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Master the TOEFL exam: Speaking Practice Tips

Jose Castillo, Advanced English Education

Master the TOEFL exam: Speaking Practice Tips

Jose Castillo, Advanced English Education

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5 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction to Speaking for the TOEFL exam

    • 2. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 1

    • 3. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 2

    • 4. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 3

    • 5. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 4

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About This Class

If you've decided to apply to an American University, you first need to master the TOEFL. Better scores on the TOEFL exam mean more opportunities to study in America as an international student, including possibilities for scholarships or financial stipends. You'll want to do as well as you can on this test— and we're here to help!

In this course, Jose gives his best tips for being prepared and feeling confident in the speaking portion of the exam. In the 4 part series, we'll talk about:

  • How mindset is something that can set you on the path to success, and not something to be overlooked,
  • Being prepared with practical tools that can give you an edge if you understand how to use them,
  • What to do to combat nervous feelings when speaking for the best grade,
  • How to give the best answers and get the best test results

You'll have practical tips as well as practical tools to use immediately to see improvement in your speaking!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jose Castillo

Advanced English Education


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1. Introduction to Speaking for the TOEFL exam: Hi, guys. How are you? This so they from advancing with education. All right, I know where you are. If you're going to do the Tofel test, especially a speaking part. I know where you're coming from. I've been a student like you, and I want to share my experience so that you know, that I'm not just any other teacher out there that doesn't know what it's like to sit in that spot where you're gonna be sitting and taking that test. I know where you are, and I know how it feels. And I want to give you some tips. So a little bit more about my background is that I've been a teacher in Japan for seven years. I've done conversation, als speaking with a range of students. And I've taken these three steps three tips that that I can pass on to you that I will assure you that you will succeed if you follow these three steps. So in this video, in this course that I'm teaching about the speaking part, the first section I'm gonna talk to you about is the mindset, the mindset of having a prepared mind, a mind that is very positive that does not embrace every thought that comes. Every question, every doubt you want to get rid of all that. You want to clear your mind from all that you want to take on the winner minds and which is you're going to when you're going to succeed. And that always starts here. The battle of the mind. It always starts in your mind. So that's just the first part. And the second part that I'm gonna talk to you about, it's just basically a few tips, you know, when you want to answer a clear, um, total question, you want to be calm, right? So I'm gonna give you some tips on how to be calm. So you get the best answer out there. And the third part, um, I'm gonna also talk to you about writing down the answers on note. So you always have to have paper this ready, so you always take notes. But I'm going to implement all those areas that I've been teaching. You were actually gonna do an exercise. We're gonna do one or three exercises so that you get an idea how to do it better, and yeah, you're not gonna be alone. I'm gonna walk you through all the steps. And if you have questions, you can always go back. And you can always listen to this video. And you can get a better idea of how to implement these tips better. So I hope this video helps. And I hope you enjoy about my course and come back. Come back with more questions, come back with it's an import if you have something. All right. Thanks for joining me for these few minutes. And I know. Do you enjoy his course? Thanks. 2. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 1: Yes. Welcome back. So good to see you. It's Jose from the band's education. And today I will present to you a short lesson which will be on the speaking part of the total. Get ready. It's gonna start at 3 to 1. Well, um, So what you need to learn is not complicated. It's not single eager, but it does have to do what goes on in here. What? You're talking yourself about what you're leading into your heart meeting If you let thoughts in your heart, your mind? No, I don't know about this. Awful nervous. You feel inside you to let go back. Okay. If you say to yourself, I'm gonna do well, this total test, I'm gonna get them top score. Then you're gonna do that. You're gonna do well if you speak like that about yourself to yourself almost every day, for five minutes, every day. You need to be able to Lee spend 5 to 10 minutes every day meditating. Not anything like this, meditating on the thoughts that you allow into your head. So that do you structure the thoughts and