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Learn Tarot Cards - Beginners Level

teacher avatar Stevie Levar Coard, Founder, Coach Me Stevie

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction Message

    • 2. How to handle your first Deck of TAROT CARDS

    • 3. Ethical Practices in Tarot Readings

    • 4. What are the Terrifying cards in the TAROT

    • 5. Major Arcana in the Tarot Deck

    • 6. Learn the 56 Minor Arcana Pt 1

    • 7. Learn the 56 Minor Arcana Pt 2

    • 8. WorkLife Balance with Readings

    • 9. Thank You

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About This Class

Do you want to master the Tarot card meanings and read the Tarot with confidence? Become an intuitive Tarot reader and learn to read Tarot from the heart, not the book, with my online Tarot training courses. Build your confidence, develop your Tarot reading skills. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Stevie Levar Coard

Founder, Coach Me Stevie



Looking To Tap into Your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL And Overcome Any Obstacles Standing Between You And What You Truly Desire?


Energy Astrologer, Educator, Motivational Speaker,  Life Coach, Tarot Reader

One of the leading certified professional Atlanta Tarot readers & Tarot educators, Steven “ Stevie” Levar-Coard has built his career by creating content across multiple platforms to educate and empower people to take action in their lives. Stevie has helped to inspire and teach Tarot cards to millions of people on media distribution systems such as Amazon, BurnAlong, Skillshare, Vimeo OTT, and Udemy to coach individuals on accurate Tarot Readings, inner wisdom, Spiritual empowerment, and guidance th... See full profile

