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Logo Animation Series™ - Circle Motion Elements Animation in After Effects

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Radial Wipe Circle

    • 3. Trim Paths Line

    • 4. Repeater Dots

    • 5. Placing the circles

    • 6. Animating elements

    • 7. Working the dots

    • 8. Finalizing the animation

    • 9. Thank You! & What now?

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About This Class

Logo Animation Series™ is dedicated to teach how to make animated titles, openers and logo animations in After Effects. Each time we approach a different animation. In this class we are going to make this: 


Logo intros will always be perfect openers for YouTube, online courses, brand videos or any type of online presence you want to have. Let's use motion graphics and Adobe After Effects for our animations and video content!  Let's get rolling...Enroll the class!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in the third local animation in after effects class. In this serious I'm teaching how to make logo animations, title openers and branding videos In this class, we are going to learn the animation you are seeing right now in the screen. This interesting and trendy circle our motion elements video, which you can use as a simple reveal er for your videos. The great thing about this class is that it does not only teach you how to make logo animations, because in this serious, I will show you how to animate such circles with Yusof Effect, how to animate alliance with specific shape options or how to use the repeater to achieve such a crazy road motion. We will then put everything together to create a fully usable, professionally organized aftereffect project. File the classes well paced, short and packed with useful knowledge. So if you want to learn new things and ramp up your after effects game, I'm inviting you to enroll the class. Let's go 2. Radial Wipe Circle: in this lesson, I will teach you how to make a circle with the middle cut out and how to make an animation with a few effect to get this kind of motion. Let's start the work on this logo animation. Once you are an aftereffect, please create a new composition. I'll call it Animation Tweet, Full HD 30 frames and I'll this time select 10 seconds to have some space to work with this local animation who have three major components and let us create the first together, go to the toolbox, click and wait a little bit to select the Ellipse tool. Now inside the screen, make a bigger lips. I'll hold the shift key and the left control key to make a perfect ellipse. Okay, it shouldn't be as big it should be to about this size. Okay, once you already you need to create two masks within it, and I'll show you a great trick. How to make it a perfectly equal masked out circle. You still should have the Ellipse selected, and instead of creating a shape, hit this little button to create a mask. Now I'll try to be in the center and create a mask here. Once again, I'll hold the shift key and the left control key. And you see a mascots appearing. I'll try to make the mask somewhere about to the size of the circle about here. And I released my click. I go down bottom. I see the mask. I press control D to have two masks even can change the color of the mask. So you see what you're editing. Select the move toe or click V on your keyboard and double click on this mask. Now, I can easily resize the second mask. I once again hold shift in the control key. And you can see I have full control of this mask and it will be perfectly equal as the yellow mask. Okay, let me make it to about this size, please do the same hit. Enter on the keyboard and in domestic option select Subtract. Now we created a nice little circle with the middle cut out. This is a perfectly easy way to make this rounded element which we will need for our animation. The main part is done here. Now we can have some fun with it. Click on this shape layer. Go to effect by hitting control or comment and five on your keyboard or by going to a window and opening effects and presets. And I will use the effect called Radio Wife. Please select the radial wife and place it two times on the shape layer one, and to I want this shape to be invisible at the beginning and go around like this. To do this, I will need to select counterclockwise here at the beginning. I have counterclockwise selected, and I need to start with 100%. I'll go down to 0%. As you can see, you always can change those. If the animation is different on your computer. Okay, I'll start at the beginning. Select the key frame. Go 20 frames forward or one second. It depends how quick you want the animation to be. I want it to be about 20 frames and I'll go down 20 Transition completion. This is the first animation I have, but I also want the tail toe follow with this. That why I have this effect two times because I'll Percy you now to see the key frames and about here when the animation flights in. I want a key frame on the second animation. The key frame will start with 0% and about here it should follow and also closed this animation. Let's preview know if this is okay for us. It starts and the second starts to fold. If that too long you can always select this key frame and place it closer. Then it will all happen faster. But I believe this looks really nice. I wanted an animation like this Boom and boom. I see. I have a little mistake. 