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Lumion Realistic exterior rendering

Khushal Panchariya, Create with KP

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7 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction to class

    • 2. Chapter 1 Introduction to project

    • 3. Chapter 2 Importing model and setting scene

    • 4. Chapter 3 Materials and Environment Part 1

    • 5. Chapter 3 Materials and Environment Part 2

    • 6. Chapter 4 Render settings and Final render

    • 7. Chapter 5 Overview on project


About This Class

Hi there, my name is Khushal. This is a lesson on Lumion photo mode exterior rendering.

This course is for people new to Lumion and 3d rendering. The people who are and also are not familiar with any 3D rendering software or render engines.

Learn how to create photo realistic renders in lumion, create scenes, using lumions material and object library, using the photo/camara mode to create renders of your model to achieve maximum photo realism.

Download the Files required for this class from the 'Projects and Resources' panel below.

  • Prerequisite knowledge of Lumion Beginners Guide (if new to lumion)
  • Ownership of Lumion software either student(free) or full version(paid)


1. Introduction to class: Hello. You have been going through Instagram when crashed and looking at other people's renders, I'm thinking how do they do such amazing renders when your friend does look like this and you want them to look like this. Hi, my name is crucial and I'll be teaching you how to use nucleons Ford, or more realistic exterior rendering. So if you find this glass helpful to you or interesting, you can check out my course below. You can continue the clashes. Or if you are new to Lome on and if you have never used it before, I've also made a go beginners for using looming on. You can check that out as well. Yeah. So hoping to see you guys in the glass, See you in the fresh data. 2. Chapter 1 Introduction to project: Hello, welcome to chapter one. And in this I have opened my lumi on, as you see, I'll be giving you a brief on the project. Details, will be using SketchUp for Martin, which I have downloaded from 3D variables and be linking it in the projects span and below. So you can download it. You don't have to search for it again. I have my notes written yet so that I don't forget anything. Once you have downloaded the sketch, a project file from the projects man and below, I'll be guiding you on how to import the file in toluene Leon and how to create camera angles, then also creating environments and also creating different filters and adding different effects to create that realistic rendering at the end. So download the Modern from their description below. In the next class, we will be learning how to important cleared the camera angles. This is a SketchUp file will be using for our project today. I have downloaded it from the 3D warehouse, I'll sketch up and I've done a few changes. You won't have to do any of those changes since I will be giving my file with the existing genders, I have done. So you can directly, there's no Noda and continue the process from the next chapter. And this is the overview of the place. It's a villa. So we'll be doing an angle like this. Yeah, I'll see you in the next chapter. 3. Chapter 2 Importing model and setting scene: This is Chapter two and we'll be importing the model I've shown you in the previous chapter. I have lumi on open here. To import the model, all we have to do is click on the Import button on the left bottom corner. So we'll click on this and open up a file browser and we can go to the location where you would own order the fight. So mine is in this folder here. So this is the fight and be opening this year. So once, once you click on that, it relies cu category you want to assign it to. So this is not very necessary. Important edges we wanted to put this on off, since SketchUp has edges. If you're done this on, it will import the SketchUp model with the edges that are existing in SketchUp. They don't want to add since we want to create a realistic roundups. So we'll leave it on off. You're gonna leave all these on defaults. Let's click OK, and it will start importing your model into loom neon. Neon has imported our modern, our sketch of modern. So as you see, I have the modern writing and I'll have to do is click to place it here. Once I've clicked, we'll just go do a, we're going to go back to add materials or any other option here, or you can even select their cars or more. Sensor 11 model is enough, obviously. So as you see our model from SketchUp as being imported into Lome on very nicely. And you can see that all the materials that were there in SketchUp are imported as well. So if you wanted to create realistic render and if you don't find the material that you want, isn't available in Lome on. All you have to do is you can either add it in Lome on yourself or you can add it in SketchUp beforehand. So something like this texture might not be available in lieu neon. So you've already identified from SketchUp itself solely import everything with the materials. But that's one nice feature which has, as you see, our model is important very nicely. Ok, so once this is done, when the height is also perfectly fine, so we don't have two ideas, the height and this can be fine. So yeah, make sure the hardest character late. If diet is like this, then you won't be seeing your road and you might be missing that. So all you have to do a judge drag it up by clicking on this move up option here like this. So make sure your alignment Magnus and doesn't have to be very accurate. And there'll be approx, maybe this dagger look. Okay, now let's create a scene so that we can do our, and later on, I will just do the same type of scene which we had in SketchUp. Something of old lake Tai level by clicking on this and send this to have a 2 perspective like this. And it will create a horizontal eye level. So we can increase I0, I0 generator 1.8. So I guess this isn't good. Again, van around a big like this. We're gonna bring it a bit higher. And you know, 1 and that's due to distinguish. So the focal lens increase if convicted since we have so much extra monocytes. And readjust this, ring it O2. So for Berlant is 1818 MM, almost 18. So 18.1. And once you have set it to this, you can see that the rod is nicely visible, allows is also as well