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New Way Of Doing Dropshipping / Shopify + Spocket

teacher avatar Maja Ferina Shapteva

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Dropshipping?

    • 3. Finding Ideas

    • 4. Evaluating our idea

    • 5. Quick Walkthrought of Shopify

    • 6. Setting Up Your Store

    • 7. What is Spocket

    • 8. Finding a supplier

    • 9. Adding Products to Your Store

    • 10. How Costumers Shop

    • 11. Customer Acquicition

    • 12. Convertions

    • 13. Common Fist Sale Mistakes

    • 14. Congratulations!

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About This Class

In this course, we’re going to go through finding products to sell without ever worrying about inventory and shipping. You’ll learn why dropshipping might be the ideal business model for you, how to validate a product and business idea, how to set up a store, how to find a supplier, and how to get your first sale. Whether you have no idea how to get started or you have no idea how to get your first sale, that’s what I’m here for.

Thanks for joining me.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, My name is Maja and I am a UX/UI designer and online teacher. I am passionate about what I do and about teaching others. I have started various online and offline businesses.

Whatever your reason for learning to build websites you have made an excellent career choice.

My personal motivation was to become my own boss and have more freedom and flexibility in my life. And yes, like a UX/UI Designer I was able to work from home, and get all that one person can wish for.

I try to make my courses enjoyable and try to remember what it was like when I was learning. I also believe the best way to learn is by doing and try to include as many practical examples as possible in my courses.

