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Introduction to the Metaverse & How to Invest in it!

teacher avatar Ali Matar, I Bring Value to People Who Need It

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The components of the MetaVerse

    • 3. Our Journey to Web 3

    • 4. How Will NFTs Play a Role in the Metaverse

    • 5. Invest in Metagaming Tokens Coins

    • 6. Investing in Metaverse ETFs or Stocks

    • 7. Investing in Metaverse Gaming

    • 8. Outro

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About This Class

Everyone is wondering the same thing: What is the Metaverse?!

Well, in this short class (Won't be short for long as I will keep on updating the course as the Metaverse starts taking shape and form) you are going to know the baby-steps to the metaverse and why it is coming at us by storm.

In this class you will know:

  • What the metaverse is.
  • Why people will adapt to the metaverse
  • The relation between NFTs and the metaverse
  • Where to invest in the metaverse

This class is now short since the metaverse is still not here and will take time to take shape and form. For that reason, I will be constantly updating the class as we go with the journey of the metaverse!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ali Matar

I Bring Value to People Who Need It



I’m Ali Matar. A Lebanese digital entrepreneur living abroad. I started my online career from a side-hustle that I started in my own small bedroom. Being broke, I had to place my camera on a very cheap and short tripod that I had to then put on the bed to be able to film.

Today, I was able to found and cofound several online businesses worldwide.


I have also helped thousands of people to start their journey in learning my own mother language, the Lebanese Arabic.


