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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. ClickFunnels Introduction

    • 2. The Cool Features of ClickFunnels

    • 3. The Ease of Split Testing With ClickFunnels

    • 4. Who is Using ClickFunnels

    • 5. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

    • 6. ClickFunnel Wrap Up

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About This Class

Introduction to ClickFunnels

It is a pleasure to introduce you ClickFunnels.  

There's a new software product that's taking over the internet.  It's called ClickFunnels, and I just hooked you up with a FREE account!

Click here to try out ClickFunnels for a 14 Day FREE Trail

This new software will let you create:
  - Squeeze Page Funnels...
  - Automated Webinar Funnels...
  - Product Launch Funnels...
  - Sales Funnels (and intergrates w/ your favorite shopping carts!)
  - Membership sites...

Want to get a free trial of the software in action? Check it out here:

Click here to get your FREE 14 Day FREE Trail!

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex

PS - If you have any questions on building funnels or how to promote them just drop me a message here.  I would be happy to answer them or use the ClickFunnels support team they might know a little more than I do.  

* Disclaimer :  The links in this post are my affiliate link to Clickfunnels.

Meet Your Teacher

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Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. ClickFunnels Introduction: Hey, everybody, it's Rob Alex here and I know a lot of you out there. Probably disappointed you're not getting to see my face as you do on many of the videos that I have here on skill share. But this is something important that I need to talk to you about. I want to talk to you about click funnels. I have recently found Click Funnels and I'm telling you it is making my life amazing. I used to struggle with setting a pages building, funnels, getting my auto responder connected. But click funnels has made it so simple for me that I just have to shout its praises. And I think that this video is gonna help you if you're in a business or anything. That any type of business that needs ah website designed a funnel for products you want to build your email list. Anything like that that you need in the lines of, um, online presence Click Tunnel has the answer for you, and I'm just I'm so excited and one of the big things is they're improving all the time. I mean, I've watched countless videos from the the founder of Click Finals, Russell Bronson, and they're constantly building and adding on the click funnels. And that makes it a very exciting, um, is the process to be involved in tow. Watch it grow and watch it go. Now click Funnels has only been around for a very short period of time, but it is making huge waves in the on the online business and community. So I want to take this time just to tell you about click funnels and from my perspective of how it will help your business, your website, your email list, everything you can think of. So I'm gonna dive into the rest of class. And I hope you guys are gonna enjoy this because click funnels is something amazing. 2. The Cool Features of ClickFunnels: Okay, now I'm inside my click funnels program right here now, and obviously you have to sign up for account to get to this point. But I just wanted to go in here and show you what I think is really cool about click funnels. And that is the ease that it is to build any kind of pages. As you can see, I have a long list of funnels and pages that I'm creating here. As you can see, even I have a skill share class funnel that this is helping me promote my skill share classes to amazing results. I am getting constant attention now on my skills share classes where before I was just, like, just muddling along and hoping that people are taking my spiel share classes. This has helped me. I sent my skill share classes apart, So we're gonna open that up and just get in here. And I'm just going to show you some of the nuts and bolts here about how to create pages here on on click funnels. And here's my main page here. But I'm gonna add a new step here, and this is going to create a new page and we're just gonna do a test page here. Um and I'm going to create this funnel step, So I'm gonna come in here and I'm gonna first time. I just select the template. They have all kinds of templates. If you looked in, they have opt in templates. Tells you what therefore that sales templates tells you much for webinar auto webinar membership sides, you know, and the list goes on and off, we're just going to start with. I'm just gonna open a basic opt in. And here is all of the templates that you can choose from. As you can see, there's colors and these air totally customizable. So don't think that this is the the only that they'll look exactly like you're seeing on the screen. These are all customizable, and you could make them look any way you want. And that's what I'm gonna dive into now. So I'm gonna select the template here, and it's loading up for us, and once it loads up, you're going to see how easy it is. We're gonna go to edit page here, assumes that gets that, but you're going to see how easy it is to put any item you want in your clique funnel page . So I'm gonna go into edit the page, We're gonna go in and we're going to start just dropping things that I just want to show you how easy this is, how cool this is. When it comes up, they'll be some basic information there. The basic