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Learn How to Write thesis in Latex

teacher avatar Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Writing a Thesis in Latex: Introduction

    • 2. Structure of the Thesis

    • 3. Minimal set of packages for a thesis

    • 4. The title page

    • 5. The abstract and dedication pages

    • 6. Making a chapter

    • 7. Page Style and Header

    • 8. The Appendix and the Table of Contents

    • 9. Creating glossary entries

    • 10. Using glossaries and Acronyms

    • 11. Compiling Glossaries and Acronyms

    • 12. The Bibliography

    • 13. The Parting Words

    • 14. Timeline in Latex for Course

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About This Class

Writing Thesis in Latex: A Short Course

Writing your thesis in Latex could be a challenging task. But the quality of the thesis that you get is unparalleled, highest and professional looking.  Latex is an excellent document preparation system. Latex produces high quality professional documents. Latex documents look professional and look better than the documents produced by any of its competitor software. Latex document files never get corrupted or broken over time. You can run latex files to produce your thesis on any operating system. The best thing about latex is that it is free. Latex is an open-source software.

When it comes to writing thesis or a research paper, Latex is the software of choice for most researchers, authors, kindle eBook publishers and people who do not compromise on quality for their documents. Most universities, journal publishers and institutes have their documents templates made in latex.

About This Course:

The purpose of this course is to save the time of research students and let them focus on their research instead of learning a lot of Latex packages. Normally students waste a lot of time on consuming the contents which they may not need ever. In this course teacher uses the minimal amount of packages and latex statements to make a thesis in latex. This can potentially save hundreds of hrs. of research students who are searching on YouTube all day long just to write their thesis in latex.

This course is designed for research students who want to write their thesis in latex. But self-publishing authors can also benefit from this course. The course uses the “thesis” class of latex to produce a thesis. The “thesis” class is based on the traditionally report class. The thesis prepared in this course has some dummy lorem ipsum text, some images, most of the math environments, appendices, glossaries of terms, acronyms, abstract, table of contents, dedication page and the bibliography.

Teacher explains how to put together all these components to make a thesis. This course is not about basics of Latex. The course is focused on writing thesis in latex. However, if you are a beginner, you’ll still be able to follow the course and make a template for your thesis. Teacher uses the real code and real-time compilation to explain the concepts. The code used in course videos is available in course resources, so you can reproduce the thesis and use it as your template.

If you need to understand any of the latex concepts in detail, then you can also enroll in another course by the teacher called “Practical Latex: The First Course”. This course is also available online.  

What is inside the Course:

Following topics are discussed in this course:

  1. The structure of the thesis
  2. Minimal set of Packages for a thesis
  3. The Title page
  4. Abstract and dedication pages
  5. Making a chapter.
  6. Page style and header
  7. The appendix and the table of contents
  8. Creating Glossary Entries
  9. Using Glossaries and acronyms
  10.  Compiling Glossaries and Acronyms
  11. The Bibliography (References)

After completing this course, you’ll be able to write your thesis in latex. You can create your own template and keep it for your future reference.

