Learn to Make & Mint your Non Fungible Token (NFT) for Beginners | Greg Hung | Skillshare

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Learn to Make & Mint your Non Fungible Token (NFT) for Beginners

teacher avatar Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

    • 3. Making an nft in imovie (most simple method)

    • 4. How to create a Video NFT in Final Cut (rarible 30mb limit))

    • 5. How to Create an NFT in Final Cut 2 (First Drone Flight)

    • 6. Converting .mov to mp4 and Listing an NFT on Opensea

    • 7. Understanding ETH and managing wallets skillshare

    • 8. Making nft on premiere pro Course for Opensea (100mb Video Limit)

    • 9. How to bundle NFTs diff selling methods

    • 10. How to Mint an NFT Image and Tour of Opensea

    • 11. Update: Creating an NFT on mintable without Gas fees using Metamask Wallet

    • 12. Update How to buy an nft on crypto.com

    • 13. Sellng your nft on crypto.com

    • 14. Placing bid on nft using dogecoin or cryptocurrency

    • 15. Nft summary

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About This Class

Learn to create a Video Non fungible token (NFT) using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere for the Opensea platform. Opensea is one of the larger NTF platforms and doesn't require an invitation. As a bonus we will also share how to mind your NFT on Mintable.app for Free.

In this course we will take you through creating your Video NTF that meets the platform requirements right to the end where you can mint your digital art on the blockchain. We will teach you the basics of cryptocurrency including how to purchase ethereum, which exchange to use, how to transfer your ethereum to your wallet to fund the transaction of your first NFT.

Non fungible tokens (NFT) are one application powered by the Ethereum cryptocurrency. In 2021 they have become very popular with the digital art world. This course will be your one stop shop for getting your first NFT minted whether it is a digital image, audio file, but our focus will be on the Video NFT. 

  • Get the basics of cryptocurrency to mint your NFT

  • Learn about Ethereum and why it is important for the Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

  • Learn how to buy Ethereum step by step

  • Learn to transfer your Ethereum to the NFT platform

  • Learn about Gas fees and how to reduce your Ethereum gas fees required to mint your NFT

  • Learn how to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to create your Video NFT

  • Get an introduction tour to the Opensea platform and how to create your Digital NFT collection

  • Learn how to buy a celebrity NFT and resell it on a secondary market
  • To to create a Gasless NFT on Mintable

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Greg Hung

Travel Videographer


Hi I'm Greg. I'm a South African Canadian Travel Videographer aka Global Citizen. I first got into video filming with a sharp camcorder in high school making my own short films and tennis video and editing on a VHS.  In 2011 in Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) I rediscovered my love for video while filming an earthquake hiphop safety video for a Media Course. 