99%. OK, select all key frames Key from Assistant Easy East and we have our first circle Preferred. I'll hit Enter and call it Circle one and basically we have our first step prepared. This is the animation that you should have completed. You need a circle. You need a circle with the middle cut out in a two radial wipe effect to make this kind of motion. Thank you for your attention in the first lesson. And let's continue to the next and create other elements well used in this animation 3. Trim Paths Line: Since we already have the animated circle in this lesson, I will show you how to create this little line, which will fly around. The animation will be very similar to the circle, but we'll use other elements to create it. Welcome to the next lesson. Let's create our second element. Until now, we have our circle by opposition it in the middle and let me create a few reference point. I'll open up rulers and I'll open up my title action Safe window and you create a few lines just for reference. So I know how big actually showed all those animation be. Those animation should be about to the middle off the screen toe this size. Okay, I have everything prepared I need. Let's close the title action safe and let's greet another circle. Our second animation will also be a circle. Let's create a second circle again, hold shift, hold control and make a kind off big circle in the middle. This time, I don't want any Phil, so I select the fill options. I cancelled them because I want a stroke. I'll work with the Violet Aftereffects logo, so let me select a similar color to that. So we have a feeling for it. Okay? And this time I want to stroke to be about two pixels or maybe three pixels. I want this to be really small, What we want to do with it. Let's go to the Ellipse, maybe to the Lipstadt and work with its size at first at the beginning, off the animation, I want the size to be much smaller. I wanted to be to about this size. So 150 pixels And after maybe after one second as this animation closes up, I wanted to be really, really big. I wanted to follow the animation toe cover around the area I've selected for my logo animation. I think this would be OK. 600. Let's be more precise. 630 and let's align this object in the middle. I see I should move this one to decide. Okay, now we have the first key frame selected, which is the size you see the size is growing. I also want a rotation to happen. So in the transform lips options in the rotation options. Let's select a key frame goto one second and make it one full rotation. You see the circle is rotating, but it's kind of boring. Nothing is happening here. I want a very similar motion to the last one. So why am I bothering and not using the same tactic off using Raedle wife? Because I want to show you a few tricks and let's make them right now I will select Add an aisle Ed trim Pat Trim Pets is a really quoting for shape players because we can do the same. Which radial wiped us? I'll come closer. Maybe you don't see it at first. At zero, I want the started and to be zero. Let me select a key frame as we progress. This start should be 100%. And in the end, the end should also follow along and be 100%. The only change I want to make your I want this to take at least one second and I want to end to be moved forward. This way. The end. We'll have to follow up. So, as you see, we have a similar motion right? Previously. It slowly growth. It turns around because we have one full rotation on it and now we could eventually tweak it a little later, we'll make the second circle also grow bigger. It will also grow. But right now we only made the grow on this one. And it looks really nice. Just imagine if we copy this around, we will work with the key frames a little bit. It'll really look better. Let's preview the effect we have. Okay, This circle is really perfect. Maybe here it takes too long. This is a boring motion. That's why I moved is here, and I select the rotation toe happen here as well. So it isn't so static. You always have to make the little tweaks because you can't anticipate what will happen. You need to see it. And right now, as I see it, this is a really nice motion. It ends just about here. Okay? I'm really satisfied about this animation. And to be a bit more fancy, you could even make the rotation stronger. This will make the animation a bit quicker. Let's preview what we have. I think it's pretty quick and I think we are done. Let me just rename this. I'll call this line one later will duplicate those objects, and we'll make a more complete animation of it. Now, as I see it, I think the stroke is too big. I wanted this to be a subtle background information, so let's like two pixels. Okay, We have two pixels here, and we are finished. Thank you for your attention in this lesson. Want to prepare this line? I'll see you in the next one where we'll continue the work. 4. Repeater Dots: this will be the hardest. But the most fun lesson will work with the repeater to create this type of motion. There will be a lot off key frames and a lot of work, so let's dive right into it. Since we have our circle selected, let's create another circle in the middle, and this time we want to fill and Phil off this color, and we want no stroke. So we need to click on stroke and select none. Okay, let's make a small circle. We'll adjust the size later, and let's place it perfectly in the middle. Click on the A line on boat those buttons. Now I need my title action safe because I want the anchor point to be placed perfectly in the middle, so I'll press why on my keyboard, I