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Launch a Simple eBook Info Product: My Case Study

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. What To Expect From This Course

    • 2. Coming Up With a Niche Idea For Your eBook

    • 3. What To Include In Your eBook

    • 4. Using Papyrus Editor

    • 5. Outsourcing Graphics For the eBook on Fiverr

    • 6. WarriorForum - Warrior Special Offer Case Study

    • 7. Copywriting and Sales Page Outsourcing

    • 8. Creating a Sales Funnel & Upselling A Bigger Product

    • 9. Building An Email List From Sales

    • 10. JV Launch Calendars

    • 11. Handling Orders With Jvzoo or GumRoad

    • 12. Publishing on Amazon Kindle

    • 13. Conclusion

    • 14. Free Bonus Content

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About This Class

In this course I walk you through how I took a simple idea, turned it into a short eBook and then promoted the eBook to make over $1000.

It all starts with finding one simple niche idea that you can discuss that will help other people.

Most people have knowledge of a specific topic or skill that they could teach to someone else. Most people are willing to pay for this type of knowledge.

So why not create your own short eBook and sell that knowledge to others?

I'm going to walk you through everything I did to create my simple eBook, get it launched and then show you how I continued to make sales from it over a long period of time.

I even share with you the exact eBook I used, that only took me just a few days to write based off of a very simple idea.

Here is what I cover in this course:

  • Coming up with a niche idea for your eBook
  • Creating your eBook - Using a simple tool to build a professional looking eBook
  • Building a sales page for your eBook
  • Creating a sales funnel to collect leads and upsell other products
  • I explain the various payment processors you can use for selling your eBook
  • How to Promote your eBook through forums, affiliate marketing and more

