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Introduction to Video Content Marketing

Liz Azyan, Founder of Content Creators Co.

Introduction to Video Content Marketing

Liz Azyan, Founder of Content Creators Co.

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22 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Start Here

    • 3. Define Your Goals & Objectives

    • 4. Content Audit

    • 5. Event Calendar Audit

    • 6. Video Essentials Checklist

    • 7. Define Your Story

    • 8. Plan for Engagement

    • 9. Get Creative [30 Video Ideas]

    • 10. FREE Video Content Calendar

    • 11. Plan Your Video Length & Size

    • 12. Pre-Production

    • 13. Create Your Video

    • 14. Post-Production

    • 15. Distributing Your Videos

    • 16. Promoting Your Videos

    • 17. Measuring Your Success

    • 18. Bonus: Teaser Videos with Headliner

    • 19. Bonus: Create Videos with InVideo

    • 20. Class Project

    • 21. Bonus: Hashtags for All Year Long

    • 22. More

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About This Class

This course is a no-nonsense approach to video marketing. It's designed to help you hit the ground running with your video marketing. You're not here to be convinced on whether or not you should be doing it. You're here because you already know that video is for you and you want an expert to show you exactly how to do it. You'll learn how to:

  1. Incorporate videos into your marketing
  2. How to achieve all your business goals and objectives.
  3. You'll learn how to start your video marketing on the right foot.
  4. You'll get clear on how to get started and what videos you can make.
  5. Embrace future opportunities to shine with video marketing when you're planning ahead.
  6. Understand what are the basic ingredients needed for your video marketing.
  7. You'll learn how your audience perceives you & what makes unique. You'll also get a FREE Audience Survey Template.
  8. I'll help you plan your video engagement for success.
  9. I'll show you how to never get stuck in your video creation process with 30 video ideas.
  10. Get your FREE 2020 Video Content Calendar with my easy-to-follow video tutorial.
  11. Never get stuck on any social media platform. Get my FREE guide to all video lengths and sizes in this course.
  12. Save a lot of time and hassle by being prepared.
  13. Not sure what tool to use? We have a list that will get you going.
  14. Get my list of distribution ideas!
  15. Get my to-do list to promote your videos!
  16. Learn how to measure your success.

Plus A LOT of free templates and bonus content.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, you've come to the right place. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Liz Azyan

Founder of Content Creators Co.


