 3. Why Stress Is Bad For Us

    • 4. Stress Reduction Action Plan 1

    • 5. Stress Reduction Action Plan 2

    • 6. Stress Reduction Action Plan 3

    • 7. Stress Reduction Action Plan 4

    • 8. Stress Reduction Action Plan 5

    • 9. Stress Reduction Action Plan 6

    • 10. Stress Reduction Action Plan 7

    • 11. Stress Reduction Action Plan 8

    • 12. Stress Reduction Action Plan 9

    • 13. Summary And Thanks

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About This Class

Stress affects us all every day to different degrees. It is important that we do what we can to help manage and reduce stress. If not, it can quickly get worse and out of control.

In this course you will learn about nine of the main causes of stress and have an action plan for addressing each one.

I use all the stress reduction action plans myself to manage my own stress - and now I share them with you in this course.

The stress reduction action plans can not only help with stress - but your general health and well-being also.

All have helped me - and I hope they help you too.


Meet Your Teacher

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Andy Machin


Hello, I'm Andy.

I'm from the UK and have an interest in and knowledge of a wide variety of topics.

Here on Skillshare I hope to share with you my interests and knowlege via the courses I create.

I do hope you find my courses varied and interesting.

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1. Introduction: stress reduction action plans. Nine effective action plans to reduce your stress levels In this course, we're going to take a look at stress. What is why it's bad for hours and then I'll go through nine simple yet effective plans to help to reduce and combat you stress. These action plans are simple, yet can be invaluable in helping to reduce and manage your own stress levels. Now stress manifests itself in different ways to different people. Affects his alter different degrees on. We'll deal with it in different ways. Therefore, it is important to have techniques and plans to help you to cope. That's exactly what the stress reduction action plans in this course could do for you. I used them myself, either individually, collectively or in combinations to reduce my own stress levels on. Now I share these nine plans with you over this course and hope that you'll find the techniques beneficial in combat in your own stress levels. On First up in the next lesson, let's take a look at what stress is 2. What Is Stress: Okay, let's start to get into the course now and take a quick look at what stress is now. Just about anything can cause stress. Andi in different levels, it might be a little bit. Might be a lot depends, And stress is basically how your brain will naturally react to anything it perceives as a spot of danger or a threat. It's the flight or fight analogy. You've probably come across that before. Does you bring tell you to stand and fight or flight run away and fight another day? Now it might be something quite mild that might cause you some stress, such as for gettinto. Watch a TV program. You were looking forward to our well, maybe driving around for a few minutes because you can't find a parking spot that they know even little things like that can. That can cause a little bit of stress. Or it might be something more serious, such as missing an important deadline up work, or have been around with a friend or your partner. You know that that's a little bit of this step up, isn't it? If you bring sees anything like that, it is a threat or danger. It will cause you to feel stressed to some extent, Onda, whereas a little mild stress, will usually pass quite quickly. You know, you've found somewhere to park few what a relief higher levels of stress might might might not be so easy to deal with and indeed may escalate on too much stress and or not. Dealing with it effectively can be detrimental to your health. Your mental. I'm indeed your physical health as well, because it can get out. Control on your life can get out of control along with it. Therefore, it is important for you to have coping mechanisms to help you to reduce stress when it when it occurs. And that's exactly what the nine action plans in this course can help you with. How to manage UN Reduces stress So that's a quick look at what stress is now in the next lesson will take a quick look at why stress is bad for this, So let's do that now 3. Why Stress Is Bad For Us: right now, let's take a look at why stress is bad for us. Well, for starters, stress doesn't make us feel good, does it? That goes without saying measly, that the main reason for that is that there were certain chemicals involved produced by your brain, such as cortisol, dopamine and adrenaline. All these things start to flow like a river in the flood on that, your brain's way of trying to help you to coat on a low. These things going on at the same time causes the usual signs that we're all familiar with when we start to feel stress on just some of those things that the world familiar with are you know, the classic lump in the throat, the pit in your stomach. Your heart starts to race and beat faster. You feel generally anxious. You might start to sweat a swell all classic signs that you're stressed and not coping too well with it, and your brain has by doing these things in effect, sent you a source of survival mode to fight that