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Line Art for Basics | Easy tricks and steps to Draw for Beginners

teacher avatar Supritha Shet, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and Supplies

    • 3. Gathering Inspiration

    • 4. Sketching 1 : Basic Shapes & Flower

    • 5. Sketching 2 : 3 Leaves & Abstract

    • 6. Sketching 3 : Sunflower

    • 7. Transferring final Sketch

    • 8. Line Art 1 : Basic shapes & a Flower

    • 9. Line Art 2 : Leaves & Abstract

    • 10. Line Art 3 : Sunflower

    • 11. Project

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello! In this class we'll learn a new style to design i.e, Line Art. This Class is designed for everyone with any proficiency level in drawing and beginner friendly. It is a simple yet beautiful style to draw with minimum stationery supplies. All you need to have is:

  • Photocopy/print/Notebook paper
  • Fine liner/Micron/Black Pen
  • Pencil (graphite)
  • Eraser
  • A Compass(optional)

1. The class will start with Basic Shapes necessary to draw which gives you the idea how lines are formed and it is the basic step. 5 Different 2D shapes will be demonstrated here

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Rhombus
  • Oval
  • Oval with sharp edge (Leaf shape)

2. By connecting a single shape multiple time, we'll form a Flower to draw

3. A simple 3 Leaves branch

4. An abstract wave design

5. A Sunflower

The templates for Basic shapes and Sunflower is provided under Project Description in PDF format. You can download and get it printed for further practice.