and we have this compound, I owned it. So we will be later on, we'll be adding trees here. We'll be adding Hmm, birds, you'll be adding. A card, will be adding in some human figures, bushes, declared the environmental, give it a realistic look. We'll also be adding some latency if necessary. So once alpha is Bandar owned and select your desired seen here, all you have to do is okay. I don't know why it did lead. The ones you have certainly seen here, your band around and say diaries are done camera angle to save this scene, all you have to do is click on store camera. So once you do that, and if you move around, say you do this and you want to go back to the view you add we fought. All you have to do is click on this. So you're going to add multiple views as well. So say for example, we do decide. So just for an example, we will click on this. I want to go back to it. We are going to lie between this and you're going to create any number of these images. So it'll delete all. We have to do a double-click on the delete button there. And we're going to go back to our scene. And this looks like a good scene domain. Like we have a good amount of the road visible on it, and we have the house in the center as a focal point as well. Once we are to use any other environment, dead materials and objects. And it will be pretty good. So when we have saved this legend for this chapter, in the next chapter, we'll start adding materials and stuff. 4. Chapter 3 Materials and Environment Part 1: Welcome to chapter three. In this chapter we'll be adding materials, may also be adding the environment around the Marlon. We'll be doing a couple of tests renders B, just to check if our render is coming as per our requirement. So in the previous class we have said this scene. Now we're gonna go back to our Build mode here. And we see that our model is here. And let's start adding material, material you and afterward with this paint bucket tool, let's click on that. Make note of this when you may, when you add materials in SketchUp. For example, if you add this wooden material in SketchUp for this volume, and if you added for this as well, when you make changes to this, wherever this same material is applied, it will be affecting all of those. So as you see when a marvel over this one material, every, every other material which is same to this material, it will affect those as well. So you see the same voltage or same material is highlighted in green. So if for this one it will be highlighted throughout the same materials and further glass, it is highlighted. So what I mean to say is if you want this material to be different and this material to be different in the settings. You will have to do that in SketchUp above beforehand, since Domitian recognizes this as one material, to add the same material in SketchUp and imported into Lome on, but then have different options for different effects for it, all you have to do is in low ends catch up. When you add this material with the same material texture, you have to give it a different name and add it to this material. So I guess it'll be a little hard to understand, but if your diet tear yourself, it will, it will be pretty easy. It is not very confusing. So then low. When you import that into loom yon Lumia, and we'll see that this XOR is same, but the name of the textures are different, so it will have different material settings for this. So let's start by adding, I start by adding this wall itself. So you see this, I like this texture on this. So I not be adding any loom eons, textures. So you see it itanium door you have, what do you have several different options here. So I don't think I'll be going with any of these since I like this material. So to do that and to use this same material on an Apple two is Lygon standard, then will be, they'll give us some options. What do we have to do is just, I don't want much gloss on this. So under user, I don't want reflectivity as well. So anybody with that as well, once somebody leaf to give it a realistic texture. So I didn't have bumps on it. So let's increase really for big, let's also add a bump, mumbled words. So in the render all these dark lines, the grains in the world, biotin, they will have a bump, sort of a texture. You're gonna also increase or decrease textual size by increasing or decreasing them. Scale important like this. So we don't want to do that. You just put it to default. And you can move it around here and move texture options, orientation, transparency. And then they settings for saturation, MSE, MSE, we'll give it a glow when the camera is facing towards it. And you don't want to do anything for these. So we can go to weathering. Weathering is a really interesting thing. It will give. It's a nice look through your final render. So we'll be adding wouldn't ideally elbow this since this is what, and we'll give it some editing like this, and we'll give it some software just so r this where Louis, it will add some moss and it allowed some rough national and architecture. So once this is done, you can do the same with that. I stop the materials, Jasmine. So I'm guessing that this is some pain and just click on paint and can increase or decrease their color, is that it is going to resist being Jasmine. So let's click on green and let's make a complete white. And then etag styles. So I don't think I like this style is much harder, Lewis. I use something from Lonian, clicked on this material and go to all and we'll do not bricks, stone. So we'd have options here. I guess. You can select different payments. This looks nice, but I don't think it was with Martin in search for something more simple. Like this. This is very simple, minimalistic. And more options to this, to customizer Tibet mode, you can double-click on the material there. And that's it reduces their glossiness, reflectivity like this much, and increase relief to give it more bump. And we're gonna give it some weathering as well. So you see weathering career set of faders on there. If you look at this time. As I've noted, this is a player in texture and it is only bumping on the edges. So are do we are going to do is we are going to arrive somewhere. What this does it, it adds a realistic look to their stone. It's not Lake. The stone is brand new when you're just fresh. Really create these sort of bumps carnivores and there'll be some moss in-between this crags. So you give it a