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1. Introduction: in this cold seal. Learn how to start your video multi on the right foot with my exclusive goals and objectives. Video guide. You'll also get clear on how to get started and what videos you can make with the content of it and the event calendar audit. You'll also get to grips to understanding what are the base ingredients needed for your video marketing with a video essentials chat list? If you don't know yet how to create your brand story, don't worry. I'll show you exactly how to do this with my free audience survey template. Now I feel creating a video for business. Then, obviously, you need to plan for engagement. I'll show you the exact structure on how you can build an engaging video. If you're ever worried about running out of ideas, don't worry anymore. In this course, I'm going to give you a list of 30 video ideas that you can implement straightaway. No video marketing strategy is complete without a video contact calendar. Lucky for you, we have a free 2020 video contact calendar for you in this course that you could download straight away. I'll also give you a free guide on the video lengths and sizes for each social media platform, so you never have to worry about getting it wrong. Save yourself a ton of time and hassle by using my preproduction chat lists. If you're not sure but what tools to use to create a video? I have a list that you can get started on. No video marketing strategy is complete without distribution and promotion of your videos, so make sure you get my to do list in this course as well. Last but not leaves. Don't forget to measure for success. I'll show you exactly what are the things you need to measure and what tools you can use to measure them. 2. Start Here: Welcome to the video marketing boot camp system. I'm so glad that you decided to join us and I can't wait to get started. So in order to take this class, you're gonna need to download my workbook. So in order to do that, simply go to this link and you'll be taken to this page right here. All you need to do is click Make a Copy and you'll be taken to this workbook. As you can see, the first page is the Workbook lessons. Each of these links connect to the corresponding lesson. You can also navigate the lessons through the tabs below. If you ever need to get back to the table of content, just go here and scroll to the top and click lessons. And you'll be taken back to this page. If you ever need to navigate to a certain page, simply have to hover over the link and click it. It'll also navigate from the tabs below. So all you have to do is pause this video and go to the link and create a copy. I'll see you in the next lesson. 3. Define Your Goals & Objectives: this book can will help you focus on achieving your video marketing goals or blocking out all the distraction and unnecessary steps that will just take you off course. So if you're ready, let's start setting your video marketing goals and objectives. Now, since every business is different, no to business's objectives are alike. But goals can be so what we're going to do in this lesson is take a look at some of the common video marketing goals and start writing down your own. And after we're done with that, you can start writing down your objectives that is specific to your business. So now let's take a look at some of the common goals you may come across in video marketing . Here are the top 10 most common goals associated with video marketing. The 1st 1 is brand awareness. Then thought leadership, customer engagement, brand loyalty, traffic, the generation lead conversion and up sell, removing roadblocks to sales. Custom education on talent recruitment. If you want a little bit more detail on each goal, put refer to the resources sheet for some definitions of these goals to see how it fit into your business. On this page, you will find all 10 goals listed here with the definitions, so you can gain some clarification if needed while going through this boot camp not to kick off our video Moxon book Can system. Let's go to the first step here. If you venture to the lessons page where you have a table of contents off this whole boot camp, you just click on Step one until we are at your first exercise. So the whole point of this course is that you will hit the ground running. So let's start with, say, for instance, in January. Let's set your content goals on objective. So, for example, I say this is a month of January and there's a drop down here You should choose, I would say, First of all, choose your top five goals, content goals for your business. So before you even fill up this January section first, pick five of the most top content goals that use you want to achieve in the year 2020. So I've selected these top goals for my business. For instance, Ondas, he concedes, brand awareness, thought leadership, customer engagement, the conversion and up sell and customer engagement. So as an example of a no objective. This is the monthly video objectives are right in here, say in January. I want to successfully create and published at least one video per week that talks about endowment demonstrates our products or services this month. See, it's very focused, So you're not kind of like thinking, What am I gonna do this month and you just come up with a video that doesn't actually really to any goal or objective in your business? By doing this exercise, you're able to throughout the year be on target instead of just randomly selecting different types of content to create. So it's very important to understand that when you're creating the objectives, it has to be specific, immeasurable. So, as you can see, her is very specific, and it's very measurable. You have one video per week. Why is it that you're actually creating? You're creating talks that stem or demonstrations of your products for that month? I give examples for each of the goals here so you can work through how you could possibly create your own objectives. So at any point you know you could change it. But be sure that these are the five top content goals because, if possible, we don't want to change throughout the year to keep focus. But say if something changes, obviously feel free to change a goal if it doesn't suit your business anymore, So as you go along every month, just fill in the objectives. If things are the same, then continue having the same objective. But if they're different than you could change it up. Ah, for example, for this objective, you'll find that when you're first starting video marketing, you are just starting to get your feet when you might just aim for one video pervy. But as he gained your momentum and you really understand the process and you're quicker and creating your content, then you might up it to two video per week. So see, that's how that objective will change for months to month. 