After I graduated from Simon Fraser University (BA Communications) in Vancouver Canada I went on to pursue a successful IT career working 13 years as an IT manager. I went onto to complete my MBA in Technology Management SFU and found my Entrepreneurial inspiration to start my own travel video business in 2011 during the DSLR video revolution. I sold my downtown Vancouver Apartment, bought an iMac, a Can... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: Hey, what's up, guys, My name is Greg Kang. I make Canadian content creator. I've made courses on videography with the mirrorless camera and GH 5 drone courses, video editing courses, a lot around video and audio production. This course is about how to get you started with NOTs, non-fungible tokens, how to get your digital art onto the NFT marketplace. So this is a very new concept and some digital artists are making a lot of money, including the famous art by people which sold for 68 million. In this course, I wanted to help you understand the waters off cryptocurrency because the FFTs run on the cryptocurrency ethereum. So in this course we're going to learn how to get started purchasing a thorium to fund your very first NFT transaction. So it's going to be a step-by-step. You're also going to learn how to create a video and FT that fits the requirements of the platform, as well as how we can create a NFT video for Premiere Pro and in Final Cut Pro, two of the most popular professional video editing programs. So let's get started. 2. What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Hey, what's up, guys, this is Greg here and we're going to be talking all about NFT, these non-fungible tokens. We're going to be learning not only what they are, but how they can apply to content creators. Because a lot of what this application on the Ethereum blockchain is designed for is to help content creators. So let's get straight into it. There's a lot we're going to get through. So I'm going to be using the Ethereum.org, which is if they're hymns websites. So you can be rest assured that most of this information is credible and I'll put links to it below. I just want to start off with saying that I'm not a financial expert. I'm still learning as I'm sure a lot of people are a lot of this stuff. Especially when you're talking about applications on top of block chain are very new and confusing and I'm going to do my best to wrap all the information that is currently available on the Internet as of March 2021, tied into a digestible chunk of content for you to understand. And let's get started. Okay, So let's just start off with water and F t's or non-fungible tokens. It's the way I understand it as a way to authenticate, legitimize your ownership of a digital assets. Or could be a piece of digital arts, or could be a video game in game upgrade like a special gun in Cyberpunk. And it could even be a video clip. If you're into stock footage, you'll understand that. And empties have been making headlines lately on sites like Bloomberg, CNBC, even our own Canadian see TV. So let's just go through some of the NFT headlines. I first heard about NOTs from Gary banner chalk. And then I watched the video on YouTube with Mark Cuban. And he was talking a lot about d Phi, I think NOTs. And then I went down the rabbit hole for you guys to give you either adjustable form of contents. So here we go, Canadian Trevor James, who lives in Scotland, he sold more than 3 million digitally authenticated paintings called the Bitcoin angel and just seven minutes, Elon Musk, girlfriend, Canadian musician Grimes. She recently sold $6 million worth of NOTs and under 20 minutes. And BA, someone paid over $208 thousand US for a video of LeBron James slam dunk. The auction house Christie's. They recently announced that they would be selling NFT based arts and bits for the work and the collage of digital faces, ready reached $3 million in sales. In December and artists people hold an auction which she offered and open addition of three works price that $969 a piece. Basically. All told $3.5 million of peoples are sold in just a few days. So what are some examples of LFTs? It could be a domain name, it could be a ticket for a type of events, could be an essay, like I mentioned before. It could be an in-game item or a piece of digital artwork, or a video clip. Each token has a unique identifier. It's not interchangeable with other tokens. Each token has an owner and the inflammation is easily verifiable on the blockchain. And yes, it's live on the Ethereum network. So I'll be speaking more about my opinion and my take on all of this later. So definitely stay tuned. So if you do own and an empty, you can easily prove that you own it. No one can manipulate it. You can sell it. In some cases, the original creator can earn the resale royalties, which is just amazing for creators that don't need to rely on other platforms anymore. Of course, there's still the question about the whole marketing piece, but I'll save that until the end of the video. So you can rest assured that your asset, it is secured by the theorem network. And if you create an NFT, you can easily prove that you're the creator. You can determine the scarcity of an asset. For example, you can create the original and you can create as many replicas as you want. And that's up to you to decide. You can also earn royalties every time that it's sold. And you can sell it on any NFT peer-to-peer markets. You're not locked into any platform and you don't need an intermediary to help you manage these transactions. So I'll be going through some different NFT marketplaces. Actually tried to create my first and after yesterday's. So stay tuned to hear more about that. So this is coming from a theorems website. The biggest use of N of t sub a is in the digital content round. And that's exciting as a content creator is someone that creates digital assets, whether it's stock footage. I also have a friend that recently started creating music beats, so T's are great fit for that. So the industry today is broken. A lot of the content creators profits, they're swallowed up by different platforms through different fees that they charge. There's also fees that content creators lose along the way when that money gets transferred from a platform like PayPal over to their banks. So that's all exciting. So and if T's are meant to power a new crater economy where content creators like myself and perhaps you, they don't need to hand over the ownership over to platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Ownership is baked into the asset itself. So when you sell your content, the funds go directly to you. And if you are the owner and you sell the FFT, you can automatically receive royalties. We gone over that before. And it's guaranteed every time because the creator's address, it's baked into the tokens metadata, and that metadata can't be modified. So I'd have t's. They've got a lot of interests from game developers because of T's can give records of ownership for these in-game items. So if you have created a super gun in a game like Cyberpunk and you own the ad f t to that, your NFT in-game item might actually outlive the video game itself to be reused for other purposes. So very interesting stuff. So the items that you grind for in these video games that can actually outlive the games themselves, even if the game is low, longer maintain the items will always be on New Year control. So LFTs are like deeds. So one day, Not yet, it's still early days. You could even buy a car or a home using an NFT as a deed in return for that transaction. Or as we'll get into in another video, you can even use cryptocurrencies as collateral for loans. So it's still early days, but because things are changing fast is becoming more modern. It's very likely we could end up in a world where we have a theory and wallets and we're using those to purchase physical goods like cars or homes. Royalties can automatically go to the Creator when they're sold. This is a stole a developing area. But right now there are platforms like Foundation and Zora that do support royalties. There's also the concept of fractional ownership where NFT owners can create shares that fans or investors can take or own a part of. So you could potentially become a shareholder in a Picasso and FT, meaning that you would have a say in things like revenue sharing. So NF teas have a close relationship with the second most popular cryptocurrency coin a theorem. So let's dive into that a bit more. So the transaction history and the token metadata that's publicly verifiable on the blockchain. So it's very simple to prove and ownerships history on NFT. So once a transaction is confirmed, it's nearly impossible to manipulate that data to still ownership. Trading NF T's, they can happen on a peer to peer without meeting platforms that take large cuts of compensation. All theory and products they share the same back end. So authoring products can talk really wild to each other. So that includes an FTEs or d Phi. They all run on the thorium back-end. Let's talk about some of the platforms that you can start experimenting with LFTs. So repairable.com is one that you can use. I've actually tried to use it. I'll share my experience after we absorbed arco opens C dot io, wax block chain, nifty gateway, makerspace.com, foundation app. So one thing. That I found through my very short HE experience trying to do and FTEs is that a theorem is so important because it powers the transactions of an FTEs and it sits on the Ethereum blockchain. So you will need to at some point gets a ethereum wallet. And one of them wallets that I experimented with is called Meta mass. So I tried to list a video clip on wearable.com and it was good to see that they supported video. One thing that I've found is that the heavy file size cap right now, so that limits the type of video quality and the length that you have. But I just put up a short clip of a drone aerial clip on Hong Kong on wearable.com. And you need to pay these transaction fees in a theory, I'm alright, so we've gone over what's an FTEs are, how they work and some of the exciting potential. So what are some of my thoughts right now? So FFTs and d phi, they live on the same infrastructure. So that's a theorem. So it just seems like the writing is on the wall that a theorem can only go up from here given the popularity of applications of a theorem like NFT and d phi. So while I'm not recommending that you get them, it seems to make sense. So if you do want to purchase a 30AM, I will have a separate video on that. If you do want a review of some of the platforms that I'm going to try to list my first NFT definitely subscribe to the channel so you get notified for any updates. Definitely get an a theorem wallet. Right now, I've got the Meta mass. I'm just trying to figure things out. But the main thing here is that this is an exciting time for content creators or any type of digital creator because the NFT is basically will allow you to keep more of the money