Mix It Up: Learn to Mix Any Color With Acrylic Paint | Court McCracken | Skillshare

Mix It Up: Learn to Mix Any Color With Acrylic Paint

Court McCracken, Make art and cultivate creativity!

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4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Preparing the painting surface

    • 3. How to mix acrylic paint

    • 4. Keep painting & completing your painting

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About This Class


Hi! I'm Court McCracken, an artist and creativity cultivator. I have been painting on my beautiful wooden easel since the age of 6. I absolutely love the process of painting.

The #1 thing I hear from people when they learn I am a painter is, "I wish I could do that too! But every time I try, my paint just gets all muddy!"

But you can learn to paint by learning to Mix It Up!

That is why I am so passionate about this material.

I know what an amazing leap it is to understand paint and color. When I teach this material to my students, I see the possibilities open up for them as they realize that they can understand color and paint! 

It is an eye opening experience when you truly learn to Mix It Up! 

If you are out there, thinking the same thing to yourself, "I wish I could paint, but each time I try, I just become frustrated", then this class is the place to begin.

Mix It Up will provide a strong foundation of the basic properties of color and paint that we act as a jumping off point for further painting adventures.


This class is for true painting beginners or anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of color with paint. 

The skills learned in this class will serve as a foundation of color theory and proper use of acrylic paint.

The project completed in this class will be a color guide to be used as a place of exploring color and can be used in the future to guide and inform any further paintings!

The first step is gathering proper supplies and preparing your painting surface.

The second step will be learning the three main properties of color, gaining a grasp on the color wheel and why it is useful for learning to paint, and understanding the properties of acrylic paint.

The third part will be creating our mixes & exploring the depth, subtleties and beauty of color through painting! 


Materials needed to participate in this class and complete the project are:

  • Rives BFK white paper (or equivalent heavy paper)
  • White Gesso, larger brush for priming paper with Gesso
  • Fine grain piece of sand paper
  • Basic student acrylic paint (colors needed: RED, YELLOW, BLUE, & WHITE)
  • pencil & ruler
  • painters pallet (not wooden, as those are for oil paint) or butchers tray, or ceramic or porcelain plate. Some students also use large tupperware containers as you can spray them with water and seal the top to save paint for longer.
  • Spray bottle for water
  • A Set of synthetic haired brushes for acrylic paint
  • Painters tape 

If you have been experiencing the desire to paint, but didn't know where to start, Mix It Up is the class for you! You will learn a strong foundation in color mixing and materials to get you going on your exciting adventure of learning to paint! I love to make painting fun and accessible for students of all ages! With Mix It Up, you will not be intimidated to begin painting!