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Metaverse Fundamentals: The Complete Metaverse Course

teacher avatar Dan Dan, Analyst + YouTuber

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. From Facebook to Meta

    • 3. What Is the Metaverse?

    • 4. Metaverse Technologies

    • 5. Properties of the Metaverse

    • 6. History of the Metaverse

    • 7. Best Metaverse Stocks & ETF

    • 8. GameFi: Play-To-Earn Games

    • 9. Decentraland: The Golden Land

    • 10. The Sandbox: Create Your World!

    • 11. Axie Infinity: The Popular Game

    • 12. Initial Game Offering (IGO)

    • 13. NFT Lands

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About This Class

Metaverse Fundamentals: The Complete Metaverse Course

In this class, Metaverse Fundamentals: The Complete Metaverse Course, we discussed the sublime world of the metaverse and how it will change our experiences.

What is the metaverse? Simply put, the metaverse is an online, 3D, virtual space that we can collaborate. Just like the universe, we will interact socially in the metaverse. The key difference between the universe and the metaverse is that the latter is virtual and digital while the former is physical and earthly.

In the metaverse, we will be able to replicate our usual human, physical activities in a digital setting. Take it to be a world that is built by humans for humans.

In the metaverse, we will set the rules for this new world. We will be represented as living 3D avatars with our houses, properties, and other content designated as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain. Also, you can pick your colour, size, shape, clothes, etc. in these virtual settings.  Imagine you are tall in our physical world setting but you prefer to be short, you can do this in the metaverse. 

In this class, we expatiated on the marvellous work that is currently being done by tech giant companies to create the Metaverse. The Meta Platforms is well known for rebranding her name from Facebook,  Oculus headset and VR messaging. Microsoft has created Mesh for Teams and virtual avatars to enhance smooth work transitions in virtual offices. Google is working tirelessly on augmented reality (AR) to connect the digital and physical worlds. We equally explained the works done by Apple, Amazon, Nvidia, AMD, etc. that will help to facilitate various aspects of the Metaverse.

Decentraland, The Sandbox and Axie Infinity are immensely popular cryptocurrency projects that are leading changes in the metaverse. These projects have redefined the gaming industry forever, by listing their games on the blockchain. They have introduced a new concept called GAMEFI that enables players to earn while they participate in the gaming ecosystem. In these games, you can own LANDS and create non-fungible ASSETS that can be sold on NFT marketplaces. So, you don't just play a game for entertainment, you can equally be paid for winning games.

This class is a complete guide on the Metaverse, and you will learn a lot including:

1. Comprehend the Metaverse

2. Be exposed to superb metaverse projects executed by tech giants like Apple, Meta, Amazon, etc.

3. Learn the best metaverse stocks, ETFs and crypto investments

4. Become familiar with Decentralnd, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox and their native cryptocurrencies

5. Learn about NFT GAMES, LANDS, and ASSETS.

6. Get expertise in blockchain and blockchain projects.

7. Understand Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and its significance for Axies breeding.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Dan

Analyst + YouTuber


Hi there,

I'm Dan, an Imperial College London master's graduate working as an analyst in an investment bank.

As personal finance is key to living a purposeful and fulfilling life, we will be analyzing the financial markets including stock, forex and cryptocurrency investing and trading, in a comprehensive but simple, digestible manner. Also, we will explore Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Metaverse, and other exciting finance concepts. 

Furthermore, we will level up our understanding of budgeting, insurance, credit cards and scores, and banking, just to mention a few.