perceived threat, which is whatever is causing you to feel stressed on at the temporary expense of some other bodily systems. which it temporarily suppresses. And that might be OK for a short while, but but not long term. And that's where stress becomes bad. For is because our bodies can't keep pumping that adrenaline and dopamine around forever, that there's a limit to it. Those repeat or long term stress can cause other health issues, both mental and physical, and that that really is bad for it. It's not good at all, and some of the bad effects of too much stress can include cardiovascular issues related to an elevated heart rate. You might become more respectable toe illness due to a reduced immune system. You might feel anxious for longer. You might experience mood, mood swings or depressions, or even you know that one of the classic ones is having a drink or one to many a za bit peculiar. Ultimate. You feel better, but drinking too much really isn't secure at all. So all these things and why stresses batteries, and we don't want that to happen, do we? So we've got to learn to deal with it. We got to learn to cope with it, which again is where the action plans is in this cause. Can help you to reduce your stress levels on whilst you're never gonna be eradicate stress entirely from your life, that's just a fact. It's never going to go away completely, you know, but But what? You can take positive action to manage on reduce your stress levels. Which again, is what the action plans, which follow up over the rest of his call so all about. So why don't we get into the nitty gritty, so to speak? Let let's get down to it on over. The rest of this course will look at nine techniques you can use to help manage and control your stress with an action plan for each one of them. So, without further ado, let let's get into stress reduction action plan number one, which is next up. 4. Stress Reduction Action Plan 1: Okay, right. Here we are. Action Plan number one, This is all about. Identify your stress. As we've already mentioned, all sorts of things cause stress to different degrees and sometimes perhaps without you even realizing it on that, that could be a significant cause, such as being unhappy in your job. Or maybe you've got money worries. Or it could be seemingly insignificant causes, such as getting held up in traffic for a few minutes, which makes your late to meet a friend because you don't want to keep him waiting, even though they'll understand so that we've already mentioned things that cause you stress coming in different levels. Right? So the first action toe help reduce stress is to identify what's causing it and then start to break it down, which will make it easier for to tackle. From there on, he is the action plan, which I would suggest that you can take to help with this so action plan toe. Identify your stress. Step one. Fire up your laptop, your mobile device, grab a pen and a notebook, whichever you prefer, which have the method of writing you prefer and start to list down everything that you can think of which is causing you any level of stress. Type it down or write it down as you think of it, just as it comes out your brain. No war. Did you just start to write it down, then step to start to think why the things that you've noted down causing you to be stressed? Andi Typo. Write that down, too, and as you start to develop your notes it, step three. You'll now have a visual record of what's stressing you, and you can now start to see what you can start to do immediately to tackle the things, starting with smaller things and step for Aziz. You do start to tackle things that causing you stress. Keep your list updated so you've got a record of not only what's causing your stress, but what you can do about it on what you have done about it. Step five. Add new causes stress to your list, if any, arise on again. Repeat the steps that you're going to take to tackle them. Just having that record Andi Action that you take him can be a big immediate help in stress reduction on helped to give you a feel up taking some immediate control. It's a simple Is that so? That's action. Plan number one. Now let's move on to action. Plan number two. 5. Stress Reduction Action Plan 2: right. His Stress reduction action plan number two, which is all about taking a deep breath. Breathing is an automatic action, right? We've got to do it to live. If we stopped breathing, it's not got but, however, that the way that you breathe can be another effective tool to help to combat on reduce stress on. That's because stress effects breathing, you know, Have you noticed how you breathing changes when you start to feel stressed? Particularly heavy stress you. You're likely to start to breathe faster and shorter, and sometimes you might even gasps for breath. As a result on, you need to begin control. Make a big difference to take deliberate long, slow date brats to to fill your lungs, hold it for a moment and then breathe out slowly. Andi on. Repeat, you know, in deep look big long folds up breath. Hold it for a moment. Breathe out slowly. This should help to lower your heart rate on defects, some rapid relief. It may help further if you even if you close your eyes, whiles taking your long, slow, deep breaths. So here's your action plan for doing this. All right, Step one. Set aside a few minutes every day. You you don't need to feel stress before you do