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Massive X Tutorial: Learn"Massive X" in One Week

teacher avatar Thomas Shane

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Massive X Introduction

    • 2. Interface Layout

    • 3. Routing

    • 4. Oscillators (Duel Wavetable)

    • 5. Performer

    • 6. Envelope

    • 7. Lfo

    • 8. Tracker

    • 9. Noise Osc

    • 10. Filter types

    • 11. Insert Effects

    • 12. Stereo Unit effects

    • 13. Voicing & Unison

    • 14. Thank you

    • 15. Bonus content: DNB - Reese sound

    • 16. Bonus content: 8 BIT - lead synth 1

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About This Class

Want to learn Massive X?

Well here's a course for you! Learn the ins and outs of Massive X Synth by Native instruments today today!

You will learn everything you can know about Massive x and be able to create your own sounds.

I will go through all of massive x features, and enable you to know where everything is and what each function do. massive x is an outstanding synth , Easy routing, fantastic wavetable modes and so much more!

Massive Packed with pre-built presets to choose from. 

I will teach you first everything about Massive x the fundamentals, then put everything into theory by creating advance sound design presets. (Bonus content which will be updated often

"I want to teach you everything, and I want you to succeed in music. Even if you're a hobbyist you get to learn to make Everything from scratch."

What makes me qualified to teach you?

I have studied at South & City, Birmingham college for 3 years and gained a Certificate BA Hons for music technology.

I also have the experience of making electronic music, I started making my own music since 2009.

In this course I will go through the following things:

  • Interface Layout & The Basic functions

  • Oscillators (dual oscillators and their wavetable modes along with a Third Oscillator using a insert effect

  • Learn modulation sources (Performer, Lfos, Envelopes, Tracker, voice randomisation)

  • Effects

  • Filter Types

  • Phase Modulation

I will be including a large sum of sound design videos in the bonus section, by following along these videos you will  be able to create your own presets from scratch.  Learning  the process of how producers create their own certain sounds for certain genres of music. I will update it weekly. I will also show you how to re-create the future bass style preset from my introduction from scratch which will also be on bonus content.

Bonus - Genres of sound Design I will be covering

  • Dubstep (Growls, minimal, Riddim, Modern sounds)

  • Drum & Bass (Old style Reece basses, De-tuned/weird  basses)

  • Trance (Plucks, arps, Psy-trance bass)

  • House (Future House bass, Leads)

  • Trap (808 Kicks made in massive x!)

  • 8-bit/Synthwave/Ambient Music (Lush pads, Drones, Even more arps)

  • Future Bass

  • FX (sweeps, Crashes, Risers)

  • Learn how to create your own drums!

  • At Some point i will eventually make track from scratch just by using Massive x and essential daw mixing tools.

Thank you,

Thomas Shane

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Thomas Shane



My name is Thomas Shane i will be bringing you courses that i have self-taught myself over the Years like Music technology, Digital art, creating video games etc from experience, books and compiling it into a course for you.

I have done music since 2009 and made number of electronic music covering all genres under different names.

Studied at South Birmingham College and Gained  BTEC Extended Diploma certificate in Music Production

I want to share my experience with you, and give you insights how to create music, and the fundamentals of music production and Daws and along with different type of courses aswell

