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Make Games Without Programming using Godot

teacher avatar Alfred Reinold Baudisch, Jack of All Trades

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Godot?

    • 3. Godot Quickstart: Let's Make a Game!

    • 4. Creating and Getting Free Assets

    • 5. About our Game and Downloading Assets

    • 6. Godot Fundamentals: Interface

    • 7. Godot Fundamentals: Nodes and Scenes

    • 8. What are and why use Tilesheets and Spritesheets?

    • 9. Godot Fundamentals: Atlas and AtlasTexture

    • 10. Godot Fundamentals: TileMap and TileSet

    • 11. Godot Fundamentals: Visual Scripting

    • 12. Make a Game: Draw a Tilemap, a Coin and the Player

    • 13. Make a Game: Player Controls with Visual Scripts

    • 14. Make a Game: Coin Pickup

    • 15. Make a Game: Door that Requires Coin

    • 16. Make a Game: Movable Camera

    • 17. Make a Game: Animated Character

    • 18. It's Your Turn!

    • 19. Conclusion and Next Steps

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to make 2D games and art experiences without programming, using the free Godot game engine with its drag and drop Visual Scripting features.

You will learn basic concepts of programming logic, fundamentals of the Godot Engine and the Godot Editor, Godot Visual Scripting and how to find or make assets for your game.

You don't need prior experience to follow this class, the only requirement is a desire to make games and fun experiments and a computer with any operating system since Godot runs everywhere! This class is aimed at those who are looking to get started in game development or those interested in learning Godot.

First, you will learn what is the Godot Game Engine and what can you make with it. Then you will learn the different ways of how you can make a game with Godot. After that you will learn how to find assets for your game and a brief overview of how to create your own assets, from art to music to sound effects.

Then we will dive in straight into Godot's Visual Scripting to create our game!

Learn how to make levels with tilesheets, how to move a character in 8 directions, how to add pickups, how to add and detect collisions and how to animate a character!

This is a hands-on class, so without further ado, let's get started!


- Class music music from, by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (
- Game art assets by Kenney -

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alfred Reinold Baudisch

Jack of All Trades


My name is Alfred Reinold Baudisch and I am a professional self-taught software engineer, data architect, game creator and hobbyist artist.

I started programming when I was 8 years old because I wanted to make games, since then I have learned dozens of different programming languages, frameworks, platforms and engines, and I have worked in hundreds of different projects of all types and categories: websites, desktop applications, mobile apps, APIs, embedded software, tools and of course, video games.

I have worked as a freelancer developer for 20 years, until 2015 when I founded my own startup: Fred (build your own chatbots platform). On top of that since 2018 I work as a Senior Software Engineer with Elixir and Phoenix in a Farming Tech Startup in Copenhagen, Denmark.

... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Welcome to the glass. My name is Sulfur Dana Abolish. I have Martin 20 years of experience as a software developer in my love game development, but I know how hard frustrating can be to learn game development. That's why I created displaced in this quest. You are going to learn from the mental game development. You're going to learn the fundamentals off. Go Editor Indiegogo Agent, you're going to learn how to find free assets for your games and then we are going to make a small game. You don't need any kind of experience to start this glass. You also need preventing experience because we're going choose these Roy sweep, which is a drag and drop making isn't great games with the Rangers. You sure? Not a programmer? Sure. After government, we sure are. Artists are just someone There s a game development displays for you. If you also want to learn to go Go agent, Even if you are already a programmer, this quest is also for you. Basically, it's a class for everyone because it doesn't require any kind of knowledge before. So let's get started 2. What is Godot?: Go Do is a modern and freaking editor and game engine. It's for developers, designers and artists. It was created in 2007 got popular just in 2080 with the release of the version 3.0. Both the editor in the Engine are too much platform. You can run the editor and create games on Windows. Make OS, and the nooks and You Can Deploy are gaining. So Desktop Mobile in Web Godot has an extensive list of features possibilities. Wildly fundamental makeover discourse. I recommend that you check the official guides to see everything that's possible to do with God. Oh, and docks but Kodo engine. But our someone may features include support for Trudy and three games with the state of the art two D and three D. Rendering A R and D are single player and multiplayer games and networking. Trudy and Treaty Physics animation editor that allows you to animate almost everything inside the engine. It has support for multiple program rearranges, but else has its own language called Jitney script, which is user friendly for both beginners and professionals. But not on that. You can create games with visual rescript ity by dragging drop blocks and connections, which is the folks off this curse. God works away with other tools and assets. You just drag and drop assets into a project, and they are also much more important. Good, Always open source. With a specific license, you can take a look and exited coat. You can contribute to go though development, and you can even make it completely your own agent by changing it. For that reason, Godoy's free forever without any kind of royal to sharing our subscription. Amazing motive goodies maintaining by vultures and some full time developers that are paid by the nation. Basic motive. So if you, like go a recommend you to donate, but you're never required to do so good. There's not using the only four games. It's also used to create all kinds off tools and simulations. For example, I created a Frito for artists. It's also open source so you can download and change it as you need. Another developer curated a RPG creator to in another developer created a painting to would gado. Gado is used by game stewards, schools, content creators by a lot off In the whole best game developers, it would seem our check the documentation and the website Good go agent dot arc 3. Godot Quickstart: Let's Make a Game!: Welcome to the class. Let's get started by making something really fast. And though, and then in the next videos, we're going to explore everything in detail. So if you don't understand something right now, don't worry, we're going to explore those things in the next videos. Go to Godot Click Download, select your operating system. Probably it's gonna come selected by default in the standard version. Diversion that's related to your operating system, either 64 bits are the two beat angle nucleic 64-bit in the load. I'm gonna save it to my desktop after downloading, extract the zip file, and that's it. You don't have to install anything. Just double-click and it gets started. Click New Project. Select a folder to save it. I'm going to save it into my desktop named the project, anything you want, I'm gonna name, Let's get started. Click, Create, Folder, click, create and edit. This is good though. In the left pane here. Speak to the scene. Press Control S or Command S to save game. Then click the plus icon. Here. Click custom node, type kinematic, and select kinematically body 2D. It is important that you select it should be one and not the other one. Click Create, click the plus icon here again. By collision. Select collegium shaped 2D. This one. Double-click or click great. With the collegium shapes select on the left pane. Go to the right pane. Select Shape. Rectangle shape should be now on the left pane in file system with the project files, select the default icon that comes with the project. Then drag and drop into our scene when it asks, which kind of is privacy left, the default selection, selected, which is this bright and click. Okay, now I'll select it with the left mouse button, click transform, position, and type 00. Now, drag and drop the icon to the top of the collision ship to D. Select the equilibrium shift to adjust it so it matches the icon you can use. The mouse wheel is screw it, open down, choose zoom in and zoom out. Now press Control S to save game and tight player. Now this scene is save it, go to the gaming node again here on top. Your project files. And select player, and drag and dropped into the scene anywhere that you want. Press F5 to run the game, or click the play arrow here. Click Select and select gamey to select it as the default we seen. If it asks us for our permissions, click a low axis, and then your project has been run. So congratulations, this is your first Godot project and your first game. Of course, it doesn't do anything, but this is just the beginning. Now let's, let's add movement to display your character with the kidney Mac keyboard to de-select it here, left-click to rename it and name it player. Now, click the cycle to go edit to this node. You can also add the name here if you want. But for the purpose of this first video, this is not necessary. Click the script Vernal here, making sure the kinematic body 2D node is selected. In language select visual script, the name. It can be left as player and click Create. This is the visual script editor, which is the focus of this course. But right now, let's just dive into action. The frictional split, the cycle, type physics and select physicals process floats and click Open. Now inside the IT space of the editor area, right click, and then search for call. Right-click again is search for completion. With the left mouse button, click the arrow in the physics process and drag to condition, select the coef function node, which is this one with a red X. Go to the Properties panel in the right side and comb mode, select singleton. Singleton, select inputs. In function. This one, click it and type is actual price it select this one is action, press it and double-click or click Open. In actual here. Click and type UI right. Now in this purple circle, drag and drop it to count. This is now your condition. Now, drag and drop another call function, or just double-click it and denote that we are automatically added to the editor. Drag from true to the function call either right panel. Make sure selfish selected click function and click Move and is light. This one, not this one, not this one. It is just moving his life. Double-click it here. In linear velocity type, any value went to be developed to move out type, for example, 750. Now press F5 to run the game and press the right arrow to move your character. It's moving. Now let's do the same to move it to the left. Basically, click with the left mouse button on top of the nodes, drag and select those three nodes. Then press Control C, Control V to paste. Drag it a bit to the right here. And then in the condition false drug to the condition intersection for asset, this one that we just copy and paste it. You're going to click it and rename it. You're right, right to left. Movies light click and type means 750 or whatever velocity that you type it here. Press Enter to confirm, and I'll press press F5 to run the game again. Now you can move with the left and right arrows. Congratulations, this is your first goal though, project in your first game made with it. Of course, this is very basic. So in the next videos, we're going to explore game design in the details. 4. Creating and Getting Free Assets: gains required lots off assets. Assets include music, art, text, some effects videos. So only so far I'll first showcase some off the tools that you can use recreational assets and then some websites where you can get Roy it free assets. So let's get started by seeing some Judy drawing tools. My favorite one is quicker, which is a free and open source of painting program. You can do out kinds off Rudyard here that is also give, which is also free and open source. They spiral Parker, which is also another free but not open source painting program that is Escape, which is also free. Open source. But it's for Victoria graphs you can was fiscal for doing big. So are for three D choices. Normally, blender blame There is also free and open source, but also quite complex in advance it. But getting the fundamentals to do basically three D modeling is quite easy. Infest for some the effects you can. Some of those made especially for game developers There are B R, g, f x R and J S F X are you can see it's superiors, Jews for music. You can use both Casio, which is also free and super is to use to create music with different kinds off instruments . There is also Dr People Moose Injury if you want to use it. Royalty free assets for your games, which I highly recommend for you, As I learned stage and for prototyping, there is Kenny assets, high quality assets off all kinds. Open game heart with thousands off, different styles and possibility. It's then for some effects you can go to free solves that organ forward free music you can use incompetent that go and totally free music. You know, the free music Yurkiw there some links in the resources off the class. 