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JUST Eats: Meal Planning Made Easy- Five Healthy & Delicious Breakfasts in 10 Minutes

teacher avatar Veronica Lamb, Making Real Food Fit Into Your Real Life

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Ingredients and Containers


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      Toppings and Combinations


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      Prepping Made Easy


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      Storage Best Practices


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About This Class

Do busy mornings have you running out the door with pop-tarts in hand, kids spilling cereal in the backseat, or worse yet waiting in line for "fast food"? Take back control of your mornings, your time, and your health with this easy class.

Veronica Lamb from Radiant Life Consulting will walk you through creating an endless variety of delicious oatmeal recipes that will keep you full through the morning and satisfy your cravings. Healthy doesn't have to be bland or tasteless. Learn some of her personal favorite recipes such as Peanut Butter Cookie, Blueberry Compote Comfort, Crunchy Nuts & Berries, Banana Nut Bread, and many more varieties. You will be shocked how healthy can taste so good! The worksheet will help you discover your favorites and double as a shopping list for your trip to the store. Learn tips about bulk shopping, experimenting with ingredients, and the best storage containers for minimal clean up.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so start your days off on the right foot by joining this class.

The JUST Eats series focuses on simple habits, requiring simple tools, accessible to every budget, and easily customizable to your needs. These habits will naturally and easily allow you to move away from overly processed foods and refined sugar. Many of the videos include batch cooking techniques that easily translate to large family meals or community gatherings. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten, Dairy, and Allergy free options are discussed in the videos equipping you to meet the needs of you or your loved ones.

Meet Your Teacher

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Veronica Lamb

Making Real Food Fit Into Your Real Life


Hey, I’m Veronica Lamb. I’m a health coach, world changer, and a pretty kickass mom.

If you are a busy individual who wants to make real food fit into your real life then you will love my classes.  

I offer a non-overwhelming path to permanent health & lifestyle change by teaching you how to tune into your body signals, eat foods that help you thrive, & establish healthy habits that work for your busy schedule.

In short, you get recipes, meal plans, & strategies that empower your work, not put you further behind on your to-do list.

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for inspiration.  Grab your free meal planning workbook. 

