Learn Canva from an Expert Designer - Creating a Logo and Brand!

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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9 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Let's Get Started With A Logo!

    • 3. Always Have Options! Creating a Second Logo Option.

    • 4. Creating Both a Horizontal and Vertical Version of Your Logo

    • 5. Creating White and Black Versions Of Your Logo

    • 6. How to Export Files in the Right Format In Canva

    • 7. Let's Create A Social Media Graphic!

    • 8. Poster Design Time!

    • 9. Create A Business Card! Two Sided.

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About This Class

Have you been dying to learn Canva? Canva It is a cloud based design alternative for those overwhelmed by photoshop and illustrator. I have 12+ years of design experience and I still use Canva for quick projects and ad designs/social media campaigns. It is a pretty powerful but easy tool. 

This class will walk you though a logo and branding project. We will create a social media graphic, a poster and finally a business card. You will learn all the basic elements of canva along the way. I will also provide some expert design/layout and branding advice as well!

So let's Learn Together!





Please be sure to check out canva.com legal section on their support page to check on licences and your rights to use their elements and graphics on logos and other items you may be designing. ​You are free to use any .jpg  .png or graphic you import, as long as you have the rights to that graphic. Using their pre-made symbols and graphics for t-shirts is a gray area, so just double check the legal section and feel free to send them an e-mail about proper usage of graphics on their website as their terms may change from time to time.