Master SEO and Inbound Marketing on Google and YouTube Search with Videos! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

Master SEO and Inbound Marketing on Google and YouTube Search with Videos!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Master SEO and Inbound Marketing on Google and YouTube Search with Videos!

Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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20 Lessons (2h 13m)
    • 1. Become a Master of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Today

    • 2. Transcending keywords and link building with a mindset of serving viewers and solving problems

    • 3. How I get 2.5+ million impressions a month on Google and YouTube without keyword research or link bu

    • 4. Worst SEO strategies I have confirmed are terrible

    • 5. Aiming for Lifetime Connections

    • 6. Where to start? Fix and improve what we see!

    • 7. Play nice with others! Haters and competitors are friends!

    • 8. Tutorials build a rock solid foundation

    • 9. Entertain to keep people coming back and have fun

    • 10. Stories stick with us

    • 11. Long videos, posts, and descriptions ideal like Wikipedia

    • 12. Scalable web host makes viral growth possible and high ranking easier

    • 13. Email marketing helps build relationships and links naturally

    • 14. HTTPS is included as a ranking factor in Google

    • 15. Ensure complete coverage of your own name in search results

    • 16. Register your domain for a long time to show stability over time

    • 17. Edit the date published when making any changes

    • 18. Setup automatic sharing on social media to help get viewers and signal for a higher rank

    • 19. Skillshare Class Project

    • 20. Welcome to the top!

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About This Class

What really works in the world of inbound marketing and content creation?  Where do we get started building a lifetime supply of organic search clicks?  Why do strategies based on competition consistently fail while a mindset of abundance and collaboration shows us more opportunities than we could ever imagine?  When is the right time to create?  Who is capable of making a self-sustaining business online founded upon visitors from the world's largest two search engines which are Google and YouTube?

Will you please enroll in this course because you will love getting all the answers to these questions and specific strategies featuring the best of what I have learned in SEO and Search Engine Marketing during 7 years as an entrepreneur online?