more realistic look. So that's the reason we use weathering. So that's done. Let's add would do this to the AND gate. Will do although it would. Yeah, this looks very Anais. This since this is some metal, will go to our door and say, can I go? And I gotta bring day. While you're renders, all you have to do is keep going through different materials. I'm getting your find your own Anna and desired look you're looking for. So that's adjusted trial and error process radio go through everything until you find what suits the best. Fight. I don't think I'm finding anything that I can now go to my dentist panel. Okay. So this is a burden. This looks more diverse. It is suitable for the garage door for him. Already I didn't regalia and do this. And this is the shutter. So I guess that the volume, IT really been good for that unless there are again, some gloss. And we're gonna give it some color. And this can get ASR dot local setting. And this is the roof. And it's Iron Maiden Do it in North America and iron, aluminium. So aluminum generally they're the horn material has a bomb cern and it has some sort of bumps on it, which I don't really Lake. So all we're doing is we're increasing the map scale. So this will zoom into that material discharges maximum, maximum since this is just aluminum manner, it has no actual deck shot richer elicit, restart the solution of the deck shut. So it's all go either all the way up or all the way down. So I go all the way up generally, I add 0 relief and reflectivity and you guys, you're going to leave it where it is. That's iron, glass or some see-through material for this roof. And let's go to Ian Loader angled or glass. This seems good. I guess we're gonna go with if you're insured, I guess this should look domestic. And this has some sort of a bra black den donor. So this looks more and more dense. We have glass here. You're going to just kick on airlines glass. It will clear crystal clear glass surface on this. So this is all you are. You don't have to go through those openings in this unless you actually want to add some gain to go their glass or some frosting is to give it the name. If it were not a, B, C, you do if you're asked to flashiness having doing literally cleared some sort of a blood like this. So we don't want this, I want to clear laughs. I put 0 for acinus and they say I'm works for all of this and argued less. And and Diane, your money on banner ads and the framework on it. And it will do a lawyer and my guideline you minium networks work. So I don't know, coming to their daughter, let's add some attacks on the World. Doing nor know, IE I think go something more dark gray, look good like this. And let's do a glossy. Yeah, I guess this looks good and reduce reflectivity on this. And let's add some aluminium, okay, so there's a glass material that gets done. Now. I guess we are done with adding all the materials there. And I've got a roof or I'll do a little thing. And it looks good. And then we have another option here and has been, because this looks more realistic. Let's increase maps good. Since this looks small, right? This, and this would be good enough. And since this is going in an angle like this, again, Odean did here like this. So and day length, it aligns on the edge. You're going to hold down shift to make slight changes in this language. So I guess this guy doctrinal. Yup. Okay. We're going to add this materials. Let's put standards since they have some branding honor and Congreve reflectivity and that aluminum such standard material to this has been OK. I guess that's all for the materials. The materials on the house is done outside the final material on the road. So let's add standards into yonder. Retain this road Lecture, and to reduce our gloss. Leave reflectivity sincerely reflects some sunlight. And let's increase the relief. Also. Let's add some weathering on it. So we don't net increase weathering. Angus. And there's ingredient which I got. It just looks for now. Now that we have added all the materials to on Martin, since the sun is facing the opposite side from the model, we don't want the shadows in front of the building. So all you have to do is go to build Bordeaux weather and more bliss. And so they did face or the front side of it. And this, I guess There's four backdoor photo mode. And let's click on our model. So every time you vote and you come back to this photo mode, what happens is you are more or less kind of zoomed Lord, from your actual photo. So every time you come back in, all you have to do is click on this to go back to your scene. So that is one thing that a lot of people find troubling. Since now we have added our sun hats and there's a door des render, render. And let's select a desktop for not just for the test. You see our measures rendered. It's complete sensor and didn't have much geometry oil imports in it. So it finished very quickly industrial quot on second and on my PC. So depending on your system, it might take a bit longer or it might have been even more quick. So I see that the materials look good. We have to do a lot of tweaking for now. So now looking at the materials, we should be able to see and understand what we want to change our Lord. We want to keep looking at this. I guess everything is perfectly okay for me. Since I don't see that I need a little more changes. We left Africa would be. And the environment and doing some tweaking to the actual render, redoing the finance. So we'll be adding more effects, more of research and we'll be adding more Mod model is to the scene as readily to look more realistic. I love know also it is looking real lingual from the existing trend data I showed you in the introduction. So let's click on OK. Let's go back to our model and let's add some objects from Lome on itself to give it a bit more realism. And it can also our grass material to this. And it will do nature and beauty good as clean cut grass. To do is I'm going to click on this and let's increase our grass hays. Grass land. Yep, so this looks good. So once that's done, click on OK to save all our materials. And let's add in some objects by clicking on this objects. And let's, let's start with adding some trees. And I just click on this, click on the place I can. So you'll start to see your loom eons liability on the left here. So I will go by adding some trees which are not directed so that it doesn't look at anoxia since this is