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Marieke McCloskey, Director of Research, UserTesting

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10 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is usability?

    • 3. Why does it matter?

    • 4. Designing Digital Products for Ideal Usability

    • 5. Types of Usability Testing

    • 6. Usability Testing Best Practices

    • 7. Reporting on Findings

    • 8. Demo: Usability Study

    • 9. Demo: Heuristic Evaluation

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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Project Description

Evaluate the usability of your product.


Put your learning into action, and evaluate the usability of your own product — or even one you love! This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of usability, improving your instincts for evaluating usability and helping you unlock great customer experiences.

  • Option A: Do a heuristic evaluation of a product, site, or app that is not your own! Check out the resources below for lists of heuristics you can use.
  • Option B: Run a usability study of your own product, site, or app. Do an informal "hallway" test, consider an in-person moderated session, or explore remote unmoderate options on a platform like UserTesting.

Have fun!



Use your project workspace as an ongoing place to document your progress, share your learnings, and post your work.

A complete project will include:

  • Description of the product, site, or app
  • Captured data (notes, video clips, images, etc.)
  • Insights and/or improvements



I don't have a product. Can I still do the project?

Feel free to do this exercise with any product you love.

Where do I post?

Use the community tab for quick discussions, questions, answers. Use your project workspace (just click "Start a Project") as an ongoing place to share your journey map, progress, questions, and learnings.

I want to learn more about UX. What do you recommend?

Check out the resources below and the other UserTesting classes here on Skillshare!



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Books and Links



  • UIE Brain Sparks — This is the podcast of Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering. It includes interviews and keynote speeches from leading UX professionals like Brad Frost, Luke W, Jeff Gothelf.
  • Dollars to Donuts — Master interviewer Steve Portigal talks with the people who lead user research in their organization. Fascinating stories about how research is being integrated in large companies like Citrix, Edmunds, and Etsy.
  • UXPod — Interviews and thought provoking discussions about user experience, user research, website design, and usability in general.
  • Boxes and Arrows — Interviews with professionals in the field of information architecture, interaction design, and user experience.


More Resources via UserTesting