4. Content Audit: for the next step, Let's move on to Step two, which is the content audit to access like exercise. Simply click on Step two and then you'll come to this worksheet right here. So the whole point of this specific exercise is to incorporate video marketing within your content marked. And so, as we know, video marketing is very much of a bigger ecosystem, which is content marketing and content. Marketing is of a bigger ecosystem, which is digital marketing. So if we do something with video marketing, it's almost a must that we look into what was actually going on within our content marketing strategy. So that's why it's very important to look at what content we actually already have within the business, or what content assets are there that we can use video marketing to complement with. So, for instance, let's say this is used this worksheet here or this exercise. What I want you to do is to go into your blawg, your website and just select your block post. So this is like auditing the content that you have. This is an example of, like a manual process you just put in the contents title there and then you select put in the category. So say this is Instagram maybe or might be social media, depending on how you would categorize your cats grease. And then you just pop the link of the content so you can find it next time. And now you is very important to select the content format here. So you know what your type of content you're dealing with? Another thing is to understand where this content sits in terms of the buyers journeys stage. So in this case, it's very much we're educating. We're doing customer education for this block post. So I would say the customer journey or the bias training is awareness awareness of us as a digital marketing agency. So Nexus did some what would be a good complement to this piece of content that we already have already written and is already on our website? How can we make this content better with video? So here I've listed just, you know, a few examples of what you could potentially do. Obviously you don't have to choose from this list. This is just to get your inspiration going. But obviously you could choose any type of video that you would like, but this is a really good place to start if you're not used to creating video for your business. So let's say we choose something along the lines of how to So we could create how to set up instagram for business type of video to complement this content. A really good tip is toe. Actually, just if you click on this link here will open this article where it will show you how you can download all your ah well, press you girls in plain tax. Obviously, if you're using a different system, this won't help. But if you're used WordPress, which most people are, you can download all of the you are else that's on your website, you know, including not just posts, pages and landing pages of everything that's on your websites, that you know what content you have and all the cats, Caries and basically everything you need to fill up this this content audit. You probably only need to do this once, so don't worry about it being a heavy load. You can also mean oh, maybe outsource it. If you don't have time, just get someone to do a content audit for you so and tell them to leave this column empty . So then you could go through and determine what so took on video you can create with the content that you currently have to make that content even better than it already is at the moment. So by doing a content audit, you're really focusing on making the most out of what you currently have instead of trying to recreate the wheel and creating content from scratch when you could. Oh, great content from something that you've already researched and wrote about. So that in itself is a great practice to save time on, save a lot of energy on making sure that you're on course to achieving your goals and objectives by the end of the year. 2020. 5. Event Calendar Audit: so the event calendar audit is what I'd say is the opposite of the content audit, because the content are that looks into the past what content we created in the past. Where is the event? Calendar audit is looking to the content that we want to create in the future, and this is very important because by doing this will be able to map our video concept with all the content that we're planning in the future. So just to help you out on this journey, I've created this work. She here, where you can basically fill in. What's your future? Content will be so for this instance, I've actually selected four categories. One is an event like a New Year's Day or a theme might be a New Year's resolution on. Maybe you've already planned some topics for blood posts in the future, so you just list them down here. And also you probably have some marketing campaigns that you would like to run in January or the months ahead. So by just mapping these the events that are going to happen in the future and looking at them and deciding what sort of videos can be create that matches these future content. So by doing this, we really not letting any opportunities fall through the cracks were making sure that we are creating videos where it's possible aware there are resources to do so and you do this by planning ahead. So let's take, for example, here say it's New Year's Day. Maybe we just want to create a social media type of video where is just literally, ah, saying Happy New Years to everybody in video format. The next one might be a New Year's resolution, so you might want to do a video about how to stick to your New Year's resolution. And then the next ones are all about the future blow pose that you're going to write. How can we create videos to accompany those blow posts? And for this instance, you could, you know, choose any type of video that might be suitable for those topics And then, most importantly, the marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns really need a lot of assets to get up and running, and videos are one of those powerful assets. They really use the new marks in campaign. So being able to plan ahead and create a really awesome video for that marketing campaign is really gonna help you strengthen the campaign itself. 6. Video Essentials Checklist: in this lesson, I'm going to talk about what are the essential video elements that you need to create a video. So in this particular lesson, we're gonna go through the video elements checklists. So, as you can see here, I've listed down what I consider are the main things you need before you start on or embark on any video marketing A total. Because when you're doing this is either okay, you might be creating video yourself or you might be outsourcing its someone, or you might be giving it to one of your employees to create the videos. But before you do that, you really do need to establish what's the brand style guide? What materials will you need? You know what, like your logo, your intro clip your altro clip that's like might be like a you know, the logo clip that you played before you play the main content of the video, and then you're Altro Clip is the clip where you might have your logo and your social media accounts listed so people can remember to follow you after they've watched the video and you might have local bumper on. Sometimes I find that when you're creative marketing campaigns. You just need certain things that to always be in your kind of your drawer, your your media George on. That's things that products of this video could. So when you need it, you could just look into that drawer or look into that storage area. And you know all those that all that stuff is there. So you're not kind of, ah, wasting time looking or creating these things. I love