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teacher avatar Bob Clark, Living Life!!!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 9. Color and Final Check List

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About This Class


 I'm glad to be your teacher on this journey of learning to tattoo. My name is Tattoo Bob and I have tattooed over 20 years in all styles such as

  • black & grey
  • traditional
  • portraits
  • tribal
  • watercolor
  • realism

These videos are by no means a substitute to a traditional apprenticeship but this will be a great stepping stone to a wonderful new career and life. The best way to learn is to watch these videos as much as possible.  Take notes. 


In the the following videos I will be teaching you everything from 

  1. Station Set Up
  2. Machine Set Up
  3. Stencil Making and Proper Placement on the Body
  4. Simple Outlining
  5. Shading Techniques
  6. Coloring
  7. Sterile Procedures and Aftercare

So sit back, grab some drawing paper, and let's get started!






Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bob Clark

Living Life!!!


Hi!!! I'm Bob. I'm a tattoo artist of over 20 years, recovering alcoholic, recently quit smoking, love running, hiking, all things exercise and am starting to train for an IRONMAN 70.3. With all of this in mind I will be glad to share this knowledge and my experiences with you!!! Happy Learning!!!

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1. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN: 2. BEING STERILE IS KEY: 3. LET'S GET OUR DESIGN READY: All right, guys. Welcome to listen. Three. Designing the tattoo. You need to pause. Go ahead. Pause. This next slide here in just second. Write down everything you need. Go drawing. You should be pretty adept at by now. One thing I like to do is make sure all the designs that I do all of them are tangible. All designs they're going to slowly age or time. You can see that from every old tattoo, the lines blowout. That's just gonna happen. So you want to make sure that whenever you're tattooing you more or less, make the tattoo toe where it's gonna age over time and age will, You're working on the stencil. Always make sure take your time. Pretend that right now what you're doing here, but distance that you're gonna put on someone else's body. If you keep that in mind, the whole time you're tracing is going to get better and better. Tracing is believe or not an art form. So unless someone say it isn't, trust me. This is gonna be the bread and butter of what you're going to do one day, even your own personal drawings. You're gonna have to do what I'm doing right here as trays. Take your time tracing paper. Find your stop point. What I'm doing, I'm going to the Kurd. No planning my stop points. 4. STENCILMAKING: welcome back, everyone to lessen for making the stencil this next picture gonna see the design that our customers decide to shoot to get. Also, you're going to see spirit paper. That's like like it says in the picture. That stuff is worth its weight in gold. Make sure to get you some of that. This machine you're seeing they use is called a thermal fax printer. They are pretty expensive. So don't worry. If you don't have one of these, I'm gonna show you another way that make a stencil a little bit using a ballpoint pen. Just follow along and of also tracing. But if you confound one of these cheap, grab it, get it borrowed beggars dio Just joking about Still trust me as far as productivity when we belong so much quicker using machine like this, uh, - they go guys, two different stencils, two different ways. Very, very simple. One thing that you're gonna find is using the thermal fax machines. You can do large stencils and you don't have to retrace overnight. So that's food for thought. So all modern upwards and on the lesson five doing great guys. We're almost there 5. STATION SET UP: Welcome back, everyone to tattooing basics. Lesson five Station set up. Let's go ahead and get started. All right. Some of the basic equipment you're gonna need are, of course, barrier film, green soap, uncensored, vast ling or a and E women Wouldn't tongue depressors a cup of distill water gloves, plastic in caps and I live for checking needles. We'll be learning more about that in later videos. All right, so first things first. You always want to make sure that you get into the habit of cleaning off your area with Lysol or some sort of disinfectant. Those all this in some later video. And always, as you can see, I'm always wearing gloves. I want to make sure that use barrier from the economically soaked up the ink, but also not let it penetrate. If something spills, which I promise will be inevitable. Here you see me laying down a couple to Stillwater. To me, that's always work best, and it seems to be the most hygienic. And as you can see, I'm using the ink caps on dipping them in the vast lane that would they stick to the very barrier film. Just a little trick of the trade. This right here should be pretty self explanatory. Always wrap