JOOMLA E-COMMERCE Open Your First Shop with VirtueMart extension now! | Antonio Boezio | Skillshare

JOOMLA E-COMMERCE Open Your First Shop with VirtueMart extension now!

Antonio Boezio, Courses for beginners

JOOMLA E-COMMERCE Open Your First Shop with VirtueMart extension now!

Antonio Boezio, Courses for beginners

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23 Lessons (2h 44m)
    • 1. Introduction and Download VirtueMart for Joomla

    • 2. Installation - How to Install VirtueMart on Joomla

    • 3. First Look of VirtueMart

    • 4. Details on Products Menu

    • 5. More Information on Product Menu

    • 6. Step by step Order and Shoppers menu

    • 7. Explore the Manufactures Menu

    • 8. Details of Shop Menu

    • 9. Details on Configuration menu

    • 10. More Information on Configuration Menu

    • 11. Explore the Tool Menu

    • 12. Shop Setting (language, SSL), Emails and Shopfront (rating, review)

    • 13. Adding a Template for e-commerce

    • 14. Set a Pricing, Tax Setting and Checkout

    • 15. Product order settings, Feeds and SEO

    • 16. Adding Shopper Fields

    • 17. Custom the Order Statuses

    • 18. Currencies setting

    • 19. Countries setting

    • 20. Product Categories - add and edit

    • 21. Managing Categories - advanced setting

    • 22. Add Shopper Groups

    • 23. Set the Manufacturer Categories

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About This Class

You will learn how to make full e-commerce websites to build your own home business with a free Joomla extension.

You know Joomla and do you want OPEN A SHOP ONLINE EASILY?
MAKE MONEY selling your products with Joomla e-commerce? 
Save your time?

And you do not know how to do it?


VirtueMart is a free extension for Joomla website to open your custom e-commerce without payed.

Why pay Hundreds, if not Thousands of dollars for training OTHER ECOMMERCE When You can receive high quality, interactive, web-based VirtueMart training at a fraction of the cost? 

Introducing excellent, online training VirtueMart That Allows you to learn at your peace without spending entire days at a time away from the office or your college. The course includes basic introductory lessons to Joomla Extension: VirtueMart e-commerce. You learn commands and techniques for store setup, Adding new products, create categories, Tax settings, shipping methods, Payment methods, Changing page layouts, and more with VirtueMart with ease. You will become familiar with the VirtueMart interface, customization Store , Adding pages to store Adding products to the home, precious Menu details managing your store, processing orders , Paypal and others payments , Making store live ! 

The course is presented via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Allowing you to learn at your own pace.

Learn VirtueMart extension from scratch. Open your first Shop Online now!

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Antonio Boezio

Courses for beginners


I am a professional, experienced software developer who also has exceptional teaching skills.

What does all of this mean for you?

You can have full confidence that my courses are of exceptional quality, and that I can teach you to become a software developer if you have the desire to become one.

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1. Introduction and Download VirtueMart for Joomla: in all, it was told this extension, let's start off by downloading the required files. No, actually, there's only one file that we actually need to download. It's a zip file, and the ZIP file actually ends with extract. Underscore. First dark zip. So this is a file that will downloading. And inside of this, the folder zip file will have another three. Ze Paul is also files, So the 1st 1 is just going to end with some some numbers. So this is basically the version off these extension that you're downloading. So 3.0 point then in my case and this also is a pile. And there's another folder or another zip file, which is actually going Teoh and with same numbers. So in my case, there's going to be 3.0 points. 10 underscore e x t on the score A i o dot zip and the last and third file is also a ZIP file, and this is actually a bit more different, and it just ends up with numbers 1.0 point zero dot zip. So first off we'll have to get this extract on the school first dot zip file downloading the files that have mentioned previously from the Internet. It's quite easy. So if you go and Google for this extension of the flag and you'll find many different sources, however, I would suggest one off the two so silly, which I'm actually going to go through in this video tutorial. The reason is that by downloading from one off those two websites that I'm going to talk about, first of all, you make sure that you're downloading the latest version. And then again, on the safest site, you're downloading a safe version, meaning that, you know, downloading some sort off a virus or something like that. Okay, so on the left hand side, we actually have the Germans website. So this is one of the sources from which I would actually go and download this extension or the actually plug in. And on the right hand side, we have the developers or the designers Web site, from which you can have also doll. Oh, this particular extension. Okay, so we'll start off with the Germans. What page? And I'm sure that you have seen this were paid before, either by when you're downloading Jumla and Drumlin is a pre requirement for this plug in or the extension over or when you actually downloading the extensions. Okay, so what we need to do is locate the main menu writer Top will go to download and extent, and they will find the extensions directory the procedure exactly the same. So well, typing the name off our extension here and we'll hit on go. This will give us a bunch of different extensions, but the one that we actually interested in is the very 1st 1 Okay, there is. And when you have over this particular image, you'll get some more information about this extension. Okay, so let's go and actually hit on this and this will not open a new page there. Looks like this here. You find someone information about this extension, you'll find the reviews. So we have people reviewing this extension, the full description. You can actually make this our favorite. You can report it and you can share. It s well, then we have something that I like to call the marks. So the oval or mark is actually 81. This particular extension has actually got for the functionality. It's very high 86 But if you have a look at the sport? It's actually 79. So this is lacking a bit on the support, but overall markets quite quite high. Okay, moving a bit to the top, you'll find more information. So this is the version that we're downloading. And basically, we have to type the license. The date added the last update and who has actually developed this. Okay, so that's all the information. And I would suggest that you actually go through some or all of this information. If you're basing with this particular add on or the extension for the first line also days , the limitation and the support and also a demo. So I'll open this in a new club. And basically, this is just to show you you some idea of what this particular extension does and how it looks, how it will look on your webpage once you actually have this insult. So this is some some sort off information for you to actually see. Okay, So close that one. And now all we have to do is just hit on this download button, and this will actually download the file the main Z, but Okay, so first of all, you will give us some information, Some more information about this particular extension, how to actually start and how to actually go about installing this extension. Then we have some of the features, the requirements and some hosting that they actually suggesting that we sign up with assuming that we already have this of the hosting and German installed on your server, we're actually ready to start downloading and installing this this extension. Okay, there's two options there. Download this particular version, which actually has all three files which have just mentioned before. We have the additional languages back, which we can download, and then we have the older versions. So by default, this particular plug incomes in English. If you will like some different languages, you will download the language back there as well. Okay, I'm not going toe that. I'm going to hit on the big cars. Big button there, and I'm going to download this particular extension now, depending on the speed off your off, your internet really shouldn't take more than a minute or two to Donald. Those three files and once they're downloaded, will open the very press file. And in this main zip file will find the three files I have actually mentioned before. So those are the three choirs which must be east told in the correct order you noted for this extension toe work. All right, so that was how you would go about installing, actually downloading this particular extension from Juma's webpage. All right, let's now have a look. How you would go about downloading the same files from the publishers were paid. OK, so this is actually the direct URL or Deep publishes website week and download the files and I will actually have that written somewhere down the bottom. So just start being it just like this in your you're a window and this will take you straight to this page. All right, so first of all, we can see that the vision that we're downloading is 3.2 point two and you'll find all different files here. If you move all the way to the bottom, you'll find a full package, which is 16.9 megabytes. And basically what this full package contains is all of the files which were given in here . However, the file that we need to download and this is just the basic vanilla file. Is this one here which I have mentioned previously? So extract underscores sick. So if we dulled this particular fight, well, actually, download as you can see, a core, plus a O. L and the other file which we need to install on toe are Juma weapons. Okay, all of these files, all the three powers on exactly the same as the fires we have seen how to download previously when we're dollar in this five from the Germans. Weapons okay, like before. We was just hit on this file and it'll download their part. Okay, so let's go ahead and let's heat on this link here, and they should start down all of charities. And it shouldn't take that long for the files to download. And once they download, will have a look at the files which are actually inside off this first extract on the scope first zip file, and we should actually find the same three files in just a quick reminder. Just if you move to the left to the right to find the actual size off this particular far. So this is 4.39 megabytes, and if you add all of this, You're actually going to get 16.9, which is the actual full package. Okay, so let me open this file now. And as you can see, we have exactly the same three thoughts, All right? The needed three files, which we need to actually install in the right order in order for this particular extension to work. Okay, so basically, we have seen both ways to install or to actually download their quiet files. Once again. On the left hand side, we have the Germans. What page? We have seen how to go about downloading the files from the drummers webpage. And on the right hand side, we have the publishers. Oldest designers. What page? So this is a direct link to the page where you can actually download this file and basically downloading either case, the same file and the same files once again, I was strongly recommend that you use one off those two sources to download their quiet files. 2. Installation - How to Install VirtueMart on Joomla: regardless off where you downloaded the required file for this extension and in the previous video has seen couple off the actual ways which I would suggest the procedure off Installing this extension is exactly the sign from this point on, regardless off where exactly you got this file from? So just to remind ourselves, we have actually downloaded one file and that's this file here. Extract first. And I have extracted this file and got another three zip folders or files. Okay, so those are the ones that were actually going to be installing and just make sure that you install them in the correct way, as I will go about doing that. Okay, so the 1st 1 that I'm going to go and to East all is actually this one here. So calm. Under school Virtual March 3.2 point 3.9587 Don't worry if this is any different. If you got a different file than this So the numbers This is just the version. So make sure that you're installing first Come underscore virtual March 3 point. Whatever is after that. So those numbers off the number three are not that important This is the version that you're actually going to be installing. All right. So before we start, make sure that you got all those three files and make sure that you, of course, have your Jumla website. All right, so let's go ahead and let's know, installed the first while the second and the third file which are needed for these particular extension. As with any other extension within jamela installation off the extensions is down through the back end off your page. So this is the back end off my job. Jamela website. There is not much here because I haven't populated my page and I can update to a newer version, but I'm not going to that. So we're going to follow the same procedure and we're going to click on the extensions. We're going to guard to the manage, and then we'll go to install. Okay, so this is pretty much the same as you would do for any other extension that you're installing onto Jim Miller. Now we're going to go and click on upload package file. All right, so here is the box where I'm going to drop Dragon, drop my file so I can browse the file and find it on my hard disk. Okay, I think it's easier if I just do this. And the very first file that we need to installed, like I said before, is this one here? So I'll just dragon and I'll drop it in there. That's when I go through a process off installing this particular file, and once that is done, we actually going to go and it's told the second fire. Meanwhile, But this is installing. Basically, this file will install the three core components off this particular extension. Those three components are really needed, and you actually need to install them. All right, so here's my isolation. I have some warning messages here, but don't worry about that. This is what I would like to see. Welcome to the virtual march. Okay, so the first fire has been installed. Let's go ahead now and repeat exactly the same for the second part will go extensions manage, and then its toll. And once we're on the same page will go and find the second part. All right, this is very important. The second file is going to be all in one file, which is this one here. So that's common Discover, Sherman. Then we have the version off this particular extension. Then we have the underscore e x t underscore eight. Or else. So just remember, 80 l is all in one. So there's the file there were going to install after were installed the 1st 1 which is this one here, although exactly the same. I'll drag and drop it in here. And this will not go through the actual process off installation within this all in one zip older, we actually have three modules and plug ins which actually going to help and combine. Communicate, Ah, webpage and extension that were actually installing right now. Okay, so it shouldn't take that long. And here we are is giving us the message that installation off the component was successful . All right, so if you would like, you can actually read through all of these plug ins that have been installed and the modules and everything else. And this is that just being installed by actually stolen that zip folder, which was the second all in one zip folder. Okay, so here installed two components or to actually boulders. Let's go to the extensions Now let's go to manage and let's go toe install once again and I'm going to prove and I'm going to actually repeat the same procedure. I'll go to my folder off find now the last file, which is come underscore TC. Pdf on the score 1.0 dot four Now, if those numbers are any different on your computer, do not worry about it. Like I said before with the other with the other files, it might actually different those numbers because of the version off this particular software that you're actually downloading and installing. For my case, it's 1.0 point four. So if your numbers are different, don't worry. Just drag and drop it into this box here. And this will now once again go through the installation process on this particular Zip folder in this particular Zip folder, there some blood gins and some files which will enable you to actually print documents from your weapons, such documents as the voices and receipts and stuff like that. All right, so once that is actually done, we have actually installed all three components, all three folders which needed for the virtual mark, and that's this actually completes the installation off our plugging or the extension, so it's quite easy. But just remember that, of course, once you have your journalist site running and everything else and you actually go to the back end and you go through the extensions menu here and then you go to manage and to install, just remember that you need to install this three files in the particular order. Okay? So once again, the 1st 12 year installing is going to be this on here. Just remember that it's got just numbers, and it does not have this a i O, which is all in one. So the first while does not have a i O. And it's only a file that's actually going to install the three core components, which I needed after we have done with that, we go to the all in one file the boulder then once told that one. Like I said, this will actually have some modules and plug ins which are needed for the communication between the extension and the actual Djamila software. And lastly, reinstalling this one here, which is actually if you look at it, you know, it's got the pdf so just remember that it's going to create some sort off a Pdf files, which can be printed and stuff like that. So it's something to do with the actual invoices, receipts and everything else. All right, So basically, we have installed our all our extension, and in the next meter stories will have a look how to actually go about, you know, exploring and everything else. And like I've said in one of previous introduction, we ve editorials, First of all, first part off this course is going to be based on some theoretical knowledge and theoretical. So theoretically, we're going to see where everything is located, how to access the components and everything else. And in the second part off these video tutorials will actually do some practical work and see how we can actually add different items and change the prices on everything else. So there's quite a lot to get through. So once we have actually installed everything, we're ready to be implementing this particular attention on our webpage. And this is something that we're going to do in the video tutorials following this one 3. First Look of VirtueMart: before we actually go into exploring virtual mark, I'm going to make an assumption now that you already know how toe work with Djamila or that you have some basic experience in actually curating webpages with German. Now, this is not critically important for this particular video tutorials, but it sooner and later, you'll come to a point where you actually we'll need to actually, you know, have a bit more understanding of how Jermell Rex and how you can actually create webpages. And then you can add this to your webpage, this particular product, and you can create an online shop. All right, so having said that, if you already do have some experience with German, that's excellent, otherwise just followed this video tutorials and it will actually go through the process off setting up this particular plug in. And then later on, you can actually play around with Juma and have some more experience and everything else with Juma software. All right, so in Germany, this is the bacon and accessing this particular plugging so virtual Marty is no different to accessing any other lugging. All right, so what we need to do we need to actually locate the components link right at the top. When clicking it, a drop down lists will appear. And second last is actual virtual mob. The actual plugging were just installed. Okay, On the right hand side, we have another menu. So we have control panel. We have products categories. We have products. We have orders. We have revenue report. We have shoppers, manufacturers, shop, media files, shipping methods, payment methods and the configuration. All right, so looking at all of these, let's call them links or the categories. We'll actually see that this particular plug in at this point does not actually differ from any other softer out there, a plug in which you can use to actually set up your online shop. Now, when you actually go into more details and this is something that we're going to do in the future video tutorials we'll see how this particular plugging difference from others. All right, so But we need to. The first is actually get some look and feel off where everything is located. And that's exactly what we're going to do in this individual stores following this one. Okay, so think of the control panel as the Dez Bolt off your junior or the dashboard off your plugging. So the first thing what I'll do is actually go and hit on the control panel. We're going to explore the control panel. But there's also another way of accessing the control panel and I'm not going to hit on this link here. I'm actually going to go and hit on virtual modelling here. This will actually open the same page as if I was to actually hit on this control panel. All right, so let's hit on virtual Mark Lincoln right here. All right, So a page like this is going to load up first while we have the control panel and we have the statistics. So, like I said, this is the control panel or the dashboard. If you would like off this particular plug in, we'll have some actual latest news there. We have some lettuce extensions, featured extensions and the poeple extensions and the availability to actually see all off the extensions. Now those attentions are not really needed, But basically, think off the virtual mart plugging that we have just installed as being the base or the core of this particular plug in. Now there are many different plug ins, which you can add to this plug in. And basically you can find them here. So all of this is actually to do with the additional plug ins, which can eight the creation off your own line store in one or another way. So, for example, this one here is the road forms. And as the name suggests, by downloading this particular plug in for this plug in, so for virtue amount you actually downloading a plugging that will do with some forms and basically some raw forms. So if that's something that you would like to do, you can do that. I would suggest probably after you have actually created some products and everything else you can actually go. And Donald, you know, additional additional, Blufgan, if you would like. OK, so that's under control. Panel tab, right. The top We can actually go. And you, the stats and the statistics, as I do not have any products or active or inactive uses. All of this is actually zero. When you actually have your own life store and you have your customers and your actually selling something, this numbers here will definitely change. Okay, the most important thing on this page is the actual menu on the left hand side. All right, so that's this bit here. They cannot that there is a battle here which, by clicking, you're actually going to minimize this menu. So only the icons will appear there. And this will actually give you a wider screen toe work on. So if you're, for example, writing some code or, you know you would like to have more space shown on your computer, basically you can kit on that. That little I can there or button at the main menu will actually shrink a bit. All right To extend it, you just hear back and it will come back on. Okay, so we have couple of the actual categories are called them. So like we've seen in the components Well, Chamot link. We have the product categories, products, orders and everything else. All of that is actually available here as well. We have the products, we have the orders and shoppers. We have the manufacturers, the shop, the configuration and the tools. Alright. So first of all, under the menu called products, we have the product categories, products, custom fields, infantry, Texas, and rule calculation, reviews and rating. So anything to do basically with the products themselves. Okay, if we go big, modern will find orders and shoppers. So this is to do with orders. So any orders that we have received and people who have received those old is from basically the shoppers, so have the orders. And I'm so have the older, so pro list of the orders. We have the revenue report, we have the shoppers. So this is the people who are actually producing something from our Web store. We have the Shoppers group, and this is something that will explain a bit more later is basically, you know, when you create different groups and for example, you're a V I p customers get, let's say, for example, 20% discount and you're just normal purchases get for example, five or dearer discount. All right, And then we have the coupons we come to the manufacturers on. As the name suggests. Basically, this is where you will actually set up all the fields where it comes to the manufacturers off the products that you're actually selling on your own line store. This two options did the manufacturers and manufacturer categories. All right, we'll move to the shop link now. And here we have shopped media files, shipment methods and the payment matters. So think of this as having a physically owning a shop and all of the things that you will probably do just in the shop itself is located here. Okay, So shop, media files, shipping methods and payment methods. We come to the configuration menu now, and here we have the configuration, shopper fields, order statuses, currencies and countries. Okay, so before we actually go into more details and anything else when you actually install this particular plug in, this is probably the first thing that you would do. You come toe configuration and you will go to through the configuration festival, the currencies in the countries, and we'll see why this is important, because a lot of times people forget to do this and they go on and just keep on adding products and everything else, and they do not actually set up the currencies and the countries. And in this particular feel here, the countries will actually see countries which are allowed to purchase from outside and countries, for example, toe, which we're shipping our good stuff. So this is very important. Then please do not skip this step as you would have some problems later trying to find where everything is and when you actually have customers, for example in China and for some reason you do not want to ship to China and you know they come to your site and purchase something and then you have to explain to them why you cannot actually ship your particular producto that country. So make sure that you set up the currency is the country's and the configuration in the configuration menu. Then we come to the tools and the tools we have tools and migration control panel. We have the logs support help topic for him, and about now, you're not going to be visiting this links here. But just keep in mind that everything to do with actual, for example, tools and migration is located here and sort off support or help that you need. You can either get from the support link, help topic or the form, and basically you can read more about this particular plug in by hitting on the about button Bartling, which is located right there and I have just done debt, and he should actually give me some more information about this particular blogging and everything. Everything else all right? So there was a quick first look at this particular plugging so at virtual mark. And now we're ready to go and explore the first manual given right there, which is the product. So let's go ahead and let's see what's available in the products menu in the next video. 