to plan ahead, and I find planning for these type of things for conceive you a bunch of time Andi effort. Other things are like team or office video clips, especially if you're trying to do some quick social media clips about your office about your company culture. You know, team and company culture images is a really great You could just create slide stroke. And sometimes you want to just create a video that has a quote by one of your team members or by your CEO or something like that. So it's always handy to have a really good, high quality head shot off your team members because, you know, video is very high resolution, so you have to have a really high quality, high resolution photo to be able to incorporate it into video. Remember that always, because if you put a blurry picture and video is just, it just brings down the quality and the professionalism off that video itself. Other things you might want to consider is having access to stop photos and stop videos, because sometimes you won't have the B roll that you want to use that you created yourself . So you I need to have maybe an account where you can download stock photos and stop it is might be a membership to a website or you know anything that you already have access to. And you've already costed because some of these assets, like the stock assets, can be very expensive. So it's always great that before you embark on seriously creating videos constantly and consistently for your brand is that you plan ahead and you have access to all these things before you need them. So when you need them, it's their right. One thing I do we really want to leave you with is the brand style guide template. If you didn't have one already, so if you don't have one already, I think this is very important, especially if someone is creating the videos for you. You want to make sure that everything they do is on brand. So to access this free brand style guide, just click the link here. You could quickly link there. Oakley link here is the same link, and then we'll ask you if you want to make a copy, you just create click, make a copy, and then what you'll see here is the brand style guide. All you have to do is add all the necessary elements in here, and then you could pass it over to whoever who's creating your videos to use as a guideline when creating any videos for your brand. So, like this, you just say what Fonsi use. And then what size is it usually if it's a headline and the same goes for subhead and the body text so they'll know how to keep on brand when creating your videos 7. Define Your Story: So we've talked a lot about the video. Let's now talk about you. What's your story? What are you gonna talk about when you're creating a video? So when this lesson we're gonna talk about how you're going to define your story. So in any type of content marketing, you'll need to find a nice balance between talking about yourself and talking about your customers and then talking about what your customers care about. So you need to find a middle ground for that and sometimes is not as easy as you think. Sometimes we think we know our customers or we think we know our audience. But actually we don't. We just think that they're just like us. And the reality is there not So how do you find out what your story is and how you can kind of seamlessly integrate your story and your audiences story and marry the two to meet in the middle? So I've listed down a few strategies that you can use. The 1st 1 is you could find out what your audiences saying. The 2nd 1 is you could talk to your existing customers on the 3rd 1 is you could survey your followers. So all this sounds, you know, pretty standard. But when it comes to the nitty gritty, what questions do you really ask? I mean, where do you start? So, in order to get you started, I created this. Ah, defined your story survey on If you click here, you'll be directed to this documents. He could just make a copy. And up here, I'm call it. Define your story. And I say, feel free to alter the survey as you see fit to send to either audience clients of followers. So these are just suggested questions. Obviously, you could change them to suit your audience and your brand, but I wanted to get you started on the right foot. So this is obviously a Google form. You could just repurpose it. Just make sure you change the title and the description, But basically, you could ask whatever questions you think will help you understand who you are to your audience on, if you can, I would say conduct some of these interviews on sky per zoom because you know, when they get talking about it and you have the mom video, you could ask them later on. Oh, could I use the S A testimonew? So to put on your site or blood or social media accounts, I mean and that right there, you've already created your first video content so you don't necessarily have to be knee deep in Premiere Pro or you know, any video creation tool to start making videos. You could just start talking to your customers and then have them on camera, and that could be your first video as easy as that. So as you can see here, I have, I think, 10 questions like in your own words, what does our company do? So you might know what you do, obviously. But what is the perception that people have of your company? That's what you want to find out, and then what value do we offer? That's another thing you think it might be office. But maybe it's not too obvious to other people. So if you just go down the list of questions there, you'll discover that by having some people answering these questions will give you more insight into who you are to your audience and how you can in scraped yourself into their story. And that presents some video content that will resonate with, um 8. Plan for Engagement: and this. Listen, I'm gonna teach you how you can plan for engagement in your videos, so this one will apply for every top of video. But for the most part, this method is really effective when trying to engage with an audience so that he could see here. This is very simple. There's a few elements that is needed to create a new, engaging video. And you could just go through this list every time you're creating a video on make sure that all these elements are present to make it more practical. I've provided this example of this video. You just have to click the link. I have listed the points where each element is present within the video. So if you could just go there, this is the video and go to the key points that I mentioned or the you know, time stamps that I mentioned here. Then you'll be able to understand what I mean by each elements on its own. So go ahead, jump in and watch the video, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Get Creative [30 Video Ideas]: So in this lesson, I'm gonna give you 30 video ideas that you can implement straight away. I know how it gets When you're trying to get creative, you can hit this wall where you just can't think. And you just like, what am I gonna do? So this is kind of like get your get out of jail card for hitting that that brick wall When when you can't think of anything that you can do when creating videos, This just helps to inspire me and think about whether or not it's doable for for me or for my clients on it helps. Sometimes I don't pick anything