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Loose & Lively Watercolor Hearts

teacher avatar Jessica Sanders, Artist | Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Brushmark Hearts

    • 4. Making a Contact Paper Heart Mask

    • 5. Heart Painting 1 - Using the Mask

    • 6. Heart Painting 2 - Brushmark Hearts

    • 7. Heart Painting 3 - Freestyle Heart

    • 8. Project & Thank you!

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About This Class

Hi, I’m Jessica Sanders, a self-taught mixed media artist who loves exploring art and sharing it with you!

Let’s paint some Loose & Lively Watercolor Hearts!  Fun for beginners and experienced painters :)

In this class, we will learn a super simple way to make brushmark hearts, and how to make a mask from contact paper (sticky-back shelf liner).  Then we will explore 3 different heart paintings!

Then it’s project time!  Choose your favorite watercolor heart, and paint it - or choose all 3!

These lovely little hearts will make fantastic gifts for your friends, or wonderful greeting cards!  Don’t forget to share it with me and your fellow students in the Project Section.


Brushmark hearts

Masking with Contact Paper (sticky-back shelf-liner)


Watercolor paint

Watercolor paper:  140 lb / 300gsm

Watercolor brushes:  10 round

Paper towel



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Sanders

Artist | Designer


Jessica Sanders

Artist, Instructor, Designer

Hiya, beautiful skillsharer,

I hope all is well with you!

I tried out a fun technique last week, and, well...

I got super excited about it!! It was so fun, I just had to share it.  :-D 

I was so excited, that I turned it into a wonderful, relaxing, playful class.  

Watercolor with Me: Lovely Leaf Prints & Negative Shape Painting

Image: Leaf print example painting by Jessica Sanders

Let's make lovely leaf prints with watercolor together! 

We'll play with watercolor, and practice negative shape painting - a very important skill in watercolor painting.

