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Introduction to Google Analytics

Matthew Edgar, Web Analytics Consultant

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10 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. What is Google Analytics?

    • 2. Top Challenges of Working with Analytics

    • 3. Definitions of Common Analytics Terms

    • 4. Install Tracking Code (without knowing code!)

    • 5. Setting & Comparing Date Ranges

    • 6. Sources: How do people find your site?

    • 7. All Pages: What pages do people visit?

    • 8. Visitor Paths: Previous & Next Pages

    • 9. Setup Regular Report Email

    • 10. Class Summary & More Resources

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About This Class

There are many web analytics tools available today--one of the more popular of which is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool and used correctly it can help you find new ways to improve your website and grow your business. But, Google Analytics can also be difficult to understand and know the best ways to use the information. In this course, we answer the top questions and offer practical tips to help you get the most out of Google Analytics. This course is designed for small business owners, marketers, and other professionals who run websites. No technical expertise is required.





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Matthew Edgar

Web Analytics Consultant

Matthew Edgar is web consultant at Elementive. Since 2001, Matthew has helped hundreds of businesses and non-profits grow through a process of analyzing and improving their website and online presence. He is the author of Elements of a Successful Website published in 2017. Matthew regularly speaks at conferences and teaches workshops about analytics and technical marketing subjects. You can connect on Twitter @MatthewEdgarCO or on his blog at

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