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Kids Art: Easy Dinosaur drawing & Creating a Dino art project from basics

teacher avatar Priya, Artist, Art teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Welcome to the world of Dinosaurs!

    • 2. What you will need?

    • 3. Drawing made easy!

    • 4. Brachiosaurus Drawing Step-1

    • 5. Brachiosaurus Drawing : Adding details!

    • 6. Brachiosaurus Drawing : Glam up!

    • 7. Brachiosaurus Coloring Step-1

    • 8. Brachiosaurus Coloring Step-2

    • 9. Brachiosaurus Coloring Step-3 & done!

    • 10. Stegosaurus Drawing Step-1

    • 11. Stegosaurus Drawing: Adding details & Glam up!

    • 12. Stegosaurus Coloring Step-1

    • 13. Stegosaurus Coloring Step-2 & done!

    • 14. Your first Milestone!

    • 15. Triceratops Drawing Step-1

    • 16. Triceratops Drawing: Adding details!

    • 17. Triceratops Drawing: Glam up!

    • 18. Triceratops Coloring Step-1

    • 19. Triceratops Coloring Step-2 & done!

    • 20. T-Rex Drawing Step-1

    • 21. T-Rex Drawing: Adding details!

    • 22. T-Rex Drawing: Glam up!

    • 23. T-Rex Coloring & done!

    • 24. Pterodactyl Drawing, Adding details & Glam up!

    • 25. Pterodactyl Coloring & done!

    • 26. Congrats on your second milestone & What next!

    • 27. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Drawing step 1

    • 28. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Drawing step 2

    • 29. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Oil pastel Coloring!

    • 30. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Watercolor painting & done!

    • 31. Congrats! You did it!!

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to create a spectacular Dinosaur art project through step by step basic drawing, Oil pastel coloring, watercolor painting and designing a background!

You will learn:

  • A step by step structured method to draw Dinosaurs!
  • An eye-catching Oil pastel coloring technique,
  • Designing a simple background,
  • Basic watercolor painting.

You will be able to draw and color any other Dinosaur type using the above method.

Link to my other class in SKILLSHARE:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Artist, Art teacher


Hello, I'm Priya. I'm an Artist and an Art Educator.

I love going around my neighbourhood to create gouache landscapes capturing light, greenery and everyday life in my sketchbook!

Over the years of helping children to find their joy and pleasure of creating art, I have tried many fun techniques and I'm looking forward to share my techniques, that help art-making more easier and creative for children!! 

Happy painting!!


Few examples of my student works!




My Gouache paintings!

