Intro to Digital Painting: Procreate to Photoshop! A Beginner-Friendly Guide | Mimi Chao | Skillshare

Intro to Digital Painting: Procreate to Photoshop! A Beginner-Friendly Guide staff pick badge

Mimi Chao, story + illustration |

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11 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Class Intro Trailer: Hello!

    • 2. What We’re Doing in Class

    • 3. Common Beginner Questions!

    • 4. Recommendations: Hardware Tools

    • 5. Recommendations: Software Tools

    • 6. My Setup: Procreate

    • 7. My Setup: Photoshop

    • 8. My Process: Color and Details

    • 9. My Process: Export (+ Extra Photoshop Perks!)

    • 10. Bonus Example: More Adjustments

    • 11. Final Thoughts + Thanks!

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About This Class

Hello and welcome! As of 2020 I've decided to make this class free. In this class, I’ll be sharing my perspective on what makes digital painting so great as well as showing you my full setup, process, and a beginner-friendly version of my workflow using BOTH Procreate and Photoshop. I'll answer lots of common questions I know beginners have, because I had those questions too.   


What you'll get from this class:

  • Insight on how and why it is worth the jump from traditional to digital painting
  • My recommended digital painting tools to get with a limited budget
  • How I developed my own personal workflow and how you can develop yours
  • An understanding of the pros and cons between Procreate and Photoshop


Bonus Material

As mentioned in the Intro and Tools class, here are the links to the Draw an Illustrated Memory Map class, and blog posts where I share my favorite digital tools, along with my site’s Resources page:

Together we’ll make a digital painting and develop a workflow that you can integrate into your own!



If you enjoy this class, you are welcome to check out my three other Skillshare classes: Illustrated Journaling, Making Chat Stickers and Drawing on Photography :) They're all digital illustration-based creative exercises that are accessible to any skill level.

Happy learning!


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