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. What To Expect From This Course: everyone. My name is John Shea. I just wanted to take a couple minutes to introduce you to myself on give you a little bit of an idea of what you're gonna be getting in this course. Now, Really, what I've done is I put together pretty much like a guideline where you could take a simple idea, turn that into an e book and then launched that e book and, you know, make money from that over a long period of time. So throughout the course, I'm basically gonna walk you through some ideas on how to pick a niche. I'm going to show you an e book that I actually created. And then I'm gonna show you how I was able to create the e book, using a very simple editor and make the book actually look very professional looking in terms of inside the e book as well as outside. If you do decide to do some artwork, things like that, I can assure you would outsource the artwork. Mostly gonna show you how to actually market the e book. I give you kind of a case study of something I did where I basically found a popular Internet marketing forum, where I was able to go out, promote the book and then get some affiliates to help me also promote the E book and make some sales. And I was able to make well over $1000 within a very short span of time and over a longer period of time. The book continue to make sales over the next year and beyond. So that's really what this whole courses about. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or start a discussion. I'd be happy to help you out, however I can. 2. Coming Up With a Niche Idea For Your eBook: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to talk about actually picking your niche. Now, really, in my scenario, I decided to come up with an idea. That was something where I knew people could either make money from it or it was something that was going to just generally help other people out. Now you're gonna obviously get a copy of my book. I did decide to include that in this course, so you'll get an idea of what I did. And for my niche, I actually decided to pick a topic on really selling on idea over on a Web site called Fiverr, where you can sell services for just $5. So I took kind of a clever name. I decided to come up with fiber untapped. And essentially, I explain to people how they can go out there and build a website where you could interview other people. Doesn't really matter what niche. And then I explain to them exactly how they can go out there and, you know, use this gig to make some money through fiber. And for me it's worked wonderfully because I had a marketing blawg. So I was able to create this gig and start getting lots of orders for people that wanted to be interviewed and building lots of relationships. So it was like I was hoping other people, you know, by selling this gig, and then I turned around and made that into a product and talk to people about that. Now, if you're listening to this course, obviously don't have to do something in the make money online niche. It could be anything. Let's just say you knew how to help people. You know, cook a specialty dish. You could make a holy book that covers that topic. Maybe you're in the fitness. You could make an E book talking about fitness, and it really doesn't have to be like something super off the chart. You know, amazing. A lot of times you'll find that people are buying books all the time or just buying information in general, even when it's out there for free. I've seen a lot of people just combine. Resource is in the one nice, simple e book now. Obviously, I'm not telling you to go out there and start taking other people's content, but just come up with something and put a spin on it. You know, if you have skills that you believe you could teach other people, then that's what you want to do with this book. And obviously the idea what it is that you want to really help people accomplish something that they're gonna be able to do with this book. Maybe an end goal of being will learn a new skill, being able to make some money, anything that's really gonna help them learn a new skill or trade something along those lines. So that's really just what you want to think about another really good idea to kind of go off of this and I'm gonna talk a little bit about in the courses. You could actually use forums as a means to market. So if you find yourself on any niche forums, those will be a really great place to actually go out there and potentially get some ideas . See what people are talking about, what they're looking for, help on. You just really look for generally what people are interested in what they're trying to get help with. I guarantee you there's something in the back of your mind that you know, you could help somebody else with, and that's what I want you to create the e book with. So if you have any questions, I'd be happy to try to help you out with niche ideas. But there's really just thousands of things that you could come up with. It really all depends on. If it's something you think you could write up, it's gonna be valuable, and, you know, you could really help people with it. 3. What To Include In Your eBook: Okay, So you should be able to grab a download of this actual info proxy book here that I've put together within the course. Depending on where you're watching it, you'll either find it under the projects in skill share or on you. Demi, You will find it in the lecture before this. So I just wanted to quickly walk through what I put in my book, and you don't have to actually copy me. A lot of people do different things when they create these info e books. But I thought I just show you what I did with mine. So here I have a very, very basic cover. You know, I just put something together to make it look at least half decent. Didn't spend a lot of time on it. No graphics. And, of course, I have a built in table contents. I don't even believe these air clickable. So it's nothing really crazy. I just show people what pages things air on. And then how I kind of built everything together here. Um, I threw in a little copyright, mentioned what I used to create this and, you know, really just did a little introduction. So people can email me Oops. And here I am clicking on my own email to email myself. Introduction. Um, you know, just kind of talked about who I am. I even threw in some links where people can watch, like an introduction video. And then this is just an