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1. Introduction: Hello am separate. A one acre on administrator I've been designing from past two wheels learning, creating are using watercolors, acrylics and even designing digitally in this gas will be learning one of my most favorite and currently exploring style letters lying out. It's very simple, yet beautiful technique. Anyone can get started with this class, no matter what the proficiency level is. It doesn't matter, even if felt absolutely, you know, were forced. Disclose. Of all the different student supplies required, it was usually drawn using blacking. It can be a simple as a pennant bebop. We'll discuss different ways to seek inspiration to drop on simple hack toe get up off sketch well started to total by drawing basic shapes on a plane. Totally flat believe design and something abstract and Grendel ascent. Stadio on See you in my first lesson. 2. Tools and Supplies: Hello and welcome back In this lesson, we will discuss about different tools and supplies required for Leinart. So firstly, we will need a print paper or a photocopy paper you can even use. Oh, she sheets from your notebooks. This is their own 40 to 50 gsn a little. People here will make a rough sketch first and then drain the return Ah, final drawing sheet which is quite thick and make sure the shooters more than 100 GSM and size won't really Mitel in this class will. I'll be using a four size Okay, this one is my favorite. Though she does 200 GSN on, you can use it for lighter washes. I'll be using breast refined final, which is all three sizes. That is 0.2 0.54 vertical line on and 0.5 for later lines. Fine. If these fine liners are not available for to you, you can use my car loans, which is which is, I think, available in common stationary shops. For a big now you can start from 0.2 ondas little point fight. That is a common sighs. If these findings are not available to you. You can go for a black Children or a black ball. Went pen. Okay, well, you need pencils in a diesel while drawing the rough sketch so that we won't end up ruining the final one. Andi, you can make corrections as well. So these are the simple materials required. 3. Gathering Inspiration: you can find inspiration from live objects like a flood or a leave. These are your good starters. Uh, just keep it basic. Keep it like what? And foolish. You can find the tons off images on stock. You find a good quality images from these websites, but you can even choose. Spin tress will find lords off options to draw from, or something abstract or geometrical in a first class would start from basic shapes. 4. Sketching 1 : Basic Shapes & Flower: Okay. Welcome to the first sketching. We will start from basic shapes. So be it. Drawing the first step to get started is by drink basic shapes like a rectangle circle and the china. This is just to give you an idea how these lines really work. I want to start with squid. Look, and make sure your lines the pencil strokes are later, You know. You know, I'm going to stress on these strolls, going to make sure it's a lighter ones. Keep it light. And don't worry if you're not getting it correctly, you'll eventually kid after a few practice on it need not be perfect. Just draw square rectangle circle. We beat anything, but I'm just demonstrating this how the pilot lines really work here. Okay, now, when I soak Kelly providing these templates Oh, as a worksheet, it will be available on my project description of this class. You can download it, get it printed on black bears the lines on these trips, withdraw it on this make two dots if you're not, if you can't get the wrong was correctly make to rots and draw a slain at the center, extend the line and connect to dots, and you need not worry about the shapes being bullfight. This is just a dumb one. Street don't lanes, Andi Gettinto. The only shape Draw a line first. Draw a line first, connect the two lines, giving a nice girl up to it. Make sure, though. Oh, okay. Corner off. The always are rubbish. Not shop. Keep it, chemical. And if you're not getting it correctly in all these is it on and try to correct it. Okay, Linda, you drive once again. Okay. Make sure draw a line first. And because more plus sign connected to lines making a girl see, the corner has need. Should have a pulpit for it, for to look like a good and no. Yes, this I think this is perfect. I think this is enough for the noise and a basically fee shape. Make two dots two different ends and connect these dots. I don't give a cowfish. Oh, God. No mixtures shop. So the always made it a co. But here we were going to be going toe. Give a sharp edge. Okay, that's it. Okay. We are done with the basic shapes. We will now draw a basic two D flat. The 2nd 1 will be a flood mika dot draw a circle around it, drop a line crossing the started the center and draw another line to make a plus sign equal one. Okay, Andi draw a line between the door extended. So I know you have six lanes, drove one word line between the other two and extend the lane. What's the other end? Are those segment? You know we have to eat different planes? It's magic. Once. Start from the dot of the center on extended show till the end off the line. Start from the dot Jordan's end off the line give you a leaf shape and looks like metal. We're going to repeat this to every other lines. There are different ways to draw the petals. So, um so I got started. We're going to repeat the same through all the lanes, okay. And one more thing that I haven't Oh, really? Oh, touch the end off the line, but that But that's OK. It's OK for you if you want petals to extend, but make sure the flores symmetrical you can, either. It can either endure petals at the end off the lines or you can just extend it so and again . I'm telling you, it need not be perfect. Just draw as much as you can. But what? They're focusing killer bees the lines and to give a nice oh, line visual effect trying. Okay, I'm going toe correct this because I quite certainly oh, extended the battle for too long. Okay, now that we've done see you in my second sketching, I'll be drawing a basic three leave and something abstract. So we have done with a four sketches. You in my second sketching. 