and the ownership of the assets. That takes so much time and skill to create. I know this because it takes a long time to learn the skills you need the gear. So hope you enjoyed this video on FFT's. It's still early days in March 2021, but you definitely want to get on it and do your own homework. I will put some references and links below, especially coming from a theorems website. I think they've got a great amount of information on there that you can deep dive into the elephant in the room right now is that blockchains are very energy intensive and NFT sit on top of a theory m. So that means that, yes, they do have a carbon footprints associated with them because they need to create blocks by mining. And this is a problem for blockchains like Bitcoin as well. So this may change in the future, especially with the changes coming out with a theorem 2. That's out of the scope of this video, but just want to put that out there. See you in the next one. 3. Making an nft in imovie (most simple method): Hey, what's up, guys, Greg, care and we're going to be creating an NFT with iMovie. You can pretty much use any program you will need to create an MP4 file if you're going to be uploading it to an NFT platform like wearable or open sea. So a lot of my tutorials or base on Open see, we're not going to really cover the thorium purchase and the wallets and gas transaction side of things. I've got an online course for that. I will put links below. But this video is going to focus on the creativity side of things on iMovie. So I'll just let you take a quick look at one I've already created. This is all a time-lapse. So the only limitation is that the file needs to be a 100 megabytes. Alright, so this one has some transitions. It's got lower thirds, and I think that iMovie is fine for creating an NFT. Okay, so let's go back up to our projects. Let's create a new one. Let's create a movie. So the first thing we need to do is import our media. So if you haven't done that, please go ahead, pause this video and then come back. I've already set aside some photos and videos and one of my folders. And my theme is going to be a digital nomad. And FT. What I'm gonna do is try to just put some memories from my digital nomad journey. I'm not sure it's going to turn out, to be honest, but I'm going to use a mixture of photos and videos. And I want it to be unique. Alright, so this one is special here. I like about iMovie is that by default, it puts movements on your on your photos. So maybe hard to see on your screen. Okay. So the, the wonky thing about iMovie is that you have to bring your mouse over here if you want more real estate for your screen. Okay, if you want to control the movement or the photo, you can click on the cropping feature, BAD faulted site on the Ken Burns. And it gives you a start and an end frame. If you're okay with that, then just click off. Let's just play this back to see what it's doing here. Okay, So that's a very special moment for Chiang Mai. This here is also very special moment. This used to be one of the 24, 7 cafes. Not open anymore. Alright. This is also a very special. Any digital Noma that sees the scene will know exactly what this is about. And I want to try to get kind of capture that that vibe. Yeah, this is a nice one. Yeah, that's kinda like the like that. So I like that Ra sound. And maybe if we put this at the beginning, we can put these photos over so they capture the sound. Nice. This coconut scene. Yeah, That's very wrong. I like that. Okay. We just want to fade the music, the audio out. So it's not too abrupt. K and then we can overlay some photos on tall. Some red truck, red truck action. Which is mute that, mute the sound from that clip. Whoops, let's just fade out the audio there. And let's overlay this photo. Very nice. All right, Let's just see if there's any other media. This is a really cool senior. This is lawmaker Tong. Various special memories, especially looking back during the pandemic. There we go. Let's put that at the beginning. This may just hook people in. All right, let's find a nice transition here. Maybe a bit limited with iMovie, but let's work with it. So if we're on a drone shot, perfect, we can use across Zoom. So let's just drag that transition between the drone clip and it's just put a title here. Let's try doing a Star Wars style. Something kind of cheesy like that. All right, so I'm just gonna type in my font here. Oops. Okay. It's nice to have that audio. And I'm not even going to fade out. What I will do is maybe apply color filter. There's some nice ones in. Movie actually. So let's just take a look at what we have here. Dreamy. Alright, let's go with old world. Now we have to apply this filter to all the clips. There we go. And okay, so I have a 29 second long video. Let's just go to Share File, Share file. And we want to keep it under a 100 megabytes. So this is perfect. Golden era Chiang Mai. Video and audio quality high. Perfect. All right, so we've explored the fall and the great thing is that this file is ready to go. It's already in an mp4. Let's just play it back. Great. So thanks for sticking around. We are actually going to upload this to open C. So if you want this step-by-step, definitely check all the course. I already have a collection at an account, so this is going to be pretty fast for me. So I'm going to go over to my collections. I will need to get a screen grab. So let's just get a screen grab File, Share image. And China I golden era. Okay, so one great thing about open see is if you plan to create multiple ETFs, you can see that I've got quite a few here that it really pays off to go with ocean, open sea. It took a little bit of figuring out to get the fee going. And I paid about over a 100 US for the network fee. And that price will vary depending on the price of a theorem, gas. Let's see if we can get it going. Yes, I do have a plugin here and basically, I think I purchased mine close to a 100. So if it's a 193, that's actually quite expensive. So I'll go into the gas prices in the course. But as I said, you can just pay one network fee. And then if you want to mint additional items, you don't have to pay an additional fee. So there's a tip for you. So let's go ahead and find this file. So we've uploaded the video. Great. Now need an image. Or I'm just going to pause it. What to put in my website. So if you want to put additional content, you can enable dots. I'm not gonna do that here. There is a way that you can create additional supply at no additional cost. But this feature is still being worked on. That's why it's not easy to enable it. So I'm just gonna go with one. I'm going to click Create. So this part may take some time. All right, There we go. So we're going to click cell. So this points are NFT has been listed. And so if we do a bundle or we do set price, we won't have to pay anything extra. The simplest method in my opinion is set price. So we're going to go to thorium. Now this is useful if you have in the theorem calculator. If you don't, you can just quickly google a theory MUS calculator. So basically, one currently is worth about just over $1800. So we're going to select a Thorium, will put it at one. Ending price must be less than the starting price. We're going to put it at five. Now this is one of a kind. Now you really have to think about your pricing here. What are you going to be happy with? About 600 and will expire this in five days. Let's put a two novel sound bounty. Anyone does help sell this, they earn 2.5% plus there's a 2.5% fee from open C. Alright, so we click posts are listing sometimes you mean you didn't do it more than once. So I log back on. Now we've got the listing we know back. And boom, there we go. So our NFT is now minted, meaning that it's written to the blockchain. No additional costs. And this is the current price, so it's going to continue to decline until it gets an offer expires in five days. So I'm just going to share this out on Twitter and Facebook. All right, I definitely want to share it out to my digital nomads group. Sometimes the second time you shared will actually show the thumbnail. This little tip. Boom, there we go. And so, yeah, I hope you found this video helpful. So just to quickly summarize what we did, we went into iMovie, we created a brand new project. And we use the combo of photos and photos and videos. And we use some transitions, some color filters, given a drone clip, just gave it a quick title. We exported the video. And the great thing about iMovie is that it's simple and it creates an MP4 rights from the program, no conversion needed. And we then went to open C. We just created a brand new NFT. I already have an account with open sea. So subsequent and f t is that you write under your account or your wallet, you don't have to pay extra. And then we just created a set price which declines over the five days. And that's it. 4. How to create a Video NFT in Final Cut (rarible 30mb limit)): Welcome back guys. Today we're going to be creating an NFT, a non-fungible token in Final Cut Pro. If you're not sure what non-fungible tokens are there basically a one of a kind, digital art and I'm creating it. So I'm basically creating a video clip that I feel is one of a kind that's pretty rare. The last one I did was my very first drone flights, maybe ten years ago. So I've imported some footage already. And I've got the Shanghai bunch in the background. So I'm just going to create a new project, Shanghai. And f t is the name, full HD. So this is a pretty long clip. This is three minutes and 23 seconds. Let's just see if we can speed it up two times. K. We can probably trim out the beginning. And let's just change it a normal. Okay, let's play it back. All right, let's do the Forbidden City. Forbidden City, I think we can crop out a bit actually. Well, this clip is pretty old. Okay, I'm going to add a transition between the two by going to transitions and the bottom right. And let's just play a checker transition. Just to the middle. I'm just going to delete the other one and created. Okay, So let's just Command E just to do get an idea of how large this fall is. 15.4. All right, We definitely have more room to add another clip. So let's actually lay this over here. We're going to use the statue again. And let's try a different blend mode. Well, that didn't work. Let's turn down the opacity. Let's try all the different looks here. Pin light is pretty cool. Vivid light, hard light, soft light. Let's take a look at this. And let's fade. Fade to color. Okay, yeah, that's kinda cool. Let's see if we can apply the comic look to the statue, make it a little bit more comical. We can preview it. Yeah, that's kinda cool. Okay, let's apply that. Let's just add a Cross Dissolve so we can transition out of this clip here. Let's also apply the same look. And let's do the same. The Shanghai, I think we can get away with that in this situation, Let's turn on the mics on Shanghai. And let's play this back. Alright, let's just extend the clip bit longer. Oh no, that's only that long. Okay. Let's play it back again. Gets a bit of brought. So let's just fade out that clip. Let's find a cool transition. Okay, we applied color panels. Let's zoom in. This is pulled out back that if transition back a bit and let's play it back. Oh, well, it's pretty cool. All right. I like this. I actually want to do a screen grab of this for a thumbnail. So let's actually just go to File, Share, Save Current Frame, Shang I N of t thumb settings. Let's just save this in our NTFS and t0 and tf folder. Okay, let's just change the color here to yellow. K, Just some good thumbnail material. And then the last thing is to actually just export the center of t. Hopefully it's under 30 megs. So Command E 23 makes perfect. Let's check our settings. It's fine. And save master file. There we go. That wasn't too bad. Let's just play back all our FFTs. Let's do it one more time. So here's the first one. And the first one, the drone, probably the most normal. 