skeleton of the page will be up there. The template that we chose will be up there on We're going to start, you know, just show you all the things you can do. It's crazy coming. I can't even go into all of it. So, okay, now we're on the page and there's three sections, you know. First, there's the green sections that comes on our section. You can add a whole new section. You highlight the blue parts, and these are the new roads. So if you want to create Rose, you can create Rose down here. 3455 sections long. How many rows you want there? It's pretty. It's pretty awesome. And then if you go in deeper, the orange sections are the elements. So if I wanted to add an element, say I wanted to add an element to this page. I just clicked this. I go into this little orange button and I click it, and on the side it pops up. It tells me all the things I could add. I can add a headline. I can add a subhead paragraph. You see the list goes on and on. Buttons, text, interest areas, sign ups, a countdown clock icons. Yeah, I can send them to another website. Fighters your social share, but so you can always put those on there without any problem. This is just amazing. So let's say I wanted to add my social share buttons. I just click it, and there they are. They pop up now you can go in, and you can always go in here on any of the seconds and sections and get into the settings and edit it. Change them around, however you want. Make different styles of these. If you don't like these, which these air kind of old school right here. But you can make different style of buttons, use the different ones that they have in their. It's just an amazing tool, and it's so easy to edit. So let's say I wanted to go in here. I just click this and I can edit the 10. I can added anything. I want to hear my consent. This up to go to my email. Auto responders, if you do purchase the higher version of quick funnels, it is going to do it all. Your father right there, Sweat. The highest form still cares. You get everything. You don't have to have a all the contained right here. Beautiful part is that although I click the opt in page here, I can design this has a web and I'll get a specific web address where I did no go and get a specific domain and have appointed to there. So it becomes my website too, so I could get rid of my You know, my website service I get rid of I go with the highest form of sketcher are excuse me of quick funnels. I can get rid of my auto response. I can get rid of so many things that this this crypt funnels program helps me get I could do settings. I can set it up integrations. If I don't want to go for the highest levels of click funnels, I can set it up to work with my mail chimp program. I can set the metadata as I can put my Facebook pixel tracking coast and right here makes it so easy. Look at that. You just drop him in right here. You don't have to go looking for where to put him in. Oh, my gosh, that's so simple. Some of the other things you can change the background. I'm general settings. But you know, all these elements that go in here are just amazing. Let's look at this. Let's say you want to add a new road. And as you see, you could do a left sidebar. Right sidebar. You can go up to six columns. Why? Let's just look at that. That would look like let me add in a row here. I had a new row and I'm gonna pick the six column. I'm just gonna drop it there. It's gonna build it in, and now I can put six things across there. If I had six different pictures, sticks, differ, product, I could put them all in there. I could put different links to every one of them. It's so amazing how you just click and drop things in there. It's it's magic in it. And if I say Oh, wait, I don't want that their lead it okay and it's gone. Say this. Say, I wanted to move this this ahead of that. The other part. I could just you know, I can move things up and down. Two years We don't have another section there to move them to. But it is so fun playing around with it. It's like, OK, I just click things in and dragged him in and drop him Then I just have to, you know, editing the boarding that they have in their just like this. If I want this address here, I can change it right here and say, Just, um, send me the money and boom, there it is right there. This is just amazing what Click Tunnels has offer. There's so many things and we look at you know, all the elements that you can add on. It just keeps going and going, going, and like you said, they're constantly adding things. I know they're working on them. Watch you put up, you know, image feature. There's so much here you could do it. It's silly to have all these other services when click tunnels can do it for you in one amazing place, 3. The Ease of Split Testing With ClickFunnels: Now you want to show you guys another cool feature about quick bundles and it's just simply amazing. It makes it so easy to do split testing. As you can see, we're on a page here where I have Ah, I'm giving away Kindle fire for authors promotion that we're doing. And let's say I wanted to do a split contest. I wanted to build another page and try some different things on Let's say, for example, that one things I want to do is this little porn. But in here, maybe I want to change that different color. You know, maybe I hear that green color green on a button works a lot better now what I do and you're gonna be blown away at how simple that is. I'm just gonna click. Create a variation right here, and it's going to ask me if I want a duplicate pick the opt in page for if I want to