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5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introtoastrology

    • 2. 4 most important

    • 3. Starsigns

    • 4. Planets

    • 5. Thehouses

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About This Class

Astrology has been used for thousands of year to decipher and analyze the characteristics, personality traits, and past present and future events of ones life. This class will give you a very basic understanding of Astrology and how to understand and decipher a birth chart. 



*Introduction to Astrology

*History of Astrology

*The 12 Major Signs of the Zodiac

*The planets and there impact on onces life and traits

*The 12 Zodiac Houses



Zodiac House PDF

Planet Breakdown PDF

Resource for Online Birth Chart

Meet Your Teacher

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Erica Russo

Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


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1. Introtoastrology: Hello and welcome to introduction to Astrology. If you are interested in learning more about astrology and your own birth chart and having the tools and the information, Teoh really read any type of chart you have come to the right place. Now, in this course again, this is a very introduction Introductory course to astrology. There is so much more, um, that you can learn again. This is this is just going to give you a basic understanding of how the planets in the houses affect you and, you know, bring a lot of information about what kind of person you are and the things that might occur in your life. So we're going to talk about what exactly is astrology as well as the four most important things to know when trying to decipher a birth chart? And we're going Teoh give a better understanding of the planets and the houses and how they affect us. Now, what is astrology? So astrology is the placement of the planets at any given time, and Caribbean will information that is specific to an individual that was born on that exact time. So the movement and the position of the planets have a very profound effect on our lives, whether we know it or not. And through this study, Sorry. Through this study, information can come up about your past, your present, your future as well as characteristics and traits that you hold as an individual. Now, to put it in a more direct way, your birth date, the time of birth and the location which you were born have a direct correlation to who you are as an individual. The challenge is that you will face in the life lessons that you need toe learn. So a really simple way of saying this is astrology is basically the universe's way of giving you a blueprint to who you are and your life. So in the next section, we are going to cover the four most important pieces of astrology. 2. 4 most important: Okay, So before we go and learn about the planets in the house is I want to quickly just talk about the four most important puzzle pieces regarding your son char or your birth chart. Okay, these were puzzle pieces can give you ah, lot of information about a person. And those are your sun Sign what element? Your star sign is under your moon sign and your ascension sign. If you confined out these four pieces of information, you can get a really good understanding of what kind of person. Um, you know, this person is so your sun sign is the sign that you were born under. That is there are 12 sun signs and it's usually, um, you usually know your son's lines. So if you were born on February 14th you are in Aquarius. If you were born on August 14th you are a Leo. I'm goingto have all this information available to you. And it's also a simple is just googling what your sun sign is. Um, all of this it's pretty. It's pretty simple to dio now. Another thing that you can do is finding out what element your star side is under. It's not that complicated, because there's only four elements there are. There is, um, Earth, air fire and water. And we're going to get a little bit more into that in another section, so we will touch on that later. Now, another thing is your moon sign your moon sign is all about your emotions. How you deal with your emotions, how you handle problems and heartbreak. This is really important to know a spa specially when you're you know, maybe you met someone new. If you're dating someone, knowing their moonshine is really going to give you a better understanding of how they deal with conflict, how they deal with, um, you know, problems, how they deal with their emotions. And your ascension sign is basically how the world perceives you. What do people think of you when they first meet you? Do they think that you are outgoing and funny and generous? Do they think that you are intelligent and superior? So it was really important to know these four things. And again, um, we're going to touch on each of them in later sections. 