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1. Introduction Message : Hi, everyone. My name is Steven Lubar Cord. Have you ever wanted to learn the Tero? Are you scared of what the terror is going to tell you? Well, guess what? The tarot has been used for years to help people connect with their major and the secrets and minor in the secrets. Now, one question I get a lot is Stephen is detail Eros Carrie. No, the terror is not scary at all. The terror is actually very beneficial because it helps you uncover those secrets that you have hidden And also with that secret that's being uncovered and the energy of the read, it's allowing you to change your path on the direction that you're going on. So that way you can live your best. Life also helps to motivate you. It helps to give you the guidance that you need in order to live your best life. And that's why I love the terror. The terror to me helps me out when any clarity to terror is my go to divination till I have a lot of them. But the Terrel helps me because the Tero is fun and I love connecting with different people and tapping into the energy to help them live their best lives. And that's why I used to Terra. So is it evil? No. Is it fun? Absolutely. And I want to help you get the skills that I have in order to become a professional reader , whether you're a beginner and then two meter on events. The level reader, I want to give you the skills that you can use in order to take your first readings to help you become a better interpreter and bring the message together are if you want to expand your business and this is the perfect cause for you. And I thank you so much for allowing me to explain what the Tero is and end this course. I'll go deeper into the history behind the terror. But I thank you so much for your interest in the course. And I can't wait to see you in the classroom and I'll see you all soon. Bye. 2. How to handle your first Deck of TAROT CARDS : Hello. So you made it to the course. Thank you so much for purchasing this course, so I want to get started right away. First thing I want to do is tell you to get you a deck. And this is what I have my decade. So you want to five something that you can protect your debt? I have me the traditional right away that I usually put it in a baggie. But you don't have to. You can put in still cloth, and I'd get me a pencil case. I got this from the dollar store and I have my cards and I put them inside of the baggy. And then I just put them in a pencil case and in the storm were unknown top of another. So it is very important that when you get your cards, you take very good care of him. Because these are your pretty much money makers you and make sure that they are protected. But over time, they may want were out. So, you know, just make sure that you are keeping him updated, and also make sure that you are keeping updated with you know how Teoh, the different decks that's out there. So with that said, I wanted to show you what to do when you get your first debt. So the deck is going to come in the package. You take it out the box, and what I do is I place it in my left hand. I asked, Please bring the highest intention of good through 11 light for every reading, with prosperity, abundance and unconditional love, everyone who needs a message as well as myself and then I'll not three times you don't have to necessarily do that. But this is just how I connect with my energy. And then I set my intentions. I plan to use these with the highest intentions of good to bring out inspiration, motivation and guidance to those who need readings from me. And I send blessings to those who need the messages from me, all right? And so it's all about what you want. And my aim is to bring out the best in people. So that's what I want. So when I get the cards, I just pretty much go through each one. If you want, just look at on and just put your energy on each of the cards said that where you get familiar with them and then take time to get to know each one at on, and as you put your energy on them, you're bonding with the cod. So that way, when you need your messages, you can the highest messages for yourself and for your clients. And with that side, that is the energy. So then, from Nan, I would start out by getting familiar by taking one of the cards. And every single morning when I get up, I would take one of the cards, place it flat down. I wouldn't even look at it then and nighttime before go to bed. I would pick that card back up, and I would write it down in my journal. So it's very important that you get you a Tero journal and you can get one at the store for $1 and those journals you just write the card of the day, the overall message. So as you become a experience, read anything you can write the over a message, and I'll show you about that. But every day just right, the Carter today put it down. Don't even think about it. This is if you're a beginner, don't even think about it. Just get the message. Put it down right then at the debt, What do you dio? If you become intermediate, you may want to take two or three cards. Then you may want to take it and look at it. Try to get the meaning for it Put it down and then from near, come back at night time right before you go to bed and look at it and see if that car came . Sure my and you want to do that as a beginner to take that one card at night before you go to bed and see if that car can trip and you want to read the book or you want to go online and check out some of the the messages, and also in this course, I'll give you the meanings behind the card. So this is you know, when you get to it immediate level, you can take out three cars and then put it down because you want to get morning, afternoon and evening and then but it up. And as you become advance, you can do an overall two card of the day and in mourning at the noon evening and put it all together. So that's how I do mine. And then right before I go to bed, I just look at it and see if those energies came true. Because, yes, a lot of people look at the terrorizes being predictive to me. I don't get predictive messages. I just give the energy. So what's going toe most likely happened sometime. It is predictive, but, you know, I never want to tell anybody s protective. And then before I go to bed, I just see if that the energy resonated well, what happened today and then just go to sleep. So that is how I handle my cards. That is how I get my messages. And that is how I pretty much get my card of the day. So hopefully that helps. And I'll see you in the next month by 3. Ethical Practices in Tarot Readings: Hi. Everyone does Steven Lavoie record. And I wanted to make a video today on the ethics of detail. So what are some of the ethics that I follow when it comes to terror? Okay, I'll give you an example. When it comes to doing a terror reading. Now it's all about the intent. I said that before. That's no secret. It's all about how you used these. These are a piece of paper. They laminated pieces of paper. The reaction to the message is the client's reaction to the message. What if you're doing a reading for yourself? It's your reaction to the message. What are some of the ethics in terror? If you get the death card, there is one thing. So the devil just give you the cards here. These are my crystal terror cards. These are my favorite cards. I like these cards because they pretty much has I just resonate with them. It's all about finding cars that you resonate with. And I'll do a video on that. This is about you guys having trying to find him quick. I should have probably had a mouth. Okay, this is one. Uh okay. Yes. These are the ones so and right away deck these look a little different but even hear these kind of looks scary. So this is death, right? It's a soon as people see this death card. They're like, Oh my God, I'm going to die And they get freaked out and it's like, No, you're not gonna die now. Their readers out there who can find out when someone's going past, you know, using near Clarity's nuclear cognizance. They probably have the information are they probably could see it through their clairvoyant so they could probably fill it to declare sentence whenever I know someone's gonna pass. So I think that deficit in future I will never tell that person. And I advise you to do the same thing. Never, ever tells the one when they're going to pass because you're going to be imposing when that person's free will. Now we all come to this planet toe, have our human experience where spirits have any human existence, not the other way around. So people give freaked out and we have free will. That's the beauty about being here on this planet is that we have. The choice is to make the choices we want to make. So when it comes to death, if you tell someone they're going to die, imagine what their life is going to be like every moment they're gonna be thinking that they're gonna die every moment they're gonna be like it's just a moment and they're not going to be able to relax. And they're going to enjoy the rest of your lives because they worried about when is that moment going to come? How's it going to come? And they're gonna be saying goodbye to people, and it's like it becomes so messy, and that's just not something I want to do. Plus, you can get really sued behind that. So make sure that you are not telling people that again. I can't tell you how to do your business but me personally, there's comma with this because there is this thing that do want to others, as you have them doing to you. That's the golden Rule. But the comma is when you put something out that like that in world and something happens to that person, I believe the universe will bring that back to you in a certain type of way. So they could take someone close to you are they could possibly even take you. So I would say, Let's be careful about this. Don't tell people that they ask you just be honest. Look, this is talking about a deep inner transformation. We all go through it, but is mostly about the mind is pretty much as you go to that place of thinking as the hangman do I still believe in this? Whatever it is, it comes in and it pretty much well you get the double after that. But this is pretty much that. No, no, this is at their justice. Sorry. So this comes then. And