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Become a Master of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Today: Are you ready to be a master of search engine optimization today? Are you ready to get millions of people finding you every month on Google, YouTube and the most popular search engines in the world for free, just like I do. If so, will you please enjoy this course here with me? Because you get to learn from years of my experience both success and failures in seeing exactly how to achieve the same results I get today, which I've shown right here, millions of impressions every month for free and a full time business of my own online. And this course we transcend small minded strategies like Link Building, like trying to do keyword research and beat. Our competitors were transcending that into a thinking of abundance into a world full of limitless keywords and opportunities, a world where we can do what we love, where we don't have to hustle and try and fight with other people, where our competitors actually can help us make more money, get new ideas and inspire our success where we can work together with the people on the same keywords as us, where we don't even need toe. Look at the keywords or where we don't even need to bother asking people to link to our websites or videos because the things we make are so good people will rim and rave about them. Oh, my God. This was so good. You've got to go watch this video. You got to read this post on jury Banfield's Blawg, where hundreds of people literally will share the things we've created for us for free, without needing to pay to advertise it. And then Google will be like, Oh, my God, this is so good. We're gonna put this right up here. Hi. Do you want to enter a world with me where you can rank on keywords? You never even contemplated that there might be search traffic on there where you can help people solve fantastic problems in their lives. When you combine this mindset that I share with you in the course with the practical tips, I give you little things like registered your domain for longer than a year. Simple thing. The signals to search engines. You're here to stay simple things like make sure your web host is scalable to go viral because when you keep creating and you keep helping people. At some point you go viral, but your Web host often will hold you back from going viral. Your Web host often is the biggest barrier to a higher search ranking that you're not even aware of until you find all the negative results of having a Web host that does not scale the hard way, just like I did. Do you want to hear ways to avoid mistakes? Really dumb things I've done, like pay for back links and ruin an entire website search ranking after months of trying to build back links. Do you want to learn what mistakes to avoid? Because that way, you won't have to fail like I fell. You can do the best of what works for me to get. Millions of people will find me for free every month in Google and YouTube, the top to search engines in the world. A lot of us doing SDO we start out. We don't even think of YouTube and YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Producing videos is a very powerful way to make a deep connection because most of us resonate with the visual. And yet how many of us start our businesses, and we're just trying to write blawg posts when there's millions of people that can write in English and help out and already billions off blawg posts out there. Video is the best opportunity not only to get found on you tube search, but Google search as well. Many of my top pages on my website were transcribed from videos. A really good strategy. If you want to dominate the rankings, it's faster to dictate, get it transcribed and posted on your website than it is to actually write it. And then you don't even have a video inside this course I'll go in all these things in a painful detail with you, we'll take a look at it. I think you have a lot of fun here. Thank you very much for getting started with my newest online course, Master of S E O. How to get millions of impressions every month for free from top search engine is the world like Google and YouTube. I love your awesome. I'm so excited to share this information with you, which I've learned the hard way over seven years that you may learn it the easy way in just a few minutes 2. Transcending keywords and link building with a mindset of serving viewers and solving problems: Are you ready to get into the very most powerful thing that you can do to be a master of search engine optimization and inbound marketing? Today, I'm certain that you are. So let's look at the mindset off, mastering search engine optimization and helping people. What we need is a mindset based on serving viewers and solving problems. When I started my business out online, I was in a mindset of scarcity, off hustling off limited amounts of money and time, and that mindset led me into strategies that I did not like doing. For example, trying to go and find everywhere could possibly get someone else toe link to my new website . I didn't like going on and paying people to back link to my website. And then Google didn't like thes strategies either. Google ended up hitting my website with a massive penalty. It was almost to the top of the key words I've been working to get up to for months. I bought back links instantly, knocked me down back to Page three. Is Google Sense? I was bs ing It's algorithm. I did that because of my mindset on when your mindset is competition and scarcity. It's very hard to master something like search engine optimization because so many other people have already beat us to it. Almost anything we Google that is kind of normal or mainstream, something like Internet marketing, Facebook ads, almost any of these regular terms. We Google will discover that a lot of other people have already worked really hard to get there, and it's not very easy to just put something new up and compete with them. If you get to a new position, first is very easy to stay there. The mindset of competition keeps us wasting time on less effective strategies. I used to compete with other people that were doing a Facebook ads business. Why there were clients all over the place. I used to look at other people's websites and feel not good enough and waste so maney strategies and time trying to compete and look better and feel better. I even rented an office for $1000 a month, a corner office because of my mindset, a scarcity that I had to prove I had a real business. Thankfully, getting almost a bankruptcy convinced me that all I needed to do with serve viewers and solve problems. The way to trend send the mindset of competition and scarcity and fighting with competitors and trying to hustling it ahead is to think about the end as friend Steven Covey or Franklin Covey on November. And I think it's seven habits of highly effective people begin with the end in mind. After three years, I was nearly out of business online. I'd ran up almost $100,000 of debt. I about all the money I could on all the credit cards I'd give me and I ran out. My mindset of scarcity proved to be a reality. As suddenly I had no money and my business was not getting better over time, what I thought of, I looked around and I said If I went out of business, what would I wish I done? If I'm going down the road of bankruptcy, if everything I will have do will have been for nothing, what would I wish I'd have done? And I thought, and I said I wished I would have helped people. I would be able to still feel good even if my business failed. As long as I served viewers and solved problems. That means for me sharing the best information I had learned. When you've got a mindset of competition and scarcity, you won't often share your very best content. You'll rationalize that this is a trade secret. I can't tell other people how I'm getting One Cent likes on Facebook as as far as I can see , I was the first person ever to make a video tutorial on YouTube showing how to get one cent Facebook Page likes at scale. You could get 100,000. I, in fact, got over a 1,000,000 likes on my Facebook page using this strategy as far as I could see from looking at other videos, I was the first person in the world to show this strategy on YouTube, and that's when things started to turn around for me. Before that, I wouldn't do it. I thought, I can't show people how I'm doing this because I was getting clients who were paying thousands of dollars for me to then spend $100 on Facebook ads to deliver them tens of thousands of Facebook Page likes. I said, if I show people my very best little secrets, I've learned I won't have a business anymore. What will I do for money? And yet, when my business came towards what looked like an end, I realized the only word feel good was to share my very best secrets with everyone else to share every little trick. Every single problem I had solved show people that that's why I've made this course is to help you this I'm doing the same thing I'm talking about. I'm sharing this to help you learn from the very best things. I've found that work in search engine optimization, inbound marketing I The mindset is absolutely critical because none of this other stuff will make a difference until the mindset switches. And once you see it, once you contemplate the end of your business, contemplate the end of your life, even think What would you wish you contributed? It starts to look a lot less risky than to just share the best of what you know, Forget trade secrets. Put it out there, give people the very best you can. And guess what? People will get really excited. They'll share stuff. Google will see the shares on social media on Twitter. Google will see the back links. And when you give people the very best you've got, you will get all the traffic you can handle. Just like Ideo. I can't even respond toe all the comments and all the traffic I get today. It's so much. And yet nothing I did worked until I started thinking in terms of serving viewers and solving problems instead of hustling instead of making money instead of getting what I wanted instead of building an email list, think about what can I give you that you'd be so excited about? You join my email list and read every single email for years I wouldn't have to spam you with an ad. I could just tell you something that will make such a difference in your life that you would follow me for years. That's what I see on my YouTube channel. I still see people that say I saw your cheap, Facebook page like strategy and by following you ever since that was years ago. I put that out years. If you want a massive amount of traffic, this is what you do. Think about what is the very best thing I can help people with today. What is the very most painful problem I've just solved that I can help someone else solve. This was a very painful problem for me for many years in my business, and I see so many other struggling with the same thing. How do I get traffic? How do I get people to find me? Jerry, how do I get more YouTube subscribers? How do I get more views? How do we get more people? Find my website? This is how the mind set what you've got. The mindset. Every one of these strategies makes perfect sense, and you'll line them all up and use them together. If you don't get the mindset, you're always waste the opportunities that come along. I had a ton of good opportunities in my business before I switched my mindset. I always wasted them. I would make some grandiose plan rationalised hiring a bunch people to do things. The the scaled up version of the original wouldn't work out. I lose every good thing that happened. I'd spend all the money I earned and go into debt, and that's what happened today. I'm grateful. I see so much abundance, so much opportunity. There's enough keywords for all of us. There is enough people who need help that I guarantee you. If you want to work online and make a full time income to support your family like I do. And like I've done for years, I guarantee you it's possible with this mindset. It's probably not otherwise, and you won't get happiness, probably otherwise. I've went on about this for nine minutes because it's really, really, really, really, really important. Once you get this, everything else is pretty easy after that. That's why I've repeated it over and over again because maybe it'll sink in and I'm imagining it is. And you're like, OK, let's get into the strategies Thank you for helping me with my mindset. I'm ready. Come on, let's do this. 3. How I get 2.5+ million impressions a month on Google and YouTube without keyword research or link bu: How do I get two million plus impressions every month for Free? Wen that considering all sources of search traffic recommendations in related search context, such as someone searches on you to watch the video and then sees my video and suggested video views or someone searches on Google sees my results show up in Google. I'm not even going to get into anything on Facebook for pure simplicity here, even though my post of reach hundreds of thousands of people in the last week on Facebook just for simplicity, we're going to leave Facebook out of this. This just focuses on Google and YouTube, the two top search engines in the world, and I'll give you a hint. YouTube is really good for Google search traffic because from Google's point of view, would they rather send you to, ah, someone else's website or send you to YouTube, which is their website? Google in search, has a strong incentive to send you to their own website whenever possible. Therefore, here's the key ways that I get millions of impressions along with the data. This is my website and then YouTube channels to Jerry Banfield dot coms, my website and slash blogger is the main page. What you'll see is that I have 597 posts on my website. If I move my head here 597 posts on my website and that allows me to rank on a bunch of different search terms. Now, obviously, I didn't do this overnight. This is what I've done over a long period of time. Therefore, the strategy I'm giving you is a slow, steady and consistent growth. If you are tend to be impatient. You get punished really hard when you're trying to do search engine optimization. Because Google doesn't trust brand new websites that just come out of nowhere. Everything is heavily biased towards websites that are trustworthy and have been around a long time. Therefore, the S E O game. The inbound marketing game is a long term game. If you try and cheat and hustle, you actually prove that you're not in it for the long term to the search engines. Therefore, I obviously didn't make 597 block post overnight. I have a strategy that makes it really easy, though, for me to make blawg posts when I just did today I narrated a video on my YouTube channel, so most of the impressions I get are on my YouTube channel. I'll show you my These are my Google Web master tools first, so my website gets 1.39 million impressions or so every 90 days. Therefore, my website shows up millions of times every three months, hundreds of thousands of impressions, 46,000 clicks. Now keep in mind my website is the secondary element of the primary. The primary is my YouTube channel because the difference in someone reading a blawg post versus someone reading a blood posted and watching the YouTube video or the difference between someone watching a YouTube video is massive. As you can see here you are here. When we're able toe, be on camera and reach people, the impact on the person tends to be 10 times as much as reading. Ah, blawg Post. We remember what we see and videos better compared to reading blood post. We feel trustworthy towards creating and two people creating a relationship with people we've seen in videos. I'm amazed how much you might feel like you know me just from watching videos. It's very hard to get that same impact reading a block post. It is possible, but there's also more people trying to do blood post. Therefore, I highly encourage to do videos. You might think I can't do videos. I don't want to do videos if you want to master search engine optimization and the inbound marketing. If you want millions of people coming in, it's essential to produce videos. Now. You might not need to be the one who is actually on camera. You might have someone else in your life who might be better suited to be on camera. I am the one who suited to be on camera in my business, which works for me. Some businesses people prefer, not even be on camera, but to find someone who does like to be on camera partner with them and then help the person who's on camera get everything out there, get everything uploaded. I have a friend, Michelle Girard. Michelle transcribes. He prefers not to be on camera. That much English is his second language. He loves helping me do things that I don't make time for. What I do is I do videos and then Michelle helps me turn those into Blawg posts. This a really powerful strategy because you essentially get Teoh double the