3. Starsigns: Okay, So now that we know the four most important puzzle pieces with deciphering a birth chart, let's go ahead and talk about all the different signs in the Zodiac. Now the 1st 1 we're going to talk about is Aires, and this lands between March 21st in April 19th and Aires to me are very hard working, driven people. They might have a little bit of a tendency to be stubborn, and they see things their way. But they're dry for success is really quite respectable now. Tourists lands between April 20th and May 20th and tourists are very analytical. They're very, um they want to know the answers to everything. My son is actually a tourist, so they are very, very smart. I don't think I've ever met a tourists that doesn't have a good head on their shoulders. So that is tourists now, Jemma Nizar, between May 21st and June 20th and gem in eyes are also very intelligent people, and they see the world in a much different way. Okay, they are very attached to the answers and they're also very hot and cold because they're the twins. They have a very wonderful side and you know they're loving and caring. But then they also have another side where they can get a little bit cold and unwelcoming. So cancer is between June 21st in July 22nd and cancer is just like the mother of the Zodiac. They are so motherly and maternal they're very carrying, their very doting. They're just the ultimate, the ultimate feminine figure in my eyes. Now, Leos are between July 23rd and August 22nd and Leo's are very, very passionate, and they're very driven. Um, they might have a little bit of, you know, I don't want to say a temper, but yeah, I'm going to see a temper. Um, I know a lot of Leo's, so they they're very, very hard working. They're very smart. Um, but I do feel that Leo's might have a tendency of putting the weight of the world on their shoulders. Now, after Leo, we have Virgo, and Virgo is between August 23rd and September 22nd and Virgos. This is an earth sign so that they're very, um I don't want to see materialistic, but they're very to the point. They are very, um logical. They are very. They're extremely, extremely logical. They need evidence. They need scientific proof for everything. Um, but they're really good with numbers. They're really good at investing. They're really good with the stuff that a lot of us don't want to deal with now. Libras are between September 23rd in August 20 sack prints, 22nd Excuse me in Libras are really all about connection and they are all about relationships and they put a lot of their energy into creating really beautiful relationships. But when it doesn't really go the way that they planned, if there's a miscommunication, they can get really upset really quickly. They're also very smart as well. I one of my good friends, is the Leo, and she's very much, um very into educating herself very into having all the information before, you know, stating an opinion. Ah, libbers air are good people now. Scorpios are from October 23rd in November 21st Ah, Scorpios Air. Very, very emotional. They are very passionate. They might be a little dramatic, Um very, very sensitive people, very sensitive people and ah, lot of the times they take a lot. Um, they they take things very personally but that's just because they have such a big heart. Now secretaries is our between November 22nd in December 21st secretary is's are very driven, very fiery, very passionate. Very um, his very passionate people. Very passionate. Um, they have a very They have a wonderful love of life and they have a great zest for life. And when we are done with Secretary ISS, we go into Capricorn, which is December 22nd through January 9th 18th. Now, Capricorns are a earth sign. So they are very, um, very down to earth. Very smart, very book smart. Um, I see a lot of Capricorn's being very well educated, very knowledgeable in the subjects that they're passionate in. They're very they're really, really smart. I mean, Capricorns, I must admit, like if they really, truly find passion and they find a love of something, they are the ultimate excerpt experts in that particular subject. Now, after happier corn, we're going to go into Aquarius, and that is January 20th through February 18th. And Aquarius is are the weirdos of the Zodiac. And I say that with much love because I m an Aquarius, Aquarius are the weirdos. They question everything. They are humanitarians. They like toe learn. They're very much in their heads. They're very, um they have opinions and they're not afraid, Toe. Ah, talk about things. They They're the ones that want to reform the whole the whole world. Now, after Aquarius comes paces and pay seizes between February 19th and March 20th and Paice is are very much emotionally driven. They they use their emotions for just about everything. They are highly intuitive people. They're very connected. Teoh their their soul. They they learn through feeling. They learn through the feelings that they get with particular situations and relationships , and they're very kind. They're very, um, soft spoken There, there there are also I also get a lot of motherly kind of vibes from prices as well. So that's basically a quick breakdown of the star signs. Um, and when we go into the star signs, a really good trick. Tohave is knowing what element your star sign is under. So if you're on a first day and you know, you ask the person what their star sign is, you're not going to know their whole Perth chart on the first day. So just knowing what they're birthday is or what they're sunshine, your they're sunshine. Excuse me, knowing what their actual sign is and knowing the element is under, it's going to give you a good, um, just a good sense of who they are as a person. So if someone says that they are Aires, you're