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Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. Writing a Thesis in Latex: Introduction : Hello and welcome to this course. In this short course, you will learn hope to make pieces in letter so this could be anything. Assist from an undergraduate cases toe master RPS Betis's Because essentially all these components are saying artistic should have an abstract it should have been able content on . There should be some acknowledgement of dedication and similarly list off figures, list of tables and references and also the apprentices. So these are the essential components off any thesis. So in this class we will learn hope to make this disease in later. This is not a let IQ bigger course because we will not be talking about the basic elements softly. Take our hope. Programming. Take hope, right a document and let it we will only be focusing on how to make appeared notices are master undergraduate thesis in Libya So harboring all these components What are active use of these complainers and hope were just different type setting things in this thesis. So this is the focus of this class. If you want to learn basic components of less athletic, then there is not, of course, which is correlated the first course you can attend their course and in discourse. What I would start is from a basic structure of the thesis and hold to a range of different chapters in separate dec voice and also combine those for in one single men. Fine. And then we will discuss hold wearing the appendices and groceries and acronyms and all these type of things. So if you are industry landing or to make a thesis, then you should attend this course. The problem is there is a lot of information available online about later. The later documentation is very well organized, but students don't need this much information because this will rest time to learn all this type of information and master all of these packages. So our approach will be trying to focus on what is required and only tell the students hard toe. Make your thesis. So first, I will introduce the structure off thesis in later, and then we will go from there and put all the components in their cases. At the end of this course, you will get a check point, and you can quickly use their tech fight as your template and just put your own stopping. That and your artistic with biliary, nor time. So this is the simple PC's which we're trying toe make here. So we have a title of the piece is then a subtitle. The name and what type off pieces is this, then we have data and the university where you're submitting this thesis. Then there's a dedication page. Then this is the page for abstinent. Then we have a table of contents. So in this you can see that we are going section and up to the subsection. So we have chapter and then section and a subsection. So we will include two chapter in this thesis. This is second chapter and then apprentices. So there are two apprentices Appendix A and Appendix B in Appendix A. We don't have any name off the appendix, the title of the appendix and in B we have the title, which is the glossaries and acronyms. So you will see how to make this difference. Then there are references are you can put bibliography here if you like. Then we have list of figures. So we will use three types of figures in this thesis. So single figure, then a sub figure, and then wrapped figures So these are three different types of figures we will use. Then we have table. So a simple table with some text and then a table with some Matt Insight. So these two tables, I will demonstrate here. So this is our first chapter. So as you can see that this page has certain practice tree, it does not have any header. It doesn't have any footer. And from the second page on work, we have the number of the chapter and then the title of the chapter. Then we have page numbers at the bottom, starting from page two. Then this is the first to style of the figure in which we have a figure in the center of the paragraph, then a simper table in which we have some text and then we have Matt Environments. And actually, I have put nearly all the melt matt environments in this file so that you can use any of these math environments and I will not be discussing how these environments work because that is another course, which you can take another class in which I teach all these hold these mathematics work. But in this we will just put this met here. So these are all matter where MERS And this is our chapter two in this chapter, we're putting a figure inside a paragraph on the right hand side. So this is guard wrapped figure. Then we have another table in which there are some mad commands that you can say that it's something is in the under skipped and super escaped situation. And here we have to figure side by side. So this is God's suffragan. So this is our appendix? A. There is no title for this appendix, the word appendix and a and you can pour some extra information here. Then we have appendix B, which is for glossaries and acronyms, and we have two sections here. So acronyms are the abbreviations based on the first letter off each word. And then we have w graffiti at the references. So all these things, as you can see, also available in table of contents. So, yes, we have changed the name off the photograph into references, so I'll show you hope to change this name, or you can put any name here. So this was a brief introduction off what we are going to learn in this class if you think that this class is suitable for you. So please enrolled in this class and I would still you inside the class. 2. Structure of the Thesis: So this is the structure off pieces. So as you can see here, that thesis have basically three types. Off sections are three times off oceans. You can say so in the first portion. We have the title page than the dedication page, abstract acknowledgements, then the table of contents list off tables and list of figures. All this is in the first portion, and actual thesis does not start in this section. But these sections are essential for thesis, so these air sometimes card front matter then this is the actual portion off the tee sees. The second sections were important and the core of the disease in which we have chapters. We have appendices and the glossaries and acronyms. So this is called the main matter, and then we have the references. So references is the last part, and normally some cases have references like PhD and master thesis, and for undergraduate disease, we might not have any references and this card back matter, So the best practice toe make a thesis is to organize the pieces in different files. So this is what we are going to do in this class that we will write chapters in separate files, so we will be having only two chapters here. So chapter one and chapter two, then we will have two apprentices. And then there will be a reference for in which we will store all our references on. Then we have, ah, five for glossary entries. So this will be our main for my thesis door tech. We will include those two chapters in tow, this file, then a fight for glossary, entries and then two apprentices. And the reference why we will put the part two over images because the good practice to store all of your images in one folder instead of sketching them in all over the place is so just put all of your images in one folder and pour the part to that for during your a man fight. But we will discuss all this whole to prepare these components of the pieces next. No, this is the structure of our first chapter. So the name of the file will be chapter one door tech fight. Then we will put some damn it takes. We will use this lip some package athletic, and this package allows us access toe 1 50 paragraph off dummy text. So we will put the first paragraph here in this chapter fight. Then we will put a brief introduction. So we will put some rear text year, some meaningful text. So I will put from one of my research papers to show you the bibliographies. Then we will pour some more dummy text here and then we put the figure of style one which I have already shown you. Then there will be a section, then there will be a table and then a matter section in which we will put some math court. So all this cold, all this portion off these sections like this math court. I have already put this mad cord in a note pad file. So the reason behind is that I don't want to waste time. I didn't prepare the final file so that I can show you kowtow, integrate all these components step by step. So I want to break it up into smaller components so you can understand there is very easy. There is no problem making a consistently a tick if you follow these steps. So therefore, I have put all these core like, for example, this figure court So I have this put include graphics and this type of 34 lines in a separate nor paid for it. So I will just place all those files into this chapter one door tech fight and we will prepare this fight similarly dissident structure of our second chapter. So the name of the file will be Chapter two dark tech file. We will put some five paragraphs abdomen, text here. Then we will put the figure. Then we will put a section and then some more dummy text, and then we will put a figure in rap figure style. Then we will make a subsection, and we will put some more dummy text and then table this table will be the matchable ingredient or some had symbol. So this is the structure of chapter two. So no coming to apprentices. So because we are, we're not putting many things independent, so we don't have much corden here. So these appendices are in our thesis just like any other chapters. So in the first appendix, we don't have any tractor of the chapter, so it's empty here, as you can see, and then we have a section, and in that section we have one paragraph of dummy text, and then we have us another section and some more damage text. So in our second appendix, we have chapter name velocities and acronyms and then these two commands. So only these two commands are what you need. Here, the first command puts the glossary terms and then the acronym, the Cronin type off glossary terms. Acronym is a type of glass eater so that we will print using this second command. So this is pretty much the court of the second appendix. So this is the court of the first appendix will make these two tech fires. And then we will include these 25 in our men might take my tits, this document. 