See full profile

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1. Massive X Introduction: Hello. Welcome in this. Cause I'll be Shane your health Use massive X by negative in two months, I will be explaining office Basic and defense. Mass effect is quite soon. You will also get a bonus. Content will be up tapes. In the course, we'll show you how to play certain sounds for certain corners of music. So if you want to go in the end and out of massive X welcome 2. Interface Layout: Welcome to the course. In this first video, I'll show you basic into first layout in massive X. Now massive X interface is sorted by four areas. Header, which is the top dog section here. Next area is all your modules, which trend away and process the sound. Burdeau is never occassion ball where you can select what patri few in the editor. So the last area is the editor where you can change the modulation settings. Let's start from the top. Click on the massive X To find out who created massive X and what version you're using exactly down arrow show. Use a precept foldable. Open the fold over. You have saved your presets. The more about massive X. We'll load up your Internet browser onto massive X page, where you can download the manual or learn more about massive X through sores, which is a quite feature we can change. Hope big. You want massive X on your screen. Use it. Tracking, if enabled, was sent Data off massive extra negative instruments. Re skin presets will just re skin presets. Now if a second even search icon or user or the priest that name it will open up the preset proud sir On the left side Here are the types we will be used in the default preset of law . But under the standard types on the left there is your own user presets. So if we saved any preset, you'll be under user. If you click even opal down our here, it will quickly load up the nets single preset in that certain type that you have picked from. Give us the safe. I can't bacon save your own presets. Name it. Whatever you like here is the master volume. Change it by clicking and dragging up or down. They're two icons on the white again We'll show you what person you're used in. Here is the pitch bend on the modulation eighties like a macro but with less control you can only be controlled by you males. Once you let go, it goes back to see alot. Here are 16 macros, which is a double amount compared from the old Massive but too quickly assigned Mac lows of modulation. Just click on any off its numbers or the icon up off the modulation sources and click on any box you want to model like there click on that bucks and even go up or down with your mounts while holding down there. Click if if if. If. If. If. If. If. If, and you can. Pretty much mud, like anything you want in massive X. Also, when you hover over the numbers, the names or the icons up off the modulation sources, it will hide by all the places like you have signed to the modern nation, to which helps out. If you have too much going on, here is the pitch. We can change the clothe Clyde these where if you person noticed weight after all at the same time that pitch from the first note. Well, Clyde, into that second that you're depressed until that note will place correct. No pitch time will simply change health fast or slow. You want Clyde time theorists a deal Wave table here was face modulation. Here is the noise generator. Here is the filter section. Here is the insert effects section and I am pretty controlled The devil pan on the feedback here the stereo unit effects section and lastly here are the multiple ation toys on the forcing and booting 3. Routing: massive excess now improve the booting compared to the older version off massive, and it's now far easier to understand what's going on. Rooting is a powerful thing in massive X, So now I have open this preset, you'll see that there is nothing rooted and all know sounds coming through. That's because the oscillators are not connected to the master. All the stir union affects. We can do this easily by clicking on the small square on our sunny to even a unit effect or the master you can also watch, except to bypass and thinking they're booting page and works like a can to active fight. Also, remember when you sign a connection to the unit effect, it's in order. For example, sent X goes to send boy send void and goes to send set and goes to the master. So if you only connected to boy Effect, X will affect the sound. But then again, you can change the violist area. Yoon effects are boots into each other. By here, X plus y, we'll both will be routed to said, so that means if you connect it, boy, you're not here. The fact of expert can still hear the effect said, and Wine X Plus y Plus said, We'll go straight to the master on no into E travel. Another tip. There are lines that will guide you to wherever think is rooted, which all lead to the master output so you can see the lines that goes into each other for the unit effects. Very helpful you will also notice, though, is a. B C and the F A A and B in the sea instead effects. So that's just run to the chooser insert effect. The insert effect name that you have chosen will appear in the booting fuller example. A will be attractive like, and there is an F, which is the filter again. You'll show the filter type next to it. So if you wanted the filter or insert effect on the sound you working on, you have to move from the oscillator to the filter than to Eva stereo unit effects or straight to the master. Ah, now you can go world with this, for example. Let's say I wanted to only affect us later one, but not affect us later, to which you can easily do this by doing the same before from our selector. Want to the union effect and oscillator to straight to the master. This allows