Knit A Sweater: DIY with We Are Knitters Kit Part 1 - Introduction and Casting On

Jewell Washington, Northknits Owner & OML Founder

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4 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. My Story: Making A WAK Sweater

    • 2. 1760 Sweater Materials

    • 3. Casting On: Long-Tail

    • 4. More Cast On Practice


About This Class

If you've ever been apprehensive about knitting your own sweater and are ready to go DIY for 2017 then this class is for you!

In this class, you'll be introduced to my role as the founder of Our Maker Life,  as I introduce you to our step-by-step process to making your own sweater. You'll learn why We Are Knitters is an amazing beginner friendly-yarn, as well as my favorite cast-on technique to get you rock and rolling on the first few rows of your 1760 sweater.  

To make things cozy, I give my personal story of my thoughts about being afraid to make a sweater and how DIY, particularly with We Are Knitters kits, helped me to overcome my "making a sweater is too daunting" fears."

By the time you complete this class, you will have cast-on for your sweater and will be ready to comfortably make the beginning stitch pattern of your sweater and move on to the second class with the OML team to complete your project.