Line Engraving Effect in Photoshop | Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand | Skillshare
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11 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction & Overview

    • 2. Image Considerations

    • 3. FIle Setup

    • 4. Setting up the Line Pattern

    • 5. Building the Wavy Lines Texture

    • 6. Adding the Image

    • 7. Setting up the Graphic Effect

    • 8. Applying the Effect to Other Images

    • 9. Customising the Effect

    • 10. Creating Alternative Effects

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class


Imitate Line Engraving with a Non-Destructive Smart Effect in Adobe Photoshop.

This effect creates a sophisticated graphic look of line-work and shading similar to the style used in banknotes, postal stamps and etchings, and can be used to create stunning prints, posters or give the same feel to a collection of images. This technique can also be used to prepare your images for screen printing, letterpress or intaglio printing.

With this effect you can stylise images with a good tonal range, such as:

  • photographs (well-lit portraits work great);
  • found images,
  • paintings,
  • drawings,
  • digital art with shading.

Everything in this class deals with non-destructive smart filters and adjustments, so once you have built the effect, you can easily apply it to any other images with just a little bit of tweaking!

In this class you will learn:

  • how to build wavy line engraving effect in Adobe Photoshop;
  • how to quickly apply it to other images;
  • how to adjust and customise this effect;
  • how to build two alternative straight line effects.

I cannot wait to see what you create in this class, join in and share your work!

* This technique can be used in Adobe Photoshop CC versions. It should also work fine in previous versions, though it would require a work-around for smart adjustments.





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Evgeniya & Dominic Righini-Brand

Graphic Design & Photography

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