3. Minimal set of packages for a thesis: and no, these are the packages which we will be using in this document in this thesis. So you will not require this left live some package. Of course, this is only for the dummy text, but if you use these packages, you can almost to make any kind of thesis so wanted. You are doing something very special. Otherwise you only need these few package toe make a thesis. So I have seen that students try to use may be much more than these packages there. Put everything in in tow. The tastiest value used too many packages. So there are chances that you will get you can get some more errors, So just try to use the minimum amount of packages you really need for your thesis. I would just pitifully introduced to you what these packages do for you. So the fancy had Her packet is for headers and footers off your document, and you can put some special type off Heather and photos if you want, which I will not be discussing in this course, but that I have discussed in my electric first course Then make I d expert making index graphics is far, including graphics in your package. Normal images and some think Beckett is for some figures when you put two figures side by side. So you used this package. Rare figure is back. It used for where you are putting a figure on the side of a paragraph, as I already have shown you then. This is the math package used for mathematical equations and mattresses and these type off environments mathematical environments. Then glossaries is the package, which you use for acronyms and glossaries, and it is used for the tabular and table environments. 4. The title page: in this lesson, we will learn hope to make the title of the pieces. But before that there are two little tips which will save you a lot of time. The first off our doughnut trying to copy and paste every good thing which you see online. So there are a lot of things specially made in takes package. For example. This is a good package off electric, and there's awesome, but it takes a lot of time. It was a lot of time working intakes. So there are other ways toe get a little less quality, is there and you can save a lot of time. This is first thing always tried to refocus. And the second thing is tried to be organized from the very beginning. Because once you have in the middle of your thesis, and then you learn how to get organized and then you must have rested a lot of time already . So, no, let's start over. Foster men fight. We will start a new file here, and we say it is a mighty ceasefire. So I'm giving it a name off my dash thesis so that it could be a little bit different than that is a teacher I have already produced with my underscore thesis. So we save it in this four did my thesis, Ford. And here is a brief introduction of this folder. Already it has some small pieces of court. For example, this is the just the court off to include our figure in the document. So instead of typing off, can quickly put this in my documents so that what I have put some small courses with these are the three types of figures which were using these other two types of table which were using This is a work reference file. And this is the meaning for a text in which we have some side Come on here in which we will be sure or as reference other people's work. So this is some of the court, and this is the file which I kill. You just know. So no need to start over main pieces foil. So we will use the document class species from options. No center, because we don't want Justices Toby center And then this is the class which we are using. You can also use the class team up. He might also good class for cases. So this is our team a Any of these to know we have to start the documents or begin that you meant and then in document. And we can create the title with the command tighter. So my pieces All right, Good. Similarly, the command subtitle my TC subtitle and I noticed that students that they just tried toe copy paste They don't think that what is happening years some command most of the commander very simple. So instead of just copy pasting from other Templars, other templars were very good in later. But you try toe know that these are very simple commands. Title subtitle Water So you can state every type these and you can quickly get the results . You don't have to be dependent on Templars all the time. Then the type of the disease for Adam appeared. It eases our master back lotuses that comes from the key word translator and then ph. D dissertation on master dissertation. What? So this is the type of the teas and then water. Then you can put your name here. So these are some of the basic commands for this. And then you can also put institution, of course. And no, the make title. Come on. So if I compile? No, as you can see that our title pages really so it's so quick. 5. The abstract and dedication pages: So once we have created the title pay, the next thing, as you can see, is this medication. So dedication is normally flush right on the right side of your blank being. So this period does not have any style. And this dedication is on the right. Flush rights or the environment available to us is also flush right and warmer. We can start then women begin blusher, right? Inflation right. And didn't that we can simply first say they're this bridge style is empty. So there is a command for that. As you know, this paid style and we put empty because we don't need any header because this thesis class pokes are different Header on pages if I don't give this command So let's take command this command first and then I will show you what happens. And then whatever we want to write is for its simple to my parents. And if I compiled now, as you can see that we ever Defour it header and we don't want that. So therefore we have to give the command this paid style empty. So no, If I un commend this command this person signed, just remove this and he complied. So we will not have any. I heard it so no, it's perfect dedication here. So you can also put this at the bottom by using the V space, the workers space commanding, let IQ. Normally it looks better at the top. So the next thing we want to put it is the ab story ever abstract And where Mac so begin abstract as you know that everything which starts with the begin is an environment and abstinent. This will be the abstract of the This is the style of the abstract. Page is different than the normal page in in a thesis. So therefore it is a different environment. So in this abstract no, we want to post some dummy text because we don't have any texture and we don't want oh, spent too much time gathering the text. A package we use for putting the Demi text is lips, um, so back slash lose actively, Lipson. And the way we put the dummy text is just first live some come on like this and then within the square bracket. If you want only one paragraph, just put the number of the paragraph This Lipson package gives us access toe 1 50 paragraphs of text. So this is ah, copyright free text. You can use it wherever you like. I want to put two paragraphs here. So it's just two paragraphs. No, if I re compile again. Good. So as you can see there to work, dedication and our abstract is ready. 6. Making a chapter: and no, we want to make over first chapter fight, which we will be including after this abstract with the include command. But before that, we have to create a fight. So in order to write a chapter in in this thesis glass first we have to start, Of course, a new file. So we'll see if this file has decided before with the name chapter 01 you don't want because over chipped your chapter that he might increase more than nine. So it's good to have the consistent numbering. So chapters, little one Nortek and we saving the same four dirty here. And this find starts with a command chapters, packs last chapter and then the name of the chapter. So I will just type title love chapter what? And in this chapter, we decided few things toe poke so that we should be doing this in an organized manner. So I have shown you slide and I will just show you again. So this was not planning for Chapter one Said that we will put one paragraph off, extend an introduction. So we have introduction this saved in over for dinner. So I just start putting all these in my chapter five. So, first lips, um, and paragraph one toe through it, and then I have to pour the introduction. So because I want to show the bibliography based on this chapter, I will put this introduction test. So this is the introduction text. I just opened this up, and I co people this and I just paste it here. So there is a section commander inside this text as well. There are two references here. First, is this one without sight command? And the second is this one with a site command. So this command is used to put the reference in here, So I have no place this in my chapter foil. The next thing you never chipped chapter is another four paragraph self. Next. So fast. Put one toe, four paragraphs here. After this, we can put lips, um, one day four. So here I am, putting lip some oneto four, and then I have to put the figure next year. Just make it a little bit a person that you can see. Next thing we need this figure style want. So in our folder, this is the fire figure style one. I just double click on this file and copy paste this text in here. So this is the normal text for including a figure. So for this, we need to tow use a package graphics, So I will add this package into my men fight currently could be boring for some of new students. But the thing is that I want to show you step by step because as we go into the other things, like or mating in typesetting, then the things sometimes becomes complicated toe quickly. So therefore, I want to start slow so that for some student there absolutely bigness, but they don't know anything about latex. So it they can't even although if discourse is not for them But they can get some help and they can get at least their faces template from this course. The next thing we have another section and a table. So this is our table One just copied this as well. And in my chapter foil. After this, I just place this team. So this has our table. Just start a section here, maybe a subsection. Really? I wrote this is a section. So then we have to put math court after this table and this is our math court. So I just copy, paste this in there GOP and based it to you. So in this court we will find that nearly all of the matter and warmers I have placed in this court's so there For some students who want to use any of these, they can quickly get a template and they can use this. So our chapter one is ready so we can compile no format. We have to use another package, which is a is an m s math packing. So what I will do here is in my with all the packages which I have shown you in my previous video, I will include all those packages here so that we don't get any error. So we will soon be using Ah, fancy heather package Israel. So I will also put that make it fancy actually are things and then we use the math package ams met then there, Waas Ah, some thick paint package and graphic packets be using these tow three types of fingers, Some think and rep freak. And