amount of possible search traffic because the videos sometimes won't get that much search traffic. But when you turn the video into a block post, you turn the video into a blogger posts, and suddenly the Blawg post gets way more traffic than the video gives you two chances to try and be successful with what you're hoping to do, which I'm imagining, is get traffic. So, like on this post, I actually just did this YouTube video, and then Michelle turned this into a blawg post. I like to do videos also because it's very easy for me to narrate a 20 minute video, and this turns into a long blawg post long in depth. The Blawg post, with a video, tend to rank really well. Here's why. Because when people go to Google, you type a search term inside Google when you come up and click on the page, one of the primary factors Google considers is what you do next after you click that page. First of all, of course, it's Did you click the page at all? But then it's what you did on that page. If you click on the page, you stay on the page. You read everything on the page, and then you close the page out. That signals to Google. You got what you wanted, and Google's here to give you what you want. That's what Google's in the business office, giving you what you want. If you have a long block, posted a matching video, there's very good odds of hooking people on the page. A lot of people, I think, come to my website. They see that there's a video and then watch the video. Instead of even reading a block post. They get what they want, watching the video and then close out. That tells Google that this particular Blawg post gave people what they wanted, even though people ended up coming here and hopping on the video. Another thing that helps is cross promotion. I ask for discussion. If you enjoy reading and want to contribute to the discussion, we please join us on YouTube because every single comment on YouTube helps the video rank higher. Every single view from my website helps a video rank higher because it's an external source YouTube really likes it when someone else another website sends traffic to YouTube that signals to YouTube. It's a really good video. The number one strategy I have. I'd say that helps me and a lot with search engine optimization and inbound marketing is I do videos. I put them on YouTube, and then my friend Michelle Girard, he makes the video into a block post. He takes the pictures, he edits the transcription, and he makes it. So most of these blawg posts on my website. If you go to load Mawr, most of these I simply did the video, and Michelle turned these into a blawg post. And then what happens when you go to my Web master tools and you goto pages? Then over time Ah, lot of these blawg posts that were narrated as a video end up ranking high in Google. I'll give you ones that were either have a video. This the number one poster. Currently, though it switches around the number one post on my website. Currently he has this poster that I originally did is just a inspirational video call. The It time Travel Israel People are googling how to travel in time and thousands of people are pouring into my website every month that are looking toe. Learn about traveling in time. In the video, I go to explain that you can really travel in time when you go back to the past or the future in enough detail. You essentially traveled to the present moment, and you have the ability to change the future and to make the past worthwhile. To use what you learned in the past, you effectively have the ability to time travel and take it for granted and do it every day I narrated. That is an inspirational video on my YouTube channel, which hardly gets any traffic at all. But then it goes on my website in a block post, and people are finding it like crazy. And that's one of my top posts. Several other of these pages, like the YouTube channel Copyright strike some of these patri on one's these Facebook ads. No impressions. Let's get some more of these posts out. Ah, bunch of these top ones. Pyramid World on Mars. Patron Review. Sharing problems with other Google AdWords freelance jobs. Almost all of these were originally narrated as a video transcribed into a blawg post. And then I'm getting just tons of impressions and lots of clicks, especially when you add up all these together and consider the collective impact off the total. And the beauty of this is, then this isn't even counting all the amazing things that happen on YouTube. So let's go over to YouTube here, and we'll look at how I'm getting all this traffic now. I've got thousands of videos on YouTube. I do not currently use any paid advertising. Everything I'm showing you here is purely for free. I have no ads at all running. I have no ads running on Google AdWords. No ads running on YouTube, which is in Google. AdWords. No ads running on Facebook. I tried using paid ads. In fact, I've spent over $200,000 on paid ads and I can tell you paid ads are almost useless. Yes, almost useless. Almost everything good that's happened in my business has been free traffic because paid ads bother people. Paid ads annoy people when you give found. When people are looking for you, when you get a 0.5 million people who find me when you are looking for me. That is the kind of relationship you want. So if you see my views or down I was running paid ads the previous 90 days, and I stopped running paid ads after ah, long time of data showing me they weren't worthwhile anymore. In in fact, paid ads were sabotaging my organic traffic. So I stick completely toe organic traffic today. You can see the bulk of my actual impressions are from YouTube 8.5 million impressions and the beauty of YouTube ish. I put a video up on YouTube. That video can actually get views for years. I have videos I put a five plus years ago that are still bringing in views. You can see in the last 90 days Ah, half 1,000,000 views on my YouTube channel, all for free. Millions off minutes spent an average of four minutes and 40 seconds per YouTube video. Therefore, the key strategy if you want to master s CEO, is that not even play the S e o game. Like other people play, you get the traffic. It is way easier to get from YouTube search than Google search. And in fact, if you want to notice one of the top sources. My traffic for external on YouTube is Google Search. I actually get more people from Google search that come into my YouTube videos. Then I get to my website. Yes, even with everything I've done on my website, even with hundreds of Blawg posts, YouTube actually gets me more Google search traffic than I do with my own website. And that's because Google it has a self interest in promoting YouTube in search results. And viewers tend to love watching YouTube videos for solving problems and tutorials, learning how to do things, the number one thing to film and to make Blawg posts about our tutorials. And if you don't have something you want to know, some of my top YouTube search results are actually on subjects. I don't know anything about hacking bash scripting. I don't know almost anything about these. I partnered. I literally found someone. I knew this was a popular topic. I was selling courses on it. I paid a freelancer to make videos on hacking. I then put them on my YouTube channel, and those are some of my top videos that get millions of views that still get a ton of views. Now, the downside of using this strategy is if you're if you're not doing all the videos yourself, you get a lot of subscribers who were disappointed who sign up for something that then you're not delivering to them. So I encourage you, if possible, to do all your own videos and then get them into blawg posts. Get them transcribed in the block post. If you want to see what I use for transcription, will you please go to jerry? Banfield dot com slash resource is because I've got it listed here under transcription. If you click the link, I've got it right here for transcription it. You can see exactly what I use today for transcription, and I've changed transcription services a few times, and the nice thing on my resource is paid. You've got my entire studio set up here all in one spot, along with videos and explanations for it, though, that getting videos transcribed helps me to make a lot better than faster blawg Post, because all I need to do is narrate and Aiken talk like five or 10 times faster than I can write. Plus, I've got 30 years of experience talking. I've got a lot less years of experience writing, even though I'm very good at writing, talking as much easier than I just get a camera, set it up, Do you? Two videos transcribed in the blood post. I get a massive amount of traffic, and I just keep doing it over and over and over again. I encourage you do all your own videos if you can, or at the same time, if you need help. Or if you want to put Fillon opening in a market, you can collaborate with someone else. I'm grateful to have this information to share with you. I think it's important up front to share my experience and to share the actual results I'm getting now. I know there's lots of opportunities for critique. People say, Well, why do you only get a few 100 views on lots of your new videos? I do videos on whatever I want, and I said everything up for organic search traffic Now, Sure, some of my new videos only get a few 100 views. Some of my new videos get hundreds of thousands of views within a couple years of uploading them. They make thousands of dollars of ad revenue. They bring in members. They bring in donations on my live streams. They bring in subscribers and many of my most popular videos. I've done three plus years ago, and they're still pulling in a ton of views. You might not think something like an online class well is worth putting up, and at first you might not get that many views. Give it a few years, and you might be amazed how many views you get. Think long term. One of the hardest things to do for a lot of us is to stop thinking always about how Maney views did this video get in the 1st 24 hours. The amount of use of video gets in the 1st 24 hours. There's a fraction off the total it's likely to get for a lifetime, and most of my videos that have got a lot of views on Lee got anywhere from 1% or less views in the 1st 24 hours compared to what they would get over the next several years. Think long term. I think long term, keep trying, do video tutorials and help people with problems and that you can get massive amounts of traffic just like me. Now, the bad news, you might say, is that this can take a while. But it doesn't have to take that long. You're learning from my experience. It doesn't have to take you seven years to get this going. I've had friends that I've coached that have been able to do this much faster than me and a couple of years to be getting as many views as I'm getting and to have a full time business online, all of their own, with almost no expenses. The beauty of the business I've showed you here is there's almost no expenses. Once you go through on my resource is page and you go by the equipment I've shown. You hear that? I use that you know, works good enough to impress you at least good enough to still be here. You buy the equipment I have. You used it. How I use that. Do you have almost no expenses after that? You just keep using the equipment, keep putting it up. You pay for transcription. Transcription is pretty cheap. You confined a block post editor pretty cheap. And you have almost no expenses. All of the income, then is profit. It's a beautiful business system that I am grateful to share here with you today that I've given you an in depth look at so you can see my qualifications as the instructor. 4. Worst SEO strategies I have confirmed are terrible : what are some of the worst SDO strategies and inbound marketing strategies that I have confirmed on your behalf? Or I've seen other people doing them that I can tell you are terrible, that you do not waste your time with number one. Never, ever, ever, ever buy back links. I bought back links. As I've said several times already. It destroyed my search engine ranking, absolutely wrecked it. Everything else I was doing to my very first website online. It was ranking grade. I had it on the first page. I bought back links to try and take the number one spot. It went from the first page down on the third page shortly after buying the back links. Meanwhile, the seller gets to keep the money because it took a little while for that to happen. Never buy back links. Number two. Don't waste time trying to hunt other websites down and getting them to back link you the amount of time it takes. The annoyance and aggravation to both you and the other party is a big waste of time. Don't bother asking for back links. Make great content in people will back link you without asking don't waste your time trying to hustle and hunt down or subscribe to some service that promises to offer e mails of Webmasters. Not always any time without it all. It's all a waste of time because you're not creating anything useful when you do a great job over and over again of serving viewers and solving problems, people back like to you like crazy people will drop your YouTube videos and playlists without you asking. I don't think I've ever asked anyone to drop my video on a playlist of my videos on YouTube are as far as I can see in hundreds of thousands off playlists on YouTube. Don't waste time doing that. It's not wrong. You can do all this stuff you won't do. I'm saying, If you won't learn from my experience, this is the easy way. Another strategy. Stop putting keywords in two keyword research tools and trying to make the perfect keywords and trying to make all of your posts just perfect. Just do the post. Just do the video right, a decent description and be done with it all that extra time you waste trying to get the perfect keywords, checking what your competitors air using. It's all a waste of time. All that little stuff doesn't matter if you just focus on the limited amount of time you've got. I'm doing the best quality videos. You can have the best quality Balog post you can and then just write an ordinary regular description. Do take the time to put the most important things in the title. Do take the time to imagine what our viewers naturally going to search for. That's why you don't want to put a bunch of time in the keyword research because you'll write a title that you'll be so focused on keyword stuffing it, you won't go put the actual things that people are trying to search for in it. Don't waste a bunch of time worrying about being wrong on things. What I do, I just do videos. And if they don't rank very good and they don't get very many views, it doesn't matter because I just do another one at some point anyway. I did a search engine optimization video Ah, couple of years ago. It didn't rank that well. So what? I make it another one today. I did a search engine optimization course not that many people took it. So what? I'm doing another one today. Lots of times, you might need to reiterate the second, the third, the fourth of 5th 1/10 time. You do something? It my really rank well with my Facebook tutorials. I did probably 30 to 40 Facebook tutorials on YouTube before I got an absolute superstar destroyer on Facebook marketing. I finally did one something like the best free Facebook marketing to toil. It is wrecked on YouTube, hundreds of thousands of views for free, thousands of dollars of ad revenue, thousands of students rolling my courses, course sales memberships, all kinds of good things from that one video. I tried a lot prior to getting that one right, you might say. So don't worry about trying to do it perfect. Just do it and do it again. Do it and do it again. Do it and do it again. I don't feel like you have to stick to a certain niche all the time. I see people that consistently make things that are great and then abandon them because they were hustling. I have a friend. He's put up so many websites that have got traffic and they always go downhill because he was just hustling. He was trying to make money off of AdSense and trying to get traffic. Don't just try to get traffic, do stuff you care about. I could do things that would make the traffic just pour into my YouTube channel. I know all kinds of things. For example, I could pay ah, couple of ethical hackers to make me videos and just dump under a ridiculous amounts of traffic in my YouTube channel. But why would I do that? I don't know anything about F blacking. I could learn at the go hacking and put tutorials. I'll probably get a ton of traffic and make more money, and I'm making I don't want to do that. That's not in my heart is the thing I need to create. Create what's in your heart, share what you really are passionate about. I put a video up today about how to end a rant in an argument without even talking or fighting. I had a massive amount of passion about that. I'm still really excited about that today. Now, sure, if I learned ethical hacking and put up a bunch of videos on