And as a UX/UI designer, I know exactly what pains you might be going throug... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey and welcome in the scores were going to go to finding products the cell without even worrying about inventory and shipping. You learn, right? Drop shipping might be the ideal business model for you. How to validate them. Product and business idea how to set up a store, How to find a supplier, how to get your first sale. As for myself, my name is Maya and I have been on entrepreneur, especially my whole life. A few years ago, when I get started in the world of incomers, rap shipping was a very attractive business model. To me, it has a low barrier of entry which made it low risk and a Lloyd me to serik pass. I'm showing a distant let you know that everything I teach comes from my own potential experience of the stool Orner. I had made another course for designing, and next I'm going to make another to show you how to design your own land store. And it's a store owner. I know exactly what pains you might be going through right now, whether you have no idea how to get started or you have no idea how to get your first sale . That's why I'm here for you. Thanks for drinking discourse. We had a lot of cover, so that's getting to it immediately. With our first lesson having deeper into drop shipping and the process and costs off using drop shipper as a fulfillment model for you. See you there. 2. What is Dropshipping?: first, let's quickly answer the question. What is Rupp Shipping Wrap? Shipping is a fulfillment model that the lows you to buy products directly from the supplier and manufacturer. It's and ship them directly to your customers. This means unlike other traditional e commerce, will human huddles. You never actually carry any inventory. You don't buy products in bulk, and you don't even have to worry about shipping orders yourself. Is that the drop shipping the player handle sold that for you. So let's see Rupp shipping in action to get a better idea off how these old works and why so many entrepreneurs love this model. A customer comes to your only store and places in order for a product that caused them $15 . You then place an order with your supplier for that product, and it goes to $20. The supplier Dan Ship debt order to your customer directly. You earn $2 gross profit, and the entire process is invisible to your customer. So instead of buying thousands of the product and a wholesale price curing inventory in your home or bear house and running down to the post office to ship orders out to your customer. A drop shipping supplier handles sold that for you now that we understand what drop shipping is, whether the advantages and disadvantages to this kind of fulfilment model. First, let's start with the press stars that used a rope. Shipper has low start up costs. Since you are not buying products and build, your initial investment will be much cooler. Also, the risk is generally lower if you choose, the product is still and you can make it work. You're not tied down to a large inventory that you need to sell. True to make your money back, Rupp Shipping allows you to quickly people, since there's less commitment left. Lee, a store that uses a drop shipper, isn't tied down to the location of their inventory. This means you could technically running their business from anywhere in the world. Now this all sounds great. But what are some of the disadvantages that Mr Orders should be very off first? Because ruptured has a low barrier of entry, it also has a lot of competition. That supplier, that supplier you're working with for death. Amazing product. Maybe also drop shipper for 1000 off other stores like yours. We're going to talk about later. How to overcome this in ad value, Toe what you're selling also generally product that you drop ship will have a lower margin that if you bought that same product in milk well, the cost. The drop ship might be $20. The president might cost you $11 dollars per unit if you bite them in milk. However, we're going to talk about finding supplier that the lows you to have a large margin. Lastly, there is little to no customization when it comes to using a drop shipper. When you're biking bilk, you have the opportunity to Brandt and customize the product you're selling. We drop shipping that isn't always possible in the depends on the supplier. Some might a load you to change. The branding father might customize the package for you. However, don't expect their flexibility treated like a bonus 3. Finding Ideas: So you're interested in drop shipping and starting a tour, but you have no idea what to sell. Fortunately, it worked Shipping Alozie too quickly. Test involving different ideas you might have if you don't have any idea yet, we're going to talk about finding ideas for products to sell and then quickly evaluating the product idea before moving on to testing. The first thing you can do is together. The idea ball rolling is to find what is already telling. To increase your chance of success, consider entering approval niche with hot product. Look at marketplace such as Amazon, a teeny bay, and go through their best sellers to begin to collect ideas. Thirdly, looking through the category to have expert ties, experience or acknowledge interested in you don't have to be interested in the product you're selling. It just helped create a spark to the idea protest, for example, I like drinking tea so I might start off in the food category or simply search T and stored by best sellers to see what they can get. However, the problem when we end up with my not be do something, we have a lot of interest that a marriage in. I only recommend that as a starting point, Matt had sell products for other reasons besides being passionate about their products. One is opportunity if we're able to find a local petition niche on opportunity to market the product differently, or so problem that nobody has told it yet, it might be enough to decide on a product to sell or needs to target. Finding those opportunities takes a lot of brainstorming and research. One tool you can use for you work to research. If Google keyword planner the second is trends every so often, Andy trend come along, creating an opportunity to build a business. Whether it's hoverboards or DHEA test, you trance come and go. Some trends wind up being fat. Other were ears in the market before, before they kind of catching those friends isn't always easy. But if you see something new American, it might be worth jumping in, or at least testing 4. Evaluating our idea: once we have our idea, whether is knowing exactly what