On Skillshare, I will be making a sequence of classes on work-from-home businesses that will help you to start and grow your own side hustle enterprise. We will be exploring concepts ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi guys. My name is Daniel. I'm a YouTuber and content creator and I credit courses and videos embedded in our finance. The currency, metabias, NLG, and zebra, exciting content and finance into this class, I'll be taking you through the metabias. This glass is a Complete Guide on the virtual world. The new world of the metabias matlab has. Was the metabias? Yes. The metadata is an online 3D, better space that you are nine, which is an exciting world that has a lot to offer us. Just take this optic prison as an example. Imagine that dwell we have the universal blue, where everything we do in the world is done inside the loop. Let's take this prison also as an example. Assuming that all we do inside this prison, we drink Here, we go to school, we smile, we got to walk, we collaborate, we make friends with checkout, Tiktok, Even this class are taking, assuming that in we are doing is inside this prison, we're inside this quiz, yes. Byzantine happens for the metabias job that in the case of the MATLAB has, is virtual. It's not the real physical object, is a virtual 3D online space that you and I can interact. We compute houses to come by car, gung-ho shopping, we can't dance. It has a lot to hop house. And that's why I'm so excited to take you to this class. Because in this class, I'll give you a comprehensive understanding of the metabolism. Of course, we'll start by talking about his book, transition to mete and all that exciting tech projects that has been done in MATLAB has also, we will look at cryptocurrencies like sandbars, essential land exam facility, explaining to you the projects that have been done already in this current world of the metabolism and how you can be a part of this movement. I'll be any this class by showing you the pros and cons, the cons, signs and criticism of the metabias. What we really love about this veteran award and what can be improved on when we talk about these bedrock digital space. So this class is for anyone that's interested in the metabias, adolescent creator as a business person, as someone that just wants to know what it is and why it's making so much in use. If you have any interest at all. In virtual reality, augmented reality, you are highly work on this class. And the good thing is that you don't need any prior knowledge to take this class. Because how we approach this class from first principles, which means from ground 0, then mu BWT it up. Don't you? Who concepts some projects that's happening in the metabolism. And as always, I will explain trends in a simple, plain language that you can understand and relate with, trust me, know Jagger. And if I use any tech and cook them, explain it with multiple examples. You can agree with me, I have a lot to learn by taking this class because I will do it from ground 0 to the what is currently happening in the world of the metabolism in an exciting trillion manner. This class is definitely for you. I'll take a pause now unless jump in into our first lesson on the metabias. 2. From Facebook to Meta: Let's talk about the Metabolists. You minimize chain a screenshot of the metabias. Yes. This would be an example of how the metabolism will look like. So you see, I'm starting this class by showing you an example of what the metabolist will look like. Therefore, in this class, I'll give you a complete guide of the metabias, not just above at us. I know that's awesome if you're already thinking is avatars node is much more beyond avatars. Because in the metabias, who we cook, who were dance, who was my will play, would jump. You got to walk, you go to gym. Anything we can do in our physical world would replicate it in this better word called the metabolism. And thus the goop to replicate the physical world in a digital space. And as I told you during the International this class, I will take you through the beginning of the metabolism, even the history of the metabolites, different definitions of the metabolism. Examples of the metabolism in the crypto space and what has been done by tech companies like Facebook, amazon, Apple, Google, and several other big tech companies. You know me, I don't just speak good about something. I tried to balance it as much as I'm excited that they are by the Metabolists, I will tell you things that are not currently so good about metabias that we should be aware of as we transition into the space. So let's start by talking about the work that's been done by Facebook. Actually, what brought metabias to become very popular is Facebook rebranding their name to the Metta platforms? Yes. If someone got Facebook, but rather the metal platforms, that is to tell you how much Facebook believe in what the metabolism can be at a glance. So she'd their name with this veteran, that's an NMR and October 2020 and created huge publicity for the metabolism. But before then there have been extracting work that's been done in the Metabolists. And I will show you some of those work as we continue with this class. Also, the pandemic has phospholipids to be working from home. Even the class I'm making, I'm doing in my home studio, homophilous, whatever you choose to call it, tell you. Most people now are working from home. While we still want that human interaction, bad sushi into Russian, working from home signal-to of hours. So that's why we are launching mom into these vectors speed so that we can have most social interaction even as you walk in our own space, we are spending more time online to either of us are spending it's going to get the amount of time online. Either adjust, chatting, testing and colon. We want the hobby presents. We want to see the person we're poking with 123D their body movement till that we could not see when they're talking to us. We want to see it. Let me just talk on the phone and I'll zoom or chats and I assume what it is. I want us to be present. You are present and I'm present also the what is transitioning. We move from Web 1, Web 2, and currently want to transition to Web 3. Les stages of the web. It all started with the text. You can send test, you can replace on the website. Note that the exciting, we're so happy that you're browsing your website online. From we dilute, assess based on just texting will move to eat a whole phase, which deals with photos. Yes, That's employees book became very popular where you can share your photos or develop personal work and see your photos. Were just sharing photos up and down. It's like I'm even came up with sharing photos to were like, whoa, we are in a modern world where we share photos. After this moment, well, non-cash Alan photos, we are sharing videos. I am teaching you a cost to a video. It has so many videos. Tiktok is booming now because it's a video platform in our current space. What is really is video. If you want to send message to somebody, we use video, Zoom, video, Microsoft Team video, when the economy space, where how we interact with each other is through videos. But that's not the end. We want to move to a higher rim. This rim involved the metabias. Yes. It involved the metabolism. And that's why I'm telling you about the future, which is the metabolism. 3. What Is the Metaverse?: I have been mentioned about the metabolism of a million times. What actually is this metadata's matter? What actually is it? Let us look at definition here. The method of us is a wide edge spans of digital or better speeds where users can interact with each other every time and get familiar experiences to what we experienced in your reward. And in most cases, Among. This is a classic definition of the metabias space where you an icon interact. John Dewey, we have the universe. We want to have in the metabias. What do we do in the uni bus? We talk to each other, we interact, we relate with each other. So something happens for the metabolism. And the metabolism will also relate. We talk with each other, what we're able to do in the universe. We want to be able to replicate it. In the MATLAB has the only difference is that the universe is physical. The metabolism is background or digital, which means it's a veteran. Digital space is a persistent online 3D universe that combines multiple different veterans species. In our universe. We have North America, South America, europe, Africa, different continents that already exist. We are saying that the temperature will walk for the metabolic side, we have different spaces and all the spaces we combine as one. That's what we call the metabias. The metabolic is not just one digital space, is the collection of all digital 3D online spaces to form one, just like we had the winning by. So what do you need bus with different countries, different continents, instant, different regions. The symptom walk for the metabolism. The metabolism is the broad collection of all the virtual 3D spaces. And just like the universe, it will connect all aspects of our life. What can you do in a physical world? Party was the party in the metabias dance. You also dance in the metabolic Bhutto work. You got to walk in a matter of us, eat or write something. All these things are possible in this world called the metabolites. Once an absolute like so much about the metabolic is you can pick different ship, would represent that as live in 3D avatars. Instead of static 3D avatars, it will be completed in 3D avatars. Which means if you want to ship your eyebrows, you can do it till you and I've been able to do in the physical RAM because of one reason or the order, you'll be able to do all of them and even much more. In this vector waht called the metabolism. It's like a human being. We are creating our own world and the universe web bond to the universe. In the megabytes, we are the one that's creating it. Which means we can create what we want to be in the metabias. If you want to be shot in the mathematical, encourage yourself to be shot even though you are better TO the physical parameters. So the metadata is just an iteration of the Internet, is the progression of the internet, the way we have the Internet now, these with us during this frame, it will you watch me, you are viewing the screen in order to here and watch me displaying and get stability my hands in the metabias. You'll be viewing the screen only. You will be backed up, eat you be inside this rem, remember, this optical prism? Or possibly inside it? Yes. You and I will be at max fully. There'll be appraisals for us in the metabolism. So instead of just viewing screens, abolish