YouTube. I could probably get 100 times as many people watch them, and I could probably make a lot more ad revenue. However, I really care about helping people get through Rance in the head and ending arguments without having a fight or even a talk, because that's hugely helpful. Think quality, think, making a massive impact on the viewer and what you really want to talk about. I'm passionate. I love being able to talk with you about this because, my gosh, I've learned the hard way So many times I've hustled. I hustled all kinds of Facebook ads, clients and Facebook Page likes, and that was a big waste of time in a lot of ways, because I was just trying to use it to make money, always hoping I could do something that I would like better. Don't waste your time doing things you don't want to do forever. That's why I recommend for branding. Do everything on your own domain name in your own YouTube channel. Try and avoid things like company names because you often won't be able to keep doing that forever. You'll get bored with it, and if you keep trying to do it, even though your board your quality, go down. It's real frustrating. Try and brand everything under yourself because you have consistency. My YouTube channel. Jerry Banfield. Sure, lots of people critique it. You post videos on all kinds of things, from gaming, the music, making, hacking tutorials, crudo currency stuff is my channeling. Do whatever I want when that I do whatever is in my heart. That way you don't abandon all of those previous things you've worked so hard for my channel. My website gets so many people because I've stuck with them so long. When I used to do company websites, I would do well of them for a while and abandoned them. One of the worst things you knew for SDO has put a bunch of effort into a new website and then abandon it and then do it again and again and again. And so many entrepreneurs I see do the same thing as me. They're always doing some new company or new project, never sticking with one website and one YouTube channel. Just stick with one. Trust me, it works really, really well. That's why I'm grateful for the chance to do this today. It works so well that I've got this information to share with you today. Now a couple of more things with S E O that are really bad idea. Stop Googling the keywords and looking at your ranking. Quit that stuff stone. And the next time you go to do it, you're essentially slapping yourself on the face. Doing that you don't need to do that. You don't need to see were ranked. Is none of your business where you're ranked? It's not. It's not my business where I'm ranked. It's my business of what I'm creating and Helen helping people and how people are responding. If people are leaving comments saying, Jerry, Oh my God, that video really helped then my rankings probably good enough. So what if it's third place? If my video can really help 1/3 place, my blawg post can really help on the third page For the few people that find it, that's good enough. Stop competing with your competitors. Stop agonizing over where your page rank is. I've helped attorneys dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into ads because they wanted to be up on the very top of the page, and there were only second place hundreds of thousands of dollars in the ads when they already were second place. But one other law firm was out of them. I know I used to do that all the time, and it did nothing but bring me misery. I don't even look where I am right today unless I have some very specific purpose. Like I'm doing a tutorial on how to Ryan Chi. Then sure, I'll look at some of my top videos. Go look at where they're ranked when one's rank tied than I've got good evidence to teach a course or make it to Touro to say, Look, if you want a right guy, here it is. I have certainty. When I do a good job, when I help you, I will rank high exactly where I need to. When I used to obsess over ranking, I wasted a ton of time and it never helped me rank higher. It did help me waste time. It did all may suffer unnecessarily. Forget where your ranking do a good job and you will rank high. Keep doing a good job, be consistent. Stick with the sea. Same website and YouTube channel for a long period of time. Keep helping people keep serving viewers. Keep solving problems. You will rank high and you might rank high and things you never imagined. And you might have great things happen that you never even could have comprehended as I've had happened over and over again. People just come to me and give me $1000 ask almost nothing in return to be a member of my partner program. They just want Private label writes for my courses. The abilities sell all my courses as their own to put him up on YouTube. People just I see I get a text message when that jury this person just paid $1000 to be a partner for life. They never even email me. They never even talked to me. They just drop $1000 in. That's what is possible when you stay away from all these worst of S E O strategies 5. Aiming for Lifetime Connections: what is the vision we have for what we ultimately want to accomplish When someone does find us when I've noticed both in my past and with other entrepreneurs is the tendency to think so Short term. We want someone to come to our website. We want to rank I and a key word. We want someone click on an AdSense added. Make us some money. We don't think the long pictures to making the most out of each person that does come to our website. What I aim for is lifetime connections. I want to have a relationship. I want you to follow me for the rest of my life. I want to build a connection that lasts for 30 40 50 60 70 years here. I'm not trying to get you to just buy this course and learn a couple of things with me and forget about it. I'm aiming. I'm imagining a lifetime connection where maybe in 20 years after you followed me on and off, you've bought courses. You've watched videos, you've read blawg postings described in my email list. You've watched live stream videos, you've bought my books and then you come to an event in 20 years, when I'm 54 still look almost exact. Same is today we will have an event together. That's my vision. Think long term, and there's no reason toe arbitrarily limit yourself, either. If you're 54 ready today are your 70. You can still think long term, although you might need a new body to get into it. And that can even help you think, long term, also, that you want to make a world you would want to come back to. That is, a big part of my vision is that I intend to make a world that if I came back without remembering that this body did anything that it would help make the kind of world I would want to be reborn into that longer term vision that each of my videos and block post intended to create a world I would want to come back and incarnate to again. That's the kind of long term vision we want because then we start to see that every single click we get is fantastically valuable, and then we start to see good enough right away. The problem is, if you're always going for numbers There's never a number that's big enough. If you look at my traffic, as many people do, you can easily start trying to take me down. Well, Jury, you've got millions of followers online. And you on Lee had 200 people watch this new video. Now imagine seven years ago when I started on YouTube and you tell me, Jury, at least 100 video people will watch every video you put up on any subject. No matter what you have to say, At least 100 people will watch it. I'd have my pants. I've been black. Wow. Ah, 100 people will watch every single video I create, no matter how dumb it is, no matter how off topic it is to what they said, no matter what 100 people watch every video and some videos, thousands of people will watch some videos thousands of people will share. And like some videos, millions of people will watch. Really? We get lost in the day to day grind of quantity until we start to think, What do we really want? I don't need to be a big deal to seven billion people on this planet with ah few really strong relationships. I'm certain I'm able to provide enough income with my family, doing what I love for the rest of my life. There's an idea that you just need 1000 true fans online, 1000 people who will buy whatever you sell, who watch whatever you put up. And that's the vision. That's the goal with S E. O is to make every single click fantastically valuable, even just the impression you might say Jury, your impressions. Air worthless. So what? You get 10 million impressions almost every three months. You only get 46,000 clicks to your website, which ends up being something like 500 a day. And that's just the ones Google Webmaster Tools tracks that doesn't count any other kind of traffic. That's just in Google. What master tools. Specifically, you just get 500,000 views on your videos, lots of which you just produced. You didn't even have much of a role in you. You just get a couple of 100 views on your videos. Each new video you make. It's easy when you ah, focus on lifetime connections say Yeah, that's hundreds of people who care about everything I have to say That's thousands of people who are coming through my website and we're having a chance to start a relationship together. That's a miracle because you can see I've got 1000 true fans online who check almost every day in one place or another. Rather, it's on Facebook or YouTube or on my blawg to see what I'm up to. Those 1000 people have enough money collectively to make sure I have enough to feed my family for the rest of my life. As long as I keep serving them this way. It's not about numbers, it's about quality. It's about building really strong connections. It's about making everything we do. Every click we get valuable, then quantity tends to come on its own when you really appreciate every one of those clicks . I remember some of the first clicks I got in my website from Search. I was so excited, like yes, someone found this in Google. They googled video game addiction. They came to my website from Google and I've been able to help someone without even having to do anything else. I put it up there and I'm shocked. I see so many comments on old YouTube videos I forgot about, like how to deal with the death of a friend. How to stop fantasizing things I made years ago that I was struggling with the time and people said Jury. I cried after washing this video. Thank you. That's been fantastically help you. I love you. I subscribe to your channel years after I made stuff. That's what we're going for. And when you go for that, you build lifetime connections. And when you go for lifetime connections, the quantity will always be enough, yeah. 6. Where to start? Fix and improve what we see!: At this point, I'm imagining You're saying, OK, Jerry, I'm sold. I want lifetime connections. I want to do videos. I want to solve problems. I want to serve viewers. But where do I start with that? Jerry, how do I know what video to make? How do I know what subject to talk about? Fix what you see. Start with what you're in the middle of. You don't need some amazing topic or perfect to tort. Just do whatever is in your heart and what it is might be low quality. It might be dumb in your minds. Analysis of it. My first video on YouTube was literally different ways to say the F word. That was my first video. The ones after that we're not much better. I made videos about Charlie Sheen and Miley Cyrus that almost no one except my friends watched. I made a video about the Casey Anthony case that offended lots of people enough to leave a dislike on the video. Although my friends laughed and left likes on it, I made videos talking about how to drive safely while I was driving like literally holding the camera and driving. I nearly wrecked making one of the videos on how to drive safely. I made videos trying to share stories that again, over and over that people didn't watch. I made trashy tutorials trying to sell my service and product. After two years of making almost total crap, I finally made a video sharing some insider secrets that I had learned that helped me solve a problem I wanted. Facebook likes for my page. I wanted to get them legitimately through Facebook ads and not through buying them off a fiver. I learned how to do that with Facebook page ads. I learned how to get one Cent likes from most of the countries in the world globally, and I then did a full webinar for free on YouTube in a live stream showing exactly how to do that. That was the first video I made that had a huge impact because it solved a problem that I had ad for a lot of my business, and it showed other people exactly how to do it. It also destroyed my existing business off, getting clients to pay me to do exactly what I just shown how to do now. Any client who took a look at my YouTube channel and saw how I did what I did, did not wanted by it. They just did it themselves. Like Oh, Jerry said to use this image Jerry said To write this tax, Jerry said to talk to these countries, I don't need em. I'll get 10,000 lights for a few $100 like he did instead of paying him $1000 to do the same thing for me. It forced me to innovate and make a new business. The best places to start are often the things you least want to talk about. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous almost every day and lots of the best things that I share. And then I hear people share things. People prefer not to talk about embarrassing problems, uncomfortable struggles, difficult and sad things in life. I often have the best things to share on a bad day, and in fact it even makes the bad days seem worthwhile because I've got something better to say. Ah, lot of times we don't see where to start because we know where to start in our heart, and we won't go there now if I hadn't made videos on YouTube that were trashy that were terrible, that were full of cussing. Would I have ever got to making good ones that millions of people have ended up watching and over 22 million views on my channel? Would I have ever got to? Those fine made the low quality once. Sometimes you need to start with the worst in order to get motivated to do better. Sometimes you need to use your really low quality camera or your laptop that's too slow to get motivated to go to. My resource is pages say, Let me get the good stuff like jury uses where I am able to film a video instantly as soon as I'm done recording. You can do this for free with Obi asking, paying like $1000 to do it with wire cast like I did. You can just record a video and hit record, and it's done. You've already got the video file. You can directly upload it if you want to edit it. I've got a very fast computer that can tear through a 60 frames per 2nd 1920 by 10 80 video . Render it out in a few minutes even if it's 20 minutes to 12 hours long. I've got three computers and all. I have an amazing set up. If you try and do some of the things in your frustrated of their quality, that will often be good motivation. Toe Upgrade your set up. My audio annoyed me so many times that I upgraded. It continued to annoy me, and I have graded it now. My audio is pretty professional at this point, and I hope I never have to do anything with it again. Where to start fixes of problems in front of you and especially fix the most painful, most embarrassing, most challenging, most frustrating problems. Help other people with those and forget about your views. Forget about your search. Injure, making. Just try and help people fix the problems in front of you. Put something out there and do it again and again and again. You see scarcity if you're always trying to aim to get the results. You see abundance when you see how many things there are that there's not good help for try Googling something, and the next time you don't find a good tutorial on it, make one. There's where to start the next time you search for a problem and you have to go to 15 different websites to figure out a good camera to use for live streaming Make a video. This is the camera I used for life from this a really good camera for live streaming. That's what I do over and over again and that you might need to make 100 or 200 videos and posts before you get one that really does good work. And the one that does good will boost all the other ones up. And the better all of them do, the better. Every new one will dio where to start right where you're at with the problems you've got today and you see suddenly that every problem and every struggle on every challenge you've got is an opportunity to help someone else and to make a video and to rank kind search and to get organic traffic and to have the life of your dreams. So there, there it is, 7. Play nice with others! Haters and competitors are friends!: Once we start fixing problems and getting out there and building an audience, we often then run into what we think of his competition. We take a look at our key words, even though I told you not to do that. Before you search for yourself, you find out where you ranked. You