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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 bouquet

    • 3. Finishing the bouquets

    • 4. Cables

    • 5. Graphic

    • 6. The End

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About This Class


In this video I will teach you how to make the bouquet cables sticth step by step.

Also will include a graphic diagram for you to follow easier row by row.

This stitch its ideal for sweater, scarfs and blanckets. Its very atractive and easy to make!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Constanza Guerrero

Designer, Knitting Lover, Owner of Casita de Lana


I am Chilean and graphic designer. Mother of three. One girl and twin boys.

I love Knitting and after becoming a mom I started designing children's clothing.

In my country there is plenty of poverty and as is common for women to knit, and, as I couldn knit all by my own, I saw in these clothes the opportunity to give work to women who need to support their families, but also stay home to care for their children.

Thats how my store "Casita de Lana" was born. I sell through etsy since 2012.

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name's goes dancer. I'm a Chilean graphic designer, mom of three kids and a passionate neater In this video, I will. Did you how to make a buck? Eight cables stitch. These teach is very nice and I use it a lot. Instructor details you conducive. Whatever you can imagine Scarves, blankets, huts and pillows. I will show you step by step, row by row, how this state is constructed. Also, I include retail graphic to help you visualize it better. The only thing you need. It's John a nap Trippett needle for your John on a cable needle, so just click and role and we will start creating. 2. 1 bouquet: okay for this product, We need needles and yarn. First of full. We've been a cussed. Own 13 stitches. One to three. Yeah. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 11 to and 13. Once you have your 13 stitches, you remove one of the needles. First row past the first seats, pull sickle, then neat nine stitches. Pull one state and need the last one second row past the first date. Second bro past the first teach. Neat second for all nine. It's teachers. Neat one. I'm proved the last one third row in this role. We're going to start making the book it past the first teach Pull the second I need three stitches. One to It's true. The first teach you have to Nick. First pitch is in one one to three and four. So in one stitch they get four stitches. I turn and prove them all. One to three for turn again. I need them. Oh, one to three for turn and pull one to three and for turn. And no, you have to need the first teaches together 3. Finishing the bouquets: Now you have your first game. We're gonna need the next teach and make another booking. Make forced teaches in one turn. Cool. Turn again. Needs turn coral turn a neat forced teaches to get. Now we have our cyclic need Three stitches. Pull one and need the list. Next rope past the first teach. Neat the sick. Cool. All nine. Next, teachers Neat number 10 and true. Next rope. We're gonna make our third look it first. It's you passed Second, you need Nick. Forced teaches in the five. We're going to make a cake. One to three on before four stitches. One. Turn pool Juan to three for turn, Nate one to three. And for turn 10. One to three and four. No u turn. And you need the first teaches to get here. There's another you need one to three. And for Pearl one neat. I want no the next road past the first tweets. Neat. One full nine. Nine. Neat One. Pull one. Here. We're gonna make the kids 4. Cables: for the cables. We need this to in this rope bus first. Teach. Pull the second. Now here, we're going to make a case. So we left behind Two stitches. We need the next two, and then we get back to the stitches left behind. Pass it to the needle. I need them one to neat one. States, make another cape. Leave these two stitches behind. Neat to get these two stitches back to needle I need and then you pull and it. Okay, Now you have to repeat from start. The more Europe it pattern, the more you can notice little kids on the cables. 5. Graphic: rattling up. I leave you this graphic so you can visualize better the state in the symbology next to the graphic, you can find what its symbols means. If you want, you can stop to be do on bright it down. I am bite you to use the state to make any product you want and shared the pictures in the project gallery happy needing to everyone. 6. The End: