Magic Card Trick: The Sniffer Dogs, Making a Card Appear INSTANTLY | Daniel Platt | Skillshare

Magic Card Trick: The Sniffer Dogs, Making a Card Appear INSTANTLY

Daniel Platt, Yo whats good?

Magic Card Trick: The Sniffer Dogs, Making a Card Appear INSTANTLY

Daniel Platt, Yo whats good?

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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. The Trick

    • 2. Controlling the Card

    • 3. The Reveal

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About This Class

A beginner card trick that creates the effect of catching the spectators card out of thin air

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Daniel Platt

Yo whats good?


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1. The Trick: All right. So welcome to another tutorial. This is known as the sniffer dog tutorial. Um, it's a strange name. I know, but don't worry about it. All right? So we're gonna get started here. What you're gonna do is you just gonna have the spectator choose any card at all. It really doesn't matter. Um, so this time we chose the seven of diamonds, normally wouldn't see it, but, you know, you have to see it. Then we're gonna go through, and I just want you to say stop twice. All right? Stop there. Stop there. Perfect. So we have those two cars. I'm not gonna look at him yet. I'm gonna take this card, place it back in. All right, then we're gonna take the car, and we're gonna put it anywhere inside the deck anywhere that the spectator wants. Um, yes, it just to make sure you remember, it's the seven of diamonds. Um, it's now we're just gonna start to mix up the deck. We're gonna give it a good shuffle, Some overhand shuffles. Um, yeah. Oh, yeah. Also, riffle shuffle. Well, what was supposed to be a riffle shuffle? Yeah, whatever. All right. And now we're gonna take the two cards that you had said. Stop that. We got the ace of diamonds and we have the else the Joker. All right, so we're gonna take this when you throw the card. That boom, you've got a card, and that is none of it. The seven of diamonds. All right, so if you want to learn this, stick around and we'll teach you how to do. 2. Controlling the Card: All right. So welcome to the tutorial. Bit of this trick. Uh, you've already watched the initial video. That explains how this is done. So starting off, we're gonna have the specter to choose any card when you cut it all doesn't matter. So for here we have the and so we have the jack of diamonds. You know what? We're gonna find a better card. Um, we're gonna go for one more memorable card. Uh, ace of hearts, That's a perfect card. All right, So, Ace of Hearts, we're gonna take that, and we're just gonna put lease it into the middle of the deck anywhere in the middle. All right, so now, uh, me, it's in the middle, but we know exactly where it is because we have a break. But if you've watched my other video, you know how to control the card. And it's very similar to the last video, but, um, we're gonna explain it once again, just so that you are, in case you haven't watched the first video of the invisible card. Okay, so starting off that I have it in a, uh, pinky hold. And so the top of the deck is placed. Um, I have a pinky break directly above the card, all right. And the front of it educates he is flush. Uh, there's no indicator that the front of the card or that the card is, um, Siebel. Then we're gonna move into the thumb grip, and so we're holding it. And if you look right there, we have a direct, um, placement to the ace. Now, just like in my previous video, we're gonna sweep some off the top. So this is a sweet cut. And then we finished off with a swivel cut. I had for gotten to clarify what a swivel cut is in my last video. But you're gonna take with your thumb and you're gonna push it into your middle finger, and that's going to allow it to pivot. And you're going to pivot all the way around into your hand, so all the way around, and then you're going to grab in your head, which seems a little awkward, but it allows you to get a direct cut to their card. And then now it's on top. So once again, I have that hold and then that swivel cut. And then these is now all the top of the deck. So once it's here, it's better you should to more in depth truffle because a lot of people they don't believe they don't trust cuts. But if you do a shuffle that they know how to do it, it makes it more convincing. And so here you start to control the card in the shuffling. And so for this it seems like it's being random. But it's just staying at the bottom of the deck. Um, right there. And so what I'm doing is I'm taking the top card off and the bottom card, uh, with me and just working it, and then eventually you do have to bring it back up to the top of the deck and so But the way I got to the bottom was, I took it off individually, just that one card, and I just piled all the other cars on top of it, all right? Kept it there and then to bring it back to the top. We just make sure not to take it off of the beginning, and then we just pull off all the other cards on top of it, just like that until the last card is their card. All right, so now their cards on top. And that is the controlling part of the trick. The rest is in the will be in the next video. Um and so just stick around and be sure to watch that one. 3. The Reveal: All right. So welcome to the second Ato Riel piece of this video. We have the their card on top, and you can. And now we need to get the other two cards so you could do it at the beginning. Or you could have done it at the start. And so we're gonna have the person choose to card so you can have somebody else. It's good way to get crowds involved. Um, I'd like to do the riffle. You push your finger down and just slide your thumb up that causes it to riffle down. Just tell them to say stop any time and then you have the two, but don't let them see him. Keep them face down, all right? And as you square thes up ah, you're going to get a pinky break. And so a pinky break. How that works is you're just going to slide your thumb across on a slide the top card across and slide it underneath your fingers underneath. And so push out with your thumb just like that, and so pushing out with your thumb and sliding the card up onto the tips of your fingers just like that and Then when she's on top of the tip of your fingers, you can just tuck your pinky in, and then you grab the top bit of the cards with your fingers tow line up the top and make that top flush, but you have a job out on the bottom. This is very similar to the, um, card flick color change. All right, so now we're going to rotate this around, and as you line them up, you line up all three. So you square up the ace of hearts on the bottom of the two cards. So once again I'll just show you that again. Let me just take those off. And so you see from the bottom, it just lines up, and then it just oh, nice and square. And so, because of this hold with the thumb month on the left side and the index finger on the top is the while is the rest of the fingers on the side. It's squares everything up very perfectly, and it just lined it up so you can't even tell that there's an extra card there. I want to know that once again, we get that pinky break to bring the other fingers up or other card up, squared up. And then this is when I reveal the other card, and I haven't revealed it until now. And so I have the five parts as well as the and then I put my thumb on the top and slide the bottom cards out from underneath, and I'd say, Oh, and I have the six of spades and when I do that, the ace of hearts is directly under the's six of spades. So it's again. All right, grab those cards. Grappa, pinky break. So let's see what we have. We have the five of hearts, and we also have the six Spain's. That's good card, too, And something that you need to be careful of is when pulling the top card off, you have to make sure not to pull out accidentally the ace of hearts underneath or else they see it and they know. And so good way of doing this is just put. Apply pressure with your index in your thumb, and then you just pull out with your left hand thumb and only your thumb, not your fingers on the bottom, and then that slides off and then you can light it up perfectly. And so you just hold it like that and you're ready to go for the reveal very simple. And so you can choose whatever way you want to reveal that you want. I know that. I believe it's David Blaine. He just makes it appear out of thin air when he does it. And just absolutely magical. Um, what I like to do is I throw the card deck up and then you slap the car deck. I suppose what else you could do is you could hand it to the spectator, and you could have them to throw the car deck up and then you hit it, and it involves some of the trick as well. This way, it makes it a little bit more believable. They believe that possibly you grabbed it out of the deck. And that's in contrast to the completely unbelievable pulling just out of midair. And it's whatever you really prefer. Whatever. Since your submarine, um, and then went for the reveal, you can just do whatever you want. I like to just drop down. Boom. Just make it fancy and there you have it. That's the That's the whole trick right there. That is how to do the sniffer dog tutorial. Uh, the reason that it's called the sniffer dog tutorial is because people will sometimes perform it that the two cards or sniffer dogs. And so here, let me just give you a quick example of that. And so if we have the well, just you start. So here, just grab two cards and then we'll just take that card. Is that their card? Those of the sniffer dogs? And so they're going to catch the scent off that Cardin's. Now that they know the scent they can go through and find it wherever it is in the deck, no matter where it is, they will be able to find it. And so they have the scent. The these two cards do We have the sniffer dogs and just boned. They can find it absolutely anywhere. And so it just, you know, whatever lie you want to tell, Um, And so whatever lie you want to tell, you know, you just make up. Thanks for sticking around. I hope that you have learned it. Make sure practice. It takes a lot of practice to make sure that everything just goes smooth, especially the controlling the card part. That's probably the hardest part. But once you get that, um, the top part is pretty simple. If you want to go and learn how to do a more in depth control of a card, something like this. So taking that card from the middle and just immediately bring it to the top, leave it in the comments. I'd love to know in love to hear what you'd like to learn, and if it's there, then I would most likely make a tutorial, so I'll see you in another video.