the content, you and I will be participants of this word, just me from your scream, your whom. I'll be the metabolism. The metabolism to you. Than other exciting misled the metabias, explaining the metabias to you. You and I will be there will be present. Of course, it will be there physically will be represented as a button. So it means your own avatar. My own avatar would be then an obvious planing to you more about metabias. I cannot tell you which to get him. The metabolism involve a complete immersion where the physical space and it is does space interact with each other? So decimating points. Very smooth. Talk about augmented realities. In augmented realities, which the mushroom, the combination of the physical RAM and ROM. So it won't just be physically jotting something like holograms vector on its own, but you can see it in the physical RAM. Hologram is one of the iterations of the internet. Now let's give an example. Most likely you've played a video game or you've seen a video game like the sandbars at the infinity, Minecraft, Second Life, the odd sorts of game now that exist. It can even be, of course to that you've played. In these games. You've seen avatars, fights and wars. You've seen a battle, dancing, most likely watch a cartoon. The 17 exists for us. In the metabias. The only differences are those captions, are those avatars being static. There'll be live in 3D representations of real human being. So it'd be like representations of an actual human being. I have my Owner button on my own avatar would be in that space. Teaching. Of course, as I always do, the physical gamma1 is just one of the most common Introductions, the most boot into this world of the metabolic. So think of a game die. You know that you play on the APA task. So we are saying instead of them being just Abbott has been computer programs. You and I would be those avatars. You and I will be represented as living 3D avatars. So we can talk to each other, we can interact, you can walk together, we can swim together. We can do change that are possible in the physical world. How we did B. 4. Metaverse Technologies: How is it good to be UV doesn't matter what it is. It also give me examples with different games like Second Life and other kinds of games. It just be like a CBC game, but it's a universe of its own. So how are we going to experience this new world called the metabolism? And you can see this lady does have been a VR. Most of us who participate through VR headsets, Facebook now, meta, Radha has their own equipment now. That's an empire like found read pounds, Akerlof request to the VR. You can play games. You can have a fixed of the metabolism. Most of us, our experience into this world called the metabolic, will be true gaming, like using VR headset, we have AR headset and glasses are simply means maintained reality. Augmented reality is like a combination of the physical RAM and the better AR and VR does completely with the background. I'm so once you wear the headset, you'd be completely mass into the beta space. But when it comes to AR, UBD physical space, but also have experiences of the background, what it's like me, Pat Boone on my keyboard. You see me typing. So let's add a plane, a piano with eight hour, I'll be able to see the lines, the wavelength of how the punishments are clicking with each other. I will see beyond the pisiform, even though what I'm doing in Bob, a component that's going to the gym. And you're carrying weight in the gym before Mr. bras sizes, you be able to see the equipment your current available to CD52 experience. So some part of it would be better if I'm lifting weights and certainly the limit to jump out of people looking at me, we see mechanic weight and lifting it up. But they won't see the other path does the limit to jump. But I can see it because I'm using AR. Augmented reality is try to combine the vector space with these dark space. If I hit the wall now, for example, I'm hitting the war. Boom. You can see it's water. But if I'm wearing my AR glass or headsets, be able to see how you wave. The distortion is happening on this wall. Discussions are happening. How did with let us move in? But in my physical eyes I can see it. But with my glasses, I got to be able to keep that water can see in the physical intervening buzz that you and I live in and cut. We use money, we've dollar is span to transact with each other and relate to me with the last, whenever you dollars in the virtual space there is no deadline will be using is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin at their own Dogecoin, all kinds of coins used to interact with each other. Cryptocurrency will be our medium of exchange in this virtual world. The metabias. Also, this book belongs to me. I can claim ownership of it because I paid morning and they give me a district. Yes. You are the owner of this book in the virtual space. I can by chance and claim ownership of it will have to purchase them as NFT. Always my cryptocurrency now to be buying NFT, which means non-fungible tokens, my ****, instead of having a receipt for it in the better what Obama is checked as non-fungible token, which means it's mine. It add my signature. It has married since you can own teams in this vector space as non-fungible tokens. So you see this, how NFT coming please do. We can own land in the physical world. You can also own land and the virtual world. If someone gives you a proof of contract or Depot or whatever they call it, those document that we have now would be in a poem of NFT, which are registered on the blockchain and permits me to this point to introduce my other class to you, which I've done prior to this class, actually is my last class and is non-fungible token. I told you guys that I'm make a lot of classes. And you can see this class in my last class. It is NMT fundamentals, great and say, non-fungible tokens. Not seen it yet. So let me play it. In this class. I was talking about NMT and exciting an empty project. You can see it. I'll highly recommend you to take this class if you want to know more about non-fungible token. But just to summarize it, NFT simply myth non fungible tokens. It means unique items. It Ms, items that have unique identification code that cannot be deleted or erased. This is possible because while registering it on the blockchain, do we write things on a notepad? Write it down. Instead of writing it down on a notepad that someone can tear off or a ditch or earrings or even cancel it. It. We are using the blockchain to write down the ownership of our items. And since y is it the blockchain to write it down, it cannot be erased. Written on the blockchain, cannot be edited or destroyed or octet or adjusted. Most nothing's written on the blockchain. For Eva. Eva, it would be day is fixed. So in this metabolism, you and I can own tense, but we're not just owning them, having a contract. We are bindings as non fungible token. I'll take you through this class. I will tell you more about NMT and the blockchain. We can assess this platform called the metabias. To our phone. You can access it through your phone, through a browser. By Whedon has set or a special kind of glass. This is our possibilities of how we, we experience or how we come into this virtual world is veteran and we access the capital. They need to be like a medium through which we pass through and NTDs medium. Now I using VR, AR, computers, browsers, and phone in order to enter this word called the metabolism. 5. Properties of the Metaverse: What are the characteristics of this metabias? One is in finance, our universe is limited. We have several countries, several languages is limited, but the metabias is only method, is a wide expanse of land. In this case, there are federal land, of course, is infinite. It continues from infinity to infinity. There's no unimportant. You don't like one plot of land or two plots of land. It has several plots of our limited lamps also is infinite because even if one platform is limited on our platform is limited. When you combine them, it continued existence, proven over and over again. So each better space can be incorporated into reorder. It, not just one better speeds that's owned by Facebook. Facebook who have their own Google Hub there, upload your own and you can move from one over n to the order. You can move from the vector space of his book to the vector space, Google, the vector space of Amazon. Then he better space of your own, of my own. So we use the word interrupt premium, which means you can easily move from one dimension to the unidimensional. You can move from one 3D space through the auditory this piece. So if you buy things from Apple metabias, you can use those tools to balsam apple metabolism in Amazon metabolism. So you can move from one metabolised rim to the parameter vast rim. You can tell the porch. You can tell apart from your own house in the vector space, in my own house, in a better space, if I allow you to come, which I will since you're taking this class in this virtual world of the metabias, we can move from one to the other RM, we did the metabolism. The metabolism is like the broad picture is like the mini bus. And in the universe we have different country Canto from UK to us, to Algeria, to Nigeria. Different countries. Also happens for the metabolism in the Metabolists, you have your home space. I'm in my own studio in the matter, but I also announced to do where I will talk, where I will teach, well, make exciting finance content. You can have some impact. There'll be workspaces. So anything that we can do in our physical world, we can replicate it in the metabolism. Also, in the metabolism, there's privacy and safety. You can't just batch into someone's house because there are dogs are Block02, the same thing wasn't happening. The metabolizer, there'll be those. You can't just get access into someone's experience, except they allow you to give you assess. You can't just have my phone on bicep. I give you my phone number. Oh, I put my phone number, please where you can see it works form. The Metabolists, there's privacy, their safety. People that have access to you are people that you want to have assets to you. If you don't want anybody to have assets to you in the metabolism, you block them. You don't give them access to your space. By goose, in the political world would be buying virtual goods. This is my book. I bought it, of course, in the microbe as I was a bit buying book. We also be buying pain. We'll go to school limit of us who does not matter because there'll be goods or services that have been offered. So if you are sick days, hospital that you go to in the metabolism is done or