Now, we are striving to bring our spoken Arabic dialects worldwide and I have personally helped and mentored hustlers on how to start their own online side-hustle journey.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me into this class course wherever you want to call it, where we are going to be talking about the multiverse, the future of them at first, how did we end up here in the multiverse? And if the multiverse will play a major, major role in our lives in the next couple of years. This is the question about multiverse, does a lot of speculation about it. A lot of people are fearing metaphors and a lot of people are actually embracing the multiverse. Guilty as charged. I am also embracing the metaphors and I think it's going to be in the next couple of years. It's going to hit us, like the meteor hit the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Because I believe the future is now here, but this is just my opinion. And in this course, everything that is going to be mentioned in this course is basically based on speculation because the metaphors is not here. We are building a trust that the multiverse will be developed and it will be here and the next couple of years. That's why everything that is going to be said in this course or in this class is that the trust that we are building into this multiverse and how it could be in the next couple of years. Without further ado. Let's jump into it. Let's go. 2. The components of the MetaVerse: Hello everyone. So before we jump into the journey that brought us here to the edge of technology where we are going to be developing the metaphors, which is a crazy thing, which is something that the human mind will not comprehend from the first moment. Be like man, we only see that in movies. I mean, this, this doesn't happen in real life. However, it is happening as we speak. So before we jump into this journey and how we became her and why we will adapt to it. Let's first talk about the multiverse itself and what it consists of. So y over here, we have the multiverse, right? So the metaphors has three main components. Components, let me change the color in everyone. So this quantity here, no, I don't want to with arrows. So this one over here is nothing. And this one over here is nothing, and this one here is nothing. So the first thing is that it is VR AR, VR AR. So what is VR AR? Vr is, if you, if you don't know it's virtual virtual reality. And AR is augmented reality. So what is the difference between both of them? I mean, I mean, I think you've already, you already know a little bit about the virtual reality, which because we have a lot of virtual reality glasses where basically you can see you can play on PlayStation or exports wherever it is, the console that you have, you can basically play inside this game with virtual reality glasses. That means you will be inside the game, kind of inside the game UCI, which is the metaphors scan of and, but it's the name virtual reality reality, but it's virtual. So what is augmented reality? Augmented reality is like Pokemon Go. So people were walking. This does not be Pokemon Go. So people basically walking by fetching Pokemons on their iPhones, on their smartphones. This wasn't virtual reality. It was kind of virtual reality. It's a fine line between both of them, but virtual reality didn't walk, walk around with glasses, with virtual reality glasses to see them right there. We're actually seeing them on their smartphones and capturing Pac-Mans on their smartphones. And this is the augmented reality. So the first component of the metaphors is VR AR. The second component is the block chain. I like this color, the blockchain. So if you still haven't or don't know exactly what the black block chain is. A really recommend you to jump into it right now because this is a major role, because it consists of an FTEs. It consists basically, an FTE is non-fungible tokens, everything that is related with the block chains, the difference of block chains like a theorem polygon Solana. This is playing a major role in the metaphor is because basically you will be having your, your assets online. For instance. I'm wearing right now this jacket and this watch, right? Right. The blockchain enables me to, I have this watch and this jacket in the virtual reality in the multiverse. And they are mine, they are mine, my own assets, but online. So if you are interested, I also have other classes that jump into the block chain with the NFC and unforgeable tokens, the digital assets, and how everything is going crazy over there. And if the multiverse, Multiverse. So the third component that we have with the metaphors is the Web 3. The Web 3. And the next lecture, we are going to be talking about the Web 3. And what is Web 1, What is Web 2? And how did we come to the Web 3, 10. But the Web 3 is basically the Internet that we have today, which is the iPhone's smartphones. Everything that we have today, the applications, everything is Web 3. So the metaphors is, are these three things combined together? The VR, AR, the block chain, aka NFT, and the Web 3. And if you ask me, there is the most exciting thing I've ever seen in my life that might traverse. And I'm really, really, really dying to know how everything is going to show up to be and how the real metaphor, Islam, not a real documented multiverse, is going to look lag. So and the next lecture we are going to be talking about the journey from Web 1, web 2, web, web, web and web 3 and how we actually came here, because some people actually forget about the crazy things that we went through in our internet journey. Let's go. 3. Our Journey to Web 3: Hello everyone. Thank you for tuning in to this episode or class or lecture. We are going to be talking about the journey of our journey, our journey from Web 1 to web to Bernal, and then from 2 to Web 3. Let me ask you a question. How many of you actually remember this sound? Do you remember the sentiment? This was? If you're born after 2000 or the year 2000, I really do believe that we actually don't know what the sound is. This sound is basically connecting to the Internet. So the web 1 goes back to the nineties where internet was found. So the Internet was usually connected to the land line, right? So when do we use to connect to the Internet? We can't use landline. So you can call, right? And every minute it was constantly changing. But basically when you call someone for one minute and you connect to the Internet for one minute, it's the same value, it's the same price that you pay. So it was crazy back then. This was the web 1 where it was basically everything. The world wide web. It was I mean, Amazon was first starting. We had the penny stocks, we had the YouTube, like