5. How to Create an NFT in Final Cut 2 (First Drone Flight): Welcome back guys, Greg here and we're going to be creating our second and empty. In Final Cut Pro. We're using a Mac one and many. And I've got some very special one of a kind travel video clips that I'm creating an NFT. The only requirement is that the files under 30 megabytes. And yeah, if you're not sure what NFT is, our haven't heard about non-fungible tokens. I've got a separate video on that. So let's get started over here. If you do want to learn Final Cut Pro, that's the program I'm using, the edit this because there's some pretty cool effects. And if you do want to learn that program specifically, I've got an online course for that. I'll put links below. Otherwise going to be going pretty fast. So I'm going to be creating a and FT with my footage that I've imported. So I'm gonna create a new project. We're going to call this drone NFT. This is arguably my very first drone flights. And hearing go. I don't think I'll put any music to this one. Okay, so the clip itself. Okay, The first part is good. But I want to cut over to a more cards current drone clip. Make it more special. So let's just play this clip back here. This is a more modern drone. So this previous and the clip and the browser that are going to bring it to my timeline. But I still want the audio from the very first drone club that, you know, it's liking it, that drone sound. So I'm going to detach the audio from the drone clip. So I think this clip here was filmed in 2017, 2018. So it might be for K. Let's just check. No, it's HD. So let's just get a gauge of how large this file is, because our NFT needs to be under 30 megabytes. So let's press Command E. Okay, The S myth estimated file size is 25, 0.9. All right, so we can't really add any more footage here. So let's just delete that fat. That's what I call it. The clip are not going to use. And let's add a transition here. So I just went down to transitions down over here and I'm just going to try this one. I just dragged it in-between the two clips. Like that. Let's see if we can fade out the music. Okay, I'm just going to fade out the end. So we're just going to search for the fade to color at the end. All right, so let's just try stick this clip in here. Okay, I like the audio from my camera. I can hear the waves from the ocean. And k. So this is sort of a three clip and FT. Very special moments in my journey. My very first drone flight. Okay, so let's just go the Inspector, lets just zoom out a bit. It was at a 100 so we can actually, I think this is for k. Oh no, it's not. Okay. If was for k, I would say we could crop in, but now let's just leave it as is. Okay, let's just add a Adjustment Layer so we can maybe try out some different looks. So adjustment layer is not included with Final Cut. And you'll see what it's used for very correctly, basically to apply a color look to the entire project very quickly. And I do have an adjustment layer packets. It's linked below. Let's go over to effects. Let's look for common basic. This is a look we can just apply to the adjustment layer. See how that looks. It's a bit strong. Let's turn on the mix side a 100 percent in the Inspector. Let's just try 40. But it just makes it more like a callback. So let's just play this back. All right, I don't like that. For the audio just ends abruptly, so I'm just going to fade it out. Let's make that smoother. All right, I'm not feeling this calling book. Look, let's just take it off. Let's try the calming. Cool. So that looks a bit better. Yeah, That's not I'm not feeling that. All right. Let's just apply a standard lots. This using a popular YouTuber, Peter McKinnon bought his lots. And I'm going to apply Kodak killer. It's going to apply a nice color filter. We can dial that down a bit. A sort of makes the colors pop a bit more. All right, so let's just export this out. Command E. We've got our name, drone on f t. And we want video and audio. Me 720 P 1280 times 720 codec H.264. Let's select Next. Save. And there we go. We've created our second NFT, so we've got to add FFTs and we can probably create one more. Let's just take a look at the two that we have. So we have this one over here. First drone flights, kinda like this one. And then we've got sort of a more abstract, more heady type of stuff. All right. So yeah, Thanks for watching if you want. You can stick around for the third one. This is going to be a separate video we've done to n of t. And we'll see you in the next one. Bye. 6. Converting .mov to mp4 and Listing an NFT on Opensea: Hey everyone. In this video, we're going to create a brand new NFT on Open. See, actually it's not brand new, but yeah, it is going to be a new one and it's the Patronas lightening. So I'll let you to take a look at it. It's just finished downloading. Oh, we gotta convert it from dot mov to MP4. That's something about the Final Cut Pro. So we're just going to drag that into our Adobe encoder. We are going to just change the codec. So let's click on their Adobe Media Encoder is just, it's a good program for converting digital video formats from one form to another. So we want Dolby stock, we want a high-quality 1080 PhD K. I think we can dial up the quality. So let's scroll down. Our limit is 100 megabytes on open sea. So let's just go to Target bit rates. Let's bump it up to 40. Okay, I think we can even get higher. That's pretty high. Alright, so 36 and save it in a safe location. All right, I noticed that it's an mp4. We want to make sure that it's high-quality HD. Okay, maybe let's just stick with the settings. There we go. Mp4. I'm not sure why I did that. Let's just try again. Target bit rate 43. All the way. Lt. Okay, There we go. Let's render this baby. While Mel is super fast. Let's play this back. This is actually originally a four K video. But I'm watching it on HD. Looks amazing. That's really nice. That's a rare shot. That's definitely a rare shot. Okay, here we go. Let's go to Open. See, this is part of the travel collection. So something you can do on your collections is you can edit them and then look at your payouts. All right, so I don't have an image for my collection yet. Let me just quickly find something. I can always change this later. Let's find something dramatic. All right, Malaysia. And then we put our Twitter. She collect a fee when a user cells one of your items. So when someone solves my item, okay. Yeah, Let's say for my wall address. Alright. So you can get your wall address from the account settings. There we go. Okay, so we're editing the collection. We can select a photo, we can actually do lot of things. Let's add a photo first, just so it's not bear, I can always change that later. Boost song. Okay, Let's put my Twitter handle, Sheikh foia commission. Okay, 2.5. We'll just go with their suggestion. Going to paste in my wallet address. Okay, we'll just go with the default. Submit changes. Alright, time the creator item. Okay, so let's look for the video file. Oh, there we go. Well, we need a screenshot. I think we might have an image of this. Perfect. So let's just go to photos, search for Petronas. There we go. Okay, external link. Here we go. I'll just send them my, basically my portfolio. A rare moments during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We call it a lightening bolt from a rooftop across the street from the Petronas Towers. In slow motion. There you go. No, on lockable contents. This is just one of a kind. And so what I like to do is check the price of the gas on gas now.org. So it's about a 107, which I think is a decent price. We can also scroll down here, and it's almost 11 PM on a Friday. So yeah, I think prices start to tail off into Saturday. So that's where we are. I think this is where we are now Saturday. Yeah. Anyways, let's check the price. No. Patroclus lightening has been created. Let's select cell. Set price. Alright, so I want to use AIC, a thorium to USD calculator. So this is a one of a kind. This is pretty rare. When it comes to the pricing. I mean, this is, this is NFT, right? I mean, you really wanna make us really, really want to think BIG here. 50 ether for this one of a kind. Okay? And in price 100, Ending price cannot be greater, okay? 40 expiration dates, since this takes a while, Let's just do a month. Registered affiliates, let's make it 2.5 posts listing. Let's see what the price is. I still don't understand because I've already mentioned my tokens. And I didn't need to pay any extra. That's great. So that's the whole understanding that I have is that once you pay the very first time, like it's a network V. So I paid about a 100 US for that. Subsequently when you create future and FTEs. I don't know why I said subsequently, but if you try enough T's are free after that. If you use open sea, which is great. So it looks like this one is live and let's share to Twitter. These links are pretty long. Okay, so we have our NFT, it's time to share it out. But there's just one problem. And that's this really long link. So question is, can we use the euro, your ALS shortener like Bitly? Paste it in here. Copy. Go to Facebook, and let's paste it on my and the right environment. Let's go to my Facebook group. Okay, let's find the image. Fft Petronas. So we can also post this on or Twitter. We should also go to Pinterest. Okay, lastly, this go to Pinterest. K, create a new pin. Actually, we do have an NFT section. The Lord is, okay, let's create a pin. Drop our NFT or NFT image. I mean. Okay, there we go. So thanks for watching guys. Thanks for being a part of this means a lot to create a brand new one NFT, especially during these early days and yeah, if you want to learn, continue to learn, then let me know. See you. Bye. 7. Understanding ETH and managing wallets skillshare: Guys, how are you doing? In this video, we're going to learn about a thorium where we can buy a theorem as well as how do we figure out how we can withdraw our thorium from our crypto app or exchange whatever you call it, you will need to buy a theory and because it's what powers the