start finding other people who are doing what you're doing. You initially think no one's ever done this before. Somewhere you realize other people are already doing it well. The urge comes in to then hurt your competitors to try and resent your competitors to try and out. Do your competitors. I'm suggesting the play nice and in fact, look at your competitors as the people you can learn from that can help you improve your game. Look at the other people around you, including the people coming to you as the divine help you've been asking for to get what you want. There's a funny thing that happens when you start serving viewers and solving problems. You'll get a lot of people that find you, and that will start leaving comments on your videos, and sometimes they'll be nasty comments. I've had someone dropped on my twitch channel last time that said, You look like you're about to go shoot a school up When you going to crack, Man, you wouldn't believe all the comments I've got on my channels and you? Did I ban them? No. Love and tolerance is my code. Play nice with the other people. I've been amazed at how many times I've seen when people come along that often they look like they're hating. They really love May and they're trying to get my attention. And they think the best strategy to get my attention is to try and say something sassy. My wife works on the same principle. She often says something that's intended. Teoh, check my spiritual condition to say, Hey, how are you doing here? Let me let me try and make a little joke and make a little fun of you and see how you take it very often when things start going. Well, for us is when we struggle. When you make that first tutorial that goes viral, you get lots of people watching you make a video course, and here come the one star reviews on it. Jerry says he's an expert at Facebook marketing and clearly he doesn't know anything. Look at his post. They don't get hardly anyone that, like him, is engagement is crap. I don't know what other people are thinking. I bet he just paid for these other reviews. Jeer another re. That's something from one of the reviews I got on. What was the number one best selling Facebook ads in marketing course on you to meet before I was banned. What I learned is the key that got me banned from you to me is not playing nice with other people. I got into competition and I hustled and I used any means necessary to get my course ranked number one. And it cost me not playing nice with other people costs us a lot, and the worst part is it often doesn't cost us right away we plant seeds and those seeds grow into things that become monstrosities. They lied to us getting banned. Do they lead to us getting our channels taken down? Playing nice also means not just stealing stuff from other people. This is why I like, for example, these images I used for the course are very simple. I the image I have on here is from Canada. It's available to use for free. This is something I think of. I make sure I've got permission to use all the images because the more popular you get, the more scrutiny T you will be under things you often could get away with when your brand new. And it's just starting out when you got hundreds of thousands of subscribers or millions of followers on Facebook, do you don't get to get away with that stuff anymore? You want to play nice from the very beginning to be kind and loving to the other people that you might think of his competitors and the other people you might think of his readers and viewers. Look at it this way. If I go ban everyone, that makes a comment I don't like from my YouTube channel. Every time I ban someone, I might have just over the long term erased hundreds of comments that they would make. But I banned them. I might have just erased hundreds of comments people would have responded to them in every comment helps the video rank are on YouTube in the higher it ranks, more organic traffic and the more organic traffic I get on YouTube. The more people go to my website without searching, they just type it in. Playing nice with others makes a fantastic difference in the world of search engine optimization, because when you have a genuine love and care for others, that tends to come back. I've got 67,000 back links, it says to my website. When you love others and play nice to others, they will back link your website and they will do it often on websites. You never could have just hustled or tried to get on. When you genuinely love people and care for people and appreciate every single view you get every single click you get every single impression you get. People will tend to do things for you never would have imagined I did a live stream on Facebook. A couple of actually was yesterday. Over 400 people shared that livestream within two hours. It was incredible to see that in action 700 comments. It was the best organic reach and the best organic interaction I've ever had on a post on Facebook in since 2000 and five. When I signed up, it was incredible to see that, and that was the function of playing nice. There was a guy in there, talked about getting corn holed. I could have banned that I initially might have been frustrated with. And in fact, I thanked him. I appreciate him and guess what? People shared the post right after that. They were surprised. I imagine at my reaction, playing nice with others encourages others to play nice with us and to help us out. I'm very grateful. Yesterday someone shared my life stream. They said they shared it in 100 Facebook pages and groups yesterday. When you play nice and love other people, you will be blown away at what other people do for you. And ultimately, if you want to rank high, if you want to go viral, if you want people toe, come to your website or go to your videos, you need people who just blow you away with what they do for you. The port of back link on a Web site with a high page rank you won't even ask, you won't even know them. They'll just do it for you. They'll share it and it'll go viral for you. They'll come to you and just give you money without even needing anything. They'll come donate money there, will drop it and by your highest price product and never cause you any problems over it. There are such good opportunities possible when you play nice, it's hard to comprehend, but you've gotta play nice first because I've learned the hard way. You don't play nice. So the others you try and step on all those you try and compete with others. It'll cost you. It might. I have probably lost millions of dollars in earnings from you to me because of the ban. I would never have gotten band if I'd played nice with others. I didn't play nice with others. I stepped on others. I paid for people. Review my course. I was ruthless and promoting my course. I used affiliate systems through paid ads to funnel in tons of students through my courses to earn tens of thousands of dollars selling other people's courses, taking my co instructors revenue through the affiliate link. I've played dirty a lot. Don't do it. Don't do anything. You wouldn't be on the receiving end. That's a principle I practiced now I don't do stuff. I wouldn't want to be on the other end off. So there you go. This experience, I hope, has been useful for you today. 8. Tutorials build a rock solid foundation: tutorials. Absolutely rock. If you want the very most traffic. There's nothing that beats tutorials in any subject. In any niche, tutorials are the very easiest way to get started. And the various easiest way to grow and generally are essential for continuing a look at this right here. Right now. This is a tutorial. I'm teaching you how to do something. I've noticed that the main time I discover other people is either through recommendations or tutorials. The Maine time I make a discovery on my own is when I'm searching for help with something. Several of the huge YouTubers I follow watch their videos. Guess how I originally found them? I was searching for a video game tutorial. They did a tutorial, and then I've washed their tutorials for years. And I'm a member of their audience, so to speak. And that's the same with me. I've made tutorials for years now. I've got people that just maybe you that keep coming back over and over and over again for my tutorials, for my teaching. If you want the very best in terms of traffic, it comes down to teaching because most of us are not that open in a different context. It's when we need help. It's when we want to learn how to do something. We're not as picky will settle for the best tutorial from whoever has done it. Now, when we want to be entertained, often we Onley will trust recommendations from our friends or will go to the same places we've been before. We listen to the same music we've listened to for years. Wash the same shows will play the same video games in those context is very hard to get traffic if you want to get traffic. Tutorials are where most of us are open to new experiences. We don't care who did a video as long as the video or the BLAWG post gives us the exact help we want on the exact subject. And in that case, when it's really helpful, we might not even start following right after that. When we find a tutorial from someone again on the same subject on year later, we hate did not come this person's website before. Maybe I'll subscribe to their email list and that snowball effect and that repeated branding effect of seeing the same person over and over again That's how you get really high levels of organic traffic. It all starts with tutorials, especially if you can find a way to teach something that's kind of evergreen. Thes things I'm teaching about SC own inbound marketing. I'm doing it in a way today that's evergreen. These principles and the things I show will apply indefinitely, whereas you can sometimes do things that are very timely. The problem is the interface goes out of date. I've done a lot of Facebook tutorials. The older they get, the less people tend to wash them because the interface in the video doesn't match what people want to see. In that case, when you know there's something that's always evolving, there's a good chance to start fresh. Because while I've made a bunch of Facebook tutorials, I don't want to have one. In the newest interface. You might be able to go make a Facebook ads tutorial in the newest interface, and even though you've never made one, you might be able to get a good amount of viewers right away just because you're in the newest interface, and if you keep doing that over and over again, you'll get people who share Who back link who add you to play list and who intentionally come near website Are your YouTube channel over and over again? Toe learn. And then when you're teaching tutorials at the very natural up, sell to do video courses to do online courses, and that's a really good way to make money. Therefore, almost anything you want to secede at. Tutorials are the foundation, and everything else is built on a strong foundation. Well, that was a good That was a good video, isn't it? 9. Entertain to keep people coming back and have fun: if you want to keep people coming back. Entertaining especially in a tutorial, is the way to do it. Which means sometimes being in perfect, not editing out the dumb things you did or in the case like on this slide. I laughed when I saw I searched for tutorial in Canada to make the background image on the last one, and I laughed as soon as I saw this image because it's kind of ridiculous, like it's it's not serious, you know? I get hella serious in my tutorials. I try and tell you this. So it is. You need to do it this way. But then this image, like, really of a girl how to Sinus so tacky. It's kind of funny, and I laughed and I laughed often. You might laugh, too, And if you make someone laugh, if you help someone laugh in a tutorial, you've got a really good shot at getting a subscriber a lifetime Follow. If you make someone help someone laugh on your website, you've got a really good chance of getting email. Sign up in getting people coming back and sharing and back linking and doing all those things you want you want to entertain in what you dio. Often the things that are most entertaining are awkward humanity that we can relate to. For example, I have a YouTube or No J 456 I've washed him for at least four years on YouTube, one of his most memorable videos. They started a live stream out on Grodd Crovitz of DLC three Zombie Matt from called duty black ops story zombies. After watching a bunch of his tutorials for years, I was checking out his live stream for the 1st 2 minutes of his live stream. Is Mike was muted. He's sitting there. I was laughing so hard I was waiting for the moment, he realized this. Mike's muted, meanwhile, is YouTube. Chap is just blowing up Mike Meeting might make you might need. It might mean it might just rolling. Sometimes people troll that, and you're Mike's not actually muted, but his YouTube dash just blowing on me finally sees it after he's been going on and on. E how excited he is, he finally sees it. And it was so funny. The oh my God, My mike was muted this whole time. Yes, that was one of his most memorable videos because it was funny. It was awkward because I relate to that is a live streamer. I've done the same thing several times. I'm I'm talking about blah, blah, blah. I think you'll be getting this. No, no, no, not in the back of my car. If you keep talking that blob, you would be fun. Just let it out. Have a good time doing what you're doing. If you've got a stick up your, then it's gonna be hard to do a good job keeping people coming back. If you want to take it to the next level. When you doing tutorials, for God's sake, have some on with it. Have some fun. This beat is sick. I want to take a ride on your disco stick. Don't think too much. Just plus that case, I want to take a ride on your disco. Six. Sing, Have fun. Let it out. So what if people don't like it? If you find my fun offensive, then that's your problem. It's not my problem. That's your problem. If you don't like that, I feel free to sing and dance and have a good time. That's not my problem. That's your problem. And you might want to pray or do something about that or you might not. You might have fun being l a serious until you die and lined up a little bit. Have some fun entertained, say some stuff this unexpected. I'll tell you, out of the lifetime, follower is often just doing things from the heart. I remember YouTube comment. I did a tutorial on Facebook as a two hour long droning on to Tora, where I'm just literally sitting there, making ads and just talking my whole way through it. And in the middle of it, this is just how I couldn't help but talking when I was honest before. Now, I at least have a choice. Rather, I want to drop enough bomb or not, I just casually in the middle of the video. Throw this in as I'm making an ad. I go on and say, All right, how about we put a comment here to get a mother? We're excited. I just said that just in the middle of ah, kind of a serious, you know, Let's do this on Facebook ads. I just Let's put a common here to get MF er excited, and this guy said he died laughing. That was so unexpected that I just dropped a M effort in the middle of a to our Facebook ads tutorial. Reporting a comma in an ad, he said, I was just amazing. I left so hard when get MF er excited and now you would think, Well, Jerry, you should have added that out. That's not professional. Have professional Now I try and be family friendly, and I've learned the hard when that I my message can be delivered in a family friendly way online. It's just a lot easier this a lot smoother path to be family friendly online because you never know whose seven year olds gonna be watching the Facebook as to tour you've created while they're using their mom and dad's Facebook as account to promote some front you never know is going to be watching your videos, and I've offended my family with some of my obscene comedy. So, yes, I realize you might want to learn some boundaries on it, but at the same time, for the most part, you want to really just let it out, sing, dance, have fun, don't edit out all the parts of yourself that are most interesting because there's so many people who already right boring, copy and paste generic stuff online. If you want to stand out, entertain, be your awkward in perfect self, just like I am, and you'll be amazed at how much people love that. And, yes, people will hate it. People right on my videos. How stupid that waas Stop dancing. I'm sick of seeing you dance. Take your baby off. How do you make a video of your baby strapped on you put a shirt on. It's all worth there because you want to be able to just be your authentic self. You don't want to be trapped in a stifled version where you can't just have fun. Be yourself because I wanna watch your fun Video tutorials I can't handle watching some boring to toil that's in a monotone that's read from a script so it will be exactly perfect , and then it's edited so that there's no