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Linkedin Masterclass: Making Linkedin a Job-Finding Ally

teacher avatar Flo & Felipe, Co-Founders of The Way Factory

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Linkedin vs Resume

    • 3. The importance of Keywords

    • 4. Filling out your LinkedIn Profile

    • 5. How to use Linkedin in your Job search?

    • 6. Created an automated alert system

    • 7. Expanding your network with Linkedin

    • 8. Using Linkedin for interview preparation

    • 9. Creating a cool profile format

    • 10. Should you invest in a paid account?

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is the 5th installment of our Masterclass series on purpose-driven job search. You can find our previous classes here:

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  2. Introspection Masterclass: Know Yourself and your Purpose
  3. Resume Masterclass: How to Create a Job-Winning Resume
  4. Cover Letter Masterclass: How to Write an Astounding Cover Letter

It's time to talk about your Linkedin profile! 

Linkedin is a great tool to ensure your visibility in the professional world and help you find a job.

From seeking a new career opportunity to developing your personal brand, LinkedIn is the place to be, as long as you know how to optimize it. 

And that's the problem: Most profiles on LinkedIn are vague, incomplete and lack potential.

So In this class, we'll provide substantial, actionable, and detailed advice to create an optimized LinkedIn profile and significantly increase your chances of finding a job!

Before you get started: Head to the Projects of this class to download The Way Factory Playbook, as it'll be referenced throughout our lessons!

You will also find a Linkedin profile example where you can take inspiration to stand out with a complete and optimized profile. 


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Flo & Felipe

Co-Founders of The Way Factory


Hello, we are Florence and Felipe! We are the Co-Founders of The Way Factory.

 We help you build purpose-driven lives by sharing tools and knowledge in the areas of self-development and professional growth. We are neither psychologists, nor therapists. 

 We are in search of well-being, wisdom, peace, and serenity. We are curious about everything that relates to becoming a better version of ourselves and living our lives intentionally.

 We are authentic, spontaneous, empathetic, and in love with discovering new restaurants!  