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1. Introduction: Hi. I'm Veronica Lamb with radiant life consulting. And I helped busy people create healthy meal and life habits so that they can get fueled up . They can get out the door, and they can be the change that they were created to be in this world. I know how busy mornings are. We all just want to get out the door on time with a healthy breakfast for ourselves and maybe our family to prepping ahead has been a lifesaver in our house. And I know it's gonna help your mornings to I'm so glad that you've decided to check out this class. I'm all about helping you make healthier decisions and make it really easy for you to plan out all of your meals for the entire week, or at least all of your breakfast meals in this class for the entire week. So as you can see before me, I've got five jars. This was super easy to create. It's gonna be really easy for you guys to work through this. We're focused on oatmeal. Breakfast is in this class because it's really hard. E. It's really filling, and it gives you really easy options to add different toppings, and so you can brainstorm all kinds of things, and you can make sure that you're getting all of the things that you need to have a satisfying meal that's gonna keep you full throughout the morning. So one of things that I really love about oatmeal is the fact that it's so versatile, like I can add any sort of toppings that I want to it. And it's totally a comfort food because it's nice and warm, and I can add really comforting things that I find like peanut butter and I can add in my chopped apples. And I just love it. I mean, it's a great comfort food for May I have been like oatmeal for life eyes, one of my favorites and even some of my friends and my family members that never really liked oatmeal before because all they had was his packets of, like, pre made mushy stuff that just isn't really that good. I don't even like those, but making my own and being able tohave the choice of what sort of toppings I want in their adding in fresh fruits, adding in nuts these kinds of things that I really enjoy creating different textures in it makes it super satisfying. And I think you guys are really going to enjoy this. Totally encourage you to give it a try. You can do this. You can have a healthy start to your day every day, and it's only gonna take you like 10 minutes and you'll have it set for the entire week. So we'll be talking about the different types of toppings that you can look at will be working through how you brainstorm this. There's a worksheet for the class. Please download that and have it ready to go so that you can be brainstorming with us and have your camera ready when you start prepping and doing these things, because I would love to see a picture of your worksheet and love to be able to see your final project of the different meals that you've created. And we're gonna enjoy sharing all of these delicious recipes together as a community and learning from each other and enjoying our new steps in moving forward in a healthier life. 2. Demonstration: in our class project. We're gonna be creating all five of our meals for breakfast for the entire week together, and it should only take you about 10 minutes to do this. So what we're doing is that we're prepping each one with our oatmeal and are unique toppings. We're gonna work through the course and actually learn how to brainstorm toppings and recipes. I'm gonna give you guys some of my favorite recipes that you can try out, and you're gonna be able to create all of these. In just a few minutes of basically the time that it takes you to create one breakfast, you're going to be able to create all five of them. So our class project is actually creating these prepped meals for the week. And you can use glass containers like I have or you can use plastic containers, anything that you want. You can prep it in there, and you will. Then on the day that you're ready, Teoh eat, you'll go ahead and add your water and cook it. And on that day you can take a picture of your oatmeal. So what I want all of the students to Dio is to download the work shaped from the class and start brainstorming your ideas of toppings and recipes, and you can watch through the course and see some of my favorites. And then true, some of them and then true, some others that you want experiment. The possibilities are endless. So go ahead and print out your work sheets. Take a picture of that and upload it to the class so that we can see what you're working on . Then, once you have all of your supplies, go ahead and take a picture of your prep area with all of your different toppings in your big bag of your big jar of oatmeal that you've got ready. And finally, every day. Once you make your oatmeal, we would love to see a picture of what you created and tell us about how you're loving it or how you think that you would change it. What you think that you would do different. I'm really hoping to see all of the pictures from you guys of what you're doing, and I'm looking forward to hearing your testimonies off how much time and money and guilty feelings that you saved by just meal prepping everyday and making sure that you start your day with a beautiful, healthy, hearty good for you meal that you can feel great about all day. 3. Ingredients and Containers: So one thing that you're going to want to think about is what kind of storage containers are you going to want for your meals? Some of my favorite ones are Mason jars because they come in all different sizes. So this is a large one here, and then I've got a smaller one here. So my favorite thing to do is to use this one for myself or for my husband when we're doing our meal planning. And then this one is more appropriate for our Children and that it's smaller and they can have smaller stomachs. So these kind of mason jars attend the pick up at a box store, and I get them in bulk. So I get an entire case. You can get 12 of them, and that is usually under $12. It might be under $8 depending on the area that you're in. So take a look and look for these. Don't buy them individually because too expensive. Looking at your box stores