crazy. It's an exciting. The grids and Abadi metabolites is deceit transition. You can transition from the physical RAM into this metabolism. You can transition from the metadata into the program. So there's no rule that she must restrict yourself only to the Veteran world. You can be able to teleport yourself from the physical realm to the bachelor. And also you can drag your files from the physical realm into the metabolic transpire media as your document, your text, your videos. We share videos to our film. You can do the same tenant, the metabolism, so you can send a video from your phone into the metabolites are from metabolism into your phone. So a lot of tests that we are doing, even me, mine, Rich, see it. I can be able to move Mary's in the Metabolists. So what can you do? The physical RAM, we want to duplicate it and the metabolism. If either house to study beauty, you should be able to have the same house to study beauty in the metabolic, whatever you can own, you come back, you can't do any physical work. We want to be able to replicate it, duplicate it in the metabias, copy and paste. It. 6. History of the Metaverse: We'll be talking about the metadata. What is the history of the metabolic? How did it happen? What is the beginning of this metabolism? The word metabolism was first mentioned by a man named Steve Wilson. You are seeing it. This slow crash is a book that was written by Stephen soon. You wrote the book in 1992, that was the best mention of the word metabolism. The metabolism is a portmanteau of meta universe. Simply put, is a combination of two ways. Efficient of Mehta and university. If you add meta universe together to give you metabias. Meta means change instructor or something beyond. Know in school we did a biologic metamorphosis. So Meta means change, such as changing also is beyond. It mean that we are changing from our fiscal regime to something beyond the physical RAM, which is the virtual room. Better word is a word that the auto used to describe an escape. Almost like you're stepping from the physical world to implicit upper confined you. That's the way that they use the word metabolism in this Nobel. Like it transitioned from the physical RAM into a veterinarian. And what has been used one way or the other before boy became so popular in 2021. When Facebook gender name to Mehta, who are like while Facebook gender named the Meta was mete. That gave it a publicity in our modern world. That happened in 2021, October 2021. So there are different examples that I'll give to you about the metabolism, but I will tell you that this point, the metadata's is not yet in existence. Yes. I know I've said it a lot about the metabias is not currently in existence because from what 11 I spend you can, unless standard is broad, involves the launch. We want to duplicate. If every team in the physical world, in this virtual world, if you are very throwing the physical world, you can choose to be told in the virtual world or choose to be shocked in the metabias. Demo flexibility, the metabolite. So it involves a lot of work. There has to be done. It's not fully in existence. But the good thing is that we are the basic building blocks. We have the basic building blocks of the metabias, like games, roadblocks, Minecraft, second line, exam infinity, and all kinds of games where business together we can use to build these metabolites. Are there companies are trying to do now, is trying to put 12 together in order to create this metabolism. But if TA walk, that has a lot to be done on it, this is just an introduction. There are so many changes to be done on it because to replicate like you're trying to twist your wrist is easily physical RAM, but with metabias. It's also easy to treat your wrist. To move your fingers do I'm moving it. It's not that easy to do it in the virtual space, so that a lot of work has to be done to be able to, when you move your wrist in the physical RAM, each be replicated exactly in the veterinarian. Like do you have to get your close-up, park your shoes or pack and all those things. The same tissue also happened, The Bachelor, and you can agree with me that it would take time before you become fully existent. But thou walk in progress. So much work has been done. Currently. In this class, I will show you examples of the works that have been done. But you do know that it is possible the easiest and closest metabolize experienced, the most, possibly experienced our tests introduction into the metabolist will be video game. Because in video game, we see a badass dance and PyCharm was jumping, crying. You watch cartoons, you see now bypass two. So that'll be our effects experience. For most of us, it will be through video games. The metabolic is not just only in the vector space, you want to combine the better space with the physical world, and that will take time. But we are interested in games. I mentioned to you, Oculus Quest to Second Life is infinity. That will give us an introduction of the metabolic look at this feature that SEM. Let's analyze this picture. This is a good example of infinity. I'll talk about it towards the end of this class. You see these are easiest with different properties and are playing a game. If you went to a game, you are given some money for we need to give them. 7. Best Metaverse Stocks & ETF: At this point, I want to give you more examples of the metadata. The walk that's currently being done about the metabolism we have walked has been done by tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google, the WIDA, AMD, or these big tech companies are doing excellent work when it comes to the metabolism. And I'm sure that most of you heard about metabolites from Facebook to data. Facebook is really involved in the metabolism. It's best to reality that cost about 500 bucks to play the game. Tech giants are doing. So if you want to invest in the metabias, the best stocks to buy, stocks that you are seeing now on the screen. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and EBITDA, AMD because they are the one that I currently work in. The metabolic, bringing pieces together in order to create these virtual reality that everybody would be mass. And also, if you don't believe just buy one stock of a company, you want to buy stocks of companies that are interested in the metabolism. You come by Mehta EGF, simply MSE metabias, ETF, Industry, Trade Desk fonts. Fonts simply means a pool of money. It means a collection of different stocks and shares. Instead of buying these share of bully Facebook become by the Sharpies book with apo, with Microsoft in basket of shares of company. They are interested in the metabolism. You can buy it as MET IGF. Let me show you an example. You see we are in run he investment metadata, metadata, ETFs. You see what are the further I want to invest, the mathematical like this. So exciting. I believe in the metabolism, I believe in what the metadata can be, which stocks should I invest in, which crypto should I buy? So these are the best stocks to invest in. You'll see the minimum and see that the top ten hooded of the Metta ETF. Etf simply means as chinchilla phone. You just means group of shares or stocks combined together. They combine one. You have seen it. Meetup platform, which is Facebook, Buddha cooperation, Microsoft Corporation, roadblocks, Unity software, smack, Apple, Amazon, Autodesk, different companies or hear about 40 companies, I guess more than 40 companies are here. I'll put a link of this website so I can go and check it out. Go and read about each TO panama about this ETF. If you want to invest in an ETF of companies that are doing one does, when it comes to the metabias, outer Khabbab, these companies one-by-one to give you my explanations of tenth, they are doing the metabias. Unless I'm true with what I'm doing, I'll talk about what's happening in the crypto space. The currencies that are involved with the metabias. And that will lead us to the end of this class. Let's talk about these companies and what they are doing. The metabolism, this company that I've showed you in the metal, they are walking source so hot that working extremely hard to lead This world of the metabolites that are working so hard. You can see the performance of the metal EGF. Each of them or more than that between the metabolic wash we invest in them. Let's start with the most popular, which is Facebook that gender them to meta apps. Said it over and over again in the cost of this class. So basically change their name, which we already knew from Facebook to meta to show how much the belief and the metabias. Facebook also have the art messaging. They have Oculus Quest to hardwares. They have Cryptocurrency, Libra project, dev, horizontal capillaries. Capillaries is where you can exchange better goods to come by and say bedrock groups is really doing a lot when it comes to the metabolism. So they're doing a lot of exciting project. Don't have their own coin, the currency coin, because they abuse so much and what the metabolites can be. And so far that's taken off on a good note. Oculus Quest To which is the VR headset of his book, was the most popular gift for Christmas in 2021. Day you have much. People are really rushing into the space. We will have goo, goo, goo, goo is not changing their name like Facebook bought more into a AR. Ar means Augmented Reality. Each of these which connected, if you support him, the digital space, we're going to have some work that's been done by Microsoft. Microsoft is more into these species, better working environment, Sudan more into Microsoft Teams. And there's a new future Microsoft Teams which has got mesh for Teams, image for teams. If you don't want to show your face, you can use a button to represent your face, 3D orbitals to show your face. It's called mesh for Tim foo, they are really doing a lot when it comes to the metabolic, Microsoft is working more Twitter rationale of using of our workspace. But I told you in the metabias, we'll now just be playing game. No, we will go to office, go to school. So Microsoft is really working on to that, to create a digital working environment for all of us will have Epic Games. Epic Games are doing a lot hosting virtual events. They haven't 3D VR content. So that more people being interested in the metadata. Epic Games is a company that does the bidding against somebody, but black games we have in our current world when viewed by epoch game. So they are more in tune to be demand games and given the creators the ability to create your own games. And the goal is to make AR and VR headset accessible to everybody who's online event. We'll talk about that when we talk about Snoop Dogg buying a better land in Central and we will have Nevada is developing infrastructures that are essential for the metabolism. That beauty infrastructure that we have. The growth of the metabias, like the computer that we need in the metabias, the infrastructure doesn't need to decompose the system. The software maybe dive into softwares. So WMO software that hypos to transition smoothly into the petrous with companies and in your own spare time checkout, the metal EGF. So you can either buy each of his shares of this company or you can buy a collection of stocks and shares as Mehta EGF, there'll be moiety the future. But for now this is the most popular. It's like a battle on who we lead. What a good enough idea metabolic is. If Facebook had their own metabias uploaded on metabias, Amazon had their own metabolism. You can be able to tell apart from this book, metabias to upper metabias to Navy diameter. As you can tell, it's got interoperability. You can move from one to the other. Now we've talked about the exciting project that has been done by tech giants. But that's not the end cryptocurrency actually, I've been working on the metabias even before tech companies. To this latter part of the class, we'll be talking about the excellent work that's been done by cryptocurrency projects like the central land sandbars and easier infinity. So it's an exciting concept that's called gamefied. Got game Phi again fee. What do you call it? Again fee. And so we'll talk about again File and how decentralized sunburst and is-a infinity. Really pushing it when it comes to the virtual space. 