Our personal path has led us to listen to tens of podcasts, read hundreds of books, and watch thousands of videos on personal development, life philosophy, and psycholog... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Lincoln was launched in 2003? Yes, before Facebook and is considered as a major professional social media, LinkedIn is a great tool to ensure visibility in the professional world and help you find a job. Hiring managers use LinkedIn to find new candidates just as much as candidates look for job opportunities. 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates in their recruitment process. This percentage speak for itself. If there is one tool you can't overlook when looking for a job. It, this one from seeking a new career opportunity to developing your personal brand. Linkedin is the place to be as long as you know how to optimize it. And that's exactly the problem. Most people don't take full advantage of LinkedIn. Most profiles on LinkedIn are vague and incomplete. This make-up profile harder to find prevents you from being contacted and therefore makes your Mason job opportunities. Actually, according to help spot, only 51% of LinkedIn users have a 100% complete profile. And this users are 40 times more likely to come across an opportunity through LinkedIn. Therefore, it the perfect chance for you to stand out with a complete and optimized profile. So in this section, we are going to give you a substantial actionable and detailed advice to create an optimizing the profile and significantly increase your chances of finding a job. But before going into the course object, you might wonder what is the difference between linkedin and your resume. In addition, we would like you to meet Jana bond. She's a fictional character. We have created a LinkedIn profile for Jenna's profiles contain all of the guidelines that we will discuss sources section, and it will work as a template for you. Lean on when revamping your own profile. Because of LinkedIn terms of use, we were unable to that Janice profile on line. Therefore, we have exported into PDF and included as one of the courses tool, fun fact. There is a time Janice profile was online for the preparation of this course. We will contact several times by recruiter that we're interested in knowing more about her. Pretty cool, right? So before going into the course subject, you might wonder, why does the differences between a resume and a LinkedIn profile? 2. Linkedin vs Resume: Those are relevant for your job search, but your LinkedIn profile is not just an online version of your resume, is like zucchini and cucumber is a look-alike, but they're not the same. You need to make sure both your resume and your LinkedIn profile are optimized for the specific purpose. And this is where LinkedIn differs. Linkedin is not just a job board, but also a networking plays and a communication platform where you can learn about the news and conversations around any given professional topic on your LinkedIn profile, you can give further insight on your background as well as include more content in the various available section like summary, skills and experience. Linkedin is also a search engine for company's job position topics and professional. I search, your profound must be searchable linkedin, although the recruiter to have more context into your career path and your resume can provide your profile doesn't have to be tailored to a specific job. Therefore, you can share a wider range of information. Actually has much your resume should match the job you are applying to and therefore be specific, your LinkedIn profile should be more general to broaden your opportunities and chains of being reached. Being too restrictive on LinkedIn can prevent you from opportunities. You also have space to show your personality is especially in a summary, you can use a more informal conversational tone than in your resume. In your resume, you explain your what. Here, it's a space to explain your why. Why did you choose to go Daniel carrier pairs? Why do you like working in your area of expertise, job or industry? You can also share a little bit about yourself. Your LinkedIn profiles allow you to tell your story and shows your personality. Having a complete and up to their profile allows you to effectively manage your professional reputation online. On LinkedIn, you can also add media such as video, documents, case to the articles and the like. Finally, a photon linkedin is greatly recommended, whereas a picture on a resume, depending on the country is not. It is understandable that you might wonder about the relevance of having both overlays. You may enter LinkedIn profile. Indeed, they are both place to showcase your professional achievements as well as tools to find a job, but they are complimentary rather than enter tangible. 3. The importance of Keywords: Linkedin is also a search engine. Hence, your profiles needs to be searchable if you want to get visibility. For this purpose, keywords are king. But first, what do we mean by keywords in the context of LinkedIn? Linkedin algorithms give a lot of prominence to keyword. It looked like a no-brainer. If a recruiter is searching for a potential candidate, they will want to make sure that they will find related profile. This is achieved through keywords. Keywords are and the only factor that comes into play when ranking profile. There are others, like if you have a premium profiles, your location relevant of your network, whether your profiles as all things and completed and so on. But it's a very foundation of the third feature. This means that you can improve your order of appearance in search results by optimizing the writing of your profile with the right keywords. In a nutshell, keywords are important because they will help you increase the rank of the appearance of your profile and increase your chance of being contacted by rocket. Or each word in your profile can be attempt that recruiter's can put a Shelley search