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1. Welcome to the world of Dinosaurs!: Hello, everyone. I hope many places to paint the landscapes, the beautiful light and color capturing everyday life as an actress. This gives me an immense pressure on satisfaction to capture those moments in my I am free up an artist and our picture. Also having many years of experience in teaching art for Children and having fried a variety of subjects in a narrative medium has inspired me to share my techniques with Children. Are you looking for an easy and structured method to draw dinosaurs? Then you're in the right place and you will definitely have something toe. Pick up this class. I will take you through a step by step process to capture your favorite dinosaur, Austen's. By the end of the course, Duda created a spectacular Dino art project. Thank you for checking out my course. I can't wait to join you in the class. Let's travel back in time to the world off time 2. What you will need?: Let's take a look at the materials we need to do this. Artwork. We need an A four paper. It can be a drawing block are a thick card stock paper which can handle watercolors. Well, I have taken 200 years. Um paper. Andi, you will lead Hashmi. Pennsy. Raisa, what a proof! Black marker. If you have crayons, you can use grounds for calorie or better use oil Pistol for calorie. Today I'm going to use oil pesters on. We will also need water colors. Andi A paintbrush to do the background painting. That's it on. Let's go! 3. Drawing made easy!: do you think drawing a dinosaur is easy? Yes, it does. I haven't easy method to draw the dinosaurs. Let's see help. So when you see a picture for dinosaur, it's very complex, right? So I am going to break down the complex structure into many parts. So what parts does a dinosaur head? It has ahead. It has a nick to test a big body. It has a long tail on four legs. So we are going to break down these parts to simple shapes. So I'm going to start from the head if you can draw and follow me. So I'm drawing an over for the head and next block iss the neck. So I'm drawing a rectangle for the neck. So these two lines are not closing the rectangle. So this is the neck, Then I'm drawing an over ship for the body. The body is big. That straw a big over shape for the body. Well, this is a rough drawing, and the next step is drawing the legs. Dinosaur has four legs, two in the front and two in the back. So we are going to simplify the legs in to protect angles, so draw one rectangle in the front and one direct only in the back. So we have two legs now. What about the other two legs? They are on the other side of the body, so let's draw them partially so we cannot see the other two legs to Lee. So So we have two legs in the front, two legs in the back. So next part is the tail we draw. Trying Lee for the tail draw. Start trying from the back off the body in the triangle, so we have all these small shapes as one big structure. Now let's add the details. Let's add the I. That said, the mouth that's at two monstrous and be half the names. So we roughly get a dinosaur ship. Let's do this again. But on the other side, so start with over ship for the head. Next is the neck neck. Then comes the big body. Then comes lakes rectangle. One more rectangle and the other two legs are Bosch it on a long pain. So now at that it is I mount and names on. We get a few dinosaur. So remember, we are drawing the side view of the dinosaur So we are drawing the mouth here. Yeah, we are done, Vita breaking down the whole structure into simple shapes. And depending on which dinosaur you're drawing, the details will be different. For example, for black your saurus, you need to draw the neck a little bit longer. Four stego saurus. You may need to draw the spikes on the body so depending on the different species, you can change the details. And but this is the basic structure. That's it. We are good to go. 4. Brachiosaurus Drawing Step-1: Hello, kids. Today we're going to draw Dino's. Okay? We are going to draw five different species off Dino's. Brock, your sore s I got four s. Try said the tops T rex on pterodactyl. Let's start drawing. Well, Did this a few sheets off? Paper on. We are going to draw all of our Dino's in this ship. So we are going to separate our sheet into five boxes to draw over five diners. So, you know, crack Your source is very tall, right? Let's give a big space for our rock. Your saurus Start dividing your paper into five boxes. I draw this line for procure Saurus. Then we will divide the rest off the space for other food diners. Now we have five space, so these lines need not to be very straight. This is just a partition off the space. So just draw with your hand. No need to use a ruler, so we will be drawing BRAC. Your Soro's here. Fry said a dogs stay. Go. So rest T rex on pterodactyl. Let's start with the Brock you sores. You know, we divided the final structure into different parts, right? We are going to use the same concept here to make up a drawing easier. So what are the parts off? What? I know Head Nick. Body legs and tail. Cool. So, you know, practice orders has a long neck so we draw up ahead here Next ISS clinic. You know, it has a very long neck, so draw the neck very low and draw the body as a big pool ship. Next ISS drawing the legs. The legs are longer for practice. Orris so draw a long rectangle draw and other rectangle at the back off the body. So we have two legs now. Now draw the other two flakes. Those are the legs on the other side of the body. But we can see them partially. So now we have four legs. What's the next step? You have to draw the tape. Oops. No space for the faith. So let's wind up our tail here room but the shape off the tail triangle. So start your triangle at the back