is really the best place to get these kind of containers. I prefer the glass you may not. You may want to look at some plastic containers. What you want to think about is how much you need to fill the jar. And is there gonna be room for the oatmeal and the ingredients to expand while you're cooking it, particularly if you're using the microwave, so I like toe have at least half of the container free of space, so you want to think about that when you're sizing your containers. Like I said, this is really good for our younger Children, and this is really good for adult size, so I would fill it up about halfway, and then I would have plenty of room to add my water and let it cook in the microwave. The next thing that you want to think about is where you're gonna get your own meal and your toppings for your breakfast and you can look at two things. You can either go toe box stores and buy a ton of it and bulk that way. Or you could actually go to help. Stores and health stores usually have a bulk section, and in that bulk section, what you confined is a scooper where you can just take out the amount that you need so you can bring your own containers if you want, or you can use their little baggies the fill things up. And this is a great way for you to get started, particularly if you're not sure which toppings you're gonna like, which ones They're gonna be your favorite, you know things. They're kind of expensive in the area where we live. So if you want a lot of high quality nuts and things like that, it's gonna cost you a lot of money if you're buying a lot of them. But if I go to the health store and I go to their balk area where I can just portion out how much I need totally saves me a lot of money and it gives me freedom to be able to experiment with different ingredients and different recipes. So I would really recommend that you guys look at the health food stores that you have in your area or even some mainstream grocery stores are now starting to have bulk areas where you can choose how much it is that you want oven ingredient, and you could bring your own container if you wanted to have. You've never done this kind of shopping before. One thing that you should know is that when you bring your own container, you want to make sure that you get it weighed up front at the cashier station and they can market. Then put a little piece of tape or a sticker or something so that they know how much your container weighed. And then when you go and get your items, you fill it up with however much you want. Bring it back over, and they will subtract that weight from the overall weight. That way you're getting an accurate reading, and you're actually paying for them for the ingredients that you really want. Off course you're gonna need to look for oatmeal. And there's basically three different kinds of oatmeal. There's your old fashioned oats that's really the standard that's been around for generations and generations, and that's a note that they say is is slow cooking. But I actually really love it, and when I only cook it for a couple of minutes, it has a great texture. If you're concerned about things, do it being Teoh, slimy or icky, you definitely should not do instant oats. Instant oats cooked down the really soft, and maybe you like that sort of creamy texture that you get from them. But there's a lot of people that don't. Okay, so feel free to maybe hit up your bulk store and see if you can get a little bit of instant oats, get a little bit of old fashioned oats, and then one of my favorite types of votes is the steel cut oats. So the steel cut oats really have a nice texture. It's something that you can actually chew. And a lot of people that are afraid that they won't like oatmeal. Or maybe they've had those, like, store bought packets of oatmeal in the past, and they know they don't like that. Then you probably want to try this steel cut, cause that's gonna have a texture if you're sensitive. The textures, that texture of steel cut oats is probably what you're gonna like. And if you want to get it softer, you just cook it longer. But I tend to like the just cooked mine for a few minutes. That way, it has a nice shoe to it. I can actually bite into it, and it feels good when I'm eating it. Okay, Another thing that I want to suggest that you have with you whenever you're prepping your meals. Whenever you're getting ready to make your oatmeal, particularly in the morning after you've cooked, it is you want to have a potholder or Tao, and this is important if you're using a glass container because these glass containers get hot, even if you're using a bowl that's microwave safe. Sometimes they get a little hot in the microwave, and you don't want to burn yourself. So always have a potholder, a kitchen towel or even a couple of paper tells so that you can grab hold of these hot containers without feeling like you're gonna burn yourself. 4. Toppings and Combinations: So you want to start thinking through the toppings that you can put in your oatmeal? You're gonna be satisfied throughout the entire morning when you pick a nice, satisfying array of toppings for your oatmeal. So I want to go through the different types of toppings that I talk about in this course and that you'll be able to see on your worksheet. So we have sweet, savory, crunchy and fats, and all three of these are really important to make a satisfying meal. So first, let's talk about the type of sweet toppings that you could be looking at. Here we have apples and bananas that have been fresh chopped these air two of my favorite go twos. We also have coconuts of dried coconut is really good. Love this. This is a great treat inside of there. Along those lines, you can also have other dried fruit, so you want to be thinking through some of those. You can have dried cranberries and dried raisins. These air really good. If you want to create a nice sweet mix of nuts and Berries for your oatmeal really delicious mix that brings me over to the next area talking about savory. So a lot of times your savory and your crunchy is gonna go together, the only exception being that if you have a nice fresh apple and you've chopped that up and you're