there was then an every package and a glossaries package. So these are the packages we will be using in this project. So I have one more make in expected make I D. X. So these are the packages. So I have included all those packages here so that we don't get any error. And if if if we forget to put anything so just compiled this now and no, I have to include this Chapter one in this document. So after this f steak, I will use the command include, and inside include you give the name off the tech fight. So the name of the filing chapter 01 You don't put the extension Just the name of the tech fight. And no, if I compiled, so as you can see that I know of it, it did not include our chapter here. Why? Because we have not saved the chapter fight. So until you save the chapter fight, it will not include. So what happens is that this file automatically get saved. The main file. When you press the compile butter part, this foiled the chapter fight does not save automatically. So you have to press this save button here. So save this file and know it will include the chapter in the thesis. And no, because we have included the image boy. And it is not finding the image file as soon as it included the chapter inside over a document. So no image four should be either in the same folder in which we have this man take fire are we should have. We have to give the part to this image border. So how to do that? Just close this. So first, let me show you. Where are our images? So when images are in C directory, there is affordability. And this is over Folder my pieces, in which our tech five results. And this is the fourth analytic in which there is another Ford er my images in which we have these four images and also there is another for them my images to and we also have these four images which we will be using, I think three of them in over this class. So we have toe give the part with these 24 orders. These 34 does we have to put in absolute pot while in relative part Since hourly check files are in this for the my tech Mighty says So we will tell letting that go one step up into see, then come back to later and then in Let it you will get up for my images and then you will get got images. So we will give the part in both with absolute part and the relative part. So the way we do this, the command is backslash graphic spot and in graphic spot. Then you start to brackets and then first absolute parts to see colon place related flesh. My images, they're schoolers and then you put up a slash at the end, and then you close first bracket and then you start and closed second set of brackets and then you close the all the breakers. So in this second pair, you give the relative parts relative parts. Okay, our dash mean one step up, then go to let it and then go to the other four. There was my images. So my images so for the names are not case sensitive. So by images is here. And then you put a slash at the end. So this is the way you put the relative part. Know why I am putting the images in both of order so there are two reasons. One is that I noticed that sometimes this absolute part does not work. If my images, some of my images are in absolute part, so it doesn't work, and I don't know exactly what is the reason, but it it gets problems sometimes. And the second is, um, is because our images are maybe the outcome of any experiment which we cannot reproduce. So images are very expensive asset. So it is a good practice toe poor the images in poor, different forgers to make the two copies into separate folders. So therefore, I used this practice and I'm comfortable with this. So this is why I use a duplicate to have more than $24 so you can include the graphics part here as well. So wherever your images are, just put the part here and let it mostly works fine. And no, if I combine this so hopefully it will find our image. So this is our chapter? No, the chapter has been included in our faces, and, uh, then this is the image images in the center of the paragraph. And this is our table in the center and then over Matt Coat. So all the math court has been successfully compared? No, they're a couple of things you can not hear. If you compare this header with over Target T says let me open the target disease. So this is our cases if you want to produce. And if you look at the header off this piece is here we have the chapter number, chapter, the world chapter and a number and the title off the chapter. While by default, we are not getting this functionality. We're getting the title of the chapter in the middle with only number one. There's no chapter word here on the right side. We're only getting the pH number. As you can see that our period numbers are not at the top plays. Numbers are at the bottom. So no, for days we will be using fancy header packet. And this we will do in our next lesson. 7. Page Style and Header: So in this lesson we will set the page style of our chapters and essentially all of over thesis because our thesis consist of chapters. But before we do that, I want to highlight some of the command which we can use toe style, the page. And there are some the for bridge ties available analytic, which I will show you in the next rights light. But this pedestal command, you usedto set any of the style of the piece. So this affects the whole page then this pages style. This command only affects the current paid in which the U poor disc amount similarly page summary. So there are these type off page numbering styles available Roman are Arabic, are all far These are the upper Katie's. Erler kissed, starting with the a lower case letter and similarly, the normal police style, which you see is Arabic. The pH command inserts the current page number were able to pull this command big break forces up a break. No paid break means you are asking Let it not to break the pain even if let it wants toe break the page your page This ends up age. So these are some of the commands which affects the style of the page. Because once you change the whole pages style, you can do this though these air the food for Paris ties, which are available by default analytic. So we have an empty page type, and one thing I would like to highlight is that the most important thing which affects the style of the page, are the headers and footers and the page numbering style. Because first, when you look at the paid, you see whether it's it, has a header or footer are both are not and hold. The numbering is put on the pitch, so these pages ties when we choose any of these pages. Style these British style has certain features are certain attributes, for example, if you choose empty. So of course, there will not be any header and footer. But if you choose playing pages style so there will be no header but ah, footer and which has a page number in the center, So footer and the pain number in the center. Similarly, if you choose this played this style, there will be no footer. Heather contains the name and the chapter in the section, which I already show you in the last one of the last radio somewhere. So similarly, my heading style no footer and header content that chapter in name and then uses specified any information you can put it here. However, you can really find business ties, so this is one of your options. If you are a programmer, you can really find this. If you are good at programming, are if you know some output variable commands, so you can quickly modify this in this way. But the most common very uses by using a packet fancy header because fancy Heather provides us another additional pages typed fancy and this pages style gives us some powerful commands which we can use to modify. The headers and footers are even. We can choose to have a different header and footer on overall and even numbers. So one header for our number pages one header for even number pretty is so we can even do that and I will not be going into detail of all this because that is in my beginner letter course. But you understand the purpose of this friends. He had a package. This gives us a lot of commands. But we will put some chord in our thesis so that in order to get the desired result for page title and the way our headed looks in our thesis so we will do this next. So over purpose is toe bring ah header into this form so that we can get a chapter with the number with the word, chapter and number and the title of the chapter. So this is our purpose. So the first thing we have to do this to get this is to change overpaid style to fancy, which is provided by this fancy Heather package which we have already included. So we will say Pay the style, friend. See, And no, we can use all the commands available in this fancy had a package. So this is the piece of court we want me to want to put in our file. So I just copied these three lines and I paste it here in the preamble off my main fight. And if we compiled it now And as you can see here that no, we have the desire reserved Chapter one here and the title of the chapter. So this is how we do this? No, These These this line is card had rules and similarly we can also put a line here which will be over foot rule. You can change the thickness of this line as well. But if you want to put the footer line that if you want to change the thickness of these two so then there are commands available. What you need to do is you have to put after these commands you can say every new command and then you start apprentices and inside the Prentice's you say headroom vit. And then in the next parentis is you can say for example, one point in one inch. There are 72 points. So if you compiled this no so no the thickness off the head rule which has increased one point. It is, I think, 1.0.5 point three point by default. So no, this sickness has increased. So this looks good and the food er rule doesn't look good for most people. But if you like, you can put as well here. So the command is similar, just just coffee based days. And instead of how do you put foot so copy? Best here and you can say instead, off head, you say foot for compile now. So, no. With a single command, you can see that it has put the food rule with the thickness off one point. So this is how you can put this foot rule line are you can change the thickness off these heading for true lines. So these were some off the styling option for this disease. But you don't need too much styling. I think this is enough to manipulate whatever you want to do. You can. You should be able to do this. And no, we will put some appendices and we will see whole. That portion of the teachers should be implemented analytic in the next lesson. 