parts wasted. But the whole damn things not worth watching, is devoid of any love enjoying energy 10. Stories stick with us: for maximum impact, especially when combining with tutorials and entertainment. I always try and work stories into whatever I'm writing or whatever. I'm I don't write that much. Whatever I'm producing, I try and tell stories because story stick with us. We're programmed on a brain level to relate to stories. Remember stories in retail stories Any time I can work in stories, I always work those in because you might not remember the details of what I said anywhere in this. But you may remember the story. I told of how I dropped the F bomb in the middle of a to our Facebook ads tutorial on a YouTube viewer, Absolutely loved it and laughed at it. You might remember the stories I told off my hustling and domination on you to me and getting banned. You might remember the stories I've told off making the video, saying the F word, different ways to my first video on YouTube. You are likely to share stories with people more than the thing itself, you might say. Oh, I watched this course. The guy started singing in the middle of it. He started singing Kesha right in the middle of his course, I couldn't believe that. And your friend says, really was the name of that course, you know, cause this so good. It's master of SDO. That's how you get or word of mouth marketing it when you combine word of mouth marketing with inbound marketing and organic search, there is this multiplication of effect where the work you do to get that organic search traffic multiplies with everything you've done to get the word of mouth marketing. The people hear about you through word of mouth. Make Google your name that gets you some clicks to your website. Then they subscribe the email list. They tell someone else. That's how you get the big numbers is combining word of mouth marketing with everything you know about SDO. Organic traffic stories are an essential part of successful word of mouth marketing, which I'm attempting to demonstrate any time possible. In this video, I often remember specific stories better than I even remember the names of a book. For example, I was reading this book by Brian. We's about something like miracles happen to see. I don't even remember the exact name of the book. But the story he told Ynet about past life Regression sticks with me. He had a client who did a past life regression at which you do under hypnosis. You get hypnotized and you can tell these incredible past life stories that can often be verified with, even though there's no way you could have known about it. One of the stories that most stuck with me during the book It was a medieval battlefields story. The kid. It started out, the patient or the client started out regressed a past life. They started off as a 12 year old boy who was a page for a night. They we're begging and pleading in the beginning of the past life regression for the night not to go off to war and get killed. The night said it was an honor and he was doing it and everything will be OK. That love last forever. Whatever the night goes off and dies in battle, the knights armors brought back. The little boy is distraught and he grows up to be a night himself. He wears the same armor. He goes into the same kind of battle. He has a page. He has the same kind of talk with the page. He dies in the battle in the battle. He's riding around on a horse, slaying the enemy, and then a guy comes up from behind him. He turns around and slashes the guy's arm off, and the guy gets back up with his other arm and stabs him in the back, and they fall down and die, laying next to each other. Looking into each other's eyes is this guy from the past life regression and this enemy soldier in this past life die laying on a battlefield, looking into each other's eyes, the enemy soldiers fighting, having killed each other, they both. Then both of their souls come up in these cone shapes, rise out of their bodies, and they look around and see The battlefield looks like a bunch of these light cones, these light cones air rising out of the medieval, all the soldiers that air dying, their souls are rising over the battlefield and are in perfect peace as they go up towards this vortex, where they, you might think of it is heaven, and then at some point they end up reincarnate ing after that into a new life. That story is so powerful that I've been trying to make a animated video out of it. I actually paid a guy a few $1000 to make the video up front, and I am currently have not talked to him in a few months. I'm interested. Know that? Videos coming? You see stories have this huge power that stick with us. You might even you might not remember anything else out of this except that one story. And then you'll remember, Well, I was taking this guy's course and he told me the story. Your front. Well, what was the name of the book he couldn't remember? But I remember it was in his course. Maybe you can ask him and help you find the book. Something like Miracles happen by Brian Wees or some wise or something like that. That's how word of mouth marketing works. And when you multiply word of mouth marketing with all your SDO your organic traffic methods, you get ridiculous results. Just like I get being found by millions of people seen by millions of people for free every month. Stories are an essential part of the formula. You do tutorials that are entertaining with stories You've got a trifecta, baby. You have got a trifecta. That's why people keep watching some of my tutorials. You've gotta try factor to toils that entertain with stories Berm! 11. Long videos, posts, and descriptions ideal like Wikipedia: when we want to crush those organic rankings. Wikipedia style. That's what we want. We want to be all over that encyclopedia. You want that Wikipedia style up in here? You all don't make me lose my mind up in here tangent. We want that Wikipedia style because that's what Google loves because so many people have a good experience If you want to get those high rankings. If you want to have people watch, you often need long form content. You need blawg posts that are generally 12,000 words long. You're like I'm not gonna make that. A video is a really easy way to make it because you can talk. Probably if you're like me. You can talk about 10,000 words in an hour, whereas if you tried to write that, it might take you five or 10 plus hours to write 10,000 words in an hour. You could talk a video out, pay $60 then paying editor, maybe another 50 or 100 and you could have a 10,000 word post on something that's got a great shot to be the definitive God level guide on that subject. I've done a bunch of these over and over again with things like Facebook ads, tutorials on my website. Most of the top ranking posts on my website are long in depth videos that have been transcribed and edited into a blawg post because from a keyword standpoint, Wikipedia rocks because those really long pages on Wikipedia have all the keywords related to a subject. If you just do a little 3 to 500 word article, even the lawyers my wife is doing work for has an attorney helping them build their search engines. They're starting to figure this out. If you want to crush the rankings against other law firms, you need longer articles about subjects than those law firms have. If you're trying to put a bunch of different small articles like every different angle on one particular type of court case and you're doing a bunch of these 3 to 500 word articles , you don't tend to rank as well as if you just make a entire master article that covers every different aspect. For example, if your A d u I attorney that just covers every single angle you could imagine 10,000 plus word is that it becomes the Bible of D. U. I's in your particular city or county. You want really long form content because that increases the odds on a post that people will search and find what they're looking for. It also gives you a ton of keywords. You can rank on all those niche you can take just tons of Mitch keywords all on one single post and one post. It does well on one keyword as the chance to rank higher on different keywords when you've got 10,000 words in one post. That's a lot of key words you can rank on all at once. Videos do better long form. Also, because on YouTube some people will just click and start watching a video and go f k and then come back. What's the video still playing? Then you get extra watch time or when you get that viewer who will watch essentially any length of video and another guy has put up a 10 minute to tour and you've got our long tutorial. The guy watches the 10 minute one, then watches your full hour long one. YouTube decided that that our long one is better than the 10 minute one because the hour long one kept someone on YouTube for an hour. Where is the 10 minute one on Lee kept someone on for 10 minutes. Most of my top videos are won t four plus hours on YouTube. In depth, entertaining tutorial videos. I'll have a few videos that are shorter form that are less than an hour, or I've got a couple on dating that I pay to grow on. Fiverr. To do that are only a minute or two long. So sometimes if you just have in your heart, a short form video can do good. Sure from article that no one else has answered that particular question. That said, if you're in a crowded niche and you know all about a topic, if you really want to rank on it, you need to go deep, deep, deep on one single page and or one video. If you want to get the very best rankings. Wikipedia style 12. Scalable web host makes viral growth possible and high ranking easier: you've got a ton of tips before this that are more general. Now it's time to get in some some very specific tips that will help you, especially with a website to rank a website hire. One of the very best strategies I've ever found to get a higher search engine ranking is to get the very best Web host. One of the most frustrating things that came up for me in the first several years of working online was getting website hosts that could not instantly scale most of the Web site host you're going to get for cheap have almost no scalability. If you do go viral one day, your website will crash and you will miss 95% of the potential traffic you worked so hard to get. I have a friend who is an entrepreneurial on that cheap website hosting his article went viral and then guess what his website host crashed. Then people report the link to Facebook because the Web site host crashed his post, gets removed from Facebook right when it was starting to go viral and getting amazing traction. He missed probably 99% of the potential traffic to his website he could have gotten. That happens to almost every entrepreneur I know because most entrepreneurs go cheap with the Web hosting or go with a Web hosting that doesn't have built in scalability that they got sold on by some affiliate program. That doesn't actually give you the best deal. I tried several the popular website hosting every time. Ah, the better. My website traffic got the worst my website hosting got and then they would give me some ridiculously expensive option like a dedicated server that would cost hundreds of dollars a month. And then what happens if my web traffic goes down for a while? Now, I've got this dedicated server that no one's using. And still, even with the dedicated server, if you drop a 1,000,000 views and one day you'll crash the dedicated server, you need that instantly scalable Webo so that you're ready for that viral traffic you've been searching for that you've been hoping for the You've been praying for now what website host do I use? Let me tell you how I found this website host first, the website host, I found I searched for Google Cloud managed WordPress hosting because I used to use Google sites, was one of the website host. I used Google sites, was the fastest and most scalable Web host at the best costs that I had previously used. The problem was the content management system. In other words, the ability to edit posts and put things on the website was terrible because it was all built from Google you couldn't use are leaning WordPress things from a It didn't integrate well with almost anything. And I ended up switching the WordPress, in which case I got into all these garbage shared servers. Then I try to dedicated server than I did a virtual private server, and they all had one big problem or another related to scalability. They couldn't handle big ups and downs in web traffic. Therefore, I searched for where can I get Google cloud quality hosting? In other words, my website is hosted on the Google cloud infrastructure, the same infrastructure that hosts Google. And then where can I get a company will essentially just put my wordpress install on the Google Club because if you're technical and things like Lennox, sir, you or Python, I'm not even sure what it is you can import your own WORDPRESS website directly on the Google cloud. You can put it on Amazon Web services. I know a lot of the big websites are hosted with Amazon Web services because of that scale ability. So I searched. I said, Where can I get my website? Easily? On one of these cloud services, I found a website host that uses a Google cloud platform with WordPress where I could take my WORDPRESS website, which is my favorite content management system, over onto this host, which would then put that onto the Google Cloud platform, which gives me instant scalability. My website can handle. 100 million people can come through my website in one day. It will not crash. It might cost a fortune, but it will not crash. All I need to dio if 100 million people come through my website and one day's pay the bill , I need to pay the bill for the bandwidth in the data those people used on the Google cloud infrastructure. That's what you want because you get the ultimate in speed. The Google cloud infrastructure is Justus fast is Google it Rex and one of the subtle things you learn after you've been doing S CEO for a while is you learn one of the ranking factors Google uses. That's not very obvious. It's over in your your how your site crawls. So if you go over to the crawl, you need to go over and see how fast your link ISS. So I'm not even sure where this is in the new Google interface. I need the old interface. Actually, there's a crawl stats thing. It is a crawl staff data where it shows you how fast your website is getting crawled and the Here we go. Go to the old version, the faster your website crawls, that is the ranking signal. The Google. Here we go. I've just got I got this. In the old version, it's under crawl stats on the old search console. This is one of those little tiny ranking factors that most website hosts aren't aware of until it's a problem. From Google's point of view, the time spent downloading a page is a good indication of how fast the website is. What I found on every other Web host I used is a slow page downloading crawl. The last garbage host I was on actually got upto one plus second to crawl the page. That's a signal the Google of a not good user experience. That's a good, good way for people to click. The page doesn't load. They click out. You need a Web host that provides extremely high quality delivery globally, toe any amount of users wherever they're at in the world. And the easiest way to see this is the crawl stats and this you can be seen in the average ping the Layton. See you want this page load time to be low. You can see my averages 1 22 the highest 3 66 the lowest 27 most days. The page load time is very fast, and you want that. That is a huge ranking factor, both directly and in user experience, and that is directly related to your website host. If you have a slow website, host your what or your traffic starts going up. What happened? I switched to a virtual private server on a new website host and at first the page crawl. Time was good, and then it went up and up and up. A zai got mawr traffic and then I was looking at either having to get a dedicated server. But the problem is, even with a dedicated server, the page load time, the traffic, it will continue to go up. If your traffic goes up and up your page, load time will still keep going up and up, even on a dedicated server. I've said all of that to give you the essentials of what you need to know about a Web host , because I want you to have the best user experience. That's what's first now secondary. If you want to use and research and try the exact same host I use because you use my website, you know it works for me. If you want to do that, will you please go to jerry? Banfield dot com slash resource is and used my exact link to sign up for the same way boasting I have because you will feel good about helping me. I've signed up through my friends affiliate programs. I love helping my friends earn affiliate commissions on things that I would use. Anyway, I've told you eight minutes before this, so you can see my primary motivation is for you to have a great Web host and