this. You can do this any time, Any day. Set aside of human. It's every day to practice your long, slow, deep breathing on. Get into the habit of doing it whenever you feel like practicing every day, more than ones that you can now I find a couple of minutes during this before bed helps me to sleep, for example, asked me to feel a bit more relaxed before I am Good bed. Step three. Be conscious of your breathing. If you start to feel stressed, then it's time to put into action what you've been practicing your deep, slow dress on this day, breathing technique alone will have you to fight day in, day out to five stress. You know, it's a straightforward is that? And as I said, once or twice, you can do this at any time. You feel like it, not just when you are feel stressed, but if you've got used to doing it. When you do start to feel stressed, you it'll be automatic boys. So start to practice. Now that's action plundered to taken care off. So let's move on to action. Plan number three 6. Stress Reduction Action Plan 3: Okay now, actual plunging. The three. This is No, no, no. Now it's natural for us to want. Please, if we're asked, isn't it way all like to help out with the people that we can? Whether that might be to help a work colleague friend assembling a family member or whoever , right? It's nice to do people a little further, isn't it? It's natural. The before we know it saying, Yes, toe when your request for help that we get because we don't like to say no, this can soon get out of control sometimes and cause even most dress on. We know that's not healthy right now. It's okay to say no and saying knowing the right way need not cause offense in the Askar nor needed indeed cause you any stress, it can have the opposite effect. Now it's easier said than done, given our instinct toe want to please. However, by learning to say no, White can be very effective in reducing stress is important. So here's a little action plan to help you, to say no from time to time on, Do not feel bad about it. So the action plan here is to start with Step one and think about a recent request for help that you said yes to when perhaps it might have been better for you to have politely refuse . You know, Did you say yes because she felt obligated or afraid to say no. On how much have you handled that situation differently? What? What might you have done differently if given the opportunity on Step two big building for the next few times? You asked for a small favor on Just take a minute to think hard for a moment to before you give your answer instead of instinctively saying yes. Is there an opportunity? I would be more appropriate for you to say no and explain why it's not convenient for you to do that right now or try to re negotiate. And while you're doing this, you know, communicate in a nice, confident, calm tone. Andi, you know, just just explain why I'd like to help you, buddy. I'm a little bit busy at the moment. Would you mind if I did it in another hour? So about something like that, right? And look for opportunities. It's a practice saying no when, When, when it's appropriate to do so on. Explain why and that will help build your confidence When, when I say you know is more appropriate on, you'll feel less guilty about doing it and you'll feel less stressed about during it. Breathing that we've already spoken about is important to when you're doing this. So building what you've learned from the previous session on that and how you can adapt you breathing to help you reduce your stress as well, because these to say no and breathing kind of go together. So that's action plan on the three Let's now move on to stress Reduction action Plan number four. 7. Stress Reduction Action Plan 4: Okay, You're ready for action plan long before this one's have a drink. Boat, but right, not an alcoholic drink. You know, alcohol isn't gonna be good for you, Because turning to the bottle is that is a classic way of dealing with anything difficult. More stressful, isn't it? Let's go on up a few beers. Uh, it might seem like an immediate cure all Teoh. You know, I have a few drinks and it'll sort all your bills out your stress, but it weren't. It will only make things worse s so to be clear, there have a drink. Doesn't mean crack open the bottle of malt whisky that you've been serving for a special occasion or anything like that. What do mean and this might sound a little bit boring, is just have a nice glass off water, just playing old glass of water. That that clear liquid, which comes out the tap can help you to reduce feeling stressed by keeping you hydrated. That's because even a little dehydration can be a contributed to stress. So it's important to keep hydrated on water. Does that alcohol does not as the opposite. In fact, on if waters a little bit dull. Flavor it up. You know, you've got plenty of choices without you can flavor it with anything like orange juice. You know, apple juice, whatever your life is. Plenty of options, so it doesn't need to be boring water all the time. But so long as it's something that's no alcohol, I suppose, right? So here's your action plan for having a drink. Check out what your indicated fluid into your case. That that there are lots of resource is online that you can you can use to look up what based on your height and your weight. What amount of fluid you should be taken in every day. So I have a look at that online. A za