In this class for beginners, or anyone who... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hello. Welcome to my skill share class. I'm guessing Sanders. Color me greedy to art dot com So today, let's learn to paint some more color hearts. Let's do some brush mark hearts. I'll show you how to do these hearts with just two simple brush strokes. Let's do some masking sort of Ah so, uh, negative shape painting technique that I did with some contact paper masking and let's get wild and free and make a fun, splashy, colorful watercolor heart. I can't wait to get started. Let's go. 2. Supplies: okay, Skill shares. Here are the supplies that you will need. You will need some watercolor paper. It can be £140 is the best option or better smaller than that. It gets sort of wavy, and it's hard to use. So any brand £140. I have cold press, which adds a little texture to my art. You need a watercolor brush. I have around number 10 but use your favorite. You need water, color paint, metallic water, color paint, washi tape or contact paper. Your choice. You need a cloth for drying your brush and you need better. It's also nice if you have a heart stencil, but it is not required. I have this one that I love with different size hearts on it that I will be using. But it's not require you could do this class without the stencil. And of course you're gonna have a little turtle friend if you like. OK, so let's get started with this class 3. Brushmark Hearts: There are many ways to create a heart. There are a lot of heart shapes, but I thought it would show you a quick way to make some really tiny hearts, which is brushed drugs. And it just takes really to brush Stokes and you have hearts. Let me zoom in a little. I think you can see and all you do is you load your brush with paint. You want to tap it to make sure that you don't have that drop on there, and then you just press it down with the point toward the bottom of the heart and you do it again and you have heart. It's a little bit precise, but it's kind of fun to do so you could actually make an entire page full of tiny hearts. Now, if you want to, you know, fix them up a little. Like that one was a little skinny. You could do that. This was gone a little crazy. Here. Let's make it bigger. Why not? Just for fun anyway, right? So that's a good thing. Also, to help you practice brush control. If you just tap press down, fill it out if you want. Have a nice little heart, so let's do it again. So you put your tip of the brush where you want the bottom of the heart to be and tap out at an angle and then my saving a little my precious leaving a little cap there so I can just fill it in and then do it again. Nice little heart. Like you said, You can fix it up however you like, but it's just fun. You could just go and make some really tiny hearts. You need to get my brush wet further up on the bristles. I think that's why it's making that little jag IDs, but so you could make some really super tiny hearts. Uh, like that is a heart Look how tiny, Super Tiny heart. So that's actually to me so much fun. You just go tap tap and you have heart. And if it didn't work out the way you wanted, top a little more working on a little more. These were sort of like a bird shaped hearts. I messed that one up. So guess what? I'll just do make it bigger. You could make him skinny or fatter, you know, whatever you like. Okay, I'm really entertained. Can you tell? I mean, I just really love doing this sort of thing. It's like a little shortcut to making ah heart and so cute. Um, let's see. Let's see what happens if you press harder, Just gonna press harder, make it bigger, and make sure that I'm overlapping their impressing thinking about how hard oppressed in the first place and because I pressed harder like that it my brush re absorbed basically some of the pain. So you just go back in, touch it up once I have to shape their, but it gives you a nice shape. And of course, you don't have to. You can leave it however you want. You could actually make, like, a little heart flower something, you know, getting a little carried away. Right? But you get the idea. I think that you could just have fun with it. Oh, my goodness. You do so much. I think that one small and then my little a little yellow happy in little yellow. There a nice little heart shaped I I hope that you love watercolors. Muchas idea. I really love Barca. A little green in there or a little blue. Make that go green. Guess what. Have heart flower. Okay, We're not really making hard flowers for this class, but I just wanted to show you a fund technique for making hearts, especially the really tiny, because you can make them really tiny. Um, I need to press down a little bit more. Do you make them really tiny and you could make a nice, fun little pattern with it. I see super tiny arts, uh, and made with this big brush. Can you believe that this brush can make that tiny heart please practice and have fun with this great brush control. Great learning how much pressure to put down on your paper when you're painting How much what happens to your brush like you're type of brush or your brand of brush is going to be a little different from someone else's. So what happens when I press it down hard? Look, that was fun, but not the shape that I wanted to see. So I sort of have a heart shape that is ragged so I could just fix it up, you know, But experiment in these little fun ways. How small the heart can I make like with this big brush? Like Like how small can I g? Oh, my goodness. That's good. I should also be a bird because it's not very grounded there, but just just have fun with it. Just I mean, just I don't know. I just think you should go for it. Guys, just go for the fun, and that's the way you're gonna learn. The best is if you're enjoying yourself. If you're agonizing over it, let me tell you what. You're not going