that pretty much frees you from that. Do I still believe so? That way you can go to that place that being reborn. Look how green is coming out of this goal. As like, you're being reborn into something beautiful out of all of the chaos and madness that may have been going on in your life. This is about you having that deep inner transformation so you can think differently and active lately in life. Then you make it the tower. So people may think Oh, my God, is my house would be a fire, and I'm gonna just, you know, parish and thunder. Am I gonna burn up? No. The tower is about the destruction of the old foundation. It pretty much comes in and free us from all of the bull crap. It frees us from everything that's no longer serving us and give you a chance to get a new Ener stronger foundation. Now look here. These Royals getting kicked out of the castle. I always think of them as landing here because look is not that far. I feel like they always gonna bounce back. It's like this is like that, you know, trampling. And I do too big on just bounce right back. Go back inside where the fire is going to be going. So it's like a moment of upheaval where comes in and clears out the things that no longer serve you. So when people get this car, they freak out too, because it looks different in the right away decades. Well, but this is not what it seems. This is about clearing that in their structure. So this could be you clearing out materialism. This could be you clearing our friends and family who don't serve you. This could be you cleansing out that job that no longer serves you. It's pretty much getting you to that dark matter to Seoul. Will USC the value of life and you see that there's more than what meets the eye. Then you have d Let's talk about this the devil. So the devil is pretty much the illusion of what has power over us. And if you see those two people there close to the devil because they are, they feel comfortable. Although he's scary, he's not really hurting them. So they choose to be there. They are one with him, cause look, they got the details. This could be us. This is no devil. Coming in from the underworld will take you to help. This is all about what has power over you. What is the illusion? This could be money. This could be materialistic things. This is what has power over you. And you could be the devil. Because sometimes we have power over our own Selves. So look, they could free day cells at any time, but it's to double that. They know that they feel safe with, and then you have judgment now. Judgment to me is pretty much like a second chance at life. It is a reaper. Now you're finally hearing the sweet music of your life. You're finally hearing what it is that you need to be doing. So when you go, you was doing get your free will. But now you're more enlightened. Now you're hearing finally, in your loving which you are and your loving who you become. It's pretty much like the phoenix rising up out of the ashes. Something beautiful had to come from something being put down. And that's you hearing the music from Archangel Gabriel communicates with you. This is judgment. This is you. How we judge ourselves going forward. What are we gonna do now that we have the second chance of life? That's what this is about. This is not about goes coming back. Look, those flowers that were daring the death card look, you're growing into something beautiful from what you once were arcane to Gabriel is bringing life into So that's what the's cars is about. So whenever it comes to telling people Oh, are you going to die? No, I would never do that. And also another thing is to you. Make it love. Do you make it? People will say, Oh, well, there's Johnny, like me or the Susie like me. I won't tell people that readings. I just say, Well, they would like you. You would know Are you need to go. But in ask them Because that's the only way you want to know. They like me because me sitting here reading their energy, that right is unethical. Because then I'm reading their life. You won't want somebody spying on you. So why would you? Phil is okay for somebody is spying on someone else. I had a lady who called media the day because she wanted the reading and she wanted to know one. If I had the gift and to she wanted to know if I could tell her the name of her molester. I told him I'm sorry. I can't be Well, do you have the name of a colleague who would Sorry, even if I had that one. Get that to you. Because as unethical. Because then I know what you're going to do with that. And I want to sit right on my conscious. I used these to motivate and inspire people not to bring harm. Also, had a client wanted his wife was cheating. I won't tell him that. Because what if he finds out something goes home, kills her, and then I'm help responsible? I had a woman called me. Want to know if her husband was on the road cheating as a man? I can't do that. I'll give you the energy of what's going on with you. And you Take that. How you ever however you're gonna apply it. But far as like me going into someone's energy, I'm not gonna do that. So that's what I want to say. Be careful about how you do your readings. You have a big responsibility as a reader to go out there toe uphold the most highest good for your clients, not to tell them anything that's going to put them in harm. Not anything is gonna put them and, uh, state of taking away their options. What if we will? Okay, so with that said, I'm in this year hope that helps you going forward doing your terror business. And I believe in all of you. That's why I work with you, because I know that each and everyone of you have had something in you that I saw that I wanted to work with You okay? Because I couldn't tell if you're going to use these for bad intent and not saying I know. Well, um, because I'm sure some students probably slipped out of, you know, my intuition and probably are doing stuff, but at the same time, Now it's on. They're comin out all mine because I did my job teaching him. So now what do you do with these cards And what that said I'm gonna in this video and I'll see you all soon. If you want to connect it to hire, you start believing in you because I believe in you and I'll see you also, but 4. What are the Terrifying cards in the TAROT: Hello? Hello, everyone. This is Stephen of our cord. And today I wanted to talk about the three cards that appear in the terror deck that people are afraid of cell. I think this is funny, but I'm just filming this topic. And I just had a conversation with my cousin because I don't read for friends and family, but I you know, we'll make an exception here and there. And my cousin asked me a question in regards to a reading. So I sent her reading and she didn't look at it because she scared she didn't want to know when she was going to die. And I kind of chuckled to myself because that's kind of how everyone thinks of Tower readings. And, uh, it's that fear, that fear, that they're going to hear that they're gonna die, right? So as a good terror reader, I would never tell anyone when they're gonna die. And if someone tells you as a terrorist toe and me kind of like really devastating news that's going impose on your free will run out the door. So let me show you the three cards. That's the rial scariest of this scary you have the tower card. So the tower car pretty much talks about a deep and their collapse of that old structure. So think of it as the dark night of the soul. So you are pretty much being stripped of all that. You think all that, you know. So say, for instance, I live in Manhattan and all I know is a lifestyle of Ferraris and going a brunch every day , having Chef having the best Rolexes, having the fancies closed and done all that I get taking away from me now some people literally does. And then some people a pretty much it's the opposite. So you'll still have everything but you you pretty much awakening to the reality of things , knowing that money and cars and all of that doesn't really matter. Yes, money gets you a nice lifestyle, but in the bigs game of things, we don't come to this planet for the money we come toe have the experiences, right? So along the way, humans have misinterpreted the true meaning of life. Right? So this car pretty much talks about that you being stripped of everything. So is that deep inner stripping and pretty much frees us, uh, things I think that as freeing us from the bullcrap that way, you know, because I watch a lot of these shows are used to watch a lottery reality shows and it's all about like people now is all about, like, you're not worthy of my time because you don't make money, are you? Can't talk to me because you don't make a certain amount of money, right? And this pretty much stripped you. It just says, Look, we're all connected. We're all one, right? Is that deep? Is that destruction of the old and bringing new and see right here? This is a tower, so pretty much I think of it as God coming in and clearing us everything we need And these Royals who are in this castle, they're pretty much being free from it. So they getting free from all bullcrap. So that way, the inside structure could be rebuilt and to something even better. Something built on solid and moral, uh, core values, you know, and that's what this is. But if you look guessed, it may seem scary cause they falling out the tower, but I feel like they could just easily bounce back. All right, this is probably like to me, a trampoline, so they'll fall and then go right back fresh because they had a chance to come out the tower, see the fall, are experienced the fall, go back and go back inside and appreciate life, right? That's how I think of this. So that's what the tower is the devil's. Now a lot of people get scared of the devil card because they think that Oh, it's this beast that's gonna come up from hell and torture me for the rest of my life. So if you look at this card, what I love about this card is that we are the devil. So there's pretty much is what has a hold on you. What is the temptation that has a hold on you? Look at these two people. They're chained to this goat like creature, right? He has wings. He's scary. But if you notice he's not torturing now, he's standing on top of their because it's the illusion of what has a hold on us. And if