5. Sketching 2 : 3 Leaves & Abstract: Okay. Coming to the sketching too will be trying three leaves on abstract abstract Can be anything off your choice. Draw on lane giving a small cope to it and extend the lane. We're going to draw a leaf. Don't start from the end of the line. Start somewhere just before the line, okay? And make a dot. Make what extent? One more line from somewhere in between, though. Mean first line. And don't start the leave from no, the other end. Start some bid just below the end. Trying to make a least on day one more stem extended. This is because again simple. We have three leaves. Onda the shape just like this one coming to the 4th 1 We're going to draw something abstract for that. I really need a squared. I'm using a ruler. I'm going to make a square. - Okay , start from any edge of the square. It's off your choice. I'm going toe Start from the middle off the first lying bringing a nice girl toward on ending somebody in the second line. Giving ghetto baby shape, giving you to leave the sheet from the first line to the 2nd 1 on from the between the way of line and end off the bottom line. I'm going to draw one more and ended somewhere in between the way of line in the first, we have lying. Starting from the wave line. I'm going toe end in the second line. It what? It looks like a moment. Okay, Starting from the wave line. We've mean line. I'm going to end at the 2nd 1 Starting from this line, I'm going to end at the bottom off the square bottom line of the square and starting from this card. No, I'm going toe end at the previous line. And now I'll start from the top off the first line and ended ill. Um Well, top of square. Okay, since we have a lot of gap ill, I'm going to start from this court and in the top off the squid oak. And to fill the gaps, you can Oh, add lines as you wish. So understandably blazing lines to a wide, lengthy lines because it will get quite difficult for big nose. So let's start small. That I didn't give you abstract park in is it's not actually a Parton, but something abstract. The idea to do you choose? Something abstract is the different lines and challenges to it. Okay, Now we're done with this. Sketching off Part two will move to the 3rd 1 where we'll be learning to draw a san flat. 6. Sketching 3 : Sunflower: Okay. The sketching three will be a sand fly. It's again very basic. We're going to render the leaf part on here. Coming to the 5th 1 It's a sound flood. Okay, I will need a compass for this. Don't to make our own shape, OK? Since this is a Tory shape, we'll keep it very basic and common ish. Make us Oakland draw a circle. Okay, This will be the first Silka where the battles will start from the edge of the circle and can double the size. The diameter this is this circle will be extended from the 1st 1 in this line. In the second line, the petals are going toe end. The patterns will start from the first SoCal and ended the 2nd 1 Okay, They had done it. The Petters will start from the first circle and ended the 2nd 1 So we'll know. Drop pitchers again. Very basic. We're going toe draw the leaf shape shield and one aspect off drawing and practicing. The leaf shape is that you get the correct area off five lanes because lying art Oh, which we're going to loan here this basic and Oh, big enough. Friendly. So toe. Get the lines correctly. These shapes are very useful. Draw the line and draw the pagans And the preceding petals will be touching though previous ones Well, to speed up the process. Okay, Now it's done. Andi, to fill these gaps between the petals, I'm going toe at a few more by petals just to give it a nice look. Okay. I want to repeat the same process again. Jaw a battle in between the two petals and make sure the petals at the Bagram. We also ended the 1st 1 Okay, well, just speed up the process now. 7. Transferring final Sketch: Okay. In this lesson, we will transfer are rough sketches to get a final sketch. Okay, Before you transfer your sketches, you can make any any amount of corrections. You want any number of corrections you need, We're going to transfer these catches into our final paper. Okay, I'm going to use is drawing sheet, which was mentioned, and it wasn't supplies lesson. It is a quite take a paper compared to the photocopy paper. Okay, we're going to start with these basic shapes and a fly. You went toe tightly secured this, people. And before you do that, make sure you flip the people the other side and shave using a graphite pencil. Shave the part off the sketching, which you did. Can we just start from the 1st 1 that is a squared or around this, I think good to share using a nice graphite pence's