select this shape layer, and I will try to place the anchor point as good as I can to at least be close to be perfect. Okay, I think this will do we have our circle prepared. Let's get enter and called, for example, daughter animation. I'll also select a big, shiny color folks here, for example. So I see that this is an important animation and I'll open up contents. I'll open up the lips and I'll work with the lifts path. Andy transform Ellipse. You can open both, and I'll go to the beginning and let's work with the size and position. The size could be a big, bigger at the beginning. Let's maybe make it 170 it will automatically adjust both those values. I believe this animation can take at least one seconds and 15 frames, or I will even go to two seconds. Let's make it two seconds and at two seconds, please make this size zero because it should disappear also, what we want to do, we want to switch the second position to 200 pixels. This is because well, in a moment work with the anchor point and the position will go down. But the anchor point will draw it back. This will just create a nice little motion we want to use in this animation. Okay, we are done with this part. Now go to the Transform Ellipse and in the Transform Ellipse. We work with anchor point and with rotation. So please go to the beginning anchor point rotation. Go to the same place which those key frames are. Make one full rotation because we want this to fly around and make some crazy things. And in the anchor Point, as I was telling, let's hit 200 now what? What happens? Something happens, But you don't really see this because that position goes down and the anchor point draws it back. Okay, We are preferred to finalize this animation by hitting at and at the repeater. I hope you do know what the repeater is. If not, this will be a great adventure for you because the repeater is a really very powerful function in after effects. You can see the repeater. Let me close this now because we won't be needing this anymore. And the repeater can set multiple copies off the element you have. I believe we only 10 because that completely enough and they will not be offset at the beginning. We only want to select anchor, position and scale. Everything starts with zero. Also the position. Please make it zero. We want no motion at all at the beginning, but later, at two seconds, we do want something to happen. Let's make this to 80% and We will also slowly work with the position and the anchor point . Let me maybe go here because here it's still visible and I will select the anchor point to move negative for Humber and Negative 80. You see, something is already happening. Let me place it at two seconds, like those other ones. It's placed here and already something is happening. We want another little motion on the position. It shouldn't be strong. It can be like 50 frames and maybe the second value to negative 10. That's completely enough. And why is this so boring? That's pretty boring, but we want one little more thing to happen. We want a little rotation, and this rotation will have no key frames. But it will do so much. You see how the rotation goes crazy around here and this is really powerful. I'll make it 40 degrees. Nothing more, nothing less. And maybe that's even too strong. Let's go 35 you must now tell me, why is this so boring? This was supposed to be the best animation ever, and now it is so boring because the repeater should be within the lips toe work better with it now the repeater by looking on the hierarchy. At first, the Ellipse does something. The Ellipse has his own key frames. The ellipse grows, the ellipse rotates. But the repeater does that by himself. So the repeater Sorry that I'm taking so much here. But I want to show you in the content. We have the ellipse and the repeater, but we want one strong animation toe happen. The only thing you have to do is put the repeater within the lips. Now, watch how much better this will be because they will now use all both key frames. I oppress you. All those key frames are one big animation. So to recap, we work with the shape we have to keep friends here. We work with the transform off this shape. We have also to keep friends here. Any work with the transform off the repeater. And you have three key friends here and also a little bit off the rotation. Irritation does really a lot off work. If the rotation wouldn't be here, nothing would happen. But if the rotation will be upped, Look how crazy it goes. Okay, let's preview the animation we have. I will sold this out to only show you this and boom, we have an animation like that. Now I see that a bit too slow. I will select all key friends beside the scale. Let me hold the shift key. Rightly keeping assistant. Easiest, because I want the scale to slowly get smaller. And I see two seconds is very, very long. Let's maybe make it one second and five frames. This should be a bit more interesting. Let's preview. We can always switch and recite everything. Boom. Okay. Yeah, this is really interesting. Maybe it should get a bit more rotation, but this will be simple now, because I can always press are key frame go at the end. Boom, boom, boom A few key frames and the rotation looks nicer. This is everything you wanted to do here. Also, I want to scale to be smaller and then we will duplicate this object and try to populate the middle. So we have a nice animation going on here. This was the hardest lesson off this animation. Police go slowly true it. You need to