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Intro to Ad Platforms: Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

teacher avatar Stephanie Seow, Digital Marketer in NYC

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction & Content Overview

    • 2. SEO vs SEM

    • 3. Setting up a Branded Campaign

    • 4. Conversion Set up

    • 5. Adgroup Set Up

    • 6. Keyword Modifier & Non-Brand Search

    • 7. Keyword Strategy & Tools

    • 8. Ad Strategy & Optimization

    • 9. Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is part (B) of a 3-part Advanced Beginner/Intermediate series to the most popular ad platforms every digital marketer should be skilled in. In this class, I will be walking you through the basics of search marketing and show you how to set up a campaign and search ad on Google platform. I will be discussing scenarios and tactical decisions with you as we go along the set up process. We will also be learning about brand search and non-brand search strategies to growing an account. 

This class is a walk through and demonstration of the platforms and is the lead up to my upcoming intermediate class on media optimization strategies and AB testing to improve marketing ROI on these platforms. 

Please follow and stay tune to the future parts of this series where I will be introducing Google Display and YouTube advertising to you, followed by other intermediate series on media optimization. Thank you for learning with me and I hope you have enjoyed the process of bite-size learning. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stephanie Seow

Digital Marketer in NYC


Hello, I'm Stephanie.

I'm a digital marketing professional currently based in NYC. I have worked and consulted with a wide range of start ups in North America and APAC regions. Visit my portfolio if you'll like to see more of my work and experiences:

I am also passionate about design thinking and human-centered design. Please reach out if you'll like to collaborate with me on any interesting initiatives. 

Professional work aside, I am a budding nail artist... perhaps some nail art tutorial coming your way too? 