4. Details on Products Menu: like I have said before, Everything to do with products is located under this main heading here products. So we have the product categories, the products themselves, custom fields into a tree, taxes and calculation rules. And we have the reviews and writing. Although this will not actually probably be your starting point when you're starting to use this particular plugging. I'm actually going to follow this as it appears. So basically, I'm going to talk about the products first, and then I'll go into the orders and shoppers, manufacturers, shop configuration and tools and later on, when we actually start doing some practical work and actually seeing how to set up everything the way it needs to be said will actually go into the configuration link right here. Okay, so first of all, like I said, we're going to go through some theory or theoretical aspects of this particular plug in. And first off, I'm going to talk about the products. Now. We have the product categories, products, custom fields in the tree tax and Texas and calculation rules and reviews and writing. Now, the first thing that you will probably have to do here is actually set up the Texas and calculation rules. So this will actually happen straight after you're finished with configuration, all right, and we'll actually have a look how to do that in one of the late of your stories. For now, let's go and have a look at the very 1st 1 which is actually called the product categories . Um, as the name suggests, you actually have to create some categories and actually put your products in those categories to do so. This is where you have to go, and basically what you need to do is you would hit on a this button here of the green bee button writer top with size. New Okay. Other than that, let's have a look at what's available here. We have the publish button. Of course, this is to publish your page or your shop and then include your categories within that publishing. Then we have the unpublished. So basically something toe unpublished. So, for example, if I wanted to unpublished this category, I would select it and I will go on publish, and that category will still appear in my back end. But it will not be published. All right. So, for example, that some you know, for example, if you have some products which you actually have now but will not have in the future. For example, you actually create that category at some products. And when you sell those products and those products and no more available, you would come here and you would not remove that particular category because maybe, you know, down the line. Sometimes you actually have that product again, and you want to put back into this category. But your, um, publishes so it's not available for actual us and shoppers just, you know, not to confuse them. I'll give an example. So, for example, if you're selling some sort of, let's say kids bowls, for example, and there plastic balls, okay and maybe have 50 of those, and then when you would create a category called Plastic bolts once actually sell all of this 50 products. There's no need to actually have that category available there, because that's the only product you have in that category, and you have none of them at the moment, so you can actually aren't published that category until you actually pressure some more. For example, of those plastic balls you called them back into your shop and then you will actually publish your category. So it's good way to actually keeping everything organized. Okay, Edit button is there as well. So basically, you would and you would add you would actually added the a pre existing category a new category battling have spoken about that. They let all right, delete is totally different from published unpublished. So this delayed bottom will delete that category from your website altogether. So make sure that you understand the difference between the unpublished and delete. We have the permission. So who is available to view that particular category? And there is a help button right at the top. Here we have a list which is totally empty of the moon because I don't have any of the categories and we have some filters so you can enter, for example, the name of the category there, and you would hit on go. All right, so that will actually show on Lee that particular category. So, for example, I have kids toys I was typing get stories in here about that hit on Go and this will actually only show or filter out everything else and only show that particular category. I have the reset button there to reset this skilled. And basically, I have this drop down menu where I can actually search for my particular category once again. Number of categories. So how many categories you would like to be shown in here? So that's totally up to like I said before we have this list here, which is empty of the moment. First of all, we have the category name the description products ordering, published. Andy, I d. I think this is very straightforward. This field here will actually be the name off this particular category. When the credit category will add some description, that category will actually have some products in that category, and those products will appear here. The order in this, which appears so you're basically you can, as you will see later, drag and drop and actually change how it all appears you have whether no, this is published and you have the idea off that particular category. Okay, so this is all to do with the brothers category now, before you actually create the products, I strongly suggest you come here and you create this brother categories because when you create the products, you would actually add those products to some categories. Okay, let's go. Three. Move now into the products when the page loads up will see prima similar, but also very different page for the products as this is basically your main concern and basically your manner of presentation and everything to do with the products is actually going to be set up in here. Okay, so first of all, let's have a look around the top. We have a couple of the green buttons. We have bulk associate categories who have bulk associated shop groups. We have child products. We have cloned products. Ed writing published, unpublished at it. You deal it, permissions and help. Okay, then we have the filter list. So this year will actually filter out if you like. Some products have been shown, and then we have the list of all the products which once again is empty. We have the product name we have. The product is child off. We have the product has Children. Media file. We have the product as K U product price category. The manufacturer, shoppers review, own featured published an idea. Okay, let me first of all start with the two buttons right at the top. We have published and unpublished, and this is also the same as we had with previously. Would we have premises in with the product category so you can have a product which is published and it's available for customers to purchase? Or you can have that product actually being there. But it's not published. So, for example, if you have those balls that I was talking before about, but you actually sold all of them, you can actually hit on this. But it meant I'm published that particular product, and the reason being is when you actually purchase some more and you have some more bowls available to sell. Basically, instead of adding a new product, you can just come here and make sure that that one is published and available to your customers. Okay, so that's how to actually go about editing or publishing and publishing, hiding in showing your products which you already have, and then, if you want, you can always go here and hit on on a new product button, and this will actually open the whole process off, adding a new product to your shop. then we have the delete permission and help. So this is very much all the site may have the edit where you actually go and add it. A particular product. All right, But before we actually can do any of these, you would have to kept products in here and you have to select that particular product. And, for example, I'm publisher, our publisher and everything else. This particular software, this particle plugging also allows you to add writings. Now, this is something that your customers are going to give a feedback on. So, for example, if you're selling some sort of a shirt and people like that ship, they will give it a star writing and you can see how you can actually set this to be out off five stars out of 10,018 Els and we'll see how to do that in a bit. In one of the Torah swelling This one, we have a clone product. Okay, so basically, if you select a product here from the list, you can hit on clone product, and this will actually create exact copy off the product which has actually been selected down here. So, for example, if you have to similar T shirts and instead of actually you know, adding a new product and going through a whole process, you can just clone that particular product, and then you can. So, like the products or the copied or the actual. Let's go with none original product by selecting it, and you can go and hit on these buttons edit. And this will actually open that product, which has been cloned. And then you can actually change a few teams. So, for example, color, or maybe you know, the sizes or the price or wherever this particular products difference from the original product. So that's a good thing. You don't have to go through the whole process of actually creating a new product. Then we have a child product. So this button here adds a child product. So if we have a product here, for example, let's say that we had T shirts all right, so you can add a child product which can be short sleeved, dish it all right, and then you would actually have to select something that's called a child product. We also have the bulk associate shopper groups, and we have the bulk associated categories. OK, once again, this is when actually select some of the extra all products that you have. You can use the bulk associated shop groups, all the bunk associated categories and we'll see how this works in one of the later years those when we actually start adding and playing around with the products. Okay, so this is where you would find all of your products in the philatelic East. You can filter by selecting the category. You can filter it by selecting the manufacturer. We can actually thought being here the product's name and basically you can select, you know, Onley parent modified with price modified without the price. So basically, with parent is basically going to be a child products. So this is what I was talking here about. So once you create a child product, the child product will have a parent product, right? And then you have the last drop down list here with which is before and after 5. More Information on Product Menu: the product name is quite straightforward. Product is child off. If you have a product which is child and it has a parent, the parents, the parent name will actually be here. Whether this product is a child, so yes or no if there's a media file associated with this product products sk you. We have the price. We have the category. So this is where I said, it's quite important you set up the categories before you can actually, before you actually start, I think products manufacturers also you can sell like the manufacturers you know, by going down here and select the manufacturer and adding a new manufacturer. Then when you come to adding a new product, you can just like from the drop down menu Shoppers Review on feature published and the RD Okay, so basically, this is where all the products are actually located. All right, The third option there is the custom fields. Let's go now into the custom fields, right? So cousin fields will actually allow you to add some fields which are not pre existing with this particular plugging. So, for example, I'm going to give a very basic example. And if for example, you would like toa add a field off, say, size or color, which is, for example, not available. You can actually come here and do that. Okay, let's start off with the top menu right at the top in the upper right corner. We have delayed permission. Help with choosing how to We have actually talked about that as well, do you? But, um, the green button will actually add a new custom field. Okay, we have the edit. We have the publish to published and unpublished. So we know all about publishing. And I'm publishing and editing pre existing in this case, custom fields. Then we have three new fields. All right, so we have Togo admin, total hidden and togo hearing. Okay, so? Well, actually, the best thing is to actually see this in action and see what this basically does. It will actually show or hide particular fields in in order to actually, you know, So, for example, if you had a field and you select it and you can hit on total admin, that particular field will be actually hidden from the admin, but it will be available for other using stuff like that. Okay, So we have to total for the admits and two total hidden fields. All right, so basically, this is for the admin, the person who is, you know, writing the code or something like that. And this for the viewers themselves. And once again, we have the clone button here which will once again clone that particular in this case, custom build. And then, by selecting the particular field, you can go and hit on the edit. And then at that filled but the fold, we have the only two custom fields here. We have the related categories and related products. They're okay. The description is given as such tweet. Then we have the custom fields, type related categories, related products, carte attributes. So it's I star admin only we can see that this one is this no button. All right. Whether or not this is hidden, no. Okay. Just to demonstrate what was talking about, let's like this button, for example. And what we'll do is I'm going to total the admin. Okay, so let's have a look. What happens here. Okay. And by actually doing that, you cannot You can see that this has actually changed in tow. green tick now, and it says yes. So this is only available to Edmund, so only admin will actually see this particular field. Okay, so this is just an example. And you see how to use this in later. You tutorials that we come to the infantry. Unitary is very straightforward. As before, we have the published and unpublished, and basically we'll see all the industries in here. We have the product, name the product as K you in stock, booked, ordered cost price, stock value weight and published second last week had the taxes and calculation rules. And this is something that I have said previously that wants your down with the configuration in the configuration menu, which is down here. You'll probably come here and set up your taxes and calculation rates a swell as the product categories. Okay, So let's quickly have a look at the taxes and calculation rules. Okay, Right atop. We have published that none publish. We have the edit. We have the availability toe. The new product rule and tax would have availability, the lead permissions and help. He would have the name description or the back off arithmetic operations. So there's something to do with nets and calculating the Texas and everything else Meth operation value, currency, brother categories, manufacture shopper groups start and I date countries states and whether more this is published and the RD there as well. Okay, so this is something that you should really, really be careful with, and if you're not sure how to do that So this will actually be different from country to country or some stage to state. I suggest that you actually get the advice from some accountant or something. That's just to make sure that you're including the right amount of tax when you actually selling your products, even attacks is actually needed. Okay, The last option there is the reviews and ratings and less heat on the reviews and ratings now. All right. So very straightforward. Once again, rather top we have published unpublished at it delayed permissions and help. We do not have any off the reviews right here. So basically you we cannot actually work with that. But anyway, when the list is there will have the date. So when this particular Revie has been don't so the date will be dead. The product for which the review has been actually life for the writing and whether or not this is published, all right, so basically, this is all to do with products. And all of this is available under the main menu off the products of right at the top, off the main menu off the virtual where true Matt next will move into the orders and shoppers. 6. Step by step Order and Shoppers menu: anything and everything to do with your customers or your shoppers. And the orders is extra. Available under the second link in the main menu. Orders and shoppers. I'm here. We have the OLDERS revenue report. Shoppers, shopper groups on the coupons. Before you actually do anything here, I would strongly suggest you go and set up the actual shopper group. So this is a, you know, configurations linked menu, if you like something like that. So you come here and set up the shopper groups. All right? We'll go to the oldest first, and basically, this is the oldest page, right? The top. We have the update or the status delete and help. So basic, basically all of the orders that you have on your website from your customers is going to be this blight here. All right, so we had the order number invoice. We have the name on the email. We have the payment method. We have the shipment print view or the date last modified status. Notify shopper total and order. I d. You can actually see that when I hover over those blue links. Does those actually, So the blue text, it actually shows me some help. Let's say so. All the number, for example, will actually say select to sort by this column where hover over the name you would give me the same pop up. And basically what this means is when you actually click on any of this or let's say that I was first of all, like to know what my status is off All the orders so hit on this going here, status status is, and this will now rearrange the whole lease. So they should be at least here when you actually have some orders. And the way is going to be organized is going to show me the status is best. So, for example, it will show me paid for or something like that status in here and they're not paid, and then order and everything else we can actually go. And, you know, for example, hit on Last modified Once again, this will actually show me first of all, the first item that has been modified just recently and so on. So basically, this is a list off. All of the old is that you have on your online store. Run it up. We have the filters so once again, we can enter a filter. Here we go. Hit on, girls, we can reset. We have the bulk or the status, so we can actually see, For example, which orders are pending or confirmed by shopper Confirmed. Cancel re founded ship completed and actually the mind. So that's something to do with Status is right here. We have a couple of the check boxes here, so notify Shopper, for example, is not selected. Include include comment all lines. And basically you can add a new common by following this link here at comment. Okay, so we can also go here and select by the actual status that we would like this to be the spoiling. So all of the orders are available here. Let's go into the revenue report. Now, Once again, the list will be displayed here when you actually have some revenues, all rights and will actually give you the period from which day toe which day? This report. It's four. Okay, so we have the oldest artist. Status is confirmed and shipped. We have the set interval so daily or for example, against for a whole year. And then it will actually give us a report for the whole year you like? Then we have the dates. All right. So in the last week, for example, and we can actually go. And so like the days here, a swell. So, for example, probably 15 off this month till the maybe in 16th. I can do decent, then just hit Go and it will actually show the list. Here the list itself. It will display the day you will display the orders Total ice and sold reading you revenue net revenue, grass and the coupon. Okay, so it's quite straightforward and it will give me the total for that particular interrupt. In my case, it will give me for Well, I selected daily. But I can just go for a month and you will give me a total for that month. So this is the revenues. Alright, so we'll go into the shop is now and see who are shoppers are okay Like before we have the delete added and permissions. But we also have two new buttons, is a vendor and is not a vendor. OK, so we can, for example, say that this particular shopper is a vendor or we can say that It's not a vendor, all right? We have a small filter here and drop down menu all or just junior, and we can just hit on Go reset, which will actually reset this filter. Here, have a look at the list. We have the user night, the display name, the email, a selected group and the I D. Okay, so the user name is obviously going to be a user name off, dear. A person who is actually purchasing or the actual shopper The display name. What will be the display name for this particular user? We have the email and the shop group. All right, We have the idea there as well, so the shop group will actually select a great shock groups into the shopper groups link here. So let's go ahead and let's have a look at the shopper groups now. Okay, By the default, we have a least which actually says default shopper group and we have guests. Trouble group right atop. We have published and unpublished like before. It's exactly the same. We have the edit button. So, for example, if I wanted to add it, any old this shopper groups who can go edit them. We have the delayed permission and help like before. And we also have this green button here which, when we click, will actually go through a process off creating a new shop, a group now Shopper group is exactly same as the purchaser group. So because shopper and the purchaser is exactly the same So we have the name here. So this is the name off our shopper group. So, for example, we can have a V I, p shopper or via P purchase and something like that and that particular group of people or the shoppers, We'll actually have some sort off a discount or something like that. Then we have a short description here, so we can actually describe what this particular shop group shopper group is about. So in my case, I have said V i p shopper group. So here I will type something like group toe hold. The V I p shoppers are very important shoppers or something like that. Then we have the default default chopper group. So this is a the four chopper group and this is published and we have the actual additional information here. If we actually add any of the additional information, and we had the idea. So all of the groups, all of the shoppers, all of the products will have some sort. Often I d And basically, you know, it's good if you can remember that. But if you cannot, don't worry about it. They're just there to give you some more information. The reason is, for example, you might have, for example, in this case to exactly the same shopper groups with different, for example, advantages for one stopper groups and some other for the other one. But they're actually name could be the same. So, for example, have Shopper Group and another shopper group, and then the way to distinguish between those two. Which one is rich with, of course, the actual description on the idea which is given in the right, right? Call them all the way on the right side, off the screen. OK, so this is to do with the actual shopper groups. And like I said, the court, this is for me one or the key options that you actually to set up when you're setting up your own one store. So after finishing with configuration and basically with manufacturers and then the products were still like the brother groups. You come here, you would actually, you know, make some shopper groups and then give some people more advantage over the other, such as discounts or something like that Didn't have the coupons. And let's have a look at the coupons now, Uh, all right. So basically, coupons will give some type of discount, and your users, your precious is your customers can actually use those coupons to get some sort a discount now making the coupons of Elba For some customers, it's totally up to you whether what you would like to have that and what that particular coupon means is also up to you. So, for example, you might say that you would like to create a coupon for, for example, purchasing the second item, the second product. And by activating this coupon for the second product, a customer can receive some sort off a discount or, for example, purchasing the very first product. That customer, for some reason, or a shopper for some reason, has actually being given the coupon. Them actually get some discounts on even the first argument stop like that. So this is totally up to you. And like I said, that will see how to go about creating coupons when they go and hit on new new coupon here , you green button here. And also we have the published unpublished added delete provisions on help. OK, so basically, as we have seen, old orders and all shoppers or all the customers and everything else is located on the main menu offers and shoppers, which is the second from the top and just below the products. So when you're doing with orders and shoppers, this is where you were actually come and adjust the settings correctly and also see some feedback and, for example, revenue and everything else like the olders and everything else. So all of this list are available ill here under the olders and shoppers. 