FFTs, the non-fungible tokens. So you will need to pay for these transactions when it comes time to mentor token. I use crypto.com, the app. And this is what it looks like here. So I just actually have my biometrics setup. And if you want to purchase a theorem on this app, I'm going to walk you through step-by-step. I'm not actually going to purchase it right now. I'll play you back a screen recording of an a theory and purchase just so you know. So we're going to open up our crypto wallets or you can go to, you can go to Track to find that their him, the ticker symbols, ETH. So if we click on a thorium, we can see the price over time. Currently it's 883 us, which isn't the peak. But it's not exactly cheap. But most of the cryptocurrencies have increased in, let's say, March 2020, one bitcoin is at its peak and it's bringing along the other crypto currencies. So over here you can look over time. If you want to do some shopping for when is a good time? I would say March 2021, if you can get it there M for anywhere from 13 to 1500 us. And when I say that you don't have to spend that amount, you don't need a buy an entire theory of a coin. You can buy a fractional amount. And yeah, you will have to understand how much the theory you will need when you go over to the NFT marketplace. So I'll explain that a little bit later on. I also have in the theorem calculator off. It's just useful for converting a theorem to a fiat currency, like the US dollar. Especially when you go over to open sea and they're quoting numbers in ethereum, ETH. Okay, So let's just say you wanted to buy some. You would first need to fund your wallet. So to fund your wallet, I'll just show you how to do that. We would need to back out. We need to go to Account. And then you can click on your fiat wallet. And what you can do is. Transfer, select deposit. And what you will need to do is tap your currency, Canadian dollar. And then once you can do is you can go to your bank. So I use, I'm based in Canada. And you can send an e transfer to this email address. And very important, you'll need that identification number underneath. When you are transferring it from your bank. There's usually a field there where you can make a note. So this is very important to include this ID number, otherwise, your transfer may get lost. So it's pretty quick to, for crypto.com to fund your account. Usually it takes hours. But depending on how busy they are, could take longer. I think it is automated. So anyways, when you're fat wallet has been funded, you will see the amount under the fat wallet on New York counts. So let's just say you wanted to purchase a therapy m. So you can either go to truck or you can find a theory Monday or accounts with top of thorium. And then you would click buy. So there is a minimum amount. And you can buy with crypto wallet. Meaning this is the money or crypto that you have in your crypto counts. You can use other types of cryptocurrency. I can also use my fat wallets if you have funded it, but I haven't really funded it. I just spent so only have 11 sense right now. Or you can use a credit card if you wanted to purchase, you can see the minimum amount below. It's 0.013. So let's just type that in 1.0131. So that works out to $24.71. But what you must know is that crypto.com has a 0.01 at barium fee when you are withdrawing out. So you definitely want to purchase enough thorium. Points are 0, 1 is boats $18.87. So definitely fun. Your wallets. I'd say for my transactions, I think I spent around over a 100 US. So before you do this, maybe you want to head over to open C first and check out the gas fees to see what the pricing is like. So we'll hop over thereafter. So I'll play back the theory I'm purchase just so you can see it. But let's just say that you've already purchased some Ethereum. So you can head over to counts. So I have got some a theorem right here. If I tap into my accounts and let's just say it's time to transfer it over to your ethereum wallet. So the theorem all I use is 40 manic. Automatic. And you can also use Meta mass that's the most popular, but I prefer using Ford Maverick. There's other ones you can use. However, whatever the case is, you can select transfer, you can select withdrawal, and then you can tap external wallet. So this part can be a little bit tricky. You will need to add a wall of the very first time. So what you can do is hit plus and you can select wallet address. So let's park could be tricky. You will need to get your wallet address when you log in from your open see. Okay, so there's a QR code icon there and then you can tap. So let me head over to my open sea so I can show you. So to create your theorem wallet, you can head over to open sea and every time you log on, you'll need to select your theory. I'm wallet. So MetaMask is the main one. As you can see, it gets own icon, but I actually prefer using one of the alternatives of you clicked, use a different wallet. I use fort manic. I just have a better experience with it so you can decide which wall you want to choose. And basically the authentication process will ask you for a username and a password, and then we'll send you a verification code to your email where you have a limited amount of time to enter the code to login. Okay, so now I'm just entering my email address that I set up with my forte manic wallets, entering my password. And then I have it set up so that I get a unique code to my e-mail address every time that I log on to open sea with this ethereum wallet. Over here, I've got two collections on open sea and collections means just that. It's a collection all of your items. One of the benefits of using open see is that you only have to pay one network F0 and F1 network gas v, and you commit multiple NFT. So that's a little tip over there. So we're just taking a look at some of my listings over here. The ones with the price beside them have been already minted. So if we go to my drone collection here we see we've got some different items and if you click the pencil, you can edit the different options for your NFT. You can even put an external link. Okay, so we're gonna go ahead and submit an NFT. So in the top right, click Submit and FT. And I'm just going to create a item in an existing collection. So we're going to drag a video or we're going to search for our video NFT that we've already created. And you will also need a image to go along with your NFT. So what I like to do is just get a screen grab in Premier or Final Cut. Just something that's related to your NFT. So we're just going to select a name. Now, at the time, open sea currently supports a supply of one. There is a code that you can append to the end of that URL if you do want to create more supply, but it's not 100% supported by open sea. But the ability to do that is they're just wanted to mention that. So I'm just searching for my thumbnail over. They're going to click Create. So this waiting period can be a bit excruciating because you're not sure if it's going to work or not. Most of the time it does work. So you just need a little bit of patients. Okay, so we are waiting for our item to be created and listed on Open. See, this does not mean that our NFT is mounted on the blockchain. So I'm honest site now call gas now.org just to take a look at the gas prices, which will give you a guide to what you're going to have to pay to mint your NFT on Open. See, the good news like I mentioned before is that you only have to pay this network Fy wants. Now on the site, you can take a look at the schedule to take a look at when the gas prices are going to be much cheaper. And as of late March 2021, we're probably at the peak of popularity for an FTEs. So unfortunately, the gas fees can be a little bit expensive. I think I paid when the standard gas v was around a 100 and I think I paid around a 100 US. So just as a reference, if you can get anything under 100 for standard, that's not too bad. So you will need to click cell. And there's various methods that you can sell, but the set price is one of the easiest. So I'm just going to set mine to one, Ethereum. I'm going to hit sell. And boom, my tests. And if t is now minted and you can see the price there, and we have the option to cancel the listing or price drop it. Now I've already paid the network fees, so I don't need to pay again. If you do the bidding option, you will have to pay a smaller network fee. But the basic idea, like I mentioned, is that you pay that onetime network fee to open C. And then if you do a set price or a bundling, you won't have to pay that network via again. Now we're going over to the account settings. And just under my wallet, this is where you can add your funds directly, but you probably will pay a little bit more. And you can actually copy this wallet address and then you can use your favorite exchange. I use crypto.com. And you can just email yourself that wall address. Or you can get the QR code. And then you can add your theorem to that wallet address. And get those funds available into open sea to use. All right, so we're going to add the funds from another exchange, our crypto.com app. You will need to have some a theorem in there. So we're going to click the positive from Exchange. We're just going to copy our wallet address. It's a long string of characters, so I just focus on the last four characters and make sure it's the correct wallet address. And you can just e-mail it to yourself if you want. We're going to head over to the crypto.com app to learn how we can add a theory M over to this wallet address. So on crypto.com, you need to go over to accounts. We're going to tap on a thorium. In our crypto wallet. We're going to select Transfer and we're going to tap withdrawal and then tap external wallet. So now we're going to click plus to add the wallet address from open C. All right, so we're back to that area where you can add your wallet address. So you can hit plus wallet address. And if you've copied the wallet address that you got from open sea, you can just paste it right in there. And then you've got another field to create the name of your wallet. Or if you've got a QR code. And you can actually just use your camera on the QR code to make that a little bit easier. And I think you get the prompt when you're just about to pain, then you get the pop-up and you want to add funds. That's where you haven't chance to actually list. That's when you get a chance to how she used the QR code. Okay. So let's just say we were going to select this address. We can select withdrawal and then we can select the amount of a thorium. When you are about to Mintz the NFT on Open, see, it'll give you the price in a theorem for you to pay. You definitely want to add a little bit more. Because like I said, crypto.com takes a fee and it's about 0.01, which is $18. So you definitely want to send more, about $20 more just to be safe on the safe side so that you'll have enough funds in your account. So when this happens, you will have a requests. And okay, So let's just say you wanted