image I put into the book. So it's very, very simple. I talk about what's the method all about? Goes through. I talk about how I discovered the gig that I did on Fiverr. Why I really like the gig. I talked about setting up a block that you can use to interview other people. Um showed you a couple different methods like you could use a free blogger version, talked about using WordPress. And then, really, you know, I'm just guiding people through, like, here's a video walk through of me actually creating the gig. It's about 12 minutes long, so I really get very niche tin. And then I show people more examples of other people on five or doing the same thing where they're doing interviews in different industries, like music and fashion. Things like that. Um, then I explain how to go out there on fiber. How to actually build out the gig. Um, I give some interview examples through video. I talked about adding a video to your gig itself how to get traffic to the gig. And then that's the conclusion. So this is a really, really simple e book. You know, it took me a little bit of time to obviously put it together. It looks really professional, though. I would find that if you go in a place like the warrior form, you're gonna find that most info products that you do pick up there just very, very basic. They don't really look all that great. Nothing really too fancy about them. And, you know, I thought I put this together using the papyrus editor. Um, it just looks a little more professional, You know, there's really, you know, the fact that I also added in some videos and stuff you don't really see that too often in full products. So these particular links, I believe, as long as they still work. Yep. So if you look down here in the bottom left, this is actually a private, unlisted video. So only people with the Lincoln see it, and you can see here that. You know, 226 people viewed it. So people that read my pdf most likely would be the ones that came and found this. So I just wanted to show you guys this and give you an idea of what defined in my e book and how I put things together. And you can kind of use this as a base to create your own. 4. Using Papyrus Editor: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite e book info product creator. It's an editor called the Papyrus Editor. I believe they somewhat rebranded or possibly bought out. This other company called your story, so they kind of have, like, a double branding thing going on right now. I have not used this and at least six months, so I'm just logging in for the first time. Doesn't look like much has really changed, but you can. One of the biggest advantages is you can create an e book for free. And if you do decide you want to turn it into a Kindle formatted or a pub formatted e book , you can choose to do that. So that's a really, really nice advantage. I think it runs about $20. Unless, of course, they have changed the pricing. But it looks like right now, pretty much the same is what I remember. So I'm gonna log in and I'll show you kind of how it works. Here. You can see a couple of the books I was working on, so I'm going to go into the fibre on tap book and here's my editor. So everything is very straightforward. I have across the top here all the different settings and pieces that I can use to build this out. Um, Aiken set a different background. I can insert images, text, I can check the word count s. So in total, I've got about 3000 words that gives you some idea of how long how long the book is. It's almost like a really epic blawg post. And you can build out the different chapters here, which is how it was. I was able to create the very simple syllabus. And then these are all broken up into pieces. So these air really just images. And, of course, a lot of the textile and things like that. This is like a special heading text, all the links. That's how I was able to insert all this and just make everything look really nice with the different orange colors to kind of flow with the theme of the cover. And it was just very, very easy to create all the chapters. They had a built in page for the copyright, and I just edited it, um, you know, through and myself, this overall just really makes your book look a lot more professional. And for something that's really only going to be, you know, if you're looking to launch it between five and $15 whether or not you do decide to put it up on Kindle, this is a very, very easy format to use. So I was able to do this completely for free. I believe if I hit Publish. Um, let's see. Free. I was trying to see if I could find the cost for you guys, but I would say just explore a little bit and really, I just wanted to show you the editor kind of give you an idea of what you'd be working with is a very, very easy editor Use. This is another really great thing about the editor you can see here. This is actually the e book cover that I use this one over here on the left, and I was able to just modify that. Of course, it doesn't look quite as nice is mine. I'm sorry, mind is not quite as nice as that one, but they have a lot of different templates that you can pick from out of here. So it really gives you a good place to start. So I just wanted to show you guys for fire. Senator, I'll leave a link, and you can check that out for yourselves. Let me know if you have any questions on this. 5. Outsourcing Graphics For the eBook on Fiverr: So depending on what you decide to do with your e book, if you're gonna be using Kindle as the main area to go and launch your e book, I would say that you should definitely have an e book cover designed. You can also use the e book cover for really just general promotion. So be a good thing to have. And you can head over here to fiver and just search for able cover. I've already done that and you can see here anywhere from five to. Looks like they got some $10 packages here for various e book covers. And a lot of these will look really, really nice. You know, you can see professionally book cover, you book cover design, horror e book covers. So you've even got some niche stuff going on there. Let's take a look at I'll just open up one so we can get an idea. I mean, these look really nice. Um, you know, putting a lot of time and effort into some of these. This will be one I would definitely go with. I actually had hired someone, and when I had one of my originally book covers done it wasn't for this book, but another e book that I did that I am putting