7. Explore the Manufactures Menu: now it really all depends from what is that you're trying to sell on your online store. But in most cases, the actual manufacturer is quite important. Now, if you're selling your own stuff, for example, you're making some sort of a jewelry or something like that. You will actually select. You know, you as your manufacturer, that particular product or the name of the company that you actually represent. But it's always a good idea to have some information stored somewhere about the manufacturer off this particular product. Okay, the manufacturers information is actually given and in the bed menu down, so manufacturers and there we have the manufacturers on the manufacturer categories. Now it's always good to set up this a swell, But sometimes you might not actually know what it is that you're what manufacturer that what will be the manufacture off a particular product that you're trying to sell? But if you do have that information beforehand, it's always good to come here and actually select and actually added and add the manufacturer in the manufacturer categories. So I have spoken couple of times off those options as the configuration options. So, for example, in the products. We have the product groups in orders and shoppers. We have the shopper categories in the manufacturers. We have the manufacturers and the categories. So before you actually go into the manufacturers, you will come to the manufacturer of electric categories and set up some categories, which are going to hold different manufacturers. So, for example, if you're selling some sort of a T shirt, you might come here and hit on the manufacturer categories and then at a category which is going to be called T shirts. And then you will actually go into the manufacturers and you would add a manufacturer. So, for example, Nike, your editors and you would put them in the actual manufacturer category, which I had previously just spoken about. OK, so this page here is the manufacturers, and it will display a least off all different manufacturers, which you have actually entered information for in your website. All right, so we had the manufacturer name, which is quite straight forward. We have their email, so it's good to have the email off this particular manufacturer to actually contact them, and basically, sometimes you might actually goes their email address and, you know, just entering the information here is quite good. We have the description. So anything to describe this particular manufacturer, we have the manufacture category. All right, so that's something that we're going to have a look how to do, how to set up the picture categories in just one second. We had them manufacture u R L so basically the Web address off their Web store or their website, or whatever it is that's available some sort of representation on them on the Internet, willing on this is published anti idea. Once again, I do not have any off the manufacturers because I have not actually set up any all those now to add a new manufacturer, you would go And here on the big green button here which says new. And this will actually take you through the process of actually adding a human actually to your list. Right. Apart from the big green new button, we have the edit toe added manufacturers to unpublished but the commander picture and to publish, we have their ability to totally the lead this manufacture the permissions and help. OK, so all of your manufacturers going to be here and they're going to be actually group into many different categories. So let's have a look at the manufacturer categories now. Okay, like many times before, at least off the manufacturer categories in this case will be displayed here. The name of this particular manufacturer category will be strong here. There's going to be some short description off the manufacturer category. The list I published and I d right atop. We have new. Which one should take you through a process off adding a human effect category. We can delete the pre existing ones. We can actually said the permissions, and we can view help. We can edit the pre existing ones we can, unpublished them and publish them. So this is quite straightforward, and this information here, it's not that critical. But it's always like I mentioned before, good to actually have some sort off him information about a manufacturer off some product. So make sure that you come here and you set up your manufacture categories and the manufacturers, like I said, this is not critical, but it gives more information about your particular product, and when you actually start adding new products, it will make it a lot easier. Just to actually select a particular manufacturer off that particular product. And, you know, sometimes people might actually sit for a product but just typing the manufacturer. So, like the example I have given before. Sorry. If someone's looking to buy a T shirt made by Nike or something like that, they can just type in Nike T shirts, and they will actually go and search for some products off manufacturer, Nike and T shirts and stuff like that. So it's good to actually have this done correctly, as it will actually aid your customers to actually find what they're looking for and actually provide a few more information about who is manufacturing that particular product . Okay, so does the manufacturers. The next laying down the bottom is actually shop, and we'll have a look at what's available under the shop menu. 8. Details of Shop Menu: All right. So moved to the shop menu here and on the shop menu. We have shop, we have media farce. We have shipment methods and the payment methods. I have a couple of times spoken off what's really required and what's not so required. But this under the sharp menu is all pretty much required when you're actually starting and actually configuring and setting up your own wine store. Okay, so the first option there on the shop is the name shop, and this is the page that's actually presented. Okay, so first of all, we have the vendor up top. We have the invoices, emails. We have the shopper information on the tender as the name suggests that we have the vendor information. First of all, so you're type the vendor information to win the name there. You'll type your shop naming there and the u. R l right in their minimum purchase order value for your shop. So, for example, you can say, you know, $5.10 dollars and what not we come to the currency then and this is where you would select from the drop down menu of the currency in which this or this value is to be displayed. Okay, so we can, for example, side that we will like this to be in British pounds and also days a least accepted currencies. So basically, we can select that in here. So let's say that this is for the euro, for example. Right. And then you can have many different ones. For example, Romanian, Armenian, Dr. I think it's the excellent pronounced and Bulgarian diner dinner. And what not You had the wonder information here. You can actually add some images if you will like there. And once you have actually uploaded this image, it will be displayed here and whether or not this is published, you can give it a unique file name. You can actually display the image. Subtitles So we feel like some subtype total displayed with the image is well, you will actually write that in India. Image ultimately attacks. Now this is good. So, for example, if there is for some reason, a link is broken So your page, your images not showing up, it will actually show these alternative text. So, for example, you know you can have I'm just going to give you an example of like Nike T shirt and that Nike T shirt in which is not displaying. You can put the alternative text in here, and that will. Actually I'll let you know the views that those a image off a Nike T shirt. But for some reason it's not showing up. Is the image class the used U R L is right there. Use thump for your l. So if you like small images which can be used the role, you can actually put this to be as display able or a downloadable image and sourcing by location. Eighth, the vendor there as well. Okay, you can upload some files file image, image action not upload so basically would hit on. Choose file. You choose your file and upload that image. There's some information here about what you have done appear so in the fields about and then the bottom. We actually have this. What you see is what you get kind of editor. What? Actually, you can put some called about the description off this particular when there and basically you know you have the availability to example. You know, he said, some menus or contacts or articles, images on a few other things and we have a look. How to that in the the door was following this one. Then we have the terms and conditions where you actually set up your terms and conditions. Once again, you had the availability to copy different, different text you can into some special I can special characters you can actually put in some interval time. So date and time you can actually said that the manual, the links and everything else that we come to the legal information so legal information is written here. Once again, we have pretty much all of the options as we have before. And then we have the meat information. So custom title page meet a key with description, the robots and the author. So this is all to do with the actual search engine optimization and making it easier to find your own line store. OK, all of this is actually arm did the vendor all right, and let's go now into the invoices and e mails, invoices and emails will actually help you set up how your invoice page will look like. So we have the physical dimensions here, and everything else we have the appearance here. You can actually like the folds phones. You can actually eat that. I had to the actual invoice, so probably would enter your email address here, contact information, some sort off number, and you will enter your longer They're swell. And then we have the foot down the bottom, and pretty much that's all to do when you're setting up your invoices and emails. We have the shopper information in the last step, and basically, this will give you the actual availability to set up the information about the shopper. We have the shopper information, the vendor name or the I D shopper group. All right, so this is something that we have actually spoken about when we were talking about the actual shoppers right here and when we actually set up different groups. So the groups that you have set up in there will appear right here, and then we have the shipment address by clicking your addresses. This will actually popular different addresses. In the additional information, we have the shopper information. All right, So the email, the user name displayed name, password and the conference past were built to information is also available there. The user details whether on not to receive the sister emails. Okay, and then we'll have some contact information and everything else This is not so important. Was always good to set up this field here as well. And we'll have a look how to set up that when they actually go through the practical part off these video tutorials. Okay, so there was all available on Did the shop link? Let's go into the media files now. Media files, as the name suggests, will list all of the media files which you have on your website which actually using this particular plug it right up top. We have synchronised media to where trauma. So basically, you're synchronizing all the media that you have on your webpage to where troll marked so you can actually sell external those, for example, images, which you would like to be included. Or actually, you know, this includes some off those were published or unpublished, have their ability toe, edit the lid at permissions and help. And there's the new button right there, which will actually take us through. Adding a new media and new media could be anything like an image or in audio video file or basically anything, and you will follow the instructions which are given when you hit this new button right there. Okay, there's a list off all the files that should be displayed. First of all, we have the file title, the role view file name, file type published and the I D. In the filter box. We have filter name. We have the types. So pro back, brother category, manufacturer or vendor in the roles we have display able, downloadable, awful sale. Okay, so this is quite straightforward and basically like I said, this is one way and he preferred and the actually recommended way off heading any sort off media to your to your website. Okay, then we come to very important bit, which is the shipping methods. And this is something that should be and must be done before you actually start selling stuff online. So let's have a look at the shipping methods now. All right? So, once again, I do not have any off the shipping methods in here, but the least should be displayed here. Should I have some off the shipment methods? So first of all, I would have the shipment name I would have the description the shopper groups. And once again, here's a shopper group that's coming straight from this link here. Olders and shoppers. We have the shipment method or the list published and the I D. We have the availability to add a new shipping methods by clicking and following instructions in the green you button, we can delete particular Shipman. We can delete particular treatment method. If we do not actually use that method anymore, we can actually go and said, the permissions I am views help. We'll have the availability toe clone shipment now if you have different shipments and you have a new shipment just coming in and you would like to use it, but it only defects likely from the shipment, which you already have. You can actually copy and clone all of the information which actually have in that original shipment method. You can copy it into the new one, and then once you have done that, you can actually select that new shipment method and just go and added and changed the actual values that are actually different from the original one. We have the unpublished the published and unpublished button there as well, so basically this is very important. Eso won off the Let's a couple off 15 important step that you need to set up before you actually start selling, selling your goods or products online. Off course. One of the most important one is the actual payment methods. So how you would like to receive your money for the actual items that you're selling? That's the last option under the shop option. So shop and then last one is payment method and let's have a look at the payment methods now, Heavy said. That's very important. You have to pay particular attention when it comes to actually setting up your accounts and setting up your payment methods. So at the moment I don't have any of the payment methods. But should I have any list will be displayed here and it will actually be comprised off the payment name payment description. The shopper group payment method will be actually played here or there. List published and the RD all waited up all the way to top. We have new green button here. We have the late permission and help We have clone payment published and unpublished, and at it once again, this is pretty much the same as when it comes to the shipping method, but only when you actually go and start adding and adjusting new payments by clicking on new these green button here, then you have a lot of differences between the shipment at the payment method off course. And as you will see later, the payment methods will give many different options and methods, which you can actually use to receive your money, such as, you know, PayPal, just bank transfer track and so on. Okay, so anything and everything to do with your shop is located on the main menu off shop. And it's very important that you actually go through some off those steps and make sure they're correct before you actually start selling online. Like the payment methods were just in the core. Shipping is also very important, and the shop information there so media files is how you would actually go about adding media parts. So if I was to select from a couple of these options, which I actually considered as the configuration options, definitely the payment method and the shipment and the shops should actually be set up before you actually start selling online. Before that, we will actually go into the configuration and configure everything that's needs to be configured, and this is something that will have a look in the next video tutorial. 9. Details on Configuration menu: a few times before. I have mentioned that the configuration is a very important aspect off your online store. And this is something that should and must be done before you actually start selling stuff online and even before you actually start adding products to your online store. Okay, so the configuration menu is available on the main menu and look inside this second from the bottom menu. So just before the tools and like before, I said, we have the configuration Shopper fields or the statuses currencies and the actual countries. Three most important things here are definitely the configuration currencies and countries . So the very 1st 1 is the configuration. And here right the top. We have a couple off the types we have shop emails, shop from templates, pricing, check out pro the product, all the status feeds and C e o. All right when it comes to the shop, first of all, you have to. My suggestion is, have this checked like that. Okay, so our shop is still offline as we're working, and once we actually happy with how everything is looking will come and we'll actually answer like this and make our shop online available to our customers. Okay, So if you do actually see like this, you have to enter some information here and by the default, It's actually saying our shop is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon. Please check back again soon. Okay. So this started up to you what you would like to right there and once again when you actually doing some maintenance to your website website. And you would like to put your website offline for a particular time. So, for example, when you're uploading new themes or something like that, it's always a commander that you make your shop offline. So when your customers actually typing your you are element, actually try to access yours, Webster through the assistant will automatically take him to a different weapons. And they will be shown this information and they will actually know that there's some maintenance or something going on, and they will not. They will come back. Okay. Use only as catalog. You can actually select that or not selected. Select a currency converter. More jewel. Okay, So currency converter. Morgan, you can actually add more modules. Here is something that is going to be used to convert one currency to another. So, for example, if your story is by default in euros and I'm coming from USA, so my location is you is in your say and I like all the prices to displayed in the U. S. Dollars. This is the thing that will actually convert those euros into dollars on only dollars will be shown to me as this is what I need and want and know the Euros. So this is the actual marshall that's going to convert that, uh, Euros into dollars and able Jumla plug in whether or not you would like to enable Juma Blufgan right there so say yes. Definitely enable SSL for sensitive areas. Air commanded, Yes. So this something to do with the certificates And if you like, you can actually such more on this. And basically, if you hover over this tax, they will give you some more information or some, you know, details about that particular option. All right, so this is the next one. We're very We should be very familiar with recapture phrases, whether or not we would like to have that enable that remark for four herro error handling . All right, so that's by default. Check. Then I will leave that as it is, this is your domain. And then you can actually put your virtual my membership number should you actually have one? And there's more information about that number on the right hand side, the language set up. It's actually here. So this is going to be the main language off your page. You can select their, you know the language, and you can go into, like, the Morgan languages and everything else. And there's the advanced, I thinks, enabled the bag investors. Whether or not you would like to have that probably say just for the admin enabled the bagging method. Yes, on for admin approx A proxy. Heather, you can input there enable multi vendor. You can do that. Oh, leave. It is not just at as an administrator. Multi level card handling would go on. So, like the first product them is the vendor off the card. Okay, so this is very briefly over this information here. Once again, we'll have a look how to set up everything in there when we actually setting up a really online store. Then we have the email settings. So what's so off form it was like Paxman or high HTML. Do you have some? Feels there, which you can include or you can delete. So, for example, general mail attachments, you can attach your logo, for example, in there and stuff like that. So this is something that what you're emails that you send to your customers to your shoppers, as they call it in this Blufgan should be actually should look like and what should be included in there. All right, so we have the shop front, which is the next option there. We have the course settings here, so course adding a something to do, for example, with the actual units. So the fold white unity have kilograms, grimes milligrams pounds and what not? Then you have the meters, centimeters and everything else so that's located right here. Recommend a product. Ask a question whether or not you would like to ask a question to your customers to recommend that particular product enable coupons. All right, so we'll do that in here. Product listings is right here. So this is all the actual available options for the product listings show product in the navigation, for example, or for example. You know, latest brothers, number of days to this place. Okay. On the right hand side, we have actually, when the product is out of stock, what should happen then? We have the shopper review writing system. This is something I have briefly touch. When I was talking about the shoppers in this tutorial when we actually went over the orders and shoppers moving into the templates, this is templates off your actual store. Okay, so she shop front setting. Sorry. This something that the customers all the shoppers will be hearing. So that's called the shop front. And everything that I've been doing is called the shop back. And in a way, okay, so this is setting up how everything is going to look like you can select different templates layouts in here. You can actually go and set up the front the shop front settings for the duplicated, duplicated views and layouts. On the right hand side, we have the media file settings. Here. You will find some information such as the full image with the land, the actual size and, you know, product media. You are rail and everything else. Set deep pagination sequence for the lease box and you had their last option there, some to do with the drama strip and C s s starts. Okay, so we'll see how to go through all of this. But basically this information here, you would not probably must be changing, but let's