general rule of thumb. It's around 88 ounce glasses per day. The do check. Like I said, Do please do check because it's based on your height, your weight on do things like that. So have a look online. Another thing you can do is buy yourself one of the many, many water bottles that are available these days, which are marked with suggested levels off, what to drink and when. Drink on on a little and often basis throughout the day to keep yourself top top on. If you've got a smartphone while who doesn't these days, they're at the wraps that you can download to track your water and your fluid intake, and that that will help me to keep on top of it as well. On If you're exercising particularly, for example, down the gym or you gone for a run or anything like that, then it's important to rehydrate afterwards to replenish the fluids that you've lost through that physical equity. So stress reduction action plan on before is a simple as having a drink on keeping hydrated . Straightforward. Is that right, Onda? Not only will it help you to feel less dressed, but it will help with the general health as well, because you are hydrated properly. So that's number four. Let's move on to Stress reduction Action Plan number five 8. Stress Reduction Action Plan 5: Well, okay, then. Here's stress reduction action. Plant number five on this is all to do with diet. Now that this part the course isn't about losing weight. We're not talking about that kind of diet, but what it is about is looking at eating foods, which may help you to reduce your stress Onda avoid in things which are not so good at doing that. Now, in the previous section, you have a drink. We said that it didn't mean turned into the demon bottle is a way of coping with stress. Andi, We can draw parallels with that here because diet, you know in a similar way to people often turn into the bottle, but for stress reduction in a similar way that there are comfort foods or foods that are perceived to be comfort foods. But people go to when when the feeling a bit unhappy or depressed or stressed, such as the classic ones bean, ice cream and chocolate. Now that might give you a short term feel good boost. But it's not something that I would suggest you keep doing for what are hopefully obvious health reasons. Because shoveling in the ice cream and chocolate every day to try and make you feel better . Isn't going to do you any good on on a longer term basis. Instead, consider the general quality of the food that you do eat as it can have a direct effect not only on your health but also the ability to handle and reduce stress as the to do. Go hand in hand somewhat. So what I suggest you do is forget the ice cream and chocolate on. Instead, consider some of the following now a nice cup of tea. I'm from England on a nice cup of tea is our universal move. It fixes everything immediately. We put the catalog we brew up on. We have a nice cup of tea. Problem solved, right? Well, that's what we think you might know, but that that's what we Brits do. Bruel. A nice cup of coffee can help as well, because the caffeine in there will give you a little boost as well. Though I would suggest that you'd be aware about drinking too much coffee. A swell, but a cup of coffee can could give you a little boost as well and help. You may feel little bit better as can a piece of fresh fruit. You know, an apple or an orange or a pair rather than that that big bio chocolate. And that's because the natural chemicals and vitamins in, say, in that apple or orange can help on without all the fat and sugar in that chocolate bar or that big dollop of their ice cream. Some other brain foods, which can help to cope with stress better on your general health indeed are on include what ? The whole wheat bread, eggs, fresh fish, things like that. So think about your diet in relation to stress on adapt it Where you can is a suggestion. Helps me could help you. So here's an action plan that can help you to do this. Step one. Drink more tea, drink less coffee or if you simply can't go out the coffee. You know, try reducing it to one or two smaller cup today. Or maybe even going decaf. You know 50 cups of espresso every day. Uh, well, you'll be on another planet right step to think about introducing fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. Start taking a daily vitamin supplement tablets as well. I started doing this reasonably recently, a multi bet that I have not done for years, and I can feel a bit different a bit better already. Step for for when you do get a little bit snacky. Try to have some fruit or nuts available with your rather than reaching for the chocolate bar. Step six for your evening meal. No order to take away. I used to be a demon at this. You know, I get home from work like I couldn't be bothered to do anything so I'd be straight on the phone in order in the Chinese or something. Not a good idea. So, you know, I've changed my own habits here as well. You might think about doing the same. Andi, instead of ordering that took away. Cook yourself A nice piece of fresh meat or fish is dead easy to do. I mean, I've started doing it, so there's no reason why you carcass. I'm not exactly the world's best cook. More likely had multiple is the world's worst, but I've learned to cook for myself. Fresh meat, fish, vegetables, plenty of recipes available online that they're all over the place these days. So think about