create a need. So I'm just gonna create If you want everything to say this is every single thing, it's gonna make it a double doubles of your image. Copy of what? I'm just gonna go in and edit as I said I wanted to change that, but our to green So that this But right here. So I'm gonna go into my settings on my butt and I'm going to go to things and give me a lot of choices of what color is green for? Go, go inner. So I'm just gonna click that boom. It's right there. Everything else is still the same. So I wanted to test to see if the green the orange works better. So what do I do now? I saved my work. You wait out safe, and then I go back. I'm gonna go back to where the split taste wise, and it just gonna should pull it up here in a minute. Assumes that loads up and we'll be able to see that green button is there. So my green buttons there now. So now, right now, I have information from as I was running this, But what I'm gonna do is I want to start the split testing. So I'm gonna start to split hit this little blue, but here to start to split taste testing, and I'm going to apply the changes. So I'm gonna do that. And there it is, it's ready to go. My split test is ready to go now. This information you could you can you get rid of that if you want, but I'll just leave it there for right now, so I know what it did. But here's another great thing is you can decide how much traffic goes so that you can see have already had 52 visitors to this page, and 28 of those people signed up. So that's working pretty good at 54% 1st right? Excellent. We want to keep that going. But if I wanted to really test this and I'm like, OK, right now, I've got it said it's a 50 50 split for the traffic. So one time somebody ago here, when they pulled the page of the next time this page will come up to really get it, that's any of that I want to say, Well, I haven't got in clicks on here yet. I want to see how it does. I could just pull this little button here and move the very age, so I want to slide it display to make it less on that side to say I want to give you 70 30 . I could do it that way. Now, 70% of the tracking traffic seven out of 10 people gonna go this page and three out of 10 are gonna go there. So and then you just click the pilot change. This allows you to see what works best for your website. So you're debating up which image image to use or what phrase to use at the top of your page. Or like I said, what? But in color to use. Maybe it's even whether this, you know, this has a countdown timer on it. Maybe it's whether that works better with a countdown timer with. So those are great things that you could test that. So you just saw how I did it. It was so easy to do a split test. And as the people start coming, the website will start getting that data. And this is important thing, that percent of contact version, so that if you have a very number like this started later, I can look back and say, Oh, well, this one's converting at a higher level. Great. Now then, once you get that enough data, you need all you have to do is declare as winner, which paid you want and the other one will go away. So you declare this in the winter, and then everybody starts going to that. So great feature for skill shares, and you can do that are click funnels. Excuse You get caught up with my still share, but a great way to test things that tunnels makes it so easy. Really, to me, you could have. You have to go out and build two separate pages with a lot of other programs. Click Funnels makes it so easy. As you just saw. All I did was make a copy of it to change that. But it was the image. I just make a copy of it, and I changed that. So make sure to take advantage of the foot. Testing on is one of the amazing features there, and it's not just opt in pages for any page that you have out there. You change it, tweak it a little bit and see which ones working the best for you. And sometimes we shy away from that because it's difficult to build two pages I don't wanna have to worry about. How do we get it? You know, all of it's right there 4. Who is Using ClickFunnels: Let's talk about a little bit about who is using click funnels and I'm telling you there is a use for click finals for anybody that has an online business or presence. Um, as we're looking at all these images here, I'm starting over here with the fisherman. He might be promoting his fishing videos or his lure the lures that he's selling. He can use click funnels the baker over here. She might be percent ing her cakes and her pies. In an amazing way, the surgeon here, you might be doing plastic surgery and might have those before and after pictures that he wants to get out to the world. Ondas You see, there's a wide variety of people on here, even the gang strident. I'm not for sure what he would use click funnels bore, but I'm I'm sure you could probably find some way because Click Tunnels is just amazing system to set up any product that you have to sell any service that you have to sell, even just building a list that you can see all these people you know, the wine guy up here he could be selling, um, you know, bottles of wine or doing wind test video. Our wine tasting videos, those type of things there is he used for click funnels for almost anybody out there that is working online. I I'm telling you, I have seen so many funnels that I've experience as of going through the training and as a learning more and more about click tunnels, that is just simply astounding. So, you know, look at your business and go over. Take the 14 day free trial. Click funnels as I'm gonna put the affiliate in there. I'm going toe, you know, Say it again. I'm an affiliate of quick Bundles. But I'm so passionate about the service and what it can do for you. I'm you're just gonna love it. So whatever your business, whatever you're working on, you can use click funnels to make it better 5. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program: okay. I mentioned a little while ago that I'm affiliate of Click Funnels. I want to tell you a little bit more about that. This is one of the amazing things you get into the click panel process and you are gonna have access to their affiliate program. As you can see here, I'm on my click funnels page appear. I have my account button click on that. I scrolled down and right here you're an affiliate. Um, you sign in your using click funnels, you're in one of their services, and now you have the ability to earn some money from quick funnels to. So what I want you to do is I want you to go through my affiliate link That's, um, attached to the show to the class description here and in the project section and sign up for that 14 day free trial and just get a feel for what? Click funnels conduce for you and then, you know, if you like what you see, sign up. And then, by all means, go to your affiliate links here and her I'm playing goes up right now. No pop up here in a minute. Really? They're going just being a little slow today. And here's my affiliate Dashboard. I reset everything. So you can't see any of my numbers, obviously, right now. So but, you know, they have everything that you need right in here. Um, click this link and it gives you their affiliate tools so you can go in and you can grab all the information you need. You can get. You know, your banner ads. Your, um your, um uh, images, your sales letters, everything. They have done a wonderful job creating this for you. So I want you to go over and check it out, you know? And if you like, click funnels and want to become affiliate If you're so excited like I am about click funnels, you'll definitely want to do this. Um, and get involved in that. So, uh, as I said, every set, everything here, So you can't see Oh, my data. But it is a wonderful way. And let me just say this, you know, you get in there and then you become an affiliate. You know, in a short period of time, by getting three people signed up, you could have your money back for your monthly service, and you could be getting that every week, her every month. Excuse me, because another great thing is they pay out weekly. They don't wait, you know, six months down the road to pay out, they pay out weekly. Um, and it's just it's just wonderful that you couldn't do that. So, you know, this is another added benefit to click funnels. You know, we talked about all the great benefits Noah's about is building your website. I'm getting everything going. But you know, click funnels is amazing. Total system not only in building your websites, building your funnels, which makes it so easy, and you get so much benefit out of that. But then they add the Philip piece onto the back in there, and you get involved in that without even, you know, doing anything as soon as you sign up for click Publisher in their affiliate program, and you can really start taking off with this. So for their it is, please go use my affiliate link. You know, I'm not having any qualms about it. I'm a firm believer in what clique funnels can do for your business, so I'm using it as you can well, see, I'm selling it to So go click my affiliate Link and that course description or in the project section and give for click bottles of that 14 day trial and see how you like it and then go from there. 6. ClickFunnel Wrap Up: okay, that's the rap of we have shown you so many great features. A click funnels from the ease of creating funnels. Ease at how it can create your own Web page for you. He's of setting up No, your email list, uh, to that split testing that's so powerful and wonderful, you know, even down to the affiliate peace and the back in there. You know, I am here for you guys. If you have any questions, please drop him in the comments sections on this class. I'd be happy to answer them will be happy to help you out. Quick funnels. Does a wonderful job there help section on there on their page. You know, within a couple hours you'll get an answer. Back of your question. I had really great success both on building funnels and having questions and on the affiliate peace and having questions that, you know have just blown me away at the the customer service that they give. So so you said affiliate Lee, get your 14 day free trial, please. You know it's worth it to try for 14 days, even if you don't use it from there to know what it's all about. And then, you know, I hope you sign up and I hope you get rolling with click bundles and see how it can definitely benefit your business, Benefit your life, make everything easier. That's what it's about. You know, this isn't the old school Internet like I used it when I first started dealing with it coding HTML and things like that. This has made it, you know, click, drag, drop, click, drag, drop. It's so much easier now. So I hope that's answered some questions for everybody about click bundles and I will probably doing be doing some more videos on click funnels has I get more into this and learn Mawr and I can share more with you guys Interesting new things that air coming up from the All right, everybody, have a great day. Go get your free trial click funnels and I will talk to you later