for. This, makes sure to load your profile with keyword Roku TOR will be looking for. You can include keywords in your summary, headlines, professional experience, kill in endorsement. You might have the following question. How to find keywords? Who do I know which one I thought by recruiters, who to know the most popular keyword. You can check job offers of your interests. The one I used to create Jana profiles for four main, two keywords are terms or phrases that are going to use in church carries. So purchase, have in their shoes. The right question to ask yourself is Holzer worker TO would do to find professional with my skills, what keywords they are going to use in the search bar? The best way to do this is to look for a job offers damage you. It's very likely that if a recruiter use specific terms to write a job offer, they will use the same term when searching for relative profile on LinkedIn. Thus, birth through several offers gone job search platforms such as indeed Monster, linkedin, of course, you will find keywords related to your career field, then uses keywords in your profile. You can also use a technique to optimize your current content. Most of the time offers a half more powerful sentence that the one we have right in ourself. In addition to checking on job offers, you can also use your network. Go visit the profiles of professional in your field and pay attention to the key word they use in the headlines in the thermal R3 into skills. If you don't want them to know you're stalking them, go through your profile, profiles, settings and privacy, whole other SEO LinkedIn activity, then profile viewing, then select private mood. Please note, however, that this won't work if the person or the recruiter you are looking to has a Premium profile, they will still be able to know who you are. So once you have found the relevant keywords, you can include them in for following area, headline, summary, experience, skills, and endorsements. Let's not get to the core of the subject. We're going to help you feel your profiles step by step. Ready? Let's go. 4. Filling out your LinkedIn Profile: This is a great place to build a professional brand that showcase your work, highlight your skills and makes you stand out. Linkedin algorithm give prominence to people who have their profile complete. So make sure to fill it out extensively. You can letter, decide which information you want to make privilege when you create a profile, it is automatically set as public by LinkedIn, meaning it's visible to everyone inside and outside LinkedIn. If you don't want change that. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner than sitting and privacy. It is my public profile and configure according to your preferences, we don't recommend you go completely private. That will make it more difficult for recruiters to find your profile. Now that you know the very basic information, it's time to deep dive into every section of your LinkedIn profile to make it gray. Having a picture can lead you up to nine times more connection request. You are also 21 times more likely to have your profile viewed with a photo. So you can't skip this one. Your picture must be a combination of professionalism, stubbornness, positivity, and genuine. Remember that the person has to feel like spending a great amount of time working with you. So make sure you have a good lightning and non-distracting background. Preferably somehow, have a decent outfit and have headshots that start on your shoulder and then a bit above your head, forget about the holiday pictures and cropped restaurant picture. We have all seen that avoid blurry photo but also to brightly colored photo and of course, the face, selfie and picture in front of the mirror. In addition to your profile photo, you can add a custom background photo, the large rectangular bind here at the top of your profile. All other than the one available. By default, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. The information you can convey through this cover photo can be pretty relive it. You can highlight your personality or your professional identity. You can use it to include an image related to your job, your sector, or your values. You can also promote special events. Just always keep it professional within to struggle through your headline and background banner, the recruiter's will understand what you are looking for an in which sector you are evolving. You can use the official picture of your company logo or you can find relative free photo on a website such as flash to find inspiration and ensure great quality. Your conduct information is available right under your profile picture. There you can insert your date of birth, e-mail address, and phone number. You can also add up to 3 website. You are old to prompt people where you want. Video, blogs, social media. So for example, I add the wave factory website and Pinterest account. It's a good way to showcase my work and increase visibility. So you can do the same here. Make sure you input all your relevant information so that potential opportunities don't have a hard time making their way towards yourself. Just don't add any network or referent that can jeopardize your professional credibility. I don't recommend you. I didn't your Twitter or Facebook account. Your headline is a short takes located under your profile picture. It must be catchy, succint, descriptive, and continuum main keywords. That is a skill that will arouse interests among professional who are interested in them. It should be clear and explicit, but also catchy enough to leave the router to want to read further. You have 120 character to describe your main occupation and area of expertise. So make sure to use it well, is the headline on your LinkedIn profile is a summary of your profile. It's a space to explain, in a few words, your expertise and add value. It is important to customize your headline because LinkedIn, by default, we simply purchase lattice title and company. Example, Java