select and create all those key frames you have here and then you'll be ready to continue the work 5. Placing the circles: in this lesson will work with the circles to create this kind of animation. Let's slowly put everything together to create Are finalized logo animation at first taken example logo you have on your PC because you will need the colors, your need, its size and we'll try to reveal it. I'll use the very, very example after effects logo. I'll import it into aftereffect. I will place it in the composition, and I wanted to cover the middle of the screen. Now this will be my reference. I want this, Toby revealed with all those elements, let's maybe market smaller, and I'll also it right click New New solid layer. I want a white solid as the background because I can feel that this animation will be very life very pop. And of course, it needs to be the last layer. I'll call it G. I'll call this logo, and I'll should also right click and pre compose it so it will be the logo composition. I can always go inside here and change what I have in this composition. Okay, exit. We have our elements prepared. There is too much on the screen. Let me de select the title action Safe. Let us start by de selecting the logo. The background can stay and the first thing will be working with circles. I'll also select another color for it. Maybe lavender, just for fun or no, it's It's not as good visible. Let's go, Sion! Sion is very good and we have the circle and we will work with them since we want to be professional here, Select a circle right click pre composed and call it a Circle one. It can stay like Circle one and hit. OK, now we have a pre composition I want to do Select the sign car and since this animation is a bit boring, I'll need to make a few adjustments. I'll at first hit our hit shift and it s because I want to work a little bit with the scale and a little bit with the rotation. Let me select two key frames at the beginning. These values are zero and at one second we should have a full one rotation. Also, the scale should be a big bigger. Let me preview this. Yes. This should be somehow as big as this. This as the middle we have selected here. So maybe let's make the scale 130. Okay, 130 is enough. Let's move this key from here. And let's preview what's happening. We have a really quick, nice and swift rotation. I really like this movement. We should also use the colors we have in this logo. We can always recall or later everything, but I believe we are. OK, now I'll duplicate and duplicate this because we want about three circles. I'll move these three friends forward. 123123123 Okay. And this should be definitely smaller. So let's open the scale. Let's maybe make it 70 70%. And at the end, I don't know, maybe 18. Okay, what do we have here? We have too little motions, but I don't want those motions to be exactly alike. So I press also the rotation and maybe I should start the rotation from a negative amount from a negative amount off 50 degrees. No problem here. A bit less like 300. Okay. And what do we have? We have one motion, The sink, it and the second motion Somewhere around here, it's following. Okay. We need to adjust also the Turk motion, and you do the exact same thing. You press s. You make this scale even smaller. Like 40 35. Okay, let's be 35. Let's make it 60 at the end. Press are for rotation and at the beginning make it and negative 100. And remember to select the second value. This is the number off rotation. This is the degrees off the particulary rotation. So I have negative 80 or maybe negative 100. And it'll it should. And at about 200 degrees or 230. Okay, this is the first part of our animation. We have two circles flying around, and I really like this motion. We don't even have to alternative key frames to be east in because this motion can be static can move like that because it really looks cool. Thanks for your attention in this lesson. And let's proceed to the next one 6. Animating elements: in this lesson. We'll make important animations, toe the lines so they look better and will animate the actual logo to make it appear on the screen. I know you slowly see what's happening here. That's a really rounded animation. And let's start this lesson by adjusting the logo. I'll go to my local composition. I'll press s to open up the scale and I'll press shift our toe. Also, open up the rotation now The logo. Let's preview the scale. Let me open the local. This scale is pretty OK, so I will select a key frame here. And this is the finalized position. Also the rotation zero degrees is the finalized animation. But I will now go a few friends backward to the beginning, and I will make the scale a bit smaller, maybe 30%. In my case, this is okay. Just so the logo is a bit smaller ones. The animation is happening. And also I need a negative rotation because all elements on the screen they'll rotate around. So I want a logo to kind of follow this motion and and on the normal position, you see already, the circles have a very similar motion So let me hit. Negative. 