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Let's Master English Synonyms & Antonyms

teacher avatar Jade Ball, Business Consultant & English Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Synonyms & Antonyms Introduction

    • 2. Synonyms & Antonyms - Common Words

    • 3. Synonyms & Antonyms - Common Words Contd

    • 4. Synonyms & Antonyms - Collocation

    • 5. Synonyms & Antonyms - Synonyms Recap & Quiz

    • 6. Synonyms & Antonyms - Synonyms Recap & Quiz

    • 7. Synonyms & Antonyms - Antonyms

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About This Class

In this course we will discover the relevance of synonyms and antonyms in the English language, alongside learning the importance of collocation - a common misdemeanour for non-native speakers! 

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Meet Your Teacher

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Jade Ball

Business Consultant & English Teacher


Hello, I'm Jade and I create online courses to help you build confidence in business and improve your English language.

I am a native English and have spent 10 years working with various non-native speakers, so I know the pitfalls in pronunciation! My experience has helped me to develop a series of courses full of hints and tips to help making learning English a fun and productive process. 

I have also spent the last decade building my own business, and now offer my own independent business coaching for all levels. The courses I have developed focus on the key skills needed in business, whatever your position, in order to be successful. Each course is curated using my own experience and are easily digestible by focusing on the fundamentals. 


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1. Synonyms & Antonyms Introduction: synonyms and anti names. Synonyms are words or phrases that have exactly the same or nearly the same meaning as each other. Anton's a little phrases that have opposite meanings to each other. A very useful way of enhancing your vocabulary in both the written and spoken language is to learn some synonyms on Dunton ins. So let's start by looking more closely at the difference between synonyms and done tennis. As I said, a synonym can be a word or phrase that has the same or very similar meaning to another word or phrase. For example, some synonyms for the word happy would be content. Cheerful Mary or joyful. Joyful anta names are the exact opposite of that. They are words or phrases that are in complete contrast to another word, a great example of anti names. Other words, yes and no, which have juxtaposing meanings. Let's look at the word friend. If we were to explore the synonyms for the word friend, we would find words such as friend, acquaintance, mate, com, Rade, companion, body associate and Ally. Looking at Anton IMS for the same word will give us words such as enemy opponent, stranger on DFO. It's certainly useful to learn the synonyms on banta names for some of your most commonly used words or phrases. This helps you to vary your speech and will stop the dialogue from sounding repetitive and dull. Whilst it's great to know a few synonyms for words you commonly use in the English language , it's certainly not going to be sustainable or advisable to memorize every synonym and antonym that exit exists. An excellent tool, developed specifically for synonyms and anti names, is called a thesaurus. If the saurus will give you a list of suggestions of different words and phrases, both their synonyms on Dunton ins well still would be difficult. An incredibly long winded to learn an entire thesaurus. It's a very helpful tool to call upon as and when required to enhance your conversational skills. Synonyms and Antonians not only helped to enhance your speaking skills, but they also make vast improvements to your comprehension skills. But, you know, the easier it will be to follow conversations. There's nothing worse than not being able to understand what somebody is talking about simply because one unknown word three years 2. Synonyms & Antonyms - Common Words: let's explore some of the more commonly used words in the English language and take a look at some synonyms you could use to strengthen your speech. Number one have, for example, example. I have a house here. We could use the following synonyms a choir, for example. He acquired a reputation for scrupulous honesty. Possess she did not possess a sense of humor. Oh, it is difficult to obtain adequate insurance cover for such a large property. These three synonyms are formal versions of the word half, and I used quite irregularly in day to day conversation. You'll find these words used