gonna get a little bit of crunch from that, but once you cook it, it would probably be a little bit less so. Crunchy things. My favorite crunchy things are, of course, nuts. I love nuts. These air some nice almonds, walnuts. You can do pecans. There's all kinds of crunchy things that you can throw in here. You could even think about throwing in some granola. But granola is typically made out of oatmeal already, so that's not always the ideal that you want to throw in there. It's not gonna give you enough of a different texture for most people, but you can get more creative even with seeds. And so these air pumpkin seeds that you can include unsalted sunflower seeds. These are all really good, and just one thing to note here when I'm doing the more savory things, I don't typically buy the salted version of the item, so I don't get salted nuts, and I don't get the salted seats. I want them fresh, unsalted and even raw, if possible in the really nice to use. Another couple of things that you're gonna want to look at is your Fats and fats are really helpful to help us feel like that. We're gonna be full and carry this, Neil. Throughout the day. It's a big part of our satisfaction. So when you're thinking about the fats that you're gonna add, there's two different ways that you can do that one is the easiest. And maybe one of the most common ways is to add actually ground flax seeds. Or you can get Shia seeds and add these to your oatmeal and these air really delicious. And most people don't think of seeds, um, and nuts of actually having fat. But they have some really good for you kind of fats, and you need those to help your body process. And one thing that a lot of people don't realize is that your brain is actually a lot of fat, and it needs fat in your body to be able to process and think well, so to get yourself healthy and fueled up and moving through your day and doing the things that you were called to be gonna make sure that you have this good variety off items inside your breakfast, so talking a little bit more about satisfaction in your breakfast. Satisfaction in your breakfast also includes the sweet stuff. So even if you're only diet, don't negate putting anything sweet in there. Go ahead and look at your dried fruits. Look at your fresh fruits and you can even look at adding, like a dropper to of some nice honey from your local area. This is really good for your allergies. There's a lot of benefits that you can get. You can also add some good quality maple syrup. Other items that you may be interested in adding are like spices, so you could do nutmeg and cinnamon to make a nice, warm seasonal kind of oatmeal. When we get around the holiday time, you can also look at adding liquid fats so you could actually put in coconut oil. You could put in natural butter. If you're not a vegan, you could go for that. This is a flax seed oil that you can add in. Some people really enjoy avocado eat oils. There's Walnut Oil's there's all kinds of oils that you can add into your breakfast. And like I said, these are important for helping us feel full. So you don't want to cheat or skimp on the toppings that you're adding. The only thing that you want to go easy on is if you're adding any of these liquid sweeteners. So maple syrup, honey, um, a god a any of those kinds of things that you're gonna want to take it easy When you add those into your meal, you can also look at adding toppings that are gonna be liquid. So some people really like almond milk or coconut milk, and you can look at adding these in. My recommendation, though, is that you add those in after you've already cooked it. I like to cook mine actually in the water. If you don't want to, you don't have to, but that's just my preference. I feel like it cooks better and not also cleans up the jar a lot better, and I'm all about efficiency and not taking time on the dishes. So I cook mining water and then, if I want to add some coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk hemp milk, any kind of alternative milk that you want to use or even straight up cows milk. You can go ahead and do that at the end, and then you just add a dash to it. So remember that you do get a little bit of fat from milk, and, of course, from cow's milk, you get more fat. But you still want to look at some of these healthier options, such as your nuts, your seeds and your toppings, like the flax seed and Chia seeds. 5. Prepping Made Easy: so let's get to work. Creating our five healthy breakfasts is in just 10 minutes. So I'm gonna grab my jars and pull them over here, have them ready to go. So I've got all five of my jars and then you're gonna grab your oatmeal and you don't have to use mason jars. You can use plastic containers if that's what you want, but I prefer these cause there are really nice size. So typical serving size for oatmeal is 1/2 cup. I go ahead and just scoop out 1/2 cup into each one of my jars. It saves a ton of time when you can do this all at once on one day, rather than taking the time to do this every day. It saves a ton of time when you go ahead and do this all at once, rather than taking the time to do it every day. You also don't have to bring your ingredients out again every day. So you're saving time that way, and also your clean up is gonna be easier. So I've got oatmeal half cup in all of my jars, and now I want to start thinking about some of my favorite recipes. Let me set these off to the side so that I can do one here 1st 1 that I want to talk to you guys about is the nuts and Berries and this one I really enjoy. And some of my favorite things to add in here would be almonds, walnuts, seeds, dried fruit, all of those kinds of things. So I'm gonna add in some chia seeds first, because they're one of my favorite things toe Add in. I love that they provide proteins plus all of the omega fatty acids. And those good fats are so helpful. So now I'm gonna add some cranberries into this one. Go ahead at a few of those and add some reasons I like having both in their my daughter. This has got to be one of her favorites almonds, and I'm gonna add some walnuts. Also a few of those and then I'm gonna add seeds to this one. I'm gonna add