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Motion Graphic | Minimalist Title in After Effect

teacher avatar HU Shahir, Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Minimal title 01

    • 3. Minimal Title FInal

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About This Class


In this short class we will create an artistic Minimalist Tilte Opener n  in Adobe After Effect We don not use any third party plugin we just design all the stuffs with built in tools of After Effect .

We will create and add some other Motion Graphic Element like Drops and Burst to refine and polish our Design . This class is perfect for people with a little bit knowledge of After Effect if you are new to after effect i recommend to check out Polygon Motion - Learn Motion Graphic with After Effect in 5 Hours Class.

Features of this class :

1- Easy to follow .

2- Project oriented .

3- Project files 

Open After Effect and lets get started :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hey, guys, train from Polygon Motion And welcome to this class. In this recent motion graphic classes on a scale share, I'm gonna teach you how to create a minimalist title opener. And after we don't use any ter party wagons in this project, we just use a powerful built in tools of after fake to create this type of design so open you were after fake and let's get a star it 2. Minimal title 01: Okay, guys, a rhyme and after effect on the first thing they want to do is create a new composition I have created in here. And let's rename this composition minimal tile. So the presets R h d v for 50 at 25 frame braids, I mean, from re per second and also the duration off. Five, maybe zero as good for this, uh, title. Okay, click. OK. And now we have have blank composition in after fix. So the first thing I want to create is our background. So control wife for creating and he was solid. And we will create a a solid and by round with this, a grave bolt grayish color. So may calm size and click OK, l it's rename it BG. Okay, so I want to create all the things from strokes from tiles from second tiles, all the things And then we will gem to animation and we will animate all of them. So the first thing I want to create is their overall a stroke and the general a stroke off this style. So I'll drag up a rectangle here and shape. So let's, uh, go to fill and disable. Develop So we just need the stroke one and in a stroke and a stroke off. Five, I think. Perez girl. So in a stroke? Yeah, it's good. Okay, on. And let's name it our stroke. So it's the stroke and let's drag a title minimal title. So in here I'm using that fear Sands type with ultra light typeface so you can download it for free on found out conference dot com, and it's available for free. It's a very artistic Schrempf family tie fees, so it has a lots of Thai fees, isn't here, and you can download it for free. So the other things that I want to do is create our second plate in here. So I'm drag another rectangle hair. So let's zero down a stroke and go to fill Choose soul solid color are maybe gradin color. So we need a grabbing Colin hands so dragged like this in here. Don't worry, you will fix this Graddy in color so we can also do like this. And let's changed a collar off this Ah, second tile. So go to the shape. Okay. The next day I want to do is change the name of this too second plate and also go to a stroke and lead this and in grabbing Phil, let's go to so and so we've delayed this stroke and weaken just double click in hand and change the color of it. Okay, we will create this color by mixing off thes two colors. We can create a kind of ah energy plates. It's ah, we can create a very nice looking to this played and maybe a little bit or like this. So it is good, not too bad. And also drag it out like this. So not bad. It's good. So we have all the things except the next. I'll just, um, like you're a manual title and Kent Relief for Duplicate and put it in here Not not in the back of this second, please, but just in front of it. And change the title. For example, Maybe w w dot Pauling in motion. A little bit of marketing off following emotions dot com so we can check it out. Paulie, emotions do is a lot of things going on on polygons motion. Okay, just and make a little bit of space between letters, So, uh, put it in the side on and maybe a little bit more and put it in the center of it and also changed the Thai fees to book because it is a smaller text on DWI. Need a boulder typeface for its readability. For people who are watching this tile. So make a little bit of space and yeah, and I think it is good, not too bad. So are maybe a little bit give a room space and here, and it will create a nice looking a tile for has which is to find and a position to look skirt. I think it is look so fine. So now let's start animating these, uh, elements. Okay, The first element I want an immediate and create key from for Fred is the stroke. So let's solo a stroke and solo our background. I want to create at the animation off this stroke with the default shape effect. So in here, let's open a stroke and choose rectangle. And in our if I opened, there's a list of effect or that we can use it. But in here I just want to use a term pats that allows has to create a kind of term animation on the Jean starring Pine and Out in Pine, and also offset off this stroke to create a good and beautiful animation from it for it. Okay, let's bleed to fill and also go to term pad. Now if I change a stroke and lets off this transform, if I change, it started, you see that it's kind of any meeting and it looks very fine. So we can also change the end spot in Pine, also in here, and also offset off them. Create a kind of good to create this kind of animation. So I want to start with Let's Strong with end and Let's Make It All them Andre it and also Officer zero. So you're this and maybe real a stall with Let's Enemy the Star and go one frame Army. But one second onda Okay, it's anything irreverently, but we will fix it. Just select your key frames and keep from Aston and time reviews key frames so it rivers, animation. And if I play this you see it is not too good because it's very choppy and it's not so smooth, like the example one so we can fix it. The first thing I want to do is select the ski frames and keep from assist on ese Eze. Now, if