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1. Introduction & Content Overview: Hello will come back to my advanced beginner series vision working new to me and my classes . My name is Stephanie, and I'm a district working professional with experiences and start out Hamas companies in Asia and America. Check out my bio and visit like for some website if you're curious to find out more about my work experiences and expertise. As usual, this class is designed for all types of Boehner's what you to the practice and looking for a launch pad to jump start your learning off the basics before graduating to more in depth concept offered on the other side platforms. At this point, you're a complete beginner with no prior background practice. I would encourage you to learn more about it, about the remarking and itself by visiting one of my figure See introduction to Fisher Marketing for a quick tutorial or recap before we jump into the site. Deeper and the pool with this class so you could be a student entrepreneur here, someone in the agency on the creative side or threatening side looking to expand your service, offering into at delivery more prepared to traditional marketer seeking two game of war funnel knowledge off the show Touchpoints of Today or You're Participating Interest. I was curious for new knowledge, so this class is for all of you. This class. It's a pot of heart seem easy where I will walk you through calling platforms and giving you examples of how to set up various times of campaigns on each of these platforms. Feel free to follow along and go ahead and video time to set up an account or inconsistent bagging along this video. And we'll do my speed shots this presentation, which you can download as a resource guide for yourself at the end of the class and when you're ready to explore the platforms annual pace, this is a much longer class unusual. So please consider breaking down your learning into bite size and adding a bookmark when your browser to return to the lesson after each break. Definitely. I recommend you to take each part of the series one at a time and breaking down that learning process for yourself. If you're coming in from putt, A of the Siri's will come back. If you're new to this series jumping in here, you may wish to visit part A off the series, especially if you're new to dish your marketing and its concept around campaign at group and at. If not now, let's switch gear to a different platform, which is Scoble. It was to notice that the same concept that we learned in Facebook's do applies here in Google. There is the same concepts off campaign at sets, otherwise known as at Group on Google Platform and out, of course. And then there's also the same set of options, like placement and targeting methods. However it is, I'm not applicable to search, but only on Google Display and video, which will explore in the final part of this three part series in Part C. Um, now back to search you crude, you know, layer in audience groups like your website visitors or a certain demographic segments of interest to your campaigns and at bit modifiers. Today I'm so meaning that if a Web site visitor come across my at, I can set for Google to raise my bit by harbor much percentage. I wish in order to ensure that I win the auction and show up my at for that returning visitor, and I would do this because you know, I believe that returning visitor will more likely click and convert on my website. Harvard has more levers to pull for Google. Besides just this that we just mentioned, which is a bit of our learning curve for new advertises and campaign managers. So, um, and we just get we'll get more into that in just a bit. But, um, this is also why searches, typically their first platform that most advertisers will want to get on board with Google because it is the safest bet. So let's start off with today's agenda. I will take you through the following sections off learning. First, we will talk about the difference between S CEO and ECM, which you may have heard off but don't know what these two are about. Then we will go through a campaign set up process of a fictitious furniture company called Minimalists Nomad that sells bohemian style furnitures entirely made up by me. Throughout this process, we will learn about campaign set up setting all studying off with Brendan Search, which is what return for such campaigns using keywords around all brand name. We'll also talk about keyword modifiers in the process, how to grow your stature account by diving into number and its search, and with that also key, what strategy and at strategy and optimization approach. 2. SEO vs SEM: All right. So first of all, let's talk about S e o versus A. C. M S E o stands for such engine optimization. And it's an organic play, meaning that your ranking on such result is entirely dependent on your websites. Experience how well it is set out for such engine to crawl and read information on your website in order to surface you when the user is searching for a relevant piece of content that you have on your website, it is not paid for and there are tips and tricks to improve this. But this will be an entirely different conversation from today for SCM distance for such engine marketing, and this refers to paid at the surface along with the organic results when the user searches for a relevant topic. So this ass usually seats right above the organic results as the first few results that you see in the example that attach here I was searching for earphones online, and yes, we can see the tough searches, all paid acts and the organic results will all be at the bottom. And what decides who gets ranked for us, it's a little bit tricky. Here is a combination off your bit, meaning how much they're willing to pay for winning a click by user and your landing page experience, whether your websites engaging and has a little bounce rate. As we discuss before in another class in marketing Analytics 101 where we touch on Google analytics Pop over there. If you're not sure what we're talking about here, Um, and then finally, the last part of it was off the equation would be