off the body on Bring the tail down. The daily is also longer for practice. Orris, start another line here, Make it follow the first line off the tail. And remember, the tail is long, so bring it on and yeah, So now we have head, neck, body legs Until 5. Brachiosaurus Drawing : Adding details!: Let's add details toe over procure saurus. So add the I now nos and add the doors that's erased the line, joining the different parts. So it is the line joining the head and the neck, neck and the body body, and the day Now, if you want to extend the legs in, tow the body. So I'm extending this line on this line inside the body. So now I can erase this body line on this body line. So now let's refine the shapes. This is the head. Joining with an egg on the body on joins the body lying here. Now let's add some sports into the body like and take doing very the sport shape. Make them big and small. Cool. We're done with over practice orris. 6. Brachiosaurus Drawing : Glam up!: The next step is you have to go over all your pencil lines with a black marker. Let's do it now. Slowly freeze over all your pencil lines. Crease over all your details. Let's have some more sports. Indoor diners neck. You can give different shapes for the sports, too. On, let's add some into the teeth. Let's fill in the sports with the same black marker. Once you're done with the details, you can now erase your pencil lines. Look what you have drawn. Ah, beautiful bracket Saurus. 7. Brachiosaurus Coloring Step-1: Let's color of acute Brock, your saurus. What color to choose? I am chosen green. So instead refusing one green color, I'm going to choose shades off green to make it more interesting. I will also be using white so the colors are white, like green make green and the doctor screen. So I have chosen the green family shapes from later toe DACA along with white. Also, let's see how to color of a practice or s using a range of colors. Off course. You can follow me, or you can choose a different color. Let's start. Can you see some off? The colors are very dirty, so remember to clean your oil basters with a tissue before you start coloring. I am starting with white. I'm using white at the drop off the head. Sight's off the neck and top off the body. You should use less white. I am choosing light green as my next color again. Clean the oil baster. I'm using light green and the door. I'm leaving the eyes out. Don't cover the white color light green as the next year, it off color below white. You can go over the doctor patches over the body 8. Brachiosaurus Coloring Step-2: I'm using the mid green as my next color, so use this cream as the next darkest color near you. Like green. Bring this green along the trail to the next. Color is my darkest green, - so bring the darkest green. Also toe the tail. Now we have three different shades off green plus white. Let's start blending the colors. 9. Brachiosaurus Coloring Step-3 & done!: What is blending. Blending the colors is mixing the colors so that you don't see these lines. Always blend using the lightest color. Use white to blend white and light green. Use light green to blend like green on mid green. - Blend them where the two colors meat. Now I'm using the mid green toe. Blend my mid green on dark green. See how the colors blend it naturally. Now it's time to color the legs for the rectangle legs. I'm going to use three shades again, starting from light green here, toe darkest green here, So I'm starting with a light green in the front. I'm using mid green, not your. You should not color the doors later. We use a different color for the to no dot green. Again. Blend the colors so I'm using light green toe blend like green and mid green. I'm using mid green to blend made green and the dark green. Now what about the legs on the other side of the body? Let's use the dark green. You can color the toes right. We are done on Look how wonderful our practice or is looks great 10. Stegosaurus Drawing Step-1: we have done our practice. Oris off next diner is stuck o saurus You will be drawing your struggle sorest in this book . Do you know how was Diego's? Horace looks like it's not as tall as a bracket, so rest the nick is shot on. He tests spikes or plates over the body on it has a tail bones right. Let's start drawing straightaway. When you start drawing, plan your space and make sure you draw your struggle. Soros Inside the box you can have the shape a little bit outside the box. No worries about that, and we will be drawing the struggle sorest the opposite side. So you start the head here. Draw the short nick. Next step is draw the big Orel body. Draw the legs, draw tora tangles one in the front on one of the back off the body. Draw other two legs partially. Next, draw the tail started the back off the body. Draw triangle. Okay, now let's refine the shape. Let's start putting the details now. I mouth Astra's doors. Now comes a specialty off the stegosaurus, the spikes at the top off the body and the tail bones. The spikes start from the head neck continues to the body onto the tail, so start drawing triangles from the head. Keep the size of the triangle smaller in the head and the neck on Gradually make them bigger in the body on and make them smaller to the tail on. They have tail bones to let's raise the parts on. Make them into one steak O saurus. So it is the line joining the head and the neck, the neck and the body, the body and the legs, the body and the tail. So this leg comes inside the body. This leg ace inside the body erased this line. Yeah, let's make the body a little higher, cutting the shapes. 