some pumpkin seeds in here and let's see, maybe a little bit of sunflower seats just to give it some different taste. Someone leave this Now this one has quite a bit of room. It's taken up quite a bit of room, but this is okay because when I pour in the water, it's gonna fill up around down here, and the water is only going to come up about halfway in it. So this would give me a lot of room for it to be able to grow. When it's microwaves, it's Let me go ahead and put a lid on this one, and then we're done with our nuts and Berries. Next one that I want to talk about is one of my daily favorites. And this is the apple one. I love this one because I feel like it tastes almost like a cake or I don't It's just delicious. I love it. So I hope that you guys really enjoy it also. So I add in a good portion of Apple into this one, and then I'm also going to add in some nut, so I like to add in my almonds to my apple version. So add these in and then I'll go ahead and I'm gonna add both the ground up flax meal and that she accedes to this one. So flax meal is a little bit shrinky cause it tends to clump together, so I'll just Sprinkle it in like that, and then I'll add in some of my chia seeds on top. Okay, so notice that I'm not adding any of the liquids right now, So when you're preparing all of your meals, you don't add the liquids until you're ready to actually cook them the morning of your breakfast. Our goal is to do all of the prep work beforehand, and then we just add our water the morning of throw it in the microwave and we're ready to get out the door. The next one that I want to do for you guys is called banana bread, and this one is absolutely delicious. And you could guess it includes bananas. So one thing that I like to do the bananas air kind of what? So I want to separate them a little bit from the Chia seeds. If you've already added your oatmeal and here just shake it down so that it's a little bit further down like this, and then you can dump in some of your oatmeal in there, And if you want to add some flats, you can add some and then I like to come up, flip the oatmeal back over it, and that's so that the wet bananas don't touch this Chia seeds in the flax because Chia seeds and flax if you've never worked with them before, the really awesome. But they tend to jail together when they get moisture, so want to keep them separated from the moisture of the bananas. So go ahead and add in some of my bananas now. And I love my bananas with walnuts because I feel like this is like banana nut bread. It's so good, or it's kind of like a banana cookie or something like that. I just I love it now. If you don't have fresh nuts, what you can do is you can do peanut butter. Peanut butter creates this nice, creamy great flavor, you know, with your knots and with your peanut butter, you're gonna be getting proteins also, so just absolutely love those. I'll go ahead and set this one off to the side. Now, if you dio peanut butter and bananas, it totally tastes like a peanut butter cookie. You guys would love it. It's so good. So the next one not I'm gonna do is one of my new favorites. It's really lovely, particularly if you're in a colder climate and you're really wanting something like warm and satisfying. This one is so good, and it's a good way to get in your fruits When it's not the season for fruits, you can add them in. So I've got my oatmeal in here again. I'm gonna shake the jar a little bit so that I can add my chia seeds Teoh the bottom of it and I'll go ahead and flip that over so that that she s seeds are covered by the oatmeal. So now that I've got the oatmeal in here, what I got today is some frozen blueberries and this is so good. So I'm add in some of these blueberries here, okay? I love blueberries. They're great for you and taste delicious. They're great antioxidant. And what I'm also going to do is add some honey on top. Now, the reason that I do this is because blueberries contend to be a little bit tart, and I want these when they microwave in the oven. I want them to meld together with the honey, and it's gonna create almost like a blueberry compote. It's this warm, delicious glee blueberry topping on top of your oatmeal, and it's just absolutely so good. If you guys want to, you can add in some additional nuts to this. You could add in some coconut, whatever it is that you want. But it's really gonna taste delicious. With these blueberries mixed with the honey in the microwave, it turns into magic. One of my favorite cereals is actually a pumpkin flax granola. And I want to recreate that in my oatmeal because sometimes it's really nice just to have that warm meal, and I can totally grab and go with this. So I've got my oatmeal in here, and I'm not gonna be adding any wet ingredients this time. So I'm gonna go ahead and add my chia seeds and my flax seeds right on top. I'm gonna add a good amount of each of these. Okay, so I've got my Chia and my flax seeds, and then I'm gonna add in the pumpkin seeds to really give it a nice texture. And I want to add in my coconut flakes because thes air so good with it. Okay, so I've got my pumpkin seeds. I've got my flax, I've got my chia, I've got my coconut and then maybe I'll throw in a few walnuts in here just for good measure. Like I said, you can explore and brainstorm as much as you want on your toppings. You can create any kind of combinations that you want, like your imagination is limitless. You can do anything that you want with these. So this is a really good delicious meal, and it's gonna fill you up through the entire day. So I hope you guys really like these suggestions of my favorites, and you spend some time brainstorming and thinking about the types of toppings that you would really love, and it would make your meal satisfying. 