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Jewelry Basics: Learn how to PIERCE metal

teacher avatar AnlisLuik, Jewellery / art / design

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Piercing basics

    • 4. Piercing angles shape 1

    • 5. Piercing angles shape 2

    • 6. Piercing curves shape 1

    • 7. Piercing curves shape 2

    • 8. Practice!

    • 9. Drill it and pierce it Option 1

    • 10. Drill it and pierce it Option 2

    • 11. Corrections Filing lines

    • 12. Corrections pierce to file

    • 13. Final pieces and examples of work

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About This Class

I am a maker and I would like to teach jewellery skills by making objects and such. My idea is to teach different simple techniques by making small objects to make it more fun and simple.

This is the first of a series of courses to introduce you to basic jewellery techniques in case you are willing to become a maker,  you are not sure and you’d like to sneak a pick before you decide to start, or you just want to have a reminder and maybe take some tips you didn’t know before (because everybody have their own way of doing things).

At the end of the lesson I am showing some examples and suggestions of what you could do with the pierced pieces. 


In this lesson, you’ll learn…


You will basically learn how to pierce or how to cut metal with a jeweller saw. This is a very basic and fundamental technique that you’ll perform by cutting or piercing different shapes from simple to more advanced ones that can become a small or medium medal to use as part of your accessories or keychain, as you prefer.


Materials you need…


This course is ideal for people who are just starting or want to start and don’t know how to so no experience is needed. What I want is to provide options for those who can’t afford to have a proper workshop or space and want to make their homes their creative space in the minimum and simplest way.


Despite that, it implies investing in a couple of tools and materials in order to be able to develop the exercise.


  • Bench peg and holder (anvil, clamp…).
  • Copper or brass sheet of 0.5 or 1 mm (I would recommend 1 mm when starting).
  • A saw frame and saw blade of 2/0.
  • Set of needle files (recommended) if not, with a half-round one you can do most of the jobs.
  • 1 mm Shank drill and driller or a bow drill. (Optional)
  • Hammer and support. (Optional)


Most of these are quite cheap to purchase except for the drills and the driller that can be changed for a bow drill which is way cheaper but might need a couple of tries before learning how to properly use it. These as I listed before, are not necessary to do the projects but can add some more possibilities to the designs and can be useful to drill holes and make them pendants for example.

Last but not least, the hammer is a tool to add some extra detail that you’ll discover at the end of the lesson.  :-)  


If you’re interested in learning furthermore feel free to check my other classes. After taking this class you might be interested in this one:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Jewellery / art / design


Hello! This is Sophie and I am very happy that you came all the way here!

I am formerly from Barcelona, Catalonia, where I graduated as a graphic designer as well as a maker but moved to the UK to course a Master of Arts in Contemporary Jewellery in order to find new boundaries in creativity and expand my knowledge.

Currently, I am working on my art to become an independent artist and show to the world my work and share my skills so others can learn how infinite jewellery making can be.

To get to know more about my work, future classes, work-in-progress and some inspiration just have a look at my instagram account anlisluik.

Please, don't hesitate to comment, suggest or ask me anything! I will really appreciate it :-)