11. Stegosaurus Drawing: Adding details & Glam up!: Now we have one more thing to add in the most ago Saurus the patches like So let's add the patches differently, like triangle shapes. So you can add some triangles in the neck body on D day. Make sure you change the size off the triangle, make themselves as you go to the body. That's it. We have refined our steak also is drawing. Yes. Cool. Let's add the black outline for hours. Take a source. Use your black marker. - Yeah , yeah, yeah, but from let's Philip the patches. All the dinosaur with the black marker. Great. Now take your Raisa on race. All your pencil lines. I think I can add one most fight to the head. Okay, done. 12. Stegosaurus Coloring Step-1: uh, let's color our stegosaurus. I'm using Blue Family. You can follow me, or you can use a different color. So for blue family and choosing light blue, dark blue and the doctors blue And of course, right. Let's start coloring. Use a tissue to clean the oil pistols before you start. I'm starting with weight. Starting weight at the top of the head side, off the neck top off the body through the date. Next light blue. Of course, you can call over the black patches in the body. The next darker shade is a mid blue. Yeah. Yeah, And our doctors blue that you. 13. Stegosaurus Coloring Step-2 & done!: Now it's time to blend the colors from talk to bottom. I'm using white to blend the color white and I blew you. I'm using light blue to blend. Battery joins the mid blue on. As always, you can use a single color. Also, I'm using a shade of colors to make it interesting on to give richness. Using the mid blue toe plan made blue on the darkest she so color them where the two colors meat so they will get blended nicely and done again for the legs. I'm starting from lighter to darker colors. Front to back, starting with light blue made blue and the doctors game blend the colors for the partial X use the darkest blue. I'm using white for the cause from we have to color the spikes over the body. Let's use yellow for the spikes, but but Onda musing orange toe the side off the spikes. But I'm cover any weights basis left out, and now we have our beautiful stegosaurus Cool 14. Your first Milestone!: We have a beautiful bracket Saurus and Stego Saurus in your paper Now I hope you enjoy the class So far, let's take a break and come back for more diners. 15. Triceratops Drawing Step-1: great. Now we're starting with the try. Sarah tops. Take it easy. Take it cool. Let's go, Vino for try set a tops. The head shape is the same as the pack your soldiers and struggle saurus, but the neck is very shot. Body is big on. It has three haunts, so it's called Try Sarah tops on. It has a frill that covers the neck, so let's do it the easy way. You can plan your drawing according to your space. I'm starting my head here, so start your head as you should with though for one. And we are drawing fry center tops in the same direction as our brackets. Orders and very short neck. A big over for the body. Make it rough now they don't can cover it. Then legs for try. Set a tops. The body is big, the legs are white. Let's start of rectangles here. Make them broad. Make them short. Two legs. Other two legs. Okay, Next it's the tale. So we bring the tale from the back off the body. Join. I have space here, so I have drawn the day here. If you don't have space, just draw the veil on, extend toe this line. We are done with the basic structure. Okay, Now we are going to do the special features off. Try Sela tops. As I told you, it has a frill on its head that covers the neck. Let's see how to drop. So from here at the back, off the head draw a big year shaped prison from this line comic toe the over ship. This line will be drawn inside like this. As I told you, it covers the neck. So let's erase this part off the neck. Now we have They're frill connected to the head. The fears, the neck and the body connected here. 16. Triceratops Drawing: Adding details!: great. So far, so good. We have to add the three homes. So before adding the haunts, let's draw the mount. The mount for try Sarah tops looks like a big so let's see how to drop. So you draw along the face a line. I'm erasing this line to make it more crea. You bring it outside like a bird's big, then you bring it inside. So this is the shape it should be. Sharpen the front, then joined the bottom off the face. You get the big shape. Multi. Add the I at the in Austria, it asked. Three haunts. Right, so two homes are on the side. Third, oneness in front, off the face. Great. Now I feel I have to make this one a little bit higher. Just extend this line. Make it a bit tired. That's it. Also, the horn has some structures like this. Like how we draw for the cause. So let's include this one also. Now we have included the basic structure. Now let's refine the drawing for the 17. Triceratops Drawing: Glam up!: So he raised the line, joining the body and the neck, the body and this leg body and the front like So. Oops, we have this line. It is this line now. Draw the purpose. We are done with the refining. Let's drop off for black men to go over of a pencil. Lines done. Let's erase all of a pencil lines and see how are drying looks. - I think it looks great. 