to keep doing it because you're not enjoying it. It's struggle. You don't need a struggle. Sometimes you need to struggle, I guess. But But with art, it's so important to have that spirit of play. And so I just really want to encourage you to just play with it. Just try it. I just keep going, don't I? I'm sorry. I'll stop now and won't go on to her. The main part of our class. I just wanted to show this little lesson with you about how to make little hearts with brushstroke. So okay, on to the next thing 4. Making a Contact Paper Heart Mask: So first, let's talk about how to create a mask with contact paper. As I said, you can use washi tape for this. Also, it's a little bit more complex, but we're going to do today with contact paper. I'm going to just use my stencil and I'm going Teoh. All right. Is this one way to do it? I'm actually gonna draw a couple. I'm one a big one. And I want sort of Ah, midsize. One more contact paper here. Of course, you could make the shape of your heart the shape of heart that you like. They vary, so it's It just really depends on what you like. I'm gonna make several different sizes. I'm demonstrating for you here now. Um, but I'll just show you how we just use one, and then I will show you another way to do it without this pencil. So if you don't have sense all you can do it like you did in elementary school. Take your contact paper and fold it together. And you just cut out a heart shape. Heart shaped that you like. Perfect. Simple. Easy. Did you have? Maybe you might have a little heart mask stencil area. But you have your mask. You're ready to go, OK? Or of course, you can use this. And the only difference is you. You cut on the line. That's the only difference. So feel free to do with this way or use this. I will do one. Cut out one. If you want to keep this outside edge as like a sticky stencil, you can also just fold this on your line. Same. Just be careful not to cut off the edge. And you can pick if you use the thick marker like I did speak anywhere on your line to cut it out. And there we go. So now I have two masks. They're different that their both hearts. So when you cut it out the way I did with the folded paper, then you have left sort of a sticky stencil with the heart shape inside, which was nice to have. You can use it also for projects. So no need to waste things right. I'm gonna cut out the rest of these and we'll get started with our painting 5. Heart Painting 1 - Using the Mask: So let's use our masks to make a heart card so you can play around with your composition and move your hearts around. Put them in lines and rose Put one straight in the center, all kinds of things you can do. But I kind of like this idea of overlapping hearts. I'm just going to use Thies too. Of course, we have different sizes. You can use sizes that you like. I'm going to use Thies too, and I want to do sort of a negative painting effect with it. So I'm going to have one that's completely white and the other one is going to be a pink color. So we have sort of overlapping like that. So what I want to do then, is take the backing off of my mask and to do that, you just bend the paper, bend it toward the paper side, not the clear side, and it will start to come apart there on the edge. Here we go. Just like that and you have your clear mask, which is sticky. You're gonna put the sticky side down. I'm winging it. I'm a winging it kind of person. I don't like to have everything perfectly planned and just press it down. Kind of start from the center. Work your way out, if you can. That way. Kind of avoiding wrinkles and press the edges. That's the main thing. The edges. Okay, so I have one mask down on my paper saving my second mess. I'm saving this one. Okay to put here, but I'm not going to put it on yet. So But this year now I have one mask, and that's gonna prevent the water color from going in that area. So I'm going to have a white heart. I want to really light soft pink. I don't have that really soft pink on my palette in my colors, but it's easy to make, so you could take this really bright pink. I picked that up. Is this like an opera pink? Something like that. Pick that up and put that over there. Clean my brush. I'm gonna pick up a tiny bit of yellow and put that in now. I got an orange color. It's really bright. Orange is a nice color, but it's not the color I'm looking for. So I'm going to go back to the pink. This is sort of a color mixing lesson within our painting, I guess. But I just want you to know that you can mix color you can. You can think about how colors work, and you can mix them. So this is a really nice soft pink. It's darker than I want to be. I'm gonna add more water. I want to be really light and soft. Now look at that. Isn't that beautiful? That's beautiful. Color pink. I like it nice and soft. That's real one. Now, I have this idea that I want this to be really white in this corner on this side. I do want to go around the edge of my heart or else my heart won't show up because this heart is going to be white. But I want this corner to be basically white over here, and then I'll have darker on this site. Okay, so I'm just gonna go right around my heart in a very unruly fashion. Very loose way and lay down color. I don't want any straight lines here. You can see I can just go right on top of that. It just it doesn't matter. Do anything okay And then fill in the sand. This is going to stay wet for a minute. So I'm gonna go ahead and just fill the sent over here with all of this color. Maybe leave a little white up there, too. You're kind of like that idea, and then I'm going to rinse my brush and tap off all that excess water and soften this by really lightly touching these edges to pull that color outside. You know, it's that kind of use a scrubbing motion for me that, like, moves the color around more. And now I've got color on