just a beeline that are not very directories around. So that is one thing in realistic rendering, you always have to think about how realistically it is available in real life. So generally, i don't know the law. You don't find a tree which is something like 50 feet. It is mostly something like 1416 feet tall and also depending on the type of tree. So mostly we find general trees like this. On days like this, this is the most common one. Or we find quantified histories as well. So I'll be adding fuel quantified as trees. So this looks realistic domain and we're adding fuel here. To make it more realistic, you can click on this cluster replacement. So I didn't randomly I3 is around it like this. So we haven't done that. And let's add some trees on this side, doesn't. Okay? So generally there are two types of trees that are available in one area. And let's add some data which is our big taller than this. So let's go to pump me even find boundaries around and molasses or any any residential area. And let's select something which is of medium height is just too small. And let's see how and by Mr. Lee either to there and you have to do is delete these. You're going to evenly these same trees by clicking on one of those tree and find all identical objects. So it didn't find all those same objects. If you ever do a mistake like this, you're going to click on delete and click on this. It will delete all the boundaries which I just started. I guess this should be good. Yep. So that's our cluster here. And a title one here. Not too much. Then once you have done that and if you're an antagonist fired, have invaded artery is located or you're going to go back and move and got on. I'm going to insert, delete fewer trees. Go many of them. What are their? So this is breezing a bag on, not really necessary for all at random. So I'll be deleting few of those. And this, and same thing here as well. So this three is very close to this. That generally doesn't happen in real life. So let's move this here and this one here. Okay? So once that is done, I guess these are dominated Greece. So let's just do a few of those. Since you don't want to go look unrealistic. We after all, they didn't necessarily want to delete the ones in the back like this. And renewed fuel these. And that's more of this insight. You can also randomized size to make it more realistic like this. And this one really big here. And you're going to have this one big consensus on the back. And you go back to our four, don't want to see a lot of scene looks like I don't know. I think on this. So know know that we are in the scene, we can see you, they're not many studies on this right side arteries are Butler Iron Lady looking very MD on this. So now we know that we have to create like we after move their trees to this part of the scene. So what I did looks model-free lub here and we have to move dish trees into discovering up and it is very unnatural. Let's go back to blue. And that's more of a back door move. And this back. And it's been a year. The binding. And, and dominion 13 here, like this. And we can literally indies since then our denominator mu. These two next shameless lease. Okay, so let's move them towards the front. And a tired opener tree here. Small this site. And this. I can also rotate it since all of their dreams written mostly rebasing lets him that action when you import them into your model. So you can refer to them as well. And I don't know. Let's say there's somebody read essays can be made a mod. Yep. So. And this randomization looks okay to me. On this tree, hammered into the news here. There's one here. And let's bring this to the French and English. So go back daughter image. Yeah, so this side looks much better done on, since we haven't done a lot of Janus. Lets, I will most probably move some, some random draw you to the left here to cover this gap. And we'd be adding one more trees or they're only showing up bit inside this. So the SI units coming together now. And it's this coconut tree here. And this year. And I guess we're going to increase the higher $1.1 per year as well. So let's leave it like this. Next move this tree here to the left and increase the height in this. Let's see where it goes in art. Yeah, so this looks good. Looks more realistic, null. So let's do our gesture. And so as you see, you know, that we have our directory is it gave them a bit more life to all render and it looks more realistic null. So by the time we reach our final rendering are inheriting all Martens. And I didn't know that malaria is not complete scene. We look so worldline look realistic way your desire it. So let's continue making automoton. Let's quickly add that I stop the objects that we want like bushes and human figures. So let's add some bushes. No, we're not going to go to blanch. And let's see what we can earn. I guess. This week we're going to draw a mosque placement. Since we don't want to replace one by one, all you have to do is click on the n and Uganda and here, and you have done that, you're going to iron the bushes here as it lets you know that jobs on grass in this layer charge some land Jasmine and gives us. So now this is done and we can increase the number of lines here. Take this medication randomized direction. If you were at modernistic in Oklahoma, my spacing. And so our new Zach, nice one hopes empty. So I'm gonna use I'm gonna increase the number. Oh, I guess this looks good. And I turned red here. And also if you want to see if you can find something better. I guess we're going to add some something like this. And this are the same thing on this side. And stretch. You're gonna district later on as well like this. Niche nicotine is a number. Okay, so now that we have I gestured on this site and that's our little enlarged lane on the side of the road. So this is one complete stretch which increase the number of blanks here. And click okay, and it's go back door camera view and see. So now we have added these plants, will have to go back to them and does them the same way we did them for that release. So I guess this bush look so door, door big in this target self-selected, agreed with that. Let's move this here. And I think these essays and this. And you can use this. So you could use this and this. And to delude one on this list here. Okay. 5. Chapter 3 Materials and Environment Part 2: Okay, I'll finish readjusting all sizes and orientations