you see here their chains, they could get free at any time. But they choose to stay there because the devil that they know. So think about it like this. You are at a crossroads. Which road it gonna take to safer out within your comfort zone? The devil that you know? Are you gonna go into the root of the unknown where it could be a road full of happiness and everything that you wish for? That's what this card is saying. What has power over us is the illusion of what has power over us. And that's what the devil is. It's to temptation Card. This could be addiction, right? So this is anything that has a hold on. Then you have the death card. Now, the death card is not what you think. The death cart is about good rebirth. It's pretty much well the tower is means our judgment is more about the rebirth. And I'll show you that in a minute. This is more about that deep transformation of the mind. So if you see here, dish skeleton is coming from the underworld, right? He has his white horse. He you see that king right there, that king I think of as someone who's just ruthless someone who only wants money, someone who only wants power, so that comes right to give him that deep transformation. So I don't really think he's dead. I just think he's temporary, knocked out because death came in blind side of him. I think what happened is he is now going through the transformation where he will wake up and see that look. I was living this type of way. Now I have a different way of thinking. So it's that deep inner transformation of the mind. So think about like a prisoner. A prisoner will go to jail and they were stadia for years and years and sell. That may be in the solitary confinement because they have a chance to just sit there and have their thoughts and think about their actions. And they have ask for forgiveness. That's what this is. You pretty much getting a second chance. But you're getting a second chance to do things with you know, the way that you think judgment is more about the second chance of life. But I think that this is a second chance that your thought processes and you had this pope here Welcome staff. You have these Children who welcome that. They welcome it. Look he's not scary. Haitians. Daylight Look. Okay, I came to help you see the right way, and that's what death is about. So anyone assisting tells you you're gonna die run from them because they're not a good reader. There's ethics and terror reading. And no one should ever tell you if you're gonna die and then you have your judge men. So this is also scary car because you have people coming out the grave and you have arcane Jew Gabriel who's playing sweet music, right? So, look, I have no color. They have No, no, nothing. A few book. They're pretty much getting a second chance at life. They're pretty much at this place of okay, we welcome our music. We welcome this chance toe live again to do things differently. And that's what judgment is. You're going through the judgment. You had a chance to see how you were behaving, how you were acting, how you were living. And now you get to do it again. So you get a second chance at life. What are you going to do with the second chance of life? That's what Judgment ass is. OK, so these are pretty much the four terror cards. And then you also have one more. Which is I'm going to show you, which is in the swords, which is the 10 up sores. So this is another one that looks like it's death, right? But pretty much if you think about it. Swords are our communications are believes ideas are truce and putting much teach truth have stabbed him in the back. So this could be betrayal. This could be heartbreak. This could be deception. This could be you coming to that place where things were just taking you down. This is the end of a cycle thinking. So you were pretty much going to that place where you're through of thinking this way. And so that's why you're here. You're being stripped of that. So these 10 swords, air 10 troops that you have learned these are experiences. These are things that you thought you believe, But you don't believe them anymore. So now what do you do? You get up and you take the sorts out of you. So these are the cards that people look at and they get so scared whenever I do a reading, they think that you know are just reading a general. They think that they're going to die. I think they're going to hear bad news. But the terrible is really not that literal is not here to tell you if you're gonna die terrors Onley here to give you the answers that you need for the questions that you have. No. Right. So what? That said that is the terrible cards and I'll see you in the next time. Bye. 5. Major Arcana in the Tarot Deck : Hi everyone. This is Stephen record and I wanted to bring to you your tarot card. Readings for the major are Khanna. So what? In a major economy, it is the big life path that we go on as humans, right? It's the big journey and they call it the Major Khanna because our common secrets So the major and this secrets that we have, it's human beings, right? So let's start. We have the full the fool's journey Now when you had the fool's journey, think about it. I think of this card as you leaving the house as a kid in high school. Maybe you have been through it, which apparent maybe you had to go under there believes and you have to follow their rules , you know, because they take care of you. Whatever. So this is you pretty much going college. Think of a college kid when they go to college. They have no care in the world. They go there to have fun. They pretty much get a chance to make their own adult decisions. And that's how I think of the full. You're going on a new journey, Your at that cliff, right? So at that cliff, you can fall if you're not paying attention. He's not worried. She's not worried. This is melon female energy because we have Mel a female energy here. She is not worried because he know that spirit is there to guide them. And that's what I think of this dog. This dog is there as spirit. This dog is that pure essence that's along for the journey to help him so that dull could be calling to say, Look, there's a cliff here, but at the same time, I'm with you on the road. I'm with you on this journey. You have all the tools at your disposal. So everything you need is with you. You don't have an iPod, you don't have a television. You don't have your Sega Genesis. Well, they play Sega. Genesis is you don't have Xbox or PlayStation all. You have this hope and enlightenment, and that zero is the number being whole bright Yellow is the number of happiness. So when I look at this card, it just tells me Look, his chess is backers had is up. He has no fear. You asked this person Where you going on your journey I don't know. Well, what's gonna happen? I don't know. Well, where you gonna end up? I don't know. Well, who is going to be there? I don't know, because this person is a risk taker. It's all about the leap of faith. So ask yourself, What risk are you willing to take in your life? You at the magician? So he's the alchemist or she's the album's I'm going to say he for, you know, sake of the card because that's what that was. But it could be here she the alchemist, creates. It's, What are you going to create? What do you want to create your life? What do you want to take your life? You're blessed. You got the infinite sign right there. You standing your truth. You know yourself. You know that honest journey that you want to create something and this is what it's about taking everything that you have in a knapsack, I think of and creating what you need to create. And you have everything on this table. So you have a solid foundation. You have the cups, you have all the four sweet Do you have cups? You have the ones you have the swords and you have the tentacles. So you have a new seed. So that's your anything in a physical that sure, anything. We grow in physical or anything we have in fiscal. So your mortgage, your job, your money, your, um your car, your house, anything in the physical reality, Then you have your cups. So your cuts are your emotions, your relationships, your passions. Then you have your sword that she believes that's your truth. That's your your knowledge. That's anything you used to communicate. Then you have you want your wants are your I think of Harry Potter because you're creating . So it's where you passionate about what you manifesting, What are you creating? And look, he has another one right here, right? So D 24 suites which are part of terror. These are part of the minus stories that you have, right, the major small secrets. They are what you bring to the story. So this major Khanna's him. He's creating. And look here has the outer borough belts, which is the snake, which that bites is tell. So that's like an infinite blessing. So it's about what are you willing to create? You've got the fresh crops here growing sprouting up because he's creating the place of love. So the question is, what are you creating the high Priestess? So the high priestesses, this keeper of the secrets, the high Priestess has the information, but she doesn't act on it. She knows what she knows, and she Onley gives you the information as she fills that you're worthy. This could also be you coming into your spiritual awakening. What I love about this card look, you have the crescent. So her intuition is always high. She has her pearls of wisdom. She has knowledge, but she doesn't act on it. She holds it and she stands here between this pillar between the unseen world and the seen world and develops. Then, right? So she she stands and she allows access to that world. When she feels that you're worthy, she's holding a Torah, which is ancient knowledge, and this bell is made a pomegranate, which is like a central fruit. It's more like fertility. It's more of like a passion for sexuality. She has all the knowledge and everything you need, and she gives that to you when she tells you Worthy, she's the female energy to the high priests are the horrifying, and we'll talk about him. So when she appears in the reading, you know what you know. And then these pillars Boaz. Hi Scene and his strength he will establish. So I always each card. I was asked questions. So what secrets are you holding? Then you have the Empress. Now