from the list, but there's something on the list that inspires me. So why not go out and do that? So that's really all you need. You need some sort of source of inspiration when you're stuck and I find a list of 30 ideas is great to just get you out of that block and into your creative zone. So I hope it helps you. You could go through it one by one. I also find that having a comments column is good because then I'll say I've used this I found it really great. This is what I used for. This is how implemented it, you know, Just like little little tip. It's that I would share with myself. So I remember what I did with that piece of idea the last time around. And sometimes he could. If you don't want to repeat the same idea again, you could just give it a tick. And then you'll know that you've done that already, and you won't revisit that idea. So you, if you're ever stock, know that you have this list to get you out of your funk. 10. FREE Video Content Calendar: welcome to the lesson that I reckon is the most exciting out of all, the less things that I've created. I feel that there's so much value here, and I feel that all right, at least hope that this will help a lot of people in their video content creation journeys . So this is what I called the video content calendar on is not just any old video content counter. There's it's packed full of information that I think every creator will find or every marketer will find very useful. So to access it is very simple. All you have to do is click on the link you could click here, we'll click. Here is the same link. You just click it and then and asks If you want to make a copy, just click. Make a copy. And here you have what might seeing to be a very simple content calendar, but it has a lot of superpowers. But before I show you the superpowers, I'm gonna just go through roughly how you would fill this up. So basically all the dates for 2020 are already inserts it and all the corresponding days, so you don't have to think about all what day is it going to be on this date? And then what you do is once you've gone through the content audit event calendar audit, you've gather all your creative ideas and all your video essentials elements. You're at that point where you're about to create it. But you want a plan for us. What content goes when? So you know roughly what your video concept founder is gonna publish on each day. So what you do here is to have a date, you select the video type of the video that you're going to proper publish, you associate it to a gold. Remember, in the goals and objectives exercise, I've asked you to pick five of your top goals so you can always go back and refer to them. But basically what I want you to do is to a sign the video that you're going to owe. You plan to publish the goal associated with this. So, at the end of the month, what I want you to do is they wanted to see whether or not one goal probably has more association than the other than you and or some goals might be neglected, So you'll roughly see you know there's the ones or loads, twos and loads of fives. You know, if your your video strategy is becoming unbalanced, that's it's a eso is very important to one. Once use. Know what video you're going to publish? Let the goal so you could see it. Put the video title. And if it's associated to campaign, pop it in here and then very important. Also, to identify the buyer stage, I find that this is also important to identify because just like the goal, you might be putting too much effort into one area like too much effort into the awareness stage exploration Steak decision stage. Or you might be neglecting the decision stage altogether. So you it will just be give you signals off of whether or not one area is being neglected more than the other. Or sometimes you might also want toe just determine. Okay, 70% awareness videos, 20% consideration videos, 10% decision but video. So at the end of the month or end of the, you wanted to just make those calculations to make sure that those numbers are what you actually hit at the end of the day when it comes to your video creation. And, of course, the last column is just to give you a status off drop, scheduled or published. So this is for the team to know whether or not a certain video has been published. So the superpowers ups talking about is right here. So you know how sometimes there are national days or international days that you want to create maybe a social media video on or you wanna create some content around that I have included for every month and every single day. What National day? An international day is associated with those dates. All right, so, like this, all you have to do is if you see this little triangle here, the black triangle, if you just hover over it, the information you're looking for just pops up. So, for if the information is on the month, that means this is the national month for that, you know the particular topic that is listed here and for the particular day. So that's what the National Day or International Day celebration will be. And most of them, I think every day there's something. So if you are out of your kind of don't know what content t create then you This is like one of those filler contents if you want to stay engaged with their community. So, um, it took me a long time to put all of it since so I do hope it's something that you'll find useful. But if not, you know, you could just ignore it. It's no in the way. You only really see if you have her over it. Um, and it's for every single month guys like every single day. There's always something going on. So I hope that this can really spark some great ideas on can really encourage you to engage with their community and on a human side. You know, if it's pancake day or something, you know, just, you know, have some fun with some pancake theme videos with something like that. So, um, there's no excuses, guys, there's all the information is here for you. You don't have to go Google. It is all here, so have fun. I'll be found this useful, and if there's anything you'd like me to add, own two or improve, just let me know In the comments 11. Plan Your Video Length & Size: When you're creating videos for online consumption, there's a few things that you need to know. One thing you should always know when you're uploading content video content online is that every platform would have different restrictions in terms of the length and size off the content if you want your content to look good on that platform, so what I've created here is a table where you could quickly have a look and see what those criterias are. So as you can see for Twitter, there's only two types, so it's pretty easy. But as you look down here, YouTube has a lot more different types of videos, and same goes for Facebook and Instagram linked. It's not too bad Pinterest as well and snapped ins. Not too bad, but these air sort of things that you have to pay attention when you're uploading content to those platforms. So I'm hoping with this table here of savior law, time and effort because he could just come here and check those criterias and make sure that you're in compliance with them in order to successfully upload content to these platforms. 