have a look at the journal information here about the media Politika leader. That is, if you don't know, have a particular reason why you would actually go and change that. Let's quickly moved into the pricing. This is where all the pricing is actually to be done and calculator and everything else first is the price configuration. You configure that in here, so following pages, you will actually entered that information here. Well, actually, just select whether or not to show the prize the label and around in digits. Okay, in the check out section, As the name suggests, we have all of the available options or the check out product, all the settings. Okay, so this is when a particular product has Bean has been all it. Okay, so there's quite a lot of different options here, and we'll go through some, probably most of them in one of the light of your toes when you actually go into more steps , we have the feeds in the second to last option. There home page, feed settings, category, feet, settings, all that can be actually set up in here. And lastly, we have the search engine optimization, and this is where all the search engine optimization feels are okay, so this is under the configuration. There's quite a lot there, and you have to go through all of this as we will do when we're actually setting up a real store. Let's go eat to the shopper fields now. 10. More Information on Configuration Menu: Schofield's basically old information about our shoppers or the purchases or visitors or the bias or whatever you want holding. Okay, so there's a bunch, a bunch of least bunch off different options here, and there's a big list year. So field names deal title field type required. Published short in card form, show in shipment form show in account maintenance. Three older and the idea Right atop we have the big new buttons. So if you click on the new button, this will like you actually thank you through a process off 80 a new field for a shopper. So let's say that we do not have a field, for example, for the age of the shopper. So we'll hit on the new button here. So this will add a new filled and will go through a process off, actually adding that particular field, which is going to describe our purchases our Shoppers age group. So that's pretty much what Dad will d. All right, then we have the edit, So editing pre existing ones, whether or not this field is required so required are not required whether or not this is published and whether or not this is a registration field shipment, field account field. And we can believe that. So what all this means is, for example, we have a Field nine cold email. All right, So email, if you have over this, I can hear is the actual core filed for the user. So we're required. Field in the email is going to definitely be the email address. Fuel type I saw. This is just a email address. Fuel type, whether or not this is required. Okay, this is required by the default, and you cannot change that. Okay, So, for example, if you have a look at this little green Eric, take here, you can actually disabled this. Or you can actually enable this if you like. But when it comes to the actual customer or the shop of field called email, email is definitely required. It's definitely published. You don't have to show it all. You can't show it in your platform and in the shipment form. And I think this is going to be shown in the account maintenance. Now, this field cannot be changed, being that this is a require filled Okay, so let's all have now and have a little the at this field here. So the agreed So there's something to do with actually agreeing with them and services. Now this is actually not enabled, meaning that it's not a required filled, but it's actually published, and it's shown in the car phone. Okay, so you can change that by just getting on this button here. And this will actually enabled this particular I feel to be a required field. If you want to do it the other way, you can actually click on the check box for that field and go all the way to the top and side that this is a required filled Should you that this X will actually turned into a green, take a like site. Okay, so this is all of the fields. And like I said, you can add different fields and we'll have a look how to do that in one off the later video tutorials. Okay, so let's go now and hit on the next option there, which is the currencies. And this will actually set up all the options when Constant Countess's right, first of all, will see that there is a big list here off all different currencies. We can always go and add a new one. We can really existing one. We can add the permissions and view the help. We can go and added the existing ones. We can publish them and publish them. So, for example, we have the Australian dollar like here. All right, if we move to the right, we have the exchange rate. We have the symbol. We have the three letter code we have been a miracle on. But I know this is published now because I have not actually set up my exchange rate. The exchange rate here is shown 000 So basically what happens is you would actually select your primary or a core currency. So, for example, be that U S dollar and then this'll exchange rate is going to be against the U. S dollar. So, you know, for example, how many Australian dollars is one U. S dollar? So this one actually be 1.5675 something something, or if a currency is larger than the core currency, which in this case, I said, is the U. S. Dollar. So, for example, I think the British pound, which is for some reason not shown here or any other currency that's actually stronger than the actual U. S. Dollar. So, for example, even your which is also not here this matter is actually going to have one point something , at least. Okay, so this is the kind of so you can have a new currency by actually taking on at the big green button their new. Okay, let's have a look at the countries now, although you might think countries is not that important. But actually adding a country to this list will actually allow you to select uses from that particular country to be able to actually, you know, maybe received for shipping. Sorry. Whenever you actually typing in whenever you actually setting the attributes for particular products, shipments and stuff like that, they'll be some sort off the field. Will actually going toe ask you whether this product is available for the country's for the purchases, For example, in Albania, OK, or whether or not you would like to have a fresh shipment off this particular product to Argentina, this is where all all the countries are actually located. All right, so there's about nine pages and pretty much all of the country, I think covering here. But we can actually add new countries by hitting on you. So even though this does not actually set up any of the rules or anything else, this is an essential part off completing, for example, shipment or stuff like that. And basically, by adding information here late on, when you're calculating the shipment, the cost of the shipment, this information will be actually available to you in some sort off a drop down menu or something like that. So, for example, if you're sending something to Albania, you will select shipments destination Albania. And there's going to be some sort off algorithm which is actually going to, you know, calculate the cost or the duration or anything like that to actually deliver that particular product to Albania. So all of the countries are located here. And like I said, this is always a good think to come here and track that, you know, all of the countries are in here. And if you have some different countries, which you would like to add, you come here and you would add those to your online store. Okay, so this is a big section configuration This is something that you must make sure that everything is set up correctly and that you actually set up all of the fields here before you actually go and start, you're building your own line page. And after that, you know, adding the products and the last step would actually be toe actually start selling and receiving some money for your products. So once you actually install this components demonstration, install this plug in. Once you actually installed virtual mark, you will come to configuration, set up all of the configuration fields and then move on to the next steps and actually, you know, at products and everything else. Once again, configuration is very important. Make sure that you understand what's going on and make sure that you set up the configurations correctly and have everything done the way it should be done. 11. Explore the Tool Menu: the last link in the main menu on the right hand side is actually called tools. It's to do with tools, immigration control, panel, log support, health topics, forum and about like I said before about will give you some information about this particular plug in. Then we have something like to call the help line. So the forum We can actually ask questions and hopefully receive some good answers from the community members. You have the help topics. So this is something that you can you know frequently asked questions or something like that. You have the support from the manufacturer or the designer or developer this particular product and you have the lots and control panel ice actually called those the actual information panels or something of that. And then you have tools and migration tools, immigration. It's very important that you know what you're actually doing before you actually start doing anything here. So I'm just going to quickly mention what's available here and in one of the later video tutorials. I'll actually explain how to go about doing this stuff, should you actually need to do that? In most cases, this shouldn't be done, but you know, sometimes you might actually need to. For example, seek your eyes, the media to virtual march. And this is where you would actually go about doing that. Okay, So rather top. We have two taps, the database tools, and we have the migration tools. All right. Migration types are in the database tools, first of all, Like I said before, we have this organization media, too. Virtual March auction there. And we have reset comes. Okay, then we have a big warning here on display about what's available down here, and it actually states here, please do not use. Please use those stools. Only if you understand what they're doing. The stool he stole or if necessary, update tables is usually safe to use. Okay, so we'll actually goes to some of those, but letting quickly mention what's available here. Reset all Bertram all tables and do a fresh install you'll hit on this button. And as it suggests, it will actually do it. All of the tables and still trash. Copy. We also have the restored before setting system here. Wills have the removed old Bertram all too customer fields. We have the availability here to actually reset all tables and do a fresh install with simple fighter. We can actually move all the trauma data. We can actually go here and obeyed the virtual months to order form from a customer field toe work toe, March 3 format. We have their ability to install or it necessary. Update the tables, remove the tables, update Juma database and optimize database. Like I've said and like it's written, he unless you know exactly what you're doing in unless you actually have a very good reason for doing it. Ignore this part here, and you should be OK. We have immigration. This is where you actually migrating the doctor from virtual might 1.1 point something to Bertram are two point something Something. If you know doing that, you have to worry about this. Okay, so this is available under the tools and migration and let's quickly have a look at the control panel. Now. Control panel is what we have seen before. We have the Contra panel itself and we have this statistics, right. Nothing new there. Let's go into the logs. Now the logs will actually have a list off all different logs. The file name, violin fight and file size. If you're just running a simple online store, there's no need to actually go into all this. But if you actually want improve the overall performance, for example, of the online store you have, look at the error. Speak HP where all of the errors will be shown. And of course, you have to. I understand and the PHP language to do that, we have the support after that, help topics for and about. Let's go into the support for for a quick view and extreme getting information that my support is not available because I have a bridge to something that matter. The support is right there. Then we have the help topics which will actually open a new page. Okay, surveys the manuals, tutorials, speaking just questions and the a p I and lastly, we have the foreign for will open a new page like so it's well in Cabot. You're like where all the foreign questions help and everything else is going to be this plate. Okay, so this is another way off getting some help, and there is the about section there, So basically, we have completely this what I call the theory off where everything is located within this particle applauding the virtual months. So by now, you should actually have some idea way to find such things as how to create shopper groups , how to actually set up your shipping methods, how to actually set up your converted from one currency to another way to go to actually add some products where to add short of brother groups and everything else. So I have actually just followed. This has been displayed from the top all the way to the bottom. But in reality. And this is something that you will see in the second part of this video tutorial. Well, you should do first is go into the configuration and then you might actually go into the products and set up the product categories going to the orders and set up folders and shoppers and set up the shopper, the shoppers categories, manufacturers and everything else. But also you have to go into cooperation first and then move on from this configuration. Okay, So, like I said, by now, you should actually have some sort or play feel and, you know, see what this particular Blufgan is all about, and where you can actually find different things and how you can actually navigate through this menu and lack of sad. In the second part of this, video tutorials will do a bit more practical stuff, and we're going to actually go through a process off, setting up everything, adding all the products and everything else. And this is going to be like the practical part off these video tutorials or case. So let's go ahead now and let's actually start building out on my store and start seven. Sample our products. 12. Shop Setting (language, SSL), Emails and Shopfront (rating, review): Okay, So, up to now, we have actually seen all the theory section off these video tutorials. And now we're going into the second part, which is actually where we're actually going to start building Web page and everything else I mentioned a couple of times that one of the very first thing that you should do is that you should go into the configurations menu and set up the configurations. Okay, so this is the configurations menu, and we'll go through all of these steps in this video tutorial and video tutorials following this one once again in the configuration, we have the shop emails shop from templates, pricing, check out product, all the settings feeds, and C e o. Okay. So, like I said before, one of the first thing is to actually put your site offline, or I saw your shop is up by now, and this is the message is going to be displayed. All right. If we move a bit more down will actually come to the option. If you want to use our website as a kettle so you could check that box if you like. Unless you do not want to use that as it as a catalogue. You actually pulled this as as contract currency converter, the only one we have there. And that's actually going to help you This convert from one currency to another. Do we want to enable the June look like in Yes, and the second option there I recommend. And it's actually stated here that it is recommended that you keep this struck. Basically, this is for more security, and you are dealing with seven stuff online and everything else. I will make sure that this check box is actually tractor right now. We can used the recapture registration here if you wanted to be. Or you can. Actually that But I would suggest once against you, actually put that as check because they're actually you know, this allows some span on your website, actually create the unwanted traffic. No real traffic to your website. Okay, then we have whether or not we would like to use the virtual marked for a four for handling the errors, you can say yes or no if you say no danger. Miller's for a 44 is actually going to be used for for error hemlines. And this is the actual domain Where the scrapping. If you actually have a membership number for the virtue amount, you would enter that in there that we come to the language section. Okay, so the language shop, first of all, we have this option here. Use English as a fallback for untranslated strings, yes or no. And then we have the shop language inside that to be English. Or if you have other languages here, you can actually said that to be other languages. And if you're running a multi language shop, you can actually find more languages by following this link here, and they open a new page where you can narrow different languages now. No fullback. You can leave that as a tractor on tract and costume. Well, back. You can enter that in there, So Okay, I'll actually object this because I want my site to be only in English. Then we come to the advanced settings and basically you shouldn't be doing anything here. You can just leave it as it is by default. But let's go through. The options here enabled the bagging messages whether or not you like toe about messages enabled begging for methods. But he would like to have that bigotry development mode. So if you're actually planning or writing some PH. B languages and encourage, you can actually put that to I'll just put two only for the administrators and neighborhood database update tools. Once again, if you I would like to, for some reason, update your database stores. You can do that in there. Then we have the review proxy header. So this is something that you will type in their enable multi vendor. OK, so if you like to have administrated multi vendor insulin that in there and multi vendor cart handling Okay, so that's pretty much all their ease when it comes to the shop. All right, let me just go back in with this s it Waas, and then we'll go into the emails. So basically, this is the email that you sent out to your customers. Okay, so this is something that they receive. You know, sometimes it can be just the newsletter, whatever, but more. Sometimes it's a confirmation off. Some sort off a order or purchase that have, actually, But just from your website, the first option there is whether or not to have this as a hasty and melt mail, you can put it as a text mail. Having it as a decks male means that you cannot use the hasty and Mel language to actually code. You know, some, for example, to set some pictures or said anything any sort off make haste email language that you would like it there. So unless you have a reason why you would not have a hasty mouth e mails earlier this as a hasty a male Okay, then we have the used the vendor email address. Whether or not we like to have that invoice user language deep out, male by default, it's that yes, additional, better email address. So if you have any additional email addresses, you put them in here, we'll get them captive. The option here, which actually says email shop fields for shopper emails. Okay, so this is something that we're going to set up a bit more later and you'll see this. Let's populate here differently here. The only option I have here is the email. So basically, we're just sending the email address off our shopper. Do we come to the default or the status to create an invoice confirmed so once the the what it has been programmed, an invoice will be created. Do we come to a list? And basically you can select more options here. So whether or not you would like to have it this confirmed by shopper cancel. We found that ship completed, Deny they just skate on. So I didn't come to the default order status to send email to shoppers. So when are we actually going to send this email store shoppers when a shopper has actually confirmed purchased, which is the second option here confirmed by shopper. Then we have the canceled re founded and ship. So when when any of the secures I need any mail is going to be sent toe a shopper to this email address and once again you can actually you know, select all or not. Here's well, there we come to the default or the status to send emails toe bender. So when we are going to shame, send emails toe our windows when a chopper has confirmed canceled or is actually looking for the reform, there come to the general mail attachments. If you would like to have an attachment that goes with all off your e mails. You can actually put that in here. So it doesn't matter where you're sending it to the shopper to the window. The attachment is actually going to be sent this attachment right here, all the status to use for attachments. So this is actually to do with the attachment just mentioned above right there. So all the status to use for attachment confirmed, canceled and re founded. So basically, unless you have good reasons for changing any of this, I think it should be kept as default here as well. All right, so let's go into the shop front now. And basically, this is once again where you actually going to set your course. Setting score, set up and core configuration. First of all, would you like to use kilograms? What would you like to use pounds and what not Oliveira's kilograms. And for the actual meters, you can go into the arts food each is and what nots once again, the best way you will where you're located in. And for example, if you're located in Europe, you put kilograms. But if you're located, for example, in America, you put a needle in your foot pounds and what? Not now. We come to the section will actually ask, ask, recommend a product or ask a question. So basically what this section is whether or not you would like to have a recommend button for a particular product. So if I'm visiting your webpage and find a product that might be interesting to some of my friends on my actually recommend that product to my friends. Okay, so this section is all about that Crystal showed their commanded to friendly. Okay, so this is this has to be enabled In order to actually have that ability to recommend products, we come to the second option here, which actually says, allow known Logan centers a recommendation or ask a question. So, basically, do I need to be registered with your online store in order to actually send this Brought back, for example, as a recommendation to my friend. So this is totally up to you, but I would say that you actually believe this contract. So basically, animal who recommends your product, anyone has to actually be loving and actually be a member of your community. All right, then becomes a question minimum went, which is actually 50 and the question from Mike maximum went a sundress. So basically, this is characters. Number of characters which can be included. Okay, we come to the coupons now, whether or not you would like to use coupons. The very best option here. The check box if your jacket you're not using coupons, And if you actually checking, look. Sorry. Using coupons. So for how long is the Cupid live from? Simple Can say, you know, for a day for a week for two weeks And what not? And then you have the actual older status to delete a Keith Koopman once is being compared is going to be deleted. We come to the product listings now, and we, First of all we have showed the product. Navigation? Yes, This player stop level. Yes, For example, if you're selling T shirts and you have only part off red T shirts, would you like that to be this plate? So if you're if you're for example producer, then or, um, a picture of those fissures maybe would not like to have this stock level display because you actually manufacturing does gay show products Custom feels in rows of you show products off sub categories. I will actually click on that. So basically you're showing the sub categories in which the products are located and we'll see how to trade categories and sub categories of Malaysia show on categorise parent products, sit results and modules. Okay, I wouldn't put that as a yes. I will live it as intake and the same thing will apply for next one where talks about child products in search results and module. So basically, this is all to do when people are searching. So there's going to be a search button summer where people can pipe in, you