so that the imprints off these shapes will be visible. Oh, were projected on your final paper so that it's easy for you to draw Did and get started with the lines. Okay. She these places we're OK now. You can see this nicely shaded. Okay. I'm going to repeat this process in the sun in the fly but has been shame this region. But being true, though flood good to speed up the process. You know that it's done. I can see the shadow off it. I can see the shade off it. It's nicely shared it. We're going toe builds process for our other sketches as well. For the leave, flip the paper and shape the drawn region. Using a graphic pencil and the abstract part as well. I'm going to speed up the process. Okay, it's nicely shaded. No and shade the remaining parts off till drawing. If it's not shaded and coming to the 3rd 1 it's a sunflower against the paper. Underpay the process by shading using graphite pencil. Now that Ah ha sketches are ready to get transferred into our final people, see you in the line at one 8. Line Art 1 : Basic shapes & a Flower: Okay, so let's begin with the line at one. Going to take the final drawing paper, secure it with the sketching off yours, which we did the first time. Okay, it was nicely shaded. Keep on top off the drawing sheet and secure it with a paper. So since I don't have and I'm going to take a cutting sheet off mine place there two sheets together on going to secure it with paper tapes again with the same. If you don't have a big book lip, just take a paper tape B. But they for carpenter estate secure the final growing she just below those catching. Okay, you know, secure so that the she won get misplaced on. You can draw it exactly like how it is in your sketching paper. Okay, now it's done. I'm going to trace, though sketching neatly. It's not necessary. Toe put too much pressure. Let's keep it light. However, though other side of the sketching is shaded, so the imprints will be there on your final drawing paper. Okay, so I'm going to sketch them all on top off these Oh, a levy shape now a flood. And before you render those sketches on your final drawing paper. Make sure you do all the necessary corrections so that they don't have to keep keep on raising on your final drawing people so that it will be in need if you don't raise it much . Okay, I'm going to draw all the petals. Okay, Now it's done. I'm going toe. Uh, take a bit. Paper tapes. Just room with them carefully so that you don't They're the people you can. I'm using a carting mind. So secure the two sheets. You can use your example or raw a drink. Bad are even on your table. Okay. I went to remodel sketching sheep now. Okay, Don't. So this is the final paper, and you can see here. The final drawing is you are I'm going to Joel. And if you're going to make any changes on the drawing sheet, just make sure your droid very lightly. If you're unable to see the outline, just me. Just give a lighter stroke with ah, lighter shade off a pencil. Can we want to use a fine line? Oh, What? You can use a gel pin if you don't have. And there you can use my crowns, which is a very good option since I don't have microns right now. I'm going toe. Use thes fine liners. Okay. To make our planes use 0.5 mm. Tick find. I know to make our plans you can use quite pick up fine liners to make the lights. Make sure it's thin for you to get started. You can even start with normal, Ben. And these pens are easily available online. You can even find them in your stationery stores. Okay. Well done with the our clients in the shapes. Now I'm going to show the lines, starting beginning with the lines. Okay. Don't start from the beginning off the two corners. Make sure draw are diagnosed from one into the other or either way around. You can start from any dining we want. I'm going to start from these two corners. I want to start from these two corners. You can even go other way around on when you're just getting started. Make sure you start from left to right. Once you get comfortable with the lines, you can start from right to left as well. Listen, I've drawn a Dag mint on the second line. Your jaw should be badly toe the previous line you drew. Okay, start from the same corner. We'll zoom in a little. We'll zoom in a little. The next line you draw has to be piloto the previous line drawn start from one end. Make sure that's piling ended at the other one at the corner. OK, it's very simple. Start from Ghana. One five line in the other one on. You don't necessarily have toe end at the corners. You can start from the edge off the first line, start from the edge of the first line and end at the other one. Okay, and and don't leave too much gap as these. If you're leaving too much cap, try to fill it up because too much gap Don't Oh, give all nice effect. Do it. So trying not to get too much cap and make sure it's baby body. So once. Okay, one part off those square is over. The other side will repeat the same procedure. I'm going to start from one corner and and the other one by keeping the lines badly to the previous line and now slowly start from the edge off the square and at the edge of the are the line at the side of the square. Start from the edge and a dad, the one you can even start the lines from the edge and in the corner, off and end of the other corner. It can be anything but Make sure the lines are parallel. So that's what matters. Okay, I think this is done. Moving toe the 2nd 1 and yeah, don't leave