doing that for yourself. And that's because a good quality diet can help with the general health. And if you feel good about yourself, you'll be able to better deal with stress when that comes along. So there's a bit of a double bubble effect going on. So that's number five. Think about your diet now. Let's move on to stress reduction action Plan number six. 9. Stress Reduction Action Plan 6: Okay, Stress Reduction Action Plan number six. This is about taking some exercise now some form of exercise as health benefits. I'm not necessarily here talking about hitting the streets and running a marathon. However, even a little gentle exercise can help you. Physical and mental well being is helping, as well as helping to reduce stress as well. And that's because exercise stimulates your brain to produce certain chemicals, which make you feel good on. Some of those, for example, are dopamine, so returning on dolphins as well. Joining a local gym is perhaps the obvious course to get some exercise in, although that can be expensive and it's a commitment to attend a swell. But there are plenty of I mean, if joining a gym works for you, great. But it might not be for everybody on either way. There are plenty of Herm exercise routines available to you, which do not require expensive or, indeed, any equipment. I mean, I have a set of some some dumbbells, and what not on do use them helps. May on, for example, YouTube is full of exercise videos so you can go and do your own research. What works best for you. What you can fit in in your lifestyle. Tremendous amount of choice. So here's a quick exercise action plant that that you might consider Step one before you start to exercise. You might want to discuss it with GP If you've got any health concerns and to get some advice, you know you have no exercise for years or you've got some some health conditions that you might worry about. If you did start exercising with, would you be affected? So any concerns about that have a word with doctor on? Get some advice. Step two would. Then we do something simple to start with and build it up from there. No, you like I mentioned a few minutes ago, going straight out and doing 26.2 miles right around the neighborhood. Just do something simple to start with on gradually building up even something that this might sound a bit daft. But ive even Hoover in the house while doing a spot. Cleaning is a form of physical exercise. It will help you work up a sweat, so that's something you could start to do pretty easily. All the things that you might start with that they're easy to do is a few pushups or sit ups or squats or something like that. All easy to do at home, on making toe a little routine for yourself and again, all sorts of tips and advice and videos all over YouTube on this. Think about what feels best for you. What's comfortable for you and suits your own purposes. It would be step for and then step five built. Build your routines of gradually on Dr Modernity and cope with, because if you were to stretch yourself, there is a risk of injury there. If the more physical types of exercise, such as running weights are anything like that might be too much. There are more gentle alternatives, such as a bit of yoga or touchy and again, the debate local clubs for this, that the videos all over YouTube on how to do it. So the choice is vast. Everyone confined something on Building some physical exercise into your day can help to reduce stress and improve your mental and physical well being. At the same time, all all these things working tandem t help you. So Action Plan number six is simply to start to take some exercise. Anything will do to begin with. And then you can work out what you feel more comfortable with from there. Simple as that. So that's number six. Now let's move on to stress reduction action Plan number seven. 10. Stress Reduction Action Plan 7: right. Here we are, then. Action Plan number seven. This is Get some short. I get some sleep. That stress affects the way we sleep. What? We're all familiar with this artwork. If we're stressed or we've got something on our mind, it generally makes it very difficult to sleep. Way lead there, can't get to sleep. We toss and turn, trying it comfortable. No matter what we try, we can't drop up because there's something rolling around and round around your head and you can't get it off your mind and you can't get to sleep. We've all been there more times than we can remember right on. That's not good, because a good night's sleep is the body's way of naturally recharging itself to compound matters. A lack of sleep makes us feel worse, doesn't it? What more tired? We were unable to concentrate with grumpy with miserable. You will know the symptoms. I'm sure way like I just said, we don't eat more times than we catch them or Cameron and breathe does. It is an important part of general health, not not just for stress management that you get a good night's sleep on the good news is that there are simple steps that you can take to went to encourage that that good sleep to come. So here is a quick action plan that can help you get a good night's sleep. All right, Step one. No smartphone, no mobile device, no laptop, you know, for an hour or so before bedtime, give yourself a brief digital detox. Forget checking your emails. Forget checking your social media for about an hour or so before bed. Turn everything off. No