Jewelry Making With I Spy DIY | Jenni Radosevich | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Layer One Video

    • 3. Layer Two Video

    • 4. Final Layer Video


About This Class

Learn how to spot trends and create them on our own, in your personal style and for your budget - that’s the skill behind DIY. Leave this class with an on-trend, ready-to-wear necklace of your own creation!

I started I Spy DIY after working at InStyle Magazine in NYC for over 5 years. Spending that much time with some of the most beautiful fashion I’d ever seen, I taught myself how to turn trends I loved intro projects I could afford. Since then, my work has been featured in Elle, Lucky and CNN. My first book - I Spy DIY Style - was released this past April and I’m now writing a monthly DIY column for InStyle. I learned how to DIY by turning trends into projects which is why I’m excited to help you do the same. 

In this class we’ll cover jewelry-making: start with a bracelet and work your way up to a multi-layer necklace.

Here are the supplies you'll need and some stores where you can purchase them:


  • 1 yard 10mm silver chain
  • 1 yard 12mm silver chain
  • 1 ft rhinestone chain
  • Howlite beads (turquoise or any color) (24 units)
  • Nylon Thread (one or two colors)
  • 15 Jump rings
  • 2 Lobster Clasp
  • Jewelry Monofilament clear cord .25mm
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • 1 ft Faux Suede Cord 3mm
  • 1 Yard thin black ribbon



2. Layer One Video: - Hi. - This is Jenny from my side. - Why? - And say we're here with skilled share, - making a statement necklace, - and I'm gonna walk you through some of the saps just so you can learn how to make this - necklace you all. - I've got all materials. - I have everything right here. - And for the first step, - what we're gonna do is take our chain with one larger piece on the bottom and then to - shorter pieces and kind of lay it in the u shape that you're not the first step. - We take our chain and Brian Stones, - and then the sweet port and that string. - And for this first step, - you're gonna want Teoh layout support and then layer on Ryan Stone and we're gonna wrap the - string around it all free. - So first, - IHS a couple feet of this and that you're gonna start with double nuts around three. - And then what you do is you just keep wrapping it So you appetite double mass, - start weeping through your chain and we want Teoh leaving through each one. - So you're connecting and Rhinestones way each one. - Um, - yeah. - So you keep leaving it through like this so that the right stone is the leather sandwiched - between the Rhinestone on the chain. - You get all this one is adding the Rhinestones chain. - Now, - second technique that working into is your rents. - Is there gonna be all along the side of the chain we're gonna add? - So final goal is for it's like this on to achieve that Take two pieces of chain, - and that it is I actually this - So this just makes a little bit thicker. - I tied the ends of these two No this'll way your two pieces of smaller chain are connected - related to this flat next to each other like this? - No, - If you want Teoh, - you tie not on the side. - So all three pieces stay together. - Dio criss cross pattern. - So we're gonna come up through this side and then down to one that's kitty corner - through - this line, - you're doing every other and then going - no - Savannah to let something like this on to get the crisscross. - When you reach the end, - you can cut another piece of three pieces of string and then you'll do the exact same thing - with in the other direction. - So we'll start to create this cross. - Oh, - and that when you finish the entire thing, - this is how it should look with the Rhinestone. - Your your sweet chord. - He's a chain, - and then you're my long board connecting the other piece of change. 3. Layer Two Video: - Hi. - This is Jenny from ice. - My D i Y welcome to week three of creating the statement necklace with skill share. - Um, - last week, - way created this. - I hope everyone got this far on. - And now this week, - we're gonna add on this part of the necklace. - So what we do for that is gonna take larger chain this time and step one, - it's to just simply leave your black ribbon through the larger chain. - And if you're in, - start to fray or anything like that. - You always take a lighter and quickly run the flame on the end of the ribbon just to keep - it from praying. - You just me of your piece of black ribbon through each link, - and And what you're going into is just tying knots like this, - and then it will be good. - Easier for you to leave it. - Okay, - so when you're all the way through look like this and the next you have to add our deeds. - You can use turquoise feeds or whatever color beings you want. - I picture and mine came on a string, - and so I'm gonna cut this for the next step. - Toe add beads. - Way. - Teoh iss string Indeed. - After you double not, - It's the I want to change your string, - your beauty. - Then you're gonna underneath chain and up through it Expedia the same thing. - Way to go down underneath the chain and come up and you're gonna want to dio one eat it for - everything. - So that's then it starts creating this pattern one more where you spread it on underneath. - Our needs are about to change. - So this is the final product for week three, - and next week we're gonna be combining this piece with this piece and then adding all - things. 4. Final Layer Video: - This is Jenny from my side D i y And we're here for the final week of are still share of D - I Y project and we're making a statement necklace on and so far weak to we created this - fuse. - Wait three way created this piece. - And now we're just gonna attach the two and at our class and a couple things that you want - to do before you ready addle your jump brings is you want to just make sure that all of - your road and not secure So I like to do lighter is just burn and edges And then after that - later, - really make sure that not stay now are not secure again. - Now go from unraveling. - So you wanna lay up to pieces out next to each other like this and make sure that they're - both the same length. - We're gonna start adding our jump rains. - This is when you want to get jewelry players one. - Next, - these two gene using you're jumping jewelry, - little mini set of tires to perfect take with you wherever you go so you can make jewelers - and then it's do the same on the other side. - If you want you can add a couple of jump brings in the middle of the necklace is to make - sure to stay together. - - Then - he wants at this point, - you could just buy the necklace on with Sexual Is is a ribbon or you want to add your - lobster. - You can add a couple additional job rains middle chain, - other side to, - and then when you're finished adding your jump brings, - attach your two pieces, - you trim off the excess black driven, - and I like to dab it onto my knots to make sure that they're really stay. - And then you have your final statement necklace. - I can't wait to see yours and make sure upload and finish necklaces to the classroom on I - can't see you next time, - Thanks.