developer at Google. These deprive you from the change to specify what you do in which sector, you know how your skills, everything that makes you unique as a professional is a general rule for your headline is that whoever read it, it will unusual on distance in what you do and what sets you apart. In addition to this, there is a piece of advice that might seem counter-intuitive, but trust me, don't indicate that you are looking for opportunities in your headlines. For example, looking for Virgil. And here's two reasons why. First is the space is limited. So use it wisely by sliding your strengths, skills, accomplishments. Second, keywords are keying in LinkedIn. Use your headline in your favor. Unemployed or looking for opportunities is then very high up in the search engine. Ho shoe your headline, be writing right keywords by separating them with a vertical bar. Using this strategy rather than a narrative sentence, although you to insert more keyword in this, optimize your profile for Search. For example, instead of writing, digital and marketing manager at John legion, a performance marketing agency, right? Digital marketing manager, sociale sillier, marketing, automatization, CRM, social media, or Taliban recruiter and business developer, spirituality IT development, five-year experience. You can even combine narrative with keywords. Example. Helping startup increase their visibility via digital marketing, marketing, automatization, CRM, SEO, digital branding. When you gently Indian your profile's URL is given a random ID composed of numbers and character. I encourage you to modify these Cheryl by indicating your name without space or capital letter in the URL address. It will boost your online presence on web search engines, which will make it easier for workers to find U. Moreover, if you insert the link of your Linkedin on your resume, it look more professional to have a personnel. You to do this, go to your profile. Click on Edit public profile and URL on the right pane. Go to the edit, your custom URL section on the right pane, click on the pencil icon and customized accordingly. Might seem like a minor detail, but the location on your profile is imperative. According to LinkedIn, having a set location helps you appear in 23 times more search. Linkedin will automatically assign you a location based on the zip code you provide. But feel free to modify it to better meet your search. For example, you live in Los Angeles. We want to move and work in Boston to Boston Azure location. Locate yourself virtually where you want to work it physically. If four critters see Los Angeles, they may not call you for a position in Boston. Assuming you won't be interesting to the address of the place where you want to live and work to change your location, go to your profile. Click on the pencil icon on the right side of your photo section and select the applicable country from the drop-down menu, country region. Then type the zip code or your desired location in the city will turn up automatically. In your resume. You explain the, what is the opportunity to showcase, why. It's time to use storytelling in your personality to your advantage. The summary section can contain up to 2000 characters and you should take advantage of it. Don't just write two quick generic sentence. Here. It's your opportunity to soak who you are, your personality, your authenticity, wherever you done in where you are going, your chance to highlight a completion, what you are proud of, and what makes you unique and indicates your quality is key. Achievements were drive you in your choice. What excites you about your job? What is your background, what has brought to where you are? What are your expectations? Don't forget to insert keywords as a summary is indexed by Linkedin search engine. If you're experienced on naturally fit with what you are expecting that this is your chance to give context about it. Now that you have an understanding of the conduct of summary, keep in mind, it needs to have a grid. First and last impression, your summary doesn't display fully at first. Visitor of your profile is only shown the first 200 to 250 character. If they want to see the full version, they need to click on similar. The first few words of your summary must be appealing. Try to find a catchphrase that make the reader's wants to go further. Arose interest and curiosity. It can be a quote, it can be a compact request, an event that has impact your life once you have achieved enough interest in your visitor to make them want to read, you, make sure to capitalize on it. To that end, the last few sentence of your summary must be punchy. Just like for your cover letter concluded with a call to action. To invite the reader to contact you, to connect or to see go your achievement. With that clear, let's address a common question among linkedin user. Show you write your summary in the first person or third person. Well, there isn't an absolute disease because it's a matter of style preference, my opinion. Either writing in third person, no, it isn't recommendable. I find it completely unnatural. And doing so create an emotional distance between yourself and the reader with at the end may be counter productive. Pause, come on. We all know you write your own summary. We were not Michelle Obama. So why on earth do it should look like somebody else is doing for you? So with those teeth, it's time to similar. The summary is an opportunity to express yourself. Explain your background, your achievements, your project, your desires, your skill, and overhaul the y, the reason behind your different choices. Yes, it takes some time to write this part, but trust me, it is very well invest. There isn't any older non-personal space that allows you to showcase a personal contexts around your professional choice. So it will surely help you connect with interests, rocket or a side effect of that is that it will force you to self reflect about your carry. And put that in the form