18. Triceratops Coloring Step-1: we have used the green family blue family. Now what? Okay, let's use the pink to purple family colors. So I'm choosing, being not being and, of course, white. To start with, keep a tissue handy for cleaning. Let's start with white, white from the top and all the way through the body on tape. Next is the think I am leaving out these days. But if you wanna get a collar that he did so well so we think. And as you should experiment with your own set off colors far, just you can use a single color that depends on your preference. So the next color pink for the pink family colors look nice on our try setups. - Let's go over the purple. Next, doctors color underneath off the body underneath the flow so and to the bottom off the tail 19. Triceratops Coloring Step-2 & done!: okay, We have filled in with the layers off colors. Now it's time for blending, using white to blend white and pink shit. He blending until they mix on day. So fun. You can see the difference when you blend them. I am using pink where the lighting and the doctor meets. When you're coloring, make sure you don't leave any white space all in basis. Look like oil painting when you color them properly. If you don't have oil basters, you can use crayons, too. We'll lend them. I see and using dark pink where the dark pink needs the book on blending colors near the day. Okay, now let's color the rectangle legs, starting with light. Think towards the firm side. Next, doc, upping this method off using the gradation colors. He looks very nice, and this is a special coloring technique I often recommend with oil business. I'm really looking forward for your art books. Hope you enjoy this coloring technique as much as I do. I'm using white for these details in the frill on the toes. I'm using yellow polka for Hans. Oops. We forgot to do the patterns on the body. Okay, no problem. Let's do it with a black oil based on. So let's do small sports on the body. It works, man. Some big, some small. Okay, now via done. 20. T-Rex Drawing Step-1: great going. Take it easy on Let's draw. What next, Dino? Next one would be a favorite Dino for most off U T Rex. Okay, way Have two boxes left. Andi, start your T Rex in this box. So, what are the special features of the lyrics? The head is bego. Okay. The head off a T Rex is bigger than any other Dino's. And it has two legs and two small arms shaped structures. So you cannot draw four legs together. It walks on two legs and it has two arms. And the legs are not rectangular. Don't worry. I'll help you. Let's start the drawing. So since T Rex is big, we are going to start the head at the top off the paper. So, as I said, T Rex has a big head. You can draw over this box a little cheating. That's okay. So a big head and Tess, long neck to neck is also white. Nick is not keen for T rex. Ok, now draw a big oval shape. Remember to plan your space according to your drawing. So far, so good. Let's draw the legs. As I told you, we are not drawing the four rectangular legs, but will be drawing one leg at the back, one in the front and two arm shaped structures here. So the legs are not rectangular, but they are l shape. So remember the shape, the shape. The front side also has the L shaped leg and toes. So when you add the toes at the close, has sharp claws on the tail for T. Rex Tale is the balancing element. It is rather day here. Let's bend it upwards a little. Okay, Great. Now this leg is inside the body and this leg is from the body like, let's add the arm like structures. Same thing. It starts where the neck meets the body. So I'm raising this part a little so again l shape. But this time make them small. Very small. This also small. But from the other side. Yep. Now this line is a destruction. We don't need this line anymore. You can erase this line. We have the basic structure. No, let's refine the drawing 21. T-Rex Drawing: Adding details!: Let's add the D Day snow. Okay? I'm adding the big guys for the big head and for the mouth for the T Rex. Let's add the mount wide open. So it looks very fears. Okay, at the bottom of the mouth here is a bit off the line and draw a big B Remember the V and joining here on a draw. Wow! Add the Nostra's and he raised the line joining the head on the next. Then they can the body, the body and the back leg. The body and the date now joined the lines. Raise the line in between this arm and here goes the head on the picnic. Let's add some more details over the body, so I'm adding them. This okay looks great. 22. T-Rex Drawing: Glam up!: Let's do the black lying over our T Rex Rabbit, Clean up your T Rex Troyan. 23. T-Rex Coloring & done!: I have chosen bread family for coloring my T rex. I'm choosing orange dark orange, followed by on Dwight, starting with white for the top off the head all the way. Going through the neck body on the tail makes will be my orange. - Next will be dark orange. Next will be the right, so I'm leaving the one arm and one leg Toby colored again with graduating colors. Now blending with the light orange off course when the colors are to nearer to each other, are. If they are very close in color. You don't need to blend. Great now for this. Like and this arm. Let's use later to Dr Connors, starting from light orange, dark orange and right. Blending again for the front arm is too small. Solids. Use just two colors or engineering for the hind leg. Use the dark red and for the hind arm used that occur. Radike and I'm using Wait for the clothes. Uh, you have a fierce T rex. We have four beautiful dinosaurs. Take a break on, let's go further 24. Pterodactyl Drawing, Adding details & Glam up!: we have our full colorful dinosaurs, the last on the fifth Oneness. Tear addictive will be drawing in here. It's a flying dinosaurs, so let's see how to draw it. First. Start with the small head again for will shape. Then you draw the neck. Two lines for the neck, then an overall body. Then it has a tail. So off course it has things. So let's draw the things this on the other. Okay, the pterodactyl has long shop big, so let's draw the B. And it has a bony structure that back okay, lets refine this drawing. Now you'll draw the eye, the race line, joining the head, neck, neck, body, body feathers and the body and see how I'm joining the lions. This is joined at a cave double Audie. Then toe the feathers fed us through the tail on next to the body. And so that's it. We have a general duck to Let's go over the black men. Then we color our terra active. Since the ship is very small, carefully line the shapes. That's it. Very easy on. He's been to light. Okay, 25. Pterodactyl Coloring & done!: to call our pterodactyl. I'm going to use the yellow family. So let's start with yellow Iloka. I am reddish brown. I'm not using white here. Since the shape is too small. Just three colors are enough to color our pterodactyl starting material at the top loca A little bit darker, golden color. Then the bottom side is the darkest. I don't You can use the doctors, Braun, on the other side of the things. Great. Okay, great. Okay, that's it. We're done with over five diners. 