of these bushes and these wishes as well. Let's go back all for Donald C out looking as funnel. So it looks pretty realistic known since the random placement that didn't work out very well to us. We are then different diets as well. So this looks like, I don't know, let's go back to this. The one thing I want to change this, I want to do some more daring do the road like this and add more edges like this. So let's click on OK. And that's learning. I think we're going to add in a few more bushes are different radiation. And then one much of those, yes, to add a bit of color, we'll be adding these. So let's r diode here, like this, okay, this, and it's written like this. And let's click on cancel. Let's click on single basement. Pick one here. And let's add enough. You'll hear in the back. And this siren fewer in the back here it has been this. Okay. So I guess that shouldn't be good enough. Child, you see the applying showed good note. It's moved this one numbered current like this, and you get the one in the back. Yeah, I am very satisfied with the blinding on the left-hand rate. Let's add in a diode in a garden. Garden here. Okay, so I would like to product card here and there. So there is facing this way. And that's also includes essays since it looks a bit DO much smarter than realistic size over time. It looks correct. Let's give it a different color. Let's worldwide. And let's see if it is on the ground in China and Iran correctly. And you see all the materials have already been either do or you don't have to mess around with that. What did back make somewhere around here. And as you go to our view, and let's see how our scene is looking as of now. This looks inward, mark daggers that God is looking a bit hard. So I'll bring a debate forward and guess. But if it doesn't suit well, we can also put the denser the parking here. This still looks some what we are doing. So I'll be moving the garden back into the parking since it looks very we are the since it is outside. It is because of the field of view. And I will explain. It stretches on this. And if I go forward here, I don't if I lower angle this way and look better since it is not stretching on the edges. So we don't have to get into much detail of there. And I just go back to Bill and move the garden into the parking. So let's get to front-facing. What are you going to go back? And let's start off that I ever change the driver enlarge visiting and their god of ideas by the net small word low, get IJ, I mean the Beiping bordered inside here. Yeah, this looks broadly enough. And I don't think in their daughter ego that the guide is here. Exploitative fabric morning intake. It see it, it already crashing into that guides daughter, but that's okay. Let's do the scale here. Somehow it seems are really going into the ground. And we afterward or get rid of this. Negative since the ramp has some slow pointed. And also more debate, don't know. I guess the whole loan shift from liver desolate woman and this and let's bring it back up. So there should be perfect. And yes, yep. Yeah. Nudge. Nudge sort scatter cleanup of outdoor scene. Let's see how it looks. Next door destination that. So all coming together now and just be adding when human figure here though Philip desk-based regenerate rise, which was main Father God and relied one, human figures are met in the bulk and you do make it look realistic. So let's just finish this quickly and go door really is deeply. Let's add someone who has just gotten engaged, funny program here. And this, it can increase the height of the boy in this. Yeah. So that looks good. And we can place I guess you're going aboard guanine re-sampling as well. So same reside on this. Yeah. So that should be good enough. So this is the same. Ok. So back to our scene and then do another texture. So this is our final render. After adding all the material learned, all the objects we want during the Lonian, I guess that and that is looking pretty good already. So once we add our logo edifying and effects on the scene and do with affine under and really looking good. So that's it for this chapter. In the next chapter we will be learning how do I actually want for this gene and doing the sign under and assessment. 6. Chapter 4 Render settings and Final render: Welcome to the final chapter is chapter four. In the previous chapter, we are valid at all our materials and we have created the environment. In this chapter, we'll be doing blending of DES renders and we will finally redoing the final learn that as well. So do I give that to we'll be adding effects in the long eons. Furthermore, let's get started with this. So as you see, we have our seemed ready and all you have to do is if you own one to spend much time on finding the best renders settings or doing it based on how your desired it could be. All you're gonna do is just click on custom scene and select the NEC. And from the 30-31 leg you're going click on realistic utilize fewer effects door the scene here, I don't think that this is the best way to we'll buy it. So if you are just looking to do a quick render and it doesn't require ready realistic look through it. These these settings that are pretty good foot it. I'm not saying that they're very bad, but never normally give you the desired outcome you warned after spending AND off damn creating no, Marta learned creating the scene and Lonian. So you're going to turn off a few things that they've told feed, but you can turn off the chromatic aberrations. You can turn off color correction. So based on that day, you're going to also go by doing our final render and not saying that this is completely useless. They're going to go through which one you wanted to events. And again, to get as well any, any desired team you wonder well by your gun and select by clicking on customized style. And you can select any of them. Dislike savior worrying about a sketchy look, let's click on this. So this looks pretty good. I generally don't prefer that mentored and I don't do it that way. What I do is I, I select the custom style, I click on realistic, and I don't know a turn off, a few dings and gender, few things that I don't want it to have. So for this class, I will not redoing that. I'll be explaining the things that we need for doing a realistic rendering. So unless click on effects to add individual effects, and let's go to this. So first of all, let's add a sun