product we're going to sell or knowing exactly what niche we're going to target, it's time to evaluate our idea to do these were going to first me assure demand. Then we're going to measure the competition. And Leslie, we're going to analyze the product idea before anything else. We want to confirm that the product or type of products we want the sale can even bean drop ship it. If our product is very niche, there may not be any supplier that offers drop shipping in most. In most cases, you'll find a supplier to drop ship there really anything. Still, a quick Google search will confirm it for us. If they know it is possible to find the drop shipping supplier from, I'm going to start off with measuring demand for my product stadium. There are a lot of ways to me assure demand for a product, but for the proposal this store we're starting, we're going to use basic tools to give us a general idea of the men, since drop shipping will last the quickly tested years, we don't want to over analyze our idea. We just want a quick validation, then move on to testing. Next. I want to see how this product or knew she Stockett about on social media. I might use three dirt to see each, just to see how people talk about the product. I will do the same on Facebook. In Instagram, I want to see people fashions, talk about the product inventory and shared their thoughts and photos. That's the kind of audience I love to target with products, since they're the best kind off customers, me assuring competition. The next thing I will suggest doing is trying to identify the top competitors for your product or target customer. This will give us a better sense off the landscape. I want you. I want you to keep in mind that competition should encourage you, not discourage you. You'll see why later. Open up, open up a new old but and begin to leave the top competitors for myself. I might serve but by March 30 into Google and see who cames up even clicking the top at. From here, I can scope on the competition. I can use Alexa dot com on the competitors to see what their traffic is like similar. VEP is another great tool to measure demand basically guesses on data from competitors. He shows me the traffic off my competitors as well as the forces off traffic. This is the great not only validate my product but but also give me the idea when it comes to marketing my product. Later, let's check on the competitors. I will do it. Social proof. There are a lot of people sharing the those stories and engaging with those brands on social media. It's so it might be another indicator of demand. The more passionate and engaged people are in social media, the more confident I will be the build. I can make the same results with my store and product with. Someone will tell me the pages with the most shares on my competitors stores and looking at their Facebook and pages and Twitter profiles. Let me see their engagements, am I So I might be also looking at the domain on a look up service, such as Who is to get the idea how old stories It's not perfect, but the data the domain was registration. It's a good guess How old the stories typically if I seen your competition with a load off traffic and social proof. I know they're done a great job growing that fast, typing into our shape. Target customers Remember competition is good thing as much rather go into a really competitive market than a dead one. If there is a competition, it means people are making money. Nobody goes into business and stays business if they're not making money next next, let's see what are some off the important questions before we test? There's one more thing we can do. We can answer a few questions that will help us evaluate our product and idea further becoming commitment to a test for drop shipping here. Some of the things we should think about he's or are the product smile and needed to ship smaller products will mean smaller shipping cost. There are a lot off accessories and the potential to cross sell with other products accessories that customers can, perhaps in addition to our core offering kick Canon CREss, our of average order value well, which will talk about layer that's the product half low turnover, or does it change constantly? If it does, it will require more maintains and communication between you and your your supplier. Is the product hard to find locally it? Yes, this means the product stronger. Offer off course there seller questions such as? Who is your target customers? What is your market potential? It's good to have an idea off those answers now, but we'll we'll answer. Those quit together later when we begin testing our product and working to get our first sale. 5. Quick Walkthrought of Shopify: all right, so let's set up our Shopify store together. Michael is to get you set up as quickly as possible. I don't want us to spend a lot of time trying to make our store perfect. We want toe lunch with the essential pieces in place to begin going about testing our idea after our tasting. Then we can begin to make a judgments and improvements to our Shopify store. So here's the essential things will set up to get her before launching over store, sign up for Shopify Jews and install a team set up gaming's set up shipping at our custom domain, Set up custom emails and a few more tips on setting up your store quickly for drop shipping . First, we need to sign up for Shopify store. Click the link on this page. The sign up here. You'll be able to start your store for free for 14 days. Let's see all this in action and you can follow me alone. This is the main page off the Shopify. Let's start our free trial. We haven't added any imagery or cope yet. We haven't set up the look off our store yet. We haven't even added any product. Also, I should know that at this point, your sore isn't life. While you might be able to work this your store, anyone else who tries to visit your store, we'll see a coming so soon. Pate well disabled this page leader When we lunch, let to your team for Always store to give it a much more professional look, which will be able to further customize within the team editor and under on online store. You'll see the teams like I told you, our store Now it's password protected Right now. Let's get the free team. Install it on our store. You can explore the Bay Teams if you want later explore free teams. There's a lot of amazing free seems to choose from. Take time to look at each team. Preview them on your store into the one that best suites. The looks you're going to. Four is a reference I would look at online stores, writing glow great and truth. The team similar to death. Keep it simple