Micro-Budget Filmmaking: Pre-production | Dustin Curtis Murphy | Skillshare

Micro-Budget Filmmaking: Pre-production

Dustin Curtis Murphy, Director, Writer, Filmmaker

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10 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Essential Pieces of the Puzzle

    • 3. Budgeting, Crowdsourcing & Funding

    • 4. Example of a Crowdsourcing Video

    • 5. Micro-Budget Hacks

    • 6. Setting Up Your Production

    • 7. Shooting Schedule

    • 8. Call Sheets, Sides & Contracts

    • 9. The Shot List

    • 10. Class Project & Send Off

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About This Class

This is the second part of the Micro-Budget Filmmaking Series where you’ll be guided through the entire filmmaking process by Dustin Curtis Murphy, an award-winning writer, director and producer. Part two is a beginner-to-intermediate class about pre-production.

"What is pre-production?"

Pre-production is everything you need to do to get your ducks in a row prior to hitting the record button on day 1 of filming. Pre-production is often a step that first-time filmmakers skip, however it's an important aspect of the filmmaking process that will help ensure that you haven't missed some essential piece of the puzzle.

In this class, you'll be guided through all the breakdowns and spreadsheets you'll need to set yourself up for success and I'll help you brainstorm ways to attract talent despite having limited resources.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to get the most bang for your buck on a micro-budget
  • How to attract talented collaborators willing to work for free
  • The essential (and non-essential) roles every production should fill
  • Tips on crowdsourcing from an instructor who’s previously run successful crowdsourcing campaigns
  • How to organize your production

This class is perfect for students who’ve completed Part 1 on Screenwriting, however, it can also work as a standalone class. To get the most out of this class, you’ll need to already come to the table with a finished screenplay ready to next the step closer to filming it.

About the Micro-Budget Filmmaking Series:

If you’re looking to propel yourself forward in the craft of filmmaking - whether that be an eventual goal to be a screenwriter, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, you name it - you need to know everything you can about what it takes to actually get a production off the ground. It’s great to work with a team of artists who are at the top of their craft, but unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large budget or be hired by someone who does, it’s likely that for a time you will find yourself coming up with your own projects, self-financing and filling multiple roles yourself as your hone your talents.

Multitasking a variety of roles on a micro-budget production is great practice for when you eventually join larger productions. Understanding the basics of every role will only make you a more effective communicator and leader. It will allow you to empathize with the challenges that specialized workers face and help you to set reasonable expectations for collaborators.

Micro-Budget Filmmaking Part 1: Screenwriting is live and skillshare students are already learning. Additional classes covering Production, Post Production & Release are coming soon!