so we can change the sun setting. So you had under low riders are things in Lome on his wartime bankruptcy. So let's change the sun's heading. I guess this should be good. So the shadows are on this site and like this. So below here you are and the sun is coming from the top right corner. And that's that this is faintness decreases the height to give more sunlight into this and give it more delayed here. So I guess that should be good. You're going to enjoy increase or decreases and brightness based on while we wondered. So I'll just leave it out 0.6, like this and go back. And it's sort of an extra effect. We want to add shadows, since the shadows which this androids are non-greedy need a lender not very contrast 0s or it's out of that and its select soft shadows and fine details shadows. You can increase or decrease. Shadow vagueness here, identity like do increase their debate. And the brand message rebellion duty at our next studios, shadows here. So as you focus on this area, when I increase it, it gets more bright and when I click, sorry, an angry wizard and decrease it, it gets brighter and darker. So what it does is this, that is creating shadows here. If you increase it, it really create a more darker shadows on the inner surfaces and the surfaces which are exposed to our doors does unmoored and it'll be much later like that roof on this gets more dark and abandon here gets more later. And I do that like this. So let's just add dish to 0.4. and this is good. Shadow renders them on doubt. I don't lend our daughter model isn't creating. So their default generally does pretty good enough. You don't have to do that. You don't have to do any settings. So a shadow type can be normal or sharp depending on how good the OBC can handle it. Measures were there don't Ottoman and puts soft shadows since that creates a modest subtitle tone dweller ended. So the shadow settings are done. And I tied reflections, reflections that are very important and since there give more realistic look through your glass and do your shiny materials. So we'll do that. We'll have to click on this edit option, click on add a new plane and add Blanche to the glass materials here like this. So this will only create the reflective panel on the material which has reflection option that you added in the materials. For to say this, this pain doesn't have a reflective option in the materials we have added before. So you're destroying this red colour earlier and this would have that reflective panels so it showing green. So you're after c, which layers you have to give the reflection stories since you don't want to give it down realistic look. So I've just added a reflection layers to this glass here. And here. I guess that should be good enough. You're gonna even out one here on the glass behind this and one on the garage door. You're going to add up to ten layers. So we have identified and add one on the advertisement. Ok, now once you have added those, we can put premium quality. It would look if you want to proceed a buddy of yours, he edited before you do the 531 sector too high, but that takes up a lot of system requirements. System usage. So that I just put it on lows inside ordinary to see how much render, how much reflection is affecting. Now the model, I generally do it based on texture and Dutch since I find that they're much more better. So I just put it on low. We can increase reflection threshold to something like eight. And what this does, it, it adds more reflections, more quality to the reflection through the bands which you have already applied. So I guess reflections is done. And let's see what else we can add nets and Stuart tests render for now, let's see if our Sun and shadows reflections out. Let's turn off reflections as well. And CEO of Sun and shadows or whether they are giving a good output or know as unknown. And let's see what critiquing me after loop. So a logistic regression. So you see that another company during the early Greeks, since it didn't have many fewer, does honor Jasmine. So looking at this, I think good looks as good as we go on and add more effects. They look much better. Lighting seems Gordon adding CMBS or wet exposed yet, I guess those shadows either big blue deep in this part of the area. So I will reduce the sun's Heidelberg mode and an increase in duty artists and x duty edited shadow laden yet. So I didn't goof this here like this, and go back to Sun. Okay, so I didn't audition. And it produces like this. So this looks better and also degrees of Sandburg, but recognitions it'll get all that exploits in those areas. And it looks good. Let's go back. Let's add a color correction if FDA yep, here. So in colors, color correction. Let's give it some temperature minus the stellarator. And let's give it some brightness, some contrast, some saturation as well. And you're going to increase or decrease or increase their darkness or lightness of it like this. So I don't want to mess with that. We're gonna leave this one as it is. That's the embryo children diagnosed color contrast saturation, these other things you are likely to change in color correction and engage some contrast as well as it should be greater than some saturation. So let's door destroying that and see how it looks like. So this is looking much better than the previous rendered redemption dude. So it looks and how the image looks more crisp and all, and their shadows you gotta kind of data is read and image looks modern breakdown. I guess it all looks much better than WBS that readers do, is click on okay, done under frictions and less than one dash. Okay? So you're, you're, you might be seeing the clouds on this glass here. It is not very highly affected as of nosing. There's nothing in front of the building. So there's your legal riddled sky Yan clouds in this class as well. So we'll be adding one building behind this, relying here and one in the opposite. They'll give it some reflection in the glass. Let's click on OK. Let's go backward. And I'll go so I lacked the building, right? Let's click on place again and the after select oligos. And then we're going to set it gone Billings. And let's add some, some round number link. It's a very particular. So we can put this here and we can add one yard in the back. And again, moreover, radon. So it's not much color beetle as of now. And let's add something like this. And I guess so we're going to have