distractions. You don't need it. You don't need that distraction. You don't one of the or working during the night through some text message appearing or anything like that. So turn everything off. Step two and some of these might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised out where that it could be overlooked but met. Make your bedroom dark so it encourages you to sleep. Dark curtains, which put out the light through the window, are cut out. Lighter drips anything like that. So a darker rooms going to make you feel more likely that you want to sleep. Step three. Think about the temperature in your bedroom. If it's too hot, then sleeps hard. Reason it. For example, you know, I've already mentioned I live in the UK It's 2000 and 20. Last year 2019. We had a phenomenally hot few months over the summer, which is somewhat unusual here on it was like, you know, 70 or 80 degrees at night, and it was impossible to sleep because you drenched in sweat. So too hot. Sleep is harder, so things you might consider there if you bedroom is too hard. Sleeping with the windows slightly open but locked so it's still secure. Maybe a little cooling fan air con it. If you're looking up to have that, just things that might help to cook keep room cooler, which is more conducive to sleep. Step four is is. Try to relax in your bed and get into a routine. You know, a no cliche, but I find it's true. I have a little read before I go to sleep on. Does I mentioned earlier running the course in action? Plan number two. A little bit of steady, deep, slow breathing helps me as well. The couple of things there you might try Andi, probably most importantly, Step five. Whatever is on your mind that's that's killed, causing your that stress causing you to stay away because you can't get it out of your mind . You can't stop thinking about it. Get that power that pad out from action. Plan number one. You can see how everything fits together, right? Get that pad out. Get your pad out or what? On right down. I know. I've already told you. If you're using a laptop or an iPod attorney officer, you're gonna need a pattern of paper that's or anything in the bedroom. Here. Get your pattern your paper out and write down what's bothering you before you. Good, Bad. All right, Andi, That'll help to get it off your mind. It sounds daft, but it's true. Write it down. Helps get it out. You had. I can't help me to sleep. So all these five steps can help you to sleep soundly. Naturally recharge. So ever think about it and see which works best for you and then start to do it regularly. That's number seven. Now let's move on to a reduction in stress reduction action Plan number eight 11. Stress Reduction Action Plan 8: Okay, here we are. Stress reduction action Plan number eight you're having a laugh on? Yeah, surely. Well, it because if we did love more, wouldn't it? Because that's what this, this this action plans all about having a good laugh. It's a simple is that way all will do. Laugh the probably Not often enough. I'm sure you'll agree with me that there's nothing like a good lap toe. Help lift your mood on Make things seeing better. All right, because laughing automatically makes us feel better, doesn't it? And that helps, amongst other things, to lessen the effects of stress as well. Laughing triggers our brains to release endorphins, which makes us feel good. It increases blood flow and generally gets is a good all round boost. Try it now to think of something funny or which makes you happy. Have a laugh to yourself for at least a big old smile. Do it right now on. Then you feel better for it, don't you? You do. Don't tell me you don't get you do, and I know you do. I do. You do to laughing is, you know, fantastic, right? So here's a little action plan to help you toe laugh a little bit more, I hope. Step one. Take every opportunity that you can t smile all that if you're feeling stressed or start to feel stressed or you don't even need to feel stressed that any time you feel like it, have a smile to yourself. Have a laugh. Share that with a friend or colleague or a family member. Imagine yourself in wherever you're happy places. We've all we've all got. One of those take any opportunity account to do that. Step three. I've realized I'm here to talk. Never suffer. Forgive me there. Um, watch a comedy film moment program, which makes you laugh. You know, we've all got out favorites on if there's nothing that you can think of that do that turned to YouTube because there's only any amount of funny videos on there. So do that. Another step you can take is, if possible. What? Watch that film or programme with your partner or your friends because a group laughter is even better because she's sharing it with all this on. But there's all sorts of bantam and feel good that goes along with that as well. Isn't there? You know it's more fun to laugh with all this, a swell as his life yourself as well. Andi next in a similar fashion toe action plan. Number one, you know, remember, we've got some running themes throughout throughout the nine actual Plan C and they all complement each other intertwine. To some extent, you could start even to keep a little happiness diary for yourself as well on jot down every day, everything that makes you feel happy or mention laugh or a smile or just generally makes you feel good. Andi. Refer to that happiness diary. If you do start to feel a little