5. About our Game and Downloading Assets: the game we're going to create is a simple game, which it has a level A came here that moves with the player, has a pickup, it detects connections. It has a Porto and he has a moving camera. You can also see that is movements toe all directions and an animated sprite It. Let's get started by going to Kenny Assets click and assets on the top bar search for so called Been with a cape Click. So Corbyn click the Lote Dolo in the Lord disease to wear computer. No, you are rated restarts. 6. Godot Fundamentals: Interface: Let's start exploring from amounts off the Goto editor and to go the engine, we're going to start by the interface off Gado editor. So opened the Goudeau engine in the first screen you see is the project manager in This is Queen. You see our your arrested projects. You also see official and community provided templates where you can go load and instead this source code in the assets. There are many examples here. You can see the categories and you can navigate it base, but let's go back to the project list here. You can also set the language that you want to open to go though. Editor Good oysters late to multiple languages so you could just touch the annual English that the words you can create a new project. Important projects that downloaded from the Internet. Let's create a new project. So click New Project. I'm going to select my desktop folder and then on a my project, talking about game click Great Folder to create a folder, especially for its project. Such insulate the Render US Open jail as 3.0, which is the default selection, include creating that it any time that want to open another is a existing project. We just like the project in the Project Manager and the booklet kicked open What sense were creating a new project. We're just not click, create and edit. Let's explore the good oh editor interface to the left you have this century. Thesis three holds your sins and consequently, each scenes notes into nodes higher occurs. We're gonna talk about scenes and nodes later down to the left bottom corner. You have the file system or the project files, where you can have all the assets scripts and seems related to your project. This is your cynical being edited. This is Screen also shows nodes being added into invisible script, the code editor and all the editors to the right side. You have the inspector in the Inspector. You edited profits off notes in the top right corner. You have the two bar where you can change same types. You can go to the script editor. You can play your game, you can desk. You can export it into the top. You have it. I mean, with additional options. 7. Godot Fundamentals: Nodes and Scenes: to explain the concept off scenes and modes. I open an artificial project from the good oh source code, and here I have some prayer field scenes and notes. So let's get started imagined that the good Oh editor is a teaching. Each scene is a bunch off instructions, or that means it just seen is a respite, and each note is ingredients in good awa indigo door engine in video editor, everything is composed. First off notes. Then those notes air group it in since in those scenes can even use other scenes, it's basically as if a receipt use it. Another received to make bread ingredients. Let's say cake. You're making a cake. You need a bunch of ingredients like egg flour and water. The egg, the flour and water are notes. In this case, just like you here, for example, we have the floor in the walls, and then let's say the cake also needs a topping, and this stopping has it so rest to be made. It requires chocolate and new, and then you have a set of instructions to make this stopping, and after you make stopping, you wear it to your cake to you're basing ratings. In this case, the topping is like a troll here because this troll, as you can see in this icon here, destroy is not unknown itself. It's seen by itself, so you can see it destroys like the cake topping. It contains its own ingredients, with its own set off instructions. And then if we go back to Dangel. So this is this dungeon, for example, is the cake. This is those are the X do you always argue for and the true is the topping and thats it. Basically, you can understand the concept off since and nose with this comparison for ingredients and receipts, open the troll and nurture. Our comparison is topping and let's see its ingredients. It contains a sprite, which is basically at the image. It contains a collision shape. You can set different coalition shapes in this no to call the collision shipped to D. You have a camera to denote here. Basically, notes can be many, many things, basically every type of off necessity you have in game development for both to the and three D games, single player and multiplayer. You. Why so only so forth? You have a different note for that in God. Oh, you can also create your own notes there. Remember that notes can have older notice as Children, just like we have here. So this became so I know the tree. So this is a notary. Basically, this is the rest because cake topping those are the ingredients. But this is our issue notes And then this set off notes composed a scene, a scene called Trow. You can see the fire system. This scene is also here. It's called DRO and the extension for scenes in Godeau is T S C n. And then when you go to another scene, you can add those scenes in your hierarchy farming trees off scenes. So notice notes so but ST scenes. So a so far by mixing nose and since in thinking about in this being a teaching with ingredients and recipes, this is all the formula and the concept you needed understand about sin and know this season, which is the most important feature in concepts that you have to understand before moving on before doing anything. Because let's say as you can see, you cannot ready understand the power of this. Let's say once you add. Four enemies are even a new enemy here. It just duplicate this scene. So this scene allows you to create really visible components. Reusable end. It's those who can be reused. Then, if you change just one off them off, those five enemies that place in here will be changed it off the same time. And then let's say you want to create a different variation off designing your duplicated, this scene type and just, for example, changed the graphs. Or even better, you don't even need to change the same type here you can just changing stance profits, as we were going to see in this class. 8. What are and why use Tilesheets and Spritesheets?: go back to our gaming project in Bodo. Open the folder where you don't loaded the assets for game extract. Dizzy platitude a loaded from cane assets with the game assets open. The Tile Sheep folder selected this file. Call it so come on time sheets that PNG drug and drop it into the garden project. Now click back attractive atypical dough engine. Select the title sheet with just drop it. Go to import here. We're going to change the import settings for these uncheck future and click a Ring board. Now click back in the file system. Click the Rest folder with the left mouse button. Now click with the right mouse button and select new folder Great! A folder called Scenes. Another full to call it scripts. Another full to call resource drug and drop the tie was sheet file to the Resources folder , and now we have some ordering here in your game. Go toe to the Judy View. You can either click with the left mouse button in Trudy, or you can press F one year in your keyboard. Now drag and drop your tire sheet into the game project, and not so what happens. But This is a big image with lots off others. Mao images. What is this? How about lets understand the difference between sprites, textures, spreadsheets, style sheets, dynamics and tile sets? That's a lot of a lot of times took over, but don't worry. They are quite straightforward. So I have a folder here with some sprites that came with the Caney Asset back that with loaded and you can see each file is a different image or sprite that you can using again being contained different boxes with different colors. On the other hand, I have another food here with different Sprite sheets, entire sheets that the either loaded from Kenny. For example, Disease style sheet contains the same images. We have a separate hearing another folder, but this is contained in a single image file. What's the difference, then, between using a big image like this one or separate single images well single, even just for each sprites or entity in your game are easier. Choose because you can just see the image here. You can just dragon job into Goodall and use this image individually. The same goes, for example, for on Maysles. This is the player character where each animated frame is a separate image, but each image is also drawn. Separated Lee. Each images generated separate drug called by the engine. That means more memories. Use it more resources from the deceased, and I you, because you have all those difference files that have to be loaded from disk, and each individual file has to be index it and loaded into