up on Kindle I really found that it almost looks like something that was generated out of a software tool. He's actually, you know, potentially. It looks like someone's putting a little more time and effort into it, At least someone that knows graphic design. So I would just take a look around, see what you can find, And, um, you know, here you can kind of see Kindle or e book cover and 10 bucks. So they have different packages and things like that they offer. So just take a look around fiber, and so you confined and this would be the way to go. 6. WarriorForum - Warrior Special Offer Case Study: this video. I wanted to show you the original sales thread of where I started marketing my info product . You confined? I'm over here on a place called the Warrior Forum, which this is actually designed mostly for Internet marketers. Of course, you could really find many, many places toe sell your e book, I would say, depending on the niche. You know, if you decided to make an e book on cooking, then of course, you probably don't really want to go over to the warrior form to try to sell that. That might be a place or rather, an e book, that you should probably go put up on a place like Amazon for Kindle or find other avenues to market that e book with, Um, obviously, in my case, since I made an Internet marketing product, I decided to go sell it in a place where I knew I could find buyers. I would say, You know, given that same niche, let's just say you're in that cooking niche. You may be able to go out there and find some forums, start posting and seeing if you could use something like a signature to drive some sales into your e book that way. So I just wanted to walk you through a kind of give you an idea. Here's the landing page that was used. You know, it's kind of like a persuasive text. How would $100 per month change your life? Let's just say you just to set up one gig that you can completed only 4 to 5 hours per month, that will bring you in the $100 So they talk about you know, how many gigs you could create. And you know all this. It's just really persuasive text in the next video. I'm going to talk about how I had all this done, how the landing page graphics were done and everything along those lines you can see here. I offered a lot of persuasive, you know, just the idea that this was something very persuasive. People would read this and be very engaged in Wonder Man, what's this product? And it's only seven bucks and they buy it through JV zoo again. Here, you can see my little signature, and, um, you know all this stuff here, I decided, add some exclusive interviews where I got interviewed. I'll talk about that a little bit in the upcoming videos. Then here you can see Mike from Maine interviewing me some other people. This guy, Daniel Evans. He actually ran. He's sold several products in the fiber niche, so it was really good to see someone like him come over and comment and just lots of other interviews, people asking questions, people saying, Hey, I got a copy of this and I recommended it and people really loving it. So just a lot of interaction going on. And, you know, people asking questions, things like that you can actually see here. Nick Arnold. He's actually the guy that helped me with the sales page four day weekend, and you can contact him on the word for him. If you're looking for more information on that in the next video, I actually I had actually recorded the next video before I recorded this one. So I do talk a little bit about that night for gotten his user handle. So if you are looking for similar work, you can reach out Nick at four day weekend on the warrior for him. But yeah, you can see a lot of interaction here and this, um, went on quite a bit. You know, people saying thank you. It's a great product, great product, lots of reviews, lots of good info. So it's worked out pretty well. A time of doing this. I believe it might have been about $40 to run this promotion, but now it's about $20. So this is something that really wherever you decide to promote your book, you could go over to Amazon kindle. That would probably be my highest recommendation if you have something you feel could really contribute to the E book community over there. 7. Copywriting and Sales Page Outsourcing: Okay. So in the last video, I showed you exactly what my landing page looked like. How I set up my offer over on the warrior Forum in this video. I just wanted to talk about how exactly I went about setting that up. Now, I didn't actually go out there and create all the graphics used in the landing page. I didn't write any of the copy, so really, when I refer to copy, I'm referring to the copyrighting used to persuade people to actually buy the e book. You don't necessarily have to do this. Obviously, I put quite a bit of time and creating that, that sales page and everything, but, um you know, generally, I would say, if you do decide you want to do this I found for me. I mean, it did work out that I made a good amount of sales on this book. So for me to spend 100 or maybe $200 on the actual landing page copy, it's really kind of a good lesson for you, even just to find someone that can do that kind of work for you. Really? It's something that would be good to be able to know that you have that resource despite whatever product you decide to launch. So I went out there and I believe I spent it was $150 to have that same landing page and copyrighting done. I used the guy by the name of Nick Arnold. Um, you can find him on the warrior form. He has a name. I think I'm for getting it off the top of my head, but I'll leave a note that you confined mix handle. And if you do decide that you'd like to actually reach out to him, then I would say he'd be your best bet for something that's gonna be affordable. And it's gonna look really nice. Just like the landing page I showed you. 8. Creating a Sales Funnel & Upselling A Bigger Product: So in this video I wanted to talk about creating a very basic sales funnel. This was really my very first attempt to doing something like this. So don't criticize me because it is very, very simple. But this was all that it really took. So what I did was when I launched my book, I decided to actually do something called an up sell. And what I did with this is I had another course that I had just finished putting together with a partner of mine and I decided to launch the E book for $7. And if someone decided to buy the product as soon as they finish