fox? Because some special place in the world says what I think is what I'm going to be. You say I'm going to go to England and you think about it all the time and all you do think about it. You go to work, you make that money and you go buy the ticket. And seven, you're on a plane. You're going to win because you've been thinking about. So that's kind of my introduction. But I have other tips. I have tips that will help you. For example, this is simple tip. This is what a lot of teachers will have, right? No book needed notes on what you're going to say in a speaking part, because it's important. So if you see me smiling a lot, is that because you know, I'm a little bit moose here anytime It's because I want to engage with you know what? You feel comfortable with me. So I like to smile like to smile. So you need your notebook for today For this lesson. You need water like this. You don't have one. No, I'm not advertising for some appeal, but I do drink lots of water and I try to drink out of it. I will tell you why. I mean water and wind notebook already told you needed to prepare. But this one is going up the reason. So let me give you an example. Let's go. Let's get straight into it. Let's see. Let's start with question number one here. Excuse me. Thank you. Let's start with question number one. Okay, It says here who would you like to go on a trip abroad with? Describe this person and said What? Okay, that's very simple. What you do is you grab your notebook or a piece of paper, you start ready down some special words. Just the first words that come to your mind. Who is that for? First person first. Have to break down the question. Break it down. And if it says who you say, OK, hey, don't be embarrassed if the first person that you think of is your mom. If you're Latin American, Me way are probable or you're a mom, a ball a mama's boy or do you love your mom? Your mama's boy doesn't matter. Love your mom, and that's the first person they write your mom's name where you're right, Mom, break it out And then it says, Describe this person. Okay? So you think? Right? Number one you're going to describe Number one, you're gonna write down. What? How to describe why she would be a person. So you write down like the 1st 1 She's really good at food. She's really good at cooking to write down cooking. Okay, cooking The second thing is you saying OK, number two Was she good at? She's really good at planning. She knows where to go from a to B to C and she knows how to get there on time. Which knows which train everything OK, Excellent. When ever you your book, What does it say? It said it's the end, right? But you're not gonna save yet. Yeah, you're gonna say work finally, because that's the phenomenal right performance. It's like a performance if you thought that you were never enacted. Kiss What's wrong? You will be an actor by the time I finished with you. That's right. You're gonna be inactive because the speaking part is about acting confident. Nailing it with structure is if you're gonna bring out personality beat. Funny about it. You have to have structure. Otherwise, people are going to say Well, this person first was talking about this and then finally talking about this and I don't know work. It was going. So you have to have the 1st 2nd and third examples, right? That's where that's what We're total teachers to teach you all the time. Guess what? If they teach you over time, it must be right. If more than two people say, Hey, you need to have structure in your life or you need to have structure when you speak their total When you're talking about total speaking part kidding. I mean, I know you want to do things your way right now, structure is important. 1st 2nd 3rd or 1st 2nd and finally, the last part. Okay, so for this lesson, I know that it's 15 seconds to prepare, and then it's 15 and 45 seconds to to answer. So we're gonna do 45 seconds. Look here. I have my handy dandy timer. Yeah, it's a more roa. Oh, advertisement. Right there. We advertisement for what? A roller. 45 seconds. I'm gonna press this button. When I pressed that one, I'm gonna start. Okay. That means I'm going to start with, uh, how I taught. You do really Oh, start. The person that I would go with abroad will be my mother. Why? Well, firstly, she is really good at cooking food. She's an excellent cook. She would cook me my favorite meal, which is a to three second. She is a great plan. She knows where to go from place to place to place a being seen. She knows how to get there on top is a great planner. And finally, she is really good at tucking me in at nights you can tuck me in, give me a little kiss on the cheek. I feel that I'm at peace and that's why she's the best person to go abroad with Okay, Done times, of course. Trying to avoid saying Okay, Okay. But you do get the point is that you have the structure of first example second And then there things like that. So, guys, when you feel nervous and when you don't have water one of the end, for example, when you don't want to say okay when I finish, take a little sit like this, take a little sick when you take sit first of all over your doing this right. Then you're taking it those three seconds. Then you think that you wasted Oh, taking a sip? Water. You haven't wasted anything. You you paused, and you've taken a little sip of water so that there was four seconds that you don't need