of a story. This will be useful for yourself personally and for personal question during the interview phase. To finalize, go ahead and get some inspiration from Jenna's profile we created for you. The experience section of your profile is really important. Depending on your professional background, you can include a greater or lesser amount of experience, betrayed, at least two. And this is for three reasons. You will be able to show different areas of expertise, skill, and growth with more than one position, least at your profile, gets viewed up to 29 more times. You have the ability to further expand your network by including different experience. You will increase your professional network because the Indian will connect you with people who have worked in the same organization. But obviously only include relevant experience. There is no need to include your experience as a babysitter when you were 16. And if you have a lot of experience already and you are looking for work as a marketing designer if you're recently graduated, I don't have much experience. Include any relevant internship, any work-study job, or even extra curricula as part of your past experience. If you are currently unemployed, make sure you have a current position. But the job title you are currently looking for, I combined by addition, example, Digital Marketing Manager in transition, or at least a volunteer position. Why this boost your appearance as some recruiter search candidates based on the current title. So if you have no current at all, you won't miss out. Some opportunities. With that, said, for every experience you lease is necessary to do the following least four to five bullet points, does description or a specific achievements. So then from the most to the least relevant, use keywords. Write short, powerful, impactful sentence. Use action verbs, just like we mentioned in the resume section. Example. Instead of writing, I did love the brand of the company by going to business and engineers called events, right? Developing in prior blend branding, keeping in touch with top business and engineer school, attending school forum to hire the best Internet engineer's. See the difference. You can get some benchmark from 0 further mature experience. It can help you improve your writing of your experience. So now, before you lose your task and achievement, it's important that you give a brief, brief description of the organization that you are or were part of that will help to recruit or get some context about the environment in which you're performing your job. In the description section, you can include your GPA if good, any coursework or your specialization, the rank of your school, anything that add value. If you graduated with honors here as well, you can add medium. Therefore, if you wrote a thesis or paper, please add in that for your university. Who but your high school, there is a certain debate or whether it's worth adding it. Many believed that only the university background is contrary to your resume though. I do believe that it's a blues to either your high school, just because it will allow you to excel penn your network more easily. Linkedin will offer you to connect with people who have gone to the same high school as you and you never know, maybe that person is working in a company that interests you and you can reach out more easily. Concerning the license and certification section. There is no much to say in terms of best practice. There are certainly really when a neutral add them, if you have, it, will serve as backup for some of your hard skills. For example, this is a space where you add a certification in digital marketing with good analytic. Or Java Development Certification. Hubspot and Google academy, for example, provide you with certificates with your names are content of the certification and its expiry dates, and in some case, your license number. If you have volunteer experience, this is a space to edit. I, according to LinkedIn servi 41, person of the recruiter's day, that when they are evaluating candidates, they consider volunteer work equally as valuable as work experience. So when I didn't your volunteer experience, make sure you answer the following question. What was the association? What was your role task, your achievement? Lag in the experience section, use bullet points, keyword, short sentence, and action verbs. According to LinkedIn, members with five or more skills, least, get up to 17 more profile views and up to 13 one more message from RTOS. Not bad, right? So in this section, it is essential to add several keywords related to your experience and skills. This part is critical as it's only about keyword and it's a four essential in Rookie to search. Makes sure your kids are relevant. Makes sure that search by recruiters. For example, Microsoft Office was a skill in 2000. Today is a given and want sets you apart as it won't be searched for. Also, not all the skills you will enter our visible directly on your profile. Only three of them are displayed. The others are visible only via See More button. So rank and prioritise to be as relevant as possible to your job search. You can always arrange the order of appearance by clicking on the pencil icon, you can reorder. As you want. Endorsements give weights to your skills and they are highly valued by rocketry. For starters, configure your profile so that your contact can endorse your skills. First, click on the pencil icon on the skill and endorsements section. I just under someone sitting. Then make sure the following section our toggle to yes, I wanted to be endorsed and include me in investment 2, section 2, my connection, simply waiting for your network to go to your profile and industrial skill is, rather than likely, you won't have as many as you would like to. If you want to have a high number of endorsement, you can do one of the following. Under these kids of people you have worked with, you will be surprised with the reciprocity effect. Reach