200 maybe 240 degrees. Something like this. And the logo will be praised around here once all animations will finish like the circles and other elements. The logo will also come in. Now I see this motion is too quick. So what we can do? We can lower the amount off this rotation. Or you can also extends those key frames Now, right click. Keep from Assistant Eazy e's and the local composition it repaired. We can wait until we are finished with old off other animations. Now I want to work with the line animation. Let me open this up. Let me also pre compose this, So I just like line one. Okay, we have a color for this, and I want many of those lines, so I'll control De Control de Control de Control de five times. Five times will be OK, and I need to move them around to stagger them. I'll select the left, old key or option. Give your under Mac and hit one or two times page down. I look at one time. 11 111 and 1111 Okay. What do we have here? We have several off those lines. It's pretty nice, but the scale could be a bit different. I will, For example, start small Go bigger. 100 110 120. Okay, this is what we would have so far. Okay, Those circles are okay, but they are too similar. That's a bit boring. And they are too quick. So what I want to do now? It's again. Toe open up rotation At first. It should have 0%. Then it should have a negative amount. Let's preview that one. Okay? Okay. We have already some different station here. Now this the rotation even less, even less and even less here. Boom, Boom! Let's preview. What do we have? Okay, Yeah, This looks really interesting. And remember, you don't have to mind The logo logo can be always shifted around. Okay, The animation. Something like that. The local still too quick. Let me move those key frames. They are too boring. And also I press t toe open up, opacity, and I will start with zero. And once the local slowly flies in, I'll set it to 100%. These are little tweaks. Would you have to make when you are making a local information like that. Okay. The local flies in like everything. Okay, well, maybe the circles are too big, But that's not important, because the main animation will be the dotted animation. This will reveal the entire logo at the end. Okay, this is what we have so far. And I believe on this point. We already we only need to work with the daughter animation and then recall everything. Let's make this at the end for now. You should have this animation with those circles and lines, and this will be it. 7. Working the dots: This will be an insanely important lesson because here will try to finalize the animation before we finally cholera it, and we'll try to reveal the logo very properly to make it visible in the middle off the screen. We are close to the end because we will finally work with the dotted animation. Let me put it on and see what's happening here. You see, this animation is really intensive and it should start somewhere, Went the turn circle appears okay around here. Around here will start our circle animation. I will duplicate distorted animation A lot of times, like 123456 or even seven times. I really want much to happen here on the screen. I look at my old and please do the same and Stoeger than by one frame. Once you're done with the staggering, you can preview what will happen here. You'll see there is happening a lot, but we still need some changes. What I will do for the beginning I'll press are since I see that already some rotation is here. I would just pre composed separately eat one of them because I want another rotation toe happen. You can use the shortcut control or command shift. See, and I once again press are because I want them to start like this. 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 1 35 1 80 to 25 and 270. Now they'll have a slightly different motion on each of this animation because they start from different points now. All depends how much variation you want here. I want the logo Toby appearing a bit closer, but the logo should not be visible, so we can also work a little bit with the scale, and this will be up to you. I will make. I think I will make everything a bit bigger because I believe those are a bit too small. Okay, all of them are bigger and they appear on the screen and they will make much fuss before the logo appears. They are still too small, and the logo appears to quick. So let me select the key frames on the logo. The logo should appear at a bit later. The capacity like this and let's preview okay, the innovation happens. And until it's revealed, Damn, that's even still too small. Let's make it 150%. Okay, This is extreme. This shouldn't be bigger, I believe. Very nice. We, of course, needs a few adjustments. The logo should appear about here when it's invisible covered behind this. So let me take the low composition. It should be placed here. Let me go inside. The last animation, let me press the scale and make it just a bit bigger. So no one sees it. And I just make sure that the last animation is big enough to cover up the local. And the logo will now appear together with those elements. Okay, a few tweaks to the logo. Maybe it should be visible here. Okay, this is okay. And you see, we have this little dot in the middle. We should get rid of it. And there will be a simple trick for that. Let's go quick and create a circle. This will be a new shape in your circle, and this will be the simplest thing. I will select scale, make the scale zero. And as the animation progresses, let's make the scale of the circle to about this size. Just so we cut out the middle one now, Now I'll select all of them once again pre composed press a four and in the track might select Alpha my shape, layer one. It's nearly done. Instead of selecting Alpha matte, I should select all far inverted Matt, because I want this to happen the other way around. And this is a little solution to make the middle discovered. You see, already here, it starts to disappear. Now, this was a quick work around. It should be bigger here. I see. We have a few mistakes like this. Okay, now it's perfectly revealed. Now, basically, this is the animation we have and the only thing you would need to adjust. Now it's off course. The colors. Let me show you a quick way how to do this in the next lesson. 