the gaps as I've lived the gap with it done with the square, going to move with the SoCal on. So we'll have different options like oh, drawing a diagnosis. I drank alot Oh di glib and cutting the circle into to house. Or you can even keep the diagonal line Kurdish mark toe points. I'm going to make a carb line. You can even keep the line street. It doesn't, Michael, but this is quite challenging. I'm sure everyone we get this straight. That would be the same procedure window start from one corner and that the other one or you can even start from the edge and at the corners. Are you getting do the other way around? You can start from one corner and adult are the site of H. He would I'm going to start from the edge and ending at the other cardinals. As you can see, the starting point is abstracted, majorly is and as from the edge and ended at at the same point. So you can see there are more lines on the other end. Okay, so the first part is a one coming to the 2nd 1 seem procedure again. Start from one corner and the other one hard and other side of edge. And using a circle, you can come up with different lying patterns like oh, semi So cool. 00 oh are making toe to more circles and giving it another same circle. Okay, there you go. We're done with the circle and make sure you just shade some off the parts. If you find too much gas, so too much gap in the line between the lines won't be coming toe. See, So as these as this class is very basic and for only big nurse, I'm going to just start with simple lines that are different kinds of lines you can come up with, like bashed lines or daughter daughter lines come up very, very much and be variety off lines. So this is since this is very biggest. If I'm going to keep it one street light. I'm going to repeat the same process for the wrong guy. Says, Well, okay, um procedure this scene start from one corner and the other one. Okay. I left too much gap in there, so make sure you don't know the mystic. This is one of the most useful shape you can get started with since there is a cub and that is a street line. Or you can do it the other way around starting from the other two adolescent edges and corners. Okay, so a rhombus is done since I left too much crap. Try to fill in dead. Coming to the oil model points again. Start from one corner and and adult the one. And when is when is just begging to draw the lines? Make sure it's badly toe the previous one. This is the This is that one golden. Truly, you're going to apply in this day. The lines you drawn next has to be part of the previous one. It's usually drawn using a black, but you can use any colors off pen, any color many want Since the lions, they won't get you. You can't recognize the lines correctly. I before black ink. I prefer you to start with a blacking and no one. So once you are about to in the lines and at the edges of the already we're going just repeat the same procedure. Even hill start from one corner and a dad. The one and the golden rule is the lines of finding. Okay, I'll be coming up with different other styles and how to style eyes. These lines are using watercolor mediums or brush pens. Oh, color pencils or even actor legs. So make sure you follow me on skill share and you you will receive the Bates off newer classes. Okay, I'm going to start from the edge and carefully see here. I'm starting from the edge ending a doctor one. Just keep in mind that your ending adult Oh, I'm not that line. I'm going to start with the flood, make our planes forced so that it's easier for you to in the lengths. Same like you started from the leaf. Parton start from the corner off one end on end about the one going to apply this to every other. So the purpose of drawing this plan is to or tell you how important the basic shapes are. For example, the circle beats a good square rectangle or even a well cylindrical shapes. Rhombus, trapeze, iam. These shapes will help you toe or rearrange them in certain way to draw final object. So you feel you can see that a model dependent, leafy, leafy object here is place to get a flat. So you know what? There The geometry here is very much I killed it. Going to be this again. I'll be providing the work she template in the project description. You can always download it, get it printed and practice the lines. Okay, we are done with the first skit. Oh, sketching and line up on it is off the pencil marks if you don't want them to be there, but in but here and just keeping it that way 9. Line Art 2 : Leaves & Abstract: Okay. In this lesson, we're going toe. Pick the leaf design and abstract design. Okay, We are going to secure the two sheets. That is when one is the final drawing paper on the other one is this sketch which the other side is shaded. Go to secure it with the people date, we can use paper clips. I'm going to trees, wounded trees, thes drawings get fully, draw the lines. And, Oh, make sure you don't put so much pressure during that process. And now that that's done, I'm going toe. Repeat the same procedure Hill on abstract right from the start, on making square and drawing the lines. The prestigious practicing start from the top off the lines so that you can keep ConEd off the lines traced. And you won't if you If you're starting it randomly, you won't get if the lines that properly trees don't not. Sometimes we'll have toe miss the lines, so start from the dog. Start raising the lanes from the dog and there is a continued