gonna know that they're really hard working and that they're passionate and they're driven. But they might be a little, you know, they might be a little stubborn on the same time. If someone says that they are, Ah, Paice is you know, that they are very connected to their emotions. They might become highly, you know, oversensitive with some situations. If someone says that they are in Aquarius, you might be like other or they might be a little stubborn or, you know, there they might be a little weird. And again, I'm saying this with all the love because I am an Aquarius. If someone says that they're tourists, you're going to know that they are smart, they're book smart, they're driven, but they're set in their ways. So if you can, you know, it's pretty simple, you know, Like I said, there's only four elements that it can be under. So associating yourself with these elements as well as the star signs connected to them, you're going to know the type of person someone is just by these two facts alone. So the next thing we're going to talk about is the ascendant sign. Now you're ascendance. Sign is how you perceive yourself to the world. So this room represents your physical outward appearance. Your physical body's your overall health, your body, your ego. So it's here on earth is what I like to say. This is the mask that you show people. This is how people perceive you. This is how you greet the world, how people will read you when they meet you. So it's really important to know this. It's also very interesting, because when you know you're ascendance, sign you start to understand how people perceive you rather than how you perceive yourself . Because the way you perceive yourself is never going to be how someone else perceives you. So that's your ascendance sign. Now, in the next section, we're going to go into the planets and how they're affected on how we are affected by them . I will see you in the next section 4. Planets: Okay, so in the section, we're going to talk about the planets and what aspects of your personality they affect. So whether we're aware of it or not, we are affected by the locations of the planets and the movement of the planets, Whether they're still or stationary, director retrograde, Um, depending on where a particular planet is at any given time will affect you depending on its position and depending on your birth chart. So how do the planets affect you? So every planet orbits around the sun at a different speed. Some go very, very slow, and then others go particularly fast. So each one is said toe affected different part of your personality. Okay, so the inner planets, which are the fast moving ones So we have inner planets and outer planets and inner planets Move pretty quickly. These are going toe affect your every day life, your moods and your habits. Um, this these these planets which are the sun, the moon, mercury, Mars and Venus These are gonna be your everyday occurrences. Your everyday life, your moods. What? You know, your funky days. You're happy days. You're sad days thes air. The planets that are going to have a direct effect on those kind of things. Now the outer planets, which are Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, imp, Ludo. They move a lot slower, and they some of them change every 15 years or, you know, sometimes every year. So these air the planets that have a really big impact on the bigger trends in your life. So when you meet somebody, when you have births, when you give birth or when you have a child when you buy a home when you know big, massive changes happen in your life, these are the planets that have a big, powerful impact to him. So, in fact, Neptune Arenas in Pluto's orbit the sun so slowly that they're said to shape your entire generation. That's that's pretty. That's pretty incredible, if you ask me. So we're gonna go through all of the different planets and what exactly? Um, they have power to. So what I mean by that is every planet has an effect on a trait or personality. Um ah, personality that you might have. So the sun, the keyword with the sun is life force or energy. So your sun sign is your character, your personal identity, and it represents your will to live. What is your driving force? Just a zoo. The planets revolve around the sun. In our solar system, we derive our life purpose from the sun in our natal charts. So whatever your sun sign is, that's really what drives you. That's what your life purpose is. What makes you get up in the morning? Okay, so the moon, the moon. When we talk about the moon, it's all about emotions. The moon is going to reveal to you habits, reactions and instincts and how people express and deal with their emotions. So if someone's moon is in sanitary IHS or areas which are fire signs which are very passionate, very intense at times, you're going to know that their emotions might get the best of them, that they're very passionate. So they might wanna yell. They might want to scream. They might want to fight it out. Um, when it comes to emotions, so mercury is all about communication. So when we talk about Mercury, this is your communication style. So if, ah, if Mercury was in, let's say, um, Virgo, right? Your communication style is very direct. It's very fax driven. It's very, um, it's very analytical. It's very nonjudgmental. It's all about