to I'm going to choose the free team Ventura Blick at to the Library Action published the team publish Team published Let's look up at our newly published team. We're here where the old fan stuff happens behind the steins. Here you can add products, fulfill orders, see the sales for the day, configure your storefront and I'll tell chance and a whole lot more. Is that off over helming you with everything that we can do in Shopify? I'm going to set up the essential parts with you and let you explore everything else on your own. Later. We can also see how our store looks at any time but taking over to the economic the top left. 6. Setting Up Your Store: much better than the default team right again. Still, very much. We're bones once we are out of your products for your customization, our team and that some copy it will look more like a store I'd want to shop at. Let's hit back to shop, afraid and said the payment. Get away up for us. You want to click settings and then under settings, you need to click payments. Here we can set up shop. If I payments, change payment provider and not payment providers, I'm going to recommend chop off a payments as the primary payment, get we for your store. This will allow you to accept credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard on your sore. Alternatively, you can use people or both Shopify payments and people in your store to accept orders from customers. If shoppers payments is not accepted in your region or you want to use another payment, get away. To accept credit card payments, you can click change provider and select from a list off popular payments. Get away to integrate with your shop. If I store first, we'll need to ship to set up shop a fate payments complete account set up to get started. You'll Demby ask it to enter your business details if you're not sure or don't have business registrant yet. Hair common setting up as an individual, you'll be also asking to attach banking informations. Show that trump. If I can pay you, just follow the steps, fill out the forms and you'll be ready to accept credit cards on your store. I recommend changing the customer email to something like Support. Ah, store name that comb or store. Name. D meal dot com I'm sure you want one D meal. You use it to sign up for Shopify stored Toby explored to the customer, especially if it's a private email address. Leslie. There are few more kings. I recommend Lee. Let's see, there are a few more things a recommended doing first start thinking about and creating your standard pages. Their pages, such as about US, contact US reference quality and private policy. You don't have to complete those pages yet you actually might want to complete them after you find the supplier. But keep in mind those pages air important and should be created before launching. Finally, go through every single setting on your shop. If I store there might be a settings you're never knew existed or on option. You might want to change that. You never knew you could, whatever. I'm trying to learn this doctor or in the platform quickly or whenever I'm trying to learn new software, a new plan for I quickly learned how to use it. They simply playing around with it. One thing I always do is look at every single option available to me. I don't change anything. I just want to see what's available you should do to with your Shopify, especially if it feels over helming to you. Look into your shop if I store click settings and go through every single preach under settings, even if you think you're never wanted gift cards to your store. Still, click on the gift cards page and look at it. You never knew when you might see an option that you might find useful later. Do the same thing across underlings within your shop. If I store including online store, become every link under only store and explore. All right, so you're now ready to move on to one of the most exciting part of the journey. Finding probes the sale and suppliers in the next model. We're going to go through that and more see you there. Here is where we set up the shipping options. We want to provide customers as well as how much will charge for shipping at check out on our store. Click shipping under settings to be taken through the shipping page. I recommend making shipping free on your store. I don't rice come back to this later. Once you know what you'll be selling and how much shaping will cost you, you can always sit. It has a free for now in factor death into the cost off the product when you're deciding on the products pricing for your store. For example, if a phone case that we want to sell its $3 plus $2 shipping well, consider the cost off this phone case to be $5 instead of $3. Then when across summer buys on your sport, they'll pay the retail price. We set, say, $15 get the free shipping. Next. I recommend adding a domain two years four without the dome ing your store, you're a little will be something like that would drop my shop if I'd that come instead. Off David Shop that come what a domain Klink online store and then domains. Domains with Shopify are working dollars I year and a great deal when you consider domain privacy is included for free. Again, I recommend considering it, especially after committing toe what you want to sell as you can see my domain. Right now, he's Gabby accepted that my Shopify dot com Now let's set up our customer email for Ehlers Floor. This is something another look at Park to lunching a new store. The customer email is where customer emails will be. Sanders will, as what the email address will before the in section emails, such as, perhaps, confirmation emails. So let's get victor settings under settings, Click General. Here you'll find the general settings for store, including your account email and custom emails. 