memory. When you have a big image containing are no assets, it accounts for only, well, file only one load from disk and only a single resource into memory. Doesn't matter if now you create ah 100 boxes. Based on this single image, there will be only one broke all the only one resource it loaded into memory. But after all, what is the difference then, between also style sheets and sprite sheets? As you can see, they're two separate fire here, well called spreadsheets, and in order to our ship, they are basically the same. The difference is a tire sheet contains tiles. Tiles are used to design levels to this decorated the whole restructuring. After our game level, you can basically paint which tiles and normally title sheets contain images separated by the same gym ation and the decide off each time was normally squared or a rectum go, and there are all the same size, even auto. For example, Dis coin here isn't I square, but it's center at all every square or a tile in the same side. I spite Sheet, on the other hand, can back textures or other dismal textures in any sides. And then it's up to the engine and the configuration to pick the right in much size in God . Oh, you have the adventures off being able to select individually sprites, no matter the size they have, so you can see all their other tire ships. Here you can Butte holy words with different scenarios by using just a single time sheet. So again, the vintage ease. You can have many or thousands of separate objects using the same single texture, and then you gain, or in the ancient beautifully, the ancient points to a set of coordinates that represent the images that you want to use. So if you replicate, for example, this box of here 1000 times, it'll be just a single texture, a single image, and then 1000 off beautiful objects are super regionals representing this texture, and that's it. This is super cheap in terms of memory in process of times. 9. Godot Fundamentals: Atlas and AtlasTexture: Let's see how this works in gado. Delete this image here. The note is chewing the Trudy seen view Click to create a true the scene. Now click the blood cycle Here search for sprites in texture In the Inspector Click New Oculus lecture. Then click one time in the art of lecture Go back to the file system drug and drop the bio sheet in tow. Atlas, you know you can You can see here in thanks to region that the texture is loaded here You can now just drug around and select the image from this big texture that Jesus Sprite note represents. But this is kind of hard because you can't select the exact size. But don't worry. You can just come here to his net moat and then select great snapped and type ah, 128. True. Ah 100 Renate. Oh, this is too big for this spreadsheet. Let's try 100 per 102. We understand the which is actually is that by tile size for despite ship, this is sure not 100 because I can see Let's try 64 by 64. Yeah, this is the right size for adduced dire sheet you can see now I have a single image, which is basically just a veto image that represents this single sprite sheet here. So drunk this box, for example, D swam, or even this one as you'll not see I introduce it and new term here. It's called Atlas or Atlas Texture in Go Go and not this lecture is basically a super region. Often Atlas in the Atlas, in this case is a style sheet toys or a Sprite sheets texture, which is basically a PNG J pay or other kind off image files. It's super cheap to use at the structures. Don't worry about duplicated, for example, and replicate this. Now you can see we have a bunch off duplicated notes, and they always use the same super region off the big image called Oculus in What about tiles? Entire sheets. This is exactly the subject off the next DVD 10. Godot Fundamentals: TileMap and TileSet: Good though, you can use the tiles by using tile sets, entire maps. So go to nodes here and create a new node, search for Tiamat, and create the tile map node. A tile map is basically a grid of tiles which are represented delay out your full level award or the whole gaming tile map and load styles that to paint from tile set. A tile set is a good resource or assets that container tiles, those coming from a texture that this texture is called a style sheet. So let's see how to do each of those things with your tile map selected. Go to the Inspector. Entire set, click empty and new tile set. Now click tile set again. The title set editor is open it. You can see here tile sets. You can also click this icon here in the bottom-right corner to explain the title set editor, click the plus icon here to add a tau sheets and select your entire sheet. If you can't see this image, just opened the resources folder and double-click the tire sheets image. It is the bio sheet important. Now, click new atlas to generate an atlas of tiles from the style sheet. Make sure snapping is activated. And then just click anywhere. Go-to, isn't that all trumps and type 64 by 64. Make sure you exit is not the feud. In order to activate the step value with no way that you have a purple box around each tile perfectly. Now to the following. Drag-and-drop and choose, select all times. Go-to selected tile. Tile size by 64. By 64. Again, make sure you exited the last row. You can click outside the two exited in order to activate the tile size. Now, our tiles are 64 by 64 pixels in this vector clicky tile map again. And then you can see here, there's two columns now. Well shows the layer we created with all the brushes to paint styles and the spectrum itself. If you are not seeing these part, just make sure you have the tile map selected in this vector in the ballot bigger. You can see here, or our first layer I read appears here and the titles appear individually here. Now you can basically pick any tire from this palette, inpaint your lobule or lobules words, so on and so forth. There are different properties of thiamine apps and different types of tile maps, such as isometric maps, exceptional maps. But for the purpose of this course, you're gonna focus only on the square type of the title match. Biome maps don't hold only tiles. If you open again the tile set clicking here, click our first layer, then clicking the tile set, you're gonna see there's additional options here called collision occlusion, navigation icon and Z index. This means that each tile can also hold different properties, which includes navigation. Asked for example, petty fighting for artificial intelligence, that is occlusion for blocking to delights, that is collision. And thus, you cannot select an icon that represents this layer. For example, I'm going to select, I click it Icon, and they go up and I click this option here. And that's it. Now if I go back to the tile map by clicking here, you can see the eye contact or selected is here. This is just a way for you to see the palettes and delayers go back to the title set by clicking title set correctly the first layer and click here in the middle. Now click collision, click it a rectangle to select the rectangle polygon collision shape here, and click a tile to assign this collision shape to the style. So our output in this bottom rule, I'm going to click this style icon to click the rectangle shaped again. Click the other tire here. Click it dirty tile, click the rectangle shape. I didn't create a rectangle collision shapes for those types. Click the fourth bio here. Another shape for now, this is it is just flow. You can see how is it the ease to assign thyroid image and properties true the tiles, entire sets. You can also reuse all your tile sets between tile maps. Got your title set here, but instead of clicking with the left mouse button, click with the right mouse button. Select Save. Now for example, go to the Resources folder and thigh level set. For example, ending extension has to be dot TR, which means textual reserve, and then Save. Now you can see the tile sets is saved here. 11. Godot Fundamentals: Visual Scripting: he's always script in lowers the barrier for game development with good Oh, the code is visible, so it's less abstract for non programmers. Busy script is the right choice for beginners without any programming experience and also artists and designers that went too quickly. Prototype ideas in simple games These always script is also great to share gamey large your views away, even if you want a programmer. But the downside is it doesn't scan very well because you have to do more steps to perform simple activites. Why with quote, it's just a matter off typing just a few lines of court. But on the other side, it's the best choice for you to get started with game development. Amber, Grammy, large and then moving to a programming or scripting language later. Basically, how those visual script to works in good oh, bizarro scripts integrate well with regular scripts. In The Editor, you can have regular scripts, and these are scripts in the same project, and you can call coat from well into another bizarrely scripts on also very well integrated into the editor because basically, you can drag and drop this stuff from the editor int the visual script editor, and you're going to get data for those objects inside the visual script. Viso scripts are in heavily based on functions in programming. A function is a piece of code that executes a certain logic and carry during a volatile over from side effects. For example, jump moved to left or right. This is all can be performed by functions which contain the large to execute those actions need these I script ah, function can also do the same using programming. A function here is also represented as an individual canvas with notes connected. As you can see here, this is a function called physics process, and dysfunction has its all note. If I added another function here, for example, process, you can see it's a new canvas just for dysfunction. And inside this campus you have notes. Now your mail. Ask me, but loads aren't the building blocks off. Good. Oh, okay, so this is a different kind off note we have see notes, which are the ingredients Off respites are as we talking before, and then we have visual script notes, which are the building blocks off easily. Script functions, each bizarre script mode contain parts that can either be a secret sport or a data port. A secret sport represented the flow off movement off lodge and off the court and I represented for by the yellow arrows and yellow lines. This is, Ah, secrets connection made between true sequence parts. And then the data parts are represented by colored dots, each color representing kind, different, kind off data type, for example, a text a number, so only so far. And then you can make data connections, which are represented by colored lines, basically, with the mix off functions a compass for each function than these or script notes ports in connections, you can make games with views or scripting. 