8. The Appendix and the Table of Contents: So in this lesson we have to put two appendices which I have already introduced to you in one of the slice. So our first appendix is very simple. We are not putting much in deck. The purpose of data protection is to show you how to apprentices will be a number deliver table of contents and how they will look in our table of contents. So therefore, I'm putting the first appendix, the sect. Second, pregnancy is very important because in second appendix way will be putting the glossaries, glossaries and acronyms. And that is a really important part of your thesis. Because in your piece, if you want to use these glossaries and acronyms, there are certain abbreviations which are specific to your field of study and you want to show them in your thesis. So acronyms and glossaries are really, really very important for any PhD. Master pieces are even undergraduate thesis, so therefore, we will spend some time in the glossaries in the next lesson. But in this lesson, we will just put the appendices and see how weapon this is work. And we will also put them in table of contents along with some other commands, and we will all support these appendices in the table of contemporary. We have to start a new fight and we see it is an appendix. Tear it as appendix digital one in Texas class appendix are 22 days chapter so chapter and in foster panics we don't have any title of this appendix, so it's empty and there are just as I have shown you earlier. So there are just two sections. Well, what? You want to put some information and we would put some lip some text here. Then you can see another section or subsection. There's called some more info and then we pull some more lip, some texture, just infielder space. We save it. And in our men, foi usually the appendix come after all the chapters. So I just make some space here so that you can you can see that. So let's say that solar say this is the place where we have put all of chapters and no, we want to put the appendix e first we have to put the backslash appendix command. This puts a page inside of Artois is and the word appendix is Ritter on this page and no, we can include the appendix, which we have created with Appendix one. So include, just like any other chapter appendix 01 The name of the tech fight. So this is how we poked up Appendix? No. See that desert hold looks like. So this is the empty page with the word appendix. And no, this is our appendix with the name E. This is how you put the appendix sealed, and the sections of the pendants will be named as a 0.18 or two. So the thesis class will automatically number all of these sections. And no, there is no table of contents at this time because we have not created. And normally you create the table of content at the end because you don't want toe have too many things and the beginning until your Texas is nearly finished. But in order to demonstrate no, I will be adding some a table of contents and we'll show you ho to add the table of contents in over kisses. So normally, the table of contents come after the abstract. But you can put some other pages like as we did before we have put their dedication before that, you can also put some pre face like acknowledgement and these type of pages, depending on your own choice. But before the start of the chapters, we need tohave the table of contents and in table of contents. We will be putting a number one the table of contents itself than the list of figures list off tables. We don't want this appendix, Toby, at the end off all chapters evident. So no, here we can put before the start of the chapters. We can put a backslash table of contents, excellent least off figures and back slash lift off people's. So these three commands will put all the table of contents and figures and there was leased for us. No, if I compile no and no, we have these contents of a chip to then over sectionals and these are our subsection here . You can see that the water predicts here and then a work force depending. So this is how you make the table of contents so you can realize that whole efficient easily take once you have passed this learning car because it's just a matter of seconds, you can make this table of contents. And if you modify all of any of this section, for example, if you put that subsection here, if you put a section here, all these numbering will be automatically operated. You don't have to worry about anything else. No, the table of country is also available in other software like word. But the problem off handling figures. And then you have you might have seen the toe off on the word breaks or you try to put some figure it a proper place. But you can't. And then once you have put the figure, you open the file. After three months air, your file is again broken. But in letting you will never have any of these experience. I have opened my fires after maybe 10 or 12 years and still there intact. And as you can see that currently I'm using a very old version of this Win it, but stay my fires and everything is working. Even the latest packages are working. Flying on this editor very ordered it. So this is the power and efficiency of later and no, let us put quickly the second chapter off over thesis so that we can see two more STAIs off figures. So in second chapter, our planning Waas, Woodcliff someone to fight, then the South figure and then these floating So I'll start putting this. So first, let's open a new fight and sell. It is chapter zero Cool. And we start with a chipped er, of course, and then be given name toe this types of title off chip to then we have to put lips and 1 to 5. So let's portrait and we have to put the court for to figure style too. So this is a word style to So I just click on this one. A copy and B is due to you and we have toe give us section and the lips on six to it. So section this is a section leap some six to it Then we have to put the 30 style of the figure. So this is our third forget style. Click on this. This is the rap figure Poppy. Andi based it to you. So then we have a subsection here live sometime cookin in the table. So we put sub secu. This is subsection and envy and we have lips some 9 to 10 and then 1/4 of the mathematical table they were to. So this is a court for table two O p. Mr. Tear. No. Chapter two is already so. Let us compiled this. So first we have to include here and then complain. Include chapter zero to No, we can complain again. The same thing. We did not save the chapter two. So as you can see, the chapter two is not saved. So we have to save first save and then complain. So it compared correctly. But it did not show the chapter two and no. In our table of contents, we have the chapter two And here you can say this is our section and this they were subsection. 9. Creating glossary entries: So let us talk about velocities and acronyms. So this is over. Appendix B and Indus Appendix. We have glossaries and acronyms, so these are two different sections. So acronyms are very important for your cases because in most cases, every thesis has certain were very specialized. Toe that particular feet. So you can put those words on those abbreviations which are based on the first letter of the world in your acronym ho To do this. So there are three components off every glossary our acronym entry. So these are the name, the description and the label. So the best practice is to put all the glossary interest in a separate fight. And this is not a Chapter five. This is a normal file without a chapter. Conserve. Just when you create a new file and fight Syria's, and we can see this foil as a velocity, entries are just put Glossary, dash. And it's a long word. So just saved this fight first. In orderto pull the entry, we use a command back slash new glossary, entry, new glossary entry, and then within the parentheses, we give a name. So as you can see that our glossary entries later. So we just put later here. So this is any word we want to explain in, over glossy. And then after this after this, Prentice's use name equals and we want to put the name of this close reentry as late. And the level is also lated. And no poor description. Description equals no reporter description, whatever we like. So it is a mark of language suitable for scientific documents and report this in parentis is as well. And then we put a parentis is gone both off the so just put it one here and porn here so that we can easily seat. So this is the label this letter gives label. This is name. They can be different, but I'm just putting same. And then this is the descriptions of these air three components off a glossary entry. So let us copy this and make up a second, because we're only using a glossary entries, and then you can put as many as you like. So our second glossary entries called al far. So I just put out a fire here as a label and in the name No, I am putting the symbol for So I have to put the dollar side so that I can put up. But medical simple and no, I'm putting symbol for So no other name and label are different. And the description? You can say that it is the first Greek letter and know how to make the acronym entry the command for their taste. This put a little space toe black slash No, it grew name and then save again. No, the labour, for example. L c m then you the symbol You want to use ATM and then you put the name that you want to use in your list. This is done in the name and then the description Loyalist one. So this is a common example taken in little communities love using the same one here. And the second you can say that, for example again, new a crooning and nor we say tfl since I am in Australia. So I just put this a very popular sport. Australian put barley 20. Let's put one more so new And this one is Napoli unjust Porter level INL urges name in uppercase and the description and no, the next step is toe input This fight thats closely dash entries foil in our document here . So input command we use in this preamble section before the begin document area and we say input and then the name of the tech file, which is a glossary entry. Closely. Dash entries. So this is the name of the file. So this is all you input this fight? We missed that name here. So So you know, you feed, save it and complain. So it has been compiled. It means that our entries are okay. We have made this file successfully, and we have in import this file into the main program successfully, but this is just the 1/3 off the job. Done. No, we have toe compiled these glossaries, and we have to bring these glossaries. So what we need to do know here is that because in over 30 cities, as you can see that we're putting this in appendix speak. So we have to create first Appendix B, and then we will put print these files in the appendix. Then we will print these glossaries and acronyms in appendix B. So let us create first appendix B because we have not connected yet. We have appendix one but not appendage to which is the file Appendix two. But actually, it's separate Bixby because will be the second appendix. So just get a new fight and save, as