to do say 0.02. You could type type the ETH. Otherwise you can just type it in US dollars, but I like to just do an ETH. And you can put, it'll tie the maximum that you can purchase below. But let's just say I wanted to do 0.05. And it tells me in US dollars how much of that is, that's $94. And then you can make a note. They're optional. I'm not going to do a withdrawal right now. But what happens after this is that you're gonna get an email saying that you've made a the theory and withdrawal requests with all the details, and then it may take a few minutes from five to ten minutes, maybe longer. And it'll say confirmed. Once you have a confirmed e-mail, then you can check your wallets on Open see, just to make sure you've got enough funds. Hey guys, so we covered a lot. So I hope this helps you understand how to purchase a theorem a bit better, how to withdraw it and how to add a another wallet address so that you can mint your token. So just remember that you need to select an Ethereum wallet and you can get the details for that Ethereum wallet on open sea. And you need to add the wallet address from your exchange. Again, I use crypto.com. I'll put a link in this course somewhere. If you want to use this app, you can use a number of different options. Some of them are coinbase. There is finance, but I use crypto.com. And yeah, hopefully this helps you well to understand how to use a theorem and how to use the theorem to help mince your NFT. Good luck. 8. Making nft on premiere pro Course for Opensea (100mb Video Limit): Welcome back guys. So we're going to create our NFT on Premiere Pro. So I found some of my favorite clips. The theme is Thailand, So I'm going to create a new project. So before we start, let's just talk about what's the process that I went through before I created this NFT? I'm not just going to randomly put some clips together. Well, maybe I am. Yeah. So basically what I'm trying to say is just try to tap into your inner creative, your inner artist. And yeah, try to make your NFT mean something. It might be one of a kind, might be a limited collection, so treated that way. So I found some footage from Thailand, so I'm going to create a new project here. I'm calling it NFT Thailand. So I'm just going to drag my footage over from my folder. I'll just show you what it looks like. Or I can just double-click in this area over here. Import footage. Alright, so my footage is in the left window. I'm just going to press the Tilde, a button that's beside the one key. Just so I can see what video resolution we have here. So we want to create this in 10 ADP because there is a file size limit. Let me just open the open sea over here. So this is the requirements for open sea. So for video max size 100 megabytes, we can just get things started. But I'm going to start with HD. So I'm just going to right-click and create a new sequence. There we go. Got the nightlife theme. This is from Bangkok. Yeah, I really, I really like the vibes I get from the bank couches has, has an energy to it. Okay, and now got another Bangkok one. Okay, another view, I'm just going to move my webcam over there. Another view you can use is the icon view if you click over there in the bottom. So you can visualize, you can see the icons for your clips. So I wanted to stay on the Bangkok theme right here. And This is so cool. This is a really famous, famous street. So yeah, maybe I can just put in transition over there. Okay, so because these are for k, While this clip here is HD, but this is a four K clips. So what that means is I can crop out and punch in. So I'm going to highlight that clip. Oh, my effect controls. I'm going to go pretty fast here if you want to learn Premiere Pro. I do have an online course. We're gonna go to Effect Controls with the four K club highlighted. I want to just bring it to 49.5%. Then we're going to click that clock next to scale. So that's going to allow us to keyframe. So I'm going to move the needle in the timeline and move it further along the clip. Just going to zoom in with plus and just change the scaling to something like 80 percent. Good. Let's just play that back to see what that looks like. That's cool. All right, now we need a transition between the two clips. Make it, make it something cool. Let's see, maybe a slide center split. Let's try to push this. Try push. No. Let's try a white gradient y. I'll actually, there's, there's a nice transition. Actually I want is pretty goes back. I like that. Okay, So just to get an idea of how large the file is, we're going to go to File and Export Media or Control M for shortcut. Just to get a sense of how large this is going to be. So we're going to bring the pop-up window over here and just look in the bottom right, estimated file size 11 megabytes. So yeah, we can add a lot more. So let's go back to our media browser. Let's add some more clips from Thailand. So Let's see if we can transition from this evening theme to the beach in pockets. That's a really special moment there in slow mo. Okay, so I'm just going to select that portion of the clip and pop that in. Okay, Now, let's zoom out. So this is a four K clip. So I'm going to hit scale. I'm going to crop out to 60%. So let's just play that back. I don't like that. It looks a bit rough maybe because it's slow. Mo I'm just going to leave it at 70. Alright, 55. Way. Let's play that back. That, That's a pretty cool effect. Nice. That's like a fast zoom out. Through keyframing. Now that was kind of an accident. Sometimes those things happen, so just go with the flow. Alright, let's Control M, the seawater file sizes that I would like to add another clip. 60 megabytes cancel. Yeah. So this is a good check from time to time. You want to be very, okay. My philosophy, while I'm creating this, I want to give as much as possible. So I want to, so that means I can give more video footage, right? So this is the noise to tap. This is one of the special temples in Thailand. Of course, we're just can't go too close, otherwise, that's going to take up most of the clip. You want to keep it well-balanced. Okay, so let's just trim that clip a bit and zoom out. Big time. That looks cool. I like that. I wonder if we can crop out even more. Wow. That is something. And last clip will be from the top of that mountain. So let's start there. Okay. I'm using I know by the way, to define my in and out points. Press L, the speed of playback. So just going to pick the video from there. I've thought, or the perfect transition for that, and that's the zoom, cross Zoom. All right, so I'm going to highlight the cross Zoom. Sometimes it can modify some of the parameters. Cans just change the durations. Started cut K. Let's just, let's go with outflow. Let's start at a 100 and I will go over to 60. And then we'll end up nice. Now, we got to trim that a bit and go to effects fade out. Or dip to white because we want to be a little bit different. Everyone always phase the block size control M, just to see what file size we're at. Okay, we're at 30 megabytes. That's fine. I think I've used all of the clips that I imported. And let's just File Save. I'm going to add an adjustment layer. So an adjustment layer will allow you to apply color grading like a lookup table, just give it a stylized look. This is where the artsy part comes in. This is the color grading. So I'm going to use an adjustment layer because otherwise we have to color each clip individually. And in interest of time and adjustment layers, a nice time-saver. So we're going to click on the bottom left to find the icon for it. It's hiding. So I just expanded my media browser. And then there's the icon there. Just malaria, make sure it's the same resolution as the sequence. Drag it into the timeline, just extended over the entire project. And then with it highlighted, I'm just going to zoom out. So I'm going to where am I going to Lumetri Color. And I'm going to this area called Basic Correction. So if you want, you can change things like your highlights, your contrast, and play around with it. At most, I just put a bit of saturation unless there's some real issues here. Like, you know, it's under lit, so I want to add more color, but I'm going to get that from the LUT. So I use if their party to get my lats. So just, just to give it a stylized look. So I'm going to browse. And I paid for this. So yep, just use these tools to make to just add to your creation, right? So I'm gonna go with the teal and orange look here. So it really bleached things out. Kind of let's just play back. Yes. So it's really giving everything I really different look. And maybe I want to tone down that look a bit. I want to dial back just to give it a more custom look. So I'm just going to go to my Effect Controls Shift F5. I'm going to my opacity. Just expand that so we can read by reducing the opacity, we're reducing the effect of that adjustment layer. But I didn't have the adjustment layer highlighted. I hide this individual clips, so Control Z to undo. Let's highlight the adjustment layer. Go back to a pasty which is a 100 percent right now. So that lot is at a 100 percent. See when you bring it to 0, that's what we get. Let's bring it over to 40. Probably want to just bring up the highlights and the exposure a bit dark. And then the shadows. Maybe the contrast. I'm more of a, you know, I just like to. Play around with the different options there and it's just I just use my eye, whatever looks good. All right. So at a certain point you just have to be happy with it unless you want to spend all night on it. So you can always come back to it later. You can just save your project. But now we want to export this. We want, we still have to create the NFT. So this is an example where you don't want to get lost in the art. So let's go to the computer. We're going to export this video. So we're going to select File Export Media. Okay, So H.264 is okay. We don't want a super gigantic file, but we want a high-quality HD file. Estimated file size. We're keeping an eye on that, so that's 59 megabytes so I can increase my video quality. Whoops, let's just go back to high-quality HD as your starting point. And then you can use the scroll bar. And we're just looking for target, but grapes, we can dial it up a bit. Maybe 40s, pretty good. Well, that's so now we're over a 170 megabytes. Let's try 35 notes though, over 3499. Okay, so let's just change the file name. This is going to save it to my external drive. Creating a folder. Like to put an underscore so it's easier to find it if you have a lot of folders. The Thailand. So the okay, Let's cue it up to the encoder and then we're going to export that file. And if you're wondering if you should use Final Cut Pro or Premier to create your NFT. Well, I prefer Final Cut Pro to create nano t. There's just more creative tools so I can create a comic look or just each tools different, but I'd say on the creative side, premiers better. So I'm just going to hit Play there to create our MP4. So that's one advantage of Adobe Premiere creates MP4s