7. What is Spocket: if you're looking for a way to find a drop shipping supplier and product, that's quicker in these year. IRA comments book it. I thought the without find the mire difference between the two Shopify op so that entrepreneurs and shop, if they can make an educated decision based it on their requirements and plans were there. Store. Here's my breakdown of what separates Book it from Arbor Low, the best drop shipper for Shopify classified into the following categories. What products are available and where do they come from, how much of the business you can automate? How the up help in building your brand and if you can place your trusting it, how long the products take to reach your customer. How efficient support is when you require assistance and is the upward the money. Let's dig deeper into the Shopify Spoken Review and review of Shopify. Drop shipping up overall overloads. The shop if I drop shipping opted primarily focus on products from our expressed with a few suppliers that they're verify it well, this alos for enormous library products available. Chartier store The problem that plucks all Ali Express Basit stores for the one here is well. Choosing a reliable treasure to supplier out of the many available is quite difficult. But if you do manage to playing the great product, the low brother cots can bring in a number off pimple sales. The overload extension, which allows you to add the product directly to your store from Ali Express, does make the tough easy. But the shipping time and quality are difficult to trust entirely. The average product politicians pocket seems to be better owning the problems being. Sources from individually weighted suppliers from around the world broke its focus on local him on Monday. Factories, etc. Are Chance and distributors rather than Alex Press for the product listed. The supplier team of spoke it personally goes over a strict president for ongoing expires with interviews and sampling being a part of the process, which explained the better pictures and products. Additionally, a huge chunk of pocket suppliers are basically in the US and nail, which might contribute to faster shipping in terms off automation, is book it on over low, mostly low for the same personalities, but now spoke it. Fulfill your order with one click spoken since it with your spore in all orders automatically appears in Europe is a brand in the cork it marketplace. You need to tend Albig cultivating exceptional relationship with your customers, both booking an overload guaranteed that none of the suppliers will at any promotional materials, invoicing off or flyers with the packages that reached your customer. With pocket, you get on the additional benefit that overload does not provide, along with neutral generic packaging. Suppliers were also attach your spore invoice to the books with your store's name. Contact details your will go and your personal note from you to the customer spoke. It offers the same ability to order samples from the search page and special collections that make it simple. The impact New product New Futures Open pop up on the APP to help businesses overload is an older company founded in 2015 book. It is relative in You Look. It is rated 4.8 on Shopify with over 1000 reviews, and more than 20,000 retails are using the up to scale their businesses over. Low. On the other hand, is rated 4.7, with with 2000 reviews owning to the longer period they have been active, the most common complaint and heard about over the products is the extensive delivered time with products shipping from Abarat. This is the scientific that cannot be avoided, however, with age of instant gratification battled faster, delivers our requirement rather than a convenience spoke. It delivers air generally faster. The entire used to be being special, especially selected from us and they'll suppliers. Well, the spoke it got. The look is not this Vatis overload. The products are not found everywhere and ship quicker. Look at the mobile. Oh, both have 24 7 customer support. We didn't up chat reality so that no matter what problem you incur, you received assistance. I didn't plan. Find a number of revealed broke it up for praising the support people receiving in focus pockets behind that both up have wealth stock itself help center where you can go through all the frequently asked questions and step by step it pronation awful processes. Additionally, Pocket Facebook group is quite helpful community, where tips and tricks and educational material is posted regularly and retail can have their sights reviewed by experts for pre the spoken look and the overload block both post useful content. Multiple times per week, which provides quiet, calm valor to new enterpreneurs. Here's where things truly diverse spoke of Hat three plans, with the basic one being entirely free, the professional plan costing $39 the Empire Plan costing $99. Now book it happen. Four Plan. All of them have, Ah for today, Free Child. And the first, um, that is the basic plan. He's $19 for using the book A happy You need to put your bang details, but they won't charge you until your free trial is. Ah, finish it. So if you're not happy, you can consulate any time over low on the other half. Ah, Harris Tree plants racing from free to $79 through this sounds great. There is one obvious flak. Well, overload. That's low 500 products to be imported on the fruit plan. Your low it on Lee 15 orders, which pulled down toe 1 to 2 or per day. Now those 15 orders need not to be four. Overall, a problems to the server charge off 29 $90. If you have 15 order, there's on your store. You required up for the higher plant What is surprising is that you do not need to have 500 products the starters for or have a successful store. Having the towns of cheap products are not what bring a four sales. A couple of the number off warders you can make with a plan is quite constricting. On the other hand, look at the lows or tracking to all users, which I believe it important for customs inspection. But it also automatically think the tracking number to shop by, well, with over low. You have to manually entered them. True overall border Shopify interface One thing that over loafers Oh, first only pro plan. That's book. It does not offer it multiplayer years, their accounts, the rest of the futurist at similar across the to ops. So one thing I like it about book it It was that it has a seven day free trial that the lows retail to test out the monthly plan our plans before they committed to it. But still, you can test it again. And if you like you can, we're quit. Spoke it then. If you don't, you can just ah, cancel anytime. Ah, so while both cooking the noble a little, uh, hold formidable position. The shape of my app store spoke. It has quickly covered, grounded a barrel of beer. Oh, girl, Oh, can be used for import byproducts and the quick back our spoke it rupture purview clearly has a winner for sustainable business developments. Pocket has targeted all the plane pain point that retail states that when a parroting a drop shipping business on Shopify and has created an experience that it's easy, it's moot and user friendly. 