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1. Introduction: Hi, everybody. This is Sophie. I come from Barcelona, where I studied art and design. But on Lima last year of uni, I started to get interested to jury. That year I decided I probably learned jewelry skills on, so I did. I joined the workshop and, of course, when I learned basic skills that would later be locked myself. Two years ago, I made a dream come true, and I came to the UK to study a master part in jury. But after finishing my course, I realized that I didn't have the money to have my own workshop. I have a proper space to work. So these course is about that. How do skits start it on how to make your own working space at home without having a fully equipped work show? Just with basic tools and things you will be learning about with cereals, tools as well, a steps where cutting the Met this lesson is for everybody. No previous experience is needed on Believe me, the's hands can make beautiful things a swell. It's yours 2. Materials: Hey guys Is so he first of all thank you for joining me in this class. In this video lesson, we will be talking about materials as well as the tools that we will be using during the course. You can find them in the laced in the video description as well as the links so you can buy them first tools. We will be using about five. We could say different kind of tools. The 1st 1 is to soar free. This one is what allows us to person metal on It consists in 100 with a friend that we can move and adjust depending on how long. This so blade iss the 2nd 1 is is so badly Ondas You see, these are really, really tiny, but taken cut very much. So be careful and trying not cutting yourself. Then we go the bench bag on disease What allows us to work with the metal But we need on and bill or club in order to keep the bench bag stabilized so it doesn't move while we work on it. You have the needle files. As you can see, I have a set of different shapes and that could be the best if you can get one. But if not you, can you get just the one that I'm showing you, which is just half round? How fun. And you can make most off the work with that, then last but not least, your hands. I apologize because I have many wounds, but you should know that if you have long nails, you will struggle. So I suggested you have short nails Now the metals you can choose which one you want. Work where I such as you start with copper or breasts. Brazil's chipper Copus, more expensive for us, isn't alloy, so it's harder to work with. But I suggest that you start with breasts because it's cheaper on. If you make any mistake or you break any of your faces, you won't feel that bad. Well, the working ship this is a pdf that you can download on. These are the shapes that I'll be person during the lessons wherever commend, they said. You print this shit and then you cut the shapes individually so you can glue them on the metal on. Then you can preach the metal, and you can use the lines as a guard while you piers, these ones are organized from easier to more complex. You will start with the shapes in number one and you will finish with the shapes on number five. I will be person, some off them in order for you to see how you do it on. Then I can give you my tapes, but some others you will be doing them on your own. The size of them is quite be. But I think that that way will be easier for you. To Pearson. If it was a smaller size also, you will not Easter. There are two squares, one inside the other. The smaller one is the size off the shapes that I'm giving you on the big one is the size of the metal that I first suggest you to burst on. Then you would be gluing the shape on that metal. The reason why I would like you to do that is because if we work with a really, really big piece of metal, then the friend doesn't always reach all the surface on. You might not be able to cut the whole piece, said that Let's get stuck. It 3. Piercing basics: Now it's time to show you how to use the tools you could see. The Branchburg is introduced inside clamp for the, um, bill. And now we have to attach it to the desk. We have to turn you in order to make sure that it's properly clumped on the frigate that thanki work. And this is how it looks on the desk. Firth with it, put it in the wrong way. This weighs used to file the pieces, but since we want to pierce them, we have to turn it and put it upside down. This grade the surface is completely flat, and we can hold the The base is in the correct position on that way, with impressive properly. Next step is settled. The play what we have to dio he speak up one of the blades on. First of all, check the d are facing down or the white. We won't be able to pierce. And once we find out the right position, afraid willing to Theus hair. I'm Klum today in others, so it stays. Fixing both down and up can be a bit difficult the first time to make sure it stays in best . But after a few tries. Juicy. It's not that difficult. Then what we do is pushed the end of this suffering against the table. That way we make sure that the blade stay stands on. We prevented from breaking as well as being able to base through the metal, and it should be banking the's sound now the position. There's a way we should be sitting down. We should be facing the table on the bench back front of us without was back Street and then