12. Make a Game: Draw a Tilemap, a Coin and the Player: we're now going to make our game close. The scene where we talked about my Weps. If it asks you to save it, just don't save it. Great. Then you seen So if he it appears empty for you here just like is Or if it's not like that , just press the plus button here. Now we have I haven't seen rest Judas Sing hit Common contrast to save and Name it game dot T s c n the book, Click the Notre Dame and we're Name it to gain whereas the bloods bottom to add a new note Search for time map in the time epic Inspector in di a set click the arrow bottle and click load Go to resource in selected title set we created previously Or you can just go to the results of Folds here Selected times said and drug and dropped into into the time it Now with the time I selected selected layer here and you have the tiles that we created we're going to draw a basic level which represents our game for the floor. I'm going to scroll all the way, doll and choose It is great one I'm gonna click with the left mouse toe trip ain't And then I'm gonna hold the shift key drug with the left mouse mouse present. And you can see I can I can draw a line with that. So just just hold the left. Most bottle the shift key and let it go. Click one time with the left mouse. But oh, hold shift now drug and let go. Let's go and go Now click here in the top. Right corner, Select. Bug it for you. You can see it refused What's gonna happen? So just click it. And now we feel that this area with tiles Now I'm gonna show you a new treats Selected the tile, my mold Press control d should duplicated. Now we have a new time it on talking for the older time at and then choose this time which is basically a great box or choose any other tile that you want. As long as this one has collusion, you should not to remember how to set collusion, CD view about time lapse and then I now go intra paint. I'm gonna like it here, Ben Style and the doneness draw a boundary about around my leg as you can see, this boundary if I can, I can. Doing is out with the mouth so you or I can use it. The bottles Here you can see my boundary is above the ground level. So in God Oh, no desire drown in disorder. So this is this is run is on the bottom. The zone is on the top and in fact, another. Add another note. It will be on top of the other one. And so So I'm gonna press one here so it has 100% zone and then I also going to draw in the middle of the naval. Just about that I'm going to press with the right mouse button on top of this middle tile. So it's remove it because I want this to be a way where the user can walk through that seat for the title. Manage Press Cultural West to save. Now press the plus. Burke, come here to add a new scene or go to seen you seen Select it is introducing click the plus button to add a new node search for sprites in the texture. Partof this bride. Select Oculus texture. Click the auto sector toe, open it drug and drop the time sheet into the atlas property. Expanded by clicking here, Select that moat grids neck like 64 by 64 as the stepped. So here and here and them draw around the coin. We're going to create a coin object now. So this is it. You can see the sprite is here. If it's distorted to you, just click the one here to reset his own double click. No Judy and rename it to Coin. Now at a new load, Call it collegial shape. There it is, called in shape to the in shape select circle shape to the but now not see that this notice complaining about something. If you see the cycle, it means you need to pay attention to what it says. Basically, it means that it has to be added or derive it from a physics body. But we are deriving our sprites from normal, noted Judy. So click the coin clicking with the right mouse button and select change type search for he stuck to body to the There it is, and now you can see the warning is going. Select the collision shape to D go to radios and by 40. Yeah, you can see the coin in the collision shape are adjusted. If your coins not the lining to the collusion shape for some reason, you can select it. Sprite here. Select the move mode here, move modes and then move the coin around. If it's true, doesn't match, you can click in the Sprite again. Open the text original editor by going down here and then redraw the texture sometimes for some reason, good. Oh doesn't get the shape rights for now. That's it for our point. Whereas Contra West safe. Go to the Seniors folder and the name should be coin. Go back to the game seen, Go to the scene is down here and drag and drop the coin into the game. Or you cannot suppress the Ed ST but on here in this change icon and then select a coin. Let's make it the child off the game notes, so you can just drag and drop game. Here. You can see it's it's here, and you can use the move toe to move the queen around. You can see there it is the north. It contains the collision shape that we created. It's a stark about Judy Press F five to run again when it asks, which is the default seen. Click Select and select the game scene inside this scene's folder. Press open in again. Should room There It is the coin, but we can do much right now. Create a new scene. Goto Custom molds. Type Joe's Kingdom Akbar Trudy The Book Lecture. Name it to player. Click the plus icon toe. Had a new note. Choose sprites. Click the player. Note again at a new node. Choose collision shapes and select collusion. Shape. Trudy. This is our super important that it's the studio. Go to shape Inspector into the capsule. Now go to sprites and do the same thing as you did to the coin. In texture, truth, acas, texture. Click the infrastructure in Oculus drug and drop. The bullshit is not more Select grade snapped type 64 by 64 then choose just the fall was bright for player. Click the collision shape and unjust it. You can just click those red arrows if you can't move the arrows. Try alternate between the move modes on the toolbar here, but basically it's straightforward, so I'm gonna basically just this saw the collision shape matches the players bright. I'm gonna hit Contra West safe and save it. Does player inside this scene's folder go back to the game? You saying drug and drop the player and then you have the player here, but make sure it's not a child off the coin or any other note. Just make it the child off the game. Note. There you have it. Now you can I can click the player and move it around after five to roll, and that's it. But again, we can't do much. 13. Make a Game: Player Controls with Visual Scripts: click this icon toe. Open the players scene. Click the player. Click that script bottle as language SelecTV usually scripts. Make sure it stays inherit. Skinny market. Barghouti. If it doesn't say this, you're probably selected the wrong note there. So make sure you follow up steps and then us Beth, go back here, select scripts, and the name should be player dot v s for a fuse or script open and great. Now, this is our script in functions. So basically this icon click physics process go here should be available Notes in type call . I'll start condition drug and dropped fiscus process and create the connection from this part. So this part So this is going to create a sequential connection because the floor is gonna gonna move it from the fuses process to this condition. Quick dysfunction load. Go here in select single toe select inputs Gleaton function and type thes actual breast IDs . They're these is actual precedent. Now, before we type anything here, go to projects Project Sandy's go to a put Mac in this place. You can set custom. We put keys and then captured those keys and those actual names in that function We just added to the usual squeaked. Basically, you can see here you Why, right is when you move, you use the right key to move. You can also press the event here to add new keys. Let's click the event. Select Key Impress deep in the U. Y. Our act action. Presto! Event key W White doll. And keep this you I left at Evans Key A. So now you can navigate also it w a s d which is the default for games breast close. And now here in actual life U y right from these data port drug to the data part off the condition load and created that connection. Basically, this means if you I write actually express it, which is a boolean value. A bullet valley contains basically only true and false. That means if you I write express it because you can see dysfunctions Name It is action President. It's gonna contain the true value. That means OK, the USA Rights Action expressive. Otherwise it's gonna