Micro-Budget Filmmaking: Screenwriting

Dustin Curtis Murphy, Director, Writer, Filmmaker

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9 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Vision: What's In Your Goldmine?

    • 3. Vision: Choosing a Concept

    • 4. The Emotional Writer vs The Structured Writer

    • 5. Character Development

    • 6. Outlining Your Screenplay

    • 7. The Balanced Writer & Three Act Structure

    • 8. Screenplay Formatting

    • 9. Go Forth & Write Your Screenplay

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About This Class

This is the first part of the Micro-Budget Filmmaking Series where you’ll be guided through the entire filmmaking process by Dustin Curtis Murphy, an award-winning writer, director and producer. Part one is a beginner-to-intermediate class about developing your creative vision and bringing that vision to life on the page when writing a screenplay for micro-budget productions.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to narrow down all your ideas to one that will bring you the most success
  • How to choose a passion project that is achievable when you have limited resources
  • How to develop compelling characters
  • How to effectively manage your time as a writer
  • Screenplay formatting, writing strategies and techniques

This class is perfect for anyone with the passion to become a screenwriter/filmmaker, but who struggles with taking the initial step. It’s also great for those who’ve already made a film or written a screenplay, but had difficulty getting the final project to match their initial vision. 

About the Micro-Budget Filmmaking Series:

If you’re looking to propel yourself forward in the craft of filmmaking - whether that be an eventual goal to be a screenwriter, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, you name it - you need to know everything you can about what it takes to actually get a production off the ground. It’s great to work with a team of artists who are at the top of their craft, but unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large budget or be hired by someone who does, it’s likely that for a time you will find yourself coming up with your own projects, self-financing and filling multiple roles yourself as your hone your talents. 

Multitasking a variety of roles on a micro-budget production is great practice for when you eventually join larger productions. Understanding the basics of every role will only make you a more effective communicator and leader. It will allow you to empathize with the challenges that specialized workers face and help you to set reasonable expectations for collaborators.

Micro-Budget Filmmaking Part 2: Pre-Production is Now Available

Parts 3 & 4 (covering Production, Post Production & Release) are Coming Soon