know, some some letters and what not and whether or not to actually show the bearing products and the child products being those results show also products which are not in a least one published category. So basically bought. This Means is, for example, if I was go back to that example again before the right T shirt. You have categories. You have T shirts you have summer, for example, you have read, but only you put your product Onley in two categories, and you did not include the summer from categories. So whether or not to show that product I think it's a good idea to have this as a yes latest products number off days to display. So seven days is going to be the latest products after that is not going to be in that category. Animal like this Progress Short order sort latest products sort order on display. We had two options there saw the last modified product dressed or the last created problems first. Okay, so this is all to do with products and how they're actually listed. William, all the way to talk would come to the right inside the section here. Action when that product is out off stock. So first of all, remember that we have here this place stock level, whether or not you like include that. And what happens when you are stopped in a couple of actual options? He is first of all, send low Stock notification out. Definitely click on that one stock handling on product level. You can put that if you like, or a story up to then come to the option. Here. Products out of stock are audible. No special action. So basically we have sold off dishes. But for our customers, nothing is going to change. In that case, if you have this radio button selected, you would actually come here, and you would answer like this one. Okay? And then we have actually do not display products. So if we're out of stock, we don't go into display. Do not display the product of the trial product also is out of stock display. Notify me instead, add to cart button. And actually, we have the brothers out of stock are audible, and the field on availability has actually bean this plate. All right, so first of all, out with this and probably this almost I selection, and then we come to the availability. You can actually put the numbering here, and we can select the images. And there's a few images here that you can actually go through and order. And something this for 1 to 4 weeks, it will be actually extra display. So basically, what this does is it will show you your customers, your viewers went this particular product that's been out of stock will be about Okay. I believe this has nothing. Okay, then we come to the shopper rating and review system, whether or not we would festival like Toe Order published the reviews. I was say Night because I personally would actually like to read the review that I have been given for particular product and then actually go and Publisher the minimum length off the comment, set to zero, are set to maybe 10. But five, at least you know. So placed one worthy's you know given and it's considered as a review. Worry. Comment. We come to the longest lengths are 2000 characters should be okay show. Really? Okay, Now we have Do not show show to research and uses and show toe everybody because I have actually selected this bit here. So show to everybody. But you will see that in order for anyone basically to see the review, I have to authorize the first or the administrator whoever is administrating the page. So that's something good to have in mind. No enable review for system disabled shoppers who bought the products and the registers uses only so who can actually write and review your products. So off course, somebody who has actually bought the product show rating do not show show tourist they do this show wherever I think show to everybody is, it's quite okay there as well enabled rating systems, for you can disable totally. You can actually enabled only for people who have actually bought the product or you can actually rich neighborhood. Don't report their registered users, I will put as for the people who actually bought the product. So if you have bought something for me, you allowed to leave a comment as a review and you allow to actually rate my product. Otherwise you will not be allowed to actually write and, you know, right the products. And once that is completed, I will actually have that reviewed before actually gets published all the status review and rating. So when something has actually be with them or ship, for example, that's good. Gonna swell on may be completed. Okay, Well, I So that's all to do with the shop front. And in the next video tutorial will have a look at the templates 13. Adding a Template for e-commerce: all right after visiting the shop front. Let's move into the 10 place now, and he will find a lot of information about 10 place that we can use. Shop fronts settings is the option and section on the right hand side on the left hand side . And then we have the templates and layouts. We have the shop from settings for the defecated views and layouts on the right hand side, all the way to the top. We have immediate files settings. Then we have the set the page ation sequence for the list box, and then we have the acted CSS and Java script. Okay, so let's that with this, I have just enabled this. Everything else should be enabled by default. Or it was gold way to the top, to the left hand side show show store description. So this is totally after you. You're going to write some description about your store, whether you would like this description to be shown to your customers to you visitors. And what So I would say yes. Show category description, yes. So, for example, if I have a problem that's in a category cold T shirts, I would like to have some description about that particular category. So, for example, man T shirts, moment, a shirt, some officials or something like that, or generally just T shirts or quite in T shirts or something like that Show such yes, on night. It's always good to have the search button there and to enable that s so then we come to the show Children category. So basically, if you have a category which is a child apparent category, would you like that to the song? The options there, as you will see in all this, all of the drop boxes east, Yes or no? So show yes or no items. Perot, how many items you would like to be shown? Okay, so we moved to the next one. Show products off the selected category One scan. This is to do I don't know what you would like to have your products shown for particular categories. So, for example, if I selected dishes the apple happy in before whether or not I would like to have the products shown there and you know I like to have three of them and omit yes or no, there show manufacturers. I think it's a good idea to show manufacturers as well. So, for example, if I'm buying, wanted to buy a right T shirt made by Nike. You know, I can actually see that particular dish. It is made by that particular Petra. So show feature. Sorry. Sharing feature products? Yes. And know how many roles in one showed Discounter, Same store replies show step, top 10 products. So what I'll do now is I'm going to say no here. The reason why I'm saying no here is because just now I don't have any products. And us, I don't know, have Tom top 10 products. So once I actually start selling something and have more than 10 products, I'm actually going to enable there. So come back to this later and enabled by actually selecting Yes, here for now. It's that, you know, show recent Yes, show late this products. Yes, So All right. So that's all to do with the actual products and how everything is shown here. We come to the templates and layouts. It's like a default template for your shop. All right, so we're talking about your shop here, not your general webpage, but you can actually use the Germans default, you can use the brace three. Well, you can use the protests are Okay, so those are before. But, you know, before you actually go into building your online store using this particular plugging, you are probably already familiar with Jumla and hard to work out. You know, the different templates and what not. So I would leave this as use journalists. So will be the next one. So category template. You can also used the other to mention on Just use them plate on. Basically, if you have your webpage and you know you have problems, let's say something about your story there, and then you have your plugging, which is not to be virtual mark plugging. It's always good to have the same template. Sorry. It's nice to follow. And you know, it looks good as well. The next option there is kind of play out. You can go with the default or no. All right category layout, same story here and have categories there. So we're not You like to use the category layout categories. Okay. You had the sub layouts for the products in category products horizon or just put no override and the products layout. You can put the folk notify, and the last option there is to display sub categories in product details that as yes. Okay, so this is all over the 10 placements again. You're setting up your template for your shop and for your actual template for your category, for your layup now and for the actual category layout. And basically, you can overwrite by using this this couple of drop boxes you can all right, the actual Jundullah, for example, a team that you're using here, Okay, on a plate shop fronts settings for the duplicated views, and Laos and neighbor legislate layouts. No layout for your home page. Then we come to the shop fronts settings for duplicated views and layouts. Whether or not you would like to use something called a legislative layout layout for your home page. No overwrite default was the whole That should be right. Short categories as shown number of categories in the Road three and show number off products in Morocco. Three. Okay, so basically it all depends what sort off the products you're going to sell. So if you're going to sell something that's very, very small, you would put a smaller number here, So your picture there going to be large and there's my drop by most off the paint. But if you're selling something that's, you know by large and your pictures on large and everything else, you would have less products there, so it doesn't look too crowded. Okay, so let's go the way to the top. No media files settings open additional images in the maid position. Guess Imo put this has now enabled them dynamic from their reciting a Venice is something that's really good, and I would I would suggest you leave that as as it is, so basically is going to resize automatically all the images so they can be, you know, family. Also. Usually it's want if I want 50 pixels for the actual time right now, the full image with So this is something that you're going to set. And once you actually upload the images and at as a poor for image, it will actually follow this'll values here. So, for example, 300 by 300 like to have my pictures in for at that size no thumbnail image with Like I said before, my star 1 50 okay. There is no image which committed would you like to display? So maybe folks or something like that? No image found image warning or something that you know you can somehow relate to. In a way, I'm going to put that as morning as it is. Now there's something called a safe, but we do have to include there. Then you come to the U. R l for the family hails from the media yourself. But you can change this if people like you can just put it there. You know, whatever show you life generate asset you are. You can change that this world category media, your product, maybe your manufacturer media, you are l and bend the media. You are help. You know if, for example, your euros too long already side whatever your webpages you would have getting here. So bash images. Virtual Mart vendor. Sorry. Keep that in mind. So whatever your pages, you will have that in here. And then you have these, like the expansion. Right? So that applies for all of this. Your outfields there. Right. So if you had a longer you around and you would actually like this to be somebody is a smaller. Makes it easier for you to follow. You can actually change that right in there. Then we come to the set depreciation segments for the list box. The next number is 20 and the back end. The old items released 30. I think that should be okay. The back end. But, Jason, sequence. You can put it as a porous 20 here and the front and lists for you. 24. Okay. Militarised went four for views with first item parole. You can actually all this as as it is, but said by the boats are empty and it will automatically be set up. And once you actually have a workout, Looks like when you were paid drinking, come back here and, you know, change the stuff that you do know, like Okay, So basically, that was the templates. And in the next video tutorial will move into the next step, which is the pricing 14. Set a Pricing, Tax Setting and Checkout: all right, let's not pick on the pricing, and basically, this is all to do with the pricing. There isn't a lot. And let's start with the left hand side price configuration show tax in car. So whether or not you would like to show the tax to be added in the car So, for example, that he should that I mentioned before in stand ALS annual taxes 20% whether or not you would like to have that additional $2 shown there. So it's not to say he should. $10 tax, $2 total $12. Or do do you like to only have T shirt 12 Those In that case, you will actually answer like that and you'll just say right, issued when $12 like to put the tax there and I'll leave that as it is. So cool show called for price. When the price is empty, you can put that as you know, sectoral. They selected by default. It's so elected only with selected and let's have a look at used the wraparound ing for Swiss franks. So this is the Swiss money. You know, if you have people from suits on bike and everything else Run on Lee display yes or no display variant prices with Texas. And we have the order for multiple prices. A sandy old descending. So I believe everything there as it is, show following prices. So what are we showing here? Show prices. If you don't want to show all the prices, you can just hit here and all the prices will disappear. And pretty much, you know, you're selling something, and nobody knows what's going on. So I like to have this, as you know, shown like that. Then we come to this list here, which has a couple of different process here. So the base price. Okay, so basically, your base price is the price off your item. So show price show label will show the price and show the label and the Roger around in digits eight minus one. Base price, mournful fire. I'll show the label and I around it down to one digit new base price modified by choosing product variant. Okay, so now we're showing this price and this price here, and we're showing the label for both of those, and they're all rounded to one little finger. Okay, so going to release. You can see that all of Iran digits ar minus one minus one minus one. Meaning that came round it down to one. That's my point. Right Then we moved into discount price without attacks. Of course, I would like to have that shown as a label. And the price There s, well Derek out. Then we come to the total discounted price price with the attacks are to have that assault . We come to the sales process, sales price without attacks, both of display, the label and the price. We come to the total price without attacks. Now, this is not shown, and that doesn't have a label of luck have that. They're a swell tax amount has shown there. And then we have the total amount of tax we're having this way around. So basically here, more items. I do not want to, you know, for each item to be shown the tax. But I would like to have the total tax amount shown there. So people know how much they actually paying for the base price for the product and actually know how much they're paying for the for the taxes in total brace price without attacks but without this guns. So base price without attacks. But without this guy. So do we want that to be shown or not? I'm not Want that Final says price is definitely there. Total final sales price. Definitely their sale price with this camp, but without overwrite on the move Battle together. Discount amount definitely total this count Amount. I live there, That's where. And actually not I'll leave This here is also each profit is actually shown. Did this counter month and down the bottom We have the total this count. Okay. And the unit price there, So Okay, so there was straightforward on, you know, just based on attention here that you actually show what you would like to be shown on your priceless. Okay, let's go into the check out in the check out its white straight forward display. Mortal pop pop. I won't add to the cart. Yes, surely, like the products in the pop up on I one pay check out enabled. Yes. Objects for O P. C. Yes. Show check out steps. I would like to have that. There's also basically people how many steps that have to go through before they can actually hold their something from me. So first of all, it's going to be putting in the car. Then it's going to be entering some information about the payment method and then the information. So basically, this three or four steps and people can actually follow what's going on, and they build automatic select shipment. All right, so basically, we don't have any shipping methods here, and we'll have to set up that first, and they would come back here. Same applies for the next one is you have to select, create different payments and then, you know, select from the drop down May. So you're actually going to be working with the configuration, Then you're going to go and do something else. Then you're going to come back and set up your configuration once again, and you're going to be shifting from one patient on the page. But once you have all this set up, you can actually start building your page. And everything is going to be, you know, pre settle the court files into court figuration. Okay. They would come to the mosque to meet two times off service on every order. Yes, on the check out. Ask for registration? Yes. Only register uses can check out. I would put that as a yes. Many different reasons. One of them is the security of the second War is that I would like to know more about my buyers. And then I can send him some, you know, newsletters and discounted offers and stuff like that. So only basically only registered users can buy from my website. Show product images? Yes. Allow administrators to change the current shopper. Yes, And then we have lost Lee default delivery date. And basically this couple of the options here. Same is the envoys they confirmed by the shopper confirmed Cancer re founded, Shipped, completed the night. So we're talking about the delivery date. So outside this so put as ship. So once we shook something, we're going to think of that as a delivery date or maybe opened by shopper. That's about social there. So the shop confirms that here she had actually received something and there's going to be all the delivery date. Right? So after this in the next video tutorial, we're going to cover the last three options 15. Product order settings, Feeds and SEO: Let's go now into the product or the settings. Okay, This quite a lot of check boxes here. And basically, let's make sure that you select the appropriate once. Okay, First of all, we have a option here which actually says the fourth brother sort or how we would like to actually sort our products. We have the ordering name. We have a product name, duration date, product number, for example, Empey en, which is also broke. Number products, show description, product description, self areas category name, category description, me effectually product price, future brother brother sales blow if ability, brotherhood, date, brother height with and land length. Height, width on measures, brother stand. You know, a lot of them. Basically. So default products sorted. How are we going to sort our products? So ordering name is actually by the default, but yeah, you can put product name as well. And how would you like to be that display? Sending all this and sort of Sandy, maybe. And the full category sort order will put that as category name here is Well, they come to the available sort by field. So how are we going to, you know, sort, are now products and basically all the pence what it is that you're selling. So, basically, if you some time to be human, actually come and say about the packaging or, for example, if you're selling something that's pretty much just a little with price, who come all the way down here and say product price or you're actually going to put something different, which might in your case, big probably stop. So if you know, you could, you know, have a stop, you know, going to actually sort the pills by that. And then we're also doing the same for the search engine. Off starts for search fields. Okay, so how are we actually going to all the dough set? I'll sort all the settings. They're swell, but default. It should be all available here. And they probably sells their product price broth, stock sometimes product I d breaks as well. They're on. Maybe also, whether or not this is a teacher product. Okay, so that's all to do with products sort or sex in the food section. Basically, we have depressed section there, which dates home page feed settings, enable latest products feeds yes, Number off later spoke, sparred and they will top 10. Yes, I should put this on because, like I said before, I don't have any products. And top 10 products is just going to be a random products. So that too. Yes, orbit later when I have been problems. And I actually had people purchasing something for me. And then I can say yes. Those are my 10 products. Then we have the number off pictures. Birds there. Basically that's this big here. Someone to enable that Include images? Yes, Until the product price in the description Yes included product description. Why not type of product description? You can go with long short, keep it short and the number off characters there is 500. You can change that if you like. Then we come to the category. Pete Settings enabled. Product leads, yes or no include images into repeat. So basically, if you have this disabled, this is not going toe. Basically including the images into a piece which are not actually enable include the product pricing to description. Yes or now include a problem description. Yes, on pretty much. It's all the same. But make sure that you have this enable If you have this enable disabled or this is the relevant. Okay, someone like that. And that's pretty much all to go with the beats. The last option, dear, is the s. So search engine optimization with what you like to have this disabled products links to fix well, to use the seer suffix details translate drinks, used product and category ideas as they use a category treat for public links. Es strict Martin. And we have the s s e m for Carling's there. So Okay, so basically, this is one of the most important settings and configuration, so that was the very 1st 1 configuration lead there under the configuration. And once you're happy with how everything is looking, make sure that you hit on this big green site. But okay, so I'll do that now. And this is all to do with the configuration option on the D configuration. Many Let's hit on sale now. All right, so you should get a message like that. Configuration saved. Excellent. In the next year, story all well, moves into the Shop of Fields 16. Adding Shopper Fields: Okay, So this is the shopper Fields option available on the configuration right there. And in this video tutorial will have a look what these shop appeals are all about. So, first of all, we click on the shopper. Feels like we had before, right atop, you'll find new at it. Required, not required. Published. Unpublished registration, registration, north shipment shipment, lord account account not. And deal it. Course the very 1st 1 the late is actually to delete a particular shop. See Also, For example, if I wanted to delete this one here selected on I was hit on the late and that will actually really shocked the ball together. So here we have a very large list here. Okay, so this is all the shopper fields that are available, So let's just the world distinguish what a shopper build is. Shopper field is something that's in a way going to describe some property off a particular shopper. So those can be actually Mr Work published or unpublished, meaning that the's shoppers can see for cannot see them. They might be required or not required. And also they can be part of the registration process on No. And they can be shipped on. Okay, So, for example, let's have a look at this email field here, okay? All the items that you find here they have this little lock. It means