the purchase, they would actually be redirected to this page where they get a special one time offer to actually go and purchase an up sell of another course called Simple Novice Profits. Now, what they could decide to do was, you know, spend this $14.97 and they would basically get free access to the simple novice profits course or not free. But they pay $15. They risk free access for 30 days, and, you know, if they decided they were not interested they could always ask for a refund. So I decided that if they were not interested, they would basically get a special password to a password protected page. You click on No thanks, and it would take him to a Members area based page where I just allow them to download the e book. Very, very simple. This video, it looks like it must have come down. I have not done anything with this funnel in over two years, so really, it's not something that's actively sending lots of traffic to or anything like that. But this video originally was me just talking about what the simple novice profits program was. So I would just think about, you know, maybe you have this e book on a particular product and you decided to create a bigger course. On top of that, this would really be a good opportunity for you to be able to go out there and sell that product. In addition to the E book, maybe you go back to that cooking. Cooking niche is an example. So you have your cooking niche e book and you talk about recipes and all this other stuff. Maybe you decided to put together a course where you show people how to actually prepare, like, four or five of the meals and how you go about doing that and a bunch of different things, like maybe you're just walking people through a bunch of examples. So be a really great Upsell. You could sell that to someone for an additional $10 or whatever the case, you have a course on that same topic, so that would be the way I would think about it. And you don't necessarily have to drive him through. Um, you know all these landing pages and whatnot, but really, this is just the way that I had it set up using the JV Zoo platform. You can automatically do these up cells inside of the sales funnel, so it's very, very easy to do and stress just something to keep in mind when you're launching your E book info product. 9. Building An Email List From Sales: so something else that you should really put some thought into would be building an email list when you decide to launch your info. E book product. When I launched my fiver untapped product, I actually decided to set up the get response email marketing tool along with my my funnel . So everybody that actually came in and decided to sign up and purchase my product, I had them on email list. This way I could potentially re market to them with future products or just give them some value. Send them to my blawg. Whatever the case, really, you can do so much with the email marketing. Ah, highly recommend using a tool like get response. There's many others out there like a Weber and mail chimp is another one that's also free. You could start with that. I actually really, like get response. Um, you know as, ah, starting one because it is free for the 1st 30 days and then I believe depending on the what you decide to do. If I head over to the pricing here, it's about $15 a month for up to 1000 people, which is plenty to get started with and they have quite a few landing page templates and just very, very simple to use system. So this would be a tool that I recommend. I've used it for for over a couple of years now, and it's worked out great. So I just wanted to throw this out. There is an idea and something to really think about when you go to create your product. 10. JV Launch Calendars: Okay, so in this video, I just wanted to talk about a couple of the JV launch calendars that you could get yourself on. If you do decide to launch into the Internet marketing space, this would really be a great place to get your product listed and potentially make get some affiliates on board or potentially even get interviewed about your product. Which is what happened to me when I launched my book a couple years ago. So the first item on here is called Munch. I They call it the eye Off. I am staying for Internet marketing launches and you can see across the top they've got some pretty big featured launches that air coming up. And then, of course, you have two different lists. You've got big launches and all launches, so anything that's in this blue, these air, like featured huge launches that are going on by these guys launching these big products. And you've pretty much got everything here from, you know, people watching their software to people launching like e commerce stuff. We got different stuff on video. I see stuff on webinars, um, different software pieces, like for WordPress. I think I even saw some Pilar content based products which are basically like content that you could reuse for your own websites and things like that. So really, it's free to submit something here. Obviously you can get submitted into the featured if you pay some extra bucks. But there's a huge amount of people that come over here and generally what you're gonna find. So let's just say I wanted Teoh. I was actually just looking at this one before I started this project supremacy here. You can see their standard launch and you get a little bit of an idea what's going on? So they're launching this on the second of February on the 17th a 10 o'clock eastern. They're gonna have a front and price of $47 to around $7 then you make a 50% commission. Um, if you wanna see their specific invitation page, they have a custom page that's off of the Munch I site where you can go read more about their their launching. What's going on? What kind of nish It's in what affiliate network they're using, which obviously you can see here they're using JV Zoo and then they show this proof to kind of show how much money they've made with this product. You know what kind of prices they're gonna be doing, And this encourages people to basically go mail this out to their own email list and try to make money for themselves. And, of course, if they can get hundreds of people to come on board and launch their own product, everybody wins because they take each person taking home 50 50 of the profits and they will bring people through potentially a funnel where they're trying to sell them other products , which is what I talked about, Um, with my up sell