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Learn Tarot Cards - Intermediate Level

teacher avatar Stevie Levar Coard, Founder, Coach Me Stevie

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 45m)
    • 1. Welcome to Learn Tarot Online Intermediate Level Course

    • 2. Why I Love reading Tarot Cards

    • 3. How to handle your first Deck of TAROT CARDS

    • 4. How To Communicate With Your Tarot Cards

    • 5. How much would you charge a client for a Tarot Reading

    • 6. How to Incorporate Oracle Cards in your reading

    • 7. How to READ the Tarot Spread Story

    • 8. How to read reversed TAROT Cards

    • 9. THE CELTIC CROSS EXPLAINED Learn Tarot Online Stevie's Oracle Readings

    • 10. Matching Major Arcana's in Tarot Cards

    • 11. How does Numerology work in the TAROT

    • 12. Learn Playing Cards as Divination Tools mp4

    • 13. Learn Tarot Online and Astrology

    • 14. How to do a Tarot Reading with you're in need of quick cash

    • 15. How To Deal With Difficult Clients for Your Tarot Business

    • 16. Thank You

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About This Class

This online Tarot course will help you gain skills to use the tarot as a tool for developing intuition, implementing healthy boundaries, and self-care.

Learn Tarot Cards - Intermediate Level course is an incredibly powerful Tarot Deep Dive. In this course learn how to incorporate astrology, read reversed cards, numerology, and apply tarot spreads to your readings.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stevie Levar Coard

Founder, Coach Me Stevie



Looking To Tap into Your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL And Overcome Any Obstacles Standing Between You And What You Truly Desire?


Energy Astrologer, Educator, Motivational Speaker,  Life Coach, Tarot Reader

One of the leading certified professional Atlanta Tarot readers & Tarot educators, Steven “ Stevie” Levar-Coard has built his career by creating content across multiple platforms to educate and empower people to take action in their lives. Stevie has helped to inspire and teach Tarot cards to millions of people on media distribution systems such as Amazon, BurnAlong, Skillshare, Vimeo OTT, and Udemy to coach individuals on accurate Tarot Readings, inner wisdom, Spiritual empowerment, and guidance th... See full profile