the starting journey of YouTube. Did you actually know YouTube was basically a dating platform and that platform used for content creators. This was, this was the web 1, the modem, the age of the start of everything. So if we go back then to the web 1, right? Or let's go back to the 60s. If you had said to someone, Hey, by the way, in the next couple of years and next couple of decades, maybe with one press of a button. You can call someone and they will instantly appear on your screen and you can talk to them. I think at that point, that person would be like to hire something like this is never going to happen, right? Because the human brain can actually adapt. And a lot of times you actually reject new ideas because we fear them. We are scared of new ideas. So let's go back to the 19 hundreds. If we say, hey, by the way, the next couple of decades, we are going to be flying like a bird and go. It's going to take you just a couple of hours from New York to Los Angeles. The other guy will be like that. Where did you get these mushrooms, right? So we will not actually adapt the idea. I mean, your idea. We will find it crazy, right? But it happened. We even invented the Concord, which was later to say it didn't continue, but I think it will come back right. We landed on the moon. We are going fully on the space technology. And when we went Web 1 appeared, actually a lot of people actually rejected the Internet. They didn't find the idea. Good is like, this is crazy. It's going to change everything because we feed it, right? But look at the bright side. It actually worked a lot of people together, right? And then we went, in the next couple of years, we went to something that is called Web 2. Web 2 is when everything went. Iphones, smartphones, Android, it started going, it started shaping, Right? So back then the web 1 that you didn't know what social media was, the web tool panel made that happen. So the Web 2 is when everything started to take form, which is the social media, right? Then we have Facebook. Before that we had MySpace and then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everything started shipping form and not just that. We started we stopped using MSN. All right. I started using WhatsApp or Viber or tangled. There was a lot of apps that were coming out of the bag back then, BlackBerry was going crazy, like where I went bankrupt right now. Because everything changed, is constantly changing. And right now, everything that we have at the applications is on our smartphones. So how many applications do you have on your smartphone? Smartphone, it's crazy. It's crazy. I mean, I have trading apps, I have a gaming apps. I have so many apps on my iPhone that actually forget that I have these apps. I mean, I have an app called night sky where I see where all the Planets are because I'm interested in this kind of stuff. So it's crazy that your iPhone can do that. This is the web 2, right? And then we have several apps on our smartphones. The Web 3 is the metaphors is when everything over here, those virtual, whoops, virtual. So you might think but, but I mean, how, it's like, it's crazy. Like how, how, how can we go virtual? Think about it this way. You have all of these applications on your smartphone. But instead of looking at it on your smartphone, you have your classes. And when we talk about the classes, we might even not have these big bulgy virtual reality. You might have like these ones to virtual reality, right? With just a press of a button or in some kind of way, we still don't know the apps were appearing in front of you and you can click on it like that and don't tell me, you cannot click on it because I tried it myself. I tried the virtual reality and yes, I could click on stuff in the air and I could click on it. And not just that, I can actually grab stuff With my head. Like I could see my, my, my own hands right in front of me in a virtuality. We had like weird colors and I could grab stuff in the air. So the virtual reality, this, it, it exists, pressing on stuff in the air exists. So imagine all of the apps that you have on your smartphone are going virtual. Everything is gone virtual if you want to call someone virtual, so imagine, I'm certainly now and I call someone from my glasses and I'm talking to him and I can see him or her. But then I hear the web through Bono. I know you might not adapt to the idea. You might not actually comprehend the idea from the first time, but this is what the multiverse is because we spend, we still don't know how it's going to be taking place, how it's going to be like we still have no idea how it's going to be developed. These being developed. And that's why Facebook deployed 10% of the workforce on developing metal. So it is crazy, right? But just keep an open mind and be a little bit creative and how it's going to be if you have an idea and how it's going to be, how the metaphysis is going to be. Then please do open a discussion and leave it down below because I am happy to hear how you think about this, how it's going to be taking place, how it's going to be shaped, and how it's going to shape our world in a future. In the next lecture, we are going to be talking about how it's being developed and how an FTEs and actually included in the multiverse. Let's go. 4. How Will NFTs Play a Role in the Metaverse: Hello everyone. So how are NFT is going to be playing a role in the multiverse? Now, if you still don't know what and if these are, I really do recommend you to watch my other classes where we go fully on the NFT and how, what it is with digital asset is. But basically some kind of a short summary of it. It's a digital asset. It's a non-fungible token. It digital assets. So you have your own assets right here. You have your smartphone, you have your wallet, you have your credit card, you have everything. These are all assets, right? I had this mike over here. This is an asset. So an NFT is all of these assets, but built in an online world and an online virtual reality world. It's an online digital asset. So this what, this is what an FTEs are. So I am over here. This is the central land was going crazy in the last couple of weeks. Because people are actually starting to believe in the multiverse and they believe that the central end will play a major role afterwards on and how the multiverse is going to take place. So welcome to the Virtual, Virtual Worlds. One stop shop for the very best digital assets. So that means the center, the central end. Basically, they basically sell stuff. It's like, it's like going to a shop in a real-world and you buy things. So it's like going to $1 shop for instance, and you buy stuff. That's what this Internet basically is. You buy stuff for your