their now, Obviously, some of this stuff is crazy. Huge. You don't necessarily have to dive too deep and doing all this. You don't have to go out there necessarily and even die into the whole affiliate thing. You could simply just create the product and put it up on the warrior form and leave it at that. But you know, if you decide that you do want to create an affiliate page and do a little bit more for affiliates, maybe offer some sort of off sell product, I would definitely highly recommend getting yourself in one of these lists and then making it like a little mini launch. If you do decide that you'd much prefer to put this up on like, say, Kindle, which I will briefly talk about one of the last videos of the course. Then you don't necessarily have to worry about this at all, and you could just completely go in the other direction. Or you could really do both. If you decided Teoh, create your product with name that's a little bit more friendly for the Amazon based you know e book store. 11. Handling Orders With Jvzoo or GumRoad: So in this video, I just wanted to talk about two platforms that you could potentially use to sell your e book. Of course, there's many out there, but I would highly recommend just taking a look at these two because they are really some of the biggest in terms of actually selling digital products. The 1st 1 that I wanted to mention his gum road. I've actually never used it, but I've purchased many products through it, and I really do like how things are set up with their system. Generally, it's a very simple set up from what I've seen have looked at a couple funnels that people have set up with this particular platform, and it just is very, very simple. You make you make the purchase and then has a delivery ble in the back end. Very, very easy to use, very intuitive interface. And you know that kind of talk about here like some of the different, um, costs associated with other competitors and things like that. So they talk about how they're one of the best valuable options around. So really, you can start selling anything on here. You can do courses, books, film music. And of course, you could do an e book. So this would be a really good option that check out head over to Gum Road to take a look at that. The next one I want to show you me, Just open it up. Here is JV Zoo. This is really more of an Internet marketing based system, but you could sell just about anything. It doesn't have to be related to Internet marketing, but generally, a lot of the products that are found on the marketplace here are just in that niche. Utkan have affiliates promote your your products for you. They just offer a huge, wider range of stuff that you can do with it. You can even do profit sharing with other people like partners. They just make everything so simple and the nothing is left out. This is absolutely one of my favorite platforms for promoting products, bringing in affiliates and just everything that you really need. So I just wanted to show you I'm actually gonna bring it up here. Sorry. I'm going back in and out of full screen here. Basically, here's the page that I set up for my fiber on Tapped products. So I thought I'd give you a little idea of how I set this up. And this would probably help you if you do decide to use Jamie Zoo because this is what I used. So you can see here very, very basic information for my product. They do have video tutorials, which you can check out as well. But I'm gonna show you how I've set mine up. You can see how have allowed sales I am showing in the marketplace. And then here's my launched in time. I launched it on the 31st of March in 2014. So almost two years ago here you can see the product name. It's in U. S. Currency charging $7. I did a special offer where, if somebody one of my affiliates decided to promote the initial product, they would get 100% of the commission's, and then on that up sell product, they would earn 50% of the commission's. So the idea was I wanted to get affiliates encouraged to promote my product because they would also make money on on the E book just as much as I would make, if not potentially Mawr and then on the people that did decide to buy the course for the $15. Of course, I could make even more money off of that. Um, quantity. Obviously you want to leave that and limited because you're looking for you don't want to limit your sales unless you're doing something special. You put in a support email address. Here's the landing page, which for me, was over on the warrior form. Um, I did not want to send all the traffic to the sales page after the launch day in time. I wanted to send them to a special Here's actually, I believe where it is. The delivery method was a thank you page, and you have this special past parameters to download page, and this would send into the special page I showed you earlier, which is the up sell offer. Um, everybody had up to 30 days to return the product for a refund. Uh, it was eligible for the product in today. Of course you want that and then affiliate approval. I always do manual, and the reason for that is if someone does decide they want to sell your book on your behalf you just don't want to have to deal with scammers or people that might rip you off people that might cause you to get lots of refunds. One example might be, Let's just say you you have automatic affiliate approval set on this and some most your product. And then the person who purchased it decided to refund it. That means now you're kind of out your money. You've already paid your affiliate, and it can just kind of cause problems so you can have a manual approval for the affiliates you wanna let in, and then you can also do a delayed payout and choose toe. You know, pay them whenever you feel like affiliate terms. That's kind of optional notes to affiliates. You can add a little thing here that this just kind of describes what it is. And then I've got a U R L there, which is for the actual people to go on, applies an affiliate and then over on the bottom right here, you can see I've integrated my get response with a special eight p I key, and then it's actually using a special email list for the products. So I know the people on that list are from people that purchase this product. And then I've got here watching video tutorial about time sales. What you can do is for every few sales, the price would actually increase by one cent. I don't know if this actually ever worked when I launched it. I