12. Pre-Production: right before you create your video, there's a few tasks that you need to complete first. You might not need to do all of these tasks, but I feel that most of them you really do need to go through and make sure that you fully be prepared before you start creating your video. So for some of them, you would have. If you see this tiny triangle here, that means there's a little bit more information on def. There's a resource. You'll find it here. So this is a living document, so I might be adding things if I find that there's more to be included here. But it's good practice to just go through the list. Determine what is it that you need to do Onda complete all the tasks that you require before starting to create your video. 13. Create Your Video: So now, here in the fun part, you're creating your video and you're just going through the steps that we have here and adding probably your own steps to the list. If you find that there are some steps missing from your process, what I really want to point you to is this list of tools here. There's a lot of choice out there, and there's so many options for you to choose from. I use a mixture of some of them, and it doesn't mean that you need to stick to one tool, just depending on what's your client needs or what your company needs. What your brand needs are what your video needs are. You will probably choose one or two or more tools together, output that you want. So I've lived all these tools here. You could try them all on DSI. Which one agrees with you. You try them all and see which one suits your needs. The best 14. Post-Production: Congratulations. So you've created your video. So now is the most important task I feel for the whole process is the post production tasks . So I've listed here the post print production tasks that I think are really important. You could obviously add your own if you feel there's a need for more processes, but these are roughly the most important ones that I could think of for some of the tasks. There are additional information. You just see if there's the Black Triangle, you just hover over. And here's the content. Same here. And if you find out more content, you could add your own content by just right clicking an insert. No, like that. That's how I've created those triangles. Now don't worry. If you don't do the morning, all of them are is applicable to everybody. Just choose ones that are applicable to you and just delete the ones that are not 15. Distributing Your Videos: video distribution is one of the most important parts of the video marketing. You cannot skip this part. You need to be able to execute two or three of these ideas to have a successful video marketing strategy. So start off with one or two to begin with. If you're not so sure as you gain more experience creating video content, you should add more ways to distribute your video to ensure the success off that video content. 16. Promoting Your Videos: So once you've distributed your videos is important now to start promoting it. And there are certain ways that you should promote on different social media platforms which have listed here. So if you just go through the list and try to get through as much as possible, because promoting the content is very important. So the video gets more reached and more shares and more likes, and by doing that, you're spreading the message off that video content. If you see these tiny triangles here, the black triangles just hover over and you'll find more information relating to that promotional idea. 17. Measuring Your Success: knowing how to measure your success is very important. So you know whether or not your video marketing system is working. So decide which metrics are most important to you. In measuring the success of your video, you might find that the views is the most important metric. But that's not always the case. Think about what you're really trying to accomplish with this video. Maybe could, through rate might be a better gauge of success or event conversions. Or it might just be you meeting your goals and objectives. Sometimes I find that people tend to ignore social signals because when you're dealing with putting your quanta and a social platform, social signals are also an indication of success. So take a look at the list here and see whether or not you have experienced any of these social signals. Just list them down as they happen, because sometimes when you feel like you're not seeing, your return of investment in monetary value is always good to look at the social signals, because those are also a good indication off how well your content is doing in terms of the tools to measure it, sometimes good to rely on the native analytics that's been provided by each platform. So I've linked over here, you know, all of the places where you could measure your success. Some of the links will have additional information on it that you might find helpful. So try and click the links and see if any of the information could help you. 18. Bonus: Teaser Videos with Headliner: In this video, I'm going to show you how you can use this app called headliner to repurpose your content into a video format. So say for instance, you have a podcast or a blog post. You can repurpose the videos using this app. So I'm just going to log in and show you an example of how, say you repurpose your podcasts. You could create a teaser podcasts sort of promo video that you could put it on Instagram or any other social media platform. So there's a few different ways of doing it. There's the audio gram wizard here. You could actually create a full episode for a video here. You could upload the video transcript or you could just create hortus videos on the go as you publish them. So you just basically put your podcast feed URL here and it will create it as soon as you publish it. So first, I'm just going to show you how to create the audio gram wizard. This is the easiest way to create a podcast teaser video. So here I'm just going to put the podcast link here. So it's just going to search for it says found this one, this one my clients podcasts. I'm just gonna click one of the episodes. And first of all, what you do is I'm not going to do right now, but you just listen through it and then you might already know which is the most interesting snippet of the podcasts that you'd like people to listen to. So that will attract them to listen to the whole podcast. So the clip is usually about one minute and you get for free, free transcription with a free account on headliner for like ten minutes worth. So I've already done about two minutes worth. There's another eight minutes left, as you can see here. And then you choose transcription language. I think that's okay, United States English. And I'm just going to click next. And then you click what shape you would like the video to be. I'd like it to be square, so I'm just gonna click next. And then you have this here. I would go into the templates. If you're not a designer and you want to use reuse templates, there's some great options here. So if you hover over it, you'll see that they all kind of anomie, so makes it quite engaging. So basically you choose what you would like to use and then you can obviously change the colors and the images if there are any in there. So as you can see, there's so many options. I'm gonna choose this one. Because my idea is I'm gonna put the