out to those colleague who have witnessed your skills and ask them if they agreed to under skill, referred to the outreach templates in the workbook to make your life easier. Uh, recommendations bring real add value and credibility to your profile is a sign of seriousness. The reassure the doctor, in addition was writing in the recommendation is indexed by Linkedin search engine? Yes, keywords, keywords, keywords plus the numbers of recommendation you have is one of LinkedIn's criteria to determine who works higher. Having good recommendations written by the right people can therefore bear source of real opportunities. Sometimes people in your network will be kind enough to proactively write a recommendation for you. But let's face it, most of the time, you will need to approach them first. You can ask your colleagues, your manager, your client, your professor, a mentor, or a classmate. But avoid recommendation from your family. Friends are someone who has never had the opportunity to evaluate your work of behavior at work that will lend your credibility. How should you approach people in your network for them to write your recommendation? The best way to do that is to head to your profile. Rook, I'm on this in section and click on ads for recommendation. Fill out the person names and your professional relationship. Next, it's time to send them a nice message. Don't use a message that there by default. Hi, can you read me recommendation? No, that's forbidden. Instead, your message needs to be personalized. Give some context and be specific with your request. Mentioned. This gives you would like him or her to mention in your recommendation, and of course, offered to return the favor. A template with guidelines is included in the playbook. Please use it to get keyword reach recommendation that contribute to your career goals. Your profile is five times more likely to be viewed if you join an active in a group. Plus, it's a great way to expand your professional network. You can use the search bar at the top of your profile to find engaging group to join. Once your group member you are able to join group conversation, ask questions, and send message to other members. Linkedin group can be a valuable source of knowledge, idea, and nutrients during group of professionals from your sector, school, alchemy, full personality that inspire you somewhat with leader in their domain. One of the advantage of joining a group is your ability to send a direct message to any member of the group. To sum up, joining LinkedIn groups that match your profile and tracking the page of the company you try. Git will help you in three ways. Keep up to date with the latest news in your sector and trade. Show your interests to work with or who consult your profile. You go, you give them a bit of an overview of your interests, your inspiration, and show them your awareness of nutrient growing your network. 5. How to use Linkedin in your Job search? : Well, the laughters is one. We will exhaustively detailed job search technique. For the sake of clarity, we have decided to talk about the use of LinkedIn in job search in this module instead, since is dedicated to LinkedIn, linkedin is obviously a valuable tool in your job search, but you still need to know how to use it. And it's exactly what we're going to see here. Before getting to the heart of the subject, I would like to share a piece of advice with you if you are unemployed but actively looking for a new job, turned off linkedin activity broadcast. You update your profile regularly and pretty up to date by adding projects and experience, your network will know because they will receive a notification that may compromise the integrity of your current position as it may raise it and suspicion if your manager is part of your network, you can manage a level of confidentiality of your publication with your network and select who can see your activity flow. Here's how to set your icon, saw your update. Don't show in your field. Go to your profiles, sitting and privacy. Scroll down to this section, how others see your Linkedin activity. Click on Share, job change, education change, and work anniversary from profile, Togo from yes to no. Well, that being said, these precautions being taken, It's time to answer your question. Who to use LinkedIn to find a job? 6. Created an automated alert system: Linkedin is a powerful tool for your job search. You can create a job color. You can create your job search outlet and can set a daily or weekly alerts even if you're not actively seeking for a new job, I strongly encourage you to set up Joe ballads and to, just to sound the loop. Knowledge is power, thus, keep up to date with the job market. A job alert is triggered with a predefined frequency in the form of notification every time their job position that meet the criteria is specified to create a job alert, click on the search bar at the top. Choose job. In the search bar, type your target job, position and location. That will render certain result, which you can narrow down by clicking on All Filters. Once you have the desired criteria. Toggle the job, I'll add button. Select whether you want daily or weekly or Laird, as well as you would like to be notified through e-mail notifications or both. Once you click Save, you will have created another outlet for the criteria specified in your search. In addition to this, you can also let recruiters know that you're open to opportunities. By doing so, you are privately say nulling to recruit or that you are open to new job opportunities. These increase your chance of being contract. Given that recruiter, oftentimes look only for candidates that are open, Warning, LinkedIn doesn't guarantee that your employer wants people to know that you are open to new opportunity. So keep that in mind to let broker doesn't know that you're open to opportunity. Simply go to your profile. At the very top. Add profile section. In the intro section, click the plus icon on looking for job