what I love about her. She is the mother of the terror, right? She is all about creating something out of love. She is passionate. She has all off her love with her, to grow what she wants. She is ruled by the planet Venus. And she is the type that as she has an idea or she wants to grow something, she grows it out a lot. Think of it like a baby When the baby comes to you doesn't come to you as in the dull. It comes to you as a baby and she nurtures that baby. She makes sure sped. She makes sure is taking care of and grows into the adult that it needs to be grown into with the knowledge that it needs. Right? So she's all about new beginnings. She's all about fertility, abundance and look. She has treasure 13 stars. She has treasure, and I always think that I was pregnant. But some people don't. I do, because she's all about creation. She's the mother energy to the emperor. So the emperor is the father Now the father is all about take charge. He had the warrior. He steps up in this power, but it cares was people. He has fade. He stands on his salad foundation. He has treasure. He gets his treasure. He is the wise man who make sure he is the protector. And he's also he's the father to the mother. So, like my mother would tell you, Oh, well, you know, I don't think you should go to the park, you know, because you may fall and when you go to and you fall, she have, like, let me help you. Let me nurse the wounds, your fault it like, Well, I don't think you should, but it apart. But if you go to the park, you fall. He's like, Get back up, try it again. He's strong. He's determined. He's is a fighter. He's brave. Then you have the higher offense. So the higher offense is the mask in the energy to the high Priestess. So the high priest, This is all about having the secrets. But she don't act on it unless she tells you worthy. He is like the pope, so he has the keys to heaven. He stands between that power that those pillars. But there is no veil there. So he is all about mind, body and strength, right with his Sepp 30 year. I don't know what you call it. He's all about having the information, ancient wisdom. But he gives it to who he wants to give it to, right? He gives it to you. Look, he has the followers because he is the religious figure. He is all about traditions and doing get old fashioned ways. And he's all about order. And he's all about It has to be done through wisdom, right? He's all about faith. We're he's all about order and High Priestess is all about like creating a new right, having what you have through experience. That's what the difference is. He's all about always old fashioned ways of doing that. She's about like, OK, we can create a new way through our experience. He's the father, the Mel energy to the High Priest. Then you have the lovers not let this car because it's the illusion of what keeps us apart . So if you see Arcangel, Gabriel is dear and blessing this union right? They are here in the garden. They are lovers. They're pretty much, as people will say, twin flames or soulmate. They're meant to be together. It's what you love, but it's the illusion of what is keeping a separate are it could be the illusion of what's keeping us together, because I think of one person being all in, and I think of one person not being get. So it's like a love relationship. One person is all into a relationship. What other person may be thinking about their choices are the options, but it's the illusion of being together are the illusion of being apart. So this could be a love. This could be something you you're passionate about. This could be someone coming into your life. It's the lovers. The heart wants what it wants. But then the head has to get on board to get the heart what it wants. So then it's all about matching the head and heart, which is what brings us to the chariot. So the chariot is all about going for right. He's leaving his old home. He's going to a new place. You had the light in a dark side, but he brings it together because I think of this as the heart head. Are this shadow on the light side, You have the work together to go forward. He knows where he's going. He's going on a new journey, right? He has this background made of stars, so he's going to get his wish. He has his intuition. Look at the crescent there. He's the war rewrite, so his head and his heart is matched up. So he's going to a place that's familiar down. He's going on the journey. He's prepared. He knows where he's going. So I always think of this. Where is home? Where you going? What are you escaping from your escaping to? Something better. But then you have your strength card. Now your strength card is all about her taming this beast, her being blessed because she's able to take this bees. She's able to get close to that. These people aren't able to get close to this lying. So you gonna Afghans apart. You're not able to get close to that lying that lions will snap your head off. But she and the line on one in the same, she's able to control that line. This is her shadow side there together, and that's how I view knit together. She's ableto tell him, Look, okay, we're going to just work this out. You don't have to be so aggressive, huh? Let me just let me just, you know, pet pet shoes and we will work together to get to the solution. That's what she's about, right? And she's wearing a crown. Well, is that a crown on? Yes, I could crown. It's like having in a courage. So what? Your strength? What do you have encourage on overcoming obstacles and also no obstacle is too big are too small. Then you have the hermit, so you're coming to a place of solitude where you can get the answers you need for your questions are for your life. It's more back getting in power where you wanna go on this journey. How are you going to go on this journey? It's about you reflecting. It's about you contemplating. Who am I? Where am I going? In my life? And look, he has a star. So he's following the star. He's following the path. He's powerful, but he has that on reserve right now because he's just at this place that it's a moment of stillness where he could just reflect on their journey so far. And see. Look who are you. Then you get the wheel of fortune. So I love this car because it's like the fortunes of turning. Because fate is bringing you what you want. Fate is bring you to destiny. So what are you going to do to act on this? To make it happen, you have to double here, trying to persuade you. But then the newbies comes back from the underworld protection. The snake is falling. You have the signs of the Zodiac. This is destiny. This is good fortune to you. But how you gonna act on it, then? You have justice Now. This is about you having balance on both your heart and both your truth. So you're heading. Your heart is balanced. This is the making and breaking contract. This is making amends of the path this. Well, the six of cups is that as well. But this is about you not letting this is. You're getting balance and everything. Did you get injustice? Now, this could be legal situations, victory, illegal situations. This is about you at that place where you are. You're pretty much, um you're you're not let in the past her true anymore. You balance in it a lot. This is Kama the making and breaking of contracts Making amends. Then you have the hangman. So look, the hangman ist on that tree of life just reflecting drinking. Do I still believe in this? Is this still my truth? What's gonna happen to me when I get down off this tree? Am I gonna be the same person? It's pretty much you take that moment to have stillness. When nothing's movin, you're in limbo. So it's like, Do I still believe in this? What's my truth? Because free is so Look, he has the number four right there. So he's looking for a new foundation are to see. Look, is this still what I want to build? Look, how far I've come is just still what I want to do. And he's enlightened. So once he gives up that tree, he knows he's not gonna be it. The same person which brings me to death so that it's all about that major and the transformation of the mind. So look, the king is dead. They welcome that. That is coming to say, Look, this is a transformation. This is you having a chance to think differently too? Have your mind be rebirth in your thought process. This is not a major that like a physical that this is more about that little that. What do you think? How are you thinking now what transformation are you will need to undergo Then when you go through that, you get through temperance. Now, Temperance is all about having balance, having patience, everything in moderation, your emotions of flowing those roadblocks in your path and not going to stop you because you know how to overcome. You are enlightened. You are growing the new you and you are happy with the new you. Nothing can bring you to that place of chaos because you know now that patience is a virtue . Then you have the devil. What has a hold on you? It's the illusion of what has a hold on Now this could be us. Those people got freed a cell for any moment. Those chains of so lose that creatures not terrifying to them. They choose the stadium because it's the illusion of what has power over you. This is addiction. This is anything that holds you bound. This is being a workaholic. This is You have a temptation over you. Then you have the tower. So this is Ah, This pretty much frees you from all of the bs. This pretty much brings you to that place of the dark night of the stole. Stripping you from all that You think you know this is freeing you from the devil. So that way you can be free toe, have a better life, A better internal structure knowing that we're all connected, seeing the truth of the matter. Then from there you have the star. So look, she's naked. She's vulnerable. There are eight stars there. Which wish are you gonna take to make your dreams come true? She's pouring into the water. This is her emotions. She's not taking from it, She's poor and she's given freely. She's naked that she's vulnerable she is the star. This is all about having hope and your dreams. Hoping yourself. You've been freed from all of that crap said. Now what's your hope? Do you have the moon? So see how high seas Right there he stopped. He wants to go forward. But the moon highlight every