contain false in this data connection is not gonna be made or it's gonna fall to this second support quote false now available holds type called dragon cohere selected Click Function Inspector Search move in his light move ins Light is a function from the Kenya market body. Judy. No type you can see didn't know the type is highlighted here. But how is this highlighted here? How does it know if we go back a bit, you can see here it's a school mode self self amis. These selected note and this remember this selecting load is akin to market volatility that we are headed before, so it knows it. The refers to itself that try it shows your functions related to the key market volatility and move it and slides is a super helpful function provided by gado basically moving characters embodied in bodies around. This is a comma music Asian Games. So no provides that by default for us and South, integrated with the fiscal strip, the engine and deliberate collisions speed friction in that kind of stuff. So double click it movies light is that it drug from the true ports to the movies, live apart as medium velocity type of always such as 600. We have to test that you see 50 words, but for now this is it press at five drum. Let's see if towards Yeah, you can you can see I press it The rights arrow. Any moving issue president. It can also move, but you can see it's moving directly through the time up and did it could collide with anything. Let's see why. To understand why our players not collided with the wolves. Let's use have very helpful future from Bordeaux, which allows us to visualize clear shapes. Go to DeBerg, select visible collision shapes in development and programming. In general, debugging means removing the books or finding the bus. When you see your debug, it installs to help you development. So see things regarding the development process you can see here. Visible navigation resemble collision shapes, sinks in changes, and there are also other tools over will do. But for now, just select. Receive visible Collier shapes. Press every five to run the game again. We can see the collision shape in your koi and our character, but the walls do not show any collision shape. That means we pick up the do Rome tires or those stars. Simple doesn't shoot, doesn't have a collision shape. Just cause the game. If you see these output to invoke over the holy editor. Go down here and uncheck this option. Okay, it's now correct. Click the time placated bio sets Selected layer clicking here is that as you can see, I picket this tile and it really doesn't have any iniquity ownership to check for that. Just select collision like the arrow, and you can click around those ones Don't do not have a collision shape. And this one either. So just click direct, direct ago and click here just signing into the deal style. Now I'm gonna press five to play the game again and you can see the walls have a collision shape. Now I'm gonna press right or deep, and I I can see I am colliding with this will also not. So someday I click this style met and edit. The times said to refer to it But my walls If I click this, I I can hide it And you can see this. Whoa is another time met. Why did the collision shape that the everything in this style met reflected in the zone? Because if you remember from the tire Mac video, we save it. The tire set as a shared file here and then this title set is reused by those tidal maps. We just can We can just select the typeset here. This is the good thing about sharing resources. You change just one time and need to reflect the user. Just everywhere you show off course you want to make a difference. I upset you can just come here and committed new pile set. Okay, now that we can move in, collide with walls, let at movement truth all directions go back to your players. Seen cricket script Eichel Let's add movement to the other directions. This is where programming is better term views or scripting way. Have to repeat a lot off those notes. Just performer to capture the different locations with program me, that would be a matter off. You're signing a single volley regarding to the direction that we're moving. And this in those true blocks off court, I would not be repeated. It would be called just one time, but those this is the down side off reviews or scripting, but at same time it's good. Each of resort lies each step in a separate set off knows, as I said before, as a beginner This is the best way that you can start developing games, so just select those three notes control C control, veto past them, then connect this fall sport toe this new node u y right Like you. I left in the knee every lost type, meanest 700 and 50 again select those in new notes. Come proceed Contrave drug and drop drug from the false sport to the condition modes now type you Why Look you move up and then in the never lost we have to set x zero because the X movement is in this direction. This is the positive movement. This is negative movement. So this is the speed We're moving to the left. The speed we're moving to the right to move opened out. We're going to move in your y axis, so u Y X is type 750. That's before I think they moved down. Let's executed. Used to see if everything is working because this is a really creating a lot of connections here after five. So I'm gonna move to the left into the rights to the left, from the right. I'm gonna press up, but you can see it's wrongly moving to the left. Why is that happening? Let's see here because I type it again in the Exe Valley. Type zero here and India. Why Volley type 750. Press enter and after five again. Let's see. Okay, that means if you can see, I press it the upbeat but the character move it down because in good dough, the way why access increases in the down direction and decreases to the up direction. So this is my minions. Why, this is blood y. In order to move up, we need to type means speed. Or that means means 750 to move down its plus speed plus 759 e. R. K. So let's close the game. In fact, here again, soldier moving up its negative y. So again, Negative y and Judah. It's positive. Why Positive X and Negative X And did you not see something? It's so reason so fast to make changes in Go go late again. Best around and make changes again because we'll do is a superfast editor, a superfast engine and everything moves really fast. That's why the barrier off end off development is so low because you can do things really fast. Press at five. Now let's bring us up. Okay? I finally mover left to right. I can't. You move down. Let's just select those three notes. Controversy Contrave toothpaste again. Move everything together. You can see that windows are selected. Blue box appears around them. So if you select your notes here, three blue boxes driving from the force part off that note to the discount the show boards Now. Here. Thank you. Why? How in as the speed. Remember that postive y is down five. Let's move. You can move with a W s city. Yeah, and now we can move. Unfortunately, we can't move it to diagnose the reason that we can't move to the true direction. That same time, let's say to the diagonal talk they are gonna left or right. It's because the Syquest connections and in the first movement that is Detective. You can see this sport is ending here. This part is any here, so there is no way are cold. Compresses two things at the same time. But this is can be easy to solve it by making connections here. So if you were moving to the right. We can continue execution here. You sure we're moving to the left. We can continue its execution here. The same is true here. Let's test. Let's see what happens. Okay, Right now I can developing your eight directions press, for example talk and left off the same time down and right off the same time in other eight directions, that's be Sullivan. 14. Make a Game: Coin Pickup: Now let's add behavior to our coin. Go to the coin scene and the first thing we're gonna do is to change the game. The know, the type, because I start keep R two D is exactly what it says. It's a static, a bar that stays frozen in place so things can collide against eight. For example, here the user Jessica lights and keeps moving around. But we don't want that. Went the user toe, collide with it and be copied. The first thing we have to do them exchange these two click read the right most but oh, change type and select. I actually now is acute game again. You can see the user moves old docked off the coin. That means it collides. Then it sends a signal to the court. But it doesn't block the way. This is the difference between I I ritual the note and I study, but it should be No, they start about is just like the tiles here. They blocked the way for pickups you have to use. Actually, we're going to get into another concept from God. Oh, coward signals signals is a way to make your notes react toe other note evidence without the meeting. Note knowing about the other notes. Okay, this is confusing. Right? Let's go. Step by step. Will see their decoy in here, then in the spectre click note. You're gonna see a bunch of signals here. Remember that to change the coin toe. Ara, Judy and the other two d contains some signals Nazi here There is one signal called body. Enter it. What does this mean? This means that when good dog detects that this arrow Judy has been colliding with another fiscus body, which can be any kind of collusion shape. It's gonna in meat a sound call it body entered it. Gonna means in this coin some all their boat has entered here. And then any other number off notes can receive this signal. God is just gonna say, OK, coin got something in its boat entered. And now whoever is listening to this message is going to get it if you