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1. Welcome to Learn Tarot Online Intermediate Level Course: Hi, everyone. This is Stephen of our core. And I'm so so excited that you have come to discourse today. I had so much fun creating the first course, teaching you how toe learn the meanings of the cards that this course I wanted to teach you how to start building your business, how to deal with difficult customers, how to incorporate Oracle card, how to read astrology. And so one. I have so much more surprises in this course with much more videos. And I cannot wait for you to dig right in and get the tools that you need to go out there to be a successful terrorist. I am so honored that you have learned for me and that you continue to learn with me my methods that has helped me become a successful terror reader for many years. And I think you think you thank you for nobody about my heart and I can't wait for you toe get right into it. So with that, here's the course, and I'll see you all. And the first lesson 2. Why I Love reading Tarot Cards : Hi, everyone does it. Steven Lubar Court. I'm so excited because this is the first video that I'm doing since rebranded my channel. Now what am I talking about today? The terror card and why I love the terror card. So much so with the terror card, right? It's funny because I get a lot of people when I tell them that I retire it. Look at me and the first thing they go up. You read the terror, you know, can I get a card and is like some people who do like, I mean, while one I don't really care what people think, because I know it's all about the intent, right? My intention is always to help people. How do I help them? I help them by going into the intuition to get the answers to the questions that they need , right? So I always find it bizarre when people look at me, especially here in Georgia. I know it's a Bible Belt state, but people look at these cards like they're so evil. But I don't have the evil bone in my body. The good thing about the terror away I love and why I have always been drawn to it because it helps me with my intuition. Everyone has intuition. Everyone in this world has intuition. And when my INS wish and I'm able to help people with their problems because a lot of times were so chaotic here. And trust me, I'm the same like we have and being your air sign a gym. And I'm always in here and it changes, like from day to night, you know? And I, you know, go to the Terrible because it helps me on my path. So I will give videos where I will cover the terrible details and I'll give you combinations and also help you build your business. But what I wanted to do in this video one is to talk about the terrible little bit. Not that explain a video before on Tero. And is it able so you can check that out in my videos? Excuse the lighting. I'm trying to work on my studios here, so that way is better lighting. So may go in and out is just I don't know why does that? But I guess is my camera and I don't have, like, the proper set up. I'm just using my camera. And I want to just go into the the card and then the other ones I try to do outside so we can get light. But I just wanted to talk about so this right here this is a car, right? It is just a beautiful, beautiful card. I love the terror because what it does is people come to me and I'll give an example. When I get a client books with me, the first thing they say is Well, I want to know what I should do or I want to know what's gonna happen five years from now. First thing I do is I stopped them because I tell him. Look, I'm not here to tell you what to do. Think about the terrorize this, right? You go online and you want to go to the pool. You're trying to find a pool near where you live, Right? Utero will help you get to that pool. But the tarot can't make you swim. Now you can get to the pool and you can just show up your outfit. You can just sit there in the sun and tan, or whatever you do when you get to the pool of you and just sit out there and just chill out. Are you? You know, whatever you want to do, helped you get there. But far as like when you get there, what are you gonna dio? And that's what I tell people. It's like gonna boo. You may put up something in Google. Google is going to give you the information, but what do you do with the information? And that's what to terrorize. The terror was there to give you the information. So isn't evil. Well, there are people who use it for bad intent, right? It's all about the intention and what you put out there in the universe. When I do these, I don't use bad intentions. I only used to used to help people get the truth right. Helped him get the energy. What they need to do with the energy on hot air. Gonna use that too. Live the life. You know, their full potentials. That's what I do. So when people come to me and tell me Oh, well, as Bobby in love with me Is Cindy in love with me and my friend Raining said this best you can't kidnap somebody. You can't make them fall in love with the best way that you will know if someone loves you is if you talk to him. Right? So I'm not here to tell you. Jonathan loves you are Cindy loves you. I can give you the energy around What would be a possible scenario if you get with them? But then when you get that energy, what would you do with that's what the steroids. So the Tero helps you to get to the root of what your problem is. That helps you to think clearly. And I use it every single day once I wake up and get the energy about what's gonna happen today sometime in ships and I don't just freely give myself to the terror like I'll use as a is like the weather. You know, it may rain outside, but am I going to take an umbrella or five, go outside and choose to go out and get wet? That's my decision, right? Is my free will. So this helps you get the answer. Are the the overall guidance and then you have to decide what you're going to do with it. Okay, so that is the first video that I wanted to do. I wanted to bring that here, and I'm so excited to revamp its channel and bring you more fun educational videos on the Terra because I just love it and it is Stevie's or reading. So I will do or card as well, cause I love Tero and Oracle cards, and putting them together is just so much fun. And it's what I want to do with the rest of my life. It's my call and gets my troop, and I'm here to help you. So if you would like to learn the tower with me, please go into the description section below. Check out the website. I have some amazing offers, especially my lifetime membership class where you woke it videos like I constantly upload videos on for my students. I think doing daily actually do daily videos for them, given them tutorials given him spreads, combinations and just everything about the terror. So what? That sad. I can't wait to work with you here on this channel, so please engage with me. Let me know any kind of fears and doubts. You have what the Tero and I am so excited you could be here with me on this journey and I will fix the lighting so waken see better. Okay, so what? That's that I will see you in the next video. Make sure you'd like comment. Share subscribe Follow me on social media. And also, if you would like to connect to the higher you believing you cause the terrible using you and I believe in you and I'll see you all next time but 3. How to handle your first Deck of TAROT CARDS : Hello. So you made it to the course. Thank you so much for purchasing this course, so I want to get started right away. First thing I want to do is tell you to get you a deck. And this is what I have my decade. So you want to five something that you can protect your debt? I have me the traditional right away that I usually put it in a baggie. But you don't have to. You can put in still cloth, and I'd get me a pencil case. I got this from the dollar store and I have my cards and I put them inside of the baggy. And then I just put them in a pencil case and in the storm were unknown top of another. So it is very important that when you get your cards, you take very good care of him. Because these are your pretty much money makers you and make sure that they are protected. But over time, they may want were out. So, you know, just make sure that you are keeping him updated, and also make sure that you are keeping updated with you know how Teoh, the different decks that's out there. So with that said, I wanted to show you what to do when you get your first debt. So the deck is going to come in the package. You take it out the box, and what I do is I place it in my left hand. I asked, Please bring the highest intention of good through 11 light for every reading, with prosperity, abundance and unconditional love, everyone who needs a message as well as myself and then I'll not three times you don't have to necessarily do that. But this is just how I connect with my energy. And then I set my intentions. I plan to use these with the highest intentions of good to bring out inspiration, motivation and guidance to those who need readings from me. And I send blessings to those who need the messages from me, all right? And so it's all about what you want. And my aim is to bring out the best in people. So that's what I want. So when I get the cards, I just pretty much go through each one. If you want, just look at on and just put your energy on each of the cards said that where you get familiar with them and then take time to get to know each one at on, and as you put your energy on them, you're bonding with the cod. So that way, when you need your messages, you can the highest messages for yourself and for your clients. And with that side, that is the energy. So then, from Nan, I would start out by getting familiar by taking one of the cards. And every single morning when I get up, I would take one of the cards, place it flat down. I wouldn't even look at it then and nighttime before go to bed. I would pick that card back up, and I would write it down in my journal. So it's very important that you get you a Tero journal and you can get one at the store for $1 and those journals you just write the card of the day, the overall message. So as you become a experience, read anything you can write the over a message, and I'll show you about that. But every day just right, the Carter today put it down. Don't even think about it. This is if you're a beginner, don't even think about it. Just get the message. Put it down right then at the debt, What do you dio? If you become intermediate, you may want to take two or three cards. Then you may want to take it and look at it. Try to get the meaning for it Put it down and then from near, come back at night time right before you go to bed and look at it and see if that car came . Sure my and you want to do that as a beginner to take that one card at night before you go to bed and see if that car can trip and you want to read the book or you want to go online and check out some of the the messages, and also in this course, I'll give you the meanings behind the card. So this is you know, when you get to it immediate level, you can take out three cars and then put it down because you want to get morning, afternoon and evening and then but it up. And as you become advance, you can do an overall two card of the day and in mourning at the noon evening and put it all together. So that's how I do mine. And then right before I go to bed, I just look at it and see if those energies came true. Because, yes, a lot of people look at the terrorizes being predictive to me. I don't get predictive messages. I just give the energy. So what's going toe most likely happened sometime. It is predictive, but, you know, I never want to tell anybody s protective. And then before I go to bed, I just see if that the energy resonated well, what happened today and then just go to sleep. So that is how I handle my cards. That is how I get my messages. And that is how I pretty much get my card of the day. So hopefully that helps. And I'll see you in the next month by 4. How To Communicate With Your Tarot Cards : Hi. Everyone does a Stephen Bar chord. And I wanted to bring to you a video today on how to communicate with your cards. Now, as a reader, it's very important that you understand one thing when you have your cards, your cards speak to you individually. So the way that I read is going to be different from the way to next. Reader reads right. So a lot of times I will go on YouTube, and I will see a lot of readers who will give just very generic meanings to the cards right now. Are they wrong? No. Now, what do I mean by that? Let me give example. Okay, so I was on YouTube. I'm going to say yesterday or the day before yesterday, and I just happened to go. And I was like, let me check out some readers and see what's going on with, you know, the messages, right? Because like you, although I can read from myself, I still go out and get messages. Right? So we are all, um, delivers of the message, right? We all had this one big message. Now, when I read, I go deep into the energy. So say If I have the two of cups, I'm going to really read that energias you. So I'm going to go deep into the meaning of the two of cups for us. Like what the symbolism mean. Numerology. And that's just how I read. So I pick up on stuff and I go into the energy. So that way I can help you relate it now, their readers out there. I went out there and I watched the video and one of the readers she had to two cubs and she said something about, um, just partnership might now think about partnership. Me as a client coming to a reader, you get the two of cups. I don't know what that is, right? So how can I understand the message? And I think that's why a lot of people get afraid because they don't really understand the energy. So they're getting the message delivered to them. But people don't simplify it. So think about this. You order something from amazon dot com, right? You're not just gonna order it because it may look nice on the screen. You're gonna go into the details, the description of what it is and you're going to make an assessment from near of what you can do with it, how you can use it. So that's how I read where you may be, someone who goes to Amazon and you may see the picture and you may think, Oh, the picture looks good. You may go into a brief description because sometime products will give you a brief description than they could be the real and depth overall. Then I'll give you two reviews and everything like that. So, um, think of the comments as two reviews, Right, because a lot of people will go on there in April, tell you how day, um, take the message or how they received the product, how it works with them. So a lot of times I advise against that because one product may fit me, but it may not fit for you are your interpretation may be completely different, so you may get the product and you may like it. But I may get the product and I don't like it. So I tell people don't know about the comments. Don't know about a reviews. Go by how the message fits for you. And when I read I tell people, Take the energy and use that energy for you. Now you may go to Amazon, get that product, and they will tell you how to use it. I don't do that. I give you the information for the product and you determine how you want to use that energy. Okay, so that's how we should all filter messages. That's how we should all deliver on messages. It shouldn't be a 11 size, you know, It should be a one size fit all. And that's kind of how I deliver the energies. So let me give you an example when you get your debt. I said this is the devil. Uh, yeah, this the devil. My look at this devil. This is a friend of Philip Removed Crystal Tower. Right now, he's all about the Chris Booze. He puts two crystals and that Great. I love this deck is one of my first acts. Look how that devil was there. Look how he looks. All goat. Like with the wings. But oh, good. The two lovers there, right? Look how they look and look at a chain to his vault. Look at the crystal right there. Look at the upside down, Pentagram might look at the colors. Look at the numbers. This devil is completely different from So let's talk about the double. The double was intoxication. Um, addiction co dependency this double here, right? He has them chained to him. But look at them. They can get. They sell free, they're not bound to him. He's pretty much the illusion of what you want, right? So that double is going to come in and say who? This is what you want. This is what you need, and you're so intoxicated by that you're gonna go for it, right? He has Powell with them, but yet he's not making, um, stadia. He's not torturing Amita, right? They're choosing to be there. So think about the lovers, the lovers is what keeps you away from what you want, right is the obstacle that keeps you away. It's the ying and yang that needs to come together to make a hole. Here you have the whole the two halves together, so think about it. And they double their very close. And the lovers therefore part. So you want to get close to get your love Here you are here at your love, But can your love beats So, um can have how over you can you love really get you to a place where it's like you are just stuck in this comfort zone instead of getting out and breaking those chains right now Think about that. That's how I will read the energy. Now somebody may get a reading on. You two are just in person. You may get it and maybe, and I get it for time's sake. Great. Now, when someone pays me money, I'd like to really make sure that go into the energy right, because you're giving me your heart on cash. And I know people deal with a lot of bullshit to get the money. So a lot of you may get this and we'll call dependency, you know, And a lot of people now doing love readings, right? And that's not wrong. I don't want you to think I'm here bashing anybody because we all have our niche. How are we going to get the message out? I do mostly career readings, right, cause that's my experience. I have been doing some love readings, but that's not my end. All be all right. So you may hear people get this. Is that Well, this is a cold dependent situation, or this is someone who is, um, has a hold on you right like that. Or you may hear someone say, Oh, you are stuck with this person that someone stuck going You, right? That's how they may read it in the general definition. Now, if I really wanted to go into this energy, I could say, this is the horny Go right. So it's all about sexual addiction. You have the Pentagon upside down. So what is the pentagram? Spiritual spirituality and its earthy air, water fire, all of the elements upside down. So is your hope and dreams upside down because you're so intoxicated by the illusion of what is that's kind of what I mean. So when you have a reader, make sure that that reader explains it to you in a way that you can get that and not just say, oh co dependency by the devil. Dentyne that, uh, you know what I'm saying it. So let me show you what the devil looks like. An my oceanic Terek debt. But Jane Wallace, speaking of the tool cups So when I say how your cards speak to you, the point in his video is just so you will know that when you get your cards, try to go really deep into the message. I always hate to teach people who are going to cheat others, because if you're going to get into Terry, it is your job as a reader to really help people understand it. Now look at this. The devil and this one is completely different. Right? Is a whirlwind as the war Tex there in the vortex. But look, is one cycle going straight up. But if you look on the outside is nothing airy. So you're choosing to be in a cyclone just like here, choosing to be here So these can speak to you completely different. The way that they speak to me, they may speak to another person differently. Right? So this could be like, Oh my God, you have destruction in your path, right? And plus this s temptation. This car actually gives you the meaning and it says the vortex. So think about a vortex is when your world is, like, chaotic. It's when your mind is chaotic. It's when you're being sucked into something to pad the chaos and destruction. It's not the tower energy, but you see how you can read these completely different energies. So it's about how you get your dad, how you resonate with that deck, how it comes off to you that nothing is wrong. And I don't want you to think I'm like shitting or anybody's way of reading. But I just want to say when you read, really speak to your cards, listen to what clears you. Clear your mind. Listen, toe what? Claire Jim, what comes to your head? Everything that comes to your head say it because it's coming to you for a reason, even if you get songs. If you get images, anything you hear, listen to it. Here it see Philip anything you feel, because that is how you talk to your cards. That is how you go deep into the message, and that's how you tap into the energy. That's how you know you're in the energy. It is very important that you just don't go here and give a very Monday ing, um, definition of the car because one that's cheating your client and two, you're cheating yourself. How can you live with yourself? Which is giving a basic, um, definition of the card like That's not fear. So I want to encourage you to really talk to your cards, and then when you get your decks, make sure you really, really go through it and look at them, see what the impressions give you. Now each deck is going to be different there old modern decks based off of the right away. Interpretations of the death. There are modern versions of that. So what does your card say to you? What do you feel when you get your cars? What do you hear? Resonate. Put your energy on. That's how you tap into it and clear your mind before you do a reading. So that's why it's very important. I mean, if you want to get a meditation practice going on, so that way, before you get into the energy, you can really get into Excuse delighting. I'm trying to work on this. Lighting is this time. Yeah, I'm trying, but really go into your cards and speak to you. Okay, Speak to them, communicate with them and that's how you get the best