opportunities. Specify what kind of work you open to and click on save to activate it. You can these activities by following the same steps, just turning this off instead of turning it on. 7. Expanding your network with Linkedin: Once you have a complete and up-to-date profile that is convincing, relevant, and compelling. It's time to start using LinkedIn for networking. Indeed, LinkedIn provides a way to connect with professional recruiter and will help you to stay in contact with people you met. This is a great way to share information with other professionals in your field. On top of that, some of your connection may also write or share or like a job offer. Even if you don't know the person who originally made the offer, you will be able to see the post use LinkedIn for establishing connection with people who may help you in your job search, recruiter or hiring manager. People who know, people who know, people who know people, you get the point to increase your chance of having other accept your connection request, you need to add a personalized, not for free icons. Linkedin limit your invitation message to 300 characters. 8. Using Linkedin for interview preparation: Linkedin is a great place to find up-to-date company information, news and insight. It's a great source of information to write the company part of a cover letter or to prepare for an interview. And that's exactly what we will talk about in this section. Currently, there are more than 13 million companies on Linkedin with 20 million open job listing. And a lot of valuable information that you can use to prepare your interview. Companies often communicate their lattice knew through social networks such as LinkedIn, even more than directly on their website. If there are companies that interests you, you can go to their page and click on Plus follow so you can be notified of the news and job offer. Linkedin is also useful to get information about the rook router or future manager before an interview. This is great in two aspects. You visualize a person and will be more familiar with a background on the day of the interview. You can find some common interests and create a bond more easily, such as 2D, same university or the same region, you might see what aspect matter most to them. Indeed, if the recruiter has writen recommendation to other, you can see what qualities they highlight. And if you shared this quality, you can highlight them during the interview. Insert, linkedin allows you to play James Bond and find useful information to optimize your preparation process. 9. Creating a cool profile format: So extensively about the content of your profile, which is essential. Yet 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, visual matter. So pay attention to the form of your LinkedIn. We are not all graphic designers, but still we need to take care of whole or profile. It looks visually. Your LinkedIn summary has to be attractive, appealing, engaging. Add bullets to make reading easier. Have a lot of white space, separate ideas and sections. But how do you insert special character such as bullet points on your profile? Special characters are important too to make your profile more visually appealing. However, adding them to your LinkedIn profile isn't as straightforward as it shown. The short answer is that you aren't able to do so directly in the text editor. But you can work around the doing one of the following. Look for another LinkedIn profile that uses symbol you like once you find it, simply copy and paste on your editor. That actually what I do, and it works really well. You can also search was a symbol you want on the Unicode character table. Do you remember in high school when your teacher told you that a clean, airy space cookie dough was not mine. Not mine, by the way, was already engaging and that you already earned point with it. Well, it's the same here. 10. Should you invest in a paid account? : With or not to invest in a pet icon tends to be a common question and it boils down to what kinds of premium I can get you that the free account want, you will be higher up in the search ranking. You can send email messaging without connecting and you can see how your profile compared with others when you apply for a certain position, that's a valid as far as job search advantage are concerned, it is definitely give you an upper end, but make or break your success. There is a nice feature though, and that is access to LinkedIn's online courses which are good-quality. But all in all, if your objective is to find a job, I don't think it is necessary. I've never had any problems searching and finding offers an appealing to jump without a premium icon. But that's just my opinion. It's up to your reject and preference to decide whether to go for it. If you decide to try the free period view where that after it's over, you will be automatically charged for a subscription or a monthly or annual basis, I told shows, unless you can solve. 11. Conclusion: If there is something, I want you to stay with, that LinkedIn is an essential tool for your job search and professional network that you invest in it accordingly, take the time to do your research, self-reflect, and have a LinkedIn profile that shows the better side of you so that opportunities can find their way to you more easily. There is one things to do. Get a free LinkedIn profile review with a tool called resume worded that will give you a LinkedIn profile score and tips on how to optimize it even more. You can also use a tool created by LinkedIn called as index for social selling index, which measure how effective you are at establishing your professional brand. Finding the right people, engaging with insight and building relationships, they will have hue still your way towards an optimized and well-built LinkedIn profile. At this stage of the course, your resume's ready, your cover letter is ready and you have a great LinkedIn profile. Now you are ready for the next move. Job search techniques.