6. Storage Best Practices: Once you've got all of your oatmeal jars prepped, you're ready to then decide. Are you gonna put them in the refrigerator or the freezer? So the refrigerator is totally fine. It's gonna keep completely fine in there for several days. But if you want the blueberries to stay firm or any other sort of frozen fruit that you put in there that maybe you want to throw them in the freezer, it's perfectly fine to throw all of the jars in the freezer if you want, because we've got mostly dry ingredients in here. So it's not like it's gonna become really hard, Um, and you're gonna have to spend time calling it out. You don't have to worry about that. You can take it right from the freezer, put some of your cool water in it and then take it over to the microwave because we don't have a lot of contents in here Now. That being said, if you had put your liquids in first, if you would put some of your other items in here, the jar and the contents would have toe warm up a little bit before you put it directly in the microwave. and started heating it up. You want to be careful if you're using glass or or really even a firm plastic. You want to be careful when you're heating those up in the microwave that you're not going from extremes. You don't have too much cold content suddenly going to like boiling. So be careful about that. Once you have them, it's up to you wherever you have space and what you think your schedule is gonna be like this week. So thinking about your schedule is a really important part of meal planning, and this helps you to know what you're gonna be doing when you're gonna need meals and also helps you make sure that you're not wasting any meals. Because if you put all of these in the freezers and some unexpected client meetings come up or you have to meet with a customer or something happens with your child and you get a run back to the school or whatever is happening. You don't have to worry about the food going bad because it's been in the refrigerator for too long. So feel free to go ahead and put them in the freezer. Just be mindful when you take them out. If you've got a lot of what ingredients in there, you might want to let it, like warm up to room temperature a T east on the outside of the jar before you go ahead and throw it in the microwave. So let's talk about how we go to cooking knees. So microwave is really the fastest way, and that's what I do a lot of times. So you're a crab, it out of the refrigerator or the freezer. Open it up. Make sure you take off the lid. The lid does not participate in any of the cooking. Okay, so get rid of the metal lid. You're gonna open it up now. The ratio of water that I like to add is basically 1.5. So if I put in one scoop off oatmeal in here, then I'm gonna put 1.5 scoops of water in here and every microwave that I've ever used, whether it's at my house, my friend's house, my family's house, my workplace, every microwave that I've ever used. I put it in for two minutes, and it's perfect when it comes out, so it really is nice. I mean, oatmeal is pretty forgiving. Um, it's not like you're going to run into big trouble if you don't microwave it long enough or if you microwave it too long. Working with old fashioned oats or the steel cut oats is gonna be really good. If you prefer to work with the stovetop method, you can certainly do that. These jars, particularly the wide mouth jars, are really easy. Just dump out your ingredients, so grab a pot, dump in your ingredients and then go ahead and add your water. Now, if you're boiling on the stove, you have more water evaporating off of the top. So maybe you want to do two parts water. You can play around with it. It's It's not a firm formula. It depends on how you like your oatmeal. And you can certainly experiment with this as you're figuring out your most favorite recipes another option that you may want to look at, particularly if you're in a workplace. You may have hot water, but you don't necessarily have a microwave, so you can do hot water. Also. Like I said, you want to think about how cold are the ingredients in here because you don't want to shock the jar taking it, say from freezer, where it's literally below freezing and then putting boiling water in it. That's too much of a shock, so you want to let it come up to room temperature, or you want to run it under some cool water, slowly increasing it upto warm water just to kind of warm up the outside of the jar. And if it's coming out of the refrigerator, this should only take you a few seconds, and then you can actually pour your hot water directly into your jar. And this is the only time that I would actually pick up the lid, and I would just set it back on so that the oatmeal can then steam in there and it can begin to expand and absorb that water. Now, you always want to be careful after you've cooked your oatmeal that you're not gonna burn yourself when you're picking up the container. So whether you're using the glass mason jars or whether you're using microwave safe bowls or even plastic, everything can get hot in the microwave, and it depends on your microwave strength. So always have a paper towel, a potholder or just a towel that you can use help grab things out of the microwave or off of the so or pick it up after you've poured the hot pot of water in there. Just make sure you have something on hand because we don't want any burnt hands or burnt fingers. So and you can always be patient and let it cool for a few minutes, also before you go over to take it. 7. Keep it Going: Once you've started some healthy habits like meal planning, you're gonna want to keep these going. And it's also gonna help your life just so that you can grab and go and have your meals on the refrigerator or the freezer. It's really easy for you to get out of the house, so you want to keep up that momentum. So a couple of suggestions on how to keep that momentum going is one. Keep your worksheet and you can go through in circle and highlight the ones that you liked best. And then you can print out a new copy of your worksheet, brainstorm some other ideas or some other combinations, and once you've got it written down, makes it really easy for you to refer back to. You'll notice after a little while you'll have your favorites memorized, and you won't even have to look at the work sheet. But if in six months you're kind of tired of what you've been eating, then you can go back and completely change it up with all new, different recipes just based on the brainstorms that you had before. So keep your worksheet around and make sure that