in tracing lights. This procedure is very oh, very traditional one. Oh, that's how even I got started when I didn't know how to draw Okay, Well, it removed the paper tapes now and the make sure it's it's very tightly. Oh, secure. Because if you once misplaced the papers, you the lines will go wrong. The drawings will go wrong and you have tow. Correct it again. I'm going toe draw the outline. We draw that out, playing first, and, Oh, make sure you're not. Or using Clinton lines to make our plans first. He was tickled. You stick up in. Oh, are thick. Fine line. Oh, only the lines inside the object you draw has to be thin. Okay, Here. I'm goingto draw something different than the usual leaf pattern we did. I'm going over first draw the stagnant. I'm going to divide these leaves into door stop from the corner and in the other corner. So here we're going toe start lines from one cardinal and end at the age. Oh, it's from the age to age lines. Can we zoom in a little so that you can correctly see the procedure? Okay. I'm going to start from the corner and at the age off the line, it can be adovia around as well, but I'm going toe start from the corner keeping the lines paddle. And now, starting from the age keeping the previous line Cordner as the reference. Okay, well, clearly get to know. No. See, you're going to start from the corner and at the edge. Make make sure you're treating the previous line corner as your new corner and starting the new line from See, you're starting the line from the new corner and in Niigata Age. Okay, give too much. Grapple with it. And even if you give a gap, make sure you leave it like that and don't try toe. Adjust the lines because it hit me. Don't looks or are it doesn't look that creep. Okay, starting from the new gardener ending of the age. OK, it's done so you can see the lines are quite different from one part of the other one. It's because I kept it two horizontal. That's where the lines are looking, but different from the first part of second part. And here the lines and little different you can see it's starting from the age and in the age. But trying to meet the other corner, you can see the difference between the first live on the second leaf the lines, which is starting from the beginning, are quite close. And here it's very Oh, it has a few gaps. Okay, I'm going toe. Repeat the same thing you're and And remember, the lines shouldn't be too close. It will end up looking to gross. You see that? I gave a double line just when I went done with a second leave. Moving to the 3rd 1 The bit the procedure starting from the age off the first line on. And any got the average I'm using even in outline here. Okay, I'm going to repeat the same thing. Give in on getting the class correctly. You can always reduce the speed of the class. You can always reduce the speed of the plants or even pause the class. You can try different lines and then come back toe the class starting from the first. Okay, belief is done. Okay. We're going to start with the an abstract busy. Okay. Oh, me. And remember this rule that every time you draw, start with the outline, especially when it's Lina, and then continue with the alliance because you are able to recognize the lines properly on , and you're very clear where to start and where to end. So that is the pope was off trying the outlines first. Okay, I mean, this line and little tick I'm going to make. I'm going to keep those like, out of line sticker because it gives a lot feeling off a frame, and I on it's easily recognizable that the lines, the end of lines and our lines are different. Okay, now went toe oak lane the lines carefully. And why, Lord making our clients make sure the menace Dick here I'm using 0.5 and thick Ben. It's the most common one, even if you're I mean, if you buy a gel pin or a ballpoint pen, it's off the same size. And if you find there's too much gap between these, our planes, Colby's meet another line in between while they're drawing the lines. If I find it difficult to take the lines toe extend so much it gets a little difficult. I'm using the no tener line. It didn't find lineup. Now it's is it a point two on 0.5 here I'm using zero point to him. Didn't bend. Okay, the 1st 1 you can see here. And starting from that age ending at the corner, you have four different options. You can start from one corner and end at the other one, or you can start from one edge, ended the corners. Oh, you can start from one H and start from the end of dotage. Oh, we concert from one corner and end, uh, the edge off under the site. So have four different options. So as you can see Hell, I'm starting from the age of total out the line in the middle cowfish line. You okay? This abstract abstract does and is very useful. Okay, since the since. That is a lot, since that is a lot of gaps. I'm going to extend by laying from this this go do the other one. Okay. Since we got to leave shape here, I'm starting from one corner and any got out the one bash it? It has ended on the edge of the line. Okay, that line is still big. I'm going toe sure. The line from the corner. Take it at the ah, that quad note. By just keeping close to this line, it's difficult to get a pilot line correctly. Keep the lines closer and and in the corner going to strip eat the same thing on this definition under reach the other edge we're going toe keep the lines closer and badly. And at the other corner. Okay, if you're choosing