we can start cutting to make the first cut. We have to bend the blade as you can see in an angle off 45 more or less degrees, do a couple of cuts and then what we have to do is make the plate be much straight as weekend on. Then all we have to do isn't it up and down and moving forward way. It can be a bit difficult sometimes because with the other hand we have to hold the pace of metal. Otherwise it will move on. We won't be able to about the ship that we're looking for and now it's time to get something done. First of all, you take the metal that you bow here, have an example of how it should be looking like this is copper probably will have a plastic layer like this one that you can actually feel it's not. The color of the metal is just to protect their because the metal is shiny. You can directly is that on? You will have very nice finishing in your ships. What I'll be doing is using some breasts that I had from before, so I'll just be using that these metals, since I have it for quite long. It's oxidized, and it doesn't look very nice where you can work it out by polish in it. So it has a very shiny, clean surface again. What I'll be doing is just make some marks in the metal with marker in order to make a square. But what you can do instead is just used in square reference in the work and shoot that I provide in this lesson. Then cut the shapes on, glue them on top of it. This is more or less how you should be looking at the bench back on this. You can say it has a small triangle and That's something I didn't purpose. You can buy some off them that already have the triangle, but you can just do it yourself. Then we put the metal on top and we will start mercy when we follow the life. In my case, the line that I drove with the marker unless we saw before, we will put the so frame in a longer 45 degrees, more or less, and we do smoker. We do it twice and we hope the meta with our two fingers and then we can put the frame in and more straight line. I will start dressing, as you will say is small triangle helps us to go through because if we don't have that, we will be using the wood on. We will struggle to beach through. So what it allows us is to be able to hold the metal with two fingers while it's still rests on the wood. But with the piercing the would otherwise we would struggle a lot to go through what I suggest When we started learning how to pierce, it said, we go up and down in a small way. We don't stop, but we don't push to much. Once we get more experience is easier on we can push harder. Otherwise, if you try to push harder the beginning, what will happen is that you blade get dropping between the metal on that can be a bit. And now you frustrating at first. So I suggested you take your time to do it smoothness slightly with you late state on. Just keep moving forward, Okay? I did cut my first half on. As you can see, if I wanted to keep going on that line and changed my direction, I couldn't because my piece of metal is to pay on the sofa can go through. So what I'll do is just take it out on just start using the other line on. We do the same thing. We do the first cuts with the blade in a 45 degree angle on. Once we get that, we can start going straight and start using that line again. You will notice it. It's quite hard to keep his threat line on that. It's quite hard to keep the metal in place in the off your fingers. Depending on how thick the metal is, it will be easier on what? Difficult as it just start with a 0.5 or Jiro Boys, seven at the maximum, but not one million meter off thickness, because it's quite hard to go through. And when we get to the end, what we do, just do us harder. Straight cut. That way you can find me at the last piece of metal on. This is what you get. You get square on. That's the base where you can grow the shape from the working chip. In order to be able to come here, you can see mind, even get to straight. Have to say that in order to be able to record the Amina where position Sorry, struggle a bit. But hopefully that will kind of show how you might get your basis. Cup. Now we can move forward and go to the next step. 4. Piercing angles shape 1: hello again. And now with recent angles, I'll be using the spare busy rather than have we will be grew in the first sharp on the metal. He will start revealing its diagonal shape and we can just use normal glue suggest use these kind of blue otherwise even take long to try on. We don't really want it to get perfectly stuck against the metal. So the music adoption Giga New again start bursting. We start the same way as before with the Soviet in an angle. I apologize because you will be seen my hair my face, sometimes through the bilious. Since I am quite in a bad position in order for you to say properly how it is supposed to be pissed but hopefully won't be that annoying and you will be able to see how it's not. But you will see that you will have to keep pushing the base backward to bed. Otherwise we will be presenting the word again. You just move forward. You will see that you will get some best from the metal, but just skated out with your fingers like I just did hold the base with your fingers and forget that give the latest straight up young Mr Casey. It would take quite long to get through, but it's something about having patients on get going on again, a show that once you get the