Learn How to Paint in Photoshop

Brandon Whelan, Artist & Designer

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14 Videos (1h 57m)
    • Welcome

    • Tablets

    • Setting Up a Photoshop Document

    • Photoshop Tools

    • Blending

    • Rulers and Guides

    • Effects / Adjustments

    • Flip Your Canvas

    • Perspective Grid Tip

    • Adding Color to Black & White Painting

    • Thumbnails - Concept Development and Practicing

    • Export Painting for Print and Web

    • My Painting Process

    • Assignment


About This Class

Hello, artist. This class is about digital painting in Photoshop. This class is for artist and Photoshop users that are new to digital painting. It’s also for digital artist looking to learn a few tips to help improve their workflow and art. We’ll learn about tablets, Photoshop's tools, how to paint and blend colors, special effects, and much more. Come join me (Brandon) in this laid back class where we don’t take ourselves too seriously but have a huge passion for art and all things beautiful. Let’s learn something cool and create something amazing.  :)  Enroll Today

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This guy is great - it's like having questions anawered by a friend, rather than being "taught" to. It might be a little tedious if you're a PS proT but if you are just starting out this is an engaging and entertaining series of simple, narrated lessons. Brandon W., I'd like to buy you a beer!
Very in-depth class, Brandon. It included lots of specific techniques and tips. I really enjoyed viewing your painting process and hearing the story behind the piece featured in that video. Your piece showed a lot of character and story, even without you telling the underlying story. For me, the best lesson taught here was that your art doesn't have to be "realistic" in order to convey a story. Great job.
Jasmine Lové

Designer. Illustrator. Optimist.

Very usefull! It gives a lot of technical input and many inspiration. Of course you don't have just to listen and watch videos but you have to try hard and to experiment by yourself...and that's what i want to do now! Thank you very much Brandon!





Brandon Whelan

Artist & Designer

Hey everyone! Names Brandon (aka Kitten Bombs) and I’m a digital artist. That’s short for graphic designer, digital painter, illustrator, etc. etc. etc.

I was an in-house graphic designer for the fitness industry for 3 years. Currently, I’m lone wolfing it as a freelancer.

Keep up with me and my art.
Instagram | YouTube