something like this and reduce the height on this. And this. Worked with a friend so they could get reflections from it. Make here electrically cooled enough. And let's move this with NF lameness. You got actually, let's see how it looks in already imaginal. So yeah, this looks better, but w links we have added in the front are recreating this shadows on the road for us. So everyone but James, that oh, pretty random DAG from happening. Audrey Lewis, let's just move the buildings behind a to instill affect the deflection. So that's not a big issue. And go back to this and see. And I'll just looks and good will also give us their reflections, renewed statically earnings on my shadow here and fix that. And this building, I guess he began well, where do the left or a big blue that I know that I had a little bit bigger than two. So let's move this dominant eye like this. There's, so you're going to own this and you're going on back here, go back, go and seeing and what does Shonda? Yeah, so this looks much Murdoch flesh gyros are not going to be your daughter reflections and this really looks good as well. So let's no rotation angle. So now you, as you see, you're going to see you there. And reflections of the bilinear. It is ready, started out as an art as I'm doing too much, you're going to increase reflective, really reflected 3D in glass material. Do see it more clearly. You're going to do that. The ruling here looks good and suddenly lighting everything looks reading nude on it. So let's click on OK. Let's do without finance settings here. Go back to my do yoga and click on glass and increase this inflection option here. Same thing with this and this. And they're gonna make here. Let's click on OK. And vector this questionnaire and that again, reject that infections. So now you see that reflections, much clear unknowns are using them are linear. You see the sky, and you see that all four reflections here, you see the reflections of that tree in this class. So now it looks much better. Predictions look more realistic now. So I guess we redefine rendering reflections and it's more under the next one. And that's some skylight and large Scalar does is it takes your daylight, sunlight and it does some Gumby auto-generated, which makes your IRA Martin look more realistic in their daily laid down. It makes it more realistic as policy by Lynn, basic words. So we're selling, we're not late and projector reflections as ready to increase them greatness and analytical under D. Let's project on. And it's worded on, hey, there's door height. So now it's done and it's done, extra effect going on. So I would have been allowed to affect the Arctic we shall and Niger and late, it affects both of those. So we're gonna increase this year. Let me go back to this and let's reduce the brightness to one in this regard. And you don't need globally mu illumination as we are not having any artificial layers and we are not doing an industrial render. We don't need a volumetric sound large sense. We are not in the interior and that affects our exposure. You don't need the sediment and we can use it and we're gonna reduce their exposure to big ginger looks bright. And it's okay, so that looks good. Next thing we'd like to do is let's, let's just do our desktop that for now. So we have added these Fielding's and our tests render and see how the skylight and hyperboloid is affecting our render. And now you see that alerted the sky and the blue color in the sky is being reflected by that order and it is being reflected on the walls and you see your bit of polluting dies well. So it is creating a big Gomorrah and natural sunlight. You see that the shadows are resolved and it is, it is looking more realistic as of now as, as far as I can say. So the shadows look good late. The shadows from this boundary and shadow on this wall looks really good. Let's click OK. And I guess lows toward good enough. We'll just add real sky is known. And you can change the orientation like this. Is I guess. Yeah, this should be. Again, flip this guy. If you don't have clouds, you based on your desire to renew their brightness as well and increased overall brightness here. And let's see what other Sky is not available. I wanted something with a bit more clouds unit, I guess distributed up better. And let's flip this way. Yeah, this looks Becker, I guess. So. And stored under water real skies Do is a diodes are more realistic scale do it since the default scaling Lome on is not of any realistic utilize. It relied basically lambda HDR I around your martin. So you're going to have a realistic image which has been Dagan before end effects which are caused by that image, gives a realistic look through your model. And so if I select this and getting, you didn't give realistic sky and wondered if I select something like and evening sky like this and create a realistic sky around something like this. So you see it is more realistic and real space is. It just creates a more realistic look bigger and are so though, and I've added previously, thank this. Increase a break niche. Okay. I guess this flips guy a little bit better and your test render. Okay, so that is complete. And if you compare the that end up to this present real skies render to the render which we did previously, there will be a huge difference in their yellow skies fx the model as well. So now you see it. It is really more crisp and the shadows are more accurate. The lighting or owner days more natural as well. So let me just throw open the images from the before and after. So this is the before, before we either the real sky. And this is laughter. So you see the images more saturated and it is more realistic here. And it is just more washed out here. Like if you look at the word endless shadows, that would look so D saturate or urine, it looks more realistic here. The sky as well like the clouds look better in this image and I look very unrealistic in this. So you never find a cloud like this in a render. And it is this kind of clouds on water realistic. So this is always a better option to woven. All you have to do is a few settings to make it look realistic. I guess that's I guess we have to fix something here, sensitive, looking very blank. So we were doing that. And let's go back here and go now industry here. And being in this bond and they're dense layer on here. Let's go back to our scene. I guess this side of the gun