own virtual, for your own house, or mentioned, or wherever it is in your virtual reality world and in your digital world. And not just that, you can also buy land. So yeah, you can buy land. You can bind a parcel, you can the key analysts, like we have, we have, oops, sorry. We have so many view or this is the central end. This is all decentralised and these white ones are the, are the land or real estate that you can actually buy. So let's go over here. This one it is, this is man are running in a film network 18500 manner. I'm, I'm not sure because if the price of man has always going up and down, I really don't know how much there is, but it is pretty expensive, right? So it's already expensive. So I think about, think about it this way. So imagine not just buying land and then building your own house on it. Imagine buying land, land now and then selling them five years later. The thus you becoming a digital real estate agent. So this is like so many ways on how this is or this can go and just, just think about it this way. Everything that we have now in our world can we translate into metaphors? We have real estate agents, we have, we have also flippers, house flipping. So this can all exist in the multiverse and does already exist in the multiverse. So they also have collectibles. Maybe I want to buy this phase tee shirt for five manner. Alright, I should have some cool stuff. I'm going to dress like this for Halloween in a multiverse. So this is what the center is about. So let's go to sandbox. Sandbox is also yes. Thank you. I don't want to connect now. It's also kind of the same. So the sandbox play create all ungoverned, a virtual multiverse made my maid by players. So you have the Walking Dead partners, Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Smurfs, Hell's Kitchen. So this is discovered the sandbox. I do recommend you guys to go and check all of these out and the bathing ape. So these are all stuff that you can buy in the multiverse. Now what I'm hoping for is that it is somehow, in some kind of way everything will be connected with each other so that people who buy stuff from the central, the central land and people buy stuff from the sandbox, somehow end up in the same universe, in the same world, right? So I'm, I'm really not sure on how it's going to be taking place. I really hope that it is coming to me this way. But we'll see, we'll see how everything is going to be developing. So you might think that this is all this great, But I mean, look at this like, I don't know, but there's one ball, but a little. But actually Nike is ready to sell products in the metaphors. So Nike are going crazy right now. So imagine you have, you are living in this virtual reality world and you buy Nike shoes. So instead of buying Nike shoes in the real-world, you buy them in the online world. And guess what? I don't know. If it's going to go if it's going to devalue and asked like normally when you buy shoes and you want to sell them back again, we like but it's already like you were them for like one year. I don't want that. But in an online virtual world, it's not going to be this way, right? So it doesn't matter how much or how many times you actually wear them, it's not going to happen, right? So if Nike are now jumping into this trend and Facebook changed the name to mete, you're going to expect a big, big, big, amazing move in the multiverse in the next couple of years. So we just have to be patient. Educate yourself about the multiverse. If you want to buy some stuff. Why not? Because it's a worthy, I mean, it's a way they also selling like crazy and open C. So I mean, it's a win-win situation already. And oh, this is like the last, the last land over here, but it's really expensive, so we really hate people and then you buy it over here. So, yeah, look about this stuff. And in the next couple of lecture, I am going to be talking about stocks, tokens, coins that I really do believe we are going to be exploding in the next couple of years. And where you can actually invest and in some kind of way also invest in metaphors. So without further ado, let's jump into it. 5. Invest in Metagaming Tokens Coins: So guys, how can you actually invest in the multiverse? So basically we have three types of investments and the metaphors we have, first of all, if you invest in tokens that actually help this metaphor, It's like gaming. And if T is and if these grass gaming, everything that is related in the crypto world, this is the first thing. The second thing would be investing in metaphors, stocks or ETFs, where we are going to be talking about them in the next lecture. And then the lecture after that is actually focusing on metaphors, Gaming, that means games related and others. But first, Let's talk about, about top non-fungible tokens and if t, which is also basically related to metaphors itself. So now I'm on coin Gekko. And over here we have all of these tokens, coins actually related to an FTE is, and yeah, this is pretty much a lot of coins out there that actually focus on, and if these, so just for you to get an idea, I'm not here to give you financial advice. I'm not here to tell you what to invest in. You have to do your own research and then invest in it. So number 24, I would have actually infinity. It is a number 24 which is from the top 124 because it has the market cap of let me move myself. It has the market cap of $9 billion. So that's why it comes afterwards. They said the network and then they centered at flow, Chile's engine coined a sandbox. And it goes further. So you have to give or do your own research and see what projects will have a great potential. And that will make you be invested into the multiverse. So do your own research is going. Cohen claimed get-go and FT and NF2 related coins. And then you can see all of these coins. Make sure to just check them out. For instance, let's go, I'm going to go through to actually infinity and then I check their website, for instance, what they are building, who, who the team is and everything, right? So I can also check out, for instance, if it's pumped a lot. Looks like it. Yeah. But it has been going down for the couple of couple of weeks. So this is actually infinity. Wow. And then, yeah, just do your own research about the white paper. Do your own research about everything about the X infinity. And if you like what you see you can invest. If not, then you can move forward to another coin and other token that you feel you are comfortable in. So we have sandbox and the central add that I showed you earlier of years its own sandbox. And we have a lot of other tokens, coins helping build these matters. So make sure to do your research on about these. And if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask. I'm here to help you all basically know everything or because the multiverse is still, no one knows how it's going to be. And please do ask me and I hold my best to answer you with my own I also maybe mix with my own opinion. So let's, after that, let's jump into this stocks or the ETFs are the metaphors. 