at appendix zero Cool because of it. So we save it as appendix zero tool. Save it. So this is a chapter. So just chapter and this chapter has a name as well. So we will put a name glossaries and a crow names. So this is our name of the chapter, and then we simply say so notto bring the glossary. Our entry. We use the command, bring glossary. So backslash print glossary and bring the acronym entries, which are also a glossary entries. So we use a little bit different, which is print glossary the same, which is about so in the square bracket, we say type equals backs less accrue name type and square bracket. Close. So, no, let us compiled this so we don't have any spelling mistakes or anything like there. So just compiled this. So it has been complied successfully. The printing part is done 10. Using glossaries and Acronyms: in order to use these glossaries at the end of chapter two. So I have some text year, but I will just put it here so that in which I'm using these glow city and across elementary. So So this is the text which I have saved already, in which I am just using these glossary. So I just copy this and I will put this text and of these chapter two or selectman POTUS and a little bit up and no, I will put this text here. So here, essentially, what I'm doing is I'm trying to use these glass ITI and acronym entries in my text because this is the purpose that you use in their texts quickly and then you list at the end. So here there are few commands to let me explain to you first. So what is this? G l s D less is the glossary term when you use the glossary term and you want the first letter? Toby Capital. You used this capital G and l athletic. So you take the label off over glossary entry, this one. So I'm telling the letter that you put this name here, so let it will put this word here were ever in the text. I want to use this back. Celeste GLS. So if you use backs last year less with lower case G. So it means it really put this in a lower case and no there a couple of other things, like if you put this g ls with pl something like this. So it means the plural form off this instead, off all four, it will put another s Thank. So there are some other commands as well, which you can read in their document. But most mostly, we only use this G l s No. When you put this command a cr short, so it means this will bring the short form off this. So, for example, this air fell. Only this will be printed. And when you say this full acronym full. So it will print the full description off this. So let me explain this in the already prepared documents, So no. Here you can say that this letter is printed here with a capital L in the beginning. So know this is he on its short effort is, after all, four. So here you can say that this is the offense and no, After that we have this SCR full nebula. And this is the full description of the Netherlands National Assessment Program, Numeracy and literacy. Actually, it's literacy and numeracy where I just have returned their wrong. So whatever I returned, the description is here. So you are referencing doors and trees inside the text wherever you want. Toe put these entries and there are other few commands. For example, if you want to put ah, very long and train which there is a paragraph break. So you have tow create this entry. Not with this common, but you will say something like new long glossary entry here and then you can print it as well. Just describe all your acronyms like this, list them in this one file import if I and then compile which we're going to do next 11. Compiling Glossaries and Acronyms: you know, inside the document, we have to do few things. First off all, we just included this glossaries packet in the very beginning. But since we are tryingto make sections here, as you can see that in over appendix, this is already prepared cases. So we have two sections the low city and a crooning. So we have produced toe options here for the first option is a crew name. Then this calm on, the second option is section you quarto fiction and then a square bracket close. He's a two options. You have to put here to make the sections. The next thing we have to do is after this weight off, we're importing the file in preamble every anywhere you can put this in the preamble section, so your port make glossaries. So this myth glossaries is different than what we're going to do the next. So next you have to go to the command prompt here and make sure that you are in the correct folder. So I am currently in my correct folder. So here you said Mick velocities. But before that, you have to actually combine their document once. So just close this you have to compile this first. So just otherwise, actuator. So let compiled once again and see if there is any error. Yes, there is. So here. What we're doing is we're tryingto use with a capital letter which was in the original thesis. But I used it. I think, in the lower case letter I define it in a lower case letter? Yes. Here. You can see that I defined this entry in the lower case letter the level of the entry. And when I'm trying to use this, I'm trying to use this as uppercase. So this is the other. It is showing me. So what I will do. Just change this to uppercase. You can use it. Look it. But because I have used the text for copy paste read from the previous So therefore there is a conflict. No safe first. Then go back and compile once again. And once you successfully compiled only then you we go to command, prompt and change and run the command. So no, it is compared to just close this And now we go to command prompt here, Novia in our own folder so no, we can run the come on make Glo cities and then my Beth pieces without pick. And no, if you see something like this twenties accepted, zero rejected, nine lines written, six entries accepted. Zero rejected something like this. It means that you have successfully created the glossies. But if you don't see this and I will show you what you will see if there if part is not in start on your computer. So then I will show you how toe resolve that issue if you get an error. And there is one last thing we have to do here and that is that because in our main document, we have not yet included the Appendix two and we are printing this. Where is appendix to file? This is Appendix two. So independence to we're printing this close, Cherie. So we have to include this appendix in our main document. Otherwise we will not be able to see this thing. So here we just have to include this appendix two. So copy this and paste it here and changed this one toe. So no, we have included appendix. And no, if I compiled, I will be ableto see the glossaries. And now hopefully the glasses will be there. Yes. So these air over glossary terms and this 14 means that this time is used in page for peace . So if we go up, we will be able to see this Alpha somewhere in page 14. This page 50. So in page 14 as you can see that this is the part in which we're using the closely. So this is Alpha and all the groceries are actually here. So this is how you print the glossaries? Grocery entries are acronyms? No. And these are in two sections. No, no. If part is not in start on your computer, then you will not see any of these numbers. Six entries to every lines. You will not see any of these numbers. What you will see instead, I will just show you what you will see. So if you see something like this when you say may glossaries and then you see something like this so it means that part is not installed on your computer. So it can. It will show you hear that part don't exist. Something like this. So in that case, you have to go to a website which is card active. Is dot com Just show you if you get this letter, then you have to go to this website active ST dot com slash active PERL and slash Don't lords and you have to download this part. If you are in windows, are in any other system there don't lures available. You have to download this part scripture and then you have to install it. And once you have installed, then when you run this command, you will be fine. It will get the glossary term. So this is an extra step. If you get this part letter, then you have to install this so in the next lecture will cover so we can use the references are the bibliography. 12. The Bibliography: So once we have done with glossaries and their crew names, the next thing which is important, especially for the PhD and master test, is the bibliography so hard to put these references in your documents. So there are a couple of steps inward in this, so I will show you step by step. So first off, all during the course of your studies, whenever you read the work off, any other scientists are researcher, which you want toe refer in your disease. So you should put it in your big fight. So before he has a certain form, it let me open my before it. I will show you what it looks like. So this is my references. Don't be So This is my references. Fine. So it has an extension of Darby and Dale are different entries. So this is my first entry. So this is the way you entered the information about a conference paper? Similarly, this is ah, entry for a book. Different as you can see there to start with act book. And then you start this country brackets. And in these cuddly breakers you have water equals, and then you can see there. Digit double quotation marks. So this is a format in which support the name of doubt. Then I ESPN is an entry in book entry, so this is a key. You can see it. Similarly, this priority is a key month and publisher entitle and hearing with the book was published . All these are elements are you can say it's a part of this book entry. Similarly, there are different types off entries. For example, if it's a general paper so the anti would be article something like this. It has certain components like author the title of the article. Similarly, the book title in all these things. So there are a couple of times off these entries available and this I have discussed in letting the first course and once you have this file with you, then what you need to do is in your main file in the injure mentis is fight at the very end . After the appendices, you have to include this flying name with a command bibliography. So backslash be blue graffiti and then you in the curly brackets. You put the name off your big fight. So might be file is my references. So I would put my references so this might be fight. So this is the first thing you want to do. Better file off all your references in a particular fashion. Then include this file into your men document just before the end document. As you can see, our end document is just after this bibliographies. So I want to show you on the top of the screen. So therefore you can't see it at the moment. But after this bibliographies my end document and above that, you have to give the