readings possible. Okay, so what? That I'm gonna leave you with that tip. I'm going to bring you some more tips. I'm really getting back into the swing of things. I took a little summer break hiatus here, but I'm really, like driving home, going forward to teaching because I love this. And, um, if you have any questions, hit me up or on his community page. This is the place where we can talk about that stuff. So if you have any questions that other people may have, you know, don't be afraid to put that there and let's help each other out. Okay? So what? That said, if you want to connect to to hire you, you gotta believe in you Because I believe in you. And I was three year old next video by 5. How much would you charge a client for a Tarot Reading : Hi, everyone. The steeple of our court and I have a love their video for you. So this video is when I'm asked a lot. How much do I charge for reading? Well, let's talk. So, for instance, let's say I have a client once a short, short, let's say in person so that the person that comes to me and they want a short in person reading I'll give them one Oracle card have given three terror cards and then I'll grounded offered another or $20. I won't even going to clarify us. I just use my intuition. Get them to answer now, say, for instance, I have a client in person, and that client in person wants to know a few questions because then, quite in person, they've on hash questions, Right? Hold it off today and it's the first thing I do. I do my energy of the reading heart of the reading, my past, my present, a possible future. And then I'll do my piece of advice. So this is pretty much to Celtic Cross cut down right for time. So you have client their ground. The reading off Oracle card. Give them to spread pick your too from the bottom, which goes to your that I go to your energy of the reading. Them pulled the rest from the top so hard past present, possible future note at the future could change and piece of advice. Right? But so how much would I charge for this? $75. Now, why would I try $75? Because I'm really explaining thoroughly in person. Then at that, I'm done. I can go, and I could do. Clarify. So do one clarify one fee each you have to charge for you get because you have to put food in your house and you have to make a living. But it so wherever you want to pick the clarify from that's on you, then I would play one clarified for each one. Right. Then after I have to clarify if each one I may even look at the bottom of the deck, give them that. That's 75 to $80 in person. All right, um, Dan from here and give them the Oracle card grounded off. You die, right? So is after that. No more pulling out the cards you just talked about after that they had this other thing in person. So I charged less in person than I do online. Just because online I go more in detail and person. It all depends. I could charge the same. It'll depends how I feel, but I usually do 64 upside. I usually do like 20. For the three cards spread. I do the 75 80 for the six cards spread and then with the clarifies. And then if I want to go up mawr, I do 100. So 100. We'll give you one Oracle car reading. Grounding one to three, four, five six So six cards right Energy, Heart past. Present. Possible future piece of advice. Dead. I was around at one one for each one to clarify if each one from the talk to your client, then I'll do one more round one. Do you three for five six? Then they get that that right there? $100. So that's in person. That's in person. $100 for the second round, $80.75 day 80 for the first round of clarifies, but you want to get a second deck for to clarify, so I'm just using this as showing. So you want to get a second deck to clarify because he used to decks as two different energies are. You could use the same deck. It's up to you. But I like to do to separate decks because that way one it brings a different energy toe. What it helps to clarify even more. And it brings a better story to the picture. Then from their grand it off. Not the Oracle card boom done. Now one line is a different story. Why do I say online is a different story? Because in person you're using your intuition more or less right, because you could spot read the person once they come in. And then from there you can go into your intuition due to reading, right? So when I say spot read, I mean, how does a person dressed? What is the person? Emotional state. How is the person? What's the feeling you get here? And your God when you see that person does it tighten up on you? Is it open? Right, So these are impressions. You're getting so pretty much in person I charge less because one I go in that but not as much as when I go online. So that's the way most businesses were going online. So I try to put more of my attention online and person. If you just get them the reading, then they can leave. But most times I noticed, like if you give them a reading table, stay because they have question that the question of the question is like a lot of them out of my answer questions. But you have to have boundaries. Okay, it's time to go. That's the end of the reading. Anything else I can help you with? Because if not, they're gonna use you for emotional support and you're going to become the emotional spouse . Okay, Self. Why do I do when I'm online? So one line is different. $60 for a six guards spread for the 1st 1 right? So I shuffled, blah, blah, didn't get the energies. The two front of bottom been arrest from the top 23 for five, right? Why do I get to? Because one is the overall energy that I just get out first and ethnicity over energy card . So overall, Then I put that right. So Oh, I forgot. Clarify get your or didn't do you eat from there? When I'm one line, I do a second round, so get you a second debt to a second round. Then I look at the bottom of the deck and then I tell the story. I don't like questions, but sometimes they will ask questions. So this general, one round of clarify a $60. Then I grounded off that they have questions. Okay, maybe I'll give him, like a three question minute boom boom boom question. Question. Question tied in with the reading. Let it go, then you send it back to so what I usually do is try to send it through YouTube and then give them the link. Just said it have access, but you can also do it to Google Drive and get them access to the length where they could download it. Or you could re transfer dot com. But I think they have, like a storage, a storage limit, and that's why I try to do him short, because you get a storage limit on trying to send it to the person because sometimes they have a 1,000,000 questions, and it's gonna take a bowl of space, and it's gonna be hard to get them to reading. So then, from there, the second thing that I do So all at $60. Now, the next one. Ground off the reading Oracle guard, then a chef. Food. I pull out the to 12 three, four, five, Right. 123456 Then bottom of the deck. Burn Italian. The story and I do clarify it. Uh uh uh. Don't down, Right first round. Now, this is an extended reading. The 1st 1 is just a regular video. So what they extend it? I do to get your second that do two rounds. Boom. If you need to out still the same because you're pulling from the top, Are you need to shop would do it. I like to shuffle between each one. Then you get another or regard to grant it off at the end, Right? Could you getting this is the extended read? If you want to do another round, feel free to do another round because is extended. So you want to get them buck for that? Put it my, These Congar belong So say I did three rounds, two rounds. That's what extended now grounded off. And if they have a couple questions, one to duri three, no foot extend. I give them five questions, right? So for both. Done done. Stan said you to go out that I the next. So all of that I usually charge. If I'm doing a reading like that, I do $80 right out the back now in person 75. But otherwise I do 80. Okay, so not too much difference from the prices in person and, you know, online. So what's the difference between the next one Now, the next one is ground out the reading. I do not. The grounding I had to another ground. Now, this time I'm on Skype. So at that shuffle to and go from the top one to 34 five. Then I go around again with the person here in front of me. I'm using Skype or wherever. Date on video. Two rounds. Different, three rounds. Uh, okay. Now, from here, I may do it again. Four. I mean, the bottom of that. Why do I do this mawr on a line? Because online is not so much pressure. It's pretty much online, you know, what I mean in person, I feel like the person pretty much holds onto your energy. Plus, it goes into a lot of protection. We're here. Yes, you're protecting yourself, but is not as intense is in person because in person, people ask you questions for every single thing, Which is why I try to do mostly on a line readings. Now for all of this, I charge 1 50 because I spend time with you to come up with a plan on how you can take this and go for. I give them the energy. I don't tell him what to do, but I take this and give it toe Dan ground off the reading, one to read, and then that they have questions given 51 outside with the deck mine 2345 die. So that's how I do my readings. Now I like to charge more online because it's more work for us, Like uploading the video is more work with editing the video if you need to add it, it I think in person is just more of like a quick and go. You know, it's like become to buy their shoes. They're not going to stay there all day with shoes. They're gonna come look at the shoes. You know, maybe wait A options don't leave. Right. Online is more time. So that's why I charge more money. So again, you don't have to do it the way I do it. You can charge the way that you need to, but this is how I do it. All right, So what? That said I'm in this year. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck with charging the race. And now is the time to make money. I'll see you also by 6. How to Incorporate Oracle Cards in your reading : Hi. Everyone does Stephen of our court. And I wanted to bring to you another video on Oracle cards I love or cards. They're probably my favorite, So look at this. I haven't deck. You're right. This is my wild offering, doc. And if you see here, I love this artwork. I have pulled this car for myself, so I'm going to keep it there. Um, because I wasn't going to re record it, But I said, let me just keep the card. So Oracle cards and look at the back of this. You see, that is not great. I don't know what that, uh, I know is proud. Like a Hindu something. But I don't know. I'm not cultured on that. Um, but it's beautiful, right? They turn it around and it says independence. The more you learn, feed yourself on inside and care for the in the child. The more freestanding you become, help me feed and love this and the child. Dear Lord. Now I love this because look at the butterfly right there, right? And you see, that's metamorphosis. That's change. Especially after their the intense co bill season. Where was shedding skin? And I only duty so you can see from really experience how I read for myself also how I get the message to you on how to learn how to incorporate Oracle cards and your readings. Cause a lot of times people will just get the cards and they'll pick what they want sometime idea shuffle, get the card and don't know how to put it together. And I just like to make sure that you do, you know? So if you do know, just try to watch this because you may find something. Look at the dandy lions. That's for peace, right? Getting rid of the conflict, the attachments, that's like. But look, it sprouted up, you know, because he's like, usually shut away. But look, these are new. He's here. Could that metamorphose side the metamorphose to change is bringing you happiness is bring you new A new season of who you are you independent? You're free, You're released of detachment all at the same release from attachment. So I'm gonna just leave that there and see him. We'll put that on the side there. But let me show you this Here These are some that I do. I write them down on like index cards. You and I just write thought images. Sometimes I need to do more than put the images in there and just whatever comes to mind, I put it in like a truthful. Then I just ball amount. That's why they're wrinkled like this. And then when I do the weekly readings, I just go ahead. I opened it on. Then I just put that as the message, right? So then I will incorporate that two together. But being already had these for the week, I just wanted to show you reach your own or cards, and I made to a video on that, too. And look at the C I. A. Found some stickers upon lives. And then I wrote some of the things that I would love on the card inspire. Didn't have, like, love. So called those my live laugh love dream Dad stuff about dreams, Little Rose Mike, you know? Yeah, I put explicit language because I'm an explosive tumbling. Which guy and I create my own deck sometimes cause he's a cute, but they don't always have the things that I want to say. What? My client just wants a patch you know. So which I'm gonna start incorporating nose into de readings that I'm doing. I have I always not three times for a new beginning. Then I have this deck that I purchased is the expanded awareness that and it comes with different sayings from this look the and tattered souls and has, like, awakening consciousness, living life. And they have four going beyond freeing yourself and some other ones is another one to s o on them. They have each one. So this is living life. So if you are living every experience fully, that death doesn't take anything funky, right? So that's living like an expanded consciousness, which makes you think more. You think the solution to your problem in the world's outside. But nobody has ever truly become OK by changing things outside. There was always the next problem, and I keep seeing this in a lot of my readings for personal. So I think I'm a put one of these for myself, so that when you can see how using two for Oracle cards are you know what? No, I'm gonna leave these for the end. I want to do something different, challenge myself to So I take independence right now, create the deck that you want to create. So I'm gonna start creating my own deck. So that way, you guys can really three playing with that creations of heightened three year old. Because it's so amazing to just create your own and then here being back No, no. See, that one popped out for popped out for a reason. A lot of doubt, right? And that could be a lot of doubt from this change, because what's the state of sword? So that popped out. So that usually tells me, Needs to be a part of a message, right? Once the fear was to doubt. And if you think about our swords, eight of swords is when we were in the manic stage urine like, Oh, my God, this is gonna work. Why did I do that? Is right after you quit your job. You go home that night and you're like, Oh, my God, this was a big mistake. We're like, what's gonna happen? You get it cause it's fear. It's big message about fear. So this independence card, I will put them together, and I would say this is a bow releasing yourself from fear. This is about going forward, having that freedom you've always wanted, right? That's just, uh, because the swords, thoughts, believes, ideas, bastard things that keep us held there in that cage. But really, she could set us all free, cause look, she has Is that offend? No, she has a human legs, but it looks like she had a friend so she could take that free herself. Or maybe she could change Meta morph into her, uh, tells and maybe she couldn't get out with the power of hotels and free yourself because she could just, you know, she could do this. She's sitting there blindfolded because it's her mental prison that's got her on hold. And eight is the change so changing the thought that helps brings independent. So that dropped out. Right? And I have been having some really crazy thoughts on my dreams. And, you know, when I pick up the deck of their something there, I say it, but there's nothing. So, um, but she's back out again, so I think I need to keep her there. So let's create a deck. I love creating my own decks. So here we're going to take the cards. So you take the cards. Come on. Yeah, right. And then I'm going to shuffle them. I'm going to war to the three before five, 65 So now do the real thing. Tell me what I need to know what they sort. So we'll say this A disorders, the current energy you bring into it. No, we don't. So let's say, because the eat of swords is all about not living in the present. So this could be the president that to be your president? Piece of advice. Let's get your future piece of advice future. Let's get your future piece of advice. What happened? There we go. And then we got what is the piece of advice? Come on, Come on. Beautiful carts. What is the piece of advice? Look at that. What is the piece of the lessons you can create anyway to do your readings? What is the peace off of ice? What is peace advice? He's what is? Damn it. Oh, see? Piece of advice. See, I did that and created my own spread. Now what? I can dio here with that. So we got a piece of a vice possible future that's based on actions you take or don't take . Then you got here for the president. So the president piece of advice to get to that. And then we have the piece of ice, which is temperance. And then we're going to do one that's crossing one that's crossing that temperance. No, let's see what's crossing the future. What stopped in the future? What's stopping the future? Just think about that future. What's stopping it? What's stopping it from happening? Because we have the president. We had the future. We have where we are right now. A piece of advice. So what's stopping us from getting to the future? So you creating my own was stopping us getting there We go. Okay, so I'm gonna put that in the cross on. Do you Future. Okay, So if I was to read that this is how we read that back seat and get all the cards. So pull up Independence. Right, cause that's my oracle card. Now that says here, the more you learn to feed yourself on the inside and careful and child, the more free standing you become. Help me free. Help me Free will help me feed and love this and her child. Dear Lord. So think about the inner child then the child is our kid inside of us. That little part of us that innocents, That was like, Well, I wanted to this when I grow up, I want to be this when I grow up. It's what you set out for as a kid. You didn't know what it took, but you knew that. Wow, This is exciting. This is what I'm passionate about. This is what I want to go for now. Think about that independence of that kid. That kid is like, I want that. I don't know what it takes, but I want that that shit bills good to me. It feels good. I don't know why, but it feels good, right? So you got that? And I'm a take these do that for, like those are because you know me. Whenever I read, I go into the messages and it and there's like, two or three cards. But don't be going through the whole debt to think, you know, OK, because I feel like those are calling me. Plus, I feel it. So this is about freeing yourself. Independence, Freedom freedom and who you are now, right? The transformation has begun your out of that cocoon right now. You take this. Eight of swords. Take your time. Go by Each one that ate a sword says look Amendment to prison, right? Yeah, this freedom. But what's gonna happen? What if it doesn't work out? What if I fail? What if What happened before? And I had that heart break. What if it comes back is when you start to panic because it's changing your thoughts. You like? Yes, I'm going to be free. But in your mind says, Well, what's gonna happen? Yeah, boss. I'm leaving my job today. Freedom. That adrenaline rush. That's that Independence when you get home like Oh my God, that I make the biggest mistake of my life. That's regret. That's what this is saying. Do we wanna have this freedom? Do we won this day? He had this regret because we stay here, have this regret, maybe to be safe. Well, stay with what we know. The freedom is like what would take a chance to do something? We different get out of that into prison because it's going to be OK, right? And then this says enjoyment. So striving and pushing makes life into endless hard work. The more you're inviting love to take over, the more enjoyment comes. Allow me to enjoy this life, dear Lord. So this tells me that OK, you know what we always say. What? I want to be free. I don't wanna have to have a 95. I just want to go and do my own thing. I'm gonna work for myself at that freedom and enjoy life while this says Okay, right now you're in the mental present. So you did what you did. Now you have this independence. Whatever happened, whatever brought you to this moment you had this independence. So enjoy the change. Enjoy. You embrace the change. Go out there, make new experiences, go out there and be free. The change is hard. You got do some tough shit, but you are here. That's what he says. Go forward. Challenge yourself. Meet new people, have new experiences. Don't care about what's gonna happen. Have that enjoyment have that independence. This is denied a once he doesn't have independent. No one stops him. Look, he's holding that he's a sharp print. I always think of it was like 18 30. Lucky as that shield, any danger comes out bad away. But he's need about Keano that's erupting. He's not afraid. He's not afraid of danger. He's like, Okay, What else? I'm powerful. It won't stop me. I get my powers from myself. Connect me Enjoyment, Trust, trust. When Love is invited to take over, right actions arrives at the right time. Allow me dear Divine Wait patient until his time in his way. Let me rest in the unknown. It's the unknown that he's not afraid of. That's your present de unknown. But he can't go for you know why? Because you're not trusting that you'll have fun. And when you have fun, that's what work doesn't feel like. Work. It becomes easy for you. And it's like play like this. This is play. I love