my Russian. I'm tapping around a little, too. Just nuclear color. I just want to move it. I wanted to be really soft there really soft again, tapping off my brush, getting off the excess water and pull letting that color you really soft here and pick a little bit of that up and bringing out. There we go. I don't want a white spaces here. It's where my second heart's gonna be going to be. But I do want variation of color and again I want to soften this edge. So cleaning my rush, toughing it off, going over that edge really softens it. Do the same with this edge. See this? Nice hard edge here. I don't want that. There's also gonna soften that. Just dant brush. Here we go. Now I'm gonna tap in a few little drops because I can and because I like it here. Okay, Perfect. As far as I'm concerned, this perfect. I mean, I may just would love it just like this, but I'm going to continue. Okay, So I'm going to drive this and then I will come back. Okay, so this is basically dry. I usually like to let my paintings dry naturally, but you can use it. He till I did for this. One thing to note, if you're using a heat tool with the contact paper and the he tool or hair dryer is really hot, it may cause this to sort of wrinkle up and pull away from the paper. Doesn't hurt anything. We just want to watch for color. If you had a lot of paint here, it may run into there and going to add my second a mask. Now here is my 2nd 1 Now, that's the one I just did. I'm sorry. Here it is this one going to add this one? And I want this one to be off the edge and overlapped. So those are the things I'm thinking about when I am placing it. That may be the trickiest part of using this mask is getting them apart. All right, there we go. Now has got it pulling it apart. Said that a sign now thinking about where I wanted the placement because I didn't draw anything. So I just have to think of how I wanted it. I want this tip to be on here. I want that toe overlap, and I want that to go off the edge. There we go. And now we have another mask, and this heart will be the color that is underneath. So the color you see here that is covered up with the past, see if you can see that. I think you can see this mask now sort of this shiny part here. Okay. And it's going to be the color that we painted just a minute ago when we're finished, so sort of a negative shape painting technique, but we're using a mask to do it. It's really nice. And I don't have to worry about messing up this hard because I still have a mask on there. Perfect. Okay, so now we're going to go darker. So I'm going to pick a darker pink. Put it here. This is sort of magenta color right there. Magenta color. And I'm going to again pick up the yellow and put it in people. Be bold. Be bold in crazy Loosen lime Plea more pink to get that dark that I want. Nice. He's a great color for Flamingo, too. Uh, look, that love that. That's nice right there. So mix it until you get the color that you love. I mean, you're you may prefer to be more toward the pink side, More towards the Thea vibrant the onside. You know, it's completely up to you. There we go. So a nice color there, and I'm going to now work on going around and making this darker, so I'll just start here, and I'm just sort of scum bling my brush around. I don't have to worry about this White Hart, because, well, already painted it, and I'm kind of keeping it inside. The area are already painted. Gonna drop in even more color and guess what Now I'm gonna drop in some tallix. I've got my metallic metallic has already wet because metallics don't and they don't want to move to tap some metallic. Here we go. They don't want to move as much, so they I apologize. This is already wet because it takes longer in his harder to re wet. Okay, there we go. That's what I'm trying to say. Now I'm going to soften do this out here. I want to add in even more this pretty thin. So I want to thicken it up by adding more pigment and sort of, Ah, coral color There, There we go, a little more pink there. So it's not so coral ish tapping and more color here and there, making a darker, more variation. I don't really want that over there. So what I'm going to do is take something kind of cover that up that area over here because I don't want the dark colors over there, and I'm using in this stark and I'm going to subtracting here like that, Like that a lot. Look, it's getting on my home page. It's OK. And now I'm going to go back and soften edges again. So back to softening. I'm gonna just drop in substrate, magenta because I can. This is tying everything together. So our whole painting will be tied together because I'm using repeating the colors. I'm repeating the yellow. I'm repeating the pinks. They'll be nice. It'll be really nicely tied together and just really like this. It's looking so far. See this edge here? I would like to soften that. I wanted to be really soft, so I'm again cleaning my brush. Same technique tapping can pulling that edge. Too much water. Take a little more off soft in that spot right there. That's drop that. I don't want too dark. Too dark. Okay, really liking that. I think that's gonna be really pretty. Do I need more splashes or anything? Maybe adding a little bit more of this color here on the edge just to that way, There's no, um You don't know where I stopped and started when I'm doing this. When I'm finished, you don't know where I stopped where I started where I took a break where I ended the layer because of the way I'm adding in more color, I'm gonna pull some of that back a little. I don't want that to be so definite. So I'm soften and you will never know where these layers were if you didn't see me do it. So it's pretty cool. I see here that I don't really like the way this lot, this sort of and show you This sort of has a line. It's really sort of bothering me. How there's like, I feel like this