you to have total control off everything and have given instead effects or filters on certain oscillators or noise. No. Is ultras that generate given types of noise, which we will go through in the later for video mud one and march to its way concert modulation by clicking and tracking modulation shows to the small box here for a quick example, or place an insert effect and affect the answer effect with the mod one. Uh huh. Well, it does. It's modulating self over modulation source with the effect or the filter through this. This is my guess. I could be one as there's no manual for massive Xia, but still cool way to change the Sound Nets Officer Feedback loop. The first left feedback loop with this preset is the in and this is the output off the loop . To set the feedback, just place any feel toe effect and connect the being say up and where you want you can turn up the feet back. Nope. Here, change a feedback mode here that's fingers face modulation, books which you need to turn it on by here. Increasing the oxen appear on connector again. Not 100%. This is correct. But it sounds like the US later is being phased modulated by white noise. And if they're not turned over to the Y, it just blew. Truce is white noise. 4. Oscillators (Duel Wavetable): Okay, now on the door. US. Laters. Here is the US later one. And here is the oscillator to click here to change by table type James this big circle knob . To change the position of the baby shape, you can double click things to change the settings to Steve Oates settings. Here you can change the follow you change the pitch by semi tone. Under that, there are two boxes waking. Add modulation to the pitch. You can do the any off the modulation on the box by white clicking and click on delete. You can see there is a filter in the face under the big circle nup. Both will change for the by table mode that you are on filters. Just a low pass filter face just changes the phase. Also on this wave table modes, each has different sub menus. Bacon self from the filters and so on. It's best just play for fleas and find which one you like the most. Here are 10 brave table, different modes. You can choose form standard, which we were recovered. Then Mildred spends the Bay form in positive and negative. Here is what it sounds like. It's like looking at the perfection, but in the way of shape sense, it just repeats its wave shape. The higher the Bay show, the more copies there will be, which also means higher pitch. And it may not being notes you're playing or the media note. You have George in your digital workstation, so you say tuna to see if it's playing in the note you want. This applies to the different modes as well hearts and produces a screaming, focal type of sound. Basically what it does. It locks of face relationship off the oscillators fundamental wave, the slave oscillator. We set its face back to seal every time the master OSCE latex that seawall phase. But with massive X, you don't need their slaves set up as it's already included in the actual hearts and mode. If the racial, it would change the edges off the way from people, A Circle repeats second level changes its own slave oscillator Follow you nets up is the rap mode rap modus like hearts and put more musical. We can wrap the by form unto itself. Here is the full map, but Patricia is a folk, a type of sand with different wave shapes, it will affect the format differently. Former It's like a low pass filter. Depending on the setting on the format, it will increase the harmonics at that certain frequency as well. Oh, now for a R T, which means artificial resonance technology. It is how hard the modus fact in the way of shape pitches clan like format mode. For if that's the harmonics, differently went increasing, etcetera. Let's reserve the top on it. It's crazy mode for the useful for heavier draw owners off music Theo Random just did Christ the audio, and it sounds like a big question on this knob. It its appreciation off the chitter on the clock, defied on the left setting speed is really fast on the third term, like the slower the speed chitter changes amount off Bandon. Rest to the frequency That's mo district again. Sounds like big kosher when turned to the forward. That's fingers face modulation, which you can face mortally us later. One and us later to Here is PM one section, and here is PM. Two sections turn on PM one here This way shape were mortally oscillator one. We can also change the phase modulation wave shape here. Here we can change the pitch off the face of motivation. Late shape 5. Performer: Now let's talk about the modulation sources many features has been creating proof on since the old massive first officer performer here we got different types off blows off drawing shapes is like creating our own LFO two model eight Things on the left is well, if we don't like what we created, we can remove it. Oh, and start again now under basic, we can change how show or how long When you two on the performer we can also change the time. Second chair, right is how fast, so slow we want a performer to one. Ah ah, level is like Troy and wetting up in sense. If you're happy, actually or setting, you won't hear the performer, but the more increased it them or you can hear the performer. Now, if you click this tab on, you'll show a performance cred. You can see what we have true on inside this box. Here. We can also copy and paste er. If you click on these boxes, we can make changes at the bottom. We can be named these like intro build and so on. We can control his performances by key over Now change the mode loop but what happened forever, or a one shot that will only play once, anyways, back to the normal fuel for Mexican uni It will play anything we have drawn. But on, boy, anything