know other. No, that is listening to this message. Nothing's gonna happen. But Godeau is gonna troll or immediate this signal anyway, It's just like taking a megaphone and say, OK, a body just has entered this coin. Everybody that is listening is listening. Otherwise this sound is just going going to disappear. This room, basically, this is the concept off signals in programming. This is also called Evans. And where you have a list in theirs. You can also make the meeting note. It's only stand there, and this is what we're going to make. We're going to make the coin listing to its own signals. This is totally possible. So selected the coin click to attach a script and create a new screens. Selective user script. Go to the script. Solder and type coined out of Yes, quickly. Great. And in a new script has been created for the square. No. Selected the coin here in this scene. Inspector, go to the nodes in the inspector on the right side, select signals and double click body entered. This is the body entered signal, which means when another collision shape convicted or collided with this coin. Select decoy. See that the functional name is gonna be going. Coin bore the enter it include connected. Okay. This is the D covers for this. The signal. Let's do something. I'm gonna teach you. What? Another trick. Here. Click the sport and drug it into the compass. Now select print and that's it. This is This is gonna preach in the council. This is here. This is a development council which contains output about changing about the game. And this is this is gonna print information about this signal into the council so we can test to see everything is correct. Present five to run and move the player. Two hours. The coin. You can see way we got the message. Kenya Market Board. Trudy Somebody. This means that the the collision event has been detected while the user is inside here. The signal is not triggering any more because it means just win body, enter it. It enters one time. Now I exit. I'm gonna enter again. You can see we got the message here again. Stop running game. And now let's add something here. What we want to do is make sure we save that this coin has bean pick it up and also delete this coin. We gonna first delete the coin when it's pick it up. So available modes here in the coin scripts for press call drawing here drug sports to sport to create a connection select dysfunction. Go to the inspector Com. Hold itself function and click que free. This function is for the bass notes, which are loads. Have it means to removed from the scene completely and then freeform memory. That means the coins gonna be removed from the game of sores on body has entered it. Let's try. Move up. Okay. The coins a period rest Contra west. Safe now. How can we keep track whether the coin has bean? Bigger or not, we are also going to with signals first list. Let's understand the difference between the scene signals ending stuff signals from this signal. That way we added here we connected should the coin note. So every time we duplicate a coin, the coin itself is gonna receive its signal. Each coin is completely is elated When receiving the signal to detective the coin recut, we're gonna come into the game note, create a new script selective visual script, save in the scripts folder, saviors, game and create. Now select these instance off the coin in the game, not the coin scene, but in the game scene, you're going to select the coin you can see here, Inspector. Now click note. Connect housing aboard, enter and choose the game. Note. You can see the names here on coin body entered, and now, if you'll see here, that's true seeing those connected here. But if you go to the quite seen, that is just what? Because this is a signal off this instance off the coin, not off the coin seen. So you also have this flexibility off creating different behaviors. The senior that you were current editing for our game scene. This coin instance, which is discover for this coin, has an additional signal connected, which is from the game script we're now going to create. A variable is basically something that holds some volatile or is basically you can think like, let's say, a box where the box can be moving around and it can contain anything. Signs box and this box has a name. This is a super important concept from programming, and it's the sect main beauty blocks alongside functions, functions and variables. Variables then hold violence, and those valves can be reusing and read everywhere, So cliquey variables in the game scrape it, so make sure it's the game script that selected DoubleClick in the name it is coin. Speak it right. Click eat in. Goto Edit member in type Select Bullen. Remember that bullet can have Juve was true or false off market. Oh, and then uncheck it so good. Oh, set the type correctly. Joe Bullen. Click close and now you can see it's quite pick it false. Now hold the control key in drug the East. Great. Pick it into the covers off the own coin. Border entered, function connected. Those parts go to available notes. Constants select constant drag and drop here, Inspector in typeset boo such true and then connect to the bull import to the bullet part offset this kind tickets Now the coins wannabe sexual True. But how do you know? We're gonna know that we can also come here greens and we can come here in variables this great pickets drug and dropping to the covers connected to Prince and run the game. Now pick up the coin You can see here in the output we're seeing. True. That means the set is quite pick. It has been set so separate to truth. And you can also see that the coins has appeared. So both of the coin script in the game script are receiving this signal. This is also the magic of signals. You can connect in amount of notes and react accordingly. Let's delete those true so said coin speaking true. 15. Make a Game: Door that Requires Coin: Let's go back to the game scene. Select should be okay now we have the player. We have the coin, but there's nothing else. Let's add the portal that ends the game issue. Have the coin pick adopt so great and you're seen Said it as iron with the soul Go to coastal mode like area in select average D At the node sprites in picture. You know what to do. Go to other structure glee at our structure in Atlas Drug and Rob negotiates coaches that mold which snapped 64 to 64 and speak for example, this style here. So it is gonna act like a Porto, which requires a coin. That's why I picked the yellow color. Also selected the Argenti note again click and that a collegial shapes select relationship . Jodi the Canadian shape, select rectangle And as we with the muzzle you and just this collision shape should be the size of the portal. You can also maybe make the collision here So we detect that player. Press it on Bob off This this going, I going not on the holy area. It's safe saviors Porto at the script to it. His rescript saving the scripts folder or go greens. We are in breach introducing our another concept, which is off a custom functional click. The play Z I Come here in functions. The book click and name It Set is open. Click where the new variable said three. He is open right click Edit member like Boom, click it or conservation electrodes activated So it's closed by the full How did the control key and drag is open here Connected to set is open in such us True. Basically, this is gonna set that the Porto is open now click. They are actually here from the port Ono Renee Mitch Kapor toe klik notes in the body entered. So I signal double click it click Porto and do the following We're gonna first detect if the sporting group is open a game, it's finish it. If the porter is not open and we're not gonna do anything so drag and drop this here, which means to get devolving fittest off this valuable go true available Norris notes type condition drug here Dragon connected this equation part into the sport. So it goes to the condition and the value off the condition to devour where for the is open variable. Basically, what's happening is the following. We going to call this function from another script which is gonna set the door are reported as open Then when the collision is detected into this Porto collision shape, we're gonna check whether DiVall way off these off the is open fire able is true or false. If it's true right now, we're gonna just come here brings Alexis. Just bring to devolving Orfanedes. Okay, So far, so good. But this has no use yet because it's not in your game. So go to see and click game, click, sweat a seen or remember, you can just drag the portal here. I'm gonna do the other way just so you can see again like the change icon Select Porto and the Bordeaux is here, then moved the portal to somewhere here. Let's try after five to run the game. Move directly to the portal. But we have two problems. First, we didn't get in the output in the council say whether it waas true or false And second, the player is behind the party. Let's first solve this issue, which is you can take output to hide this basically said the player here. Now it's on top off the Bordeaux and then we didn't receive the collusion event because we only say here if it's true, a pretty devout if it's fall so we don't do anything. So let's also derived from the false springs and driving the Getty's open to the left here So it can also be used in the sports. No less Dragon. Don't do not speak the point. Yes, you can see to work it now. The players also on top of the Porto and we got false. Let's now pick up the coin. False Why? Well, we never call it. This punk from set is open. It's just existed here. No other no no knows about it. So just hit safe. Go to the game, Select the game Script Go true! Own