bibliographies style. So if your university has own style, then you will include their style file here. But if not, then there are some standard styles available. For example, I triple E G. R is a style for the general papers off Tripoli, which is an organization for electrical and electronics engineers. So I'm putting this style item polity are so I would say bibliography style and within the parentis is I will say I Tripoli e r. So this is my state? No, because we have to include this in the table of contents as well. So currently it's not in the table of contents. If I leave it here. Our table of contents will be without with geography, although the bibliography will be added in the document at the end. But it will not be added in the table of contents. So in order to add this bibliography into your table of contents, you have to give a command which is, and contents line backslash and contents line. And inside this you have tow start a college. But I couldn't. In this caliber, I could. You have to write, do you see table of contents? And then you start another the curly bracket. And in this calibrated, you will say chapter, chapter and after the scepter. What name you want in the table of contents, for example, if you want, will you? Graffiti, You will say bibliography. If you want references, you will say references. References look nice in a table of contents, so we will see references. So this is all you can put any name here in your table of contents. And now this is the second step. Once you have a fight, you have tow Write down these three line of court here and know the last thing is toe. Compile it to make the bibliography. And for that, first you press this button in when edit, if you are invented. Otherwise, you pressed big tech button. So a big tech is a support. Compile. It will take button you press once. So it will show you this, Erin. But they disregarded this thing. So you just press okay? And then you press later twice. And after that, you press this. Pdf Tex, if I so tough sometimes you only need to press once. Otherwise, sometimes you might need to press a couple of times, but it doesn't matter. Just press this pretty of Tex if I and it feels, uh, getting at your rebuke Coffee and no, if you go down, you will see that after this over bibliographies there. And if we go in the table of contents, you can see here that we have references. So this is all you pour? The references are the bibliography. 13. The Parting Words: so no over thesis is already normally a thesis. Should have only these type of things. It should have some chapters of apprentices. I'm glossaries some references and they're sick. No, we have also included, as you can see, that we have included different types off figure insertion like this figure is in the middle of the paragraph. This table is in the middle of the paragraph. Then we have inserted some mathematical text year. All types of environments are available for you. Toe built your thesis on this template. So then, in the second chapter, we have inserted this figure in on the left hand side of the paragraph. So you can inside this like this If you want any figure to insert like this, and then if you want to have a table in which you have some mathematical formulas, so this could be your template. You can put any formula here in individual cells so you can use this template if you want to figures side by side so you can put these two figures side by side. And if you want to learn more about hard to incite images, so I have videos on my YouTube channel are on my other course. So there are a lot of resources available. You can check my channel and are You can check my other course in which I have discussed all this in detail. Hope through inside where These kinds of figures. So but no. All these three kinds of figures, they are essentially in this document. And if you just copy, paste this cold and you replace the name of the images, you will be fined toe. Make your thesis. So there are a lot of packages available in later. So if you start learning letter, then you will be distracted from your studies. So therefore, I compiled this few classes so that you don't bother too much about making pieces. I just use this template and make your thesis, and that would be there to, For example, You want to put the name off your supervisor here after your name. But if you want to pour something else here Suharto, for example, your dignity names some very I have already disappeared the dissertation. But if you like something else, like doctor of philosophy or something like that, so but the essential components in a tighter should be only these components and most universities. If you look at their templars, you will notice that they have only these type off entries the title of the TC, the name of daughter, the type of that this is the date and the university. So these are the things which are normally present on any thesis title page. But I have intention to upload to more with views not immediately, but at later some state run about the or two inside the landscape images. If you have a big image, you want toe insert like this. And the second is if you want to pour some more. Aunt is here so hard to do that. I hope that this short course will help you toe make a template for your kisses very quickly and see you next time. 14. Timeline in Latex for Course: a timeline diagram is a graphical representation off the events happened in the past and the projected events in the future. This timeline can be used for many purposes from product management toe a history lesson. So in this video, we're going to learn hard to make a beautiful timeline using the letter document preparation systems, making a time lining later get a very simple process. Just few lines of court, which you can use again and again for every instance our timeline. So, first off, I am using a thesis example. So I'm assuming that you are doing a PhD thesis. Our master. You have to give a presentation in front off any, for example, your record a maker, your Thesis review committee. Normally, we have to do this after six months after one year, and you have to show them what is your progress off your PhD thesis? And so this is my example, which I'm going to use here, but you can take any example even history. Example are project management example. But since this is part of a thesis course, so therefore I'm using that pieces example. I'm losing four different timelines tights so that I could be able to explain to you some of the features available in the package we are going to use in this example. So this is the simplest timeline. The 1st 1 which is style zero. Normally we don't makes it a simple timeline, but this is just to show you. So let's say, for example, you have a five year project, your thesis project. So you start from 2019 and you're going to under 2000 and 24. In the first year you are doing literature Review, for example, Literature review off all the previous research work. So this is your first market on the time line, then, that next year you are preparing a conference paper this see people indicates a conference paper, and in 2022 you are doing some experimentation to prepare for a general paper, and in 2023 you are going to start writing your thesis. So this is our scenario. So there are only few commands, maybe five or six command, which you have to use to make this time. Lunch is very simple. From the second ah, timeline, we have ah, a little bit off modifications here. And when I will explain the technical terms used here, then you will understand that What are the differences? But as you can see here that here we're trying to put a date on each and every target. By this date, my literature review would be complete for here. I didn't mention any debt. So you can mix these two, whether you mention are date or whether you're not mentioned date in the target style. What we're trying to do here is that and start off for doing this year Wise subdivision, which is called Graduation. We're trying to achieve our quarterly graduations here, So every year has four different quarters. Three months, six months, nine months and so on. And then finally, the last style modern Look that we have removed the arrowhead from here, and we have removed these lines from here. So these air card marked, so I'll show you what these terms are and then weigh are mixing these two things here and there. We are showing the month. So the first of all, I want to show you what package I am using for this. I'm like, so this package is called Kronos is by this guy, Matthew Long, and this guy has written this wonderful package toe make our timeline, which is very intuitive and very easy to use. And no, let's dive into our court. But this is the court. And as you can see, that I'm only using prognosis packet. There is no other package I'm using in this letter for only one package. And these are different sections for each tile of for the timeline, which I have shown you the first time line 2nd 3rd and fourth in this class. Basically, I will first run this court toe, get the timelines, then I will experience some of the terms used in this court. And then I will explain each section of this cord besides the timeline at your timeline so that you can get a better understanding of what are these things. So first, let's compile this as you can see that we have got these four timelines here, so no, let me explain these terms to you in our image file. So I close this and this is my image. Boyce's card start did, and this is guard and did. And then you can see here that the this timeline has been divided into five different sections. And these air card graduations, as you can see, the graduation also have this date. So this is graduation date. So we have also these five graduations and there are five dates so started is not here. But then we have five different. There's here. This line is card Mark, this thing is over. Label. This is our second label and this is Card Arrow. So this portion that after these for graduation this is card over. So no, I will put a court here and I will show you. What does it mean? So now this is the court which will generate this timeline. So how are we started this? This is the normal section commanding pieces. So this has nothing to do with the time line. So we start the timeline with this command start chronology, because this is a chronological order. So therefore we say start chronology is the command for to start the timeline, and this command has the the square breakers and indeed the square brackets. We have to give certain options for first option is start here. So you're starting in 2090 The second option is stop here where you want on this time line , then color is equal to blue. This is the color off this arrow and I will show you how you can get the color off all this as Balu in a