that they're actually the core while and they cannot be deleted. So for each user, it shopper and email is an absolutely must. All right, So if I was to kit on this, you know, are represented with a page like Like suck. Okay, so each one of these fields actually has something that actually describes this particular details. I Sofield by cooking changed, actually email address. Then we have text field actually use the maximum wipe. So we're talking about the email address the maximum length of were actually sitting there . It's 101 100 is the number off the characters they have field right. So filled cannot change. And then we have the field title. The full title is given there, but default. And this is what it is and actually make it means the email here. We can actually answer some description okay about this particular field, and you can actually, you know, into some images and HTML and secret tables and everything else this is done by default for old fields. I'm in this particular case, there's no point inserting some images and paragraphs and, you know, smile faces or more emotions and stuff. So I will leave that as empty a more bit more down. And you have this struggle. Editors. If you click on the photo editor, it's actually going to give you something on the so plain text you could hear again is going to give you this. What you see is what you get after, and basically there's lot No, stop here that you can you can do default. So will be the default that you there so you might actually put, you know, email address. And that's actually going to be, you know, a default. Very when you can. Actually my email at my mail dot com or something like that. Now, is this field required or not? Definitely. Yes. Show it so in card form. I don't need that in there. So there's not showing account and show in account maintenance. Yes, shot in shipping form. She put that yes, read only. Yes, Nobody can change that except for the actual and admits actual project to know so people actually come and they want to change the emails. They can do that. Published, Yes, Field size 30. Ordering four emails on that as basically as it is. So basically what all this lease does is it gives you some preset, very suffers a phone number and everything else and zip code. Then we'll see how to do that a bit more later. And that actually this, you know, actually describes this particular field. All right, so let's hit save now. And we have the information that it has actually being say successfully. All right, let's go back in the shop fields now, and let's have a look at what else is available? Their user name named possible bus with two. So those that they required fields and you can see that required. They're all checked and you cannot change that. Okay, so those are required. Those are published. Whether or not we would like to show them in the car home, I don't know to show them in the shipment for on show in the account maintenance. All right, so those are the basic information about our users and will hit, and we'll save that as it is agree. So I So this is when people agreed to the terms of service or information about this particular field is going to be stored somewhere. I also look at the agreed field. Okay, so there isn't much here pretty much the same as it waas whether not it's required. Yes, so definitely, yes. I don't know why this is set to know. Read only. Yes. Published. Yes, Field size A wilderness. So here will you can do is because you're talking about a an agreement between the buyer and yourself or your your store. You can actually put some information here. So for example, by clicking on this particular boat box, the user agrees to the damage the conditions which have bean actually describe about the terms and conditions, document and stuff like that. So there's something some something that that you can actually inserting here, and then you can actually use, you know, maybe different lighters and maybe different styles and defense currency. Feel like you can insert some images there and basically hit on preview this like like here it actually showed that you also have the ability to, you know, at a main there, if you like site for? So this is all to do with that particular field called the agreed Checkbooks. Okay, site and close this, but people up page. Okay, so that has actually being safe successfully. And I'm back to my list and basically this a lot of stuff here. So address by type name that title, for example. And there is the first name, the middle name, last name the address. Zip over there. So this is all to do with the customer that you're actually the director entering the information about. And one more thing you can actually put here, for example, is what type off group they belong to. So this is something that you yourself are actually going to put this particular person in the group. You can do it this way. So is going to be a field which is going to be describing your particular customers group. Or you can actually, as you will see later, create different customer groups and that put there customer in one particular book, and that will be there. Ok, so that's pretty much all to do with the shopper fields. Next, let's have a look at the order status is. So let's hit on the order statuses and check out what's available under the old status is in the next video tutorial. 17. Custom the Order Statuses: Okay, so at the moment we have 12345678 different status is and I think you should not be required to actually at any any other status is basically because all of this is pretty much all you need. Now there are a couple off options in the configuration menu where configuration settings where we actually had the order status is and we have seen denied completely ship three founded, cancelled, then all that so old that comes from here. Okay, So, basically, like before stock handling, it's all available or reserved for the status color. You can't change color description. You can add there. So we have the the night and this is the word remark code for that. So this is something that problem only understands and, you know, have to do it in there. So let's, for example, hit on the completed and see how it looks like. Okay, so here is our details for the confront completed. Okay, so let's let's change the coward here. What's going to something green? So agreements, usually good so completed will give it a green color, and the order court is that you can enter some description here If you'd like the vendor, We don't have any menace here. Moment. And this is a short called number seven completed. Okay, so very much. That's all there is. So hit on saving clothes have changed the color. And that's a look. What's happened? All right, sir, there is my color so completed. And basically you can go and edit any of those who can create a new one Alice hit on at a new one. Okay, so basically, this is exactly the same with various one where we actually edited and here we actually just having a new one. So the older starts may. So, for example, let's say drug can mean that a ship, something that was broken. And let's say that skirt is going to be be color. So it some red color. I can't this on information. He likely. And all I have to do now is just keep on safe and close, and my new you're safest leaves right there. Broken. Okay, I had the order number here. I had the actual This is the ideas and whether or not this is published, Alright, so that's pretty much all on the or the status is the next one will have a look in next year's story is going to do with canvases. 18. Currencies setting: it is quite straightforward and quite but easy. And this is what it all looks like. So basically a long list of different currencies available in the world, and we have actually think seven right pages of them. So first of all, we can't currents name. So, for example, Australian dollar. We have the X trained right and more. 0.0 We have the currency symbol for that. The currency. We have the three letter called We Can't in America Balance value and whether or not this has been published. All right, so let's, for example, kid on the Australian dollar. This will actually give us some information right there. Okay, so this is information which we had previously seen. So if we know the exchange rate, we can put that in there. So, for example, if my core currency, or the main currency is the American dollar and one American dollar is with For example, $1.5 went with 1.5 in here. Okay? To leather coat. We don't need that miracle. Deliver that symbol. Decimals, decimals, symbol dot or comma. Thousands separator and positive format and negative form. So basically what this means is if this particular currency is larger than my base currency hobbled. I like that to be displayed. And if it's lower, how I would like that to be displayed as well. And then you have a simple example. Okay, so I've trained my Australian bullet, right? Let's not hate on site and close. Okay, Some back to my list. Unless you look at the Australian dollar, here is and you can see that it has actually being changed now. So, for example, if somebody from Australia comes and looks at my dishes that are selling for 10 U. S. Dollars, they're going to see it a speaking Australian dollars. So this is what actually happens. And this is the witht change, right on everything else. Now you can have this automated and we'll have a look at that hot all to populate old currencies, the rights, and that's going to be populated by a module that's been installed. The virtual Martha is going to communicate with some bank or some exchange office somewhere and get shoot the best exchange, actually drink. OK, so that's but also we have the possibility to add a new currency, but ice really don't think there is a currency which has not been included here because the list is so so long. So, basically, you would add a new currency by clicking on your battle. Right? Right there. Okay, Next. Let's have a look at the countries, and this will actually conclude auditorium old editorials on the D configuration. So let's hit on the country's now. 19. Countries setting: like with currencies Pretty much all off the countries are Is that in this list here? Okay, so there's nine or more, not total pace. No, I saw this nine pages here which actually covers most of the countries in the world. So basically what this means, as you will see later, when we come to actually setting up the permissions for people who can order from different countries. If a country is not listed here in this list, it means that your virtual March shop does not recognize that country, and thus you cannot actually allow or disallow people from the country to purchase on your website. Okay, so all of this is available here. Okay, So let's, for example, have a look at what we looked at the Australian dollar. So let's go and hit on the Australia here, all right? It's very straightforward. We have the country reference name Australia. We have with us, published the codes and that's all there eastward. So let's say and close. Maybe you have also noticed that in some cases, for most of the cases we have the states there as well. So let's hit on the states and hear all of the states are going to be displayed such okay, So we have the Australian capital territory. We have the New South Wales Northern Territory Commission, suppose relatives, many of Gloria and the Western Australia. Let's go, for example, in Victoria. All right, whether this is published, I'll say yes. I'm not sure what's asked me twice whether has been this published. It's been much the same thing. The zone. We have truck sugar and selling different zones and great depends also and this is actually going to be available here. So, like I said before, many times you're going to have to go for one configuration. What settings into the next one actually trains a few things and then go back him, you know, for example, populate the zone here. Okay, At moment it's available and we'll see how it actually add the prince zones. Okay, lets go and say and close this right. We have the message here State successful site, right? So basically this is actually returned us to the States off country Australia. All right, let's have a look how you will add a new country. Like I said, I don't think there is a reason But in a case that you might be some new countries out there, you might actually come here at a new country. So let's hit on the big green. Knew about them. OK, so basically, because I was in a polar Australia, I'm actually entering a state for Australia. Sorry for Australia decides to get in on the state. I could come here and I can actually, I can actually that tickles state. Okay, so go back to the countries once again. And like I said before, we have the country name country code have the tool is three letters whether not being published and the i. D. All together. This list contains 245 countries. Okay, so this is the actual configuration menu. So it's quite important that you come here and set everything as it should be, and you will be coming back here, but not as often Eyes, for example, in products or shops or actual orders and shoppers and stuff like that. And all of this will have a look in the video. Dorrell's following this one 20. Product Categories - add and edit: Okay, so after setting up the basics, we're almost ready to actually start aiding out products. Now, before we actually go into adding the products and actually describing all the products, everything else there's more, more thing that we should really do. We should actually go and actually create some categories. They're going toe. Hold those products. This is good because it will actually allow your customers your visitors toe find the products they're looking for a lot more easier. So in a way, you enabling some sort off filtering by actually putting a certain type of products into one group off products or they call it the actual product categories. Now back to my back and we've seen this before, and I'm going to go on the the main heading here products. I'll find Deep Brother categories. OK, so let's go ahead now and click on the product categories. Okay, so a page like this loads up and we have seen this page before. There's no categories here. There's no list. There's no items in this list as we do not have any categories created before. Okay, so we can actually apply the filter name if we actually had some categories here we can apply the filter name to find the new categories to find the existing characters. Actually, we can reset. Then we can actually look at some different top level categories and few few others. Then, if we had, the categories will have the name in here. The description will be right there. The products which are in that category and we can actually rearrange the older off how the categories appear here and we have weather or this published and the I D off this particular this particular category. Okay, so we do not have that. And let's go ahead now and actually create some new categories. But before I do that, let's quickly have a look at the main menu. Ready atop. We have published unpublished. So whether or not you like toe published or unpublished a certain category you can add, you can edit the existing category. There's the big green new button right there. We have the availability to actually delete a particular category. If it's on the list, we actually have the availability to, you know, set up some permissions, and there's also the help button day. Okay, so let's go now and let's hit on the big green new button. This will actually open new page there. Looks like this. OK, so first of all, let's have a look at the big manually atop safe and close, safe. Cancel help and permissions Saving close means that you have done with actually working on this particular category or this particular page and you would like to save it and then close it and go back to that least we have previously seen save on Lee. Meet your saving this new stuff that you entered into this webpage about your category and basically would like to continue working on without actually closing it and going back to the least we have seen before. Okay, so we have the cancel. So this will actually cancel the whole procedure off, actually adding a new category. We have the help. We have the help and the permissions right atop. We have three different types. We have the product category form. We have the virtual March category view settings and we have the images. All right, so let's go ahead now and let's have a look at the product category form, and I'm actually going to enter some information in here and explain what each one of these actually does. Okay, so I went ahead and up, and it's information. So let's, for example, say that I will be selling some mobile phone and maybe some mobile accessories like covers and something like that. So, first of all, I would like to have a category that's going to hold all off my iPhone. So I'm selling I pawn 345678 on. You know, maybe in the future, nine and 10 and what not. Okay, so first of all, I will give this category a name. I have given the name iPhone. Okay, so there's a self Eilis. I also put life on their assault. Now, this button here, this check box, he is very important, and I have not actually check this on purpose. So what will I would like to do is have everything done. So I go through all of the fields in this step and in the other types. And once I'm done with that, I'll come back here and I will actually publish this category. Okay, So before actually finished editing this category, I will not publish it and I think that's a good idea, even though your customers will not, you know, dress to concede the difference if this is published or not. Um, I personally believe that it's always good to have everything done before you actually publish it and make it available onto the Internet and, you know, make your customers view it and stuff like that. This is no different than I will actually proceed. I'll actually followed the same procedure and just make sure that I have everything done correctly and the way I want it, and then I will publish. Okay, there we come to the details because this is a very first category. There isn't a lot that you can do here. There is a category ordering because there's no other categories. I cannot actually put anything in here the parent category, top level categories, the only one that I can actually slight at this point of time, because like I said, there's no other categories, the projection sequence. I'll put this from 0 to 1 and because I just wanted to stand from Page one initial number off listed items At the moment, I have zero items and therefore up with that at zero. Then we come to the meat information. Here we come to the custom page title iPhone, smartphones, maybe. Okay. And, ah, the keywords actually used iPhone smartphone, IOS apple. So basically, this is something that's going to describe this particular this particular category. But there's going to actually be used for the search engine and search engine optimization . And this is the actual keepers it will look for when people typing, For example, in Google, you know iPhone or something like that. In order to find the fund, your webpage there will need to hit those keywords. And this is just an example off off the keywords. And basically, you know, if you would like this to have a bit more meaningful and a bit more result driven, if you like results, you would actually come here and enter some words which are not iPhones. My phone I was in April because pretty much everyone enters those words, so it would enter something a bit more unique. Then there's the description category for the iPhone products by April is what I've put in there. Mr. Roberts, you don't have to change that. But if you would like you could. So by the default he said to index and follow, basically can read more about the Mita robbers. Just try Googling googling this and you'll find more information on each and every one of those what they actually mean. But basically this just briefly is how the Roberts are actually going to use this meeting information to search for your page. Okay, they have the author, and I would just put the web master. Do we come to the big description here? And although you can enter all sorts of different, um, items here and everything else, keeping it quite simple and easy is what I've done here. Basically, because this is, you know, just for me. And basically I would just like to have this is ah, in a way, Tommy on Demi webpage And just a few a few words or a sentence is just good in our body. Fewer like, as you can see, this is what you get is what you What you see is what you get, editor and basically can enter the links. You can even set some photo change the format of the tax. You can insert a man you feel like module and, you know, off the other different things. Okay, so that's basically all we have on this step. And we have this step here. Total editor. She hit on that. This is what you're going to get. And this is a plain HTML editor. All right, so let me talk back. OK? So that's pretty much all we have to do in the products category form moving into the Virtual March category view settings. First of all, we have the shop settings, a shop front setting. Sorry. And there we have show store description. Use global yes or no. If you put use global. This is actually the option that's being set previously. And we have seen how to that in the previous video tutorials where you will actually set some settings or configuration, they're going to be apply throughout the whole store. So basically what this year's global means is used the information that we have Priest said in the configurations for this particular option. So if you put use global, it's actually going to go into the configurations and have a look at what you have actually set for this particular option, which is show store description. All right, If you like, you can say no. I do not want that to be shown. Or if you're unsure that what you said in global or maybe have said in global No, you can actually come here and say yes, I'm going to put it as use global as I think that's good, because it actually it actually makes your whole webpage follow some sort off reform. Okay, So instead of, for example, for this category and I say yes and the next one I create that will say no. And I do not really have that that sort off a need tohave that particular category display differently. So what used as global show category description use global again Show search used globalists. Well, so you can put this as it is and basically, but just make sure that when you do go into the configuration settings and you actually change something in there in regards to actual description off the story and description of the category that will actually automatically change on your webpage without you coming back here and actually changing those options. All right, well, just keep that in mind. It's a It's a good thing to, you know, sometimes you can change and you say, Come on and then change for this particular page off this particular category, and it changed its. The reason is that it actually automatically changed because you've actually changed the global settings. All right, we come to the show Children category. Okay, so if we actually create more categories, So, for example, I put this category to be iPhone or apple, but basically what we can do, I put us iPhone. Basically, what I can do is now I can have iPhone six iPhone, five iPhone three and so on. Now, whether or not would I like to show those categories as the Children category to the I phone, all right, so basically can say yes or no. And maybe sometimes this is where you would actually choose either yes or no or not. Just put it as global, meaning that for some products you might not have the the child categories. And there's no no need to for you to actually say yes. And if you have in the global settings, the settings said to yes, it will display a child category or subcategory, if you would like, but there's no really sub categories. So for this you will. Actually, I would suggest actually come here. And you either. So, like yes or no since I'm actually thinking about trading sub categories or child category will say yes. Here, items Perot. You can put for example, five in their show products off the selected category. I would say yes, they're a swell. And I would maybe say then, Okay, years global with the omit option right there. Show featured. Okay, Whether or not to show I will say yes. And we'll live everything as it is. Show discounter definitely show top 10 products. Yes, show recent. Yes. Show latest. Yes. Okay, so all of these options here want 2345 they're to do with this particular category. So, for example, if you add a new product to this category, there's going to be this bit here, whether or not to show it. And actually, you know, in a way, highlighted or show to the viewer that this is the latest product, okay? And if there is a top 10 list whether or not to show that you can actually go and say no for that because I do not have that many that many blocks and we're going to have that member looks OK, So first of all they see is how everything is going to be shown. Then The second part of this shop fronts settings is to do with the actual products that are in the category and whether or not you would like to show such things as the feature discounted or top 10 products. Okay, under I can side we have the template and layouts category template. You can use the two available there or you can just use junior default category layout. No, alright categories or default. Okay, so if you would like to have the category different to the actual category templates. So if you would like to have the category layout different to the category template, for some reason you can actually come here and say categories OK, or you can actually go with fault. I do not want to that and therefore I will put this as now. All right, we actually come to the sub labels for products category. I'm not going toe. All right. Have the products horizon there. I'm not going toe. All right, that that actually means when you actually had the products in the category. Whether or not you will like the layout to be different from the lay out that's actually been selected for the category itself, I'm going to leave it as is. And for the products lay out exactly as I have the default or not. Fine. I'm not going toe override that. And I'm going to put my products lay out exactly the same as my category layout. Okay, so all that is done and let's have a look. Now if I hit on safe, all right? Everything has been safe. Okay? Now can go into the last step here, which is the image. 