8. GameFi: Play-To-Earn Games: Game phi NFT games. In this video, we'll be discussing gamefied world, given phi phi, some people call it whatever I choose to call it, what is it? Before I go into details about again, phi less, some news. So you can see this on coin desk, the energy game that makes sense. Or Filipinos during COVID. People in the Philippines are NN cryptocurrency during the pandemic intake. By playing a video game. Actually infinity players in the Philippines may have to stop paying tax on trading pits. You can see from different news agency that our friends in the Philippines, I'm making a lot of money just playing games. And the whole concept of any money while you play game is called gamefied is effusion of gaming and finance. It means play to n, which means as you are playing game, your account balance will be receiving some token, some NMT, some money, some dollars, some pesos, not enough. And defending yourself by playing a game, by, is equally smart to play the game and end morning. And thou concept is what we call Gim. Fine. You can monetize your ski and up-sell time. Have phone. I'm a YouTuber and a digital creator. I enjoyed teaching the way I teach and you're listening to me now and make some money. Also happens for people, the applicants. Why you play game, you can equally and some money. And that's what we call Game fine boy mount case. I think that equality. And why? What do you think the game industry has more than 2 billion users on a yearly basis and generate more than $200 billion on a yearly business. Because a lot of people play games and the market is huge. It would be nice for us to introduce cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NMT into the gaming industry. Which means that as you play a game, you can own assets. So you can just plug in 510 minutes. You can own the APA and you can only include income only shoe that they advertise wherein you can own some items in the game, that you can set that up and put a political game and make money from. It is not a one-off, a concept that you can just play given on a component of the game. The way would've NMT actually works. It enables you to own some items in the game. It can be hot, it can be a shoe, it can be a ban, any item. As long as it's unique. You can own it in the game and you can sell it to other people that want to acquire that Tim from you. And of course, the money we learned in your account balance back. When it comes to NFT, give dialogue of games nowadays, we have sandbox web, the central land. And most common is actually infinity. I'll talk about as infinity in a moment. You can end money by just the kidney. These games like battling experiences, where what avatar or a group of Avatar is fighting another button or groups of Avatar. And it's very common with axial infinity, with crypto blades, with IID game games is like a buckling contest. We call it as infinity breeding, whereby you bring to access to bring together to produce an offspring. And our shrank may have a higher value. And even the parents, of course, you can sell it and make money from it. We call it an other games like collectible cards, any kind of game that you think as this. Now more than what? I've been duplicated, it to exist on the blockchain. The reason why they're making it to be on the blockchain is for the whole world will have access to eat. If there's a gain, for example, that exists in the US for rules and regulation and tax purposes. I love the game to play in the UK, in liminality, guilt to play in Australia. But if the game is on a blockchain, immediate whole world can have access to each country boundary. No longer pass law to hinder the project. So anyone and everyone can have assets to this game. So in the cover plane are these games like sandbars, roadblocks at the infinity. There are all kinds of game that exists. Think of the typical game play, in this case is resident on a blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger. That is, information cannot be a detailed or adapted. You can end tokens by playing this game. If you partake in some activities, if you miss some challenges, if you fight, you fight away. If you hit somebody, I don't represent you. If you know how to battle very well. Now these games, you can play excellently when an N rewards. In our current world, if you play, Give me just unlike better our water mode, like there's nothing to do with those aA plus 10001. But in this case, that plus 1 thousand points is compacted $2 that can be sent to your account. So you can cash out by just playing games. You can add tokens. You can also end NF2 non-fungible tokens item that are unique. So sometimes you'd like what does a point that you and good luck over $2 difficult to Qin also can be some special object. Maybe you can end the shoe of the avatar. You can end a new speed. You can add even the head of the avatar. It is possible you can add some unique items in the game. For that, I think you're just pulling an endpoint. You are also any 3D objects. Those objects according non-fungible, unique that you can say in NMT marketplaces like open scene, variable and several others in order to raise money for just selling the item. And people, as I said, that tend to doubt are people that are interested in the game. So they're happy to buy it from you. We just want to acquire the item already waiting for you in NMT marketplaces to acquire it from you at any price that you want. Also people n from this game by spending a long time playing a game, the more time you're spending, that can be a reward. If you spend two hours on the game and to Darla, you and 10-dollar dependent on the kind of game that you play in the different ways that people are entering through these games. What the most popular way that people n through gaming is true, actually infinity. And the story I read to you at the beginning, they involve Filipinos and making a living just from playing game. Actually made a huge news. ******, wouldn't be aware that you can earn money by just playing games. As infinity is one of the most popular game that exists out there. Dialogue. Any money by just playing him. Discuss about the sandbox, the central line, and actually infinity. In each of these games, you can participate in the game, create your own game, or create assets in the game, and make money from them by selling them on the marketplace. The old concept is called gamify, is a fusion of gib and finance. So why are you plug-in your end month? 9. Decentraland: The Golden Land: Let's look at some of the exciting crypto projects in the metabias. The first one we have is the central land. The central land. It means decentralized land, land on blockchain. So the way we have land and the physical world to be, indeed to drive a car to whose shows a perform event. Land as we know it, in the central land, is similar, just that it's a better land. That's been posted on the blockchain. I tell you that a blockchain is a chain of blocks. That information or data can only be stored. You cannot edit it, delete it, or erase it. Once you register information on the blockchain, those information will remain there for a band EVA. For the blockchain can only add information. You cannot delete it, you cannot remove from it. You keep adding, keep adding, keep adding. It's mostly used to record transactions. Your bank statement that the u dot ASM wanted to be beside monitor to see how your bank statement and symptom works for the blockchain is mostly used to record the transaction. So if you buy a better land, you got to record it on the blockchain. Nobody was TO land from you. The blockchain gives you that proof of ownership. Dab, federal land. You have seen land here, virtual land. Revive, a button that you can record on the blockchain. But when we talk about the central line is the federal land that is buttes on the blockchain, that is hosted on the blockchain. So think of the central land as a virtual land, which means that Teams you can do in our physical land. You can also do them in the bedroom lamp. If you come do their house on a land, the computer house and the central land. If you can host a show or dance or what a walk, go to office or speak. We are grandma. In a physical land, you can do dissension in the central, and it's an online environment where you'd have come balance between beauty and walk around and meet people as avatars. I told you that you and I will be there. But either of us have been there as human beings, would be represented as above us 3D orbitals. It gives you freedom. We human being our cost, human being in this space and the metabolic because abattoirs of players would take it to be a game too. If Dow, where we don't have standards in the sentence, imagine a game without play us. Appetites are the players and each orbital can only land something to walk for decentralized too. About Us, we add the Arbutus can own land in the central and there's freedom. You can feel your space with anything you like. You can fill it with any kind of give you like once you buy that plot of land, is you're online