how closely related that is to the quality score off your keyword that actually treated the at. So this three components actually will together determine your Web ranking. How high you're going to show up on the such results. So again, it is your combination of your bit, your landing page experience and the quality score off your keyword that triggered Theo at to show so quality scores kind of determine the limit by how relevant it is. So if your furniture company and you are bidding on keywords outside off what you obviously offered, and that would not be high quality in Tim's off the keywords that use. And this is definitely a way to for Google to prevent key what stuffing people from bidding on keywords did irrelevant to the business and giving uses a bat user experience 3. Setting up a Branded Campaign: all right, So how this ECM work and how can we set up a campaign? Let's give it a try and again using our fictitious finish a company minimalist. Know Matt. Let's try to set up what we refer to as a branded such campaign. First, this refers to setting up on at to serve whenever someone enters a brand name or variations of a brand name into the search engine. So let's go ahead and hit that big blue plus sign. And at a new campaign you'll be prompted. Select your campaign objective and now example here, My objective is to drive sales on minimalist no matter. So I'll go ahead to select that and then select the type of campaign I wish to run, which is search. I now enter my website address and then continue to enter a campaign name. Whatever you end up naming yours, you always want to make sure you use a prefix like Brenda search or be as or whatever you wish to distinguish your Brandon such campaign from the rest off your other non Brendan such campaigns be careful here to uncheck the option on display network because if that is not what you intend for. Um, yeah. Otherwise, Google will automatically include your search copy as tax base image as to run on dear display Search network as well, which is something that will talk about in part C off this series. Next, we will expand the section on additional setting to add in any further information which are optional. So here we see that there is actually no need to set an end date. If you're intending to run this campaign for as long as your business runs campaign, you are all here refers to tracking you RL's to help Google Analytics or other third party Web analytic platforms that you use to capture and categorize your traffic visitors according to the channels they came in. From this way, you can tell how many people came to your website through your search. EDS. So this part is entirely optional, as the results actually reported on your Google at dashboard as well. Um, and it applies more to someone who is using in the Delegate Analytical Platform Analytics platform to aggregate all traffics coming in from various channels. There is also an option to turn on auto tagging on the campaign on the account setting level and you will never have to worry about this again. So if you're interested in using tracking, railed and next slide, I will bring you guys in just a moment. I will show you a tool on how to do so for a more in depth, um, decision on chek discussion on checking you are l check out my earlier class on marketing analytics one on one when I explain a little bit more about this So on the before we move on to the next light. We also wanted to talk briefly about your dynamics. Such ads which you see over here D s a thesis. An automated feature where Google will automatically show you at two searches which detects s relevant to your websites content and help you capture additional traffic outside of the key. What boundary that you set. However, since this is entirely relying on a I technology, I will urge to host you to test it out with caution and to test it on a smaller scale to see if it works on your business. Since it's almost dependent on you know, your websites, architecture and how well your content is organized into pages and how easy it is for your search engine to crawl and get the information, um, accurately, incorrectly. So therefore, you might not want to set this up right away at the start. So now, as I mentioned in just a moment ago, this is an example of a euro builder where you can input fields into each tracking para meters. In the example we're using here, I'll be putting in the falling values into each feel. Obviously my website minimalist. No mats. The campaign sores will be Google and medium would be CPC, which is cost per click, which is another termed, as commonly used to describe Google search and then my campaign name. Obviously his brand search. So with that, it will automatically spits out d campaign your URL for me, which I can then copy and pays into to feel a buff. Now, back to my campaign set out, we have moved on to targeting an audience so similar to what we have learned earlier in our class and part they were face bull. We have location options here. We can choose that van search to input country, cities, regions and even zip codes to target. We also have options on what type of audience in this areas we want to target and people who are. You know what people who are in our target locations or people who frequent this areas are people who are simply looking for this location. So which options to choose is entirely dependent on your business nature and goal for the interests off minimalist No met, the 1st 1 would be the most ideal option to choose. And you know, however, if you are Airbnb or like bed and breakfast owner, for example, you might make sense to select people searching for target locations, because this might be tourists living out off the area but looking for accommodations during the travel in your target regions. So this was the third option. What then, makes the most stands for you. And as we continue to Ling, which we can put whatever languished at our target audience speak and now at copy is in, and then, finally, for audience. Here's where it gets a little bit more interesting than audience targeting on Facebook. So Google has a big data base