to use because you just need a pause towards the end. So that's it. Take that. A person that is going to teach you. Sorry, that is on the other side. Marking with test is not watching you taking sit. The person that is listening to your speaking part is actually just waiting and saying, Oh, that was again. Okay, well, that was good structure. He didn't say, um, and the end or got nervous? No, you took that sit. And that makes it. It helps. It would sound more professional because you're taking that sit. That's pause that you need. Okay, so that's why you need water. You don't have water. Psychological studies or studies that I've read say that when you choose something in Brinks, it makes this happiness like this happiness be released from your body. These hormones are being released. People say that when people eat something when you're eating food, you feel happy. Don't you you gone also, Pizza Hut or your mom's favorite dish, you feel happened. That's why people, when they go on dates, they say that go on a date, go out, eat, because that's the best way that the other person psychologically feels happy with you. Because first of all, she's eating something. When you feel happy when you eat something, you feel happy with the foremost, you know, like Oh, I feel happy. I feel comfortable, but it's because you're chewing and chewing helps you relax. So that's why when people sometimes go on a date, they chew gum and very and they are like if you re last. 3. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 2: so you're chewing, and that's like, Wow, that's waxing. I'm on this date training on gun, but I'm not cheating because, you know, I need something to chew on. It's just because people feel nervous. They chew. I never feel Oh, happy if you relax, that's why you choose. I know that in the total tests, you're not supposed to be chewing something because when you're talking, speaking and then what you know just wanted, relax. So if you're not allowed to chew, go, which probably you're probably not, that you need to let take something like, Can they suck on or something that you say, Oh, it's for my throat, my throat, they think. OK, sure, that's allow that's allowed if it's something that has something like that. So that's the tip is that you want to feel relaxed. So when you have a pause instead of drinking water, if you're not allowed to drink a bottle, you know you're not allowed to take a bottling to your test. You want to be sucking on something, okay, so you can make that pause and you can last as well. So, guys, the second part, Uh, the second question is a question that I always have seen. I've been a student just like you. Okay? I've been a student, have been a teacher. I've done the aisles. I passed the Ayotte's I've got a nine on my ill. It was a long time ago. It's been such a long time ago. But I've done this speaking a lot. And in the islands they have this question which I'm going to read to you, which is also part of Tofel. It says here who Sorry who? It's not it. Okay, here. Name and famous or influential figure that has inspired you describe this person, right? So this I just remember that this question in the aisles and now total are very similar. They sound very similar. If you've done the aisles, I've I've practice with this question and for some people, it's like, Well, you know, I'm come from a culture that I don't really like to talk about my family and I don't know what to think. I have to make something up. Do I have to make something that Okay? Yes, it is. OK, that's the farm park. You can be a liar for one day and no one will say anything about it. No one's gonna punish you. Charge and say hi to my or wherever you go you know will make you feel guilty If you need to say, make up something. That's why people have imagination. That's why you can exaggerate. That's where you can be fun. This test is because as long as you have structure and you're not swear and you're not making fun of a teacher or whatever, you can have structure and music samples and have that structure to finish up. And that's it. You know you don't meet Teoh fuel nervous. Okay, you could just be yourself and be that. So if that question if you want to answer that question at Jose Alexis Castillo at gmail dot com, you can answer this question, which works which number nine is? Name a famous or influential figure that has inspired described this person tell me reasons why, so that's a kind of a personal question. But I know that is kind of also sentimental because my aging classmates would answer, Oh, it's my mom, my grandfather or my father. That, to me, was like, Oh, that's really like, personal. I don't want to talk about my grandparents, you know, because I have other people that I've read about that have been influential. Example. Historical figures, for example. I don't know. Just giving you an example. Let's say Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton or saying if you like wars No, this is a crazy answer. Stalin, I don't know. Just because of different reasons, no can be part of your personality. Because if you're gonna make up some one, if you're gonna use someone that you really don't feel like it's someone influential, you're gonna have trouble describing that person. You're gonna have trouble using him as an example. But if you honestly believe that, someone that did something bad