bit down or stressed on a little bit of repetition, take every opportunity to you that you can't just a laugh or two. Smile on. Simply during that, it's gonna give you a boost on that. You feel good. So final step in action plan Number eight is to start smiling or laughing more right now. Do it now, right? Think of something that makes you feel good. Lap smile, favorite joke. Whatever it might be, start to do it now so that laughter is excellent. All right, so that's number eight. Now we'll move on to the final Stress Reduction Action plan, which is number nine 12. Stress Reduction Action Plan 9: All right, then we've reached stress reduction action. Plan number nine. This is all about tapping, right? This is a real quick one, Onda. And it's reasonably straightforward like but by tap tap tap. This distress reduction technique isn't about listening to a dripping tap. I mean, blimey, if anything going to call you stress, that is right. So it's not about listen to a dripping tap or former dancing or anything like that. But what it is about is using your fingers to tap away stress and help a little bit more manageable. We probably older it subconsciously. Anyway, for example, tapping on your temples with your index fingers, or at least one temple on what index being going, well, bald in that time, we don't even realize we're doing it on their other parts of the body, on which tapping with your fingers may be effective in helping to reduce and manage the feelings of stress on these air known as Meridian. Points on some of them include your diagrams just under the eye of the end of the nose. Onda chin. It was a quick example. Um, I've got a really bad gag reflex. When I got dentist. I'm just going to the dentist. Makes me feel stressed. Anyway, Andi it does. A lot of it doesn't. It's not something that many of us look forward to going. Andi, you know that that's dress probably compounds itself and makes my gag reflex a lot worse as well. On, but very recently went out when I went for a clean and polished that the hygiene ist who must be disappointed where, when she knows it's my turn, because because of the gag reflex, I can't handle the suction pipe. I can't handle that the tools that you use is or anything like that. So that the poor thing as Teoh doing my script published by hand, which is great for me but must be frustrating for her older. She's excellent. On the last time I went, she asked me to start tapping on my chin with with my index finger while she worked away. Andi, to my complete surprise, it worked right? Just a she worked away, made tapping on my chin. That she was in there helped me to feel a little bit more relaxed, and it helped to reduce my gag reflexes. Well, Andi made it easier for me to manage on, no doubt, easy for the hygiene ist as well. So whilst I thought I was the butt of a joke, wasn't Andi? It worked tremendously well, so tapping can be effective. It's a simple as that there's no real action plan here border than one step one, which is that if you do start feeling a little bit stressed, start to tap away in temples for a little bit or one of these other Meridian points and see if it does work for you, it might do it might not, but it certainly worked for me with a dentist on talking on my chin. So that's the final off the nine stress reduction action Kwon's. Before we go, let let's wrap everything up with a little bit off this summary onder Thank you from me. So let's do that next 13. Summary And Thanks: that's the end of the course. We we've looked at all nine stress reduction action plans. So before I close, I'd like to give my sincere thanks to you taking this course with me. Throughout it, we've taken a good look at different causes of stress, together with a simple action plan for inch, which is aimed at helping you to reduce and manage what may be causing you to be stressed. I'd suggest that you see which works best for you and then start practice what does work best And that will probably be a combination of different plans that that's what I do. You know, the things aren't meant to be done in isolation altogether. It might be a combination of things, and as you've seen as we've gone through it that there were links from one to the other. Andi some into England as well, and that they all complement each other as well. So you've got you've got these nine action plans now, Onda. And you know they are there to help with helping to reduce your own stress reduction. Manage it. And some also have the spinoffs off, helping your general health and well being is well, so please start to take action today and even say goodbye to start with number one and start to write down. What? What's causing you to feel stressed or unhappy or all on your mind That that's a great place to start because you can start to identify what it is. So I really do. Thank you sincerely for following me through this course. I really do hope that what you've being through Onda listen to and learn well will be of benefit to you. I really do. Onda. Thanks. Once again, I've got a number of other courses upon skill share. If you'd like to check them out that there might be something that you're interested in on . If you'd like to follow me here on skill share and then you'll be notified as and when I published some new courses. So thank you Once again I hope you found this interesting and informative on also helpful. So thank you and take care