I play this, it's a little bit. It's smooth it out, but we will fix it to create a kind of first impression and the last impression and control the amount of speed in the first and storing pine and on the aim pine. So let's animated officers, but also a little bit. Not too much now it is good. Yeah, let's changes to easy, easy and also maybe a little bit more good, not bad. 3. Minimal Title FInal: let's like the historic key frames and goto graph editor and in here you make sure that you have been selected that it it it is Pete graph. We can just change their speed of it. So we want this animation. We want this stroke toe start very fast and then ends very slowly. So it was the starting point of this. And let's drag this way more behind and push it back and changes and make this very, very fast in the first storing bind. And now, if I place you see that at the first, it's very fast, but it ends very slowly, so it gives our animation essence off smoothness and good looking. So let's do it for this guy also, and let's slicked it, we should back and put it in hand. Now you see that we take very good looking animation for this a stroke. Now, if you compare this to their previous mind or whatever, these key friend would have these easy ski frames and also where this graph editor there is a huge difference between these two animations, so make sure that use graph a detour and also ese east key frames and playing with these graph editors and a speed of and values gives your motion graphic project a sense of smokiness and of realism. Onda try to use them and all of your motion Graphic scene. So our stroke is finished. And now it is time for what? Our middle title. So it s a lot has also on. We want this to a star off from this side on. If we animate the position in this side, you see that it is not disappearing in this, uh, pine. We want the style that is disappear at the first time. And then it is It's coming from this side and the center. So the tips that I'm using in here is Alfa Matt. So let me change the position off this and create a different position, okay? In design and create a key frame. Go in hair on and put it in the center. So maybe we need a little bit of easy ski frames. Change that graph 80 Thor. And also sorry. Uh, 1st 1 the first starting point will be very strong. And then it ends very, very shortly. Good. Not too bad. And also, let's adjust the frame rate through adult on now for disappearing. This in this point, we have to use Alfama. So for this I'm just creating and you solid and Alfa and make this like this and put it in this side. So now it's disappeared. No, if he changed a color of it, for example, because the FBI one color and this color is the same, you feel that it's disappeared. But no, it's not a spirit. And if we you see that the nonsupport, it's not disappeared. So for disappearing this, we just cancel all of them on and put this Alfa in here and a toggle switch mode. Make sure that fragment is available here and in middle tiles. Slick. The minimal title and changed is to alpha matte or maybe Alphen varied matter. So now you see that this a solid is set. Distract the area, these area off the tile, and it's very flexible, and you can change if you change the position of this solid. It's some Strack all area off this style, so we want this style to to come in to the scene from this side. And now it's good. You see, if I play this and maybe go to a stroke and make the little bit and slower. Not too bad. And so it is. Good. Now it is time off. This guy here, the first thing I want to do is change their ankle key friend. Sorry. Changed. Ah, Uncle Pine in here. So we want to enemy this would scale from this anchor pine. So choose the second plead and hit it. As for Tuggle down, it s probably scale properties and and check their concentration Proportional. So we so we can change on a scale from different proportion. Okay, Like this on day, make the zero Ah, and here create a key frame. Grow a mo behind and make it 100. And now let's change is too easy ease. It is not too bad about we need a little bit off graph spicy him here. And so no, it's not good. Okay. And also for this text, I'm just using the same technique they've used for minimal tile. Just copy disposition, data country lt and changes and hair and creative frame cool. In this time on DSEC Position Control week. Select your key friends and keep from asked on Ese Eze. Go to graph editor end make like this and also and also control de or duplicate this second plate and put it above of this text and change name of it toe Alfa on in and select the text. Go to track Matte on changes toe ALF inverted toe Alfa Sorry. And now you have a good looking things in hand. If I play this, maybe push this the's a little bit. Yeah, it's good, Bad. I just won't change this guy here. Let's lead it Skill key frames and put this anchor point in here so it will be good to any meat. This alongside of this stroke, for example, If you see that this is strokes come from this side and when it's coming here, this ah, wrecking also enemies and makes it makes a very artistic decision. Make this 100 and now make this easy ease make a little bit in energy. In half of this, it's like this and sorry. Now you see that we have a way more better than the before then, before you see that all the things are linked with each other and it's any meat it let's make this rectangle on and it is very gear. The only thing that we need is changes in here on. Okay, All the thing is good. So that is it. Now, if we just pre composed this and maybe press in here to term to comp now you have a very good looking mammal title. You can change the title you can put it came in front of full, for example, if I drag a foreign ham and go to pre calm and put it below off thes things and control control all f for make the calm size Making this to calm size and also Whitmore and maybe a little bit off. Fast bowler. Sorry. Yes. You see that? It's very good you can You can also any me this bag around to create more impressions. You can use it for anything that you want. Hope you guys enjoy from disk. Last Don't forget to check out other polygon motion classes on a scale share. And also don't forget to check out apology in motions dot com for more courses on on other classes. My name is you to shade from polygons motion. See you guys