single fear that he has. That's what stops him. That's what keeps him frozen. He knows he needs to go to that path to be unknown. But that wolf and that dog is dare howling at the moon to stop him. So it's highlighting all of your fears. But there is a vision you have. You know, you got to go beyond the moon. But what's stopping you? Do you have the sun now? The sun illuminates everything. There are no secrets here. You have a child like innocents. You're growing everything out of love. You're growing it with the childlike inter. Since play, you trying to grow highlight every single day. Do you have judgment? No. Judgment is pretty much a second chance of life. You pretty much giving this opportunity to do things differently. You bet through the dark night of this all this is a chance now to make amends with the past. Well, you already did that. But this is really like you, freeing yourself of everything. You've been through the hilly. Now it's time to get the second opportunity. What do you do with it? This is rebirth. Then you have the world. So the world is at your feet. What are you gonna do now that you have the world at your feet, You're still vulnerable. You had love. He had the alchemist wand. You create your world. Now you're successful. You have signs of the Zodiac there. Completions, lessons learned. New chapter. Where you going? So now that you got that, then you can come back to the full. What's the new race you will not take was the new leap of faith. So this could be the beginning or the end. You have hope again. So that right there are your major arc honest? 22. Major Khanna's whether you want to bring the full at the beginning of the end. Okay, so that is your major. And I was dead more to it. But that's just an overview of already 6. Learn the 56 Minor Arcana Pt 1 : Hello. Everyone said now is my favorite. We get to talk about this sweet and I love talking about the sweets because the suites to me are the things that we bring to the story. Now we have four different sweets. We have wands, hope declaring that wands, swords, tentacles and cops. So let's talk about each one. So let's start with models. I love these. These are what are referred to as Harry Potter. Abacha. Debra, what are you? Create 18. So there are 56 cards. So when I think of these cards, you have the first portion of life. So you are a baby. And then you go to college from college too. Creating your career and becoming the master of your career. That's two stages of life, right? So is the same thing here. Just like with the major you have from the full to the will of forging. That's the first part of life setting out on your journey, creating growing it out of love. Beam Emperor alway Teoh, Do you still believe in this as the hermit from the will of fortune? Right? Destiny turned. So what action are you going to take them from the well, a fortune through the tower all the way through judgment to the world Back to the full. Right. So that's two sets of life, right? Same thing here you have. You're aces, which are new beginnings. And then they take you to the king's which the courts. So we are the first set of life, which is your aces through tens and at 10 to completion after the completion goes into the court cards. Excuse the doggies barking. What? That said we have your second part of life. So you have your aces. Which a new beginnings going to tens, Which are you? Completions. And then from your completions of that first cycle day, you go into the courts, which is the mastery. So you go from the page all the way to the king and now explain. So starting out with ones what do you creating? See, God is giving you a new want. So whatever you want to manifest, you could do it because you now have the power from God. Look at that hand coming from this divine give you this new source of creation. What do you creating den after you create something now you probably want to tackle something else. So you're looking out. The world is at your hands. You see that there are two things that you are stuck between. Which one are you going to choose? Cause it's like, Okay, maybe you wanted to start out being a doctor, but then you may have done doctoring. Or maybe you have, Um okay, so this is the first part of life, right? So maybe you went toe one high school, and it's like, Okay, well, this high school has, uh, baking home economics. But then I want to go to this high school which has auto engineering. But now you're stuck between two. Which high school are you going to take? Or if you want to think about it as career, you're in one area of your career. But then it's like, do you stay with the career that you know? Do you go to this New Korea and the unknown? And look, he's looking out and the unknown, Because the world is that his hands. Because you already did that So is like now, do you take the path of least resistance? Because in that unknown will probably bring you something even beautiful then It's like you worked hard. Sorry for the sweet spot there with the light on the car. You worked hard. You had every single thing that you needed to know. And you're motivated by this. You're growing. You're learning it. And I always think of this like your first ships have. Because you could see the ships here they could be coming towards you are they could be leaving. So this is how I interpreted. You probably worked hard. You probably sent the first ship out, and now you're waiting for him to come back. And you know that they're coming out because you building this foundation and you know that everything you want is coming. So all your ships are coming to you, right? You're motivated then, too. This is the foundation. So fours are temporary stillness, right? Look how far you've come. So you build this foundation. Look how successful it is. You're taking a moment to pause, and they're not moment. You're celebrating how far you've come. It's a foundation. You created five. You pretty much stepping that to show your work. You're pretty much showing who you are, What you made up. And this could be internal competition with yourself, these air young kids fighting with the want. So it could be you challenging yourself that in a child it could be you pretty much fighting the good fight. So this is pretty much you proving your uniqueness. Then when you have that uniqueness, when you show improve who you really are your uniqueness, you come home to celebration, you come home to a parade. Look at those people in the back cheering him on as he's coming through. Because you're six once now, right? You've been through the good fight. You have balance and harmony and whatever you were trying to manifest you Now at this place of getting the victory is the parade because they're celebrating you. Dana, do you take that time to go to the parade? Now you want to fight the good fight again, but it's now the endurance of the lifetime because you're pretty much fighting but the street you're fighting from your uniqueness and you're showing that you are powerful. So look, six ones attacking this one person. But he's not gonna put down that one. No, he's showing. Look, his one is bigger. than the rest of them. So he's showing. Look, I'm more powerful and that right there does not going to stop me because I believe in myself, right? So he's not going retreat. He's saying 66 on one. Bring it on, ready to put up the good fight. And then after that, you pretty much come to this place where this fast moving energy. So things are moving really fast. Your dreams are moving at a fast rate. Your winds up in the air where they gonna land. So whenever I see this, this could be like e mails coming and phone calls. This is fast moving energy. So things are coming in your dreams at a rapid reed be prepared. And that's why you need that time to rest, right? What? That parade and then, you know, at the seven of ones could be you back on the field. But I really think like it's the practice to get you prepared for this. And then after the fast moving energy you put in so much time and attention matters. Yes, you may be heard in little bit. Yes, you may be tired. You maybe one out. But look, he holds. He's standing in front of that one little piece to the puzzle. So he's almost done with this, right? But he's like, Look, I put all this time and attention. I'm a see it through to the yet So this could be you feeling hurt by whatever you're working on. This could be you putting in the time this is you putting in the effort and you're like, No, I put in all of this. I'm not going to give it up that easily and want to see this thing through. So then when you see it through, you get to this place of 10 swords, 10 want. So you picking up these ones and you pretty much taking you from one place to the next. So look at that burden of responsibility. Look at all little sticks he's trying to carry is trying to handle all of them. But he could probably handle him a different way, right? Or he could just drop him and get one of those steaks and go forward because he's learned so much. He's been through so much, she's been through so much. And so what do you do? Are you gonna just drop it. Are you going to keep on going and tire yourself out to burden? Are you gonna have bitter ness and regret fullness Because your dear by yourself, are you going to delegate those sticks to anyone? Did you come to the second stage of life? So how bases are new beginnings. This is also a new beginning. Because now you're young, innocent pages on messengers. They are ready for action. They don't have experience, but they're ready. He's ready for a new adventure. This is you putting down those ones, picking up one and going for it. Now you're ready for a new experience. You're ready to have fun again. You don't want to be burdened by this where you have no work life balance. You want to be able to get to this Where your be fun, flirtatious. Go out there and party and have a good time. See the world. But then you get to the night want he's all about Okay, I'm going in for action. I want to have fun. He is that friend that you call in the middle of the night because you know that that friend is gonna come and you're gonna have a good time. Regardless, wherever you go, he brings the party we're here for. He's that. He's flirtatious. He is all about moving