history and you say why, For example, he was very organized or he was very determined and you give examples that's gonna be so Anyway, that's just gonna be something that you can answer by yourself. And then the next question that I'm gonna use is right here, which is the 10 $10,000 question. The $10,000 question is a very common question. Tonight I have $10,000. Everything is covered all my food and expenses and my rent is covered. What do I do with $10,000? Well, guys, I wanted to share something a little bit personal with you. I'm married, so I want to impress my wife. The first thing that she wants me to do it, it's like learn how to be a better cook. So I want to say the first thing that I want to do with $10,000 for that month is learn how to cook at the Cordon Bleu, the court because, no, I'm saying that wrong. But since it again, Cordon Bleu is where I can learn how to cook like a French chef and do this and cut properly with a knife and everything like that, and that's where my wet wants me to go. And when I make that delicious meal one day, she's gonna be impressed. She'll never know where I went or who I learned it from, but she's gonna be impressed. That's what I will do. The first thing The second thing is home man who doesn't like the case right? Sometimes I have bad problems, and no, I say I'm not gonna have any more backgrounds, but I like to go on vacations. And guess what? I don't really like the beach, but I like places like Snow. I want to go snowing. I want to be the cabin words nice and warm, and it's really but super cozy and gets a dream hot chocolate and roast marshmallows over fire inside and not be outside cold. And that's what I would love to do. That's the second thing. And then the third thing Finally, guys, is that I would like to. You know I like. I like clothes. You know, one thing that I really like is on my watch is and this is the Japanese watches. What's what's weren't Q and Q Q and Q Got this gift from my A mom. I like watching. So I would like to buy a really nice watch with those $10,000 because I like to spend a little bit on myself. You know, I'd like to get a nice hair card, like to get better glasses, do what I really want to say. If it's something personal, you could say that if something about yourself you know you like to buy a car, you can't do a lot with 2000 right a normal car will cost 10,000 Right? An expensive car never cost $10,000. But what cost? More like 31. 50? Yeah. You know, $10,000 only goes so far. So you gotta think that And and then that's it. You finish with one saying, I would like to buy nice clothes for myself. And nice watch the $300 watch. That's fine. You know, that's good. And that's it. So that's what I wanted to for Question number two. 4. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 3: so Hey. Okay. So you have much number two down. Okay? You have a question. We're gonna do it. 45 seconds. Answer this question. 45 seconds at 15. 15 seconds to prepare. Here I go. Ready? Okay. So don't forget the question. Totally question. Now, Okay. The question is, what would you do with $10,000? I would buy a round trip a ticket to Europe, and I will go everywhere in Europe because I've never been to Europe. For example, I will go to Paris and eat lots of delicious suit. The second thing that I would love to do is buy my wife a nice necklace with lots of diamonds because she likes diamond alive. Finally, I would love to buy myself a nice watch because I like watches. That's what I would do with $10,000 done. That's it. 45 seconds goes like that, but you can totally do it. Okay. All right. So this is this is a short lesson, but it's more than a lesson. It's something that you can take away. So this is this will be my final question. Question number trace for those people that don't know threats is three English Spanish. There is this question is to help. You know, other people in the special people is, you know who has bigger teachers so far in your life. Use reasons in details to support your answer. Okay, here is a question that I want you to answer with all of your because the favorite teacher at first that at first teacher that comes to mind when you write on your notebook right here when you take your sip of water before you answer the question. Sure. Being could be Nikki. Right down, Nikki. You know, I don't know. Are you call her Miss Nicki or Mrs Crawling. Just Nikki to be Michael. And you write down Michael, and you already know why I like you already know. I like Nicki. So you write down those parties you don't want to. And just simple qualities don't write examples because you just want to rent the first word that comes to my first quality, For example, let's say you like that. He's very patient. Okay, so I'm gonna do one. I'm gonna answer one, and then I'm gonna answer one for Michael, one for Nikki. All right, so you write down patients patients, then you right? Number two, you write down. Um, he's very personal. Personal number three. He's very persistent. He never gives up, right? You can also write down. He has lots of experience. So when you when you're going to answer, you have 45 seconds just like this. You're going to answer You say OK, I have these three words. I'm gonna have to think of some examples, but the example sometimes are not so easy. Sometimes there limpet hard. You're gonna have to face that challenge because you