8. Finalizing the animation: in this final lesson off this animation, I want to show you how to recover everything to be consistent with the logo and how to make a few last week's to make it more interesting on complete. Until we have an animation like that. This is the moment where we want to verify everything and we call it Let's preview the animation a little bit. We still possibly need a few changes. Like, for example, this logo could be discovered a bit later. I'll place it to keep things area Also, this shape discover should be quicker, more aligned with the local Let's see, maybe too quick. Okay, we can work with this layer or the key frames, but these are just minor adjustments. The local starts to fly in Hello, world but forward. Okay, this would be basically the animation. The innovation is happening really quick so you can't see everything. But this is what we want it remember that you can goto each be composition and always change something. This is called the dots. Let me maybe go inside the dots and I could stagger them differently. I could make some of them bigger. I had It s this one will be bigger s. There's on a bit bigger. A bit later. The stagger was too quick and too perfect. Here, let me make just a few fun adjustments so the animation will look better. Well, this is when it comes to the animation. Remember that You also want to recall elements. The quickest way to do this would be to selected Phil effect. I was selected full effect and I will place it or lines and over the circle like this I double click and everything is foot with the red Now I could select each circle and select maybe this core select discolor. Select once again this violet color. I would do the same with the lines. Lines would be like that. Like that. Maybe a dark one like here. One will stay. I'll freestyle here and select Ah, Violet color like this. This line should be also this light one and boom. Now the design is more consistent with the coloristic off this local off course. Those dots should also be colored Since we have them here or Sorry, where do we have them? We have them here. You can do the same. You select fill you double click on it and the film will apply to everything. Since I don't see the logo. Now, let me go to project. I'll hit the logo here. I can even place the local. This really doesn't matter. I have the low now. The 1st 1 Let's select the colors Boom, boom and you go around and you change the colors to make them more consistent with the design, you can freestyle a little bit to make the design more appealing. I will make, for example, a violet color like this. And of course, the last one can be read. The last one should be closest to the logo because it will be the closest Want to reveal this? I see the dark doesn't work as good, but I don't want to waste any time to go in the justice. Now I want to preview my finalized animation. I also want to close the guides. If you don't know, you can click here and close guides. And now let's preview. If this animation looks OK, we have pretty much going on the screen. This is a really nice motion animation. Maybe the circle is too big. I'm sorry for that. I, of course, overdone it with scale and nice motion elements. Animation. If something is too boring for you Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. You can really have a lot of fun here. You can reposition and reschedule everything, and the animation would look a bit different. You see those dots? They are too long here. This is too boring. So you can always go inside dots and and say, Listen, dude, you end here. I selected old and the right bracket here and blue. Dude, listen, you end here, you don't bother at all. You have the animation change because they will disappear. Area I still see. I have Maybe two of them are too long. But we can also go like that. Always. Opacity, opacity down. Boom! You can have fun with the opacity and you will get rid of that. The logo is revealed in a cool fashion. Thank you so much for creating this logo animation with me. I'm really satisfied about the result. It looks really cool and I want to work with you on more local animations like that 9. Thank You! & What now?: I've made some last week's I'll share, of course, this project file with the completed animation, and I'm very, very grateful that you wanted to learn after effects and local animations. With me, this animation can be still tinkered on. We can move some frames, move some compositions. But basically this is the idea I wanted to teach and show you and how to make those line circles, dots and everything flying around when you work and after effect. If you would like to learn more local animation in the about section off the class you are taking, there will be length on the bottom toe, older logo animation classes or click on my profile, where you can find more after friends glasses. I would really appreciate if you would leave me a review. It probably popped up here on the top off the screen. Or you can click here and select Leave a review to do this. Thank you very much for taking part in the church class off logo animation. Serious. This was Andre Park, and I hope we can learn a lot more off after effect