6. Investing in Metaverse ETFs or Stocks: All right, So you feel you don't want to invest in tokens or coins, maybe they are too far or volatile for you. Maybe, I don't know what the reason might be. And you want to invest in stocks in the multiverse ETF because we do have a multiverse ETF and it's the Round Hill ball, my divers ETFs. So what does an ETF? Etf is basically a combination of a lot of stocks that are related, in this case are related in the metal, are combined in one. So that means it will be less risky investment from your side in the metaphors. And for instance, in this ETF, we have, as you can see, it is going up. And these are the top ten holdings of this ETF. We have the envelope corporation, the roadblocks core, Microsoft, Unity software, meta platforms, which is Facebook, Autodesk, Amazon, 10s and C, and Taiwan Semiconductor. And we also have over here you can check the full ETF holdings. And these are all the these are all the The companies that this ETF has. So if you like what you see, if you like, if you want to invest in this, because this is basically a low risk, low reward. Etf is basically lowest, low risk, low reward. However, you can also invest in the stock itself. So you can invest in and video corporation, the Roblox itself, the Microsoft itself, them into platforms. So if you feel apple, if you feel that you want to invest in a certain stock and individual stack mixture tool. Or you can pick some one, start from here and invest in it. So this is how you invest in multiverse stocks. I invest in stocks. Now. I actually don't invest in ETFs. I am actually heavily invested in the multiverse tokens and coins because that's what I believe is going to be going into me being making a difference. I'm not going to tell you what coins and tokens I'm invested in because I don't want to influence you to invest in this. Because I feel that you have to do your own research and invest in them if you feel the project is good and it is worth investing in. So in the next lecture, we are going to be talking about the games optima diverse. Let's go. 7. Investing in Metaverse Gaming: So guys, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. So I am over here and a game called while Wilder, Wilder world. And it is a multiverse game. And you don't dimension of reality while the world isn't immersive. 5d multiverse built on Ethereum Unreal Engine 5 and 0. So basically they have wheels, have kicks, cribs, all of that. You can basically buy their own world. You can buy land. I mean, this is crazy, this is crazy with this game. And how you can actually invest in is basically by these entities already. I think they're already on all of them are on opening. See. You can buy them over there and you can also buy Wilder or wild, sorry, wild price, which is the price of the token itself. They have a market cap of thrown or 2 million dots, which is not bad. Trading volume 24 hour, $10,000,000.6 thousand holders. So basically you can go on by and buy their own currency. Maybe you would like to use it then a couple of years. One of the matter versus here, or maybe you just want to trade it to buy now and say, hi, um, so, yeah, so this is basically a wilder world and I really do believe is going to be playing a big role in the future, but we'll see about that. So we're over here. We also have star atlas, which is crazy. If you want to see the trailer, make sure to press on trailer and check out the trailer. But this is, it's basically a crazy game. And you can also buy star atlas. I'm not going to go now. And again, you can basically buy a star atlas and invest in it in order for you to play that afterwards. So basically you can buy spaceships as LFTs. You can basically buy everything related to space, right? So the aircraft, so whatever it is, you can buy that on Open. See, a lot of people are seeing that it's going to take years to actually develop this kind of game. But I mean, why the rush, right? So there's also a lot of other gaming or games that you can also play your body. And the metaphors. Make sure to check out some of the games is just an example I'm going to tell you. So basically how you want to invest is basically by their own currency and wait for later to see if we wanted to sell or actually keep it. Because you think they might have verse is going to be a big thing in the future. So, yeah, this is basically it in this lecture and in the next one you are going to be talking about a little bit about the future of the metaphors. Let's go. 8. Outro: So guys, what do you think about this matter verse? Is it going to be going to explore it isn't going to take place. What do you think the future of the multiverse is going to be? By the way, because the multiverse is to in development, I am going to be updating and upgrading this class as any other information that comes from somewhere regarding whatever is, I'm going to be uploading more episodes and more classes, more lectures in order for me to cover everything that you need to know about them at first. So let me know what you think about the multiverse is going to be crazy. If it's not going to be crazy, if it's crazy already that we are actually developing technology and what do you think, How is going to be? Are we actually going to be hosting meetings with our own avatars in space like Meta showed us in their video or not. I don't know. I think this is going in some kind of way that whatever's is going to happen and it's going to be crazy. And a lot of people will start jumping in and people will be like at the end of the world, but it's going to be just like, well, 1.02. And some people will be heavily invested in at some, some people not just like social media right now, you have, you have people who are spending ten hours a day on social media. And you have some people who are even have Instagram. So I think it's going to be the same thing with a multiverse. Some people are going to be heavily invested in them better for some people not. So it's going to be crazy. We have to wait and see how everything is going to be going. And if you have any other on-demand lectures, like if you feel you want to know something specific, please also do opening our discussion and so that I can upload this episode as fast as I can. I'm here for you. I'm here to spread the word about the metaphors and let's go crazy. Thank you for watching. See you guys next time.