on everyone searches and could therefore using to form categories around your active searches and long term interest. So, using this thing called the in market option, we can find the most relevant audience segment to target for our business and for search their two options. To target an audience. You can get Google to target and bid for this audience only, which can be very restrictive to the amount of traffic you'll get because it's entirely dependent on when this people are searching for something for with a key word that would trigger your at. And so the pool off audience that you might get as a result will be very small. Or you can select to target and observe this audience. In this case, you will be monitoring the performance of this audiences and see if they truly are more likely to purchase. And I'm more profitable than others before you change your strategy and tactics, or apply a modifier to increase your bit. Whenever Google comes across this segment of audience who are searching for the products that you offer. Finally, we finish off with budget bidding and delivery settings. There are several bidding options, the simplest one being click where you pay for each click from a user. There is also and hands CPC, which can be very effective. Google raises in this case Google race you a bit too. Ah, maximum off 20% in an event that it detects a relevant user for you to ensure that you win that auction and for your at to show up in the search results. So again, there is no strict formula to which bidding tactics, actually what best most marketer would tell you that you definitely have to test and learn it for herself, as it's very different for each businesses. 4. Conversion Set up: Now let's take a sharp a short break from the set up process to take a look at conversion set up. We need to make sure that this is set up in order for will to track a successful order which came through through your at so head over to the tool icon on the top bar and click conversions on their measurements. We're going to select the conversion actions that we want. In this case, I want to track sales on my website, so I'll go ahead to a select purchase and I'll label it and select the same value off $1 for each conversions. Because I'm not passing through a revenue information from my check out. At this point, I only wish to know how many orders I got in order to measure my campaigns. Cost per acquisition. Also my c p. A s. So this is the set up that I will be choosing and I will go ahead and create and continue in next step. If you have not already done so, you definitely will be prompted to set up attack Teoh at to your website. So in this case, I would choose to install the tech myself because I'm not using Google Tack manager or the oceans to email detect, um Teoh Web muster because I am doing this on my own, and so I would choose that option and this would generate two tags for me, one will be the global tag that I will have to implement on my website as a whole. And then one would be the event that I'm trying to capture, and this tack only be implemented on the check out page off my website. So since I am hoping to track a purchase, I would be copying this event snippet tack into my check out success page. So also, in most e commerce is would be known as your thank you page. So your order confirmation paste or also called the thank you Page, um, will be the pace that I will be pasting this event snippet into. So we'll go ahead and this would then complete your conversion set up and now returning back to our campaign set up, we have completed the first stage off campaign set up and now move on into at group 5. Adgroup Set Up: So we select the type of ad groups here and we'll start off with standard. Then go ahead and give that at group A name. We can decide here how we wish to technically set up out at Groups for Brent search. We might wish to split the at groups out according to match types to best allow for budget and bit control will dive into much type in just a bit. So here I will enter a few variations off how a user possibly be spelling out bread name um , with a brand name like this which can show up whenever someone searches to very common word , which is minimalists and nomads separately. We really want to make sure that the user is searching for us and not for any other content that related to the two separate words. So I would like to introduce you to the symbol that I use here which, um, our calls the key wouldn't modifier. So here I'm using the exact match modifiers, which is the brackets. Eso the mesh type will be called exact match, which is what I label in my at group name as well. So this way I make sure that our at is only shown when a user is searching for us in the right context. Now let's briefly return to the at group type we encounter just earlier. The other options besides standard is dynamic. This is the rule based at set up that target specific Curiel's on your website When Google finds a relevant search, Um, so does this again. What we talk about all your on as D. D s A. And again, this is a rule based automated at so their rooms for errors. Eso to have more control over what key, what's will trigger your at and which at to show and which pages your websites to direct users to. We will still have to set up a standard at group. So now, if you would like to create more accuracy with, simply hit the new Edgar button below and add away and few. Finally, we're ready to create our ATS, click on new ads and start filling out the fields with your at copy. You might want to look at your competitors at copy at this point to get inspiration and learn the best practices from them. Headline Juan and to the most prime position to capture uses attention, so be sure to mention your brand on either of these positions. Next. Also like to highlight the display path section. This is entirely optional, but provides an additional space to give users a prelude to what information they can't anticipate if they click on the at this path are in green and showing us part of the Ural displayed below behind the dot com. So, since this in the different color