technique of how it's properly done, you were really enjoy it. Now you see that I'm reaching the end of the line. You can see the paper antics. Albert, that's okay. Can be even more you sometimes while you're fishing. But it's fine as you can see again with Britney and the play money on what we have today is change direction. So what we do is we keep the baby. This imposition on we just moving up and down while we during the best. Once we get the blade into the direction off the new line, we can start pushing forward. Continue person like with it before the trick, for that is just moving pretty later, laughing now. No, this much issue will do it for he appears on. Take your time. Don't turn the base very fast. Otherwise you will be able to turn the blade at the same time. I need my faith through as you see again. I'll show you how to turn a busy and we start cutting with small movements while we turned the base. And really, the blade should always be in the same position. What turns is the metal and then we get back to the next night. You will feel that you think scared prior to the hurt on spreading normal. Especially when you are not used to do that. These 30 Clinton are you feel the vibration in your fingers, so feel free to take a gray uncover t they have millets fingers get get the rest and then you can go back on it. I remember the first time that I learned how to pierce Fingers could get really, really exhausted with diet and they heard a lot on. Then it could see my teacher doing it coming on. And in fact, second, she could face a line that did me in, like, five minutes to pace myself on. I just thought, Wow, how can she do that? But then my time, I I saw that what really matters is help fishing. You are on. How much you Bierce? So you get the technique again. We reach the end of the line again. We do small movements. Beast turns way, reach the same direction after line. Then we push forward and keep coming again. What you will struggle the most probably will be deduced trade lines, but don't worry about it. What it suggested to do is to God outside the line off the drawing. That way you can lay the harlot on getting the right shape, that you want it with the height measurement. So one side wouldn't be too much card or something like that. Waiting last line. We turn again during the small movements, doing it that way. He get ready nicely. Critics. Old corners that are in that shirt okay, on now is the same as before. To do the last cut, which is do it a bit harder. We have our shape cut. Retake the blade out with the paper off. You feel it. And we have our shape, you see, has some imperfections from the piercing. But that's something we could be correcting later from here we go. We got our first shape now to move through the next one 5. Piercing angles shape 2 : Now we will miss the second ship of this section, which Jesus, you can see a star. The difference in this one is that we've got many angles. Advanced drive a sport inside and outside, continuously changing the direction of the play. You will see that the way the pristine works for this beast is basically the same as the previous one. The only variants in this case will be that instead of getting natural on the corners, I'll be teaching you how to peace, sharp brands. So let's get started. We start the same way. You sweetie, with three. Sure. You said the blade against the metal in a 45 ankle on. We do it for a Scot. I usually need to do a couple of guards before I can actually place the sore perpendicular . He against the metal on were saved. Then we place our fingers on the side of the blade to hold the metal on. We start Percy. Now that we reach the end, what we do is take the blade out. I suggest that you slightly move it up and down when you're moving backwards. Otherwise it won't get through. Then we put it again, but on the opposite direction. So the flat side of the blade is facing towards us. The next step is to push the flood side of the plate against the end off the line, that which is pierced and slowly turned. The metal, while the blade is also moving, happened down with short movements. Once we're, it's a direction off the next line, we please forward you're not, is it is basically the same as with it in the previous shape. The only difference is that this time we keep a sharp cut that can be useful, especially when Whippets drew magical ships that need to be very precise with perfect straight angles. I just reached the end of another line on now do exactly the same thing. I take the played out, and I introduce it again in the opposite direction. I pushed towards myself on While I do that. I also moved the blade and I turned the metal that way. I'm not basing the surface with the shape is, and I can't give that sharp angles. Be careful with your fingers and try to hold the metal properly. As you can see, it's quite close to the rich off the material, so just try to practice it, try to have your fingers on the side so the fingers are done in front of the blade and now we can continue person forward. This will take long, so I'll just move forward. - I apologize for my harping on the way, but we just reached the end. And here we go all the time and effort to get this chart star. We can feel the paper and you can see our creation again. You can see there are some imperfections, but as we said, we can correct that later. Now that you've finished person, this shape, I want you to share with the community what you've done. Tell us what jokes experience tell us. How was experience? 