this. I could give him messages and talk teach. Look at that. But how can you afford into the unknown? Having this? Oh, it's not gonna work out is gonna fail like the last time I want to have heartache again without pain. Stop telling yourself that you did the healing you got out of Dodge. You in this whole new space Now then you got here. I want to go straight to yeah, here because this waas the mental conflict. If you keep doing that, you'll get to this and notice That's the eight. And you reverting back to a five. That's because you gonna be in this place of okay. I did the healing. But what if it comes back? Or it could be like, OK, I'm Aguada de and be ruthless to rid of all anxiety and be a fucking bitch. That's what that could mean to with that independence. That means a lot, Bob D. And I'll be a complete bitch, Not care was gonna happen and just go out. Do you have, like, nothing but success on my people over Don't care. See how that could be the lower side. But that fear could be like I know I'm not like that. I'm someone who is not in the mental cage because I don't have feel worried, but a fear and worry comes over. Then I get in that place of bullshit. Well, if I go out and take the rest and I'm gonna not have freedom because I'm in a mental prison . I can't go out there. And this is when you're done with that once and for all. So that's the future, right? The higher side says you're done with this once and for all. The bad side says are the lower vibration says Okay, I want ruthless. I'm gonna go out the envious Marquis, nasty bitch, because you have to fear is here. But you know what? I'm blocked myself from anyone coming close to me, so I would just be a nasty fuck that goes and do my thing headed. Quit it and leave. That's what that type energy could be. But Independence trust enjoy. You know, mean trust and sleeping around with anyone. If you wanna look at it like a love reading, doing whatever it takes having fun with anybody. But then you know what? Here, what's crossing you from getting their apathy? Being bored? Remembering this only focus on your next because it changes happen. But you're only focused on when the happy times weren't what waas. When these cups or four. But look at them. They empty. You don't even need a no more. So you hear these That the bottle is trying to get. Fulfillment is not the net. But look, opportunity is coming. There's one cut. That thing that you love. Enjoyment trust that is coming. Where are you right now? You're piece of advice. What do you passing it about? What fires you up? What got too emotional? You're in this place of having freedom. You can create any reality that you want. What do you enjoy? What do you enjoy in life? Go do what? Have fun, make no experiences and trust that everything will work out. But you can't be in this fear base. Now if I want to do that, that would be reading. And then if I want to put a double message on it, I could do it. Clarify With this deck or another something from there I have my last Oracle card. Oh, my God. I can't believe I just brand myself like a book 20. She has. Oh, now, see, I just don't You got into the because I enjoy this. And what Okay from two spiritually energies is what you're experiencing. When your dues by something in all this high energy comes up inside of you, experience energy is another one. So see where he had. That's experiencing energy that's going to help you having fun, new things, new adventures that's going to get you out of this and do that new adventure. You'll find a new opportunity that's like, Don't do the same things. Otherwise you'll keep getting hurt. But you want to be done with that being hurt. And that's why that fear is there. You stopping yourself from going out, doing new things. But where you at right now, which was got passionate change has come. Death has come. But what's got a hold on you? That's what this is saying. Well, I'm just reading without suspended spiritual energy is what you're experiencing. When your dues by something all the high energy comes up deciding that's him to a T. Where is that for you. So I If I ask you, who are you? You answer. I'm the one who sees from back in here somewhere. I look out and I am aware of the events, thoughts and emotions that pass before me. So this is like love. If you were looking at yourself in third person, who are you? I'm the one who sees. Yeah, of course you don't want to seize. Did your did your in the inside your on the outside looking in our vice versa. From back in here somewhere I look out right. So maybe it could be that that inner side of you was being that soul. Who are you? Let me see with back awakening consciousness. Yeah, it's your soul. I am the one who sees from back in here somewhere I look out and I'm aware of the event starts and emotions that pass before me So does this saying, Look, trust in everything that's happening right now in your life is supposed to happen this way , but had the enjoyment in this new opportunity that you have freedom, independence, Because the first time in your life you're free and I feel like that. And here goes the swords does keep you bound because you don't want the same ship happen. And then that's how I will read for a client. And I just created my own, uh, death alone spread. So what can we call this spread? And then maybe every week we can, like, come up with some of the stuff and I'll just re must have, like, a book on. So we had the Oracle card the 1st 1 and grounded off that kind of link brings it home. You take the flyers that they come talk about the flies and we'll do video and flyers talk about the flyers, and it told me to stick it. So I stuck it there and that slight. We can use this as the undercurrent. What you're bringing into the reading. What you're bringing into the reading. Then we have here to the left of that we had the knight of wands in day present. Piece of advice, present piece of advice. So right now, what's your present piece of advice based on this, then you have your future. Are you wanna look at as just your present moment, President Energy. That's the undercurrent. What? You're bringing it the energies around right now. This is the future. What lead you here? Based on this piece of advice here, what's crossing you from getting there? So that kind of helps. You did right. That helps you there to see it because they get to temperance. Normally, Temperance is a cup and this de fire and then it's the water together. But look, this is a rainbow making one cup. That new cop here is right here. But where can you get that? Because the same way you were doing shit. That isn't fun anymore. You want new experiences, new love? Look, he's sitting there like I'm bored with this. I want something new and fun. Look out of the shadows. Out of the dark, she appears. I hear you have got this cop Just turn around. But you're too focused on getting her. But you did. To heal it you've done it was like returning back to D. C in the ground, crying just like you have a family of it. I passing you just like in the harbor way. And you keep going back to the scene of a crime, just looking at it. That's like hitting yourself over and over with stories of what happened. So that's how I would like bringing anything that comes to mind. I bring it up Adaptability. See? So that's how we will create our own spread. And I think I'm gonna bring these every week. I love doing all right. So what? That I'll see you on the next video. If you want to connect to the higher you now is the town of believing you because I believe in you and I'll speak to you soon. Bye. 7. How to READ the Tarot Spread Story : Hi, everyone. This is Stephen of our corn. And I wanted to bring to you a video on how to put together the story. Now, that's one of the biggest questions I get a lot whenever it comes to reading the tarot. So I figured, OK, let me do a video. Let me show you how I can put story how I put the story together. OK, so you got has got the interpretations. You know how each card or what they represent. So once you figure out why they represent, then you put it together. Now let me just warn you whenever it comes to putting together two story If you're sitting for client and it's not clear, it probably means that that story is not clear to decline. Right? So a lot of times you may do this and it make spark like that. Sometimes you may have, like, a hard time, and then you'll get it right, cause it's like a puzzle and you have to put it together. So you're really good at puzzles and figuring out problems. You can do this. Um, and it's also about you connecting with your intuition and also using real life examples from your life too. Relate that to decline. Okay, Because that's what a client is with you because they are getting the message from you. So right now I'm just do a spread that I would do it myself. And you can actually do this for yourself. So this is something I'm going to do. I did one this morning, but I'm going to another one. So this is how I will read from myself in but it together. Okay, so you guys really get the transparency here, So three times for new beginnings, then I'm gonna pick that up and see Ace of Love. Ace of cups. So what fills my cup? Right? I've been thinking about that lady. How can I have a new chance of looking at my dream with the new love, right? Like I love what I do. But it's like, OK, what fills my cup. So hopefully that makes sense to you guys. So, for instance, let me be transparent. I have my tero business where I do YouTube videos, but YouTube videos to me, it's not that much fun, because I sit there and I'm just like doing it in the edit, and I put it up there. But I'm not getting the results I want where I love teaching, right? So that's what this is saying. What fills my cup doing the tarot and go for that love of it. So I love the teaching. That's what I want to do. That's where I'm putting all my time and energy. So it's saying, Look, you get a new chance at loving your dreams. It's almost like you get that new feeling of love for your dreams and that's what it is because I love teaching. So see a pickup here. Nothing's dear, So I noticed no, like extra that due to six cards spread that I love this toe. Celtic cross pretty much kind down two of cups. So looking for partnership and making a final decision, right? Justice and look, she stands with her identity. She knows who her truth. This right? So it's breaking contract making amends in the past suggested it. So see here. What do I need to know for today? June. I believe this is June 13 2000 night more can. So I'm to take from the bottom of the debt. 10 cups, eight of ones. So this is the energy of the reading. Now, my good friend, on top of it, Uh, okay, that is the heart of the whole reading, right? Remember, we had the cups, and now we have this. Then we have seven. A pentacle spend the past, the hangman, and the president makes sense. Four swords and the tower as a piece of ice. Right. So I look at the bottom of the deck here. I had the six ones. So this is pretty much when you have stepped up to become victorious when you have shown that you are the king. This is when you show that you have put in fight and you're worthy of that parade. And that's assess, right, cause look at him. He's dead. They looking out. And if you imagine right in front of him is probably like a parade of people just like cheering him on, like, Wow. Welcome home. Look at that lion right there with a man because he had a vision and he stuck to his vision , and he has that reef rate said s success. Now with this, we got the 10 of cops and we got the eight of wants. So what I would do The 10 of cops is all about happiness. Emotional fulfillment is the wish, right? It's the dream. What is your dream? What? What do you want when you make a wish, right? This is a witch come true. So that's true, right? 10 of cups cause the 10 of cups. Now think about this. The tenor cops 10 is the end of one cycle. Remember, I pulled out that he's a cup, so it's a look. You got the wish. Now, how do you want to fill going forward? Right, that's with this Insane, because it is the energy of reading. So emotional fulfillment, happiness, contentment. Right? You got you got the house, the kids, the car s Oh, yes, I got the terror businesses. What I wanted tells my wish to create the terrorist. Now it's saying, look, opportunities are coming to you at a fast rate, which, you know, I have seen some increasing opportunities, right? So look at those unicorns. I love it that this is eight of ones, but it's three unicorns. These are kind of like the ones. And look there, coming so fashion. They're going to stand there with them. You're gonna go with the flow, right? So if I was to put that together, I would say, because you're happy now on because you have your wish come true. Things are moving at you at a fast rate. So that's what I was saved for this, right? And then think about that. If it's moving at a fast rate, look at the bottom of that. The victory card. So this is saying success is yours because you know how you feel. Cubs and things are moving at you says it would be e mails. This could be you having things that's gonna just bring you that excitement and it's coming is charging at you fast. Then you get the ace of tentacles. So now you have a new seat, right? This is, uh, dreams. The house, the car, the career. This is everything you want in the physical world. Now, God is give me a new seed. And he said, What do you want to commit to? So remember, I was telling you that I want to commit to teaching, right? That's what I want. But lately have been like in this place of ah do I still really want to do this? Like, can I see myself committing to this? Because I'm a gem in eyes. So sometimes you know, I could get quick and board. I wasn't medium, which I still in the medium, but it's like, OK, that's not my prominent service anymore. Now I just you know, I get excited about teaching and terror, and that's what I want it right. I wanted a dream where I come work on my terror cards every day. Now I had that. This is deceit to plant, right. This is the beginning of commitment to that thing, and it's here in the heart of the reading. So it's the whole reading. The What do you planting? What do you want to grow? That's what I want to grow my Tero business where I can teach to terror and do readings to so seven. A pen tickles in the past, right? This is saying, look, you're evaluating your dream, right? So this is last week, last month, last year. Evaluating is the still work for me, putting more time and energy into it. And I was just telling you that I was just saying that to myself. Do I still want to put time and energy into it? Yes, because this thing makes me happy. Its my wish. Right. So this is saying here now you have the sea things that coming at you. Are you on to commit to it? Absolutely. And that's how I will become victorious. But then this is where your challenges Because this is the president, right? So look at the hanging man. The hanging man is saying, What do you believe this is saying? Look, is your identity still around this? What do you want? Because when the hangman goes up did hang masses himself. Do I still believe in this what I want to do? Think about it. When you get down here, you're a different person. So you're seeing in the world upside down. His eyes are closed. So he's going with them to see if this is still the wish you want. Is he still ready for this charge? That's gonna come forward. But then you have here in the future, right? This is the heart healing. Now I am just giving up my film career. Right? Me being an actor, writer, producer, also my yoga bloodies career. Look at that. Those three swords, right? That's the heartbreak. The wounds of the past have to hang it up and take that one truth. I'm going at one truth. Look, is no sword to you. The only other sort was that justice card that had kind of picked out. But this is the heart healing. This is when you're like, Okay, now I have my one. True. If I can go for with that, right? I've been through the pain and the loss. Maybe what I was doing in the past was bringing me loss and pain, right? But it's saying no. Now it's time for the heart healing are, say, like about how the client and the client was here. I would say OK, because these two would tell me right there Very telling. Do you still believe in this? Do you still want this dream? What is it you want? You have a new chance now to build something. Are you going to stick with it? Is this your wish? Come true? Because things air coming at you. So are you going to commit to it? Yes. You've changed. You're a different person, right? You probably been through some her and some pain in your past career past life, but now it's time to move on. So now you've got to get rid of that bullshit because this is the piece of device. The tower. Now the tower is like stripping right. It's like the dark night of the soul. It's when everything comes in to remove you from the ego of why you so think about it. It's about setting the intention with this guy. Why do you want this? Well, I want to teach because I love, um, teaching a terror. I love the terror. But was the wish was to fill in behind a wish, The wishes that teach people who had the same like same spirituality and see I can't talk. That's my communication, right, because I've been having a hard time with that. So this is saying I want to teach people who are like minded and spirituality. I want to teach people to Terra because I love it, and I want to pass along the knowledge that I have, and also I want to go to school one day. So this is saying, look, okay, now you've got to get rid of that old and identity completely. Let it go because lately I've been thinking, OK, well, maybe I can just do some spiritual videos and it's just like, Well, no, I have to commit to what I want. So that way I could become big tourist here. And when I do that, when I get off of that tree, then this happened. And this is also saying this is a new change, right? Because, uh, uh, tower can also be in a new beginning. It's like everything was collapsed. So now you can have this new beginning. But it's like now is the important part. What do I want? How do I want to go for when I get up that tree? How do I want to be a king? Because he shows his uniqueness right? And that's what I've been doing lately, trying to figure out How can I show my uniqueness with terror with my business? What can make my business different from everyone else's? So if I wanted to clarify that, see what I picked up the deck? I get the page cops. So let's see what don't get that 10 a cuts and that night. I mean sorry. And that eight of ones and they ate is a number of change. So this is a change in your happiness, too. If you want to look at it like that now, you have a chance to grow something else. So have you had a client here and you wanted to? You know, it's all about using needs to as the point of power, because the towers coming in to take away that hang man because after the hangman, you get off, then is death. Then at the death is temporary. It's they're not. The temperance is the devil. Then after the devil is the towers. So you're going straight from the hanged man to the tower. So your ego is being stripped so you can have this new commitment, So 20 But I get the 10 of cops and the aid of want. Okay, there's almost yeah, seven of sorts. So I'm strategic, you know, strategizing. This is when things come out and this is a sore right? So it's like, OK was the cause to my new troops because think about it. I was hurt in the past, so I was like, who in my and my almost afraid that I might get hurt again. And that's what could be delaying this from coming in to, Because, look, he maybe he's in a way, all right, This is just saying things were going to come out in a way that I wasn't expecting is going to come to me fast, so I got it. Be ending. So it is all about high. Use your intuition. Other regular. He's a pentacle here. And the harder reading. So it has clarifies the whole reading. Uh, okay, so there goes that transformation and how I want to proceed with my, uh I want to proceed with my, um my business. Now, look, this is the queen. A pentacle. She takes action on what she feels value, right. She only steps in and nurtures her dream because she knows that is gonna be something beneficial to her. So this is saying the transformation has come again of what I'm creating. So I could get something that's more beneficial. I look to transformation with the debt, right? So death comes here in the overall, the hangman is here in the present. So this is a change of perspective. Change of how I identify with the tarot high identify with my business, How I am high identified going forward, you know? But when the tower comes the death, that pretty much says Get rid of the things that's not serving you And she said, Act on this pentacle because it was the wish I wanted. Why did I get this of in the pickles and about? Yeah. So I was saying to myself in the past, I got the seven tentacles is just still work me putting time and energy into it and look, she moves, she goes home, the chariot goes home where the hardest but head is. So why did I get this hang man? So see, you guys aren't the only ones changing, and he comes in to say, Look, is this truth still? Your truth? I remember I was telling you was trying to change. I just wanted I don't want to just read terror on the YouTube. I want to do another thing, which is the teaching 10 of wands here for the hangman. So whatever I got going on is a bird into me, which it is. It's a burden because I don't want to teach. And I mean, I don't want to do YouTube videos. You know, I would love to just get clients, but it's like it's become too much for me. And I think that's what's gotten me here because I'm not getting the results. I wonder YouTube. And that's why I was saying here still evaluate. Do I still want this? But she comes in. This is OK. You're going home now. Home is where your heart is. My heart is teaching, right? So let me. Why did I get four swords or just suffer these? Why don't I get the four? So would please very