more often in written English. Here are three or three more synonyms for the verb half owned I own several properties get . She will get the dinner ready whilst we will. The dogs kihk. Hand them out, but be sure to keep one for yourself. These three synonyms are much more informal comparisons of the word half. You'll find these words used frequently in casual conversations, unless so informal settings. Number two Just sample. It was just about day here we could use scarcely. He was so quiet I could scarcely hear what he was saying. Hardly There are hardly any people in the office today. Barely barely anyone turned up to the party almost. He almost drove straight into the back of the car. The word just is used incredibly frequently in informal conversations to make sentences more emphatic. Given how common piece the word just is, it's wise to learn a few synonyms toe, add some quality or conversations. Number three Unhappy, for example, an unhappy marriage Here we could use the following synonyms. Sad. She was sub to hear her neighbors were moving house miserable. It was a miserable weekend. It rained nonstop. No, The mood was very low in the office today. Today blue he was feeling blue and sorrow. She looked at him with eyes full of sorrow. There are endless objectives synonymous with the word unhappy Andi. As with all objectives, they can be used emphasis on the noun in the sentence. Number four ask. I will ask him to dinner instead of ask. We could use the following synonyms challenge. He challenged his brother to erase demand. I demand that I am seen to next. I have been waiting for over an hour quiz. She was quizzed by the police about the robbery last week. Quest. We politely request that no trainers or caps are worn in the restaurant and coin. I inquired his name. It's worth noting that there are two spellings of the word inquire, both of which have the same definition. Either spelling can be used, however, It's a somewhat unwritten rule in British English To use. Inquire with an E for the general sense of to ask and save. Inquire with an eye for a formal investigation. Number five. Brilliant, as in, we had a brilliant time as an objective. There were many synonyms available to replace the word brilliant. Here are just a few magnificent. It was a magnificent wedding. Splendid. She did a splendid job on the decorations. Wonderful. The ceremony was wonderful. Superb. The entertainment was superb. Excellent. The venue a venue was sign posted excellently. 3. Synonyms & Antonyms - Common Words Contd: number six Confused. The map was confusing and did not seem to help. Hey, we could use baffled. I am baffled as to why Jeep, talking to me, bewildered. She saw the bewildered look on my face and begun to explain, befuddled. The film's ending had left everyone before The Lord perplexed. It is a very perplexing situation. Patient puzzled. He regarded her with a puzzled expression. Confused is a very informal word, and it's quite unheard off to use it in formal settings, however, whilst words such as perplexed, perplexed and confound maybe more commonplace informal conversations, their popularity of somewhat dwindled in recent years with words such as before told on bewildered, becoming more favored. Number 77 Always she is always late, some common synonyms for always. Ah, consistently. He is consistently making mistakes constantly. I am constantly tidying regularly. The Pope Quist happens regularly. Repeatedly, they were warned repeatedly about their bad behavior everlastingly I haven't ever lasting love for you think love for you always is an incredibly versatile at for be careful with these synonyms as their co locations don't always cross over that well, for example, the sentence I will always love you isn't so easily replaced. He replaced with I will regularly love you. We'll explore co location next in this course number eight Easy. It was an easy day at work. We could replace easy with any of the following synonyms. Effortless. She dressed effortlessly but looked beautiful, painless. That conversation was rather painless. Simple. There is a simple solution to your situation. Obvious. The answer is obvious. Straightforward. I thought the test was quite straightforward. The word easy is, ironically, very easy to replace with other synonyms as all of thier form and the aforementioned synonyms are transferrable with one another in sentences. Number nine ring. You are wrong. Much like the word easy. The following synonyms for wrong are very simple to replace in sentences. Incorrect. That answer is incorrect. Misguided. He was a little misguided in his beliefs. Mistaken. I'm afraid you're mistaken. Me for someone