is another opportunity to captures user attention and is , Uriel does not have to caressed bond with the actual finally Auriol path that you're directing users to. But a content has to be relevant, so it's a good way to provide more information contacts to your user and Walla. Good job. We now all set to create our first campaign and run such ETS 6. Keyword Modifier & Non-Brand Search: Now let's return to something we touched on in brief earlier, which is keyword modifiers. Here's a table from Google, which is helpful in explaining the users of each symbols and use cases. The most commonly used ones are really your exact match phrase and brought match modifiers phrase match modifiers, particularly helpful when you wish to bit on uses longer such queries, such as furniture, stores, near meat. Over time, you might wish to grow your account. Um, as your business grow in scale, you can venture into other he words. They are related to your offerings such as furnitures, and this is what we call as the non Brendan Search at, however, always bear in mind that you know high volume keywords like furniture. A couch also means that intense competition with other brands in the space, so expect that you were a CPC bit will be a lot higher, and depending on your conversion rate, it may or may not be profitable to engage in two competitive keywords. Instead, consider doing more long tail keywords or face matches where you find your brand is most relevant in those contexts. So the stabs to creating number and the search is entirely the same as what we have just gone through. With the Brandon search, however, the key consideration here would be selecting the keywords, their profitable and Vela vin and also categorizing them on their technical level. We also like to consider how we like to structure our campaigns and at groups to nest this keywords and the specific acts that will show up according to each key. What categories? So here's East. One example off. How I am. I might wish to structure my number and search campaigns for minimalist. No met here. You'll see that for Brent Search. I have set up a campaign entirely for one specific at Group off exact match skewered on my brand name. This is because typically, this is the most relevant and profitable search keywords to a business, and that's the business grill search for my brand will continue to grow, so setting up this way will give me the highest level of control over the budget and the adjustment to just this one keyword alone. Now on non brand. I am setting up a campaign for Couch, where I will create at groups around different types of couches and each at Group will house the respective variation of keywords for each couch categories and match type. This way we can write specific at copies around each type of couch and have it to show under each group specifically as my at get triggered. And you might have to duplicate some of these on the campaign level, a swell to have copies off each set with more specific device target ings like that, stop versus mobile or even see the or audience level targeting. For example, if you want to set up a campaign specifically for returning customers, where you want to write something this on at copy this different or on offer a promo code to returning customers. 7. Keyword Strategy & Tools: So as we want to grow non brand search, we need more key woods. And at this point, I also wish to show you a free global tool called T keyword planner. This is where you can get more cute ideas in a sense, off the competition, as well as a forecast on search volume, not a paint service I will recommend, which offers this features and more, such as competitive insights to your competitors. Google Budget and a Kiwi coverage would be a CME rush. Um, not a free tool to is the website Google Trans, where we can stay on top of what people are searching for and what topics off your interests are actually trending now. So I personally subscribe to this alert to see what is trending and who is trending so back on key. What planet You can find this on the tool icon again under planning section. You will then be shown two options to discover new keywords or get a search volume forecast . For now, let's go ahead to find new keywords, and we can enter whatever key what we have in mind and gruel will suggest a long list off relevant, he was that we might be able to utilize. Let's try Minimalists couch a swell here and we can pick the ones with decent volume of search and reasonable level of competition and CPC costs that will allow us to stay profitable Now. We can also hit on forecast from here to see the projected numbers. Um, we can at multiple keywords into the planner to see the aggregated forecast, and we can also download them or directly create a new campaign from Planner with this newly identified keywords. Now that we have talked about growing your keywords, you also want to think about qualifying that traffic that comes in and this is what we call negative keywords. Over time, you'll be noticing. Sitting key was that tree Vario ad might be sending you irrelevant traffic as thes users are not looking for your product offering. So at this skewers to your negative keywords list and apply them to your campaign or your account level, and this way you will eliminate a lot of this irrelevant traffic, So adding them to your account will mean that the setting is applied to the entire Google such account off yours, meaning it will cover all of the campaigns at groups and adds again, does think of it as like a van diagram, with each level having hierarchy of control over the inner circle. 