that speeds out of the middle will not play. Uh, on also, if we drawn something, we can go on any long and press and hold left click, and you can change it however you like. Also, if you want more control, hold down like click. We can also change the loop in the form below, where we have set the loop holding left click to select what we'd have Troon. Now this one will even move to the left or to the white. Now this mode was spread things out or closer to the mid off the loop that you have created . Now we can change basic to custom where we can create our own time signature and have more control. That's fingers there for tickle cred. So that saves. You want to have a tight snap when they want, maybe free or four points to snap to while you can. For example, I would turn on snapped quid mode on and change it to full and I can only snap to four points on the quid or change it to a and show you you can only snap to eight points. 6. Envelope: Let's now move on to the any flow up section. There's an AM pro gun control off our actual down modulation is where if we want to want to lay effect who anything we want, we will use this one exciter, which is really fast on. Designed to work of certain effects. We can actually changes modulation to any think we want. Okay, let me explain its basic features. Delay just means it would delay. The sound I stands for. Attack is how fast you want to find to hit at Max so fast attack means max volumes. Though attack, the finding will slowly to reach Max for useful when making patch mint. It's on the slow setting also win, but on the modulation attack, decay and so on, it's going to be the same book. Instead of volume is affecting, it will be the knobs that you have signed to animals. Back to explaining you can always look here to understand which no is doing Hold is like forcing the sound, too. That's at certain off time. De stands for decay is how long ago health show you want the sound so short decay are quite for plucked sounds our which stands for with these. It's like a weaver. Been some sense but makes the end up the sound longer. Now these will change the attack and decay shapes just changes the curve. For example. Quick shape means really fast, slower shape this Lowell attacking the decay pig to slows or hires a fresh hold off max Volume off the attack So lower the attack loaf volume. High attack. Higher volume. The stain those the volume throughout. When played when on the lowest setting decay will be doing all the world lower sustain. Also good for plucked sounds. Here is the philosophy knob. It's where if you want to control the volume for house off to haul your pressing a meaty note, click here to change its mode to more extreme. Here is baby useful on the modulation? NF oped. It will control the falling off the modulation down here if you want to sell per loop, one shot or gate, just like one shot, but just happens once now for exciter. There is now a ratio on the center, which you can change what the center is doing. What she always held hard. You want their theft center just moved closer to attack. Well, closer to the least 7. Lfo: that's move onto the LFL section. The main LFO is called switch LF thought is called tritscher ofl because we can quickly switch our fellow toy. That's quickly a song LFO on the filter right is how fast we want our photo go here are free Different knows that place back that our thaw We have sink boy on us later in a free mode it will be playing in hers But when it is set in free or offs later mode it won't be in temp holding to have song So what we want is to turn it on to the sink mode Now when we change health fast or slow Our our thought was going You will be tempo sync. Hmm We can left taken Hold any off these weights change However we like them Awesome feature as it gives us more control Uh huh. Here we can change different loop modes Loop Who set loop Gate and Lou Police, Huh? One shot means it will only tailor our fell once it fell over Wakes up to slow. That means he won't play that every first l a vote right? One shot releases like one shop but means If we increase the with these time, it will only play L F O Boyle the police times happening now if you play more than one note and sometimes he may sound off, you may sound off us. It's not sink teacher. We can fix this by turning the mono mode here. Oh, Ethel Level is to follow him off. What's his motto? Lighting it off? We different play modes delays when? How long? It will take to l A photo touch to start working now full well, stop that, Our fellow a certain point. No. Huh? And the wars is liken Attack boys will start lfo a certain time Now let's look at one damn lfo shape control, but have even a triangle shape were spread polls all mix between them. Down here is where you will show you what's going on. If we turn on audio noise, you're basically transform the shaped noise. We want him noise The volume off. Whatever shape we have said Frequency tricked her would want him noise. The frequency off shape we have set. Ah, threshold acts kind of like a compressor on brings the sound together 8. Tracker : Nexus the Tracker. We have four different trackers we can control. Must've X playback with tracker. The first modus no pitch is when we play certain. No, this is like a key tracker. We comply this to anything we want, so that's safer. Wanted to add this to the court higher. The note means more of the sound will come fuel and we can edit the tracker like the performer. We can make points, however, be Lloyd for tickle quid. Rickshaws showed before velocity on it won't velocity on this off. Then there's gate on in first Gate and here are some throwing nodes. The last tip is, if it wakes like here, you can moot modulations or delayed them. 9. Noise Osc: Okay. Now on to the noise trainer. Waiter, There's a huge Mel off different noises you can pick form. There are two noise China writers here. We can turn the fawning up for each noise generator. Here, begin change. What noise we want Static is what you find the maturity of over since the first offer experimental on weird and Chrissie salving a You can not like the volume if you void and there is a pitching up that you can change the pitch off that certainly. 