please. No. And if you notice he has no one's except the 10 of wands, which is burden and the eight of ones, which is things coming at you fast. But this is saying happiness is coming at me fast. Things is coming out surrounding what makes me happy. Okay. Yeah. Four swords says this dream still work with me pursuing. Okay, now we got the tower one clarifies tower. Okay. I'm gonna take you, and I'm gonna take you. Fill the government, E. Coli. Okay, So the tower, then we got the queen of swords who is very resilient, right? She's been through loss since you were here, worried about loss of that old identity, and that's why it's that look as this stream still work me pursuing. But she's been through loss, so she's going to keep on going right to build a new identity wherever she goes. Then it's like here whenever I get this. This is all about holding on too tightly and don't just holding on tightly to the control and stuff which I it could be very controlling our This could be holding on tightly to this identity to to the way I think it's supposed to be. But this is ST look, that lesson has been learned. So this is saying, Look, whatever I was doing right, remember, I was telling on YouTube that's done, accomplished what I needed to write. So now it's time for me to step up in a different way so I could become this, and it's saying now to find out what this thing is still worth me committing to. Then the wheel of fortune comes in that says, Look, they is bring you what you want. The will is turning now What action are you going to take to create what you want now so I can become this? So this is pretty much saying, Look, I made a wish for something else where I don't have to be just on YouTube. I wanted to teach, right? That's what I want. So it's saying here I evaluated I had to go through a transformation, which I did and what I take action right now have a new seed to commit to something new then evaluating is this thing still work me putting energy into right? But the new cherry it comes and says, No, we got a new way of we're going to get it right. We're going to go home to wear the hardest. Then the 10 to hang man says, Look, do I still want to do this? Because I'm you know, I'm not getting what I want, and that's where this comes out. And this is saying, artist seven of swords is a loss right to the happiness, because I'm not getting as fast as I want what I want. But then a hangman intent of sword, saying, Look, do you still believe in this because this is sort of like, heavy on you right now. It's still burden, right? Because you're not getting the results. You want it at a fast rate, then this four sword says look okay. Well, yeah, it said right, because I lost my old dream. But now I got a focus on this new thing and put my time and energy there are realizes the stream still work me pursuing. Then it comes in that says, Okay, what the tower is coming in to say, Look, cut that shit out cause no longer serves you right having this over responsibility, trying to you know, you been through loss, you can accept it, right? So the weight on leaving the YouTube and trying to do it out, there's other ways of getting it. So stop holding on tight to that because I learned that lesson, right? I got everything I needed out of that. Now it's time for immediate action in a different way. So if to become the king to get that victory. So the whole thing is about look the way that you're doing things. If I had a customer the way that you're doing things right now, yeah, You made a wish to get this thing. I think things came to you fast, right? You got everything You need it. It was rushing at you. You got this assess you wanted. But now that dream is dying, right? And something else is coming out. Then they sent. Look, you can commit to this new thing because there s a pentacle saying it's something new. But I have to transform the way that I was doing things right. The way she takes action and commit to this new thing. Then it says, What? Now? It's time for you to go home with hard days. So I need to co with them to see. Look, do I still want to do this thing? If not, it's going to be a burden to me to keep doing things the way that I'm going to do it. And this could say, if I keep doing things the way that I'm doing, I'm not going to get that fast moving energy. It's going to be a loss to me right now. My happiness is gonna be lost to my success could be lost right then this saying, Look now what is What do you believe we? Do you want to go, You hill from that situation? Now, is this still were pursuing? That's my future because some healing. Right? Then the same look, the towers coming in. The Queen of Swords is there released control. You learned everything you need to learn and move forward and be victorious. All right, so that's what this is saying. That's with this. The same look. And then at the bottom Look, get new information on how you can commit, but stand my ground. So this is how it tells a story. If I had a year and you see here, I'm being transparent with you. I'm sure what you want. My reading was that? So it's all about me trying to figure out how I could move forward. Yes, it hurts that, you know, I can't be YouTube reader like I thought I waas. But now I get a chance to do it in a different way and get success in a different way. So that's what I've been trying to do. And I wanted to share that with you. So with that said, Yeah, I'm gonna end this year like comment. Share subscribe. Follow me. Well, you guys have followed you guys in my class. I don't have the sailor. Anyway, I will see you all for the next video by. And if you want to connect to the higher, you start believing that you and that's how you put together story by a 8. How to read reversed TAROT Cards : how everyone does Stephen. Lumbar cord. So tonight I wanted to bring to you a very short, um video. Okay, so a nose 7 p.m. On Tuesdays and Thursdays is class time, but I've been really busy with my daytime job. I have had a chance to come out with the big, um, hour long presentation. Henceforth what? I've been doing short videos, which I think I like better. I don't think I want to do the one time per week. If I do, it'll just be one day, maybe like a Tuesday instead of Thursday. And, um, I kind of like doing the random videos, cause that amuses better. I could get all my thoughts out instead of just, like trying to prepare for Tuesday or trying to prepare for Thursday. You know, I kind of like dropping them like I've been doing them. And also, I think I might just like do Tuesdays at seven. Okay. Um So what? That said I wanted to talk to you today. One how to do reverse cards. Now, I personally don't like to read reverse cards, but there are readers out there who will read reverse cards. So, for instance, say I have just shampooed and Nazi say, for instance, of chef food. Right? So this is here, and this is here, and this is this is up, right, Because this is reverse and the other ones, it's the other way. Okay, so let's say I just been a shuffling and I get this car here. It's card there, maybe discarding right. So I got the five tentacles, the three of, um, cups, and I got the seven tentacles. Okay, so how will I read the reverse card now? Normally, I don't re reversed. If I get it, I will turn it up. But if my intuition tells me to read a reversed and I will read a reverse So let's say friends and this is the first that the five pentacle, that's all about scarcity, that's all about not having enough right, A lack. That's all about, um, you feeling abandoned by your dreams being left out in the cold. The three of cops is all about celebrations. It's all about you getting to the place. I have to finding someone who matches your cup. So it's a celebration. It could be like a reunion. It could be emotional support. It's that moment of activity where the three is the activities, So cups are relationships, cups our emotions. So it's the fun, like the parties to celebration and graduations. So the fact that you get the five of tentacles upright that talks about lack off, then you got the three of cups reverse. So that's pretty much saying there's no there's no fund and having a lack of right And this is just pretty much saying that I'm not reading for me, But I'm just saying this is just a general reading. So this is saying there's no fun and having a lack up you're not having fun because there's a lack off. You know, there's a shortage of scarcity Battaini that the seven of tentacles and upright so that pretty much says, you are at this place of reflecting on your dreams cause sevens are reflection. So it's about you seeing that this dream is still worth it to you. So you're put in the seeds and you have worked on it, but you're not getting what you want. So this is pretty much saying, If I wanted, if I want to put together story, I'll say, Look, There's no support here. There's no financial support, you fella band and you feel like you just want to get ready to stream. You feel like you cannot win. You feel like everyone else is getting dare rewards. But you are not having anything. This is lack of support from your dreams. This is feeling like you are just settling right now, right? And you're not able to do what you want because you don't have the funding because when we want a dream and this is pinnacles, anything in the physical reality. So just could be your house. Say you want to buy a house, you feel like you can't buy your house because you don't have enough support. So therefore there is no fun. There's no celebration. This is all about like you fell in sad because you do not have the financial means to get your dreams, and you could be in this job right, or you could be in this house. But it's saying, look, you want this house, but you don't have the money for it, so you can't celebrate getting this house say, this is alone. You're going for you don't get approved with their long. You don't feel like you have support. You feel like you're abandoned, so there's no celebration here. Therefore, you figure this home that you had your dreams, your hope? Sure. You know, you've been working on application. You've been probably telling everyone you're gonna get this home because you've been that confident. You've been laying the ground work. You have been like, I'm talking to a realtor, going to the house for the open house. You have been really working hard to get what you need for this house, right? Are this job said his job and you feel like Okay, I'm working hard on this job. I'm doing what I need to do. I'm diligent and coming in on time. I'm above expectations, but I'm not making enough money. So therefore this job is not fun. You get what I'm saying, So the three cups reverse would be no fun. So let's add on to that. So it's just the opposite meaning to the cart. So if I will have the five Pinter goes and that was reversed then and this three was a bright, I would say, OK, there's a changing your fortune. So now you are having enough. Before there was a lack of. But now you're growing because if you look at it here is like dependent was growing up, you know, going No, that looks like it's going in the ground, but it's the river, so it's like, OK, you're overcome in this difficult time you're not filling. Abandon your Fillon like you are getting the financial support you need. Therefore, you could celebrate, and therefore now the dream feels like it's worth it because you've been putting in the time you implant in the seats. You've been in balance, and therefore you can only work harder at this job because, you know, this is what you committed to doing. You laid the groundwork. So now there's only commitment and more commitment. So you see how that reverse can change the meaning of the reading. So that's how rivers can change it. So let's try that again. They have a client in front of me se He's just fallen out. Client. The client wants to know if their partner still there, they should stay with their partner already. They wouldn't know, right? I'm just saying, because you may get a lot of love readings already. They would know because in the emotion of the fact that they asking you that pretty much says that you know, they should be with this person, But you don't want to tell him that. Okay, so I got three cause it came, right. So let's say the two wrongs came Rivers and let's see, the aid of Pensacola's is here. And is he OK? So here we go. So we got to reverse and we got to upright. So we got the king of Swords reverse. If someone wants to know, they should leave their partner. He knows this truth. He's pretty much the logical thinker, right? He communicates well, he knows how to get his point across. This could be that person not communicating, not being realistic, not listening to themselves, not knowing the truth, being indecisive, right, not being authority. Authoritative, not taking control, just letting their person just just let me run. The emotions run over their their men to chaos. Mental breakdown, Right. Two of one's talks about having to dreams. Right? So this to me is like two paths. Which path should you go? But the fact that is reversed, that's pretty much saying you're indecisive because you don't know what you want to do, right? Your truth is clogged said therefore, you don't know which path you should take. So therefore, that clients should know that they should leave their partner because the fact that they get to card although they don't want to give the power to reading this is the energy state love. You don't know which path you wanna go should you stay should you go and you don't know your truth. So why would you want to be with someone? If you have to ask me and you get two cards like that, then you get the aid of cops, which pretty much talked about walking away from a situation. Right? You're done. You are emotionally done. You're going now to something better. You're going to emotional film. But then you got the king of tentacles. He pretty much rolls his sleeves up and gets the job done right. He's committed to it. So I would say, Look, you don't know your truth and you know which path to take. So you pretty much done with this and therefore you need to do the diligence of leaving this relationship. But how can you tell that to the person instead of saying you need to relieve their relationship? You you don't. You're indecisive. You're not thinking logical. Your head is in the clouds. You're not being You're pretty much giving your power to the other person. You're not being your most authentic self, so therefore, you don't know which path they choose. Well, I know you're done with this situation. I know you're ready to walk away, but you have to realize if you walk away, are you gonna be committed to going down one of these paths? Are you gonna be committed to going somewhere that's going to give you a motion for film and not go back to this place? I'm sure that I stay. Should I go because you may go out the door, but then being that you're not a leader, you may come back useful. That person may say one thing to you and then you'll come back. So what are you going to do? But then you get the high Priestess see at the bottom of the debt. So you know what to do when she appears in reading is like you know what to do. So is like, What? What? What does your emotion tell you? How do you feel at this moment? Are you ready to roll your sleeves up in and commit to leaving? Are you going to stay here and go through this? Traveling back up your emotions? You know what you want. You want to add something? A fresh start, but you can decide because you're not thinking clearly. So although you done, you know that if you leave, you can commit to something else. But what are you gonna do? And I think you know what they do. You get hot. I can't help. But if we turn this over and let's say we get the eight of cups reverse and the King of Tentacles so that we would say, Look, you know who you are. You communicate well, you're great leader. When you want something, you think about irrational. You get the facts before you act. So therefore, the fact that you're going between this to pass are you going to stick with the devil that you know? Are you gonna take the road of Deano? You know, because you've got the high Priestess. You know your intuition will tell you, but and normally when you act, you usually act from your head and your heart. But this is more head. So what is your heart? Tell you right now. And what is your head? You Because of the two matches up, You know your answer. But the fact is, this king right here, he only acts on what he knows. So you have some suspicions. You are all about getting the facts. So that way this would be easier for you. But are you just gonna leave like that without trying to work it out? Are you doing this because you just think is worth doing? And I know that when you're done with something, you're done. But which path you gonna take? You hear what I'm saying? And then if I want to go further, you got the knight of cups, so yeah, I know you have a dream. You know, you have a dream that you want something else. And that's why you have these two paths. But think about it. If you have this one path, you're going to stay here. Although you're you're you're the type of person that acts on what? You know. You're going to still be in this indecisive days. But this king is not indecisive. He knows what he knows. Therefore, you have the heart and you have the head but the heart. This is the dream, right? There's dream to you. It's considered art. This dream is not making sense to you. I said therefore, you just ready to go. So the fact that you're ready to go What is your emotions? Tell you right now what is the dream? What is the dream you wanna have? Where do you see this going? You know what You know Because you got the high Priestess. You may say you're done, but that may be an emotional decision. So ask yourself, Who are you? Which road do you want to take? Because only you Now you get what I'm saying. That's how I would do it. Okay? My strategy. My time. So let's say you got it. Client wants to know about, okay. I'm shuffling the car. My client wants to know about his job, the energy behind his job. Should he stay, or should he go at his work? Okay, we got one popped up. Okay, All right, so this is work great to the bottom of that. You got a lot of anxiety here. You got a lot of anxiety. You feel unlike everything is not going right, right? But I think this is more than what you're making it out to be. So if you got no se the ace of cups backwards. So you pretty much sure your uniqueness at this job you've been putting in the work, you pretty much put up the good fight. You being a padded ev, You been getting results? You've been working hard. You have balance, you have harmony. But what's this anxiety you used to love it You used to have a love for But now you don't. The love is not there anymore. And I feel like you pretty much are at this place where you're ready for something new. But I think you're stuck where you are. And I think that's was giving you the anxiety with this nine of sorts. I think you're I think you are doing what you need to do. But you don't love it because I think you're doing get the way it's supposed to be done and study you, I think because you have such a uniqueness, I think you want to do things differently. But the fact is, you're doing it. I feel like just for pay check, and you're not loving it. So what do you love? And do you want to just settle here? Because I feel like your dreams is just hold. Right now I feel like you're doing things. This could be you doing things to please your family. This could be you doing things to please society. But I really felt like you don't have the keys to your dream anymore. And that's what's keeping you up at night. So I have to ask you, what do you want? Who are you? What do you want? And are you willing to do things the same for? Are you going to change it up? And the fact that you don't like your job right here? In fact, that your anxiety that not pretty much tells you probably need toe, you know, leave a situation has not ready, does not good for you. But you got the queen of swords here and she knows what she knows. She's been through it. She's been heartache she's been do pain and the fact that you got the queen of Swords and the nine of tentacles under the bottom of it. I feel like you've been through a lot of anxiety lately because you've changed so much, and I think you have to do things to sane at your job, and I think you don't want to do it the same anymore. I think you want to do things differently because she's all about doing things differently because she sees definitely, she's been to pain. She spent heartache. She's been do it off. So when she comes up in the reading is pretty much like your resilience and you don't want to do things the same because you don't want that same pain. When you come out of that pain, you want to do it a different way cause you see different, you know, different. I think that's why you have anxiety. So yes, you stepped up. Yes, you. You have gotten a victory before. You have maybe gotten good money. You're probably making good money, but you don't love it. And the fact that you don't love it means that you're suddenly and so are you going to just settle here and take this job. Just, uh, make the money. Are you glad to do what you need to do? Are you gonna just stay with this anxiety and let people tell you who you should be? Cause she doesn't do things the thing, so see how that one car. But if I turned it up, I say, Look, you work hard in your job because you love it and pretty much you're at this place where you're changing your vision, your changing things at your job. You pretty much are at this place where you are not doing things the same anymore because you got this queen of swords. And I think you have this anxiety because you're changing it now. But I think what that anxiety is all a part of your mind. I think you probably feel like people are not liking the way that you're doing things. But I think like that's all a part of your mind. So you need to know now that are you going to continue to make risk? Are you gonna do things the way people want them to do it? Because I think of you continue to take a risk and change it up. I guarantee you things would be so much better for you. All right, so that's the video I provide. 