anyone like, for example, you're starting from one corner and ending at the corners. Just stick to that. Don't start from the corner to corner and try ending up like corner toe edge. Andi sometimes it won't give a proper finish. Toe the lines. In few cases, it looks quite all so if you're choosing corner to corner to stick to that or even H two edge or corner toe edge. If a picking one style out of food, just stick to that throughout the process. Don't try to switch from corner to corner and then h to it. It doesn't really give you the line line effect. Okay, we're done. Okay. To beat the same thing. Different of the parts as well. If you find God, just shave a bit and try to cover the gap. Okay. See you here in this one. I'm going to start from the edge. It will Corneau on a stick to the same thing until you finish that particular statement. Start from edge to Cornel. Much the cardinal h to the corner. Okay, now you can see we got corner to corner. Okay, we had done. I'm going toe. Just speed up this. I'm going to finish them all. Boss, The video hill. Finish your pattern and come back to the class. OK? Since this is long, I'm going to give another line and divide this one. Okay? Since we've finished the 90% of Bill box, you can see Oh, there are few segments where I started from corner and ending of the corner, starting from the edge to the corner. Andi starting from the corner, inning on edge. Okay, I switched toe the gel pen. So there's no much difference between the gel pen and the fine line, or you can even simply use Oh, any sort of a black ink pen you'll find in your stationery. Okay. This by the way, this I just got I got started without any fine liners. So once when I got started, I started using a gel pin and then I switched to find liners, so it's completely okay. Don't have minimal tools and this is ready. Inexpensive, Ben, by the way. Okay. And here you get Corno starting this corner set. Okay? And any that age after another line. Okay, getting a drink. Okay. Shade the pots, Which has so much crap. Okay, I'm done here. We're done with the abstract design and leave. Okay. See you in the final sensor. 10. Line Art 3 : Sunflower: Hello and welcome back in this class, we're going to render lines on a sunflower. So the sketches ready? I'm going toe seal the two sheets together. The underlying sheet is our final join people. And on doubles it it's arts and flat sketching, which is shady. I'm going to taped them together so that the final paper does not misplaced. And it can Arrendel the complete sketch as it is on the final drawing paper tightly secured . Your find the drawing sheet on your sketch so that the lines are not misplaced while you're tracing them. Okay, then get started. I'm going to draw the lines completely. Okay. As you can see, some off the lines are visible. Almost all I think I just missed old on a petty. So let me just quickly draw that. Okay, take any off your pen. Notifying rhino drawn double day first. Remember, it's always outline in this one. It's the old plane. Some off the three D drawings are realistic drawings. You don't have to draw the outlines first, which I'll be taking up in the following for the classes. So in the basic ones, you can always start from the old lines so that we get an idea how to how to and where to start. Okay, we're going to draw the same type on All the petals went toe, draw the outlines on every petals. I just speed up the process, goingto simply our client all the petals around. And I don't that we're going to draw some sort of a Parton you can come up with any Parton's. You want calamitous Zuman. The same procedure is going to repeat your starting from the corner off a Petrie and ending at the Aga Cornel lines are piling toe the previous line. The every new line you draw should be partly toe the previous line you draw on, it has to end at the corner, start from one just start from one side on and gradually and at the other one. Don't start from the two ends like you draw the lines from the first edge, and then you draw the lines from the other edge, which is quite difficult to get proper line, start from one it and gradually draw alone to complete the petals. And if you find some guys just strike to shoot it, get done with the two pictures. I'm now going to draw the old one. The middle one. The background people start from the corner. As you can see, there is a distraction in between. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to start from the age off the foreground, petal. As you can see, I'm going to start from the edge of the foreground petal on draw and complete the background patterns. Okay, so that's how it is going to first. Jodl 24 round petals. As you can see on once you complete the two foreground factors, you're next going to draw the lines. All the background petals. Okay, now I'm going to take first. Would you take the third? Better start from the edge and ended the corner? If you're not trying toe, draw the foreground, Britain's first and then go to the background ones. It's OK. You can start by drawing from the age of the two pedals and the water. One will start from the corner and eight and ended the age off the petal and at the edge of two petals. I'm going to zoom in a little start from the corner, some from the corn on the store by groundbreaking on I'm going to draw the foreground petal , stop from the corner and in the corner, keeping the line pilot toe the edge over the