8. Finding a supplier: before we begin finding suppliers we need to install. This forgets up with your strange off use and in European basic products, shipping its guaranteeing to be fast and customers are bound to be happy. Say goodbye to Mom. Long wait now offering print on the man collection with lower price works. Great with overload principle Looks were kept hit and show gun better up shipping solutions than l Express Amazon. Any bay get the highest discount. Wholesale pricing competition is out there, and we know you're you need rated that are attracted Inc All products unspoken. Have 3 to 60% discount of retail price so that you can stand out strong in the drop shipping market. Have your inventory out to update it. They up to date with the stuck of your product and never sell the problem that are out of stock. Pocket will handle inventory for all product, making sure your products are available and ready to shape it all times pulled her fulfill orders with one click. All you need to do is click one button to proceed that were. The rest is automated Facebook It This felt product with Temple Orders order product for yourself right from the search bait to their pride, the shipping speed doing your own photography and making sure your products are the right date for your store. Paying the loop with riel. Time ordered structuring. I know exactly where your ordinary, every step of the way and your customers can rest. Assure it with information about the orders. Pretty's Great. A powerful Brent with Brendan Invoicing Drop shipping should not mean a sacrifice for your brand with Brendan Invoice. Make a mark in 2020 The product ship It will have yours Poor local personal note and name on them. Now look into your shopper. Fight up and click up on the top Right? Used the Visa Shopify app store Let me show you We're here now Look it into our struggle Fight up now we need to click up on the top Right? You will see Visit Shopify App Store within the shopper by app Store search next useful Once you install spoke it you'll be taken to pocket Dash Berg We didn't hear You'll be showing your next step to completing set up? No, we're all set up. Why don't you find the product or products that you are interested in selling. Simply click. Add to your import list where you'll be able to edit the probably thing before publishing on your store. Like I told you now for publishing or having some examples that maybe we will want to. UM, But maybe we will want to tell we have Teoh. We can try it for free, like told you Starter, Poor pro empire and unique. Or and we can you can only true to starter and input your credit car. Claim a free try away and you will get it. No need to to call it the supplier or work out a contract just at the products Tutor store that you want still, and when you receive in order for them by them its pockets, apply this pocket supply drop Shipper will receive your order within the customer shipping information and fulfill the order for you. Just pay the cost over 100 orders a product with a lot of order. Tell us a few things. First, it tells there there's demand for the province and second in tell us that the supplier must be reliable. One low price. The harm. Arjun Low price with a high margin potential depending on the product. We want to resale steak with, perhaps in products within $1 to $20 price range. This meat makes it less risky when we lose money on a sale and there's problems generally can reprise it at 22 $15 or more. For example, I complain running shoes on spoke it for around $20 sell them for $15. This provides me within a 60% profit immersion. A lot of great un Brendan product bottles, due diligence to ensure the photos are actually from your manufacturing and not calling from another retail online doing a quick Google image search will have. You'll see that the product bottles are of a real brand and retail or were from the manufactory themselves. But here it's pocket. The photos are on cube from the product within Mark, so you don't need to worry about that without marks. So you don't need to worry about that. You will have aren't your photos for your product? Communicates helpful feller. Don't be prayed, Toe asked a filler question before pricing on order with them. A glimmer dayo filler will A will answer all of your question quickly. If a seller doesn't respond to medicines that the big red flag 9. Adding Products to Your Store: adding products to our store is a simple s clicking at tune. Birth leads begins bucket supplies. After doing this products are rather to our import list, where we can edited things like the brother's name and description before publishing in our store without, we didn't our important list. We can see the products we can push to our storm. Begin selling feeling immediately before we do that. Let's go through each of the options that thinks when my want to change before publishing those products under product, we can change the name. I think the products to a collection and attacks to better organize many problems within hours, For I highly recommend changing the name of the product. You'll often see that important products have long queue work. Stoppage name. Keep it, Jordan Sweets. Next, we have description. Here's Berwick and as the description of the product before publishing in our store, this is a must change. I highly recommend not using the important description. First, they're usually poor writing. Second, in my duplicate content from other stores, your best bet is to use important information is the reference and write a nice description of the pro that will make your customer actually wants to buy it. Next. We have Arians here. We can just which worry and we want to, or don't want to import set prices as well as renamed. The variants were importing variants might be the different colors, sizes or styles your product comes in. You will want to ensure you rename variants here, as some sometimes colors might be. Level it as numbers. Also, you want to set a healthy price for your product. We'll talk about pricing him in my psychology. Later, lastly, would have images. Here. We can select or de select them and just want to import into our sport. Try to find products that have images of the product being use it on or in action. Also sure for us our that the remark that don't have water marks on them now that we don't that we've done through each of the options before publishing important products, we can click push the store and the products will appear. Publish it within Shopify Inc. We can always edit our products here if we decide to make any changes in the future 10. How Costumers Shop: the great thing about a store that uses the drop shipping four fulfillment, especially if you're using pocket. Is that the Loaded to Focus on marketing and got some service. Interred module. I wanted to cover two pockets and marketing Cougars floor, repositioning your problem