9. THE CELTIC CROSS EXPLAINED Learn Tarot Online Stevie's Oracle Readings: Hi, everyone. This is Stephen Bar Chord and I'm coming to you tonight with a terrible video. So what did I want to talk about? We talk about the Celtic cross now. I didn't video about this before, but I wanted to actually create a little poster for you. So that way you can get individual because I feel like a lot of people. Visual Burnham's. So with this Celtic cross, right, Harry, them Celtic cross. Now the Celtic cross comes from the Middle Ages and it's pretty much across and it has a halo. So that's kind of how this happens. You get across here and then you also get your four cards here. So with that, the cross I called the eight the intern, right? So this is more the internal, a little bit of the external, and I call this the staff. So this is the direction this is the examination and the context, right? So let's talk about it and how this may be a short, short video. So when you get the cross here, the first thing you're gonna get is the number one position. So decision present. Now you present is the current situation current state of mind. What? So this is pretty much what's the current situation? You're too is going to be What? Crossing that now the problem challenge need to face to go forward. So that will be your to then you will a your third card here, right next to us to see how makes across. Then you will make it third car here. So the past Now a lot of you know me The past is a sweet last month last year. Now, when you get the past a row here past events, the future is going to be your number four card. So President was crossing you to challenge past present so past future. Now this is what happens if nothing changes. So this is pretty much what's expected to happen. But the future is always changeable based on the actions that you take right. And then as you get here to the more the staff, you can figure out a path if you want it to remain or if you don't, because the future is always changing. Now you put your five on top, which is your conscious mind. So anything and your conscious thoughts write anything you're aware and I put here, focus your goals and your desires. It's your dream is it's kind of like what I really want. Then you get your six here, which is your unconscious mind. So things in your subconscious things that you are not aware of. And this is kind of going to be that energy that brings it to life. And six unconscious Hedden influences What's driving the situation. Now you have this right here, which I call the happenings of your life. The Internet Stern. Right. So one to challenge three path for future five consciousness. Six unconsciousness since he had that crosses dear. Now, you also get these four other cards. 10 cards toe this card. 10. I'm sorry to seven is your influence. So the influence of your situation I wrote here how you see yourself in how perception influence situation. Then you get your eight, which is that external influence. So your external is the world around you and how it affects the situation. So this is what's influencing. This is the external influence. Now nine, you have your hopes and your fears. Now I kind of think these air to one in the same, and I wrote here hopes and fears what you desire and what you want to avoid. And then number 10 the outcome so that outcomes summarises the whole Celtic cross. Now I personally don't read The Celtic Cross is not that I don't like the cult across is just not my style of reading, so I just modified it. And whenever you read, you can always modify. So with that, um, 10 decembre of all the cards, what is likely outcome? And right here that car determines a plan of action, so it's the most likely outcome. But if you get a bad car, they could play now. Now, a lot of times you can also, because what you're gonna do is read them all together in this story. And that's what the cars are going to tell you, cause that's what the terror is. It's a story, so you could take 4 10 and read them together. You can also take six and nine and read them together because that's your unconscious, which the hopes and fears are. You want to take five and nine. You could do that because that's the conscious mind, your goals, your desires and the nine is your hopes and fears that that's kind of like your desires as well. So you could put five or six of that as well. Or if you just want to read this, you can meet that as well, just across. So that's how I read the Celtic cross. There's no wrong way of reading it. And I did another video on how to do to spread. But I just wanted to bring this to you. So that way you could get a better understanding of what each one means. So I do recommend if you want to start reading tarot reading for others just to get familiar, I would try to do this. I didn't start off doing this, but I know a lot of new readers who do because this is a beginner. This is all level course. So you wanna learn how to get solid, which your readings, because I tell people the best way to get good. What your readings is to practice, practice, practice, and that's what I do. Every single day. I try to practice, so when you practice, you're able to get to a place, um, not mastery because you always could learn, and I So I tell people you're never too good enough to learn for terror. There's always something new to learn, and I always try to learn something new every time I read. So that is your Celtic cross, and I hope that video comes in handy. I enjoyed teaching this and I'm gonna bring you Mawr videos like this. So bear with me as I try to get together. Soon I'll edit some of them. But right now, just when they bring you to be six, that we can get it and also delighting situation. So with that, if you want to connect to the higher you, now is the time believing you because I believe in you and that's the your next. 10. Matching Major Arcana's in Tarot Cards: everyone is Stephen of our cord. And I have today for you a different type of video than the normal terror. Um, meat is taro centered. But it's pretty much something that I was working on full while. And I wanted to come explain this to you and I Let's do this one. So this is a chart that I created, right? And this has all of the aces. All of the twos, all the threes, all the Fords, all the fires. All the six right from the different sweets. So we had the pentacle sweet from aces. All way to 10. Swords from east is all the way to tens because it starts out new, beginning all the way to 10. Right cups is to 10. Swan's east to tens. Right? And I just added each one up to see what I would get. So this one I got So the four aces right, which is one, uh, they equal to four, which is building a new structure. And if you think about it's the aces. New beginnings. Right? So you're getting a handout from God who said Look OK, now it's having to build something new with this Now it's time for you to have this new identity. Now it's time for you to love this new bank. Now is time for you to be inspired by this thing. Right? But you're creating something new. All the tubes equal to eight, which is change, change in direction. All the threes equal Teoh 12 which reduces to three. So that's all about new beginnings and new beginnings. Fresh starts. All the four is equal to 16 which equals to, um seven, which is all about a pause before you move on. Then we have the fives all equal 20 which is judgments. They made the final judgment call to go forward. That reduces to to, um Then you have all the sixes, which equal to 24 which is about balance and harmony. Would you take that two plus food at six? Um, you take all the sevens which gives you 28 money for a new beginning which reduces to 10 which is one so ready for new beginnings. Do the magician, you know, confidence to create a new beginning. All the eights equal to 32 which equals two ah five, which is changed well, which is eight eats or change and five is the Jensen change. Um, but I feel like five is more about your situation. Eat some more about, like your emotions. Nines altogether equal. 36 3 plus six. That's nine. Which is completions. Right? Um, nine are completions, tend, are the actions of the completion. They have the tens, which all reduced to four, which is building a new structure. So see how it goes back to the force. And oddly, you noticed that most of these numbers aren't, um are even numbers. You have a Sprinkle of odd. But whenever Assad is more like a change right, then here, what else didn't I did this thing with the major comma. So every think of the ones, right? The aces. The major comic card with that will be the will of fortune magician to to, um, which is about the decision judgment, which would be the high Priestess to hang man. No, I put the high Priestess justice judgement for number three would be, uh, the Empress in the world number four. I will put, uh What is that? That in the eases for number five, I will put the judgment Temperance and higher offend numbers. Six. I would put the chariot to double in the lovers number seven. I will put, um, the star in strength. No, sorry. Numbers have a new people. New beginnings. I didn't put a card for that. And Tuesday number eight for change output Storen stream number nine for the hermit and I will put the moon for Then you go back to OK 10 at the that which goes back to magician 11 twos. That goes back to the high Priestess. Justice number 12 which is three. That goes back to the Empress the M one year 13 which is death which goes toe four, which is the emperor. You have one plus four, which is 5 14 That goes back to the higher a fan that you get 15 which is the lover 16 I mean 15 that you get for 16 which is seven chariot for 17 You get eight which is strength for 18. Get mine. Which is the hermit for 19. You get eat, which is strength. No, no hold. That should be 10 which is back to the magician. Then for 20 you will get the high Priestess judgment and for 21 the world, which would reduce to three, which would give you the Empress. So see how they all kind of like playing to one another. And that's kind of what I wanted to bring to you. I hope that made sense. I did put a spread she in the Google classroom so you could check that out old stuff for much so you could check that out. Let me know if you have any questions. That's what I'm here for. And I will talk to you in the next module by everyone. And if you want to connect to the higher you, now is the time to believing you because I believe by 11. How does Numerology work in the TAROT : Hi, everyone. So what am I gonna teach you today? Today is numerology. So I want you to think about this when we talk about numerology and using entero personally . Me, I only know one from anything After 10 I don't really know. So say, like, I have a double digit, which is, like 22. So what I'll do is take the one number. So I'll take the two plus two yet to two. And then what do I have? Two plus 22 And they now have four. So when I have four, I know four. It's pretty much a part of the one through 10. So that's how we use that message with this. So I'll tell you, for example, when you have your different sweets, right? So it all starts with aces. Aces. Think about it, Are a gift from God, so it's always like a handout from God. You'll get the hand. You get the A's what cedar you plant right is the beginning. So think of this is like growing a tree. What cedar you planting? So it's aces, beginnings, clean slate. Then you have two. So two's always about juggling vision choices balance threes are always about the activity . So see here and this three pentacle. He knows the action he has to take right. And then here you have the monk and you have this hooded figure here talking him. It's almost like he's getting recognition, right? So think about it is the mind, body and spirit. The mind knows what they want. The body works on it, and the spirit is your faith. So three is always about the activity. Fours are always slow movement. It's always about no is like a temporary pores. So see right here with the four pentacle. It's a temporary pause. So he's holding on right, because he doesn't want to risk his security. Five tentacles. So think about this. Fives are agents. Chaos. So they are confusion, chaos of the mind, right or anything that's going on. So five turbulence right? Chaotic. Think of chaotic. So think about this. Five tentacles. No support, no financial support. See how those pentacle zehren there and look at air outside the coal. It's almost like they're abandoned by their dreams. They have no support, no financial support. It's almost like they are settling for what they have and that's what this is. This is pretty much you are in this place of chaos cause you want those tentacles. Then you have the sixes. Sixes are about Oh, so sorry, I forgot. Almost five is also about change and because they want to change their finances, travel right as well. So looked in moving six. Stability harmony. Balance this carver here to sit the pentacle XYZ balance given take. He's giving the poor something and they're getting something. But he's also getting something from giving them something in there, getting something from getting something. So it's like an exchange of value. Give and take. Seven are the reflection, period. So you're thinking and look, he's thinking, Is this dream still worth me planting? Or he could just be reflecting on hard work. He did. So seven is all about your intuition. It's all about the mysticism in a wisdom. Spirituality, magic. It's like a deep end word. No way. Eight are abundance, change, success, nines. Its life. Purpose, spirituality. It's almost completion. It's the high intensity gearing up towards completion. Tens. It is completions at his endings you worked for. So that's how I have no numerology. So say for instance, I get 50. Then I would know. OK, so I have my Oracle cards if I'm doing Oracle leading and these Oracle cards have numbers on them, right? So see, this is as three. So three is new beginnings as well. Uh, so see right here is a new beginning because he's coming out the dark and going into the light. Then you have so say, for instance, clean it up right to plus one curry because you're adding that two plus one. So what? That he's cleaning it up. It's an activity, right? He's doing something. It's the new beginning of something. Think of this right here 23 piece, which reduces to five so five, which asked if I so five is the number of change travel, chaos, confusion. And it's almost like you're impatient. Could you're waiting for this egg to hatch because you want to know what's inside of it. But it's saying, look have peace in your impatience cause you know what's inside of days? What you wanted to build, Time to go, right. So think about that four plus five. That is the high intensity coming to completion, right? Time to go She's walking away. She's going. She's leaving something going into the unknown. And let's talk about this loyal heart. So loyal Heart is three plus five, which is 88 is the number. Success change. Abundance. They're abundant because they're following the heart. And let's see what else? Treasure Island, Right? So Treasure Allen nine. Life Purpose. You're meant to have that treasure full of love, and it's guiding towards your to spirit. So that's how I do turn. Uh, that's how I do know numerology whenever I do my readings, and it just helps give that deeper meaning to the card in the message. So hopefully that helps and I will see you in the next module and also right before I leave . Each one of the suites have aces through 10. That's the first set of life. So check him out and see what they have. All right, and I'll see you 12. Learn Playing Cards as Divination Tools mp4: Hello? Hello, everyone. This is Stephen of our cord. And today I have your, um playing cards as 10 a row. Now, this is probably one of my fun classes because I love teaching how to translate the playing cards into terror. So this is my maverick poker cards that I got from the dollar store dollar tree. Now I use decent time, Say, for instance, if I want to go out in the field and I'm gonna do a terror reading. But I don't want it to be very life todo um because I was having this conversation. My sister earlier today and my sister was telling me that she wants to get a reading. She's so scared to get a reading and I said, Well, why you get scared to get a reading? She's like because my grandmother program us has a kid Teoh think that any kind of light, divination, tools and stuff like that associates roots right? Which is like a really bad thing for some people, right, but really, routes is not that bad, you know, because in some cultures, they do use roots. And just our programming here was just always associating what my programming as a child is always associated with being demonic, right? So what that said, Um, you know, you have to follow what makes you happy. You have to follow your path right? And it's all about the intention. That's the main thing. I tell people it's always about the intention and how you want to live your truth. So if you want to use it for demonic and diverse, then that's your truth. And you know there's nothing wrong with it because we all have our own way of how we want to live our lives and how we want to do. I work. So no shame, no judgments. But anyway, my job as a teacher is to teach you how to use this, right? So you've got these little small cards I want to say, How was the size of these things? Well, I don't really know the exact size, but like I said, all divination tools, our cards right. It's just laminated cards, and the message is the reaction to the message. Right? So these are, look, see? They just fit in both sides. Trying to get at it could angle because when I had it up and I was filming a a class earlier for my spiritual development. It was like going in and out. So excuse me as I work on getting the said, I know I said every week, but I really am right. So this week I'm going to show you how to read them. And then Thursday, I'm going to show you how to put it together with the Oracle cards. And, Dan, um, you know, also bring you. So what I'm gonna do is teach you how to read it, how to put to get to spread. And then there is That's Tuesdays. Thursdays. I'm gonna teach you how to get customers and how to build your business, right, cause we want to do this to build the business. So I'm going to show you practices that I'm using the hike and get customers and how I get customers so that you can implement that to your business and we can grow together, right, because there's enough out there for everybody, right? Some teachers with only teaching what they want you to know. So that way you can know just enough, and then you go out there to the wolves and there's like, No, if you're paying for the service, I want to make sure that you're learning and implementing that into your business and getting this lifetime membership is great information, right? And my thes air. So love. So I do this because I love it, right? So if you do know, anybody was very interested in learning terror, learning this stuff, please. Our even how to get customers in their business. Please send them here because I'm gonna show them everything that I know. And plus, I'm working with other established tower readers to find out how they do it, And I wouldn't have interviews here. So that way, you guys can have just information on how you can use it toe to grow your business guy. So what? That sad right now? So with the plane clouds, right there are. And I'm just gonna make sure I'm getting this right. I think it's 52 playing cards. I just make sure you give me the right information playing cards. I think it's 52 right? Uh, number, number of cards. I think it's 52 but I just want I just want to get you to a bright Ray information. 