LEARN TO PLAY UKULELE with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" | Renan Nerone | Skillshare

LEARN TO PLAY UKULELE with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Renan Nerone, Guitarist, singer and songwriter

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Learn "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the Ukulele

    • 2. Welcome to the Class

    • 3. Intro

    • 4. Refrain

    • 5. Verse

    • 6. Let's Play Together

    • 7. Conclusion


About This Class


Are you ready to learn how to play the UKULELE???? We are going to start with the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

I prepared a first song for you to start your learning experience! Enroll, and enjoy our journey together in this wonderful song.


1. Learn "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on the Ukulele: way. Welcome, everyone. Today on the scores you're gonna learn how to play and a ukulele This song called Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Comma Copy My name is Renato Corona. I'm a terrorist singer and songwriter Since I was 18 I have performed in different counters all over the world Suggest Brazil, Italy and Hungary. If you want to know more about my music place, visit my website and then let me go watch thing Hope you enjoy it a row and let's get started. 2. Welcome to the Class: way. Welcome. Today you're gonna learn how to play this song somewhere over the rainbow with a ukulele. As you have seen, I organized different videos in order so you don't get lost. My devices try to follow step by step. There's their science. All right, On the intro we have See, de if e minor a minor on the refrain We have C e minor. Yeah, G a minor on diverse. We have C g a minor f All right. In the order. Off the extractor off this song. ISS intro Refrained verse, refrain, verse, refrain Interest. All right, Now, let's go to the next video so you can start practicing all this court's. 3. Intro: for the intro we're gonna use. See, G. Yeah, see if e minor a minor and they're gonna use for each card These reason e a little bit faster and you have this. 4. Refrain: all right for the refrain we're gonna use. See e minor if see if see g a minor. It's a conclude. And we have this way. The rhythm is the same as Indra. So always. I don't think for its Gorn. Down, down, down I don't 5. Verse: for divers. We have see G a minor. You're going to this. 6. Let's Play Together: - way , way someday was honest. Way drops way. Then save me. Next up. That's way, way, way like lemon groves. Wake up that way. Way, way. 7. Conclusion: So this is the last video. The course. Thank you very much for watching and for your interest in learning this beautiful song. I hope you liked it. And I have more videos on Askew Share for you soon. The more songs you know, that better your life will be. Music's powerful. Thank you. Bye bye.