10. Filter types: okay, it's quickly Have a look at the different filters. Now. Each filter is going to sound differently, which affects frequency and residents and so on. And only certain filters have certain frequency splits. For example, Ban Pass low pass, which we can change here. Resonances. A frequency boost to that point, where your cooking graph so higher the resonance, the higher following you much certain frequency. It's quite making weird sound design. Freaking See just simply changes whether cool off all the frequencies up Katie are just means key. Tracking Full of filter. We have a gain up here we have a FM, which is frequency modulation even by Ah, Select One will also like to which we can choose in the rooting section. Now these naps will change depending on what field two you have chosen for the camp filter . It's a filter ad, just like delay to itself. Computers has free different moments to pick excited mode, which sounds saying to overcome filters that's out there and the over to show oscillator on a clinger. Here we have three different pitch control modes. Key track, fix and ratio. Here we have a feedback, and in the laugh come filters. There's a plus and the minus, which changes sound off the filter. Here's a low pass on this knob. Even increase it. It will make this sound more over the top. Plateful. Food Sounds Creek Field test Foremost pick form and they sound quite with LFO Mart on some recitations way are pretty much donning the filter section. Let's move on. 11. Insert Effects: we are now going to look at insert affects. The first effect is cool anima, which maturity is a weird in a good play effect. What it's during, it improves the oscillator, signal and changes. Have pitching the contacts. Why it was quite it because of camp on Deaf Lander filter. Pitch to change. It pits up there, do you? We have a mixed no way. Have a feud backing up again. Like the calm filter, we can change its mode to minus or plus which changed the sound way. Have a smear, not exchanges of delay times it's on the left. It's tuned for increased that it will sound more. We have a fast mode with changes from slow mode, too fast mode, which affects the speed up. The effect with right to Max will be harder to hear the movement with a slower bite. It's faster, but we're also depends on the pitch amount is how much strong we won the effect. Okay, you know, bit cushier. But the truce is a big step off the audio on the crushing up, and it's left its crushing the sound when it's on the roid. You won't crush this much the gnome knob increases the power of perfect crusher. Offset shifts the faithful on utility big enough to filters a high pass and low pass and curve. It's like a V C a compressor, which is a quaint rate controller. Truncheons curve Who changed the response? Carisch sticks off the feces range and therefore changes a volume. Now on the folder Effect the a Fort Yvette Most pick form all this most changes his sound slightly. You got Dr Control, which adds, Dr People label. Yeah, hates coop means their quality signal frequency shifter, which changed the frequency off the sound in the context ride. It will also change the harmonics. So if it's a 100% where you would not be the notes you're playing, you'll be playing something differently, depending on the frequency setting that you have chosen frequency shifter. You can make interesting sounds or have mixed in about the middle, so you have half off the original sink and over harvest frequency shift. Now we're not increase or decrease of frequencies slightly. This quakes of weird, cool sounding L Ecole effect more moves frequency, the faster this effect is going to be here, we have avoid book on. It means it will affect avoid a range of frequency with distortion we have five even knows to pick from. I highly recommend you use in distortion for heavy, a drawn up based music distortion as more harmonics and make it sound more complex. We can have 1/3 oscillator, but for some reason in this preset Sooners who turned up for dust later from insert effect , you would not play us later won or lost. Relate to two. So we need to go on the booting tab, Move the connections from our state one and isolated to away from the third Effect. Also later, again, just double click on the connections to remove them. Then a sign that to oscillators fervor on the chain to the nets insert effect that if you want all the free oscillators to be on, we can change. The shape pits. Tracking on this pitch this luck icon exchanges pits tracking ratio, infertile phase, along with a phase control based. My dilation matures so early on that surface ring modulation where it might deploys air to signals. You really can't hear much change but change the Perchik quakes is real effect like from frequency shifter sample and hold this ways that's taking snapshots off voltage. Basically, the sound will be a bit differently. Each Tommy person note for the last insert effect tracked July. Basically what it will do if you add the signal back into itself after being delight. This will change the range off time and face, which you can then change below leg, which will smooth out DeLay Signal. Dream will control the center there. Who off the sound. We also have two different play modes. Plays with changes of phase. 