and what you can do any physical land, you can also do the same thing. The central land. You can see you a land with close, with artwork, with games, with several activities, post event, byte beyond the invite, Hannah, family or land, walk on land. You can't even tax people for working tree or land, can block your land. You can fence your land. What you can do with the physical land, you can do the same chain in a federal land called the central land. And I told you that it has been hosted on a blockchain and the blockchain has be used. It's a theorem, blockchain theorem, which are the second most valuable crypto, is used to host this line called the central line. The problem with autonomy that you have high gas phase. Separate projects are going on on Ethereum blockchain. They love project going on. Open, variegated color that the prices are increasing. The gas B, which is the fee you pay to transact on Ethereum blockchain is increasing day by day. As the result of that, the creators of decentralized, they want to move to a theorem side chain, which is polygon. The polygon blockchain. They're not people. Then you below our feet, you can interrupt people. Easier just for comprehensiveness. I promise you that in this class I will tell you everything you need to know about the metabolites. So I'll say about the creators of the central and it was created by extra bond and airy mileage, and it was created in 2710. Job is a virtual LAN Wakanda, any physical and you can also do it in a virtual lunch. We're having lamp CIA. Like your F1. These are lamps, these are virtual and so that's where the satellite is. There a better lens. You can buy a plot of land for farming, for hosting, ensure, what do I want to do with the lunch? You can buy Atlanta in the central plant in the US. We use dollar to interrupt as a medium of exchange as our money in dissenter land, our money in dissenter land is got manner is the MSI demand that we use to transfer, to eat out by clues, rather buy the land safe. I will need some manner to buy the land. If I want to do anything by a cup from Avatar, by ship, from habitus, or attend a program in dissenter land. And I will have to pay for each or support a creator. I would need decentralized money. And that money is what we call manner. You say token. A token means that Israel intent on a blockchain, I took that digital is resident on the polygon blockchain. Now, that one that you need to interact is called the central land. Once they have this cryptocurrency called manna, which is not only used to buy items, can also use it to boot an exciting project. And the central line, they're like to create a rebar or not. You can use that manner to boot one man, I represent one boot. You can say, Okay, I have five manner. So I have to say that if you pass through anybody's land, you have to pay the person. So it's useful, governor's proposed to as much as we have the cryptocurrency got manner, which is used for translation. We call have non-fungible token called land, is land, of course, sue, each lab is represented as unique land, as non-fungible, as distant land. Of course, Elana, California is different from Ireland. In New York, we have different pieces of land. You repeat that one land. As an NFT token, someone S will not claim your land. Desert island, you just fill with lands. I've showed you the centerline. So let's see this diagram again. These also alarmed, you see is a virtual land symptom works for decentralized. If you have the plot of land, a plot of land is measured sustained by sustained meters. That's a plot of land. And these are Thailand panda, over 900,000 or one individual pulses are plots of land. The open 90,601 plots of land to a number of land is limited. Not in finance, is limited. If you have a plot of land, when it comes to voting, one plot of land is equals to 2 thousand votes. If you have one plot of land, one plot of lambda represents 2 thousand volt when it comes to voting. And that plays Boko. Tao governance. Dao simply means decentralized, autonomous, an organization. It is hinterland. There's no president, there's no government. There is no God. The top in the US, the president is Joe Biden. Speech on the central land. There is no president. If there is no president heart, does he walk through state? What happens, how artists implemented? Get the ration of heart tissue. That's why they use Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Anybody can suggest an idea of how a washer happen and governing the land. So if there's an idea now, we have to vote. If they want to go for the idea or not. Do we vote for the president of the country? If you're not voting for the predator, the contrary, we are voting for an idea. If you support the idea or in vitro against the idea of the players on the land. It was created by some people, but now they have sorted out the people who are the players, the Alberta epithelia, but you can buy it if you have these labs are very expensive, really expensive lamps. If you have the money to buy it, you can go and buy land. If you buy it, you can vote for an idea. Decentralized by having the monotonic when you have one boot or if you have your land NMT, you have 2 thousand foot. The community of players controlled the land which are assessed and development of decentralized to the players. Decide what happens on the land. The creators, I've made it an absolute it out to the players. The players are now in charge. There are several players all over the world. Anybody can buy land on the central lamp if you have the money. So how do we go van de space? They use a decentralized autonomous organization. It means that you can vote if you have cryptocurrency manner. If you have the cryptocurrency, which is called Man, I miss, you can boot. And also if you have land, it means, of course we allow load. You can vote for your project, for your project or start of a project to stop or not the most out of town. If you have groups of land, we call it an exit. It's a group of land, an industry is a group of SDG with the same theme. So states that have disability, we call them district. And the district is type Bob punk theme interior. It has about 8 thousand lunch. You can store your man now you're learned in mathematics and different wallet. So what is the purpose of this land? Just like I wanted the land, we have the physical world. People can host events. People can Whose shoes? Typical social lines, book complete octet, build casinos. People can be different sense. On this land, it gives a creative outlet to create those three-way create them. You can buy a lamp and stab, you did things that people will find interesting. I'm paying you to do those tests. You can use it to socialize point entailment. Zetia doesn't, I'm not on land. You can also lose your land rent to Atlanta and people pay you for your land. It can be used for our participant. And also you can create a say, an API tokens. You can create a shoe, a better shoe, that when people buy the shoe, they pay you multiple by the land. As speculative investments see the pride of the land. Most specific, better plot of land, of assets for now on break 1000 on design challenge. So you see this news or Calabi-Yau pinouts. The data is authentic. New lands are expensive. They can be expensive. You see, $900 thousand for just a plot or just a piece of land. Let me show you the land that people are buying. Several news that you can check out. So here we are on their website, dissenter, land of Dog. Let's get started. You see a game on this game called the central land. You come by land. You can create tokens, you can create objects. These objects are called tokens. They can use to play the game. Like go to the marketplace. And I see the land. You see what group are created on the land, food, each of these things are suit on the land. You to concrete enough distance. You can see these are parcels and estates. So you see the parceling their own part of the land. So you combine these, the whole land is central and see it the better we're talking about it. You can see who bought what. You see, people are buying better lamps. These are the Lambda buying you to come buy a plot of land. You see this one. See defend lamps. You can find the location of the land. Seed, not a big deal. You can find out who bought what, who is buying, what is a parcel? The owner is represented with 0 x y1, CS1. These asso a parcel. Each plot of land is sustained by sustained. This is what we're talking about when we're talking about the central line. This is the line what they're going to bug. You can create your own decorative shed for the Arbutus credential decimal. You can create your own decentralize and expensive. Like ten. Ectetera Mantel's theorem converted like $50 thousand for this CAPM. You are seeing here, this one read from nine, brought up by simple just click on by, then you buy it. Yeah, that's the central land. Exciting. Most people are buying land, buying it as speculative investments that are buying it, hoping that the price will rise in the future and they will sell it. Some apocalyptic game, some of the quality land, whatever I choose, the quality is called the central line is a virtual land of people play games on. You can play the back-end of gain on it. 10. The Sandbox: Create Your World!: It took on what we have is the sandbox. And the sandbox is similar to the central antivirus, similar, decentralized. And I'll take you through it for you to see the similarity. They just might not difference and I will make it obvious in this class. It was launched in 2012 by big source. If either as a mobile given platform, it just a mobile game and play on your phone from mobile gaming, PCs and laptops, so you can play it on laptop. Then in 2018, creators at the Madrid and Sebastian Bogan's decided to do something fantastic with the game. I've just been guilty can play on your mobile phone. They choose to lift the game on the blockchain. To expand the game on a blockchain on your phone each other, given that, given that nothing special. But when you lift it on the blockchain, is that I will do some interesting things about it. What debtors to lift it on the blockchain. And given a crappy, normally people are happy with it. But they're like No, we can expand it. The user to own their creation as NSG and reward swipe playing game. So we don't just, just playing game as I'm playing a game. Thought, I packed in mindset, the create, those are the signposts are like yes, you entertain yourself, but you also end morning while you play game. So they wanted people to n, why they played game is called play an N or N. As you play, as you play the game, you'd be