color should go further out. So I'm going to add are really light color in there just because I feel like it needs it. I want to be more color there, but I'm also going to just soften that out, pulling it out to the edges. It's just for a composition. I just like it that way. I want to add in a little more gold in some of these spaces. It's nice this gold is opaque, so it will cover up the colors underneath it. That's what opaque meets you can't see through it. Light doesn't come back. OK, I'm going to drive this and we'll see if we need another layer or not. So at this point, you can look at this and you can basically see are finished little painting card. However you want to apply this, you can, but it's it's a painting, but you can basically see it now because our masks are clear. Uh, you can see what it looks like. And so what I want to do at this point is I see this area to me here needs a little more texture, maybe a little more depth of colors. I'm going to add in more of my dark here, not a lot. They're just gonna and tapping a little bit, just using and tapping my brush to create some texture within the area that we've already painted. Now I see that my mask Was it stuck down on the way here. That's okay. That my edges a little rougher than I wanted to be. No problem. No big deal. Just go with it. Just more little darks. And I want the idea. And the other thing I want to do is remember those little tiny hearts we made Well, I wouldn't make some of those with the gold metallic. So I'm going to load at my brush. That metallic make sure it's really thick. You notice I'm not moving the metallic to my palate. That's because I want to be really thick, but my brush is nice and wet and my pain is wet. So let me get no piece of watercolor paper just to do a little practice test here with metallic. Here we go and tap it gently and gently and I've got a low heart. Did that work? It's certainly did. So now I know I can do this on my card, so I'm going to put just a few little not in the wit Mrs already dry. Okay, so it's just a few little really tiny hearts in the metallic. They're going to just show up on top of that water color, Maybe one or here, Really tiny. Okay, almost like confetti hearts. I think you can see those, and they're opaque when they dry. So really nicest. Tell of a little witness here trying to decide this is dry. The best one wanted to do is to touch the back. If it feels cold, it's not dry. This does not feel cold, so I think that it's dry enough for me to remove everything. So let's start with this mask. This is the big reveal, everyone. Here we go. Now I have a couple of rough edges. I did not press this mask down as hard. Maybe as I should have, uh, because it would not have gone under the edges. Or maybe a bumped it with my brush. But this is loose and free Watercolor, and it's OK. Thes quote, mistakes make it so interesting. Look at that perfect white heart made with that mask. All right, now let's take off the washi tape, which is also going to reveal such beautiful edges. I like to stick the washi tape in somewhere else in a journal or something. So let me in fact, this is just a random page full of randomness. Put this washi in here. Look at that beautiful edge. Ah, I Oh, my goodness. Isn't this fantastic? So now you have a really nice heart painting. You could frame it just the way it is. You could use it as a background for brush lettering. You could turn it into a car into a greeting card, say happy belt on state to someone 6. Heart Painting 2 - Brushmark Hearts: So let's try out our brush Mark Hearts. I'm just going to start here. I've got a mixture of some of that light pink we've been using. Plus some gold metallic looks really beautiful. Going to think a little bit about my composition. I kind of want to think of this as my sort of CenterPoint, if you will. And I want everything radiating out in this direction from here, so I'm not going to really put anything there. I'm just gonna keep that in mind. And I want my heart's to go away from that area, so I'm just going to point them out in different directions. There also still gonna be there are going to be sort of randomly placed. But I want that point. Basically, I want the tip two point toward this area and to some are even going to go away if you want to. You could put like a little pencil mark. There is a reminder and erase it when we're done. It's in putting some in random places, but with the chip pointing, their looks nice. I like it. And Kevin making random sighs this as well doesn't have to be perfect. Remember not going for perfection. Going for fun and fabulous and loosen free. It's nice. Maybe a little tiny money here and there. My months paper slipped. So I'll just make that a little bigger. These were going to be nice and soft and metallic when they dry. I think I need actually balanced that out a little bit with something up here. Groups. My breast turned the wrong way. There we go. Nice. Now I'm using a lot of water. So not only there, they were going to have some texture in them. Uh, they're gonna have, like, little blooms in watery bits, but I really love that. So among good with that Now, let's do a little bit of this purple e pink mixture here. And this is just a purple and a magenta for mixed together with a lot of water, you can use the colors that you want to use. It's completely up to you, Kin. We're not going for perfect. But I just like having a certain shape to mind. So feel free, you know, to do that now, I even actually almost touched that point just fine. I think I'll do one here, going off the edge. I want them to extend off the edge. So we're not seeing the whole picture just for me. I think it's nice when you can't see you know there's more. There's more there. So then I'm not a whole bunch of the East purples think maybe this way, all of these purples air ending up a little