21. Managing Categories - advanced setting: all right, This couple of the things here, first of all, this is obviously too. He said a image. Right. And first off, we have this search for image and basically what? Search for the image. If you already have that image loaded loaded to your pitch, I do not have that. And the airport? I'll go straight to file published unique. Finally, you can enter the unique final aim. You can display the subtitle. You can use the alignment text. So whether you like to have, you know, you can then put the alternating taxed. So if for some reason the image does not load up, this text will be displayed right there. Image class, you can put their the u R l used the thumb. You are, well, role. Whether this is a display able or downloadable and then starting location type is the category. Okay, so there is the fire up loader, and what we'll do is we are actually going to upload this particular file by a saint, upload and clicking on choose file. Okay, here's my apple logo, and I will upload that like So Okay, let's hit on save once again and you can see this information here that this apple PNG has been uploaded and there it is. Okay. And the information about this lover that I'm going to use is there. Now, we can actually add some information here. Now that we actually have uploaded this this far, whether or not this is published will say yes. Unique file name. Let's say Apple Loveday displayed image Subtitle will actually keeping us nothing there. Alternative text. So let's enter some alternative takes here, and maybe apple logo would be good enough, so I'll just enter apple logo. Okay, Just like that. This is the Ural in a case that you actually need to use this image elsewhere. This is the web address that you would actually follow. And, um, this is display able, and it's actually in the category. And now we actually have the options with this particular fire, we connection uploaded a new one. We can replace this one, and we can replace the family. Also thumbnail image, which you will actually put in there. We're going to do anything off that sort. Okay, so, basically. Okay, So basically, what we'll do now is I'm going to hit on safe and close. Okay, so when the page actually lows up will find this information here brother category successfully saved. And here is my product category. Write their name, the description, number of products and the other information. You can actually change the order of how everything appears, whether or not this is published and the i d. Now what I would like to do is I'm just going to click here and just go and hit on. Publish. Okay. So, straight ahead, you'll find this message here that says product categories successfully published. And you can see that when we come to the published section here, it's actually got this green take. Okay, so it has been published, and this is basically how you would go about 3 18 categories and then you can actually create sub categories and you would use those to actually put your products in 22. Add Shopper Groups: since we have seen in the previous video tutorial How to actually create product categories , we're going to continue with creating some different categories, but this time we'll actually going to set up not the products but the shopper groups. So this is something that people usually forget to do, and sometimes it can be quite important. And for me in some rates actually linked to deep product categories, which we have seen in the previous video tutorial as this will actually create different types or different categories or actually different groups off shoppers. Okay, so what we need to do is navigate all the way to life to our main menu and click on orders and shoppers. And right there is these shopper groups, so we'll see how to actually set up the shopper groups and actually put more shoppers into those groups. So let's go ahead now and hit on shopper groups when the page loads up will be presented with a list off all the groups that we currently have. So this is done by the default, and at the moment we have the full shopper group and we have a guest drop a group of some description off this particular shopping groups to the Fault Shopper group, whether it's published or not published and any additional information will be located here and the I d. Okay, right atop we have published still has seen that many times before they're published or unpublished. This particular item and in this case is the shopper groups. We can add it those and create you. We can delete, set up some permissions and some help. OK, so setting up the shopper groups is quite straight forward. But I think it's also good to to have that done just after you actually finished with product category. So that's my suggestion after finish product categories, because it's similar things go into the shopper groups and actually come to this page and hit on the green button that says new. So I'll do that now. All right, so this is where we add a new shop, a group. It's quite straightforward, as you will see, but like I said before, it's sometimes very important. So I'm gonna call my group, for example, the I P shoppers, whether or not this is published like before, I'm not going to publish this straightaway. So what I'll do is all created. I'll save it and then I'll see it on that list. I'll come back here or from that list. I can actually go and publish that. If I'm very happy with how everything is looking, that's just the way I do everything. And just that actually minimizes the errors and everything else. Okay, so right here, I'll actually and to some description, off this particular shop a girl. So my shop, a group is called the appeal shoppers are very important shoppers, and I'll actually entered the information and description here. Okay, here's my description. This group holds very important shoppers. Now, you cannot actually enter more information there if you would like, But just for the purpose of this video tutorial, I'm just gonna leave it as it is. Now there's additional Shopper Group, so there's the radio or check box here. So if you click on that, this is actually going to make this group an additional shopper group. Okay, If you live it like that, it's actually not an additional shop. A group, so I will do is actually are living with less. That is why the defaults or leave it as unchecked. We come to the show following prices. Now for this group of people. Would you like to show any prices? If you actually say yes, you're going to enable shopping specific prices to display. When you click on this radio button here, a bunch of different prices are going to be shown like so. Okay, so let's go through some or let's go through all of them. First of all, we have read a top show price show label and routing around in digits. And we have this check box here. Okay? Which actually is locate, which actually deals with show prices. Okay, so we're going to show the prices and that we're going to select which prices were going to show to our group, which is called the D I P. Shopper. So those are some very important shop. Is that, for example, occasionally or more occasionally, but constantly buy from us and within their deserve to be in this particular group. Okay, whether or not we would like to show them the best price. Okay, so this is your base price. Would you like to show them or not? I will actually say night. Okay. Breast. Best price modifier. I'll actually say no, they're swell. New best price, all shape saying no, there is well discounted price without attacks. Actually, let them see that. So this discounted price, without the actual tax total discounted price without attacks will leave that, and they're a swell sales price. Without attacks, we can leave that as well. So basically they know how much they're paying before the techs. And then, you know, each country has different, different percentage for the taxes. And we'll see that in one of the later video tutorials help to set up a Texas and just they'll get the price off the product without the top without attacks. That's the same applies to the bottom 11 next to it. All right, so total sales price without a tax tax amount, I'll leave that as a swell. The total tax amount of live the one they're a swell base price with X. But without this counts. Oh, clear that. Final sales price? Definitely. Yes. Total final sales price a live there, one there swell sale price with discount, but without the override. Okay, so if you would like, you can leave that and basically as you can see that actually gives some explanation Here. This is the same as the sales price. Except you get the products Pacific. All right, option. So I'm not going to have the override option. And I'm going to clear that this counter amount, I'll leave that in their total discarded amount. Okay, Ali, their run in there. And the unit price, I'll leave that one in there. Okay? So basically, we have seen how to set up all off the fields here and the rounded around Indigenous. It's minus one. You can change that to anything you would like. So basically, E, for example, you have something that's nine points $56. It's actually going to be rounded down by one decimal. That's more point. Okay, So hit on safe and close. Okay? Once that it's saved. A pop up message of green message will show he a shopper group successful, saved. And there it is, my VHP shoppers. So there's the name, there's the description, and I can see that it's actually not being published. All right, so what we'll do is I'm going to hit on this item, and this should actually publish my group now. Okay, there it is, all right. And I get the message this Thea Shopper group successfully published. First of all, he was saved. Now it's published, and it's online. Maybe you have already noticed that we have those to the full groups, and we cannot actually the leaders, we can actually go and see all the setting. So let's go, for example, into the guest shopper group and this. And in this Ripper group, we have all this information here like we had before. Okay, so basically, we can, for example, change some the description. We cannot publish it and all that, but we cannot actually delete this default. The full group. Okay, so what a little he don't cancel. And this lex would return to the previous page. Where have the list of all the groups or it's some back here and we can see that the group that I have just created the AP shoppers can actually be more fight and deleted. So I will actually hit on this check box, and I would go delete, and this will actually delete my shop. A group. Okay, So this is how you go about actually creating new you shopper groups Okay, So when you have new customers, you have the option to put those customers. If you would like in the actual V i p shoppers. So it's going to the sharpest for now. And once again, we only have the fault. What? Muster. And if you would like to change thes shopper group that this particular shopper belongs to all you need to do is actually go to the shopper information tab. And right there, days, the shopper I d and right they have the shopper groups. And now we have the D A P shoppers. Okay, so we have just seen how to create the new shopper group. And basically, this is how you would assign that particular group toe a particular shopper or the other way around. You would actually put that particular shopper into that shop a group. Okay, So creating shopper groups with jama'at it's quite easy and straightforward, and I think it's a good thing to actually have completed before you actually go into building your online store and using this virtual mind 23. Set the Manufacturer Categories: continue on with the actual setting up or different categories. And different groups in this video tutorial will see how to actually go and set up the manufacturer categories. So those are the people who actually manufacture whatever it is that you're trying to sell online. And basically it's always good to have them classified. In a way like with Shop is and with the products we need to actually classified them into some different groups or categories. Okay, so what we need to do is we need to locate the manufacturers on the main menu all the way to the left. We're freakin it, and we'll find the second option there manufacturer categories. So let's go ahead and hit on the manufacturer categories. Link. All right, so when the page blows up, it will be exactly the same as we the actual product categories, which we have seen in privacy territorial. And at the moment we do not have in our least any off the manufacturers. So what we'll do now is will go and create a very first manufacturer category by clicking on the green button that says, new as you will see when the page loads up creating a manufacturer category. It's quite easy and straightforward there only three fields, which you need to actually and to hear festival is the manufacturer category name. Then we have one. No, this is published and we have the actual description or this manufacturer category. Okay, let's say, for example, that I'm selling mobile phones and accessories and stuff like that. So one of my category for the manufacturer would actually be the mobile phone manufacturers , so I'll actually do that. I'm going to enter the name as the mobile phone manufacturer because I can actually have accessories or e phones or something like that for my for my mobile phones. And first of all, I would like to have the category where I'm going to put all of my different manufacturers off the phone. So there's going to be, for example, Samsung was going to be LG that could be iPhone or Apple and stuff like that. So all of these manufacturers are going to put in this category that I'm actually going to call the mobile phone manufacturers or it's so first of all like upset are put in the name of category mobile phone manufacturers with an R at the end so well for mobile phone manufacturer. Once again, I'm going to publish this straight ahead. As I have explained this a few times before. This is just the way that I would like to have everything done before a publisher and for the actual that option. Dear the field manufacturer manufacturer category description all have written. Is the manufacturer off the mobile phone sold by my own life store? Okay, so this is quite straightforward and quite easy. There's no higher things here or more information to be at it. So once I'm happy with all that, I'll hit on safe and close, and the message will appear there. So, manufacturer category successful Sipes. And there is my mobile phone manufacturer with the description and the option to show the list. It's not being published, and the idea there is one. Okay, so let me publish this now and once that is published all GATT degree message again manufacturer category, successfully published off course. You do not have to do this exactly the same way as I do what you can actually publish whatever you're working on straight ahead. But it's just the way that I do it. And when you have a longer list of different parameters and different fields that you need to enter, it's in my my opinion and my experience, always good to double check the information you have entered. And if everything is OK, then you can go and Publisher. Okay, so this is quite easy and quite straightforward to actually add different manufacturers. And let's go quickly now to this link here, which actually says manufacturers or it's Ah, this is all of the manufacturers that I have on my online store. Basically, the list is empty and let's go ahead now and actually create a manufacturer. So let's hit on the big green button, which says new All right, so he will have some more information to enter First the holders to tabs. There's the description, and there is the images, all right. So as the name suggests, this is actually going toe hold all of the information it's going to describe your manufacturer, okay? And in the images, this is where you actually enter some images for that particular, but the killer manufacturer was go to the description once again. And first of all, let's look at the manufacturing name. So, for example, on selling iPhones and the manufacturer off course is Apple. So what I'll do is I'll entered the manufacturer name as Apple. Once again, I'm not going to publish this. Then we come to the manufacturer self Elias, and I'll put Apple there as well. Then we come to the manufacturer category, and this is just what we have created before. So Apple is a manufacturer off mobile phone and other things, but they also manufacturer mobile phones iPhones and therefore I will sell like my category , which I have just seriously curated, which is actually the mobile phone manufacturer. Now there is the manufacturer you Earl, and the email. If you want, you can enter that if you have that information, and if you have that permission from the manufacture toe, enter the information here because this is just the dummy website. What I'll do is actually out. Enter some information for both Europe and the email. Okay, so prevented www dot apple dot com for the U. R L on a prevented manufacturer in email as sales at apple dot com. Then we come to a big box like this. OK, so this is, what you see is what you get. Editor, we have seen this before, and basically, you can enter all different things here. Like images, contacts, different formatting. When it comes to the tax, you can enter modules menu and what not, But basically, this is all to do with the actual description. So what we'll do here is instead of going through, you know, entering all of this information and using all different contacts, images, articles and everything else, I would just enter some plain text. Then what'll entering here is something like, You know, something's going to describe apple as the manufacturer or more by the phones. OK, so I went to some information in there now. Okay, So old information I have entered there is apple manufacture smartphones, iPhone. Okay. So you can enter anything you want there. That's the description. Then we come to the meat information. Okay, so this is all to do with the search engine optimization and how this is all presented. So we have the custom patient. I told them, Have the meat a cure? It's neat. A description meter Roberts and the author. Okay, so what I'll do is of course, you will and to yourself as the authoring here. So do that first, and you don't have to entered the web, master. You can just put whatever name you will like to be to be in there. Okay, so the custom title page. So this is the title page for this particular manufacturer for this particular manufacturer of the mobile phones. And what we'll do is maybe All right, apple, the manufacturers off, I find. Okay, So there is apple, the manufacturer off the iPhone. When it comes to the keywords, you will enter some keywords which will describe this particular manufacturers. So, you know, like Apple. The first thing that associates to Annapolis smartphone iPhone, um, life on six iPhone, five iphone X, I think is also there's something that you were entering their that will actually help you when actually have the search engine that people are using to actually find, for example, iPhone X. When they type in Google iPhone acts. And if this actually hits if that word is actually here in this box off, your key wears a light will actually go green, and you're paid will actually be shown there, and people will see that you are actually selling iPhones on your on your webpage meta description. It's exactly say so. Basically, you enter some more description. So the first field just above Mitac yours is keywords. And here you would answer some description. All right, so this is totally up to you. What, you entering here? But it's very important if you actually thinking off letting your future customers find some products on your weapons using Google and stuff another search engine Engines out there like Yahoo and Field, is okay, so that's important. When it comes to that, then we come to the meter robots. And once again, this is something to do with the how your pages are actually searched for or how they're indexed. If you will like and basically have couple of the options there. And we have the headmaster as the author. Okay, so basically, what we're doing now is recreating the reverse manufacturer called Apple Toe, actually show that Apple manufacturers iPhones and when we actually go and lay down at iPhone as one of the products that we're selling, we can actually select from the manufacturer's list. We can select apple and, uh, people will be able to see that iPhone is actually made by Apple, which is off these, but for some other less known brands in my not be it might not be obvious. Okay, so I'm happy with how everything is looking our hit on safe and close, okay? And this year, long bringing back to the main page for the manufacturers. And we have, ah, first manufacture apple manufacturer. Ah, email the description here de category and the u R l. We can see that it's the 1st 1 idea is one, and we're not. We have not published this man effectual. Let's go ahead now. And let's publisher from here. Right. So what we need to do is select this manufacturer Apple by clicking on the checkbooks right there and hit on published. So this is actually the same as publishing it through here, But let's do it this way. L et's go publishes from here. All right, we have actually just published first manufacturer called Apple, and there is the message right there. Okay, so this is basically all you have to do for the manufacturers First will create the categories, then create the manufacturers when your shop grows larger and you have more manufacturers, you come back here, you would add more manufacturers and mawr categories. Okay, So what we actually trying to do here before we actually get into adding products? He's setting up all these little categories and you know, the little things that will actually enable us to go through the process off adding product and heavy all the required fields, the right there. And we can actually go and, you know, assigned different different manufacturers assigned different shopper groups and everything else to our to our product when we actually trying to publish it it on the website. So the main goal is to actually get the products online. But before we actually get to that point, first of all, as we have seen, we have to set up the configuration settings that we have to go into stuff like this, setting up different groups, setting up different categories. And once all that is done, we'll actually go and actually add the products. So in the next, video tutorials will actually go and, you know, add some more different things like this, such as the tax such as the payment methods, the actual logistics company or the actual transportation means and stuff like that. And once all that is done will be, you know, okay to go and actually add products as we're going to have all of these options available to us. Okay, So let's go. Ah, head now. And let's continue which with setting up or the manufacturers tropper groups and categories than everything.