6. Piercing curves shape 1: Hello. How did they go? Are you excited about continuing with next year? Now what? We will be doing his spear. See lights that are curves. What we will start with is a circle again. We start missing the metal on. We follow along that never ending car Ondas. You can see there's no different directions as we saw before, and you might think, Oh, that's easy. But actually you continuously changing your direction. So that makes it harder because you have to keep focusing on keeping that line on, keep it stable, not making the blade you go somewhere else. What you will see is that you constantly will have to hold the shape and make sure that you keep turning. It's quite difficult to keep a circle of being a circle still is a very good exercise to make sure that you lines give the right way, in this case a debate more complicated because, you know, having time to press on. We need to be focusing over time on it. It's not that difficult. Don't worry. It sounds like ready, difficult, very strange. But I assure you it's not just take it easy. Take your time. The first if universe to be careful with the blade because it might break. We reached the end of the line. Sometimes a late gets trapped if you stop, but it's fine to smoke the BLEEP up and down until it Chris forward you both their circle. As you can see, I've pushed outside the line instead of the top of it so I can finish it by falling eight in correcting the imperfections later, Don't forget to share your experience and to ask me any question on Let's move to the next shape. 7. Piercing curves shape 2: Hey, where your circles doing? Quick. You press a perfect circle Now what we will try to do is person curves to change direction . As you can see, we will be christened the difficulty and we're doing more off a complex shape. I choose a snake for that. You shouldn't find it too difficult. We start pressing the metal again on we immediately start pressing a course. Thank you. So this time we do the same must with a circle. We start done in metal. You might get trap a bit, but it's time. This time the curve is more close than the ones in the circle. So that forces to make more close turn and faster. Then we find your complication, which basically said we immediately get into the next group, which is very close to a swell. We do is just turned the metal being the opposite position for the win along the line. In order to help you, you can try to do the same line direction. Change that really, When we were pristine cheerfully, Space agrees. Just make you blade to go up and down without more much or the ones you wouldn't just keep moving forward are new curve would be BIA than how it shipping how you would be the soil into shape. Of course, you can then compensate that later on when you get into next line to make it thicker, what's feel it stood that you try to stick into the ship. It's like when you doing calligraphy, you learning how to fry by drawing on top off the line phrase of you tracing on. We were doing the same, but with the shape. So we keep going, we find the next curve. Maybe we can try to base. If it's slower, we'll make you keep moving forward. We reached the end on again. We didn't drunk up. We got our snake. These exercises do it so you learn how to do closer graphs, which is quite different than doing continuously Big guards like when with 80 in a circle, and also helps you to learn how to properly use your fingers to hold the base here. Thesis hard drugs. Quite nice, isn't it? Don't forget to share how you did it on post your shape. Then I can give you some advice. Now we can move to the next lesson 8. Practice! : Hello, guys, it's time to breakfast. So in this lesson, you will have to choose to shapes. In the working ship, you'll find two groups with two shapes Image Its shape has both curves and angles that where you can practice what we did so far on. You can decide if you want to make the ships one group or the other or if you like, you can choose one. Shape each group and make them. You can also make for them if you want to practice and you feel like you need it. But that's optional. So first of all, choose superb that you didn't chariot with a community on. Then once you press it, you can show how that they go. In my case, I'll be showing you how our first the butterfly one. Ah, now we just hiding you. I'm telling you how I do it on. The decisions were made. So again we start metal a couple of cuts in an angle of 45 then we start person and then we make our plate go straight while we move it up and down We keep going. So now we get in contact with the shape on the first shape we get into is occurred. So we do just turned the metal while we hold it with our fingers on immediately we get an angle. So we start recent straight until you reach about point. Then do is take the played out body in with the black face against us on the teeth of the blade is outside. Can you want to introduce the blade in Just will be up and down obeyed so it goes through smooth day. Otherwise you will struggle a bit. Then we push the flat surface against us on we start pressing the next line. I suggest that you push the blade big to sign resting