you circle your favorites, okay? And print out your work sheets so that you can do more brainstorming. It will really help you as you work through the class. So some of the benefits that you're gonna experience when you start meal cropping and eating these kinds of healthy meals is that you're gonna actually enjoy having more fiber in your diet because fiber is gonna help you feel full longer and you're not gonna be hungry in the middle of the morning. You're actually gonna be able to carry this out if you're concerned that you are going to start to feel hungry and add some extra protein into your breakfast so that could be a simple as boiling some eggs in advance. And then you have a boiled egg that you can grab and go with your oatmeal. So if you get hungry, you've got a nice protein snack. Teoh fill you up and keep you going until lunch time. You're also gonna appreciate that you're getting more fresh fruits in your diet. You're getting more seeds, you're getting more good fats. All of these things are great for you. These things were great for your skin. Create for your hair great for your teeth, Great for your body. It's good for you all around. And you're just gonna start to feel better as a person cause you know that you're taking care of yourself. So you always want to make sure that you're drinking plenty of water water so important for us and that we're properly hydrated when we're dehydrated, it sex, the energy and the life out of us. It's Luxor brainpower out. So you don't want to do that to make sure that you're drinking plenty of water and just remember, it takes a minimum of 21 days for you to establish a new habit. So make a commitment to see this through the entire month that you're gonna have breakfast prep, at least for every work day meal that you have or every work day breakfast that you have, and then you can go through and really start to change things that you're craving. This is one thing that I hear from a lot of people is. Once they start eating healthy and they start eating better, they actually crave it. And some people even start to make an extra jar or two of these delicious meals because it's so comforting and sometimes it's just really nice toe. Have that comforting meal at the end of the day or before you go to bed, particularly if it's a chilly night. So anyway, I hope you guys really enjoy these easy, healthy meals, and it's gonna help you be so efficient and just get out of the house quickly. 8. Closing: radically changing your life and changing the way that you eat and incorporating all healthy habits into your life isn't easy. But doing just one small change makes it super easy to start living a healthier life. So choose the start doing one healthy thing a day, and one thing that you can do really easily is prop all of these meals in advance of your week so that you've got them ready to go. And you don't have to worry about stressing out every morning if you're making a healthy choice. Instead, you can just grab it and go know that you've made a great healthy choice for yourself, Aaron, and go through the rest of your day feeling happy and healthy, and you're not gonna have any of that guilt and shame that comes when we start making poor decisions and we start feeling blonde. It just starts dragging us down. Another great benefit that you're going to see from eating this way and doing your meal prepping is that you're going to save time and you're gonna save money. It's basically the same amount of time that it takes us to make one breakfast. We can make all five breakfast is, or if you want to get more into it, you can make it for your for your spouse and for your kids. Also, just set out all of your jars and grab your scoop and just dump in all of your oatmeal when you've got all of your toppings out in front of you. It's really easy to prep all of these and you're gonna find your favorites and you're go twos. And so you're not gonna have to keep a ton of ingredients around. If that's not what you want. You can just find two or three favorite recipes and keep those ingredients around. And when you find those two or three recipes that you really like, then it can be really easy to buy those ingredients in bulk. And again, that's going to save even more time and money because you're not gonna be running to the grocery store all of the time and you're buying in bulk so that you're gonna save money that way. Also, another benefit of this is you know, a lot of times people they want to go somewhere to get their oatmeal, so maybe they're in line at Starbucks, and they want to make a healthy choice. So they order the oatmeal there. Maybe they're in line at a dress shop or somewhere else. Right? So everywhere that you go those places, it's all gonna cost, like $3.4 dollars, $5.6 dollars. I mean, it can really cost a lot when you're buying breakfast out and all it is is oatmeal. This is just so simple. You can totally do this at home. There's no reason for you not to try meal prepping. Your breakfast is you're gonna love these recipes. You can play around and brainstorm and create all kinds of different topping creations for yourself. So make sure that you print out the worksheet so and follow me or connect with me if you don't have the worksheet and will make sure that you have that. So get your work, she and start brainstorming all the different ideas and toppings and different recipes that you can create. Be sure to share with us and share with the community. Post pictures of your worksheet When you start brainstorming all of your ideas, post a picture of your prep area where you've got all of your toppings out and you've got your oatmeal. Go ahead and take a picture every day. Once you heat it up and you've gotten it out of the microwave and your blueberries are melting and you've got this delicious compost on top of your oatmeal, go ahead and post some pictures of that share with others What your favorite recipes are. I would love the here it other people in the community would love to hear it. So please, please just try it and give yourself a shot at having a healthy start toe every single day and join us in meal planning, and I would love to see your results.