bit bigger than my pink ones. It's OK. Even make a teeny tiny one here. See? Again? I didn't have. I guess I'm just feeling the need to fix them. I'm probably going to slow. You need to go faster, so it won't think so much. So let me just start doing that going a little faster. Okay? Now what color? Let's do this, teal. It's too till with a little blue mixed in. I'm sort of like dipping this part of my brush in the teal of this part in the blue. Do you have water on there? Just getting a little bit on the tip because I just wanted to be sort of variegated kind of colors instead of a solid color, which I think will be really nice. Looks like I have a lot more of them. Blue the where I'm just decided where again. I need to not think too much, thinking too much. We'll get you in trouble every time to to It's a nice pick, one last one that sort of may hard with one press. I'm going to leave it. That's not what I intended, but it's the way it worked out. So it's perfect, actually. Then saying I think we need more blue toward the center. So let me. But maybe here do we go nice pink and blue and maybe a darker magenta here darker. This is all sort of are. This one is actually a look up. Very pink, pinkish red color. You choose the colors that you like Now I'm okay now with overlapping some that have started to dry. It's going to add dimension, but that one hasn't dried yet. I don't really want overlap too much. Now you can see this color is bleeding there. That's okay. We're not gonna worry about it because this is a loose and fun sort of free. And I use a really tiny there, not a starting notice. I need to work on my brush controls. Well, everybody means practice, right? None of us are perfect. That was kind of cool. Has space in the middle kind of like that. But I didn't want to leave it at this point. So we're struggling a little bit getting my brush marks, toe work the way I want them to. But, you know, I want to leave that in here because I want you to be able to see that that it's okay. Like we all you know, I have her little challenges. Everybody does. We don't have it exactly perfect the first time. And that's okay. Something wrong with that I think you want here now. I think I'll just go thes thes air. Very gold. So I think I'm going to just lighten up on the move that into this other section going to make a nice remember the nice soft color we made before. That's what I want to do again without the metallic this time. Now see, this is next to that purple. That's really gonna neutralize it. So just trying to be careful to stay on this side of palate. I could have cleaned that up first, but it's fun in that. Okay, this is it. This is the nice soft color we're looking for. Uh, I think it's a little bit orange. They had a little more pink. A little more soft, A little more pink. There we go. Nice soft girl right there. Don't tattle. Never to some more overlapping a little heart. Yeah, See, I do better if I don't think so much. I just go. You may not work that way, but that's just sort of the way that work. It's OK, but I don't like some really tiny ones just barely touching my brush to the paper like just the very tip. Barely, barely, barely tiny little, almost like confetti hearts. Maybe a little here. This was not his tiny, is it? That's OK. Tiny Okay, now I'm going to go just to the straight gold. Do the same. Now you can use a smaller brush for this, but I feel like it's a chairman and I enjoy a challenge. But if you feel like you want to use smaller brush to make these really tiny hearts so more tiny hearts here these are just gold. Everything I'm done. I think I need to stop. I think this is a lovely selection of loose shaped brush mark hearts. And, uh, let me drive this and I'll show you the result. Okay, so let's peel off this washi tape now that it's all nice dry. See how, of course you can do this without the white border, but this thing's kind of funding do this reveal and see how it looks. All right. So really pretty in turn it in any direction. Really you like because the hearts air going in every direction Thank you can see nice metallic sheen on these pink arts and in this solid metallic gold. So I think this is really nice. This could make a nice We could take this into photo shop and make a really nice pattern from it, A repeat pattern. Or you can use this for card or a background, or you could make it, Cut it, make it smaller and use it for a bookmark. If you decided to cut it up, use it for a bookmark. Something like that. Certainly fun and fabulous 7. Heart Painting 3 - Freestyle Heart: for this heart. I'm going to freeze that. But I'm not going to use a mask. I'm not going to draw. I'm just going to paint and I will tell you what I'm what I'm doing as I go along, but this is just going to be completely free style. No worries. Have fun and let's go for it. So here we go. Um, again, I like to start with soft colors. I'm really mixing That has a little bit of pigment dropped. You can use any colors you like. I'm not going to mix these completely. I have this idea. So let's freehand heart. I'm gonna make a nice big heart. Now, if I wanted to, I could not feel that in right. Just like we used for the mask. You could just do it that way. But I want to fill it in, and basically, I'm making a wet wash here so that I can sort of feel wet and wet technique. I'm gonna pick up this pink and drop that color in Pick up this yellow That is Mr the Pink A little. And now I'm just gonna go. I'm just gonna go and start adding and dropping in color. I'm making it loose and lively. Maybe a little bit of this sort of color peeing these air, all sort of pinky reds. I have lots of water on here. Lots of paint. What's a pigment one? That's be sort of sunny feeling over there. Maybe I'll drop a little blue in here for fun. Why not? Oh, look, I got outside the lines. It's OK. Let's let it get