on the next line that you will be person. Then it will be easier to just straight. Where's that line and immediately refund girls during the metal, you can go in one another girl. We continue the flat surface pressed against the last point of your line and again with something he Bush against her son paid resting on the next time on dressing on the side and greens start using again. - We reached the end, you know, I'm telling you all the time but you see, to be card to do the final continent. Here we go. About butterfly. She billy it on Done. So don't forget to share with the community. But you did, I would look to see Are you doing already excited to see how your person and if you find they need very difficult you're struggling with something particular, so see, room. 9. Drill it and pierce it Option 1: Hello guys are doing this single Assume it's something optional as you saw what really Before we're completely filled up shapes. I'm going to show you one more possibility, which is basically make ships that have caps inside what we would need for that. It's a trail. I didn't give you the link in the description off the lesson. Basically, would you? With Name is are truly I have one of these lines, but you can actually get one. Very. It's mechanical and its cycle, which is why Chip and by this one's. But it's something good to help get. You want to prove your designs and making new things, even though my opinion, you can be creative ing and create very different things that can be simple but complex at the same time, without having so many tools. Still, I'm going to show you how this is done, so get started, so basically we will start drilling the inner ships on to do that. We have people to trail on top of it, basically straight on, tried to keep it us straight this weekend. The potential of it could be what's though with us a well that tells you how strong power off the two will pay. But where we on is to make smoke because, first of all, otherwise it sleep on. It will damage the surface of the metal. As you can see, I'm really quite well. But you will struggle at the beginning to keep it in place. It's just a matter of trying to give it straight. All the time on the metal also is important that you get with drill because it doesn't got , you know, going to get. Also, it's easier when the metals not Rick. I believe that the one millimeter metal, you will struggle a lot when I say that these because I spend it like five minutes trying to drill a hole, I'm I wasn't able to do so on. That's because American made the dream would be that sharp on. But that happened, he said. It keeps rubbing the metal on. What it does is that the metal gets hot on the jewels well under take a break on that stage . Now that we have two toes down, what we have to do is put a blade through those holes. To do that, we should have the lake, said the soul fray on. Just take one of the ends of the played out and put it to the hole. You can see and decide it's holding the plate. I am with my index finger. What I'm doing is pulling the place out, and now with the other hand, people debate through the whole. Once we do that, be careful because it's easy to break the Blake We died the blades again. I think the time that you need to ST patients plan of Do Hurry because then spring breaks now would we have to do is to make sure that its steps you can see with my fingers I'm holding Michael Flood on, ambushing down the frame to make it grow up. So I'm going to start prison to a corner. Once we start Christine, we will have to try to make the blade cut. You untangle. But that is smaller than the 4500 told you because, of course, become unjust. That recently Teoh partner, you can see in your I didn't like how we did it because I didn't go straight to the corner , so I'm going to start doing that to the other corner. Once they reach that porter angled backwards on scenes. I have a whole and I have space it down the blade. I turned their on. We do what we learned. The lessons waster played against us. Continue nursing Acting ones are lines that I curve, so I have to turn base My figures. Oh, that's cold. Here I go backwards. Are neither this safe? I apologize from my hair being on the way that remember to turn the battle of your fingers on. We tried to take off the piece of metal that it's next. We've worked one of the empty spaces. Now they out. Be careful with the blade again and we do the same thing, but its inner new hole. I can be patient and try to be careful. You can use the bench back like I'm doing now to keep it in place. Are we prison that up this shape? He's smaller, but we do exactly the same form with now We finish person. Thes are shapes, so our main ship is empty. And now what we have to do is press the outside. I do my thing. Why don't we first the outside first and then the inside on. The reason why is that? Because if you start basting the outside the amount of metal surface Iquique out, it's very small. So when you holding it and listening, you will travel alone to keep it in place. So it's suggested the do for space. The inside shapes get these cups inside and then you do the outside. We do the same as we bleeding all the previous shapes we got. Girls get into longer with 80 laid out trying to make untangle that it's more sure. Now we just keep going until we there's the whole shape. And now we're