the fax you. It's an earth sign, so it's very practical. But that's that. That's basically it. So if your mercury is in Paice is, you communicate through feelings, you communicate through your emotions. You you need to feel the communication if that makes any sense. So how do you make decisions? How do you How do you process things? How do you absorb energy? How do you absorb information exchange information? These questions are answered in part by Mercury's placement in your natal chart. So another thing is, you might hear the term mercury retrograde. Now Mercury Retrograde is a fast moving planet. So when Mercury is in retrograde and because it is all about communication, people will say, Don't make big decisions, don't make big purchases, don't have a talk with someone that, um, you know, don't have an important conversation with somebody during Mercury retrograde because this is the line of communication. And if we are in retrograde, you're not going to get a very good um, exchange of energy, so to speak. If that makes any sense, so always know that Mercury is the communication aspect of yourself. A swell as life in general. Okay, so Venus Venus is the key word for Venus is love. How do you attract things? How do you attract people in situations into your life? It's also about grace and charm. And what are the things that you love? What are the ah, what is the type of art that you adore? Your preferences, your taste? What makes you happy? What do you love? This is the planet of love and abundance. So this planet wherever is on your star chart is going to show your the things that you love and why you love them and why you're so passionate about them. It's also going to see it's also going to show you, um, what kind of relationships you want, What kind of partner it is that you're trying to. That would be good for you and your personality. So Mars, Mars, Mars, Excuse me is all about passion. This is what drives you. This is this is your driving force in life. It's It's why you wake up in the morning. It's your physical energy. It's the action oriented, um, type of dr that you that we all hold. Why is it that you do the things you do? Why is it that you're so passionate about the things that you are passionate about? Jupiter. So Jupiter is the key word for Jupiter. Is Theo expansion and education and Jupiter represents, um, higher learning. This is This is what type of learning is best for you. What kind of student are you? What kind of teacher are you? You know what kind of education might you, um want Teoh go into You know what? What is it that? Are you a student of life? Are you Are you a teacher? Are you someone that takes education very seriously? Jupiter is all about expansion. So it's also about personal development as well. So really, how do you learn how to better yourself? Are you are reader? Are you someone who needs to go through things and orderto learn from them? Are you someone who, um, you know, learns by just observing things? So Jupiter is all about growth and expansion and education. What kind of student you are now Saturn. I don't really have a a queued for Saturn, but Saturn is a very, very powerful planet and Saturn represents contraction and effort. What kind of effort do you put into your life? What kind of effort do you put into your dreams? Your goals, your aspirations? What kind of person are you in relationships? Are you someone who takes effort in, you know, reaching out to people? Or are you someone who waits until someone, um, comes to you as faras confrontation is concerned. This is all about the effort that you put into your everyday life. Um, so that's that's also a very important planet. They're all important planets. But, you know, you know what I'm getting at right now? So you're rain iss. The keyword for Uranus is liberty, and this is the planet of invention and new ideas. And Uranus represents individual liberty and egoistic liberty. So say hypothetically, this is another hypothetical situation. Say you're Uranus is in sanitary Us now. Okay, So sanitary Zehr Very passionate people. They're very action oriented secretaries is really the fire within the Zodiac. They are driven. They love to do things through passion. So all your new ideas in all the inventions and all you the concepts that come in your ideas and your drive are are from Secretary. So it's through passion that your new ideas come from, Say, hypothetically. Aquarius is Uranus is in Aquarius. So your ideas air going toe have a humanitarian energy to them. It's for the good of the people. It's to help society, because a query ins are the humanitarians of the Zodiac. Okay, so Neptune, Neptune is a slow moving planet, just so you know. So this is going to have a big effect on your whole life. And the key word for Neptune is spirituality. And Neptune represents transit, dental liberty and non IgE. Go with stick. Liberty. This is your abstract thinking, your dreams, your spirituality, your intuition, your connection to your higher self and to ah, higher power. This is how you perceive your spirit. You know, this is this is your religious beliefs. This is your spiritual beliefs. This is your connection to your higher self. Um, so knowing where Neptune is in your chart is is really interesting, especially if you are a spiritual person, because it's going to give you so much information on who you are as a soul. You know, um, it's just so amazing. I love this stuff, guys. So plu toe, This is actually yes. This is going to be the last, the last planet that we're gonna go through em. Plu toe is the transformation and change planet and puto represents, you know, massive change, massive shifts, massive transformations, mutations and elimination. So this this wherever this is in your birth chart is going, Teoh have a major impact on those really big life changes. Like maybe a divorce, a marriage, a child. Ah, break up. Ah, you know, building a business. So Pluto's a is all about change in the next section we're going to go through the house is so I will see you in the next section. 