52. It is 50 too. Yes. So 52 right? So you have your sweets. You have your speed. Your hard to diamonds in your club. Try it so they contain 13 cards. Each one. You have your aces, your twos or threes. Your 4 to 5 to six or 789 10. Right. And that's the first part of life. You go into the court cards, right? Would you have your jacks or Queens and kings? Now, some people don't celebrate the jacks as, um night. Some people use them as pages. And some people don't use the Jacksons pages. They use them as night. So it's all about again. How you want to read, Not things wrong. Okay, Whatever you feel to do do that. So I used them as just nights. I don't use pages, but sometime I do one news pages, right? It is all about how you but right now, separating them into the sweet. So let's talk about this. You have your clubs, your clubs are your wands, right? Think about it. Look, I looks It looks like a one, right? It looks like you grabbed the branch there and look at the leaves growing den. You have your excused a dog in the back. Apparently, every time I want to record, he wants to come in here and shape his tell his collar. Then you have your heart, so your hearts are your cups. Because, remember, it's relationships. Anything that's a heart clubs wants anything you're trying to manifesting Harry Potter. Aber cadaver. Think a wizard. You're creating something in the physical, Then you have. You are spades, which our swords. Right. They kind of looked like a sword. Your because with the spade, you can cut any deck, right? So think of spades cutting. It's your truth. It's your meant to believes. It's anything that you communicate here in the physical it. Sure, sure truth. You get your mental state of mind right? Then you have your diamonds, which are your pen tickles. It's anything you're trying to grow in the physical. So again, going to another one. Hearts are your cups, anything of the heart, something you love, your filling up your cup. You're filling up your heart. This is the sign of water, right? Think sent him into heart crying. That's how I think of it. clubs. This is anything you trying to create African Dabir, right? Although it doesn't like he has soared. I think all the kings are so India although cancer So But look right here you see in this sword it's yellow, right? Golden Because he stands in its truth. He knows this truth So spades true. What are you trying to communicate? What do your beliefs, I think Who are you? What do you know? Then you have your Where's the king? On this? I get the king's old must get the king's almost up. Girl said that you got your king's tentacles. Diamonds? Think about that. Diamond is a girl's best friend Money And he has an axe, actually for the diamonds. No sort snacks. Okay, so you got sure. Let's do that again. You got your four suites? There's no major economist. There's only two major continents. What? One typically? But you have four suites, right? So these are the things that you're bringing to the story. So we have again Go do it again. Your clubs ab ra Cadavra you're creating. So these air your want. What are you trying to manifest? You have your spades. You can cut through the debt. What your true? What do you know? Remember, swords go with the men to You have your diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Think about it. Anything You're growing. Your dreams, your desires money, right? Think about that. Then you have your heart. Anything with your heart, your emotions. Right. So we have the Joker, which is pretty much the full. So think about the fool you're going on. A journey is the Joker, The Joker? You're going to that cliff. You're taking a leap of faith. You have two jokers, right South. Each card you had the eighth of pentacle. So a new seed is being planted. You have the two of pentacle is your juggling, which is the dream that you're gonna take three. You have three pen tickles. Linking up, mind, body and spirit. Look at that tight rope together, right? Your mind wants it. The body does it. Dispirit encourages you for, uh, tentacles. You are holding on tight. You don't want to take a risk to your security. Five of pentacle. Not enough emotional support. Feeling abandoned, feeling left out in the cold. Pillon betrayed Abandonment. Six. This is generosity. you are in balance. You give some and you take some being generous. Seven up tentacles you have your sees have been planted. What you reap is what yourself Do you see potential in your dreams, remember? Seven is where you evaluate five are change agents. Then you have eight. A pentacle. This is your heart focused, diligent work. Nine. A pentacle is You have worked so hard. Now you have the benefits. Has enjoyed the benefits, the fruits of your labor. Don't be in that cage where you don't enjoy it. 10. Your legacy. What are you trying to leave? This is luck. This is prosperity. This is your lifetime work. Then you can have either your page or your nights. Since it's so close to the, uh, Queen, A lot of people used is this night on when he used this as a night. So the night of tentacles he worked hard toe. Get the job done. He's dedicated. He's loyal to the dream, right? He makes it happen. He comes up with the plan. Danny goes into action. He slow about doing it. The queen. She takes time to grow her pentacle. She takes time to grow her dream. She nurtures it to make sure that is going to be the right time for the right moment. So you is thinking like a baby. You're nurturing your dream. You're waiting patiently for to sprout while you're giving it your all denied A pen tickles . This is all about you being able to get the job done. Think about the CEO. He is all about his coins. And making sure he gets that money comes up with a plan that make it happen. He's the action, right? He has a solid team that looks up to him because they're all about making the best out of life, right? Getting the best out of life. They want to make sure that they are, uh, go getters They they strategize. Ace of cups. You have a new love. New self love New filling Two hearts This is to a cups partnership Someone that matches your cup The re of cuts Celebration. This could be a wedding or a union Emotional support. Four part This is all about you being bored and you want a new love. You only focused on the celebration. So fours are the still energy. You are taking is no movement five or your change agents. So five of hearts, which is five of cups. You're focused on the spill cups. It's like you. You focused on spilt milk and you don't notice that there is great potential for a new partnership because you're only focused on the heartbreaking the sadness. Six. You're making amends with the past. This could be childhood happiness, too. Seven of cups. This is all about you being in that delusional state, so rewards it there. But are some of those words good? Are some of them really bad? Be careful what you get because some of them may not be all that you want. It's the illusion. Eight of cups. You're walking away. You're done. You're going on to something new. Nine of cups. This is a wish. This is you pretty much being careful what you wish for because you just might get it. You're happy. 10. This is you having emotional fulfillment happiness. Then you have your knight of cups. The delusional dreamer He makes you believe in dreams. He goes for his dreams. The Queen of Cups she trust is who she trusts with her dreams. She doesn't give her heart to anybody. She make sure that you're worthy to get her arm. Also, she could be a healer. She's patient, She's loyal. She's kind king of hearts. He knows how he feels. He's the master of his fill, but he doesn't communicate it. He rules by love by you by his heart, He's compassionate. You make sure people get what they need. He puts their needs above his. You have your club so you're creating right Abou cadaver. You have a new adventure coming. A new dream. This is you having one dream in the ground getting another one. The world Is that your hands? This is You're working so hard that you are motivated. You have center ships out. Are you know that those ships are coming? This is you just putting your nose to the grind and doing what you need to do. Four. This is foundation. This is how far you've come. Celebration of temporary celebration. This right here, Five of clubs. This is you. Pretty much stepping up to prove yourself. Artist could be competition with yourself competing with yourself, competing with others. Six. You showing your uniqueness. You pretty much showed that you went out there to prove yourself. And now you're coming home to the victory. Seven swords. You are enduring the good fight you are showing that you are. You're pretty much showing that you got what it takes eight of want. This is pretty much you having fast motion speeding at you at a fast rate. Think of throwing your clubs in the air and I mean, think of you throwing your wands in the air and they're gonna land that you at a fast rate , you have nine of wands, which is pretty much you putting in a lot of time and energy and maybe being a little hurt by you know, all the time that you put in you seeing it through 10 you have a lot of burdens, right? You have extra responsibility is just like you have the weight of the world on you. Knight of wands. He's all about doing it. He's carefree. He's flirtatious, He's fun. He makes your he goes and has a good time. He's up for new adventure. Queen of one. She's the entrepreneur, right? She's the CEO of a company. She's all about pretty much making sure that she steps in the spotlight to show what she's got right. She's also someone who was patient with her dreams and she knows when to retreat. She's passionate. Do you have the night? Sorry. The king of wants where he's all about. Like acting on how he wants to feel. He's about making the dream come true because he wants a new experience. You have a sense sores. What's your truth? A new truth from God. A victory. Well, that could be the pages. But it pretty much is the big three because you have a new truth. Two of swords. Pretty much at a cross road. Right? Which truth are you gonna pig? Three of swords. This is past hurt wounds. This is heartbreak four sources. This is rest and recovery. You've been through the heartbreak Now what's your new truth? Recovering from the heartbreak, then five. It's pretty much conflict of the mind. What's the risk to your new truth after you come out of recovery? Is the world that are you being stabbed in the back filling Betrayed six of swords. You are now leaving going to a new place. This is internal change of physical change. This is you go into a new place leaving your baggage behind. Seven. This is you, a thief in the night where things are coming out in the open. Right? So this also could be strategy. This could be deception. Lost thievery. Eight of swords. This is all about you now having Yeah. How can I describe the swords? Um, the air's sores to me is all about restriction being in a cage. This is all the I can't. But you are in a mental. Your own mental present nine or swords is about having anxiety. Your nine swords or on the wall is keeping you up at night. But it's not as bad as you think. 10 of sores. This is you being betrayed. Let down her having 10 swords in your back to the ground being brought down. This right here is the night of sword. So you know what you know. He's like that, aren't you? Have it? The family den? It was like you can tell her nothing because she knows what she knows. And you ain't changed her mind. You have the queen of swords where she has been through it. She's resilient. Her truth is her truth and you will not change it no matter what Cheese. She doesn't trust you. She's been through it so much that dark night of the soul. She's always up for whatever is coming that because she's been through it so much. And then the king was sold to someone who is logical thinker. He's a good communicator. He's someone who pretty much knows is true. He's the master of the stores. He fights with his words, and he makes that happen When he says he's gonna happen, he stands by his word, keeps it. So then you have your eighth. I'm saying that your issue of your fool So it's starting out on a new journey. What your leap of faith, Where you gonna go? I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't know what was going to be there. I don't know. But I'm just up with a good time. So that is how you read your cards. It's pretty much just your force weeks together, minus the pages. Okay, 52 cars. So whenever I want to do a reading, I'm doing Ropeik. I'm just shuffling here now. If you want Oh, two cards and then I get one from the top. Okay, so we got three cars, we got eight of stored. So this is you feeling trapped your men to prison? I can't do something. It's not gonna work out your fears. Then you have the two of hearts, So this is pretty much two of cups, so partnership. Right. So this could be you having fears about meeting someone new, right? I don't know if I'm ready to meet this person. This person may hurt me like they did in the past, right? Did you have a two cups? You pretty much done with something. So this could be you now being done with having if I was do this reader, right? This is you being done with the trust issues. This is you being done with putting yourself in a cage of Oh, I don't know if I'm ready for love. I don't know if I can do this. This person gonna hurt me, right? Having trust issues, It's about you getting someone that matches your cop, right? Because you have to. Two cups is pretty much you have in a new love. And you coming? You have a small home matches you equally right. So it's not like the lovers with this delusion of you being apart. It's you being together, right? So as you matching what? Your soul mate as this area 20 plane. But then you have to be careful because the lovers people think that's the card of, like, partnership. But that's like one person's in. And where one person is not right is delusional coming together. What? This is like You have someone your your, you know, get you to understand yours. So you are getting out of that prison and you are at this place now where you are done with thinking like that and you're allowing someone new to come in, right? And I guess because my energy is on it, this is me. Because I just reconnected with someone from my past and, you know, I'm willing to give them a chance. So see, that's how it goes. And Nestor reaction to the message On Thursday I will show you how to put them with Oracle cards and Matt Effect. Let me do that now, So let me take out those three cards that just had right so saying, like about the door, we're going to use my and chanting maps by collect Barry Thursday and want to teach you before I teach you your business. I wanted to to how to follow your intuition when you get cards that you don't really resonate with these cards that purchase. But I don't really resonate with them. I just have him, but I don't really use them like I should. And it's like if you get a deck, how do you read for a deck that you don't really? Okay, so we're in the not thinking getting out of that cage, right, setting myself freeze from, uh, thinking that someone's going to come and hurt me from the past. You know, like the past people I've been dating. It's all about now me this energy of meeting someone who gets me. You understand? I met someone because normally it's hard, you know, as a medium, I just be transparent to meet someone who understands you. Someone will get you, and especially being a medium people always, especially in a black community. You know, the black berry juice. I meet a lot of people who tell me I don't know if I could do that. You know are they think you're working for the devil in this like so I met someone who I vibe with who gets me, and we had a really great conversation with, and I reached out to them because I stopped talking to them. Not by choice. I was just busy getting settled and reconnected. So now it's about matching that person and knowing that I had to do the healing from the past and no one that everyone is not going to trust, you know, going to break my heart. And then you got two plus seven, which is not right. So spirit coming in to help you because this is home right. Home is where the hardest. So it is about opening up the heart shock run, allowing someone to come in and experience me and spirit is guiding me and bringing the right person into my life. This is all about like the ferry. Is there your magical? This is a magical time for you, so someone's knocking on the door. It's time to open it up, knowing that then I've been hurt. And then if I wanted to really clarify that our read what the deck says for that. So two plus seven, you're comfortable in your own skin. You belong Peace, security, safety belonging all the features 11 from home are indicated. Now the home cart represents an invitation to experience what it's like to be secure in your own skin to live comfortably. No matter what is happening in the world around you. It is a time for opening your eyes to your tribe of like minded people and matching your body. So this could be two friends. This is you getting over trust thinking people are gonna hurt you. Work. You know, um, it is a time for opening your eyes to your tribe of like minded people. One special person who makes you feel like you've come home. Home is love and love is all around you. Now, whatever your inquiry, you are where you meant to be and we'll read great benefits by staying on this path regardless of where it leads. Home will always be with you. It is where the hardest and see, I think in the last readings I was telling you in this night of one fees where it's like I'm ready for new adventures, so I'm also ready for a new adventure of the heart. Right? And I'm out. It is meant to prison. I'm following my heart. Now. You know, I'm done with thinking like that. I'm open to meeting someone new. And I know that home is where the hardest. So that is the reading. And then, you know, we can do spreads and stuff like that. So if you want to do with card reading, start with three cards and no past present future. But we're also gonna do other readings because, you know, that's cool. Do past, present or future. But I want to show you some readings that you can do that will help You really understand the message. Okay, so, no, the message does your homework, Notre interpretation. So you could put it together like a story. And then you ground it with the old car Erica card before or after the reading. Okay, so we will do more this on the weeks to come. But Thursday, I think I'm going to show you more of these playing cards and also how to use a deck. Which your intuition Okay. When you don't really resonate with so and also how to build your business, right? So what? That said, like common shares subscribed. Follow me on social media. And if you have someone out there who is interested in joining my cause, this is a lifetime membership. I'm lowing in the fees right now, just $20 before it goes back up. This is a great opportunity where I'm going to show you how to grow your business and also how to read so you can operate that business. All right, so what? That said, I will see you all next Thursday Like common shares. Describe email me if you have any questions. What? You guys also Scroggs G. I just say that when I do my reading, but email me with any questions Stephen, Stevie's or readings at gmail dot com. Our text. Me or call me at 765757905 I do have my office hours on Fridays, but they're not going to be on this Friday. They're gonna be on Saturday me for the right. So there from 12. The ones that have any questions used this time to ask me anything you want to ask me, right? So I will see you all next week for Thursday. Another reading. All right by and will be, um, a lucky May April. Flowers bring May showers. April showers. Bring May flowers. 13. Learn Tarot Online and Astrology : Hi, everyone. This Stephen of our court and I wanted to bring to you a video to teach you astrology and tarot. So the astrology, you may hear people say this card say, for instance, is before, right. So you may hear people say this is the card of Uranus, right? Because think about it. The magician I'm sorry to fool is there on a leap of faith. It's when you're in a cycle. Now that you're open toe what comes right, you're curious optimists. So spontaneous energy is where you're gonna be, Right? So that's Uranus. The planet of Uranus, which lends his energy, was when you're holding complete, you have the Enlightenment to go for it. So the full it's Uranus. Then we have the magician, which is the card of mercury. So thoughts right, and think about that limits. Get atop his head or her head for the concentration cause you're channeling that information. Have any new beginning, right? It's when you had that confident mind, or it's when you had that information. Thoughts of racing and right conversations being sent. The high Priestess is the moon energy. So it's when you get that intuition, right? It's the emotions that you feel. That's how she talks to you. Then you have the emperors who is ruled by the planet Venus. It's about love and abundance, fertility and growth. Then you have the emperor whose about Aires take charge, right? It's all about going forward, that ram full speed ahead. Strength authority, higher offense, tourists. Right is when you have faith in yourself is when you have structure, discipline, wisdom. Learning knowledge and you have the lovers is when you follow your heart. As Levin relationships may now be, you're focused. The chariot can't Oh, sorry, Jim and I when your heart picks what it wants, and this is also ruled by if you want to see mercury as well goods the third house, which is communication chariot. So the chariot is cancer, which is willpower and self control. It's like when you have control of your thoughts and everything that's important when you're that warrior ready to go forward. Nine. Strength Leo, think about that lion here. Look at that lambskin on top of her. Hit her head right. She is ableto go out there and create right. Put herself out there in the spotlight where anything is possible. And some people may be at a crossroad in their life because they're trying toe connect to that passion. That's what Leo the Lion Hermit. Virgo. Very discernment type of energy. So when you have all the answers with inside of you, then you have the will of fortune. So the wheel of fortune's when opportunities are there, it's the time arrived. Your luck. And this is by Jupiter. Jupiter Justice League, bro, is when justice is served with the truth representing piece, balance and harmony. This is by liberal the balance scales. Then you have the hang man. The hanged man is not tuned. So this is where you get that expansion going on. Those thoughts, the dreaming thought. Then you get death. Scorpio. So this is very like light, big changes happening. And in the one period in the start of another, temperance is when you are transforming your emotions play an important role now. But don't let them overwhelm us when you bring balance and moderation Sanitary iss, iss I see with to do with this energy, then you have Sorry, the devil Capricorn, and this is all about when you're dependent on someone or something and believe they have what you need to bring you fulfillment. But it's mostly about you, right? Picking the letter success and sticking to that. The tower is Mars and its fourth surprising external events, which may lead to change when you have that tower built on the filthy, faulty foundation and the king and queen is inside and they get the shakeup to bring them out, then you have the star, which is a query is so inspiration and creativity, you know, is your gift to the stars. Then you have here the moon. It's pie sees. I believe it's a feeling of confusion, a worry, maybe blocking your intuition, saying You can't trust everything that you see at this time the sign, which is But a lot of people say the son is Leo energy to I mean, I kind of see it as that because that creation right that spark you get its success. Energy and enlightenment comes when the sun energy radiates. Judge Man has pleaded out. So liberation and newfound freedom, the world, the Saturn, the truth, successful completions. And that's how I