properly rating on incredible offer and outlining a customer requirements strategies. Now, before we actually go into marketing strategy and feels hectic around the rope shipping store, we first need to understand how our customers shop. You know, I know what your might might be thinking. My are This is so obvious. Please move on has come to our stores here, product and bind. But this is the wrong way to look at it, and actually looking at this way limit you as a full orner. It's like having blinded Salam. I know how you can expect to grow your business if you don't have the big picture. This is how your customer, actually, perhaps something on your score. The funnel. You might have seen something like this already, but the importing is that realized a customer perhaps involved so many more steps connection to the custom that we sometimes realized. This is important because we want to improve and optimize every single step connection all customer makes so that it bring us more sealed and ever been used. It starts with your offer. How did you pack some or find it? Was it the not an email you send out a word of mild rep arose a Google search. One thing come from the offer they land on the page in your store, which page their land on your store. It's important it really. It is a product page, but other time customers will land on the whole page or collection page when a customer make a decision to buy it, not simply as just hitting a bottle and the money's magic with 10 cheese, there's a profit. Customer needs are the product to their car, and even if you send customers directly to your check out, the still needs to implode their information. Even after the seals, they're still war you can do to increase the lifetime Valya balance off that customers, so just get them to come back and buy more or refer one off their friends to your store. So think about your story in a way and begin our finding the left and action you customer need to make before Brian. This will give you a map of every Arria off your store that can be improving. 11. Customer Acquicition: positioning our storm product, and we know who were targeting. We now have the fundamental knowledge to begin to terminating where we'll be getting our traffic problem, and how will we go about acquiring it? First things first. It's important to know that we want to send customers to ours for not a visitor. There's a difference. 100 targeted video source to restore are better than 1000 around on visitors, often all hearing you four corners complaining, Hey, I got 18 visitor to my tour and no tales what I'm doing wrong. The first question I individually asked them is, Where did those visitors come from? Most of the time, I'll get a nicer like I don't know where from what I think. My story lyngen. The problem is that we really too much on the Tropic, Mataric says. Welcome ethically, what matter moved its finding out where your traffic is coming from F E and they're buying . So what? I want to talk about this more customer requirement that simply driving traffic. There's a lot of ways to tend traffic to restore what only a few ways to send people who are actually interested in what you're selling two years for Here's the least off the common way stores get customers. Those aren't all the weight in places, but it's really good star. If you have focused on just one of those and make it work, it's often enough. So where will you get the traffic from state advertising groups? Google Instagram Pinterest YouTube Influencer Marketing Instagram YouTube Block affiliate marketing shares. Tail your own platform content. Marketing your own Blokhin's YouTube channel. But because communication rhetoric growth form, figure it out one through each of those requirements, Reg it in detail would each be several hours, one course in themselves, And even after all that, you still might not get the sale. That's why I want to review with the most important thing you should take out from this model because every business and store is different. Everyone telling something different. Everyone have of different skills and abilities. You will need to figure out things, and I don't mean that in a bad form, negative way. I mean, take all the things you learn it today, like positioning your podcast and fighting a target customer and applying it in your own way in a way that you think would work for your tour? How do you determine it? But we'll work for your store by besting this channels. That's strategist Well, first and products, however, ultimately, you will need to test it an object. Base it on your results. Anything you try should be considerate as the best time vicious money. It's also important to consider what you're willing to invest. If you're willing to invest your time, you need to be patient. Try the free methods who did in a lot of work and go from there. Fremantle and Crime and Tropic are feel that the well before you see a reald, but they must my not cart you much in terms of money. If you're willing to invest money, you might have more options. This is really scare, but it's likely the option that will provide you the fact that results or it leads. The quicker feedback to determine is whether or not what you're doing is going to work. If you are willing to start spending money to assure traffic, how much should you start my recommendation for those who aren't looking to spend a lot. But I would like the tax problem it to you. A break in and budget. This is very converting of approach toe budgeting for it want to yell the best results. But it might give you enough that data off even a pope even stale for beginning increasing the budget. For example, Here's how we determinate our breakdown budget for Facebook. We still a pair of sunglasses for 50 Vital the cook. They cost us $20 from our supplier, including shipping living out with $35 profit per sale. That means a break in the budget is $35 at the. If we can make at least one sale a day, we'll break it in. We won't make any more money, but we won't look any either. It might also pale up if a product or art is working on that without risking too much money early on it. That the break even budget in a nutshell. Now let's apply over, learn it so far and begin to talk about converting an overt order order volunteer in our next life left you there 12. Convertions: driving target that traffic to your store even enough. We need to ensure our store. That's enough to convince a perspective customer that our products, it's right for them and that our business is trust working again. Converting rates optimization could be entire course in itself, so I'll provide