Make Games from Scratch (No Coding!) Part 1 - Getting Started with Unity | Brandon Wu | Skillshare

Make Games from Scratch (No Coding!) Part 1 - Getting Started with Unity

Brandon Wu, Founder of Studio Pepwuper - a Game Studio

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18 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Download Unity, Basic License vs Pro License

    • 3. Unity UI Quick Overview

    • 4. Grab Tool

    • 5. Positioning, Rotation, Scaling Tools

    • 6. QWER Tools Review

    • 7. Local vs Global Space

    • 8. Light Camera Primatives

    • 9. Material, Texture

    • 10. Photoshop (PSD) files

    • 11. Asset Store

    • 12. Build Settings and Building the App

    • 13. Pivot vs Center

    • 14. Wrap Up

    • 15. Extra – Skybox

    • 16. Extra – Animations

    • 17. Extra – Particle Effects

    • 18. Extra – Project Walk Through Demo

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About This Class

Start Making Games!

What do you do when you have a great idea for a game but no programming background? Before you give up, let me introduce you to the world of indie game development. With the technology and tools available today, you can start creating the game you've always wanted to make as soon as, well, today! 

Who is This Class for?

This class is for beginners with no prior game development or programming experience. We've also had parents taking the course together with their kids (the youngest was 8 years old) - this course is kids-friendly! :)

What You Will Need

  • A modern PC / Mac with 3D graphic compatibility (if you bought your computer in the past 5 years, it should be good enough.)
  • Download and install the Unity3D game engine We will be using Unity 3D for this class. Don't worry about the seemingly complicated interface. We will go over it in the class - piece of cake! Make sure your company can run this app without any problems. 

What You Will Create

Together with the class, we will re-create two gaming classics to get you started with game development - Breakout and Doodle Jump! Feedback will be provided throughout the course and be sure to attend the Office Hour on Google Hangout for Q&A.

We will build these two games for computers - PCs and Macs, and towards the end of the course we will discuss what to do if you want to build games for mobile, tablets, browsers, and/or consoles.





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Brandon Wu

Founder of Studio Pepwuper - a Game Studio

Previously a strategist at Sony and a developer at Electronic Arts, Brandon is the founder of a game production company and co-founder of an augmented reality startup. He founded and grew a Seattle game developer community to 2000+ members and is a bestselling author on Brandon has been a mentor and a speaker for Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University, Microsoft, Cambridge University Press and many other organisations.

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