5. Thehouses: now that we went through the planet's let's talk briefly about the houses. So, like oclock, the Zodiac is divided into 12 segments or houses. Each one ruled by a different sign in the Zodiac begins with the first house and goes counter clock rise around. So each house is associate ID, with the set of traits beginning from the self and expanding outward into society and beyond. So the first house is going to be how you see yourself and your trades, and then through all the houses it will go to, How does your doctor see you and and how your coworker see you or your spouse sees you. So it's really, really interesting. So right here you can see the houses. You could see that the first house starts over here, and it goes counter clockwise, or I'm sorry counterclockwise this way. And I also have this available in a pdf print out, um, for you to reference whenever you want. Teoh. Um, so let's go ahead and do a brief overview of the houses. So the first house is about self. It's about appearances. Beginnings the body first impressions, your attitude right then to Tate, your approach to your life. And the second house is more money and income and work in your daily routines and values and material possessions. Your priorities, your habits, your job and your work ethic. The third house is your mind. You're thinking the communication. Ah, sibling social activities and interests. Your neighbors, Your early the early education days. The fourth house is Ah, home. Your home life, your roots, your family yourself care. Ah, your emotional foundations. Your mom, your Children. Ah, you're your connection to feminine energy. And the Fifth House is love and romance and your your relationships and your creativity and your childlike spirit and your self expression. The six houses all about health and fitness. Um, you know, the systems that you put into place for yourself pets, work habits, organization, your sense of purpose and usefulness and the service that you give to the world. The seventh House is another relationship. Um, house. This is your marriage. Your important relationships in your life contracts, business partners, um, quality sharing, interpersonal style. And the eighth House is mawr on an intimate basis. So this is about sex and intimacy and and connection and assets and ah you know, really becoming one with the different with with another soul. So the ninth house, we're gonna go into travel and wisdom and a higher education. And and you know what you have learned within your life and how you learn with in your life and, uh, ethics that you go by and the 10th house is all about your career and long term goals and your structure and the status you have in society, your reputation and you know, your public image. This is more of like the masculine energy that you give out into the world. This is your connection with your father and men and in any type of man. So in the 11th house, this is more groups. So if you are part of a grouper, if you take a class or something like that, it's It's your connection to your friends and social awareness and your hammock humanitarianism. It also has some roots and technology and your hopes and your dreams for the future. And finally, the 12th house is endings. Ah, healing closure, your connection to spirit, solitude, karma from past lives. Um, you know, after life, what's hidden? What's you know, you're limiting beliefs and, you know, subconscious thoughts that you hold on to during your life. So, again, this is also available in pdf format. Um, you can feel free to print it for your for your own leisure. So that really is, um, a basic understanding of astrology. Again, I will be, um there's a bunch of pdf's available for you throughout the course. Um, to help you have a better understanding of your birth chart. I will also be referencing my favorite free website that will give you a wonderful, wonderful breakdown of your star chart so that you're not looking at a chart and trying to examine it, um, cafe birth, astrology again. This I will give all of this information within the course within, you know, the ah within the course. I'll put it all throughout the course. We'll give you a written overview of your charts so that you don't have Teoh sit there, um, with a bunch of books trying Teoh understand what's going on there. So it's been a pleasure, you know, talking about this this is obviously a subject that I'm very passionate in. If you're interested, be feel free to check out any of my other courses here. And I look forward Teoh meeting you guys online and helping you in your spiritual journey by guys.