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Job Search Masterclass: Optimize Your Applications and Land the Interview

teacher avatar Flo & Felipe, Co-Founders of The Way Factory

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting SMART goals

    • 3. How to leverage job boards?

    • 4. Applying directly in companies websites

    • 5. Let's talk job fairs

    • 6. Track effectively your application

    • 7. Job search and time allocation

    • 8. Social media warning

    • 9. Phone pre-interview

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is the 6th installment of our Masterclass series on purpose-driven job search. You can find our previous classes here:

  1. Mindset Masterclass: How To Cultivate Everlasting Growth
  2. Introspection Masterclass: Know Yourself and your Purpose
  3. Resume Masterclass: How to Create a Job-Winning Resume
  4. Cover Letter Masterclass: How to Write an Astounding Cover Letter
  5. Linkedin Masterclass: Making Linkedin a Job-Finding Ally

After this class you will know how to:

  • Set job search goals
  • Use effectively job boards, recruitment agencies, and jobs fairs
  • Track¬†and orchestrate your applications across different platforms
  • Better manage your time during your job search process

And much more! 

Before you get started: Head to the Projects of this class to download The Way Factory Playbook, as it'll be referenced throughout our lessons!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Flo & Felipe

Co-Founders of The Way Factory


Hello, we are Florence and Felipe! We are the Co-Founders of The Way Factory.

 We help you build purpose-driven lives by sharing tools and knowledge in the areas of self-development and professional growth. We are neither psychologists, nor therapists. 

 We are in search of well-being, wisdom, peace, and serenity. We are curious about everything that relates to becoming a better version of ourselves and living our lives intentionally.

 We are authentic, spontaneous, empathetic, and in love with discovering new restaurants!  