animals. And I will show you how you can end money while you play the game. That makes me to say that the game is extremely popular in the given industrial. So if I took games, you must have had a buddy sandbox. You are seeing it looks like the sand boss and I told you is similar to the central and in the sense that you only land on your land, you can create your own game and play. Or in Baraboo to play, again, you only land, you can host parties or your land. You only land. You can do whatever I want to do on the land. You see, these are parcels of land. You can buy enough these parcels of land. What makes the sound bus extremely good is that they give you some software I can use to build your own NFT, NMT. I think we missed non-fungible tokens. Miss items, you use them playing games like cap, shared book to create objects used for playing game. They're called LFG, non-fungible tokens because each of them is unique. It was made by a unique person and they're not exchangeable with each other. It's simply to end game, which means as you play, you n, Let us look at the sandbox before we go into creating something. The sandbox. We are in the sandbox. Sandbox. Let the marketplace or the sandbox. These are NFT for seven, which means at them that people have created, you come by. It will slip dog actually has a plot of land on the sandbox. You've seen it still doc has its own NFT collisions. Lunch. There can be ec2 just like what we saw in the central and you see it. So here we are seeing the sandbox city sandbars here. The map of December seat. Because he put on what? The samples on this one, standard brush on this one, banana on this one they can see ribose so they are better lens does been hosted on the blockchain. So you can see who only what different companies now are buying lunch here. You can see who own words. If I zoom in, I suppose say, Do you want to buy? Click the bank. So you can see different trends on the land. Each of these Pi's is a plot of land that you come by and display. And showcase. This is sandbox. You can see this one was bought by buying us walk back by Saturday, China Morning Post. Bind, defend, sourced. And if I kind of learned, speculative investment, people are buying land and you can see, can show whatever you want to show your land. You can display some exciting trends on your land. And those data you are showing our code, NFC. You can show some intervention overland sites and boom, I need to pay you to acquire data in from a business. You see someone spent 450 thousand. The last farmland next to snoop Dogg NFT has to tell you that it's a booming market, speculative investment, which means that you can make money and you can lose money. So on, until you have a lamp sock and pay you lower your land, buying land to hepatitis services. So you see that when I showed you, I didn't know that existed before that sat see, I didn't know anything about such China Morning Post. But by buying the land and show themselves. Now I know about the South China Morning Post, not in the central line. You see that the Latin If you see people are sharing creations, his one shade, NMT creation on our own land. And if you liked this creation, you can buy it from her or even buy the land from her job like physical advertisement to you. You can rent it, you can lease it. You can host events. You can put add back on our land is your land. You can't do whatever you wanted to do with it. So what is the purpose or the sandbox? The main goal of the sandbox is to help players acquire land and make money through down land. If you only learned, you can create a game on your land or not. We'll play the game. They pay you to play your game. Also, descent both is organized such a way that by playing the game, you can end while you play games. Apps, you to create your project and make money from a project. You can create cup. You can create some parts of a game. You can create clues. And by creating a business like I've just got bought. By starting a business, you make money sent to happen for the sandbox, Java is a vector space. Also, you can explore your creativity. What do you like? What can you create? Concrete examples? And let's see what you can do. Also, the creative design boss wanted the play us to contribute to the game. They want to play us to have an impact on the game to make it more robust. So that you can buy a plot of land and add to the games that we already have. Sandbox one is only the game by say, game that you can create more games in. And you can create a button does create different games that credit cap, grade shed. Different teams can be created on the sandbox. And how do you create a game or create an NFT? You use boxes. Book says asked where 3D. It begs us. That looked like Lego blocks. You are seeing it. Each part of this, It's a boxer. Let's see this diagram. I'm showing you boxes like a squared drug that is in 3D. Remember in primary school be to draw a square like this. Let me see if I can remember. With Android, it's the vector actually begs him. That's the book says. So these boxes are now that you add to get, are you manipulate to create an avatar? You manipulate it to create an NMT objects. The Sandburg has box edit. Box added is a software that you can use to create, read, and animate your voxel-based in. So in summary, you use the box edit to edit boxes and create whatever you want to create. You can create clothing we pose, getting to boost to be used in a sandbox. And also what you create. You can monetize it. You can say your creation. So you can create like a weapon for fighting war, for dance and wherever. Then you can sell it on the sandbox NFT marketplace for tangible money. So if you're the critic game, you use a software called the Gim Mecca. The sandbox also give you access to the software code the game-makers mostly used to build and test. Three begins, you have the land and on your land now you can create games that we play. I'm paying you to blink. Those games can also lose your land, rent or land, boost the better aligned and do several tens or your land, just like white we have done in the physical world and the sandbox, we don't use dollars in the US, we use the last thing, UK we span in the sandbox. The money that we use is called sand. Sand Eosin. His son does the cryptocurrency of the sandbox. That's the morning of the sandbox. For the central land, the money is caught manner. For the sandbox, the money or rather the crypto is called Sandy. So that's native token of the sandbox switch myths. If you want to buy land, you use sand to buy it. If you want to buy an object, if someone's sat monitor, you have to send it assigned that native token. It means the Laker tender. The sandbox. Of course, we are in total supply of 3 billion font. It is used as the basis of all transactions and interactions. And again, also, just like in the central line, you can easily put booting. One Sam is equals to one volt. You can use it for booting the capitally by our descriptive currency from bananas, from coinbase or from ITO rule or any of these exchanges to come by. Or the currency like sandbars, sand decentralized manner. You can buy them on S changes, that you use the money to buy an NFT land. You can also end this monocot stand by sticking the one you have by playing games. If you play a game and you win, of course, you'd be rewarded for winning the game. And you've been awarded with sand, which is the native token. The sandbox also have what we call assets. Assets adjust user-generated and empties. You see like the spec I Glass who's got an asset. So till that you create are called assets. We have land, which I didn't know. Land means better land. Data. You are creating a core assets. Assets. So interactional you are creating does not land is called an asset, decorated as both assets and you use books editor to create them. I've showed you an example. You come by and set them on the sandbox marketplace, which I've already illustrated. Assets include beauty, includes report cards and different other items that people are buying and selling. Before concluding on the sandbox, let's talk about land. The land is similar to what you have in the central and benefits even at the land. The sandbox. You've seen how land look like. Each land is unique is an NMT, which means it's non-fungible, is unique, which means it's registered. The address is registered on the blockchain. Nobody can come and claim your land. But you can say on land, the current your land. And we have been total one C6 POSIX, four lamps, one as a system of 464 lungs. The lungs are limited while Russian to buy it as early as possible. And has been to you that an SDT is a group of land where you combine multiple lamps, we call it SDG. I went to combine multiple states, have the same theme. We call it the district. Just like physical land. You can build games on your land with the game MCAT to compute games, you can beat casino, you can Butte shopping, Santa's. What do you want to do your land? Just tell me if you have been learned in the sandbox, what will you do with it? This really interested me in the discussion tab of this class. What you would like to do your lunch. If you own the land in the sandbox, you can touch other players for pattern tree or land, for visiting your land, you can try them just like our physical land. The candidates and ten for the sand Basland, you can rent and leaves the NM passive income. Your land. There are limitless possibilities. You can do several tens and on land, what can be done? The physical land can be done on the practice is very similar to the central land. Both of them are against God against, because most people, I use them utterly. They're playing games. They just buy the land and the beauty game and playing demo niche. 