for you to get the best results. And if you want to help me and you go the resource page of my website and you click on website hosting, then you will see the exact Web host I'm using. The exact webos I'm using is Kinston because of exactly what I said. The features Google Cloud Platform. That's why I'm using Kinta all Kinston. Ultimate speed, Google Cloud platform Free migrations Fully managed. Our clients love us because we never settle. Kinsa is outstanding. You can see some of the huge clients working with Kinston already. You can start for us little as $30 a month. And the nice thing is, it's instantly scalable. If you go viral, all you need to do is pay a bigger bill, and I'm on the $100 month plan. And some months I've went over my band within my 100,000 visits. And guess what? I just need to pay a little bit extra. How can stay on that $100 month plan because most months I consistently used more than the pro and you've got a free SSL with it. Also, you've got plenty of space on it. You might want to cheap out on the web. Both they say, Jerry, come on and get up. Get a server from this company for $300 for two years. Yes. Why do you want to cheap out on one of the most important things for your website? If you're gonna spend money and you got a website, the web boasting is at the foundation. You go and pay for that cheap website host like I did the amount of frustration you have the amount of money you waste trying toe work with a better webos the amount of money you waste on paid ads because you can't get organic traffic because your website slow because people don't like your website. When you are on a Web site host like insta, there's other ones I used insta. If you're on a Web site host like kin STA that uses the Google cloud platform or one that uses Amazon Web services or another cloud platform, you've got the chance to never miss out on that viral growth. You've got the chance to make sure that you when things go well, you're prepared for it the most consistently I've seen entrepreneurs on are not prepared for things to go. Well, things go well for me now because I'm prepared for them to go well, I can take 100 million visitors in my website in one day. The bill might be $100,000. For that I am ready for it. Though my business is ready for a bunch of people who want something from me all at once. I've got my system set up to handle things going really well. If you want to rank higher, could website hosting helps? Great website hosting gives you great results. So if you like to use the same website hosting Ideo where you please drop by that resource is page click on that link the website hosting link directly when you sign up and that immediately sign up after that because then whenever you get your website hosting I'm very grateful. I earn a commission on that kids that did not have an affiliate program for the first year or so. I was with them and I signed up anyway because I wanted the best website hosting. And now I'm grateful they've added an affiliate program so you can see that that you have the opportunity to help me. And at the same time, my primary motivation is to get you on the best type of Web hosting rather than to get you on my particular web host. So thank you for getting all the way through this. I love you. I appreciate you. And I hope this is useful for you. I hope this saves you the thousands of dollars in hours I wasted with less effective solutions. 13. Email marketing helps build relationships and links naturally : How do we keep people coming back to our websites in order to share them and then to get higher rankings from those shares? How when we do get someone to come to our website and read one of our blawg post that we've worked so hard to get them there, how do we keep people coming back? One of the best ways to do that on Websites is with email marketing with email marketing. What we do is we put on a form to ask someone to subscribe and get weekly email updates. And with me, I'm grateful to have a list of almost 10,000 people who get my weekly email updates. And that's a list of 10,000 potential people that could back link that could share my posts . That could help get Mawr word of mouth and organic traffic on every single email I share. What I do is I have a really simple email form that's created directly by active campaign, the E best email marketing software I've used over several years. I'll talk more. I'll show you how that works in a minute. First, I've got a form directly on my website and I I've learned. Don't do annoying pop ups because it's kind of like asking for sex as soon as you start the first date. Now, Yes. You may want to have sex eventually on the date. You probably do want to talk about all that before you do it, but gives someone, Let people get to know you first for a minute. I hate when websites. As soon as I pop on and I'm going to leave, they asked me immediately for an email address or they immediately pop some annoying thing up. Like Do you want to lose weight? And yes, of course I want to lose weight. Well, actually, no. I don't want to lose any more weight, but you know what I'm saying? It's one of those things. Your intended to say yes to it. Do you want to make more money? Won't? Yes, of course. I want to make more money. Well, then it's subscribed. Are No. I just found this website I Google search. I'm not ready to give you my email yet. Put the email in a area on your website like your blawg or at the bottom of the page, like I've got it on Blawg Post. I've just got a little email thing on the side here. It's not too obtrusive, but if you're looking to subscribe to my email list, you'll find it. I've also got one down here on the home page of my website because I'm not, and I might put one back in the Footer. I think I had one, but I've got a little email updates here, and I'm not trying to ah, get you to join my email list. My email is is if you want it. I have made it available, but I'm not trying to force you into it. If you're on my email list, I want you to genuinely want my emails, because if you just try and get everyone on your list, you invariably get problems as I have course have gotten before with getting your emails reported. A spam, especially if you do, adds, we have a pop up. People will forget they gave you email dressed report. Your spam emails won't deliver. That's hard enough. Even building a list I The way I do it, the more you try and build a list and just try and focus on building list them or you'll get crap results with it and you won't get all the good things happening. What I do is I've just I've got a little place to do it on to subscribe on my blawg and on my home page. I might put it back in the Footer so there's additional spot on every page and then from there. Every week, my friend Michelle sends a weekly email update on what's new on all the things I've created this week from new podcast episodes. I'll show you the email. This is my list. I'm grateful there's now on my list. There's all over 9000 active contacts on my various list. The partners list is the most exclusive you gotta pay to be on there. All these other ones you can just sign up to be on than may. I've got these different lists. That active campaign makes all this really easy to just separate these lists and to do great automation is, for example, I have an automation. When you sign up to be a partner, you get a very specific email for joining the partner list, and I can add additional animations just for the partner list what it's important to do that is, just have campaigns like this one Michelle sent out last week. It just provides, Hey, this is what's new and you can see Now it says the says they're about 500 Opens. But the Opens don't always correctly track. I've tried to remove people off my list in the past, and the email marketing software very often does not successfully track. Rather, someone opened, earn or not, because it only works in specific programs, etcetera. So I don't even pay attention to how many people are opening my emails. All of Michelle does is send a message every single week with what's new, because again, that's what I'm responsible for. I'm responsible for sending out what's new each week. Michelle does that. He makes these beautiful emails the 49th of these in a row that he's done, and he puts out new YouTube video, new blotting, other new YouTube videos The link to subscribe to my YouTube channel, New blawg Post Use a direct link today and there's an affiliate link to my skill share. New BLAWG Post to read right here. New podcast episode with links toe iTunes, New books I've got out and then what? This bottom ones for a product. So if I've got a new course or whatever, then Michelle's got his email right in there that you can contact as well. Ah, beautiful email. That's very easy to do. E mails that air of this quality in active campaign, that you can just repeat them every week. They look great, and all that does is talk about what's new with me every week. Therefore, there's always something to talk about. Even if I don't create anything new, you can. Michelle goes back and get some of the stuff that he wasn't able to cover on some of the week's where I've done lots of what I've done more than he could cover. This helps people who just want to check on me once a week to very quickly see the best of what I've created to quickly scroll through the email and see anything they want to do. It also helps make something massive out of every single email subscription. What you've got out these email subscriptions is probably thousands, according the campaign software. At least 500 people opening the email, probably every week and then getting to know what I'm doing. And I've noticed lots of times. Right after that email goes out, I get really good traffic to my website. After that from people going to read the post. They didn't go check on my website, but when they saw the email, then they went to go click and read a specific post. And if you want higher rankings on things, you want people to be able to have something like an email list where they can easily just get the best of what you've done every week, especially if you're creating a lot. Now the email marketing software you use makes a big difference. I use active campaign because after trying some of the cheaper ones, just like with a Web host, active campaign is the most scalable. When I want fancy features like even though I'm not using it, I've got the ability to put a site stripe on top of my website that sink Tup directly with active campaign so that viewers on my website can get unique messages based on what email lists they are subscribed to. The active campaign has amazing automation. There's all kinds of things you can do. For example, if someone clicks a specific link in a video, you can automatically add them. No new list you can do very ridiculous and fancy welcome sequences. For example, you an active campaign, you go to automation. You can set up, say, 20 or 50 welcome emails that you send once each day. You can easily integrate all this stuff right in your lists and put it all together. It's fantastic. Email marketing. It's way better than the cheaper stuff I was using before it costs more. But at the same time again, it's another email marketing software you can scale with. What I've found is that if I start scaling and it gets too painful, all I'll either stop. I'll generally just stop using whatever it is or do something halfway in the email marketing when I was using the cheaper software, what I kept doing that because we keep going up, is my list would gross. I'd keep paying the same higher and higher bill, but then I would stop sending emails because it got to be too much of an annoyance to try and manage these different lists. And then when I wanted to add something new, like have site messaging or direct integration with some other plug and I used. Then I would get aggravated, and I would just stop using it all together and eventually delete my list. I deleted my list two or three times on other email marketing services and started from scratch. Because if you get a stale email list that's bad. You can get a lot of spam complaints. You can ruin your whole email list. If, say, you don't email your list for six months and all of a sudden you send an email out of the blue and people like I forgot about you. Who that is, this reported spam. I use active campaign because it's the best I've found. My friend referred me to active campaign because he found the same thing. He helped me stop wasting my time. He's like I was about to create another email list. I was about to use the same software had used before and deleted my list off three times. Like Look, don't do that. Don't do the same mistake again. He's like I've tried some other software, found it. It's really good. If you'd like to use the same email marketing software I do where you please go to My resource is page and click on the email marketing link and then sign up for an account with active campaign. Because once you do that, you will feel good knowing that active campaign will give me 20% of whatever you pay. You pay the same thing either way, but active campaign will give me 20%. And I feel great knowing my friend gets 20% of my active campaign. When if I'd signed up without him, they just get the whole thing. Where is he gets 20%? I am very grateful. Active Campaigns has such a great referral program. And unlike the crappy free software I was using that almost no one ever signed up for through my Link Active campaign. It's very easy to be an affiliate, and if you like using active campaign, it's very easy to make referrals to active campaign like with my friend, you with the pricing, especially if you've got one friend who is building a big business. The active campaign, like where I'm at the 25,000 contacts on the plus plan might cost is $3800 a year for my email marketing, and it's worth it. It helps my organic traffic way better than what I used to use. It gives me something I can use for indefinitely in my business. And for the first time, I've committed to getting help with my email marketing, because when you pray for almost $4000 a year for email marketing, it's worth paying someone to make sure they get good emails out to the list every week. So that's that's my experience with active campaign, and that's my experience with email. Marketing really helps Teoh keep people coming back, and you really need people come back to maximize your organic traffic. 