Learn to Hand Letter! | Brush, faux, embellish! | Hand Lettering for bujo, notes, life!

Jessica Owinyo, Creative Entrepreneur

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10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Pens

    • 3. Fonts

    • 4. Anatomy of Lettering

    • 5. Muscle Memory

    • 6. Rhythm

    • 7. Seeing Pattern

    • 8. Shape & Embellishment

    • 9. Hand Lettered Life

    • 10. Challenge!

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About This Class

Hand lettering is a really fun way to spice up your daily tasks and life! I use it absolutely everyday, and can tell you from experience, you only get better with time! + I am a left handed letterer, so if you've been looking for help with lettering as a lefty, you're in luck!

It can be overwhelming to start from scratch, but I've got some tips to help you get better, fast! I'll go through the basics, teach you some technique, and then give you some fun embellishing tips for your lettering that you can use right away with any pen!

I love to see how personality and imagination come through the creativity of hand lettering. It's such a rewarding skill, and I hope I can be of service to you in your journey to hand lettering. Let's see your handiwork... Literally!

Don't forget to download your workbook! Have as many as you like, and remember, practice makes better!

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