may have tried to add it after I had already launched it. So I don't know if it worked. And then, of course, on the marketplace, you can add in what categories the book belongs in, or the product rather, and then add in some keywords and that you have some other stuff in here. Looks like they can get a discount if they shared on Facebook. That's kind of a cool thing. I don't know that that might be new. And, of course, the pay payment option. I have mine set up for PayPal. So pretty straightforward. If you're looking for more information on setting this up, I would just check out the tutorials on JV Zoo. But it really is not that bad. Don't feel like Oh my God, I can't do this. It really is on Lee a little bit more complicated when you do the O. T. O or one time offer is what Tokyo stands for, and you have to do some special interlinking with how you create. You have to make another product page for that and then link these two together and let James you know that it's gonna be an up sell, so they send the traffic to the other offer. So that's pretty much how you set this up. Just thought I'd show you guys this, and I hope it's useful. 12. Publishing on Amazon Kindle: So in this video, I just wanted to talk about publishing your book on a Kindle. If you're not familiar with Kindle books, I imagine you're probably living under a rock at this point. But basically what you can do for free is earn royalty by applying to the Amazon Kindle KDP program, which is called the Kindle Direct Publishing A Z you can see here you can independently published to reach millions of readers and publishing takes less than five minutes. Your book will appear on the Kindle store worldwide within 24 to 40 hours, and depending on how you set it up, you can earn up to 70% royalty here, depending on how you do it. There's a couple different ways you also do get the opportunity to give away your book for free for promotion, and that will hopefully bump you up throughout the ranks. Um, you know, you can learn more about all the different categories, so if you're gonna do something that's obviously Mawr info product, you probably want to look at the business and investing category here, and they kind of have some little testimonials here from some people that have done this guy Kawasaki James Ultra People that you know really have done very well with Kindle publishing, so I would definitely consider this. I'm not going to really dive into this too deeply. There's tons of resource is out there for Kindle. If you look online, most likely where you're watching this, depending on if it's like you Demi or skill share, I imagine you could find other Kindle courses on some of these sites as well. Toe learn how to actually do more with Kindle. But I just did want to mention this is a way you can get your book out there and, you know, if you decide to launch it through your website, of course you can always in addition, put it on Kindle as well. So this is something to consider, and I hope this helps 13. Conclusion: Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for going through my e book in full product launch course. I really hope that all the things that I've shared with you have been really helpful. Obviously, I've covered on a lot of basic topics and things like Amazon kindle how to go out there and start looking for affiliates through JB launch calendars. You know how to go out there and actually get your book actually created with an editor such as papyrus editor and just many other topics that I've shared throughout this course. If you really enjoy the course, I'd appreciate it if you went and left me a review. It does help me quite substantially in terms of marketing the course. And if you have any questions, you could always send me a message or just simply started discussion, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. I would say at this point, hopefully you've thought of at least an idea. You have some clues on what it is that you want to do in terms of creating an e book and another idea I just wanted to briefly throw out there. I didn't even decided to make a separate video on it. But if you figure out a niche of where you're really interested in something, another thing you can go out there and do is actually use forums as a way to promote your course and not be another great way to kind of get it out there. What I've seen a lot of people do successfully is use a forum signature to actually get some traction that way. So I thought I'd throw that in. Is just a little bonus tip as a closer here to the course again. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. And I wish you all the best of luck with your info product e book. 14. Free Bonus Content: Hey, what's going on, guys? John here. I just wanted to throw together a quick little bonus. And this is something special that I put together. For those of you who are watching my skill share course right now again, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to actually go through my course. And if you love my content, you love what I'm doing on skill share. I wanted to give you an opportunity to check out another free mini course that I put together. I call it the Earn your 1st $1000 offering S E O services on upward course. It's basically a four part mini course on how I went out there and I utilized a freelance system called up work toe land my 1st $1000 worth of jobs. So this is a free four part course again. You can head over toe one K s CEO consulting dot com. And once you're there, you're basically going to see I've got a few videos here that's gonna explain what exactly is inside the course. But essentially what you're gonna get is an overview of up work on the first day that's going to kind of let you understand what the platform is and why it's beneficial for you. You're gonna understand how to go out there and start optimizing your upward profile and really getting that fully optimized the best you can. And then I'm gonna show you an eye catching proposal method for S e o work that you can use to stand out from the competitors that are also bidding on jobs and then in video, for we really just wrap things up. I show you how to really take action and step things up from there. So again, myself and my partner, Paul James, put this together. I'm really happy about the way it turned out. And I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it. Um, if this point, if you're interested in this, feel free to go