law, M B naught. So I guess I'll have to reduce the size of this form since all of them are two cases here. So inquiry is a string of it, I guess. Of outdoor scene. Yeah. So this looks much better. No. Colored up that gap. No. Now though do have added less case. Let's see what other effects we can add. If you want to create a scene where there is fog and use for guys, but so I don't need light in the scene. You can even add autumn colors to your render if you have, if you wanted to create that kind of an effect, I would like to select precipitation. So what this does is it will add some water on the street and the surfaces in a modern and it will also give it a more realistic look and it will create some reflections has been. So we can select either rain or snow. So I selected again, and you can select the phase of precipitation. So let's turn off the particle size since we don't want that. Extra fog lifts. Its uses a bit. So yeah. You can select the precipitation if there is no sex, something like this where there is some dampness on the street. Low by plants, its increases. So I think this setting looks good. Let's do a test render and check it out. That it is based on how we want it to be. And I just do our final destination. And then we can do that final render after we do this. So as you see, there is not much of the rain that I wanted it to have on the streets. So I will go back and Nile added back there like this. So now you see there are a few puddles of water here. So I can produce this and Here's this should have been good. I remove the extra fog as well and got my plants. And yeah, I guess this should look good. So let's do the test render again. Click on this. Yeah, so now, now you can see the small puddles of water on the street and you can see the reflection of that car. So this creates that extra, a realistic look that generally isn't available in many of your renders. So you see three is being reflected here and it is being cut off here. So it is very realistic now. I guess that should be good. I guess we can do, we are ready for the final render. So for the final render and just see if we can add anymore effects if it didn't require. So we don't need anything from the sketch and wash ends here. Color Corrections we have already identified. We can add some bloom. So that's pointed. Do a very slight amount of bloom. That's done. You can put sharpness if you want. I generally don't like sharpness on it. So what this does is it will just create some extra details, say, increase neglect id of the image. So, but that creates a very rough outline around Model which I don't quite like. So I, let's put it to a very slight edge demo and you can even use this color lab to add different color effects to you. So it is one, this is tied to three. So you'd have multiple different options here like this. And see if there is anything would I guess this is what it is to saturated so I'll degree them onto you. I guess that's it for all the settings. And let's do a fine under and click on Render. Okay, so now let's render this complete, I guess this discipline that looks really good, at least to me. I hope you guys learned something from this and I've been able to help you guys create realistic renders and improve from there. And as you have made before, I really like this renders sincerity is very bright and exaggerated. It, it also has this nice reflections. I always like reflections in the model since it creates more religion, realism. And also the shadows are very accurate. Models are very highly needed. So these are few things that you have to have to create a very rendered. So I am very satisfied with this. What do you guys found this helpful? And you have learned something. I guess that's it for this final render. 7. Chapter 5 Overview on project: This is the final jacket and I would like to give an overview on what we have learned and also see large we have improved on. So this is the model which we have done directly from SketchUp and exported our view, this is the view we had. This is basically that embedded with tree came from and this is that ended which we finally ended up on. So there is a huge difference from the identities. This is very much realistic and remote President double. If you're showDish to our client or if you have this in your portfolio, it will create a huge impact on it. I hope it was helpful to you race. And if you can see from where we started in Louisiana and how far we've come in. Let's see what we have done in Bamiyan. So this was the initial render we had and we added some environmental treaties around it. And I've added the materials as well. In this, we have added a few objects. And you've said some sun settings in this. And we have also added some color settings here. And we have done some sun heading, Amazon height settings in this. So we have, we have done plenty of settings you add, we have added the buildings in the background in this image. And we have added some reflections in the glass here and other buildings in the front of the building as well. Then we have added a realistic sky to it. And then we have added some precipitation on the ground and the rain to guard some reflections. And then finally we had this final render which we did where we, I did all the sharpness and the final effects which are needed for the random. So I see that there is a huge difference from this and this is pretty obvious. If you like the class, I hope you guys will give me a good review on my class. Since you're going to have it bothers you. Find in this class has been. And it will also give me more degraded. I'm creating new classes ended. Let me know that I have actually created something which was helpful to someone. So yeah, that's it. If you like the class, please don't forget to review. And I, I've heard many different videos on how to make 3D models like this one on SketchUp. I have, I have many clashes on my profile. You can check them out. And I've also made a few classes on Lume Yan's interior rendering and out to you is looming on the basics of Lonian. So please do which I called my profile. If you found this class full, I'm pretty sure that you will find something else also which will NPO. And yeah, for future classes like this, cancer data following my profile. And I'm going to be creating more content on Lonian as well. So thanks for watching. I'm pushing and I'm signing off from this class.