finishing. We got our Celtic symbol, you see, while I was personally, that depended. Debate good. You should bring your gay do just put it flat with your fingers, even though that's usually done with machine but rubber hammer. But since we don't have that yet, we would desert up with our fingers on. Here we go. Not that we should. You see there are some imperfections, and so much is that I think, and then they should be. But that can be felt and corrected. So tell me, if you doing that that starts see you in the next video 10. Drill it and pierce it Option 2: Hey, one more optional video on possibility. So what we did was making a copy to the readership on. We will try to do the same, but instead of losing that piece of metal inside, we'll try to keep it. Well, first of all, we will go the ship that we want to take out. As you see here. They choose it a difficult shape, since he's quite small, it has really closed and goals as well as curbs and maybe fines, spaces. But we should be okay about really what we will do it. Street hold with Trevor in one of the sides on abuse through that. That way we will try to make that the piercing on the whole states part of the shape in both outside and entire. So it's get started. You get the true. The's time I'm using a fine of one probably should be using one that it's even final. But we'll try and see. I have to say that I'm not an expert into this kind of person possibility, but it's worth trying. It's something. It's down on its just a matter practicing the rigid so this one could be a bit more Bunce. But when I did is not that, but actually did not. Quite nice. You'll see. I'm trying to decide what to do it on where I decided to do the whole visit between the wings. Probably not the best place to do it, but you'll see breath a low power trivia. Just make the whole right. We got the whole truth. Show you how that looks. You see, it's taking part of the outside shape, but the way that we will be facing that, we'll make sure that it's part of it. Cream it, start you get the place. Okay, Can we put the plate two bit difficult with tiny holes and again tried to be patients on getting in place properly? Friends Heart always gets tied, and instead of pressing from the bottom of the hole, will do around the middle of the woods. So part of it we will just follow the ship to quit it. Sorry about my heavier than the way again. Decide to boost your way in this world I'm from then we just keep pressing the shape. I think it's important that you can see how I do it so you can have it as a reference. Even if it's me hi to speak, he can see how is traveled like the paper moves, since it's a small shape and it's difficult to keeping phrase now. Still, you can see how we get through the growth on goals on how it turned the share. This should be helpful for you. Guests want to do the same. Why were similar? One nine, he finished perceived. You take one of the big shape out of the blade. On we go. Two tiny birds, as you can see there, acquired similar still the restroom imperfections. But we can correct that in order to do so, we can follow it on. We can also use the blade to correct that. We will see that the next lesson. 11. Corrections Filing lines : Hey, now it's time for corrections. So we've got all our shapes I scenes, we stopped piercing. What we will be doing is taking the bench bag and put it up to die. That way we can find that you properly on the bench hard disk. With these carries, we will start with first trip. We take our neither fun. Well, we hold the piece We filed it. Ondas, You can see after following debate There are some shiny beds on actually in the base it looks the opposite way, as you would be seeing it. But basically the mud's surface that you see it's actually shiny for me because those are the areas where the fall they brought the metal on that speakers Metal against metal makes a shiny surface. Basically, what we want is made That slut I started with flat square file So you can see usually yeah , his bigger once. But since we only have the once wakened just with this one, you can t probably always be square one. As you can see, you might struggle be because it's like off off the shape on the edge through what I prefers to use the semi circle one that I'm using right now on this one were very well, surfaces like the bigger on. As you can see, what they do is hold the base with one hand. We rested against the bench bag on with the right hand. We hold the fall on one finger rested on we rabbit just forward with, um Crile backwards because doing it that way, we fall over the line on the direction off the file on. Then he properly falls on. It doesn't break on this. You can see what I do is turn the base. Yes, Since I'm human, I don't make the same pressure all the time on nor in an equal way. What? I dio stern the base. So I tried to polish that on What I do is fall eventually ends on Have a nice bright Your objective is to do that in all the sights on spirits completely flat there No imperfections . It's always Shangla district Eat with dick Done But the rational discourse. So keep going at that on the toe to the next shape 12. Corrections pierce to file: Hey, one more lesson in how to correct this time will be resting and we will day the ships that we saw before you knew during option. So, as you see, we got two shapes were quite