else, folks. I have been falsely accused inaccurate. The newspaper article was inaccurate and pure hair, say, and finally number 10 tired. I have been very tired this week here we could use the following synonyms exhausted. I am absolutely exhausted, Wary? She roped, roped, her wary eyes sleepy. They were sleepy after spending all day in the sun trained the last few days at work have dreamed me fatigued. The 14 hour flight had left everyone from one fatigued. The word tired has a couple of different connotations, tired as in sleepy and tired as in to grow tired of a situation. So we have to be careful with the synonyms we use here. All this all the synonyms we've just mentioned can be used to emphasize the need for rest. Where is synonyms such as sick, Off jadid and board are often used to describe impatience. 4. Synonyms & Antonyms - Collocation: car location allocation is important to remember when it comes to learning and introducing synonyms into your language. Akala cation is two or more words and phrases that often go together. The combinations of thes synonyms or anti limbs just sound right to native speakers who used them regularly. Allocations are really useful for making you sound more native, since, while some words may be synonymous, they may not sound so natural when paired with other with the words. Take, for example, the word quick, which is synonymous with the word fast. However, when paired with the word shower, it sounds unnatural to say fast shower. In contrast, it's more natural for native speakers to hear the pairing fast food rather than quick food or even a child food. Here are some common call occassions worth remembering to have two hands to have lunch to have a feeling to have sympathy. Looking back at the synonyms for Have a quiet, possess, own get keep obtain notice that these don't seem to work so well with these phrases. For example, Wells to obtain a feeling is grammatically correct. A native speaker would find this an art pairing. Let's explore some more qualifications to make, to make a mess, to make a noise, to make a suggestion. To make the bed, to catch, to capture cold. To catch a thief, to catch some rays, to catch someone's attention, to bring to break a leg, to break a habit. To break the ice, to break a promise to get to get married, to get a job, to get permission to get started. 5. Synonyms & Antonyms - Synonyms Recap & Quiz: just for a bit of fun, I'm going to give you a word on the screen and some time to think of as many synonyms as you can before I read a few out loud. If you think of any more synonyms, share them in the comments section of this course for other students. Students to learn from two. Number one. Beautiful. A leering, appealing, dazzling, delightful, elegant, pretty gorgeous magnificent answer. Number two. Horrible I've hardened, appalling, beautiful crew. Ghastly, horrid, hideous, grim, disgusting Number three dog black darkened, dingy do. Gloomy, somber, shadowy, overcast mercury dim drop number four globally. Awful, grotesque, hideous. Hurry it on sightly. Unseemly, revolting, Repelling Number five Life. Scary, alarming, chilling. Every horrifying, creepy p intimidating, shocking, spooky. 6. Synonyms & Antonyms - Synonyms Recap & Quiz: number six. Quiet, muted, silent, peaceful, self pushed, inaudible, soundless, speechless. Number seven. Roath course. Choppy, bumpy. Rocky Ha sh rocket. Fuzzy tasseled Number eight. Wendy. Blustery, boisterous, brisk. Good. Stay, Stay Stormy, Windswept Chloe. Tempestuous number nine. Mischievous, impish militias. Naughty, 50. Playful, destructive, ill behaved, troublesome and finally number 10. Intelligent, astute, brainy, creative, knowledgeable, small, resourceful, wise, imaginative. 7. Synonyms & Antonyms - Antonyms: now using the same words as before. Let's explore Samantha names. Remember that an antonym is a word that has the complete opposite. Meaning number one. Beautiful but crude. Don't horrible offensive, repulsive Unrefined Drop Number two. Horrible, attractive, delightful, beautiful, great encouraging. Magnificent, Wonderful, pleasing Number. Three. Dunk. Bright, light, Cheerful, clear, distinct luminess. Sunny number four. Oh Billy. Beautiful, Nice pleasing. Pretty A table lawfully pleasant kind Number five. Scary, normal, Soothing, calming. Encouraging Number six. Quiet commerce. Loud, noisy, obtrusive, boisterous. Unreserved Number seven. Roof calm. Courteous, mild, soft, smooth, gentle. Number eight windy. Com. Quiet, peaceful, unresponsive Number nine. Mischievous. Behave good. Sensible, obedient, noise kind And finally number 10. Intelligent, stupid, unaware, ignorant, simple embassy. Foolish. Typical.