read the astrology with the different major economies and a major Lightpath. Now, if you want to look at the minor economy Stephen of our court, I just filmed uh, the major Khanna with the astrological sign associations. So I wanted to bring to you your court cards. Okay, Now I did film it, but I wanted toe just go through and give you the exact ones because although I was bright with a lot of them, some of them I was a little shaky with, So I wanted to give you the cracked one. So let's see here. We got the ones right, which is fire. So the queen of wants is areas you have the night of wants, which is Leo? You have the king of wants. Which is sanitary is you have the water which is the Queen of cops Cancer. You have the Knight of Cups Scorpio and you have the King of Cups Places you have the Queen of Swords Libera. The night of swords. Aquarius, the King of Swords. Gemina. You have the queen of coins. Where the clean pentacle. Capricorn. The night of coins, tourists and the King of coins. Virgo. Okay, so I wanted to make sure that I did the correct ones for you. So that's what you have for the court cards with the association's. Okay, so think about the different sweets, right? You have your water. You have your pen. Hoosier. Your earth in your air. OK, so that's how we can associate him. So with the water, you have your cancer. Scorpio prices air. You have liberal Aquarius, Jim and I Earth. You have Capricorn Taurus and Virgo Fire. You have areas, Leo and sanitary. So that can tell you which one relates toe. Which energy? Okay, so what? That I hope that helps. And I'll see you in the next video by 14. How to do a Tarot Reading with you're in need of quick cash : Hi, everyone. This is Stephen of our cord from Stevie's Oracle readings dot com. Now, this video right here, I think, is very beneficial for a lot of people. Now, whether you're beginning terror reader intermediate or an event this spread right here helps you when you type the cash and you need to get money on the fly. Okay, so this is a quick spread that you can do if you are in need of money. Right? So people always ask, How much would you charge for reading? I would charge for this reading. $20. That would get you a quick $20. So think, buddy, do five people within the span of a day. That's $100. Okay, so let's see. So I'm using my Philip for me. Terror deck. I love this crispy properties. Some come here. So say I have a client again. I don't like clients. Dazzling questions. So what I do is I just read the energy. So I just tell them Hey, this is a quick reading to give you the energy, but they want an actual question. Don't show them away because live because they have questions for me. I don't I question? So it's all about how you feel. And if you're at that stage where you don't feel like you questions and you could just read the go for it. So I'm just going to read, like a quick reading from myself. He, uh Okay, so I wanted to know I'm shuffling. I'm I just want to get here. Okay, So I have my cards and I have my oracle cards. What? I would do a shuffle with my cards. Always get you a pack of oracle card just so you can ground the reading because they're not . What, you bring it home? OK, so I like to do one at the beginning and one at do different Oracle decks playing different energies. But it's all about how you feel. I'm using my new deck here. My, um what is the wisdom of the oracle and that kind of like have my oracle cards here? Remember, I'm a started off grounding and stuff. I have a client, and they just want to know. Okay, See, that popped up $20. So this came out five, which is often So this is about not being sad because your dreams have disappeared, right? Because your dreams have abandoned you. Maybe you have been doing things a certain type of way. And this card is just saying, Look, it happened for reason. Maybe you wasn't getting any traction because that was spirits. Where you're saying, Look, this is not really for you all, dodo, imposing your free will. That's the same look. Don't despair, don't cry. But I spill milk because spirits bring you something even better or whatever situation that person is going through. Black look. Or you said, Have you been going through something? Remember, use your intuition. Have you been going through something? Because this car right here the energy on this is telling me that you have been filling despair lately. You haven't fill in some kind of sorrow Does become some kind of situation. Ways made you have your head down and despair. And then think about the five numerology. Five is all about chaos. Confusion of the mind are it could be changing the mind, but this car doesn't like any kind of change. Um, this is more about saddened. She's sitting here on top of ah, I want to say it looks like a bird nous because it looks like she is alone. Everyone has left her, and she's here waiting for the mother to come back. And she's just like Okay, well, I feel often and think about what is an often and often has no one. So they have to rely on itself. So this could be whatever situation you're going through, you have to rely on yourself. And then I look at the bottom and I see this card to going the distance. Think about that cheater that Cheetos almost at the finish line because that she does the fastest one of the fastest animals in the world. I don't know if he is the fastest, but yeah, I think about that. And I say, what four plus seven is 11. So that is a master. Build the number right there. So you are building your life. So whatever it left you, this right here is bringing you that finish line. So keep going. Even if you're at a situation when you feel like your dreams are not working out, keep going. Keep going cause you're at the finish line. You're there. It's moving at you at a fast pace and that's true, because right now I like I said, I gave up my milady's business, my yoga business, and I've been feeling a little sad about it, a little bummed out. And I've been having my accompanied. I've been working for my partner company. Burned along has been, like trying to get me to do videos. And I'm just like, Well, I don't want it to videos. That part of me is gone. So I felt like, you know, I'm often what? My dreams, Because it's like, Okay, now I'm onto something new, and I felt a little despair. Although I have my Tero businesses, like, you know, I've been doing, um I've been doing yoga Politis for a long time, So it's I go, I feel gonna because it is a part of me. Okay. Especially being here in Atlanta. I don't have any, like connections within the health industry. So it's like, OK, I am alone now. I would take me three cards from the debt. They all popping out here, and I want to say this right here was calling my name. Okay, that wants to want flipped over. So what else? That one. Okay. And this Okay, Data. So if I have a client here, pick out three cards, right to go with the grounding of the reading. So I had the orphan golden distance. Then I have five tentacles. So this talks about lack, right? Just a scarcity card. This is talking about you not having enough financial support. This is you. Not having the resource is to make your dreams come true. And that goes well with the often card. Because look didn't have the resources to keep it going, right? I didn't have the clients like I thought I wanted to. I didn't have the support that I wanted to. You know, I felt left out in the coal. I felt abandoned by my dreams often, but I had to realize that look, that was a part of my life that's gone. I'm not that anymore. I have something else. That's my heart. Focus, work, and you get the aid of tentacles. So eight of tentacles is about you now putting your time and attention into something that you believe in. This is you now have in a new focus. This is you putting your blood sweat and tears into a new feeling So when you had this dream, like, say, friends of my Pallotti's business, I had that dream. I put it all into it and it felt good. But then after a while it got boring. And I was just like, I wasn't put in my time and attention to it because I just didn't love it, you know? I mean, all those gone I don't love. And this now is where I'm putting my heart focused work my time in my attention, which is into my terra business and building my terrible school. So this is diligent. Focus, work because you're building the dream. You're committed to the dream. The new drink and eight is the numbers assess is the number of abundance. And then this talks about is a major Arconic. So this is the thing. This is the big life journey, right? This is number eight. This is about strength. So see, you got another number eight. So this is about having that encouraged tame whatever is going on. Right? So although your feeling abandoned and although you're feeling like nothing is happening, you're not getting support. That's just that fear and doubt, right? Right. That's just that beast. That's just telling you you're not good enough, and that's what this feels like. You know you're not good enough. You're not good enough. You can't make it. But think about it. This woman and his lying on one in the same and look. She's able to get over the mountains and get close to that line. Onley Fuel can get too close to a lion, and but this is a wild lion. So think about it there, one in the same. She is the heart, and he is the beast. So she's able to tame that beast. And she's blessed, right, because she has infinite blessings. That's that eight again, right? She's blessed and her courage. She is able to overcome any obstacle because she is focused on something new in going the distance and she's wearing orange. Was is a sacred color, and this is Citrin of Citron is about helping you get balancing your relationships, get balance and yourself getting centered, which your relationship with self I think about that lion. He's courage, right? So she's able to tame the beast because she knows that inside that courage is gonna take toe keep going. So I already did that. And if you want to clarify, you can. But if I was doing a $20 reading, you know I want them in and out. I hate to say it like that, but you do. So then I would just end it here with another Oracle card. Please give me one three. Soc Breathe is dead. I would like you want to come out to Plus nine, which is another master built number 11. So it's saying, Look and breathe is all about taking that time to add the you calm. The bees are your common to be, so you can breathe because it may feel like you don't have support, and it may feel like you're not good enough. It may feel like you're being often by your dreams, but when you breathe, you're able to go to distant. You're able to just refocus, get to that place where you can put your energy on something else because it's not the end of the world, and that's what you tell your client is not the end of the world. Whatever you're going through, you may feel abandoned by your dreams, but you have encouraging you to keep going. So this lack of support this you're not feeling good enough? It's just a mirage. It's just that beast being on Tink. You can find that same love again and apply it to somewhere else. And by that you're blessed. So all you have to do is breathe because you have the master bill. The number surround you. 11. You're building a new dream. And by that you are going to be successful. Okay, so that is how I would give someone to reading. And it didn't take long. And you charge $20 they go about their way. If you want to clarify and give them more advice, you can do that. But that's how you get a $20. All right? And if you want to do it online, that would be even better. All right. So hopefully that helped, uh, let me know if that helps you and I will see you all in the next video by 15. How To Deal With Difficult Clients for Your Tarot Business : Hi, everyone. This is Stephen of our court, and I wanted to bring to your video on how to deal with difficult customers. Now, as a reader, we're going to get the customers who are gonna come to us, and they're going to try to dictate how you sure, in your business right now, for example, with my business, I do not do any readings in person or unless is a group, or if I'm doing a class, I don't do readings over the telephone. I only do my readings through the Internet. That is how I do my business. A lot of customers will call you. They will try to get true to go outside of your boundaries. So when I say boundaries, I mean make it a priority of high. You want to do your business. So whether that's in person, whether that's online, where you feel most comfortable doing your readings. Now when it comes to me doing readings and person, I don't like doing readings at people homes because I want to be in my safe spot, right? I don't want to go to someone's house because daring control now call me a control freak. But when it comes to my safety, I don't want to put myself in jeopardy, right, and a lot of times people would try to hijack your time. And whenever I'm in my spot, I can control the time. I can control how I want the readings to go right. That's 12 When it comes to how I do my readings now, I do allow clients to give me questions, but when I do my Statoil and this is very important, know your style as a reader, when it comes to me, I always do my readings. I lay out the cards, I read the energy. I try to get the picture of what's going on then from there, I talked to the client half the time. I try not even make contact with them. I contact. I tried to just go into the card to get the message, then from there, that they have questions. Then I can use the cards, the answer to questions based on what I'm getting, Why do I do that? Because these are energy readings. They're not predicted. And a lot of times people come to you because they want predictions right now. Why Do you want to know the future? Because if you have the answers to the future that you're not gonna live, you like the way you're supposed to live it right? And I don't want to give anyone to cheat codes to how they should live their lives, because then it's not their free wealth. Then it's my free well imposed upon that, my interpretation of how they should live their lives. So I personally read the cards. Then we discuss what's going on right now. Why do I do that? Because I try to set my style of how I am as a reader. Now. Some people like to go when they like to do toe questions, then do the cards. But that's not me. I feel like whenever I do, um, whenever I do readings, I want people to know that one I am able to tap into the energy to I'm not here for show. I'm not a party trick, so I'm not here to amuse you. I'm here to get down to business, right? So when I do that, I'm focused, focused on the energy. I read the energy. I don't read predictions for people. You know. So my style is energy. Customers will come to you and say, Well, the next reader, I went to the last reader when today did it this way. I dated that way. You had to be strong and being able to stand up for yourself. That's the one thing I've learned doing this business. You have to know how to be strong. And you have to know how to say now or I'm sorry. That's not my staff. A lot of people will call me and trying to get me to do phone reading. Sorry, that's not my stuff. They would try to get me to do specific love questions on. Is my wife cheating? Is my husband cheating? Sorry, that's not my stuff. You have to learn how to say Sorry, that's not my stuff. And half the time, you don't even have to say sorry. I just do that because, you know, just in conversation, I would say Sorry, I don't know. I think it's program from corporate, where I was used to say Sorry when it wasn't really sorry, or sometimes I'll catch myself and I say sorry, but not sorry, you know, especially when I'm giving hard troops with that With your style of reading, you have to determine if you want to give fluff. Are you wouldn't be direct with me. I'm very direct when it comes to me giving my messages. Don't sugarcoat it. I tell you how it is because I try to be the person's friend, right? If I'm going into your energy, I'm a tell you like it. ISS I'm not going to sit there and feed you. What you want me to tell you? I give you what you need. I don't give you what you want. Why do I do that? Because when you had the direct approach, when you have the energy in a specific way, you are more prone to live your life to your highest potential. Okay, now another thing to clients will try to negotiate the price stand firm and your prices. Now I am very flexible when it comes to return customers because I like to make sure that my customers come back to me, right. My clients come back to me so I try toe, give them like a package deal. If you come for three, maybe I'll give you one free Or if you do, like through a service, they like Groupon. I'll try to give you, like, one price you pay, but and I'll say, Okay, come back in, like, two months and I'll give you another reading on me. Right? So I just try to work on my clients. So, no, you were clients would try to, uh, tell you how to charge for your business. So you have to be strong in yourself and confident yourself and know your value, does they? Look, this is what I charge when it comes to reading some readings you may want to do for free. That's on you. Some readings. You may have to go higher than normal, especially if it runs over time. You cannot be in this business to try to be friends. You have to be in this business knowing that it is a business, right? Yes. Tero is one part, but businesses and not the point. So you have to know how to bring the two together, right? I can't go to the store and say, Oh, well, okay. This piece of chocolate bar, you have a 53 cents. I can't get it for 25 cents because your prices that 53 cents. So I have been here to that. And if I want that candy, but I'm going to pay it If not, then I'll try to go somewhere else. So it's very important that when clients come to you, they will try to strong hold your way of doing stuff. Know that you are in control. They're coming to you for service. Okay, so you have to keep that in mind. And sometimes clients, you're not gonna please everyone you're not. But what I try to do is that the person is a happy with the reading. Can I give you another reading? If not, sorry does no refunds because some people think about it when you have a say. Like for instance, I worked at the dollar tree part time people will go. For instance, a lady she brought an air freshener. She opened up the air freshener and then brought it back. Now my manager, it was like, Yes, we'll take it back, right? She was just gradually saying, we'll take it back. But I told us Sorry, we can't do that cause this is open. She was like I brought it that way. Well, why would you buy And their freshness open, You know, are there was a lady who brought back, uh, seasonal items from the Fourth of July. So you used them and that you brought him back, right? Like people buy clothes and bring up that you get what I'm saying. So you have to know that this is your business. No refunds, no refund policy that they don't like it. Tell him that there's nothing you could do. There's nothing you can do. My that's on them at that moment. But make sure you put it in writing No refunds. So whenever they come to my website, it says it there. No refunds. Also, I put on there. If it's going to be alive, reading or if it's going to be on one line reading. It's very important that you let them know the details because a lot of times clients will not read too. So you have to let them know as well as tell them read it. So that way, if something goes wrong, you're covered. And you could say, Well, I told them and I told them where to go to read the information. Okay, So just know that, uh, you know, with any business, you're gonna have difficult clients, right? And a lot of times, clients are coming to you because they're upset, right? They won't hope so. You have to know that they're at their most vulnerable, right? So a lot of times when people get upset, they're very vulnerable. Sorry, dog, isn't that Hey, um, sorry. I'm watching my my housemates talk. Um, our people are at their most vulnerable, so you know that they probably are upset. You never know what someone has been throwing a live. So a lot of times, people react based on the things that's presented to them from their childhood and, you know, their formative years. So just don't take anything personal. And they had to give up the Chazz. They're upset. Just know that you have to just take it as a sponge. It's not personal. They're just venting their frustration. Okay, a lot of times they may come to you and, you know, and they're they're very fragile. So you have to know how to handle OK, But the best thing I could tell you the best advice is be strong. Be confident and know your work. OK, so what? That said That is how you deal with difficult customers. Let me know if you like this video, and I will give you mawr on how to deal with a client. All right? And difficult, difficult challenges. All right, so with that, if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time to believe in you because I believe in you and I'll see you all soon, but 16. Thank You: Hi, everyone. This is Stephen of our core. And I want to thank you so much for taking this course. This causes so much fun. I love putting it together for you. And I hope with the skills, you can go out there and become the best reader that you could be. And just know that you are the filter for the message and what you put out there. Those are your messages. So trusting yourself and go out there and make me proud because I'm already proud of you. But let's go out there and change the world without readings, OK? So I cannot thank you enough. And I cannot wait to see you for the next. Of course, that I'm going to do for the events. We're gonna have much more stuff in here for you. So with that, have a great day. And I want to say that if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time. Start believing in you because I believe in you and I'll see you all soon. And your support means so much to me. Thank you. Please tell a friend