coin By the enter, you're gonna learn Ah, way to call a function for another note, click the portal here and drug into the own quite bored Enter campus, then click it, Inspector, with this note selected go to function and Jews set is open so you can see here Porto set is open. Drag this part in these parts So you make a connection. After coin is set to speak it, we're gonna notify the Porto that it can be. Open it now. Let's let's try this directly. False. Keep looking. The left Here in the concert. Now let's speak up the point and go to the party. True. Okay, so the portal detected that, too. We pick up, pick it up the coin. 16. Make a Game: Movable Camera: If you're not sit, you move to the right, but you can't see anything. The player just disappears. And the game? It doesn't move with that. It's because we never assign in that camera tour player. So click it to open the player scene quickly. Player at the new loads. Choose camera Trudy and check us current. This is also another thing that goto those for us itself. It's just gonna follow the view port. The view part is basically the area which the player is looking at you to win play in the game and then when you set a camera as current good Oh, we'll make the view part. Move with this note or disease, Sprite or anything that's connected to this chamber. So let's roger check this. You can see here that now everything moves together with the player s price and you can see I picket. The coin went to the portal. You got true. So we're just learning to help connect a camera to a note 17. Make a Game: Animated Character: Let's add something, really citing. Let's add a nation tour player when it's moving as you can see our type I sheet file. There are some animation frames here for our character, and it's containing interested in the style sheet. How can you use it? The frames from the tire sheet to make animation again using atlas textures. Remember that atlas detector is just super region off this big texture. So we're gonna point Go door to say that we want this from this big thing. Go to resource right Click Great. A new folder and type, for example, Player animations in the Blade Animation folder. Right Bleek. The Resource. Select Atlas Texture. Make sure the resources played animation for the full that is selected and type, for example, down one, which means the frame it off the player Dow selected the fire we just created to open 18. Inspector. If it doesn't talk, just the book like it now selected the tire sheet and drug into the atlas future here. As soon as you drag and drop the style sheet, draw this second this second character frame, which is to start off the movement animation selected down one fire press control. Ditto duplicated. Rename it toe down True. Double click down. True. Make sure it's the one open and hearing the specter now in draw around this third corrector , which means is the second frame off the animation in the movement Animation. Now go to the player note or the player scene Press plus at an animated Spritle so that it is animated sprites. The great in frames click impact news, bright frames, clicks, bright frames to edited in the Sprite frames. Editor Down here, click the photo. Rename it. This animation is called the Full Toe Dow and now Select Bolted, the Don Juan and the True Fires that we just created and drag and drop it here. Go to the spectre again on Mark playing. Okay, you can see this is a very basic animation, but it works. Let's just play the game to see how how this looks present five. You can see it gives player, so this is just a beginning, but we went to play. Just when we move, go to the players, screams go down the script. If you can see it, you can zoom in ISO out with those icons here and go to the bottom off the script with the animated sprites Select Drug and drop it into the script. Close this dialog that appears. Who can just press ask? Click it dysfunction that you just drag and drop it in here in function. Double click. It played in used before arguments. Thank you well, and then you can see a need new this means Which animation name do you want to play? Click here and take down. If you remember in the animated sprites, Doubt is just the name We sat here. Click in Drug to create a connection from the movies. Light off the down conviction. So this is This is the U Y down conditional movies light and it starts playing to the animation. Let's see, Make sure that you quicks animated sprites and uncheck play in here so the players not playing by the full you can see it's not animated Now, even the move down and it started animating. But in every stops, Let's stop it Drug and dropping the animated sprites. Note again. Bryce Ask again. Click. It's and said this to stop nos brands muse and do the following drug and drop dysfunction cow here, so it can be easy, easy, easily accessed by our nose. Press one here just doing again. And in the first condition off the down movement, you can hold the left mouse button. And while holding left most burden to create this connection, you can else drug with the middle about most. But also I am making a connection and moving the canvas. If you're having a hard time to do this, you can just zoom out again Drugs from the first connection in connected to Disney World, you can make it a bit more readable if your words what will now explain if life okay, I move it down and stop it moving on now you can see it's animated. Yeah, it's animated. Okay, so to recap, this is this stop information from the animated It's bright note with each, it's going to stop out all kinds of animations that are playing now. We just don't have to set animation for left rights and up. We already have the domination. Let's go here to the animated sprites. Click this new I call here like clicking down true fire Here in the file system President, contradict the tickets name it up. Your what? Double Click it to read it and choose this friend. Not this one, but this one replicates the open well of true and choose double click it, Open it. And just this train. Let's just repeat steps for the left and right animation. I'm going to speed up the video. But you know the procedure to be Oh, sprites frames editor and repeated steps regarding to play animation. So just cop controversy, this work based drug it to the sides if the connection is not working for you, for example, is trying to disconnect that you actually dragged from these and dropped into this one. So this one is the church. Oh, just wait. Place You're up Contra C Contrave. Same thing Drug from these two. This this one is the left movement left literacy contravene in this world. You walk in here. This one is the right, which is the last one that's left breasts after five triplet. Let's try. Okay? It's actually any mating, but you can see a soon as I stopped moving, it stays frozen in place. So here, instead, off giving the common stop, we're gonna before we click animated sprites great a new animation, all idle, which in these just stop it duplicates one off the frames here, fires and name it idle. Double click the idol and this well, then coming here to the stop function changes to play. It's used for arguments. Set it well and said the animation toe idol, Let's see how it works now after five. Okay, it's working. Let's come here through the book. Disable visible collision shapes. But as a five, you can see its current any mating if your words you can also change the DeForest feed off the animations, for example, because right now they know the move is very fast. But then Imation's not as fast as the movement. You can go here to speak and just change the FBI's. For example, we can go to the rights work. Let's try planea. Let's play it. Just see how how it goes. Okay, see, Twain is a little too fast. Sprite frames changed. 10. I'm going to change now off then to 10 except the idol. Well, because there is just one friend, then, Clay, you can even stay locked in here in the walls, you can see the the actual speed. Yeah. This is actually a cool movement. Speeds off course. This is a simple animation, But remember that we are using a free royalty free bag, so we have nothing to complain about it. 18. It's Your Turn!: you have a true options as projects in this class, you can finish and improve. This game will suggest to means as soon as the poor to his relation and if it going speaking up, you can show a book burning with the meat off screen, and then this bottom finishes the game. A Teepees Alberto is a note, just like any other else. So it's just like Buteau at the bottle. Them to connect the large to the bottle is the same large as we work it in our escape its with signals and functions and is more variables you can ask as sounds in music sounds in music is also kind of note. You can expand the game met by drawing additional layers off my meds. You can try the loading all their title sets and changing the views off the games or as a second project. You can also create a completely new, a separate game with other kinds off sprites, tire sheets and mechanics. You can the load my project innings in the resources off this class 19. Conclusion and Next Steps: Congratulations on finishing the class. You learn it from the mantles over the Goto agent. You learn it. Some from the men's off game development you also created by small game. But this is not Danes. There lots off improvements that can be made in that game. Almost there. Lots of things that just you have to learn. Good. Oh, that's why I invite you to my next class over there. Maybe eight good old development where you are going to start covering Jesus quips programming. And also additional concept off game development envelope. I see you on the future class, headphone.