shape, drawing the line. I live toe the previous line, starting from one edge, gradually drawing lines and completely finishing this sheep from one age to another. Okay, you can start from drawing forward on Britain's First are you can alternately take background foreground and then by boat on four competence, starting from the edge off the for one Southerland edge of the forward on metal and ending that the Cornel The procedure is same lines a pilot. Every new line you draw was badly, and you don't have to stop the lines the same way because I have just given a small girl there, which is not necessary. Even you can draw lines in whichever way you want. But make sure it's Parliament. That's the golden rule for big. No. When do you want to find? I know same procedure starting from the corner to the corner from the left. Do the right. Okay. Again. The background pattern seem from the edge to the corner. Okay, I'm providing the work she template off the same drawing. You can get it downloaded, get it printed. And fact is the lines if in on getting the sketches for the sun for greatly even down toward it get it printed on shaved the other side off the sheet. The printout She died at the side of the printout trees it on the final growing big boat. I'm practiced the lines on that. So that will be the project. And a Basham does drawings which we learned in this class. You can try any shapes or any design you want. You can pick inspiration from Pinterest. Oh, Google, Google it. You can find images from stock websites or you can just pick a flower from your garden. Enjoy. Then most of project under this class. Oregon even. Ah, follow me on Instagram and freeze like my Facebook page. Follow me on Facebook as well. And don't forget to tide me so that I can see your work. Okay, the same procedure toe all the petals around. And when you're just starting, don't you don't have to draw a very big flood like this one. It's very big and keep it very small and very simple and fill the gaps with dinner lines. Make surely lift up in and you get the dinner. Okay, camera don't focus at all. Okay. I hope you guys can see it. Yes, I'm going to speed up the process. Okay? I finally coming to buy ground battle starting from the corner and then extending it from the edge. When? If when you find battles like these goingto extended from the itch, what can we do to speed up the process? Can pass the class, finish it and then come back. OK? It's nicely done now. So the purpose to draw these is to give you an idea how basic ships really book kings. The top view. It's done on day. I'm going to drop back then at the center off the sun fly. You can't draw any part on you. Want anything off your choice? But you can just leave it blank. Onda color. Choosing a brush, Ben, or you're watercolors using watercolors. There are different kinds off Parton's you want begin simply, Doctor. Oh, it again draw some party like this some random by don't destroying something very random. And as you can see that I feel gaps in between these designs just fill it up with dots. And so, Kurds, I'm going to color them up with black ink. We can try any biting off your choice. It's totally left to you, Cam. I'm actually not getting it's magically, but that's fine. I'm going to complete this. We'll continue the scene. Oh, if you're not getting it symmetrically, don't worry. They're tons off other Spartans. You can draw anything off your choice on again. Simply dotted. Okay. As you can see, the the tiny triangles between the petals are white. You can color it off to give it a nice effect. Since I chose this part turn and it's quite begin size. I'm not. I'm not trying toe color them up because it will quite look hard on. And I won't know where toe where to finish and speed up the process of party. Okay, done with a partner. As you can see, the Parton is done. I'm using a black brush. Been two Phillies. You can include with any color off your choice, but I'm just keeping it minimal and simple. So just one color black. You don't really have to use brush. Been. You can use a sketch been or just being too dosing. The water colored. Okay, I'm going to build up gaps. And there you go. The Santa is finding done. 11. Project: okay for the class project, you can draw anything off your choice. Out of file, be basic shapes of flour. The leaf design abstract or even the sun flood have provided the template for the shapes and the sunflower. You can all be skated, but in debt on practice, the lines like these and no buzz you can find inspiration or throw from Pinterest, Google or any other stock emits side, draw anything you like. Also find sunflowers to draw it difficult. Get it downloaded tree trees, though trees, the same drawing on the final drawing people that coveted and render the lines. The lines will be our Samos, which we did in the class. Okay, free love. Fill this up with the lines. Onda. The center off the sunflower will be anything off your choice of pattern or coloring Butte . Anything sunflower will be. Sanford Worksheet is in the project description. And I hope you guys had fun and taking up this class. And don't forget to share 12. Conclusion: Thank you so much for taking this class. I hope you enjoy The process of drawing on The class was useful. Don't forget to share your project Works on Do take me on social media Do follow me on Instagram and skill shed. I'll be posting future updates about the classes. Thank you so much.