Introduction to Music Composition for TV Commercials

Roger Neill

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7 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Showing Previous Examples

    • 3. Starting the Process

    • 4. Types of Sound to Use

    • 5. Starting the Process Part II

    • 6. Analyzing Your Music

    • 7. Dealing with Feedback and Outro


About This Class

Taught be a music industry veteran, this course will run through each step of the process of commercial scoring.  We begin with a scene analysis - what is the “story” and emotional tone of the commercial?  Then we move on to the first steps of composing: what is an appropriate tempo, what are the instrument choices and sound possibilities?  How can the music help tell the story and add something special. What are the delivery requirements?  When scoring for commercials our work is usually being reviewed by a committee of executives, so we will discuss all that ways that that can go wrong, and then all the ways to make sure it all turns out fine in the end.

Participants are not expected to be professional-level composers, only that they have the ability to create and record music at some proficiency level.  A music-making workstation, such as a laptop computer, is required.