outside the lines. What's invited to flu? If you've taken my there's juicy fruit class or my Mingo class, we do this a lot to tire painting together. Just invite that color to flow right out. Really nice. Me I'm not liking that blew so much. I'm gonna pick it up a little. It's a little too much for me. I don't mind that it's there, but it's just a little much. Okay, back to my pinks. You know what? How about a purple? Think about purple. A little paint mixed in now that we would be okay that way. Okay, this is fun and fancy free little purple in shadow. There a little bit dropping here in there, back to my pink, dropping, splashing and spluttering Why not? It's fun. Let me get okay. Yeah, let's do some of this liking care. I'm just going crazy. Here is you can see pick up some of the my yellow tech also could have a nice, juicy, watery, fun heart Pick up even more of that big drops over here in this corner. So to get the big drops, I'm just using a lot of water, making sure my brush has a lot of water on it and tapping pretty hard. Now I know this is a big mess right there. It's so fun and so perfect. So what else should we add? Let's Axum metallic. I mean, let's just have fun. You look now that's going to mix and mingle in there with those other colors. You see how it just pushed it out? All of a sudden, it's gonna mix them England. There's gonna look really nice tapping in metallics. Oh, it would be nice to put in that yellow right there. I'm just doing this because it's fun. You know, art heals the heart, and in order for healing to come, we have to experience joy, and I feel like art does that for me. and I hope that it does that for you, too. It's just there's just something magical, spiritually, even about it. And it's really I think it's really amazing and wonderful and how something that can be really simple, like a heart and painting Ah, heart with watercolor can really bring healing to your life and beauty. And that's a little bit of my philosophy shining through, I guess. But I just wanted to say that to you. I just want you to know that for me, the purpose of art is joy cleaning up a little bit of that pigment. I like that it's out there, but I don't want it to be like taking over. No, I had a little bit more drops back in there. They're going to really? Because that's wet. They're going to spread out and move. And, uh, yeah, looking really nice. Okay, let's try this. So this is dry. The golden spread out as much because I used the he told a hair dryer to dry it. If he would have dried over time, it would have filtered out more. But you can see the nice sparkly nous in there reminds me a little bit of confetti. It's really pretty. I want to just add a little more to this heart here. I want to add some color to that side. Um, I wanted just brighten up that pink a little bit more. I'm just going to use straight this straight opera pink this time and going right in over. Remember, water color is transparent, so you can just go right in, and I'm even gonna go over this area as well. It's just going to sort of keep it in dark and some of those colors. And then I'm just going to soften it here because I don't want it to take over and I a little purple here, not going to write that color flow of his time and just were strengthening. What 1/2. There's the idea. Just make this color a little stronger in these places. Bring that a little. Now remember purples the complement of yellow, and that's going to turn sort of gray. Great out a little. That's OK. It's just a neutral. Just nice. Softened that a little more and see a line forming. All right, more softening. Here. I'm learning a lot of what color is about observing and patient. So I want to lift this color here a little bit. So I'm going to let my brush and then dry it clean. I just cleaned it, and you're right. And I'm just gonna scrub that a little It just to make more contrast there. There we go. That's nice. Same here. Actually, I just pulled that blue purple out a little bit, but there we go. More contrast there. So my heart stands out more and I have lovely watercolor heart with all this color mixed in its wild and crazy. And I love it. I love it. Okay, so I'm going to drive this and I'll show you the Finnish result. Okay, I believe this is dry enough to remove the washi tape. So there we go. How do you like that? Look at this. Nice metallics. Oh, my goodness. So pretty, don't you think your friend or your loved wine, which is love to get a nice original watercolor painting from you? Maybe for Valentine's Day or their birthday Or just because you care, don't you think that would be fantastic? I do. I'd love to get something like that from my friends. awesome. Okay, we're going to do one more. One more painting, and then it will be time for your project. 8. Project & Thank you!: I would love to see you create some water color hearts. I'd love to see you try the masking technique with the contact paper on plain white paper and un dried. What color paint. Just so you can try it out and see how it works. Sort of like a negative shape painting. But we've used the masking contact paper in place of that. Or you could try to do your own pattern. You don't have to follow my pattern, but try your brush mark hearts. That would be fantastic. Or And you could do all of these if you like, that would be fantastic. But especially I'm gonna ask you to do this because I want you to really let go and go a little crazy. Have fun with your pains and tried out splash, splatter Make a freestyle heart. It would be fantastic and then Or you could use use your brush marks to make your some little flowers. I just can't wait to see what you're going to do. There's so much you can do with these hearts in these techniques. And so I can't wait to see your projects. Thank you so much for watching. And I'll see you in the discussion below. Thanks. Bye bye.