26. Congrats on your second milestone & What next!: hi fight gates. We have drawn five different beautiful dinosaurs. It looks like this for me. Hope it's great for you to We have learned how to draw the dinosaurs, using the simple, easy structure method on you Also learn toe color them, using the gradation coloring technique. Hope it was fun and enjoyable. Let's do one more thing. Let's travel millions off years back and draw the landscape in which these dinosaurs actually lived. Shall we? Let's go. 27. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Drawing step 1: you you. Now we are done with all of a five Dino's in other five boxes. It's time to erase the box. I think they help a lot toe plan of a space. So I always try to plan the space before starting the drawing so that it's easy to draw on . We can have all the pictures inside the sheet now follow me and draw a simple landscape. So first start with a simple line. This line will extend here. So let's travel back and tried to draw some volcanoes and mountains. Compared to the size off the dinosaurs, those moments and volcanoes will be very, very tiny, so let's try to draw that. So I am drawing a mountain here. One more here and someone didn't skip. So let's erase this line so that we have the mountains in the front, on the horizontal line at the back. Now let's change this into ah well, Cano Mountain. So it is this chip andro lava coming out off Theo Mountain on some smoke. Just make it simple and easy. Let's draw some bombs. So I want to draw the palm here, but make it very tiny, easy ship. Also draw the lines on either side of the legs off the kindness also that they look like they are standing and see. After I draw the palm tree, the T rex looks very huge. Raise the slain. Let's add one more bomb over here. And shall we add some dinosaur eggs? Sure. So draw eggs on. Let's add a big leaf so it could be like this. A normal leave shape. But I'm going to change it into a tropical leaf ship. If you want, you can try this. Oh, just draw some rocks, some more mountains off some bombs. Let's add the same line on for other dinosaurs so that they are standing. This helps them toe anchor them on the ground. So shall we draw a long river from the mountain? Oh, this will be like this on joining her ends. Yep, 28. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Drawing step 2: Grabem, aka and go over the ships. The Welcome home. Evil capricious eggs off the Dinallo here. - I didn't outline the smoke as I don't want to make it too obvious on. I don't want this leave here. I later realized that it's distracting the landscape too much, so it raise your pencil lines again. 29. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Oil pastel Coloring!: Let's start coloring this landscape. And when I say coloring, we are not going toe Philip. Everything with oil pistol We are going toe color. The main things here with oil pistol later will be using watercolor toe fill in the background. That will be very easy for you. So I'm starting with the smoke here. I'm using grey for the smoke and for the lava I'm using dark orange, followed by a doctorate. The mountains will be yellow polka on doc drawn for some variations. And for these mountains, same combination. Okay, Next, let's color the pumps. I'm using light green and for the bottom leaves its use Dr So Doc Brown for the trunk and for the river. Yes, blue. - Okay , so golden yellow X and, uh, brown dry leaves. We are done with everything. Let's color the background 30. TIME TRAVEL DINO LANDSCAPE - Watercolor painting & done!: Let's fill in the background. I want the dinosaurs to look very colorful as they are now. We are not coloring the sky, but we are coloring only the land and for the land you will be using light. Great. I don't have great in my watercolor palette, so I'm going to mix a lot off water into my black for in other words, I'll be using a touch off black with a lot of water in my brush so it becomes great. And when you paint watercolor over the oil tasters, they want mix because oil pistols are made off oil or wax. And what a color doesn't mix with blacks. So it's easy for us to color the in between smaller areas. You can even paint over them. They won't smudge. Let's start. I have watercolor pains, water, container, a tissue to wipe my brush on a small flat brush. Let's start so I take my brush with water, clean my brush. I test my gray hopes. It's too dark, so let's use light gray. I think this is good. Let's not make a dark landscape and see. Can you see? The oil pistol is rippling the water so this watercolor over oil pistol is a very good technique for you. Toe paint the in between shapes. Use more water to get a very light color. - Keep painting and keep adding water until you get the desired tone. I want very, very late gray for my landscape, so I'm using a lot of water here. We did it. Beldon kids, be proud of your achievement and see it looks wonderful in a frame. 31. Congrats! You did it!!: Hi, kids. Congratulations. Hope you had fun creating this dinosaur at work. I had fun too. Start creating other dinosaur artworks and share the pictures with me. And don't forget to check out My other Arcos is Thank you. Bye.