Our personal path has led us to listen to tens of podcasts, read hundreds of books, and watch thousands of videos on personal development, life philosophy, and psycholog... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi and welcome to seize new class of job search where you're going to learn Hertz's said, smart goals. Home to try to jump up vacation. You you our telephones has to allocate. Yes, I'm a fixed to the Pope to leave rates. Don't vote. And much more, I would make sense. You ready? Because I am. So let's get started. 2. Setting SMART goals: At this point, you've got the right method. Know how to craft a great resume and cover letter and have your LinkedIn profile optimize for success. This was the basis of your job search process and now it's time to start actively hunting opportunities, which is exactly what we will cover in this section. Set smart goals. Your job shirts start at the planning stage, and for that, you need to set smart goals for yourself. Writing allows you to transform your thoughts into reality to make something fuzzy, more concrete, and immediately more motivating. So I invite you to write down your objective about your job search. This objective must meet five criteria. They have to be smart, specific, defined the expected result example, I would like to be recruited in a law firm. Measurable, quantify objectives. Example, I will dedicate two hours a day from eight to 10:00 PM from Monday to Friday. In my application, achievable. Don't be overly optimistic and said, impossible goals. Example, I will serve on to job boards and LinkedIn and setup specific notification realistic, consider your constraints. Example, except on weekends when I enjoy with my family and friends or not, everything is up to me. There are external factor out of my control. Finally, time based for smart, time-based specifies a timeline or a deadline for achieving objectives that are within your locus of control. Your objective have to be specific, precise, and I invite you to share them with your family or close friend, other support. And your accountability can be an additional driving factor. On top of writing and City of Gold, I invite you to not an empowering sentence that resonates with you and that you read every morning when you wake up or in the evening before we intubate. Example, I have pour over my life. I'm going to find job that inspires me. I have confident in myself and confidence in my opportunities. Why do so? Because approaching your search with a positive mindset is one of the key success factor in your job search. Indeed, by repeating positive thoughts, you will create the mindset and conditions to achieve your goals and turn your ambition into reality as your source, create your reality. Actually, approaching your job search with a positive attitude, increase your chance of finding a job. A study conducted by Ron canal k1 Missy Devin Robinson in 2010, published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, conclude that positive people experienced significantly better job search outcome than pessimists with similar skills. So go ahead and get yourself ready to create a meaningful carrier. 3. How to leverage job boards?: Job boards are real events because the work has hubs for position you might be interesting, is a centralized open recruitment process that you can tap into. The most known job boards are Indeed linkedin, carry builder, Glassdoor, monster, payscale, Simply Hired link up. There isn't a one size fits all best job board. Focus on the ones that are stronger in your country or region as well on those specialized in your career field, please, please don't choose all of the job search engines. It will overwhelm you more than it will help you. So, who do get the juice out of job boards through the pore of notifications. Once you find your ideal job boards, you are going to make a search with all criteria that are relevant for yourself, location, industry, company size, experienced level. When you have that, you are going to set an e-mail alert so that every time there is a new position meeting your criteria, you will get notified. Now, the key is to be selective and specific when impeding your search criteria, privilege, quality over quantity. Consider your guiding principles and life course when doing so, reflect about how a job with those criteria fits into your life. As a whole. The strategy of ending wide in fear of missing an offer is not relevant unless you work in an URL trust specialized sector, you will be overwhelmed by notifications and most of them will be job position you are not interested in. You're going to lose time by reviewing all and sorting through the offers you like. And the other, as time goes on, you will not even really pay attention to them because of the amount of information which can lead to missing out on a real event offer hidden in the mass, you might lose your optimism if you MY, with the idea of applying to everything, including job offers far from your skills, it can lead to more rejection, which can impact negatively your mindset and geopolitically optimists, if you're applying to everything, you are playing to nothing. So in a nutshell, choose a job board that best fits your needs. Be specific about your search. Create notification for a new job that meet that criteria. Keep an eye on your notification and slowly, but surely, you will have an automatic and optimize system that delivers only the job that you will be excited about. 4. Applying directly in companies websites : Job search technique is to make a list of company that interests you and to do one of the following, apply for one of the open position. Make a spontaneous application. And it is a most library strategy of all, but the most fruitful one in terms of finding exciting opportunities as you are going for what truly aligned with what you want for your career. So definitely worth the effort to make the lease. You can get reference from sites such as Glassdoor, pay scale of witness to work, which leads the top 100 company to work for. There is not an open position in one of the company that you made the least, you can still send your resume in case your scalar requiring the future. Actually, in the case of startups, you may be surprised. It's so happens that small startup are looking for employees, but don't have an established process yet, or don't have the time to pause offers turning to the network instead. So please don't hesitate to apply directly by sending your resume and cover letter. 5. Let's talk job fairs: Digital tools are very useful in your job search bar. You can combine the digital approach with a more direct approach. Carrier furs and industry events are also great opportunity to get directly in contact with recruiters or professional in your target sector. They are general job fairs or other dedicated to a specific sector. And there are also free virtual career fair that can be accessed from home. Many events are organized on a very regular basis to think from, I invite you to follow relieving LinkedIn group in your city, as well as sites that are event focused Like meter, Eventbrite. I also invite you to follow company that interests you to be kept informed of the news. Some companies also organized open meeting or afterwards. These events are a great opportunity to enrich your network. In any case, when once you have identified a carrier forum, job fair, or related networking event, it is important to prepare before participating. Print several copies of your resume, make your research about the event and prepare your networking pitch using the elevator pitch template available in the plane. 6. Track effectively your application: It is important to be on top of your job application. We have created a table available in the playbook in which you can follow the progress of your application. Indeed, a good organization will help you again time and optimize your preparation process. Should you be contact for an interview you or less in the blur of confusion, you know where you are and you know where you're going. Additionally is mentioned in the playbook, but I prefer to insist. I invite you to take a screenshot of the ad detailing the job offer or to copy and paste it in a doc file when the candidates have been selected the Roku Dirk and remove the offer. So in my have disappeared before your interview, which will make your preparation for it very complicated. I also advise you to rate the job offers. Among the offer you have applied. Some of them may stand out. But the risk is that between a process that can take a long time in the different applications, then you may forget which offers a company particularly interests you. So you can read them just like a hotel. Five-stars for your favorite offers once are for the less relevant ones. This reaching although you to prioritize and can be great support when it comes to making a decision or two configurations. 7. Job search and time allocation: Mistake we make when looking for a job is to spend most of our free time on job boards out of guilt of doing something else, out of fear of missing out the offer overlies. But I can turn counter productive for two reasons. First, you will exhaust yourself physically, psychologically if you don't take the time to Greece, go out and do activities to clear your head, give you a boost of energy and make you feel good. By doing so, you will actually increase your productivity and efficiency in your job search. Job search is an anxiety prone period that requires even more self-care. So go to warn, walk, meditate, or wherever, help you clear your mind. Second, you are better off sending application at the right time. Study led by telling work, analyze more than one hundred and six hundred job application to demonstrate to what extent the time of your application influence your probability of being called for an interview. They conclude that applying in the morning between six AM and ten AM was the best time. During this timeframe, you have a 30 percent chance of getting an interview. After this load, your chains of moving forward folds by 10 percent every 30 minutes. So the later you apply during the day, the less your olds will be in your favor. Also, I encourage you to send your application during the week rather than on the weekend. Indeed, starting Friday night and during weekends, recruiter, I usually not looking at new application. And by the time they make a selection, your application may be buried under the latest applicant and the recruiter might not even notice you dedicated strategic time slot to apply for a job position. Privilege. Once again, quality over quantity is bear to devote to three efficient hours a day on which you put your phone on plain mode. Rather than spending a day in front of job boards while serving on Facebook or Instagram at the same time, cleaning and dedicating a regular applications kilo will help you be more consistent. 8. Social media warning: Worth keeping in mind that some glucometers after receiving your application will Google you and try to find further information about shoe, including social media. Since you enrolled in this course, you will have problem with your LinkedIn. Already made people. But be careful with your other social network. Check that your Facebook, Instagram, twitter, or anything else is set or privately, if not, do it, make sure that there are no inappropriate image or comments that could jeopardize your credibility with any marketer or potential future manager, makes sure that the recruiter has only a positive first impression about you. Otherwise, you may not be compact often. 9. Phone pre-interview: Almost ready to move on to the last part of the course, the interview part. But before that, one last piece of advice between your application and interview, you might come across a telephone pre-qualification. The recruiter may call you to quickly check your motivation in availability before scheduling the integer. If that happens to you, don't answer the call z. Sound surprising. So let me explain. If you're applying for a center number of job, you may not be on top of the specific position you are receiving a call for. You run the risk of getting caught red-handed. If the recruiter ask what motivates your application and you don't remember the exact drop position or confused that position with another one. While that won't vehicle start, will it let your phone rings, listen to your voice mail so that you can know who tried to get in touch. You can then take the time to go through the job application, refresh your memory, and call back when you're ready. 10. Conclusion: After playing his job search technique, you will have created a system that doesn't take much of your time, is optimized for the job you are interested about. And one drive you crazy. At this point, you will have a series of different channels that will believer opportunities your way all while you expand your network and tried to get your foot in the door. To recap, this is what you will have once you have applied old technique, customizing the alert for position that truly excites you email notification from your preferred job boards for new position that fits your preferences. A routine tool for and attend job fair and care reform in your city. And overview system to keep track of everything. And last but not least, keep in mind to do the following when searching for a job, privilege, quality over quantity, be specific, be patient. I'll locate a limited amount of time to submit applications.