and sign up for one k s CEO consulting dot com Just head over that website and you'll have the sign up form here. But I quickly also wanted to tell you a little short story for those of you who wanted to stick around for a few more minutes. So in my case, this was about three years ago I've been teaching online courses for pretty much the entire span of time. I was also starting to do Web design on the side. I figured, why not make some money building WordPress websites? Because that was a skill that I had taken up in my past time. So what I decided to do is start cold calling local businesses like painters, roofers, plumbers, you know, pretty much any kind of local business in my area. And I was able to actually start landing some web design gigs. I would charge anywhere from, like, 300 or $500. And what I quickly found was that it was some nice extra, you know, income every month. But I wasn't able to go quit my day job over it. You know, I was just kind of struggling. So what ended up happening was I actually was looking around one day on indeed dot com a time. I was working a full time position, and I decided to actually go submit my resume to this company that was looking for a part time s CEO, consultant or expert. So I went in for an actual job. Interview is very intimidating. I had five people, you know, interview me. And they said that I was a really good candidate. A lot of the people that it applied had other experience, like working at fast food chains and things like that. So they knew that I was a really good fit. And I really didn't know all that much about S CEO. I mean, I honestly didn't beyond just blogging. I had some basic basic knowledge. So what I decided to do is throw something at them in terms of actually just doing a consulting deal where I would just make $1000 a month and I wouldn't have to go into their office so they would be paying me a little bit less than if I was maybe a part time employee. But at the same time, I wouldn't need to go into the office. So what I did is actually found this white label vendor and I ended up paying them around $250 a month to do all the work on my behalf. And this was amazing. I would actually visit this particular client once a month. They were about 10 minutes from my house. I would visit them once a month, and I walk in to their office with a report that actually had my branding my logo on it. I actually built a brand entity in the middle of doing all this, and I would basically walk in and they would pay me with $1000 check each month. And I was making over $700 without doing any work at all. It was just simply mind blowing that I was able to pull this off. And here I had been struggling with all these Web design deals and just trying to get Web design work done. So what ended up happening was within the next couple months, I actually landed another insurance client for another 700 plus dollars, and this was just really exciting for me. You know, I was getting all these clients things were starting to pick up. I was doing some more Web design deals, and then everything just really came crashing down for me. All in that same month, I ended up basically losing my job. I was laid off and then I just so happened both these clients, they decided to forego services. One of them. I have gotten such good results. I think they may be felt like in some ways I had gotten them is good or results as I could and a lot of ways I didn't really know at the time how to how to do more for them. So I decided to just start cold. Coming in for two months, I was unemployed. I was taking unemployment checks and things weren't really working out so well, you know, I decided I would go looking for work. And I ended up finding a job in another marketing agency. You know, kind of what I was doing on my own. And I figured I would take the job because I would have the opportunity to learn from, you know, a company that was actually doing this and having success doing it. So little Did I know. A soon as I started working there, I found out that I knew more about local s CEO than anyone else that worked there. I basically taught them a lot of what they know now, and ultimately, what ended up happening was after about eight or nine months, I was managing over $20,000 a month in their clients and I was doing all of the SDO work, you know, it was almost not fair. Didn't make a lot of sense. I was building somebody else's business and running it for them and getting paid only marginally, considering, you know, what? He was making off all these clients. So I decided that, you know, why don't I just go out of my own? And I learned how to start utilizing this platform called up work. I realized that I was able to actually start landing some work. In fact, I had closed down the client for over $2500 a month, and I brought it into that very agency and given I brought in that client, you know, I got the first month as a commission, but then the next month, all I got was basically a race, and it was a small raise. It was like, really only maybe adding up to a couple $100 a month after everything was all said and done . So I really just wasn't that excited about working there. And I decided to basically leave my job. I ended up leaving the job and what happened was I I went on up work, and every day I would send 10 proposals, and each day I would send these proposals. I would start getting client calls where I could bring them into a sales call and closed them down. In fact, at this very moment, I have one scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I got it with ease, and it was someone that found me on up work. I wasn't chasing them down with cold calls. So I basically have inviting you to come check out this course because it's something that worked for me when I spent so many years and so much time, really, Just having a very difficult time trying to do cold calling and cold emailing and looking at all these other strategies that really we're just very, very difficult to have any luck with. So again, I wanted to invite you cut head over to one k sdo consulting dot com. This was something I started having a lot of success with, and you can see the up work sent me this email for that 1st $1000 I earned. And I've even earned another $5000 milestone for doing work on up work. So again, if you guys are interested in this, if this is something that interests you, head over to one castillo consulting dot com, and I'll see you on the other side.