by default. And encoders really good for conversions. And I can create graphics with, if you use all the Adobe programs from light room two photos you can create out of T's of those as well. So yeah, we're just going to take a short break and when we come back, we're going to take this file over to open sea. 9. How to bundle NFTs diff selling methods: Hey, what's up, everyone? So in this video we're gonna learn how we can create a image and FT on Open. See. I'm also going to show you how you can use the just one way you can use the unlocked content feature, as well as different ways you can bundle your content. And we're also going to address the question of open C. Why is it a great choice for an FTEs if you plan to do mobile? And FT is not just one because the idea of open seas that you pay one fee, it is a bit expensive now because of its popularity, it's March 15th, 2021 is probably at the height of its hype. And no one really knows where this is going to go, but it's definitely a good idea to get some of your artwork on here. And yes, so let's get straight over to it. So I've just access my profile. So if you go over to the top right to go to my profile, this is going to bring you to this screen over here. And you can, you can see that I've already got some NFT is on the way. I've experimented with different styles. So we have got some video ones, we've got some images that haven't been sold. So if the Nephthys are on sale, they will have a price beside them. If they don't have a price, then that means that you have your NFT listed, but it's not minted. So you need to ment it if you want to sell it, to put it on the blockchain when you list it. The way I understand it is that open sea has your artwork available on their platform to see, but it's not really for sale yet. If we go over to activity, you can see the activity that I've done. I've been creating some LFTs. I've been pricing them. And then this one here is, I reduced the price from three or theory him to one Ethereum. So that's available all over there. If you have any offers which I don't have yet, hopefully will soon, that will be there if you have any referral income. So if you link to this and then user buys something on Open, see, we, yeah, you'll get up to 2.5% of the sale. So this is a nice referral program or someone else with that link so you can advertise that on your website. All right, so we're gonna go back to the wallet. So over here we can filter for bundles. So if we click on the AV bundle here and just want to show you what it looks like. So yeah, we have two products here. We've got two videos. Their own individual products. So we have soy Thailand. It's going to move this down here. And we also have this one here. Yeah, so bundling is a different way to package your separate DFTs. And yeah, at anytime you can actually adjust the price, click Update, or you can just cancel the entire thing. Let's just change our filter to single items. So we want to just try lists or image here. Let's click on the image. So if it's ready and it's not for sale, you will see this big cell button. So before we do that, let's just go over some of these options here. So you can share this out. You can even embed it on your website. Can follow reports. You can do on the sheath way AHG, drone collection. We can transfer this and refresh the metadata. All right, so for any of the cell, Let's click cell. We're on our individual item. This is an image. So we have different selling methods. So we can set a fixed price or declining price. So I'll just go through how that would work. So let's just say we want to do the set price. We can set the coin, the thorium DI or USD. See us stablecoin. Just going to select the theorem. So let's just say we put one a theory and we can just posted right now. We can also make sure that it's private. I haven't done that before. We can schedule this listening to the Bible, the future dates. And we can also select an ending price, which will be lower than our starting price. So basically, depending on what we've set our exploration day to, let's say five days. The price will start at one Ethereum and then I'll just go down to 0.5. And you can change that expiration date over there. We've also got highest bid. So this is an auction. So this is like, like the minimum price that it'll be available on. So we can just say it'll start at one Ethereum and are reserved price. So this is if people are the way I understand it, if people are bidding up and if you want to get a higher price, I think people cannot see this as a hidden limits. So I think it's a good idea just to put it at a high amount. And yeah, you can also set an expiration date over here. And if any registered affiliates sell this, you can set the bounty from one all the way up to 2.5%. All right, we can also bundle are items. So if we click bundle, we can select more than one item so that we can select this one, we can select this one. We can select all of them. And we can sell a bundle. I'm just going to move that over there. Sell a bundle for. And then with the bundle, we have similar options except that we only have the ability to put a set price and an ending price similar to the very first listing option. So you can see all the items that you're going to get in there. I just want to sell a single item just to keep things simple by just wanted to show you how that works. 10. How to Mint an NFT Image and Tour of Opensea: So let's go back to our image. Let's click cell. And we're going to do an auction over here. So let me give you a tip. Okay, what is useful is to just bring out a theorem calculator so you can download an app for this just to give you a reference. So we can just experiment with a low price here. Let's just say in the theory and war and the thorium world, point to start a point here which is 357 us. Point to them. And you can see all these other coins here. We're just going to stick to the main ones. Okay, so our reserve price should be higher, so we're just going to select two, and we're just going to select five days. So we're good to go. So referral bounty or just leave it at 1% Slack post listing. So now it's asking for some money are our open sea price. Let's just try this set prices, see if it, if it does that to us again. Let's put two. We're going to start at two and it's going to end at 0.2. Okay, there we go. So very interesting. So if we just want to do the set listing price, we don't have to pay an additional fee, but if we wanted to put it on an auction, that's when we have to pay an additional minting fee. So very interesting. So we have the option to cancel or price drop. But let's just go to create my collections. This one is in the drone collection. So by entering through this view, we now can see our items here. And we have the pencil, so we can actually hit the pencil here. And if we wanted to edit any items, this is where we can do it. Okay? And this is where he can put a link. If you want to add additional, bonus content. Let's just say a high res file because there are some, some limits. There's a 100 megabyte file size limit for JPEG, all the formats over here. So let's just say you had a video fall was more than a 100 megs. You could just post it and meant that. But you could send them a link to the higher res file. All right, so we're going to submit changes. And we are done. Okay, Let me quickly take you through the app as well so we can see what else is happening on Open. See this is one of the largest, largest and f t platforms. So we can get an idea of what is being sold over here. So we got a lot of different type of graphics. We can filter by arts. We can filter by domain names. So this is quite interesting. You can actually mints a domain name. We won't get into that just right now, but I just want to point this out to you. So you can take a look at the other NFT is out there. We have virtual worlds out here. Very interesting trading cards. Collectibles, sports, takes a little while to load sometimes. Alright, there's rankings as well. You can see some of the top non-fungible tokens. And we can see people. People is one of the artists that sold that, that piece, that JPEG for $69 million score into the blog. So this is a great resource. If you just want to read up, I've actually read this getting started. It's really useful. And yeah, you can read through the NFT Bible. And this is why I think open sea is a very good start to getting onto the NFT is I'm very new myself. And yeah, there's some very interesting stuff over here. Lots of good reading if you want to educate yourself on nifty. So just to summarize, so what we did here is we actually meant in our image, we then created a bundle. And so if you pay that opens C network fee, I'll just let you know I pay close to over a 100 US dollars, probably more when you add in the transaction fees. But what I like and what I see with open see is that you can mint additional NF t's on your ethereum wallet without and additional fee unless the one exception we found is that when you try to create a auction, it requires you to pay a smaller fee. And it's not that expensive. So far it's looking at between 10, $20 US per item if you want to option a, but if he just wanted to list it or if you want to bundle it, you don't have to pay an additional fee. So that's a very important thing to understand. If you're going to be minting multiple and FTEs. 11. Update: Creating an NFT on mintable without Gas fees using Metamask Wallet: Hey guys, In this video, I'm going to introduce you to an NFT platform backed by billionaire Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, just found out about this platform recently. So I'm just going to show you some highlights of this platform. What I really like about the platform is that you don't have to pay any gas transactions to actually meant you're at f t. So it's kind of a gas atlas minting platform. So that's awesome. You won't need to create a MetaMask wallet. So MetaMask is one of the most popular theory and wallets. So this is free as well. You will need to download it. And the most common way of setting it up is using a Google Chrome or Firefox web browser extension. The most important thing is to save your C phrase. So these are a list of words. Write them down, and you'll need them plus your password to login to your wallet should you ever lose it. This will be really important if you sell your NFT and you need to access those funds are transferred to somewhere else. In this particular example, I'm using my existing wallet, so I'm just entering my seed phrase and my password. And this is going to allow me to connect my MetaMask wallet over to mental. I'll give you some time to go ahead and set that up. When you're done, you can log back into mental and just click on Connect wallet. You should see a process where they're both connecting. And once you've done that, you're ready to now create your very first NFT. So here's a look at my NFT video behind the scenes. I created it in Premiere Pro, and it's going to be