14. HTTPS is included as a ranking factor in Google: Google lists said. And the things I've seen that http s or having an SSL on your website to verify that your website is secure is officially included as a ranking factor. Their fourth absolutely critical toe. Have your website with H T T. P s. Because if you don't have your website and https, then it'll show is not secure in the browser. And it's just one of those very easy ranking factors you can do something about. I'll show you, for example, in search results for my own name. Every single website that comes up has https on it. And if we go down on the second page, we can then scroll down and we'll see every single website continues toe have https Simon until this one that is way down in the middle around rank 15. So if you get if you get every single http tps you get that on your website, you can see almost all the web sites that rank for my name. Almost all of them have https on them. So you want to make sure that you get https on your website and if you've got a good website host like insta, it's really easy to get https on your website and working 15. Ensure complete coverage of your own name in search results: one of the most basic things you might not even consider in search engine optimization. Inbound marketing is toe lock down results on your own name. That's why. Don't recommend using a company or anything else because you might have to compete with things that aren't even you. Now, yes, someone else might have your same name. You can differentiate your name with the middle initial for me. There was another Jerry band feel on Facebook that has just got braces. Klay wiped out in search results because I came along. If someone else If you've got an actor and actress has already got your same name, you can put a spin on it. You can use your middle initial. You can nous figure out a way to differentiate yourself a little bit. You always want to differentiate yourself so that when people search for you after hearing about you, then you've at least got your results locked down on your own name. And I've got my results locked down exactly where I want them right now. The top three results our jerry banfield dot com First Jerry Banfield, YouTube and Jury Bayfield Twitter. Then you've got the jury Bayfield steaming account and Facebook on their You've got locked down on the jury. Banfield Search results All the top things or things I have to say. Basically, you might think while oh cares, what does it matter? Why would I put any thought into locking down the results of my own name? When you get that word of mouth marketing, you want people talking about you to go Google you and then find your website? One of the top key words on my Web site is Jerry Banfield. People hear about T Jerry Man field. They Google Jerry Banfield and then you've got my website. So anyone that hears about my website or hears about me can come straight to my website. And I want people to come to my website, my YouTube channel or my Twitter those. They're three of the best places for you to come see where I'm at, especially my website, but also my YouTube and my Twitter. Guess what shares post from my website from my YouTube and from my Facebook. So all three of these air, the exact things I want you to find on search when you search about me, then to do this in the description on my home page. I make sure to put my own name in there in both the title and here I say, and I invite people to essentially click where you join me, Jerry being feel that. Jerry banfield dot com Then it says, How may I Jerry Banfield be of service to you today on Jerry? Bad field dot com You hopefully find an answer, So I've got this set up toe. Have jury Banfield and Jerry beer field dot com in right at the top of this because, like you can see on Twitter, it just pulls these tweets up on YouTube. It pulls up, pulls it up like this. So I've got When you've got your name in the URL you've got in the description, it gives you the best chance to rank a pine. You really want to get yourself ranking at the top on your own website, so people come to a place you control right away when they find you. That's why for branding, I love having my name as the branding because whenever someone searches about Jerry Banfield, they're likely to come to Jerry Bear filled dot com and then I've got these. These are some of the best pages on my website. This one goes to the University of Jerry Bad Feel. Drive my courses. This one goes to my free courses. Pedro, I've got some free coupons. My contact page of my block. This is exactly how I want it to look when you search for me. Therefore, if you do want to put some time into any particular keywords, you want to lock down your own name. And the easiest way to do that is just make a website and make sure you've got your own name in the website and then keep putting things on your website and you should take the first spot for your own name if there's someone else on it and you differentiate it, for example, if there was someone else with Jerry Banfield, I could have used my legal name, Gerald Banfield, or I could have used my middle initial. Or I could have even chosen a different way to put it so that however you searched for it, I would be able to show up first. For if you've already started doing in another way, that's awkward and doesn't work. Now is a great day to go through the pain of change and just set it up on away. I went through a bunch of companies and company named websites. See, I did a bunch of other things until I finally just did jury banfield dot com. And now the nice thing with jerry banfield dot com is I can do jury bare field dot com the rest of my life. And when you put something you're contemplating doing for the rest of your life, it also gives you some responsibility. If you're doing the company website, why not be irresponsible on your company website? Why not have a sleazy product or service on a company website that none of your friends and family find out about when you've got it on your own name website and encourages? Hey, if my grandmother, my one's dead and the other one doesn't talk to me, let's use different example. If my aunt wants to see how I'm doing and Google's may I want a website my M is proud of to come visit. There you go 16. Register your domain for a long time to show stability over time: Here's a random tip I got on fiber. That was really helpful for an easy thing to do To rank a domain. Hire one of the easiest things you do to rank your domain IRS. Just pay for it for a longer time. I've got my domain on Go Daddy, and you can see my domain. Jerry. Bare field dot com is registered through 2028. As you can picture Google thinking about which domains to rank the highest you can imagine , Google would look at how long a domain was registered for and think, Hey, the longer domains registered the mawr consistency, we can expect overtime now. I don't expect that this is a massive ranking factor that will change everything. What I do see is that it's part of a lot of those little things you can do to boost your position. That's really easy, so I encourage you register your domain for the longest time possible. That your register has 10 years should be plenty of time. What is ridiculous? One say you've got your jerry banfield dot com Something like that, your name that you should have forever, and then you're renewing it from year to year and risking, say, not paying attention around the credit card not built, and then your domain expires. This is easy to see why Google considers this a ranking factor because you wouldn't believe how many wet site websites I've came across over last few years, and you probably have tour the website isn't valid or doesn't even work anymore. Google obviously expects if the Web site is registered longer, it's probably a better bet in terms off the quality of the website. Therefore, really is the next time or right now, whenever you're renew your website, put it to the longest period your register will give you, and then you get that little boost to your organic search ranking. Plus, you can then set it up to renew for every year. What I do mind renews every year, and it pushes the expiration date back another year from after that. So if you look, I actually haven't done this yet, so this will be interesting to search for. I'm gonna search for google dot com. I I don't even know which select all the squares, air traffic lights. All right, there's there's on all right. There's technically traffic lights in that square. Also, let's see out long. Google's is registered for Google's is registered and through 2020 which is funny. So Google, even on their own domain Onley has it expiring. For another. Google's got their domain registered two years in advance, so you can imagine if Google's got their domain registered two years in advance. You definitely want years to be at least two years in advance. Let's look how long facebook dot com is registered for. Maybe this foolproof. My point. A little bit better there. Facebook's is registered through 2028 a little. A little bit of validation. I don't know why Google is their own domain. The two years Wouldn't it be funny? Of google dot com expired, and someone snagged that Facebook has. There's registered 10 years in advance, so I Facebook's got. There's 10 years in advance to Google's two years in advance. You definitely want years more than one year in advance at a minimum. All right, let's try this one more time. All the images with a storefront, all right, that's probably it. Let's see how long YouTube's registered for. Wow, that is hella sketchy. YouTube is expiring in 2019. Wow. YouTube's actually going to inspire in a few days. All right, well, let's see if we can grab about youtube dot com if between expirations, whatever. I've got mine. For 10 years, I heard of work from a guy in five or Facebook's registered for 10 years. Whatever. Maybe it works. Why not try it? At least you can feel good about it. Anyhow, Jerry, this sucks. You should edit this one. No, because the I believe this works and is true. So what if Google and YouTube aren't even practicing it? 17. Edit the date published when making any changes: one of the the easy strategies you can do to help Post rank higher on Google is to keep updating the date published when any time you update an existing page, for example, I've got a free coupon page on my website a jury banfield dot com. We've got 271 paid courses for free on this website. Every time we update this page and add some new links, what we do is we change the Post published date on it. I know when I look at websites on Google and I'm searching for something I always bias in favor of whatever the newest result is, I've started to Seymour companies with a big presence online doing the same thing. For example, if you've gotta help website New updated any time you update something, go through and edit the date published because you've essentially republished a new version of that. That way, when people are searching, you've got a better shot at getting clicked on because your website is newer, especially on something like free coupons. People who are Googling for free coupons. No, the older the pages, the less likely the coupons are to be good So I've been able to get thousands of people a month consistently coming to this page by one thing by keeping the page updated. First of all, don't just update the page and the published date if you haven't actually updated it. But second, whenever we do update the coupons on it, we do update that date published, which then shows in the rank. And again, with all these little ranking factors individually, they might not do much. But when you do all these things together, do you start getting some really good traffic? 18. Setup automatic sharing on social media to help get viewers and signal for a higher rank: if you want to get more people to your website and mawr getting traffic. Obviously, social media is a really good way to do that now. We haven't talked at all about social media traffic, specifically things like Twitter and Facebook. But what I can say with confidence is that what happens, I'm Facebook and Twitter does impact the organic search ranking on YouTube. If it sees traffic coming in from Facebook and Twitter, it considers that they signal to indicate that the videos worth ranking high on Google of its thes traffic coming in from Facebook and Twitter. That could be a good indication it's getting here. Therefore, you always want to make sure you share every single post, every page, every video. Always you want to share it on as many different social media websites as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to use Appier. Zap ear dot com has a ton of integrations with the social media networks you're likely to use on. What you can do is set up these little widgets to do things like this. I automatically whenever I put a new post of my website. Now, thanks to Zap your it automatically drops that post over onto Twitter. And then what happens is you've got that constantly updated feed on Twitter. Then I don't have to actually even try and put it on Twitter because all my new YouTube videos automatically go to Twitter. And like this, the blood post automatically go on Twitter just like this with a beautiful format, which allows me to get retweets on them, which allows me, then, toe. I can even publish the video and the post to come out at separate times then, and that allows me to reach more people on Twitter. Thousands of impressions on Twitter Twitter in the last 24 hours, and that allows me to get more traffic that allows me to build links. Viral growth, email subscriptions at all just snowballs together. Now I suggest making sure you have it set up automatically, because if you're like me, it's one more thing in your mind to just manually shared to Facebook. And Twitter might not seem like a big deal, but I bet if you look at the evidence and do you take the time every time when you create something new to share it on Facebook and Twitter. I know I didn't. And yet when I've got this automation built in, what I've got now is it automatically goes out on my social media accounts because then I just create it and it goes out automatically. It saves me a few minutes of time, and it saved me one thing on my to do list. All I do is film. The video, put it out, and it goes out, and that gives me a lot of peace of mind that I just create and it goes out. I don't have to take. That was extra few minutes to share it, and you might not think three minutes going this year on Facebook and Twitter makes a big deal. If you do it every day, that's 1000 minutes. Ah, year you've spent doing something you could automate, and if you add 1000 minutes, will really you divide you divide 1000 minutes and the hours you divide. By 6 60 you've spent 15 hours in a year doing a manual copy and paste to Twitter and Facebook. Use something like zap ear to automate as many things as you possibly can, and that will help you just get the word out, Then you don't need to waste time doing things like paid ads to get traffic. You just constantly build your organic traffic. Your organic ranking continues to increase, and then you get to the point where I'm at. You've got enough traffic to do your business full time, and all you need to do is just keep creating. The key is, if you want to get there, you need to act as if you're already there. When you act as if you're already there, you set up automation and you just keep doing it all the son you'll discover like me. One day I've arrived, I have arrived and I can tell you the exact day I arrived. I can tell you, when I started acting like I was where I wanted to be when I started setting up things like automation ons, Appier, things started to go really well for my organic traffic. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is helpful for you. 19. Skillshare Class Project: Thank you for getting the second last video on skill, Sherm. Honored. You've got this deep into the course. I've got a project for you that will help you build your organic search presence. I've learned every little thing I do online contribute. You never would believe some of the places people have found me and ended up following me. Ah, class project on skill share is a great way to help a few more people find you and to feel good and share your experience and help teach the class for the class project. Will you please post a picture and a link to your website or YouTube channel wherever you're trying to rank higher along with sharing the story of how you got here today? Because that will help each other student that comes through the course, learn from you and you will feel good knowing that you've helped make this a better course for everyone else in it. 20. Welcome to the top!: thank you very much for making it all the way to the end of this course. You are one of the Onley people that have taken this course. You've actually got all the way to the end of it. That, to me, is a good signal that you've got that 1% potential. You see most of us we start things and we don't finish them. We try and start a course, but we don't watch all the videos in it. We don't get the full benefit from it. I'm honored. You've spent so much time with me. I'm very grateful you've got here. And I hope this has been fantastically helpful for you because I've been so excited to share all of the stuff I've learned mostly the hard way, with the hope that it's much easier for you to succeed. Because while I've got a head start per potentially not definitely. But while I potentially have a head start, you can use all the information that has taken me seven years to give you the best of and you can rapidly advance, Justus, my friends have who have taken the what I've shared in my many video courses. and then just rapidly got into where it took me years to get to, like having hundreds of thousands of prescribers on YouTube. My friend Joseph Delgaudio, I'm thinking of. He practiced what he learned with me, and he got 250,000 subscribers five years faster than I did just by applying that maybe 4 4.5 by applying at the tools he used from learning with May. I hope this helps you be fantastically successful because we need your message to be delivered with the world. I'm imagining it. You have a message of love and hope and faith and gratitude and joy and charity and generosity that you're trying to share with the world because that's what has attracted you to take a course with me. If you're all about hustling and dominate and power control, I doubt you would have finished this course. Therefore, there is the law of attraction, and ultimately you attract the people you need to you. Therefore, if you want to be successful, just keep attracting the people who already are ready to receive your message. You clearly were ready to receive this. I'm honored. You've received it here today that you went all the way through this course. One thing you can do if you've enjoyed anything this course, we please leave a review on it. Because that will leave you feeling good that you gave back something in the course, and it will help you communicate to other students what kind of experience you had with the course. I love your awesome. I appreciate you making it here, and I imagine I'll see you again in another video on YouTube. Another video on Facebook. Another video course of blawg post my email list of podcast. I don't know where it will be, but I'm excited that we've had this time today and I imagine we'll do it again soon.