podcasts are here, which has the title of the podcasts and the name and podcast. But I might delete these two here so I could display the transcription as the words are being said. So I'm just gonna click here. And like I said, there's the podcasts art. But I want to delete these two bits here, so I'm just gonna click Text. And then as I can see here, Scott edit, I'm just gonna click Delete. And I want to delete this one as well. Click Delete and then close it. And then the other thing I want to change is the color because this isn't my client's brand columns is going to change it to that gray shade. And then I'm going to select the orange brand color that my client uses and change the waveform into that color. So once I'm done there, if there's everything looks okay, I'm just going to name the project gray matter GM podcasts, communities, just for my own reference there. And then I click Create. And now usually what I do is I go to the open advance editor. And then you just kind of wait for it to create your project. I could have just exported to snow, but I wanted to add the transcription onto the project. So you do that in advance editor, which is also free to use. By the way, everything I'm doing up till now is all with the free account. Ok, so there you see it. So the transcription is just generating. As soon as it's read as it's ready. We can add it to this video. Okay, it's ready. So next what I'd like you to do is get the transcriptions ready. Just determine the style of the transcriptions. Can see here there's different styles. You can choose how you want it to appear. So as you can see, there's so many different ways. I'm gonna choose the default, but I'm going to make a few changes here. I don't want that. I want the text to use a different funds. All right. I'm going to use that. And then I would like it to be yeah, we'd like it to kind of come out like that. So I'm gonna put the colors kinda grade to begin with. The darker gray than them change too wide so people can see as he's speaking, where bows he is on the transcription. If people don't turn on the sound so people can see what he's taught, what he's saying. So this is one of those podcasts that I kinda holy view it. And the reason I know you're thinking what you can see that there's a slight, it kinda overlaps there. So you want to go back into the editing. And then nuance left Islam because and maybe make it a little bit wider so it stays onto lines. So you don't want that going overlapping here on the design. Let's check Batman. The reason. I know you're doing it, so I'm just gonna go back and see what else I can do. I think I'm going to make the text may be slightly smaller. Okay, that looks a little bit better. Let's go back from the beginning to see how that looks like. This is one of those podcasts that I kinda hold my nose is I do it and the reason I know you're thinking, What are you doing a podcast that you feel uncomfortable with, Steve? It's because we're gonna be talking about a platform that I have a mixed relationship with Word. We're gonna be talking about Facebook. I think that most of us have issues at one level. Okay, I'm just gonna do something else. Arrington said lift up slightly. I'm also gonna not highlighted because I think is a little bit distracting with the Highlight. Okay, so I think that it's better. Let's have looked beginning mixed relationship with word. We're going to be talking about Facebook, AI. That's better. I want to add. So seems a bit low. For some reason I'm gonna lift up. Okay, let looks more centered that most of us have issues at one level or another with Facebook. And my issues with Facebook are that we are in the now and mid 20-20. All right, I think it all looks good. I'm just gonna click Export Now. So as exceed the free versions got ten automotive videos. So if you can publish a podcast once a week or once a month, I mean, that's more than enough. So I'm just gonna say that these are all pro features. That's where you have to pay for it. I think for this, I go for the 1080 video email, neat when it's ready. When it's ready, you can post it to your social media. This is one of those podcasts that I kinda hold my nose is I do it. And the reason I know you're thinking, What are you doing a podcast that you feel uncomfortable with, Steve? It's because we're gonna be talking about a platform that I have a mixed relationship with where we're going to be talking about Facebook. I think that most of us have issues at one level or another with Facebook. And my issues with Facebook are I can tell, profound a, I have incredible difficulty with the social cesspool that Facebook has become, as I believe most of you do as well. But also as a business. Just the ethos and the ethics that is displayed by Facebook as they go about their day to day business. Without fail, manages to disappoint me, manages to often disgust me. Yet, in this world that we are in now and mid 2020. 19. Bonus: Create Videos with InVideo: all right. Today I'm going to show you the five quick ways to get started within video. So, as you can see on the screen here, as you log in, you have three options. When you want to start using a video, the 1st 1 is to convert an article to video. The 2nd 1 is using a pre made template or the 3rd 1 is right here is if you're in advance video editor, then you could start from scratch. But for the purpose of this demo, let's go ahead and start with the one that most people will use, which is the pre made templates. So for the second step, I want you to just have a look on the left hand side of this screen, which is the sidebar. This is where you can choose the type of video that you want to create, and as you can see as you click through it will show you the types of videos in that category. So you have so many here you could scroll down. And I can tell you, ever since I've joined in video a few months ago, this catalogue of this library has grown huge and they've just added more and more things every single day. There's more categories every single day, so you're bound to find something that would fit your needs. So let's just go ahead and go to the third step of getting started with them to do, which is selecting the type of video of message that will suit your brand. So I'm going to choose one of the basic of templates here, which is the brand essentials, and you have here a brand intro intro. Reveal where you could put in your logo and you know all sorts of other vit templates. I'm gonna choose for this demo, this specific template. So when you select that you could see a preview of the whole thing, you can listen to the audio, and you could also see the different formats that has. So let's say we're choosing a square format so you can see how that changes to adapt to that size and say, if you weren't ready to use it right now, you could just click the favorite button, and it's be kind of like a little bookmark so you could go back to it in your favorites menu on and come to it again. But what for the several, Let's just get started. So for the fourth step is for you to choose of elements that with suit your brand. So let's say that your brand colors aren't quite the same as this one, and you want to change it around. So let's say your brand color is, um, I don't know, maybe this green here. So