only have 15 seconds to prepare. But that's what I would do as a teacher. My best advice is think of three words three qualities in this case. Three qualities that you think that your favorite teacher has. So, for example, Michael, let's do my corns. Patience, persistence and personal right. So you say Go back to the question. This is the structure part. You have to go back to the question Who had? Who has been your favorite teacher so far? My favorite teacher sounds a little bit more water. My favorite teacher so far in my life has been Michael because, or Michael first of all because he's very patient. I usually have lots of questions and sometimes make a lot of men states, but it is very patient with me. He's always, you know, teaching me, repeating the same answer, helping me get the answer, guiding me through the difficult questions, giving me some examples. He's always patient because I make some mistakes or something like that. And secondly, he's He's very personal, you know. He has a group online where I can ask many questions, and I know that Michael is engaged with me. He's personal with me because he will answer my question. He never ignores my question. That's what I like about Michael Final is that I like that Michael is he never gives up. Okay, I had to come to Michael more than what's because I did this test thing and said, OK, let's do it again. You know you're gonna do it. You're gonna were gonna beat this thing together. He was always never gave up on. That's why I like. That's why I like Michael because he never gives up. That's why you could go back. That's why he's my favorite teacher so far in my life, and that's it. It's 45 seconds. Oh, now for Nikki. Nikki, that's preparing for 15 seconds. I'm gonna prepare. I'm gonna actually, you know, do it. Okay. 15 seconds. Have 15 seconds here. Impressed. Red button. Okay, write down words. I've been right down, huh? It beat me. Beat me. Guys really did. Minus two second. It's a right. It's all right, because I know I haven't known Nicky for, like a lifetime. But the first things that I think about Nicky is that she has this group on mine on Facebook, where she is engaging with people, you know, she engages with students. So I would say, engaging, I would say, Carrie and I would say, um I always have trouble with last one, but she is his passing. Yeah, she is passing a about helping, especially people from Ecuador, People from Ecuador. She has a passion for Ecuador. She has a passion for people. So those air three personal things that I know about Nikki that I would say so now let's do the 45 seconds Here we go. 45 seconds and you know, 45 seconds. Press the red button right here. Sure, Excuse me, Neurology. Okay, one second. Excuse me. Drives. So sorry. Here we go. 45 seconds. Here we go. 45 cents. My favorite person. My favorite teacher. That has influenced me so much in my life. It's Nick, first of all, because she is very, very care. She cares about whether Mr Lesson and she will say, Hey, come back, guys. If you missed the lesson, we're gonna do it again. She's really curious. She's also very engaging. If I have questions, arm the total, she will say, Hey, put your question down below and I won't answer it. And I know that I can type down my question and you'll answer my question. Thirdly, she has a passion for me because I'm from Ecuador is she has a passion to help people from Ecuador really personally like that. Because I'm from That's it. See those three seconds? Don't say anything. That's it. Because you just want to say those three things. Give your examples. That's it. So guys 5. Speaking for the TOEFL lesson 4: So, guys, I want to say that it's been a pleasure for me personally. I want to say that everyone has a purpose in life. All right, I know this sounds like Oh, he's gonna be philosophical. Now guess what the total has structure. Okay, if you have a purpose, you know where you're going. You were meant to study abroad. Look, I waas and learn these different languages. I never knew why I had to learn so many languages. I never knew why it was so hard and so difficult. I can share my own personal testimony. It was hard to learn another language. English, Japanese. It was hard but retrospect. Looking backwards. I know now I'm doing this because I'm helping people. But I never knew that I was supposed to help him. I never knew that I was meant to serve people and help in collaborate with other teachers to help more people in this world. But if you're meant to go overseas and your men to do the total, you're going to do total and you're going to succeed. I've had number of students that were nervous and the would say teacher, I only need 78. I have a friend now a former student who only had like, 78 or 80 to get into her into her junior college, where I forgot what waas. But she said, I don't need this much. Please help me And I said, OK, we're gonna do together working apartment together so that you can succeed and I'll be honest. It was a little bit part was a little bit harder. I said You have to You know, I spoke to her in a certain way, but it doesn't only take the teacher is a partnership between the teacher and the student. The student goes back, might have to buy another boat when I have to practice, a little bit more might have to. It might be tedious. It might be the same thing over practicing these questions again and again