Next Level Knitting: Knit a Sweater | Davina Choy | Skillshare

Next Level Knitting: Knit a Sweater

Davina Choy, Yarn Wrangler at Sheep & Stitch

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20 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome: Tips to Get Started

    • 3. Gauge: The Key to a Good Fit

    • 4. Choosing Needles and Yarn

    • 5. Knitting a Gauge Swatch

    • 6. Measuring Your Swatch

    • 7. Troubleshooting Your Swatch

    • 8. Materials and Casting On

    • 9. Choosing a Size

    • 10. Cast On and Row 1-2

    • 11. Row 3-4 and Staying Organised with Charts

    • 12. Instructions for Multiple Sizes

    • 13. Joining in the Round

    • 14. Splitting the Sleeves from the Neckline

    • 15. Knitting the Body

    • 16. Shaping the Sleeves

    • 17. Decreasing the Sleeves

    • 18. Finishing the Sleeves and Underarm

    • 19. Knitting a Neat Neckline

    • 20. Blocking for a Perfect Fit


About This Class


Are you a knitter who’s looking to take your knitting to the next level? Maybe you’ve knit a lot of scarves, cowls and hats, and you’re looking for a more challenging project.

Enter the raglan sweater! The raglan sweater is a great first sweater project. It has a classic, easy fit, is seamlessly constructed and even allows you to try it on as you’re knitting!

You might be intimidated by the idea of a sweater - it’s so big after all! - but the truth is that if you can knit comfortably in the round using circular and double pointed needles, then you have all the skills you need to knit a sweater. Really!

In this extensive two hour class, I'll show you step-by-step how to knit your very first sweater. We’ll go over:

  • Knitting gauge (super important!)
  • Choosing needles and yarn
  • Shaping the neckline
  • Dividing the sleeves from the body
  • Customising the body length
  • Knitting and shaping the sleeves
  • Creating a neat and even neckline rib
  • Blocking the sweater for a perfect fit

By the end of the class, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to knit a classic raglan sweater for yourself or a loved one. This class is for any knitter who wants to move beyond scarves, cowls and hats to the exciting world of sweaters!

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Davina Choy

Yarn Wrangler at Sheep & Stitch

Davina is the founder of Sheep and Stitch, a website that teaches people how to knit through knitting patterns, video tutorials, yarns and kits. Knitting is an incredible act of creation. Think about it: with just sticks, string, and your own two hands, you can make a hat ... or a scarf ... or a sweater! It seems like pure magic! And yet, it's actually pretty easy to do. Davina's goal is to share the magic of knitting so that everyone can experience the joy of making something beautiful and w...

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