you just change the select custom in the change project colors here, and then you change the color in here so say yellow is the other color, so you are not going to change that. But say, for instance, you see that from these three scenes here, the color hasn't changed to that green. That means that is selecting that color. So instead, let's move that selection to this custom color Secede. Now that's changed, and you could change this one to the yellow. So, as you can see here now is more looks like more of your brand. So say, if you are not, your service isn't quite the same of this template, and you're, say, a personal trainer, then that Mr Afghanistan to have to change some of the elements in this video. Say, for instance, this video clip. So if you just look in the media here, if you click here, you can either upload your own video by clicking up loads and then upload videos before this them work in a selective video from the start library. And there's loads of your clips in this thought library that you could choose from, and you don't have to just choose video. You can even choose images, but in this time we're gonna choose of video. So let's say, Let's find a clip off a personal trainer. So here you see a few clip that's relevant to personal training. I think I'm gonna choose this one. What I'll do is I'll just select it and then I'll drop it right here. And then it's gonna ask me where they want to replace or add behind or Ada's layers. So I'm just going to replace it. Once you kind of drop it in. You have to den, choose how long you want the clip to play. I'm going to choose four seconds. Once you've done that, you just cook done, and then you can preview it and see how this resolves so it looks okay, but it doesn't look so good in terms off where the subject is positioned. So to move her in a more appropriate position, we could just click video at it when you're selecting this video and then click crop frame . So here you can see you could move their slightly. And I was also wanna squeeze slightly. So it's a bit smaller, Um, and then and more focused on the subject. I think that looks OK Then click done. And then now is repositioned itself. And I think that's alright. I might want to bring her sort of around up here too much where the text art. So I'm gonna move again and then make it even live a bit more smaller. So she is roughly the same height as the text. Okay, so now you see, there's it looks more balanced, isn't it? So let's put preview again. All right? That looks better. So now you want to change the text? Obviously, we're no Abarbanel malware personal trainer. So let's try our personal training today. So you just go here in the text area and then you could you type personal training personal training today So just so you know, in order to get that kind of, um, green text, what you do is you just highlight it and then click, highlight. And then that tax will change to the green. Uh, if you don't want you just highlighted again here and then unclipped highlight, and I'll go back. And then once you're done, click save. Also, you could change the font that is being used here. I'm just gonna leave for no. You can also change the colors. Ah, it could change the balls colors. You can also change the animation that in and out animation. You can also change the text box animation also save in and up. But for now, we're just gonna leave it as is. You can also change the transitions here by clicking here from position is what happens between between two sweet scenes. So you can either choose any of these. Well, let's say you could see a preview of a swell. So I'm gonna choose stag Zoom before this one. I'm gonna choose. Yeah, you choose that one. That's okay. Now let's preview again. Okay? All right. So it looks good. So let's export the video. So now we just wait for it to be processed. In the meantime, we could name the project, Um, a B fitness run promo. You can also duplicated if you want, if you want to change it. So as you can see here with just finished processing the video and then you can download it here by clicking this button, or you could share it straight to your, um, social media platforms. So let's just open it and see how it looks like. 20. Class Project: now for the class project I want you to go to in video and create a free account. Just go to the link and you'll be taken to this page right here. And all you have to do is click Start my free video. Sign up and you're good to go. Just create a simple video and the share it in the class project section. If you haven't looked at the previous lesson how to create videos in in video? Please do so you could see a demo of how you can create your video. I really look forward to seeing what you create. Please share it in the class project session. 21. Bonus: Hashtags for All Year Long : so I have a little bonus for you. If you use hashtag X on a daily basis with their social media marketing strategy, then you're gonna love this. If you look in the resources section, as you can see here, I have all the necessary relevant hashtag X for the whole year. So every month there are specific events that happen across the world, and you can take advantage of this by just clicking on copying these hashtags into Instagram or Facebook or Twitter wherever you think it's relevant and necessary. So I hope you like this bonus and it's gonna be useful for you. 22. More: Thank you so much for taking this class. If you've enjoyed this class, I'd like to introduce you to my MBA classes here on skill ship. As you can see, I teach a lot of different areas of digital marketing. And the links to the classes are in the notes below. Just click the pin in the bottom right of the video and you can view all the notes to see them. When you click it, you can then bookmark the other classes for you to watch when you have the time. So I'm just gonna go through the different classes and what they're about briefly. So you know, what you can look forward to. The first one is how to create engaging social media marketing content. This class is great if you ever feel stumped as to what to post on social media, come behind the scenes and I'll show you how to create highly engaging social media content immediately. Now this course is all about getting your brand to stand out. You'll learn everything you need to know about visual marketing and get ready to take your brand from math to amazing interested in branding. This class will walk you through the basics of building an unforgettable brand. You will learn how to build your brand from scratch. Understand what decisions to make when it comes to your brand color, logo, topography, and imagery, and trusted to learn on how to build a website that converts. This class will walk you through the basics of planning and building or redesigning a website. You will learn how to create a multifunctional website that's not just pretty to look at, but also constantly serving a purpose for your business even while you sleep. Do you want to create a Facebook ads campaign, but not sure how to start. In this course, I show you how to create high converting sales funnel for your Facebook ads campaign. Lastly, if you have enjoyed this class, I'd love for you to leave a review and let me know what you think. I hope to see you in the next class.