and again. But ultimately, guys, it's about confidence. If you have confidence to succeed, which with me and myself, everyone has their own. Sybil with me, I will build your confidence up so you will know that you can do it. But it also takes a little bit of effort, like like when you're doing exercise, you have to do the center. If I'm your coach and I say Okay, let's go. It's to 15 today. Go on, You don't do the sit up. Then how are you going? Todo flat body like mine. You know you're not. That was a joke right away. You know, a little bit. You have to do this it up. You have to make the effort. You have to wake up every morning, okay? You have to wake up every morning and do it with me. I'm gonna build that confidence of you succeed. So there you go. So that's why I speak. And I say you're meant to do this. You're meant to succeed. Don't give up. Go and wake up and go get your Tofel teacher and say I'm gonna be there today either 15 minutes early and say Okay. What do I mean to To practice my tip. Going to a bathroom? Speak to your pregnancy. I can do this. I will succeed. Well, then we actually engage in your class. Be appreciative of your teacher. Say my teacher is a good teacher. He's teaching me his own tips. Hey, it could be about the water. It could be about candy and could be taking notes that could be about different things will be appreciated by a teacher. Be appreciative about the resource is that you have now to take total many meaning many, many resources out there. There are many people like teachers that are giving you tips that are trading their experience, their hardship, that they been through in order to give you that experience. There is a word of Japanese which is saying say it means sin means before and say is birth like it's hard to. It's hard to explain, but it means a person that was born before, And that's what, since it means it means a person that was born before that means teacher in English, that means sense. A is somewhere that has the experience that has been there before you and has made the path clear so that you know what to expect him until, for example, if you know that you have to be there 15 minutes early, your teacher should no go and should say you have to be there 15 minutes early. Oh, great. Otherwise, you Iraq this at the time. 12. He didn't know that you have to be there early. He's already made a way for you by giving you that small little tip he's already made away . But I give you some tips about or some skills about how to write better. So you're trading in this world. In this market, you're treating lots of money. Maybe you might think it's a lot of money, but in the end, yes, it's a little bit of money for the education that you will trade. You will train. Lots of resource is in the end to get that degree, but it starts with Tofel, and that's the key. The person that is your teacher has been there before trading back. For that reason, you are trading your time trading your money, treating your sleepless nights that you don't sleep because you're like, really tired. I'm nervous and, you know, I just want to sleep, trading all that to succeed. So if you are doing that, then that means that you are investing in your education, and that means also that you are made to succeed might take one time two times three times , but with me, I want you to believe that you will make the first time, and there's people that I really like really like Nikki. I really loved Michael really like Adam and I like Mike because all those people, they don't say, Oh, I'm gonna make lots of But they put the people first. They put you first and they say, I Nikki has a passion for people from Ecuador. Michael has a passion for college students. Adam, for example, likes people from other countries, just international people. In general, Mike breaks refugees. He likes people from Syria if he likes to train them up. So it's about the people, and then the rest will follow. And I want you to know that it's about the teacher and then the rest will follow. The tips will follow. The personality compatibility will follow, everything will follow. And then suddenly you have a relationship and you have more than a teacher. A friend. That was quick. Yeah, you might sound cheesy, but But in the end of the day, that's what I've heard the other day that Chinese students have Sundays. We have t work for teachers because it's the way of giving back to the teacher for all those years that the teacher I spent with them teaching, you know, math or whatever science we're English. And every Sunday they make an appointment to call their teacher and say, Hey, Mr So and so can we need today at three and they always give back. They give back to the teacher by spending time with your teacher having team almost every Sunday because they're giving back in a way. So that's what you don't walk away with, is that I? It's about relationship, and it's about confidence, and it's about knowing who you are and knowing that you are supposed to succeed and you will succeed. And I wish you all the best in this journey. I want you to join me and partner with me partner with other experts, to help you succeed because you are, and I want I want you to know that. So thank you so much for joining us. Siri's. I hope you've enjoyed it. Don't forget to subscribe. Don't forget to write me an email to be part of this, and I hope to see you