your bring so bottle in the barrier film, you don't transfer any blood borne pathogens to anything. Whenever you're done tattooing, you want to be done completely. Residents, you can see them laying out the rest of materials. I'm gonna need to start my tattoo razor needle, to which I don't open up until the customer is standing there because it's always good for them to see that you're using single use equipment. And also Machine said it will take place in another video, so they have it pretty simple as it should be. Get this lock in your mind, Let it become muscle memory and, uh, yeah, let's get on over to the next video and we'll check out how to separate tattoo machine and then ready to start doing tattoo 6. TATTOO MACHINE SET UP: All right, guys, here we go. Lesson six. Setting up your tattoo machine. Let's go ahead and get started. Now, through some of this, I'll be doing most of it through caption others. I'll begin some near racing, so just get ready. Hold on time. And this is not hard at all as long as you pay attention, - guys . One thing to remember here is you'll notice that I'm open the needle package on the side with the loop. Don't ever, ever, ever open it up with subtitle because you don't want to get poked on. It's unusable needle, and it just looks horrible on very unprofessional. Make sure that Graham is right flush with that armature bar and then on my machine. I used to cover bands. Usually nothing more than that would work on my machine will make it bogged down too much on that. Also, make sure your Neil depth is no more than one millimeter. One trick to this less than you probably want to keep doing is tear apart machine and then put it back together, tear it apart, put it back together that will create it to where this becomes like muscle memory 7. LET'S GET THE STENCIL ON THE BODY: 8. TIME FOR THE OUTLINE: Alright, guys, lesson eight. Doing the outline. Let's get started. You're gonna notice two different size caps the next picture. That's just so you can decide on how much you're gonna need to use. I tend to always go for the smaller one lot easier, save you time and money right here. You're gonna want dip and then run, dip, and then run. You do no Want that needle hitting bottom of that cap? Guys, you're gonna notice. I am not walking hard. I'm basically dabbing. I do. I want to cause his little trauma to the skin is possible. Once again. Keep watching. Start. Stop. Okay, Follow the line. Once you start a line commit, do not stop. Don't go halfway and go get scared. Commit. - You're not gonna hear me talk a whole bunch on this one. A lot of this is just like you'd be learning in my shop. Watch re bond this. Repeat it. Keep watching. Notice how I'm doing things. Look at my new of that. I'm trying to get his made different angles as I can on this thing for you If you have to slow it down. So good luck to remember. Take your time. Do not rush on this. Go about the same speed. I'm going. Once again. Start, stopped. Commit. Remember that anything you're gonna notice is there's not a lot of redness. Not a lot of swelling. That's probably to machine. That's perfect depth. You don't want these people getting overly read or a lot of blood doesn't happen. OK, so that's happening. Teoh, stop! 9. Color and Final Check List: Welcome back, guys, that's going to finish this thing off. Let's get the same colored I could this thing and using just very cheap map colors just to kind of show the customer that color scheme. After a while, you don't have to do this and your customer just trust you, but is a good idea in the beginning, just because of you will have something to look at in heaven for reference. Guys, you're gonna notice. Look small tight circles. Also, I'm working from darkest color, the lightest color and course I'm washing out in between to stay focused. Take your time. Have fun with it. Just pretend with your coloring in a coloring book that you created yourself. Except it's on skin notice . I'm almost done. I live white for last Officer is the lightest color taking my time. Um, still another thing to take notice, but no readiness, no large swelling, not a lot of bleeding. That's the way I should look OK, if it doesn't look that way, there's something wrong. And if there is something going on like that, feel free to email me or put on the message board and we'll work through it so Good luck, guys. There we go. Phyllis. Lesson done. You have yourself now A finished product of color tattoo. Very happy client on the ankle. I do have a list of things that essential items and a checklist you need to make sure to follow. Uh, stay tuned, guys. I'm going to coming up with the intermediate guy. Tattooing here soon. Okay, Well, soldiers are going through some drawing drawing skills. Drawing drills. Portrait's tribals, Freehand tendons. I'm to keep these things coming out. Tell your friends, okay. We watch these videos learned. Message me. Do it. Every God doing, guys, I'm here to help. Thanks for watching. Watch again. Watch often. Share this video. Thanks a lot, fellas.