an MP4 file. So there are two different areas for every NFT. There's the preview file. This is what the public sees. And you can create a private file that they only see once they purchase it. So the file size limit on the preview file is 200 megabytes and the private file is three gigabytes. So for the preview file, you can use mp4 or any image fall like a JPEG. Okay, so it's time to click the list. Item for sale. I'm going to create a new item, but if you already have one in your wallet, you can connect it to that wallet. So we're on easy mode here. We're gonna do a gaseous transaction. So we don't have to pay any gas to list this item for sale. So we'll need to fill in all these fields, will need to select a category, title Listing subtitle. We need to upload that preview. And you can choose if you want to upload a private file or on lockable content. As I mentioned, these files have a three gigabyte limit. And then the key details are under price and type where you're going to put the price. You can either do a fixed price or like in this example, we're doing an auction. We're going to start off at a $1000 and we're gonna do an auction for 12 hours. We're going to click lists this item. We're going to click Proceed. And then we're gonna get our MetaMask wallet pop up. So we need to click Sign. Boom, there we go. We have successfully created our NFT. So here it is. So I've created my NFT and if you want to find these later on, they will be under my account and you can go under my LFTs. So I'm going to share this NFT out very quickly. Just also want to point out there is an option for paid ads. If you click the button, boost this NFT on the right-hand side. There are details that I did not copy the copyright transfer over to the buyer, so they can't use this for commercial purposes. And it also points out that there is a downloadable file and this is recyclable. All right, just to drill this point home, let's just do one more example with the drone image. So we're going to create a, another item for sale. And we're going to upload the image. In this example, we're not going to touch a private file, but we will transfer copyright when purchase this will allow them to use it for commercial purposes. So there's a checkbox to enable that right below the description. And you can click the eye icons if you want to find out more information, just be aware that the price that we're inputting over here, this is in US dollars. Some NOT platforms will ask you to put it into thorium. So we're gonna do a auction with by now, so starting bid at 2000. But people have the option of Beida 2500, which is 1.2. And we just need to select our category. Auction length will be for three days. So we're going to list the item and we just need to sign it to confirm this. Boom, there we go. We have to kind of tease that we've created on principle dot app. So this is just a basic tutorial. Some other things you can look into R to create your own store, you will need to pay an expensive gas v transaction to do that. So if you want to create a lot of different and FTEs on this platform, that is something that you may want to look into. Please check out the FAQ if you have any questions about any of these details, should you create a store? What are the file size limits, what formats are accepted, et cetera. So hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you haven't already, you can check out our tutorials on creating a NFT on open sea, which is a larger NFT marketplace. If you wish. If not, thanks for watching. We'll see you in the next one. 12. Update How to buy an nft on crypto.com: Okay, So if you want to buy an NFT, there's a lot of different marketplaces. There's sites like nifty gateway. There's the open market like open see where anyone can, any digital artists including myself, I've got an NFT is on there. But sites like crypto.com are focusing on giving a drop and then FT drop, which is a collection of NF2 from certain artists. They're focusing on celebrities as well. So you can come to the site crypto.com four slash and FFT. You can click on drops. You can see what is drops are currently live. So you can only purchase and then f t from this artist during the drop, after it closes. That's, that's it. So that's an interesting aspect of scarcity. The very first drop was boss logic here. And this has ended. So I'm just going to see whether we can still buy it or that's it. So once the job is finished, you can still find me artwork if someone has purchased and resold it on the marketplace. So we can access the marketplace from the art piece itself or in the marketplace area. So let's just click the marketplace. And if the artist decided to sell multiple additions, you can see in here, they can see all the available additions. So even though this drop is ended, There's a number of people that purchase it and that are re-selling. Okay, we can take a look at other people selling Snoop Dogg and ammonia. Ammonia, but this loop don't know, don't, don't, don't smoke, don't even among these are other people reselling right now. So yeah, that's basically the idea behind NFT drops and how you can buy them on crypto doll columns. So you can either buy it on the marketplace where people can buy and resell or you can buy during the live drops, that's when you're probably going to get the best price while it's live. So the Snoop Dogg one is the live. It's going to close today, I think. And after you purchase it, I've got a separate video, but it will show up under my FFTs. 13. Sellng your nft on crypto.com: All right, welcome everyone. In this video, we're going to see how we can sell our NFT on crypto.com. So if you've purchased and then FT, and it'll be under my NF t's on the top right here. So when you click on that, you'll see that if T of purchase. So this is the one I got from Snoop Dogg. There's 5 thousand additions right now, 586 for sale. So we can actually take a look at the other options by clicking on available additions. I can get an idea of what other people are selling. There's four. So we've got a wide range here. Four hundred and twenty thousand, two hundred and fifty thousand. And then you see some people are doing a bid. So it's like, it's like an auction. Let's just take a look at a few more pages here. So there's a wide range. The I think the NFT draw is still open. But once it closes, that means whoever has purchase, whether it's 2000 people hasn't sold out, those 2000 people are the only owners on this sign FT. While looking at this guy starting bid 1.5 million. Let's take a look at Walmart page here and then we're going to cover how you can sell your NFT. Wow. So we can use fixed price just to sell it at a fixed price. Or we can do bid if we want to do like a Auction style sale. So you can decide what you want and you're always free to cancel it. And I believe you can release it if the option expires without having your NFT sold. While isn't it right? 100 thousands. Well that's 2 million. That's why 200, 1000. So 10 percent would go to snoop Dogg 20000 service fee 5% to the platform, and then I would receive 170. So we can actually try an auction starting at 200 thousand. And yeah, we can set an expiration date, and so we can just set it to expire on April 9th at ten AM. There we go. Post listing. And that's how we can sell our NFT. Now if it doesn't cell, I have the option to resell it. Again in a different way. I could just sell it at a fixed price or I could do another auction. And that's the beauty of FFTs. You can resell them on the secondary market. And I've covered how to create an FFTs, but this is something different you get to sell. I know t's that you maybe didn't create, you purchased from an artists and now you can resell it. So hopefully you found this video helpful. 14. Placing bid on nft using dogecoin or cryptocurrency: Hey, what's up, guys, Greg, care and girls, we are going to go check out the n of t space. Snoop Dogg recently sold his very first NFT drop. I've got one Snoop Dogg NFT. So we'll quickly drop in on that. I'll just show you how I listed my NFT. The thing that you should be aware of is that usually these FFTs, you sell them or auction them for a set period. But after the auction ends, if you didn't sell it, you gotta realist it. So just a good reminder there. There's a couple different ways you can sell it. We'll take a look at that and then I'm going to look to place a bid on an NFT, this diamond joint over here. So stick around if that sounds interesting. So I'm going to go to the marketplace and you can also check all drops if you want to see what's currently selling. They actually have been aspirin Hughes fighting Jake Paul, sort of a mixed martial arts against boxer. But honestly, it doesn't get me too excited. So yeah, I'm just gonna go to the marketplace. So there's other sites you can buy enough. T's like nifty gateway, I think is a bit more of establish our crowd. Crypto.com is actually the app I used to buy and sell crypto, and they've branched off in that FTEs. So let's try find that diamond joint. I think this would be cool to add to my collection for 76 bucks. That's got a full track here too, so that's nice. Okay, so let's see if we can place a bid. Current bit is 76 dollars. We can place the bins here, 88 bucks. So okay, so now we have to pay. And I can use my crypto.com app. Scan with my crypto.com up 357 CRO, okay, so what I'm gonna do is open my crypto.com and click Pay. And I guess I got a scan. Scan the QR code. So I'm scanning it on my phone here. Run the crypto.com app. So I click Pay. And now I gotta scan. I go to scan that websites. Alright. So now I need to come up with those money. All right, let's do it. I still got some those. All right. So it's going to take us 292 DOJ to pay for this. All right. So what did I just do? I just paid for the auction. And so now I'll place the bid on this diamond joint to use my precious DOJ. All right, so here's my purchase history. I got the Snoop Dogg coin. And now I go to bid on this diamond joints. So hopefully I wouldn't it, if I do, I'll let you know that'll be really something. Spending my DOJ to get a snoop Dogg who Snoop Dogg is affiliated with Dogecoin. So if I can get SN2 to snoop Dogg in FTEs, I think in the long run that bell be a good asset to have. 15. Nft summary: So guys, I hope you enjoyed the course. Thanks for taking. It's the FFTs are super hyped right now. When I'm recording this, it's March 14th. And the news stations, the news websites are really covering an FTEs. And as a creator, it's an exciting time. And yeah, hopefully you've got the information. You need to submit your first sign of t to give it a shot. I would say just be careful because especially if you're not familiar with cryptocurrency and wallets and all that stuff, you can waste some money. So hopefully this course helps you navigate those waters. And yeah, you can check me out on my YouTube sheet for audiology. I'm quite active on there if you want to follow me. And good luck creating your LFTs. I'll see you later. Bye.