12. Stereo Unit effects: that start looking at stereo unit affects. I will quickly go through these as Leslie's effects or pre much family. Most Simpson, even in your digital workstation first effect is dimensional expander, which simply as stereo with to your sound. Here we have four different modes, which we can choose from the Mounties. Health Strong is the effect point. Just change the carrot sticks off the effect steri Enough. If it's left, will be more mono on white will be more stereo. Next stop is an E cute, which has the standard e que features. We have a flange Gia. We have seven. Most pick form can completely change the sound. I expect you to know what some off these effects Not. Still, we also have some more moves as feedback. With this minus and plus mix time right on mt. We can change the effect shape on the buff about weaken. Turn on this milled on exchanges sound even more in re Ferb, which has improved on. We have a lot more we've for most to pick from, which is a plus. Let's move on to then. That's video 13. Voicing & Unison: for the last video. I like to talk about the voicing tab. Here we can change transposed boy semi tone, very useful. When the sin fits out off, tune on weaken Turn it back. But if I play Uno de but it's playing the picture fee, I can then turn down the transpose by negative two. And here's global pitch Ben controls if I want the pit spent weeks plus 12 semi tones on the pitch. Real tricks changing 12. Still all the Cloyd settings and free DIMOs you can pick from here we can change how Maney forces would play at the same time. So if I only told one, you only let me play one now at the same time. But if I choose TRAV, you're then let me play 12 notes at the same time. Useful for cold mano just lets you play one note engine set of changes. How massive X will sound on how it always set the oscillators. Here. We can choose if you want the noise to start every store off Immediate Know that his plane . Let's look at the unison what it is doing. Its Adlai more voices when you play in note. Here we can have more voices. We can t tune them here. Waken change the way deep tunes but changed in the mold called more will change forces to court mode or between 30 tuned No on the roids. We can pick which cord we want to play on a scale called Deteriorate slightly determine the cords. 14. Thank you: a massive Thank you for taking this course. I have hope. You have enjoyed the course so far. We are not done yet. I'll be updating the cause with bonus content. Both sound design. I will be creating sounds for different drawn is off music and even some sound effects. I hope you have learned something new about massive X and I wish you the best. Even if they sisters you're happy off yours or you want to quit music. I want you to carry on learning with my bonus content. Thank you again, boy, for now. 15. Bonus content: DNB - Reese sound : Hi, today I'll be showing you how to make this bass sound. Now, let's hear what it makes sound like in a sunk rich, I added some digital workstation. Next steps are, Let's open massive ex, low doped the default preset. Let's change it up tiff 12a. So by choosing this one, then move that to active shapes to the white and turn the volume up for wipe Table two and change a tuning for up to two to 0.550. And the field to choose this mode tend the restaurants to 2910. That filter at a 150 hertz, plays a LFO frequency around two o'clock. And then the LFO for settings change to uni, turn on sync mode on and change 286 plays OF L5 and frequency. But this time around 12, turn on unimodal Jan and sync mode on for 16. This will bring some movement to the sound, also changed the LFO shape to this one. For the first effect, we will use a wafer change in mode two Chess Hall. Then change the mix down to 22, increases size to 85. Go to the Voices section, change it to mono, and pull a node Ton. Turn-on Ni unison mode on change of voices to two and change this bread to 40, then changes stereo width to 41. For the best effect turned on to mention expander on change and melt to 13 and stereo to 70, and turn on the point mode on. 16. Bonus content: 8 BIT - lead synth 1: Hi, today I'll be showing you how to create this 8-bit Lee and sound. Okay, let's load up massive x, then load up the default preset. First thing first is to change the semitone to minus 12, which is one octave lower. We could also change the global pitch footfall listening instance. We will just lower the wave table pitch. We will be using a saw two square ratio wave table under harmonics, which combines both saw and a square by two if some overtones. Let's now turn on the filter and change a filter to Manoch, increase the residents about 40. This will add some higher frequencies to the sound and turn up the gain around 60%. Net says to turn a reverb effect on change the mix to 20%, change a coerce to a 100%, which makes a beef up noise and boyhood turn on stereo expander, turn their meltdown around 25%, which will make the sound even more bigger. Now, let's move on to the end of flow, which will make the sound to that 8-bit sound. Okay, first fingers to change envelope one, increase the attack around 4% and release time at 50%, then pulling the sustain all the way down. And this will make it sound more of a step sound. Nets track and proper ever loc2 To Live Table one. And the upper bound of coal increase the attack around 40%, then lower the decay all the way down. And attack also controls how fast it. You may also notice that the modulation only happens once. That's because of the gate mode is on. So instead of pressing and now the only happens once we want it to last forever to do unless we change the load to live emo, idiot. And that's it. That's how you make this 8-bit style of sound.