11. Axie Infinity: The Popular Game: Let's talk about actually infinity. Actually. Actually it's a non-fungible tokens you can control, you can own. So when we say axis, you're seeing a little creatures, you are seeing axis. The game just involve them battling most paths are battling themselves. Fighting game. So this axis butter themselves or their battle monsters. When you, when you get the reward, they are what you get is God's love portion. Gottesman love portion. As LP. You this would love passion. To breed more access than my different classes of axis. We have aquatic, we are bed bug beast, plants, reptiles. Once in bold, does not belong to a specific group. That's why they boot, did not belong to a specific group. But each actually have the combination of attributes. They have different laws, different stats, different body parts seen it, each of them different color, different strength depends energy. So the goal here is to get an accident that is a unique, you want the one that's like a very unique David extent quality. The more unique it is. More pie to have, more expensive to be. To play this game, you need at least three axis to play. So you need to buy three axis way to play this game, a commitment to see that they are equally similar to the central land and the sandbox in the sense that they have a better lunch that you can buy. You see we are here at Access to infinity. It is tradition. Become Pareto. Collect an n, x Infinity, Infinity, begin. Ventral. And then about two bridging Cindy game. Are you ready for the game? So you can see there's learning, becoming loved Byron, not your own kingdom. Use land to farm real associates, tokens and attack. Dan jumps so you can buy land is similar to what we have in the sandbox. The central line to come by land. Your senior here. At the byline, click on landmark. In order to learn on how to buy the land and start by London, see communism not yet fully resistant. Luckily the marketplace and see was there in the marketplace for us. We are seeing land. So you can buy land. Land. I already selling them at ridiculous prices. You see, it didn't sell them for ten thousand, ten thousand, ten thousand, ten thousand. About $10 thousand for a plot of land. Actually infinity. So dat partners, again, your own free time. You can check it out and is extremely popular. It has about 1 billion users all over the world. But at 1 billion people are playing the game for you to know that it is very, very popular. And people are paying ridiculous amount of money. To particular begin, once you play the game, you can end. What does a minimal papilla? And this is what makes cryptocurrency higher than all kinds of what I give out. I'll give you just play for relaxation. But when it comes to crypto games, you play when you, when you end tokens that took home, you can exchange it for dollars of op-amps. In summary, actually, infinity is a blockchain based game where players can collect and beauty editor kingdom for their pets. And their pets is what we call ICS, is resident on the blockchain. The blockchain is a theorem, or do they are planning to move to a theorem side chain which is called Ronnie. They're planning to move to Rooney, which is the searching of Ethereum, autonomy demand, blockchain. So by deciding, you can have other side chain and then applies by the side of each. Accessibility is planning to use Rooney searching. The reason is simple. They want instant transaction, higher speed and lower cost, which Ethereum is currently not offering. You can see all the stray Crypto project or using a theorem at peril. Not only this project that's about project I use Ethereum Blockchain. So because of that, it makes the blockchain two-line pattern to use side-chain of internal for instant translation speed and lower cost. It was started by sky map is actually a passion project that grew to wonder. Now, just like what we've been discussing before, in America, US dollar in axial infinity, the cryptocurrency, the money that they use photography is called Shot. If the currency is an ERC-20 token, PROC means a theorem requests for comment. It simply means is a fungible token. That's like I use it as a medium of exchange. When we say NFC, NFC needs to non-fungible, Landsat, non-fungible. Both the native token of a blockchain should be fungible that are public and you did an exchange to buy us. And also just like what we've been talking about before in the central land and in the sandbox. You can use it to vote. One shot is equals to one volt. To boot up projects also, you can stick a coin, you can just do purchase to trade, to buy tens, to play games. It's your money. I needed to do whatever you like. Also, at the end of a given period, they give you some shots as a reward if you mean if you bleed given you when you get smaller portion by the end of the entire game at the end of a hose, Susan, you get free axial infinity shots for participating unwilling to games. You can also buy accept made the shot on by an ACE crime based on other cryptocurrency as a speculation, combine them prospectively and hoping that the price, whereas the future, you don't just have to really invest in Apple, Facebook, amazon can also invest in the sand Boston axial infinity shot, decentralized manner as Crypto investment. As Crypto investment, just buy and hold. The MATLAB ask is becoming more among popular. If you by now, hopefully the private, whereas the future and you say for profit, Would that have been participating in the game just by the native crypto. You, who did you see any future chalk work wherever costs, smooth lock portion. Smooth lock portion is the reward you get when you win a game. A fungible token that you can buy from client-based or finance. You can end it. What would I play this? C infinity, Use axis to enter award. If you play the game, you get modern is complete to n. If you win, you get a monocot. Nobody pays the loser. If you complete some tasks, you end money. Form of smooth love portion would love passion. It can exchange it on finance for Bitcoin, for dollar or whatever you want to change the form. You can use the Smooth love passion to breed at six axis. If we can use this smooth lab portion to breed two axis to create a third one. It's not about fighting. It also breed. You bring one AXI, I believe, and you bring them together. I still would love budget to them and adapting to create that axis with unique features and properties, the goal is to breed the one that will be unique, there'll be rare and special also, smooth lock portion is it took Mr. country buying and selling of goods and services by LFTs, better lamp anoxia infinity and u n one month. Isn't that interesting? 12. Initial Game Offering (IGO): Also have IgE, which is initial game offer, an initial offering you similar to IQ and ICU. We simply means that you can participate in project relating to the given industrial method for blockchain gaming project to raise capital. If a blockchain project wanted to mute again, you can participate in it. It's very risky, outdated to release the club meet, except you are comfortable to leave your money. Also, it can be highly rewarded because they give you tokens asset, so you get some benefit. Data may not get both very least, because if they did not succeed, you will lose your money. If you participate in Agile, you get the grassy tokens, aliases to the indium assets, like mystery bosses, character's skin, accessories, reports and other items. Of course, each of them is NMT, which means they are non-fungible, unique, and lifted on the blockchain. 13. NFT Lands: Just to complete this class, are we point now to summarize everything we're talking about Friday's class by talking about the metabias. The metabias is inveterate 3D online space. From there we talk about crypto projects, governance, vocal, NMT lamps. These are natural lamps that you combine both the game advertised, walk, past experiences, a content, and gain some benefit by adding some Petra and empty land. The land has to be NFT. So nobody else would claim your land. They have to be distant, unique land that meet that easily place, unique place on the map where NMT is unique. There's nowhere else in the water half is uncoordinated are displaced. That antigen only displays have this coordinate in the entire world. That's what we mean by NFT non-fungible. We'll talk about better land becoming big businesses will discuss about Adidas, be companies like buying US, added us are buying that challenge in an ad to be part of this movement, we are saying that some of these labs I even more expensive, It's upper lumps. And all of them are part of what we call the metabolic. Because on this land, that's alarms. You can play, give thee in the land, you can hold shift in the land. You can't dance on the land. That the first taste of the metabolic, the metadata is brought in it written. So these are some of the experiences into the metabias. I told you that most likely it will start. We get all these lands we are talking about NFP lamps, adjust it, taste of the metadata Tylenol that just like walk physical land in the metabias. Now, we already have bachelor lamps called an empty land. And each of these popular games that resident on the blockchain have their own land. Once have been land, which means what atoms can be, you can be their house, who can buy a car? We can dance, do supply chain. Don't fight is not good. We can explore life. Land is making so much news and moist. Because just like our university, you need a lot of stand-alone unit gland to go to school. That's why I was talking about lamps telling you about land. Land, land is like the best taste into this vector warning was the matter of bars is much more than land. Let's get some criticism about NMT. What are the two that buckles and about when it comes to NFT lands. So the metabolic is privacy. These companies like these, a book APOE, Amazon will have your data, hope they will not sell our data like what Facebook did. Also, people can be detailed to these games. It can be an addition. Will now be assured me that 247, It can be an additional. It'd be wherever we are, 247. So a lot of people are not happy with that. Now, there's depression western countries because everybody's on their phone. Nobody would talk to their neighbor. Everybody would just be metabias. Would I say that we can be friends in the metabias, but we cannot be friends in the political world. Can you imagine that also laws, rules and regulations are not adequate yet? No. Laws are always lagging behind technology. Now technology is moving at a better fast speed and rules and regulations behind, which is also another concern. But to end this class, I want to stay you. Thank you. Thank you for taking this class. I deeply appreciate. I highly and so much appreciate it. I would encourage you deeply from a hat. Please. Read this class five, Stan is a great class, is a good class. I brought a button to you for you to understand how the metabolism actually walk. So please appreciate it by giving me a five-star rating and review so that it will attract more students to come and learn about the metabias and also follow me on this platform. And also I posted better where on YouTube, please, if you are subscribed to my channel and finally, if you have any questions whatsoever on the metabolism, please send me a message and I will answer you as early as possible. Let's be friends, less land together. Thank you so much for taking this class and for learning with me about the metabolism is not exciting. Welcome to the virtual 3D space called MATLAB.