things, forward nights, a moving things towards. So he's moving a dream for it because he's always up for the new risk. He's almost like the fool. He's up for anything. What's gonna happen? I don't know. I just know I want to go and have a good time. He's all about that. So he goes to the New Kingdom and he gets the information to having fun through being his self. And he is a risk taker. They had the queen of wants, so she's pretty much like the entrepreneur. She steps up. She grows what she loves out of love. She is nurturing of her dreams. She knows what she wants to work on. She's passionate about it, and she's very fun and lovable. But don't piss her off because you see that cat right there. That's our shadow side, and this stays really close to her. So you get her to that point when she's gonna be pissed. Oh, you best to believe he's going to come in. It's like that duality like good in a bat so you don't want to mess her up. Look, she is the lying emblem on her throne, which means she has that courage. And, yes, that can't may be small, but you mess with her. She will bra turn into life, but she's all about taking action to get the dream done. He, on the other hand, he goes based on how he feels. He is someone who has an idea, and he goes for he doesn't think it through. He's just like I'm just gonna make it happen and he gets it done. He gets it done because he's very practical about how he's going to do it. Practicality. He's all about like Luxi on this throne. He could be leaning back, but he's like, No, he's ready to get up at any moment. He is the say. You have a marketing team, right? And you guys come up with an idea. You guys don't even think about the idea. You just put it on the market because he's all about okay, let's do ending at the results. He's the master of his dreams. He knows where he wants to go, so that's the wants. Then you have for aces of swords. So swords are ill beliefs our dreams. Anyway, we communicate our troops. I should say, this is your authenticity of the mind. Clarity of the mind, any kind of confusion of the my Anything with the mind and high you want out, believes and our troops and how you communicate that. So look, aces again, right? This is a new victory from God. Look, the crown is on top of this sword, knowing his truth, right? You know where you want to go. You know your true It's the beginning of your truth of your beliefs. Then you probably up to two is all about, um, you know, juggling having indecision, right? So think about this. This is to troops. She's blindfolded, but she's holding two swords. Which truth is your truth? But she knows it because their intuition, it's their right and her emotions of ground. So she is having a hard time holding those true truths because they too heavy. So it's like which truth are you gonna take? This is all about being indecisive. Then you get the three of hearts so that three hearts is all about you having the past pain ? The hurt from the past heartbreak. What do you want to do? Are you gonna take those three swords out den? The four sorts. So you hanging up those three swords, right? So now you're taking the one sword and your resting on it. Your recovery. He's been through the battle. So he's resting, right? And this, like tomb looks like. So when he comes out, he's gonna have that new truth because he's resting on his truth. So this is all about meditation, recovery, getting that rest you need. Then you have the five of swords. So if you see here, these guys are retreating. So spray some. He said, Look, he's holding three swords, so that could be him bringing the heartbreak right. And they're dropping their troops so this could be back stabbing. This could be betrayal. This could be conflict of the mind. This could be used. Settling. This is you at that place where it's like conflict. Five are the agents of change in the mind, right? Confusion. So how do I think of this? What's the cause to my truth? Then you have six. So these people are going on a new journey. They are. The land is almost there in sight. They don't know where they're going. He can't really see because the swords of blocking him. Right. But he knows that he needs to go to that land. They're calm. They're leaving all the baggage with them behind. And these swords are pretty much their experience. Their truth, right? This is what they're taking with them. This is what they're gonna do when they get to the new place. They're gonna have all of this with them. No baggage. They could start something new. So this could be internal change in the mine are internal travel artists would be a physical trap. Seven of swords. So seven of swords to me is the Steve in the night. So he's coming while those people there in the back. And he is still in these swords. Right? So this is about deception. This could be lost. This is about things in the dark coming out to the life. So truce coming out and look, he strategizing how he's doing it. They're not stopping him because they don't see him because he's very strategic by. He's gonna get this, but He also leaves to troops, right? So he leads them within decision. Who took this? I think I know. But I think this is our true No, this is out since he came in and took those five right? And it's that backstabbing betrayal where you're forced to like almost saddle. And I always think of this as What's the rest to your truth? Seven of swords. Then you get the aid of swords so that a tous swords is all about you being your own men to present. But the thing is, you can escape. You see, right there She has a bandage. She could free herself. But these are eight swords putting her in a cage. She has one toe and her subconscious. She is one foot on the ground for clarity and conscious mind so she could free herself. But this is all about I can't get free. I you know, if I do this this fears and doubts but ascent of you free yourself. It's not what you think it is. You're putting itself in that prison. Then you get nine swords hanging up keep you up at night Anxiety. This is you pretty much at that place of not having any rest Sleepless night you're like, Is this really my true? And the thing is, it may seem like excuse me, all his heart breaking pain but at the same time is not as bad as you think. This is you causing all of that mental disturbance and hey can go to sleep. Hey, could sleep good, but it's like, Why are you keeping yourself up? Why, what's causing you up? Because you're causing this yourself Because it's not as bad as you think. Then, from there you keep on going, you get 10 swords in your back. So this is the true bringing you down. This is deception. This is betrayal. This is pretty much I think of it as like you're working at a job and then you go in that job you think is gonna be one way. But then it turns out to be something else, and you're like, what the hell? And then it's like it just brings you down. It just strips you who you are, and it pretty much if you're forced to be in a job that you don't want to be in it almost like kills your soul. So this is you getting your soul killed because you're doing stuff you don't want to do. This is people who you don't you can trust coming in and just hurting stabbing you in the back with those sorts of truth. This could also be you in life taking on this project, that project, you know, for money instead of picking one. That's true. You being hurt because you're not getting the results you want. But then you go into the page of sorts and the pages. Swords is all about that young and experienced guy getting the information. So I always think of these birds as the other swords going away like I ever saw this movie . Where's the sword? Just turns into a burden that goes up. So it's almost like that You're picking out the one truth and you're sticking with that now . How can you make this work? What information do you have? So sees all about getting the information about this truth. He's in experience, but he knows that this is the truth. This is the victory that he wants. It's almost like that gossip of the mind, You know what I mean? like people tell you who you are, and it's like, No, I know what I want to be. Drama. Well, this is more drama because this is more like he rushes in one's truth, right? He knows what he knows, and you cannot stop him at all costs. This is pretty much like people gossiping and drama, and he's like putting it into it like I don't care what you think care where he's young, where he may be like, OK, I'll stand off guard and you know, I'll listen to you. But he's not listening. He's the night nights of fast moving energy. He goes forward. He tells you what he tells you, and you can't change his mind whatsoever. He gets the job done. He acts on who he is. She right here the queen, a sort she is welcoming. She's inviting, but at the same time she's been through so much. She's meant to hurt. She's been to pain. She's been through deception. She's been heartbreak. She's meant to it all. She's been stripped of it so many times, but at the same time she doesn't let you tell her her truth. She doesn't let you tell her who she is. She is very resilient. She is someone who will cut you were her words because she knows how she wants to. She knows who she is. She knows where she's going. She's ready to. He is the master of his thoughts. Ecological. He acts on what he knows. He's a great communicator. He is someone who stands firm and his truth. He rules by the information that is presented. He's about facts, right? So yeah, you can tell him he knows who he is, but he only he I mean King of tentacles is about facts. But think about this. He's like that grandfather. He's the matric of the family, right? He you trying to tell him something is like, No, I've been through the experience is this way right? He will listen to you, but at the same time, he he's like the queen, right? He's like the father energy where the queen, you might be able to persuade her, but you can't really do that. She's she's hot as now, but he may be open to it a little bit, but at the same time, he has a plan and that's the plan that's gonna come. That's was going to be. He tells you the truth. Even when you don't want to hear you cut you down with his words. Then you have your page of I'm sorry. A soup Tentacles. So God is