similar, but they have or things that should be corrected on the inner shape. As you can see house that whole from the drill. So we will be prison that in order to correct the shape so we can see that we will start with the inside shape. Do this so you will obvious differently on the blade will be in the opposite side instead of being front off the shape that we will be based in you would be backwards, as you will see now. So we interviews the blade inside the whole shape and we will try. Do rebuff the Eastern Angles shape that it's bothering us. So we have to be careful because, as you can see committal conventions, we can correct that later. Make it flat again with our fingers. But we have to be careful, especially if we don't have players which is recommended to have. It's quite difficult to get it flat again, but we already removed that shape that didn't allow us to have a smooth line being this way , just to probably clean that a bit on. Then we get moved in the next shape. They have, like a round shape here as well, so we will try to remove that. Be careful with the figures on Stokely and being patient tried to correct cliche after what we want. Is that anger to be before sharp instead of being that, as you can see, the regular expect er on. We would continue Rimmel really old and shapes that are interfering again. We tried to make that anger. Every tort on Google pair of fools Well, we do is push the blade against the metal on the side. Otherwise, its sights. We can't properly pierce it. Check where we can correct more the shape. It's a slow work. More or less, we go to nice shape. If you see that you really, really struggle with it just a bit, you can follow that Newdow files incorrect that so then what revives more or less because a nice shape because you can see it's more similar. But this one has also things that need to be corrected special injure wings where the ends on the pointing, you see a different level of metal. So what we do is we need to use Sobel 80 side, and we try to make that chopper once we have it in. But I try to remove that extra matter where we don't want on again, dressed in the way that beat on the side breeze forward, going to make a sharper angle. We do the same me from the opposite direction from the young girl to make more of an ice occur. It might look a bit, but let's begin in front. If you take your time and your vision, you can make it. If you see them the one off the sides, you can't reach the shape that you want. Just move through another side of the ship that you need to correct. Do as much as you can and then go back to it and river that just be patient. Take your time. Check that everything's OK, and once you finish, you take one of the ends of the laid out, and she would go Now you can call someone who thinks so in order to finish that than file the edges so it's not sharp on the we go through shaped ones 13. Final pieces and examples of work: Hey guys, we had reached the end of the lesson, so I'm going to show you how I finished the basis. So here's you see, I did follow the HSE. So then sharp. They're completely strange. You will also say that I did some other finishing on the basis. How is you can see the first shape, the ages and nice and clean. You can see it keeps the same color as a metal that I used to piece it. Here. You can have a closer look. This one is quite thick. It's thicker than the rest off the shapes with it before, Until that one is harder, he's one. The star you can see. I think you some paper to make more shiny and clean it. And even though I did file the edges, it's quite pointing and it still is quite sharp, so I wouldn't recommend it to have it close to the body. He's one. As you can see, I did send it with Sunday paper as well. On this one. That's nicer. Here, you can see how I did it. This is sun paper you were finding the resources on this side is the one I've even son. But you see that the difference is clear. It's way better. Here we go with our snake. The edges are filed. Keep the same colors and metal the entire lead. Follow the edges. If I was something, it again, I would have to follow the edges again because it will get very sharp as well. These two optional ones, you can see they looked very close and actually, if you put one side, the other, it is a bit more. But they are perfectly the's optional one again. You see, the edges are better, it's more equal the thickness off the lines. And I did suddenly the beat this well, I've even show this one, but I hate this well. Ondas. You can see the finishing. It's quite but. But in these occasion, that's because when I was based in it, since the metal was quite thin, it depends on I would need something to make it flat. So when you send it, it's send in unequal way, so it doesn't look good. While I'm really excited to see what you did. What I would suggest is that you do the shapes in the working shape at the end a NAFTA. You just try to find ship that you like Ambriz it yourself, using any of the techniques that I didn't show you unjust share that posted in your project so I can see what you did. What you just I can also say chest you do one shape or the other if you like on Don't forget to follow me in social media on to share the specimen with your friends So good luck on hope You'll become really, really great jurors with this essence. So you in the next one.