8. Ad Strategy & Optimization: So now that we have learned the basic off at set up less Explorer ad extension, which can boost your CTR, you clicked a raid by providing more content to the users on various sections of your website. In a most compelling wait. So here's an example Off site Ling extension from West Elm that we see here. We see that West Elm has listed their popular categories on their catalogue for a quick and direct access for the users to the section off the website that they're most interested in . So this definitely helps to boost the click through rate. Cycling extension will automatically show up in any random combination that Google things is the best, and whenever it things, it will increase the likelihood off a click. So sometimes it might be showing two or four, and usually this means that you be occupying the top 1 to 2 positions, and you can apply this extensions to either your account or campaign level. Now there is a variety of extensions available to us to use, and each are worth a task if you are. If they're applicable to your business, um, for example, location extension will be applicable if you have a physical store that you want to promote . What is probably most useful to most businesses will be the promotion extension, where you can highlight any promotions, their ongoing in the most visually compelling way to an obvious way to your users. As you might be already starting to sense, maintaining a high volume and big skill. Such account is no easy feat. There is routine key what maintain ins in terms off adding new keywords and pausing old ones that prove unprofitable, as well as adding negative keywords to refine. Qualify your traffic. And then there's a process of finding new keywords again to grow the volume back again. You can see it almost ASA cycle, and with each cycle you'll end up at a higher level of traffic and conversions. There is also an aspect off continuous at copy testing, which I will go into in another lesson on media optimization to see which is the best at copy to increase your quick to rate and conversion rate If you're if the Lowell final action is what you care most about, lastly, on an almost daily basis, there is the bidding management to make sure that you're no over bidding or under bidding to meet your goals, whether you care about traffic or profit. Eso as such, when you find your at account growing into a larger scale, it might be time for you to consider beating automation tools or Softwares and services out there like Google DoubleClick, which you can still handle in house. Or consider that party services like Kenshoo on Marine Search, who already industry leading leaders in this space but before just stage. If you're still very much in the early stage of growth or bootstrapping, it is still good to keep it simple and profitable until you're ready to skill up. So this my sounds almost like a come perfectly common sense thing. But in my experience, it is often easy to get greedy when you see the best, our Y and hires conversion rate coming in from your ECM effort. You might want to replicate that performance at a 10 times scale, but bear in mind, that s you widen your audience pool by green your account. There will be more work required to qualify that traffic and all of the above steps mentioned to ensure that you still maintained that all our role I level that you see be prepared that the R A Y is going to creep up for at least a couple of weeks, or even a few months ongoing before you find your next optimized level at a bigger skill. In a nutshell. Do not expect 10 times growth in volume at your whole exact target. Are why at the flick off a magic one. Be patient and avoid a knee jerk reaction. Continue with that process of cute maintenance, beat adjustment and at copy testing to bring your new C P A. Down, um, searches a slow burning campaign, which will reward you with stable results and incremental growth over time. And it's likely to be a long haul gigging. Finally, I will like to come back to all formula at the start off this class, which is your bit times quality score, giving you your rank So quality score is something that Google decides to give it off your keywords. Obviously, based on the formula, if your quality score is lower, you will have to compensate with a higher beat in order to win an auction and secure a higher position on the result page. So how can you get more cost efficient here? You can definitely do that by working on bringing the quality score off your keywords up. So first you should check the keywords your bidding honest actually present on your website . The most potent places to places key wears on your website will be on the headline Juan and Hit line to position, or at least in your meta description, tack off your Web pages. Next, how is your landing page? Experienced looking life Where Users What That's Google analytics tell you on the bounce rate and site duration that uses spending on your website. Obviously, the better the performance in Tim's off engagement from your audience. The higher your landing page experience is going to be, and therefore the better it will be for your quality score. And so you know, in the back to the pull point on search. Being a more slow burning campaign, there is an ongoing, consistent effort that you need to do on site on your website and also in maintaining the search account. So do not expect, um, a magic one. A magic one results to happen right away for you expect that you would need to grow your such account at a more gradual but incremental level in order to sustain that are why that you will see there is unparallel, usually usually unparallel with Thea. Other acquisition channels there with the other acquisition channels that arm or push in nature's, such as Facebook or a Google display cell, while at that is all that we got to talk about such today. 9. Class Project & Conclusion: um, see you in the next class on Parsi, off the Siri's reaches, display and video advertising. And for homework, please try to create your own search ads and and share with us your preview off your at copy. Also, try to explain and share with us your campaign at group structure and why you decided to go with that. If you have any questions, feel free to use the common section and you appear. And I will get down to answering them the best that we can to you and thank you once again for learning with me. If you're interested to learn more and to find out more, feel free to check out my other classes on skill share. And I'm where I'll share more on other tips, introducing other basic knowledge off that you're breaking Tiu on. That's it. Thank you.