some basic tips. The first thing to realize is that improving converting can be done at any step off the panel, meaning we're not only Upton optimizing our product page or home page for conversion. There's our component, like our art or Carter Page or check out protest. However, the best place to start is the product page is the pitch you likely be sending trucks to, and it's usually the page that makes or breaks the perhaps decision. Three simple things to think about when designing your product page and writing copy of our price. Trust An urgency price might be the one of the most important things when it comes to a customer decision, whether or not to perhaps your product. We don't want to set a price too high. The dude it will scare off customers, but in my opinion, more import importantly, we don't want to set a price too low that lower lowers our product, perceive it, value it and destroy our margin. It smoke it. In most cases, in most cases, I recommend setting a price higher than your competitors. But can this is dependent dependent on what you're selling? It's different for every store. Owner. Trust and social proof are important because often the first question running through a customer minded Can I try this poor? Will this store actually send me? My order is the product is describe it reviews. Custom photos, reviews, customer photos and money back guarantee are just over the few ways we can work to build trust, lastly or against him. We're all lost. Creston. Eight. We even do it when we're shopping. Oh, I don't need this right now. I'll buy it some other time. Urgency. Encourage our customers to act immediately. Do not put off their her habit decision. This can be done. We're creating flash shells and letting customers know when it when there is a limited quantity. Again, there are other parts of the funnel to look and up to my the conversation. Remember each step connection your customer make influence there, perhaps decision now Did you understand how we can get customers to buy our products? We should understand how to get them to buy more your average order value. It is the total of any have divided by your total number off order. So if your store meat 10,000 less mount dollars and you have two hungry orders, you're ever it's order Valya about $15. Let's look had waste. We can get customers to check out with large car product recommendation. Recommending other product. Expecting shop is one of the most popular ways to encourage customers toe out more to their car. Many Shopify teams include related products on their pages, but they're also ops if your search pay product recommendation that that also do this. 13. Common Fist Sale Mistakes: before we wrap up this model, I think the report to go over some of the most common man takes your store. Warner's make well. All of those aren't exactly related to getting your first sale. There's make take will invade your success, especially early on. It is better to learn from my mistakes or the mistakes I've seen now. I didn't make them later and slow down your problem. However, never forget the mistakes and failures are part off the journey. Remember that your failures and takes lessons to help you improve your business and yourself. By the way, you'll make mistakes and fail along the way, and that's okay. There's no success and failure. Onley Success and learning. Here's a few off the most common mistake store owners incur even starting to try and get their first sale. Failure to focus on the things that bring traffic and sales to open. New store owners focus on the things that feel good or that are fun and negligent things that actually bring traffic and sales. It might be fun getting up close and team designs for weeks, but it's not productive. Drop shippers. Big benefit is that it allows you to move fast and test so move fast and test expecting customers to stumble across your own Lind's tour. Remember, build it and they will come Does not apply to businesses When you lunch, you need to work to drive traffic to restore. It might take a very long time before in your guy traffic start coming into your store. That's why it's important to understand different channels that provide immediate results with a little investment, investing in long term marketing and expecting quick results. Quantum marketing and you are Great Michael marketing strategist. However, they also take a long time to yield results. It might take months to begin to seem the fruit of your live. Or that's why it's important to have patient. Or if you're impatient like me. You focus a marketing that brings immediate results, such as bait. I should know that result that not always mean feels. Results could be clicks like up the cart, etcetera. The important thing is gathering feedback that we can use to improve our at and object our offer and for setting merging too low. This could be one of the most creeping things for you. New store owners they are unmindful off their pricing. If the elite you want to have a significant Margon, that'll auditing that money on advertising it didn't in depends on what you're selling. But I advise at least 50% margin off course at 200 percent margin or more is better a little. They're just some of the mistakes. I think usedto orders make the worst thing you can do. At this point, it's worry about the mistakes will make. Don't let the idea of potential roadblock were failure prevent you from ever getting started. We're here to take what we learn, apply it, grow from the feedback and result and build something that 14. Congratulations!: congratulations on the reaching till the end of the course. We learned that what is drop shipping the different way to find and work with drop shipping suppliers, how to optimize your store and proceeds for success. And finally, how to get our first sale. Your next steps are to take action. If you haven't already signed up for Shopify, set up your store and start working. Remember the drop shipping and lows you to move quickly and sharper fellows you to launching them in a mirror off days, if not hours, depending how ambitious you are. Our goal moving forward is launching a basic stored. It follows our convention Bishop pink if it's from earlier, and begin testing a few product that we added from the up shipping supplier. Even if you're pro cooking on long term approach and want to build a brand and relationship with the supplier, it's important to test your dear before investing too much time and money into it. You are now ready to build your Shopify equal merits empire. If you have any questions, leave them here. Thanks for participating and good luck