minute and then height is four units. So this is the height of this timeline. So if you change this five, it will increase. It will be more ticker than the mixed commanders Kurono graduation. So, as I explained, these are the graduations. And this has a square bracket in foster square bracket. We have this vdot. This baladi means that every graduation has a different color. I will show you how to set these color if you want, but currently have using their different colors. And then I am giving this options elevation. What is their television day? Television is the distance between this line and Mr Dates off the graduation. So these are graduation dates and this date is coming from this This start yet this big one and the smart there's our graduation dates. So I'm telling that rise this 10 point. So this is 10 point. Basically, this is very important. This one is the most important thing. You should understand that why I'm putting one here. So one means that my ear starts from 2019 to 2000 for 24. So if I subject fruit out in 19 from 2000 before I get fight. So no, I got first number from here. What is the range of the timeline? You can see how you can say what are what are the unit off this time? Lunch. This timeline is five units. You know how many graduations I want? I want five graduation on this timeline. Number of graduations so wide this by a number of graduation. So the land of the timeline are the total units. You can say quarter units, whatever you want and I will show you how pitching this So I want that this five years that you have. So this is the total length off my timeline. And I wanted this into five different sections. Graduation. So therefore five divided by five years. One So therefore graduation sizes. One text command is Kurono event. So Khurana event is this thing. So this has two components. First is where this event is happening. This even is happening at 2020. This is the mark. So this is the mark. This line is card mark. And what? This is the label of the even What even is happening here? Told literature review And then we have lost even than the second they weren't. And the 31 in the 41 you can see how simple is this? And then we stop chronology no less. No, next. No, no, no. Let's talk about style number one which is the normal style, which most of the time we use. So in this tie before we start this one thing which I forgot to mention in the previous style Waas that there are two styles off graduations. One is this period e We chose the graduations in different colors and the other is card event. So if you put event here instead of period e, I will show you when I compile the program again. So then whole of this timeline will be off one color. So instead, off these four colors Although there will be graduations Ah ah like dare stand. Everything will be there. But the color will be saying so. Let us compile this with the event instead. A period or ease or the first style? That's their report event here. So let's report even here. No. If I compiled this No, Our timeline is off single color. No, we move onto the next style. But this is our next to style. And in this is style, if you notice there a few differences, for example, first we have changed the color of this aero by using this Ah, red instead of the blue. So you can use this and this will be the color of timeline. If you are using the event command here and then the second thing is there there are proper dear snow instead off just ah ah year at the end of year. We are no putting dates in the middle of the year at any time. So in orderto put date like this, you have to put a certain court and the court which I have poop. Is this from here cat cord and then upto this December and this court is mentioned on page 16 off your documentation. So this is based 16 as you can separate 16 off the back of documentation, the court is available here from this point cared cord upto this December. So you have to copy place this cord if you want a toe poor the dates in this manner as we're putting in this estate, the second thing you might have noticed here is that No, these marks are off different height. Actually, this is card mark depth, and this is mentioned in this option mark depth 40 point. We don't want these words to mix with each other. So normally report these at different highest in the timeline. We are increasing this After 55 then 70 there is ah, big gap between these two, so we can keep them at the same height off 70 and 70. And when you want to put date like this and you have pulled that cord into your tech fight , then in the first Prentice's we will put the date just like you put in Australian style stuff. April 2000 and 20. So it will come like this. And now we move on to the Tartus tight. No, in this style, what we're trying to achieve is that every year we're trying to be wide in tow. Four portions. Remember that if you are using the fastest I which waas only the years 19 2020 We cannot put a fractional value in here. We cannot put 2000 and 19.5 or something like that. You will get better. So instead you have to change the graduations. No, we want tohave month wise, graduation two ways to do that. The one way is that you start from zero. So this is over. Start year zero and our stop year is 60 so that we can get 60 months. Then we can even have on monthly basis that whatever we want. As I mentioned earlier that no other differences. 60 units are 60 months or whatever you say. 60 months And how many graduations we want every year we want four. So it means we want 20. So if you do white this by 20 you get a number three And this is this number. This is how this tree is coming. No, If you notice here that our dates are starting from zero and ending at 60 we can remove these days. If you want, you can remove this line. For example, the general paper You want to put in a month 33. So you can precisely put it first like this. Like this point point. So if this line is if these days are available, you can say OK, I will put this on Position 30. And then once you have said this timeline, you can remove these these days and I will show you how to remove these days. And remember one thing that these dates are graduation dates. These are graduation this Remember this thing because sometime you might get confused that these are graduation. There's we are not putting that dares of the timeline because, as you can see here that we say start chronology and we are putting these two. Are these two options here? Start date is is a goto false? It means otherwise there would be a big zero here and there would be a big 60 like in the first style. Remember, there were two. Ah started and they're so here We are saying that start date equals false. Don't put this big zero and and dead fast means don't put this 60. There's elevation in clonal graduation. So these are the graduation bears and their elevation. This is 10 point and then we are using because no, our dates are in months, so we cannot start from 2019. So we're using a trick here. So this is a trick. You can say that this is not normally this will not come. So what we're trying to do achieve here is we want to write 2019 years. So we are writing this as ah Kurono event. As you can see here that were saying that this is a kurono event and we're saying here that this event is at the location zero, this is our location. This is our location off the timeline. But what is the label of this event? The label is 2000 and 19. So we are basically putting an event here. Although we want to ah, put a year here. But we cannot put here's by before. Similarly, all these years they are events and when we say dead, it was false. It means there is no date for this event. As you can see that in the previous style there were dares for these hearings. So in this we are not putting any dares here. As you can see There is no there. No April. Although this looks like as it is in the end of June somewhere. But we're not putting any date. Were saying okay by some time here in the middle, because some extra graphical representation, you don't have to put date for each and everything. So this is another option. If you don't want to put their just put date equals false and no, remember that this is the position where the level should be placed. So all these positions, as you can see here, all these positions should be one of these positions because our graduations are no from 0 to 60. No. Once you have finished all these and you have put all these labels here, then you want to delete all these days. So let me show you how to do that and what we have to do in the court. So this is our style, this one. And if you don't want any dates of the graduation days, so just here you put bigs equals falls. Because these are graduation dates. So there's equal force. And if you compile now, no, there are no dates. So we moved to the last the style. So this is our finally style and this style you will notice feuding. First off, all these interests are not same is that these are card period E. So how we make this way? We use this command here Kurono, period e And here you put the start and the end dates. So from 0 to 5 graduation, then you say 5 to 2020 to 50 and so on. So this is the way you write these things. And then the second thing you will notice here that we have removed the arrow And for that you have to put this aero equals false command here One more option, which is start date equals false. Otherwise there would be zero here and five. Then again, five for the second period. And what else? And another thing in this is there the first toe labours. There are no lines here, So if you want, you can remove their lines and to remove the lines from these two were putting this option Mark equals false, nor let us go to the court and see if anything is missing there. So one thing I notice is that this my thesis timelines. This you put in the last parentis is here. One more thing I want to show you. For example, if your timeline is very white, very big, you want to do their different size of paper. So there is a command here, which I have papier use packaging geometry and inspected. You can say paper, height and paperwork. So this I have put roughly a zero size is it was a very big site. So you can put this any paper size. So in letting this is another problem, just use this command and put any size, whatever you want. And if I compile? No, you will see that Howard looks like No, as you can see, that our paper size is huge and our timeline has a lot of gaps in between. And the sizes are adjusted accordingly because later does this perfectly. So you can put a lot off events here lot off labels here. So this is all you change the size of your timeline. So I hope that this is enough. No, you guys are smart. You can read the rest of the few options which are available in the package of documentation. If you want