giving you a new see? What are you gonna plan? And the garden of life? What do your dreams? Tentacles are physical reality, their dreams, their desires, anything you can manifest in the physical. Are you juggling? Are you juggling your dreams? Which dream are you gonna pick? You have to dreams. Which options? Look, the water is up and down. So that's the up and downs of life. Three. You're motivated by this. You know which action to take its your mind, body and spirit. The mind tells you the body puts in the work and fate is there does kind of work out. Four. You've worked so hard you don't want to risk what you work for. So you're holding on. You are in control of your dreams. Five Not having enough support. You feel left out in the cold. You feel abandoned by your dreams. You feel like you're okay. Settling. But if you only go inside you can get those pentacle. This is you feeling like you don't have no support. But then six, you're back in balance. You're able to give and take your finances a balance. You have the scales of justice. So you give something and make it something and you get something and they get something. Seven. Are these dreams still worth it? You put in all that time and attention. Now you're waiting for your crops to growth. But they're not growing as fast as you want. So you're thinking it's just time Energia put in it really worth it. But he sees the bigger picture, so he knows that he has to keep on going. So he keeps on working. This is heart focus, work, diligent work. This is you putting in a commitment, doing what you gotta do to make it happen. Focus. Determined, driven, studying. She gets everything she wants. She has her sanctuary. She has her pen tickles. But does she enjoy it or is she just holding on to it? Is money everything to her? Or does she go on a have a balance? Yes, She has a dream and she gets it done. She made it happen. But at the same time are you in a gilded cage? Do you get to enjoy your lavish lifestyle and then 10? This is the work of a lifetime. This is commitment. This is you having no seed grow into a beautiful tree. This is you leaving that legacy behind. This is luck. This is money in coming in windfalls. But then after that you get back to the cords, the court said. And the page of tentacles he studies. He comes up with the plant. He knows he wants to get this second when that life, he knows he wants to stream. But what does he do? He is that person that just says, Oh, I can't go out because I have to be focused on this. He planned how he wants to get it. He gets the information so you can get the job done. The night of tentacles. He strategic. He looks ahead. He has a vision. He's loyal to the dream. He makes sure he takes his time. He doesn't Russian because he wants to be perfect. He's a perfectionist. He's on his way to Kingdom. He studies how to become a king. She nurtures her dream. She loves this stream. She knows how to make this dream grows. She takes action. She's kind. She's generous. She's someone who really enjoys people and helping. And she enjoys the journey. She knows what the work on, and she'll see it through to be in. He is committed. He is resourceful. He is the person. He I think of him as the CEO. They know how to where they want to end up and they will stop at nothing until they get it . He rolls up his sleeves, he gets the job done. He's a thinker, he's the leader. And people look to him for guidance because he knows how to get the money. Also, people give him money. Then you have your cups, which are your emotions. Your relationship. Gods give you a new relationship. A new love for yourself. What's in your cut? How do you fill your cup? Hartner ship Someone who matches your cut So this could be romance. This is partnership. This is someone gets you your soulmate, as they say. Are you 20 plane after that celebration? Emotional support, reunions. Happy times. But then you get bored. You focused on the three cups in front of you. But God has given you another new cut. How do you fill up that cup? This is what you feel bored. This is where nothing's movement because you're only focused on a happy time. But then you have five cops. Despair, regret, sadness. You're only focused on this happy time. And if you only turn around, you'll see these two cups behind you. This right here is crying over spilled milk. But then you get to that place of thinking about the past, making amends with the past. This is like that childhood happiness usedto have and you're thinking about Oh, when things were so much better, you're cuts and your emotions is balanced. Everything was perfect. But then you become the dreamer. What dreams do you want? Yes, this is a reward. But be careful because some of those rewards that you want there just a delusion. And it may not be what you think you're gonna get. But then a You're walking away. You're pretty much done with this. You want something different? You want a different feeling. This is heartbreak, and you're getting away from it. Did you go to make a wish. None of cops happiness. But be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Emotional fulfillment. This is the happiness that you share with others. This is you celebrating the good times. This is you haven't fulfillment. This is the end of a cycle in the way that you feel. This is emotional support, emotional happiness. This is you at that cycle of happy, happy, happy joy, family completions and the way that this feeling, this is what you want it you wish come true. Then after that, you want a new feeling. What fills up your cup? You have a fish there. But he knows that fish can't stay here. He has a dream. He's a dreamer. He doesn't have enough information on what he how he's going to get that dream. But he starts out with a dream and he goes forward. It's almost like he makes a proposal. He is the delusional dreamer. He makes you believe in dreams. He tells you I want the White castle in the sky with two red horses and a $1,000,000,000. And people are like, You can't think about that. He's like, Why not I could make it happen. He's lawyer today. He he he proposes himself. He proposes his heart because he wants to make it happen. He wants that feeling so he'll go in and get that feeling. The queen She knows how she wants to fill. She knows that she could be a healer. She is someone who loves herself. She values her heart. She only gives her heart to you. She feels you worthy. She only gives you her emotions that she feels you were be. And that's what she has. A something over her hurt her cup because she is someone who is very caring. Someone was very sensitive. And she's all about the feeling she feels and she fills it. She goes for 7. Learn the 56 Minor Arcana Pt 2: Which brings us to the benevolent king. He's compassionate. He rules with love. He cares about his people. He knows how he feels. But he doesn't say it. He is the leader who will take the people's interests above his own. He is someone who will go in for that feeling because he know that feeling is going to be great at me and he sees it. He goes for that dream and he will stop at nothing until that kingdom has that feeling. He's a go getter. He's determined, right? So that is your court, that your four courts, your pentacle, is your sweet, your swords and you want, and I will see you in the next video. 8. WorkLife Balance with Readings : Hi. Everyone does Stephen levar cord. And today I wanted to talk to you about something very important. Utero business. Are you taking time for work? Life balance? Because if you're not taking Tom for that work life balance, then pretty much you're gonna burn out and these things could be very addictive. The need to want help. Someone could be very, very addictive. So is very important that yes, you set how many clients who want to take per week be very realistic with them on the client you want to take also is very important that you take time out to have fun. And if you are doing online readings is very important that you take time to go outside to walk, go in nature meditate. And I will also give a guided meditation on his video as well. It's very important that you meditate, take a walk, go out, meet people because people that you're going to meet out there those of your potential clients right also is very important that you get out of your chair because sitting here all day editing your videos can take a long time. So being that is going to take a long time is very, very important that you put this down and go out there. Take a walk, have lunch, have dinner, take Tom with your friends and is very important that you Please, Please, please take a day where you do not do any readings. Because that is very important. So you can come back to it fresh. Because if not, you're gonna be like the 10 a want you pretty much burn out. All right, So what? That said I'll see you all in the next video by 9. Thank You : Hi, everyone. This is Stephen Moore Cord, and I want to thank you so much for attending this workshop on how to learn how to retire a card. I just want to let you know before I go that one. Thank you. But to it is a big responsibility when you do retire A cards because people essentially coming to you for major life decisions and they need that motivation. They need that guidance to point them into the right direction. Now, what I tell clients all the time is that I'm not here to live your life. However, I can get you to the water. But it's up to you if you want to drink. OK, so that's when this course is about I thank you. If you would like to learn more about the services that offer or go and the next level and get the certification from me, please hit me up at Stevie's orca readings dot com and let's get the work okay. And also, I hope you're not cost how to build your business. So this is like a lab. Tube two is like a continuation from this course. This is the basic and then from there, I have the course. We were really going death, and I give you the ends and outs of having a successful, terrible business. So what? That said, I will see you all in the next course if you choose to go on. If not the wish You the best thing, your journey. And if you want to connect to the higher you now is the time to start believing you because I believe in every last one. You and I see you also by